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Back in high school, when digital watches were still new enough that most people hadn't seen many but old enough that my parents could afford to give me one for Christmas (it had LEDs, and I had to push a button to display the time), the first week back in school after winter break I set the alarm on my brand new watch to go off during English class.

The teacher was in the middle of saying something when the beeping started. She tried to ignore it. My classmates started looking around to see what was beeping. I looked confused for a few seconds right along with them, then made a startled face and said, "Oh! That's me!" I ducked under the table, silencing the alarm out of site, and pulled off my shoe. Holding the shoe to my ear, I looked embarrassed and annoyed and said, "I told you never to call me here. I'm in class now. I'll call you ba ... Oh, really? Okay, then, but I'll still have to call back later for the details, folks are looking at me. Right, as soon as I get out of class. Right. Bye," and put my shoe back on.

At first the teacher tried to continue, then she tried to drag everyone's attention back from me, then she gave up, muttering, "Pat's falling alseep and Alan's cracking jokes and Glenn's answering his shoe, and ... Argh!" Meanwhile, my classmates went from staring at me in confusion to smiling to saying, "Way to go, Glenn!" A bit of cheering after I put my shoe back on, then our teacher said, "Are you finished? May I resume class now?"

I cannot remember whether I was quick enough to think of saying, "Sorry about that, Chief," to her then. If not, I should have.

After class, first she told me never to pull a stunt like that again (I opined that it was an only-funny-once move anyhow), then she admitted that it was pretty damned funny, and mentioned that she'd met Don Adams in person (for the young 'uns on my friendslist, he played Agent 86, Maxwell Smart, on the television show Get Smart, which, if it's not on Nickelodeon or TVLand or something (I don't have cable), y'all need to go find copies of somewhere).


As someone observed elsewhere, in a perfect world he would have lived four more years. "Missed it by that much."

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