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I'd like to go to Balticon: it's a "gathering of my tribe", it's close-ish to my home (well, not really close, since I'm all the way down on the south side of the city), going to Balticon is a normal aspect of my calendar, and there are going to be folks there I don't get to see often ... (and it sounds like it should be a good convention programming-wise) ...

But I haven't budgeted for it or made crash space arrangements, I haven't been told of any gigs I'm booked for there (HCB has performed at Balticon in the past but not every year; if I got booked for anything else -- unlikely -- then somebody forgot to tell me) and after the last four weekends in a row having been marked by stressful attempts to sort out rides (suceeding three times out of the four), I'm having trouble getting my head and heart into the push to find a way to make Balticon happen for me.

So for folks expecting me there, this is a little advance notice that I probably won't be there. If an opportunity to day-trip up there falls in my lap (and I'm feeling well enough to get ready in time), I'll be happy to see a bit of the con and try to catch up with people. (One-day registration is more than I should spend, but if everything else just happens to line up, I'm inclined to splurge that little bit.) But I'm not going to try all that hard despite the fact that not getting there at all will feel a little strange. The repeated ride-hunt has just kinda worn me down, I don't have a committment to fulfill there, and thus I should probably back off, regroup, get back to working on a longer-term personal transportation solution (i.e. get my head back into the car-hunting decisions), and start gathering my energies for Conterpoint next month, for which I do have committments.

So assuming no miracles or surprises happen, sorry to anyone expecting me in Hunt Valley this weekend. And if I do get there for one afternoon somehow, well, it'll be a pleasant surprise, eh?

And yes, this entry is as much an attempt to talk myself out of angsting too much about what I'm missing and second-guessing myself as it is an explanation to others for why I probably won't be there. Maybe I'll let y'all know on Monday whether it worked.

Hey, maybe I'll get around to developing a few rolls of Tri-X this weekend like I've been meaning to for a while...

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Posting this later than I meant to again, but with enough lead time to be useful, I hope -- I've got gigs coming up the next two weekends at two cool events:

HCB @ Greenbelt Green Man Festival, Sunday, 13 May 2007, 4:00 PM

This Sunday, Mother's Day, The Homespun Ceilidh Band will perform at the 3rd Annual Greenbelt Greenman Festival, in the plaza / shopping center in old Greenbelt, in front of the New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt, Maryland.

"The Greenbelt Green Man Festival in Greenbelt is a Celebration of Spring, put on by the Friends of the New Deal Cafe. There will be various entertainments, food booths, and crafts booths. This is an event for the whole family to enjoy together!"

Though HCB is only playing Sunday, the festival itself is a two-day event:

  • Saturday, 12 May 2007, 10AM-9PM
  • Sunday, 13 May, 11AM-8PM
  • Free admission
A detail which will matter a great deal to some of my friends: the act scheduled immediately after us is KIVA (and if you're not already familiar with them, you do want to stick around after our set and hear them).

(I'm still looking for a ride to the Greenman Festival from Baltimore, by the way. Just two guitars for that one, no recorders or double bass.)

3LF @ Maryland Faerie Festival, Saturday, 19 May 2007, 5:00 PM

Next (not this) Saturday, Three Left Feet (aka Thrir Venstri Foetr) will perform at the Maryland Faerie Festival at the Patuxent 4H Center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. (We'll be at the Honeysuckle Stage.)

"The Maryland Faerie Festival celebrates the Faeries. We provide an atmosphere and entertainment inspired by Faerie folklore and literature, and, of course, by the Faeries themselves. [...] The Maryland Faerie Festival provides educational and outreach opportunities for groups promoting diligent stewardship of Nature, and sponsors artists, merchants and entertainers informed by the Faerie tradition."

Though 3LF is only playing that Saturday, the festival itself is a two-day event:

  • Saturday, 19 May 2007, 10AM-6PM
  • Sunday, 20 May 2007, 10AM-6PM
  • $3 for kids 3 to 11
  • $10 for kids 12 to 99
  • Free for kids under 3 and over 99
  • $1 off for dressing in costume
  • Parking fee $3 per vehicle
Make sure to get there early on the 19th -- KIVA and Clam Chowder will be performing earlier in the day, also on the honeysuckle stage.

And a bit of advance warning for gigs farther in the future:

HCB @ New Deal Cafe, Friday, 24 August 2007, 8:00 PM

HCB @ Historic Bowie Summer Concert Series, Saturday, 25 August 2007, 2:00 PM



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