posted by [identity profile] at 06:31pm on 2005-11-17
The three-pronged ones that go from a wall outlet to that similar socket on the back of the computer. (I may or may not be short some other kinds, but I won't know until I start assembling new systems out of old parts.) Uh, unless KVM cables are in your box of spares ... (I need to go look at the two still-unused KVM switches to see what genders I need.)

A few people are ambivalent about Malta; more common is to like it a lot and crave more, or to make a face and say, "That's way too sweet," or, "That's way too heavy." It's not a universal-like. In fact, the friend who introduced me to it started by offering me some then retracting the offer with, "Oh wait, if you didn't grow up drinking this stuff, you probably won't like it." She was wrong. But it is way too heavy/sweet or just too molasses-tasting for a lot of people.

And it's definitely worse for me than any American soft drink, in terms of calories. So I try not to reach for it every time I open the fridge.



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