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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 01:29pm on 2003-06-10

This afternoon I went out back to toss something in the garbage can, and surprised a small grey tabby, who spooked. She retreated to the bottom of the stairs leading down from the deck, would not heed my invitations to come closer, but kept meowing. Faint, short mews with question marks embedded in them. (I did crouch, then sit, to make myself look less imposing.) When I went back indoors and watched through the peephole, she came back up on the deck and nosed around, but when she heard the doorknob turn, she fled to the stair again. I put out a small amount of milk in a bowl to see whether she'd take it -- she ignored that. So I left her alone for twenty minutes. When I went out there again, she was still on the stair. This time I tried advancing one her, hand outstretched. Oddly, my approaching her seemed to be what she wanted. She met me partway, and as soon as my hand was within reach of that "arch the neck and back like a sea serpent to be pettted" maneuver, that's what she did, making sure the side of her head and the back of her neck met my fingers.

*Presto!* she turned from skittish kitty to attention-sponge. Started getting upset every time I stood up and took my hands out of petting distance. Drank half the milk, very hungrily. I noticed that a) she is wearing a pink collar with a bell, but no tags; and b) I can feel her ribs. She's very small, so I'm not sure whether she's just a rather tiny adult or is not quite grown up. When I was able to handle her front paws, I wasn't able to make her claws come out, but I'm not sure yet whether that means she's declawed or just that I didn't have time to hold her paws the right way. (She doesn't seem to like having her paws touched.)

When I went back inside, she scooted for the door and went in as well. Uh oh. This is how Gherhardt wound up with Jezebel. (Okay, she jumped in through a bedroom window, but still...) Thing is, she's got a collar, so I figure she's got humans somewhere. (And I can't afford to take care of a cat right now anyhow -- otherwise I'd probably already have one. But boy could I use a halfway-decent mouser.) I'm wondering whether she's an indoor/outdoor cat who just had a growth spurt and used up all her fat reserves, or an indoor cat who somehow got out and got lost (and got hungry). Like Jezebel when she lived here, this one follows me from room to room, and follows me outside when I go back out (but insists on coming back in when I do). And if I'm not paying enough attention, she cries softly.

Now she's trying to pet herself against my hands while I type, and getting in the way. Of course. But she sure is pretty. And cute. (I'm typing this downstairs, where there's a little bit of room on the desk.)

First to find out whether maybe Jezebel is missing. (It's been a long time since I've seen her, and I'm not sure I'd recognizer her on sight and out of context.) Then, I guess, to put up "found cat" posters. But I'll have to put her out when I go run errands, 'cause there's no litter box here.

Whoops, she just tried to roll over on her back and rub herself against my hands, and slid off the desk. Okay, an answer to one question: she's not declawed. (Just caught my thigh, a tiny bit.)

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posted by [identity profile] cyan-blue.livejournal.com at 10:27am on 2003-06-10
Too cute! She's good at that "make the human fall in love with me" thing...
posted by [identity profile] puzzledance.livejournal.com at 10:45am on 2003-06-10
The kitty sounds adorable! I hope she wasn't abandoned by her previous owners. Perhaps you should call the local SPCA or equivalent organization, and see if anyone has reported her missing?
cellio: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] cellio at 11:50am on 2003-06-10
She sounds cute! This is vaguely similar to how I got Embla. (She didn't invade the house, but we did the bonding-with-food-on-the-back-porch thing for a while.)

Check with the local animal shelters to see if anyone's reported a missing cat matching this description. (Call all of them; they don't necessarily share info perfectly.) If possible, you might also want to get her scanned in case there's a microchip; the collar suggests humans. (The animal shelters can either scan themselves or point you to someone who can.) I'm just guessing, but I would expect someone who's dumping a pet to remove any collar to make it clear that the cat isn't owned any more. I'm guessing "lost kitty" is more likely than "dumped kitty".

posted by [identity profile] jim-p.livejournal.com at 03:06pm on 2003-06-10
Awwww..... :) Sounds like kitty has found her daddy :)

Seriously, even with a collar I'd suspect that she'd been dumped or abandoned. The bit where you could feel her ribs suggests she's been on her own for a while now. That's how it was with our Octavian; when he came begging at the basement window on the coldest day of the year, he too was wearing a collar but no tags. We did the usual bit with putting up posters and calling shelters and animal hospitals... nothing.

Unfortunately, people often dump family pets when major life changes occur (birth of a baby, long-distance move, major illness) and they often can't be arsed to place the animal...
posted by [identity profile] thespian.livejournal.com at 08:40pm on 2003-06-10
so who *doesn't* have a user pic that's of their cat around here?
posted by [identity profile] silmaril.livejournal.com at 08:10am on 2003-06-11
OK, I was just going to say "meow", but all the kitties in the noters list freaked me out ;-).

Still, meow.
posted by [identity profile] tovahs.livejournal.com at 09:18am on 2003-06-11
Do you remember Newt?

He was a Gray and white cat that I had for most of his 1st year of his life. Newt was barely 6 weeks old when he just put his little head and tail up and pranced into a friend's house. I guess he saw all these cats going in and out of the house he felt what would 1 more cat be? That was the problem. My friend couldn't have any more cats. a) he was moving away, and b) those wonderful laws in MD. So I ended up with him.

Newt being a male cat ended up doing what all male cats do in marking his area. I had to give him away. (no money to make Newt an It) Now there are many stories of how Newt took on a Semi-truck and won. Or took on an skunk and lost. Not only did he know he lost but the whole area knew.

Isn't it wonderful how kittens can steal your heart?



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