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"The problem with Ron Paul's alleged libertarianism, as Jen notes, is that he's actually just a states' rights buff; he's perfectly happy with tyranny, so long as it comes in 50 different flavors. This isn't surprising, because as one of the wealthy elite, he's able to pick and choose relatively easily where to live. Meanwhile, his supporters all just seem to think that there's something magical about the 'state' level of government that causes it to be immune to the temptations of power.

"So no, Paul isn't for 'small government' in the sense of 'less government'. He's for small government in the sense of 'local government'.

"Now, as a resident of the great state of Illinois, and as an observer of political culture, I would just like to note that giving the average state government more power at the expense of the feds is tantamount to taking whiskey, cars and guns away from a teenager, and giving them to fifty squalling kindergarteners."

-- freemage, 2011-12-27 [found via a chain of links that started from something [info] - personal twistedchick posted]

Today's Date:
Gregorian: 2012-January-02
Julian: 2011-December-20
Hebrew: 5772-Teveth-07
Islamic: 1433-Safar-07
Persian: 1390-Dey-12
Mayan (long count):[1]
Mayan (civil): 14 Kankin
Mayan (religious): 1 Cimi
Bahá'í: 1-9-Badi-Sharaf-Jamál
Indian Civil Calendar: 1933-Pausa-12
(according to Fourmilab's calendar converter)

[1] There should be three more units to the left of this date (i.e. larger divisions), but the Fourmilab page says, "If the universe is going to be destroyed and the end of the current pictun, there's no point in writing dates using the longer cycles, so we dispense with them here." The same page also notes that we needn't worry about that prediction until the Gregorian year 4772.



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