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Wolfgang giggled. "Nonsense! It's a marvelous place, the Grimwald. Full of wonder and enchantment! Unicorns, even! The world's greatest mystery, you know?"

"What's that?" I asked.

"Why, it's obvious! How do unicorns propagate, when they've got this fetish about virginity?" He cackled. "I've spent years trying to figure it out. Even asked the head psychiatrist at the asylum. The man's a genius, you know? But he was no help, at all. Said that unicorns were just a figment of my imagination."

"They are," said Gwendolyn forcefully.

"Well, of course, I know that!" Wolfgang's voice was full of aggrievement. "I'm not stupid, you know, just insane. But that's the whole point! How do unicorns propagate in my imagination, when they've got this fetish about virginity? My imagination certainly doesn't. Have a fetish about virginity, I mean." He howled like a lunatic. "Quite the contrary! A cornucopia of sexual perversion, it is, my imagination. I've scolded it many times, but it keeps coming up with the wildest ideas! For instance--"

"Wolfgang, shut up!" roared Gwendolyn.

"Such a prude! Oh, very well. But, anyway, for some reason my imagination comes up short whenever it tries to picture unicorns propagating. Years, I've spent, trying to figure out why. It's very important, you know, for a lunatic to understand his imagination. Sane people never have to worry about it, of course. You can just pass things off by saying 'it's just my imagination.' But a dement can't do that, because we live in the world of our imagination. So--"

"Wolfgang, shut up!" roared Gwendolyn.

"But, my dear Gwendolyn, you're missing the whole point! Sane people are such cripples! Hamstrung, you are, by the real world. Whereas a madman can just dismiss the problem by saying 'it's just the real world,' and go on about the important business, which is imagining--"

Gwendolyn heaved herself out of the yoke and stalked back to the cart. She glared up at the towering figure of the madman, still sitting in the pose of an icon.

"If you don't shut up," she hissed between her teeth, "the real world will intrude upon your imagination this very minute."

-- From Forward the Mage, by Eric Flint & Richard Roach (Baen Books, 2002; ISBN: 0-7434-3524-9 1, LC: PS3556.L548 F67 2002, DD: 813'.54--dc21 2001056468)

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I just woke from a charming dream in which the cheerleader from the NBC television series Heroes was a perfectly normal college student studying architecture, asking her perfectly normal father (same actor as her faher in the show) for help with some CAD software she was using for class. Except for ome scene involving the lights not working in one room, I wasn't in the dream, just watching it. I woke when something she asked got me thinking about dramatic modifications that could be made to the type of house I grew up in, in Bowie. (I think it was the act of looking for graph paper that woke me. Oddly enough, one of the mods would have made it a lot like a house another dream -- several years ago, but the interesting house stuck in my mind -- was set in.)

The sucky timing part is that I'd planned to be at 3LF rehearsal for the past two hours, not asleep for the last five. I think this makes a solid month I've missed. :-(

Getting woken up too early this morning by a recently-broken-up couple (high school students?) having a very loud argument over whether to get back together, on the sidewalk below my bedroom window, probably didn't help. ("Yeah, but that shouldn't count! That was when I wasn't on drugs, or it was when I was high but lying to you about it, so you can't ..." WTF? Maybe it would've made sense if I'd woken up a sentence or two earlier, but I dout it.) If I were healthy, I'd just be feeling a little grumpy about insufficient sleep right now; instead the fibro caught up with me and turned out the lights a little before five PM. I'd hoped for a two hour nap, but slept through a couple of alarms instead. Feh.



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