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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 05:24am on 2012-08-02

"So many of those situations [where police kill dogs in people's homes] are because an officer is fearful, and they have no training, but it's completely unnecessary. Mailmen get excellent training on how to deal with dogs. Police don't get similar training. They have firearms at their side and jump to lethal force, and it's completely unnecessary. They're only as good as their training." -- Cheye Calvo, mayor of Berwyn Heights, Maryland, quoted by Danial J. Gross in "Officers being trained on confronting animals", in The Gazette or Gazette-Star or possibly the Prince George's Gazette (the actual title of the newspaper is unclear[*]), 2012-07-26 (I haven't found a volume/issue number yet), about a settlement reached between Calvo and Prince George's County Police relating to a 2008 SWAT raid in which the mayor's dogs were shot and killed.

[*] The masthead simply gives the title as Gazette-Star (no location as part of the name), with smaller print below that listing several cities in P.G. County, starting with Bowie (suggesting that the Gazette organization swallowed the old Bowie Star at some point?), but other indications refer to it simply as Gazette, with the additional complication that their web presence indicates a handful of separate newspapers published by the same entity, all called merely Gazette ... and at least one of those is referred to elsewhere using a location-name, the Montgomery Gazette. Is it one newspaper with several editions, multiple newspapers with the same name, multiple newspapers with disambiguating names that get re-ambiguated, or what? Is there a way to refer to it correctly such that it can be told apart from newspapers in other places also named "Gazette"? WTF?


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