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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 06:01am on 2012-06-16

The short version: as of Wednesday night, I play banjo.

(a) Thanks to [info] - personal syntonic-comma generously lending me one, and a Homespun Ceilidh Band project that kinda called for it.

(b) Not at performance-quality skill level yet, but what I did in rehearsal the night I picked it up basically worked[*] and I have a couple more weeks to polish up a few tunes. I've got a whole lot of practicing ahead of me, but no significant worry.

(c) It's fun. I need to find a way to acquire one of my own when I give this one back!

Are folks interested in the long, rambling version?

[*] Learning a new instrument that quickly is easier than it sounds, when it's basically yet-another-lute and you already play half a dozen other lute-type instruments. Even easier if you've messed around on a guitar in sort-of-banjo-like tuning a little bit ahead of time to learn some of the chord shapes.

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posted by [identity profile] austin_dern.livejournal.com at 03:24am on 2012-06-18
Well, congratulations. And I'm interested in the rambling version.

TV shows of a half-century ago give me the impression every performer knew how to play the banjo then, and today, well, they don't. I'm curious how accurate either impression is, and why the change.

You do make it sound like picking up the banjo after other instruments is kind of like picking up a new programming language after you know a half-dozen already. There's adjustments and quirks to get used to, but, not fundamental differences to overcome.



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