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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 05:25am on 2011-09-19

"[...] and both [Stampfel-Volpe] and Lindsay spend most of their focus on TAIQ and the writers, rather than the larger issue; they accuse Brown and Smith of 'exploiting' her. They do call for general diversity as well, but in the end, you can kind of play bingo with that post; for example, Lindsay says TAIQ is a friend of hers, and not a homophobe. Note that the post on Genreville explicitly said TAIQ may or may not entertain personal feelings of homophobia; Brown and Smith don't have any basis for judging that. You don't have to hate gay people to contribute to the ways in which they get silenced. It can happen even if you like them, because that's how institutionalized prejudice works." -- [info] swan-tower, 2011-09-15 [font size / boldface emphasis added by me; underline emphasis present in original as italics -- Glenn]

(Alas, I've already lost track of where I found a link to that entry -- I did a search-in-page on my LJ and DW reading pages (skipping back a ways) and couldn't find it, so someone is going without the thanks they deserve.)

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posted by [personal profile] minoanmiss at 01:11pm on 2011-09-19
*nod* I've tried to make this point more than once; her formulation is clearer and more elegant.
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posted by [personal profile] selki at 12:23am on 2011-09-20
Well, Geekfeminism.org pointed me there when I was catching up today, but it may have been one link leading to another...



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