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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 02:40pm on 2009-08-24

After failing to manage it Thursday, I headed ro my mother's house on Friday to escape oppressive heat+humidity, and to do some laundry. Then I got stuck there until late last night because I wasn't feeling well enough to drive back to Baltimore. (On the plus side, I ate better than I do here. And it was cooler and less humid in an air-conditioned house, even with Friday's rain bringing the temperature down a bit. And quieter, without the lid folks next door here.) Today I'm doing a bit better, but still not great.

I'm trying to decide whether I'm well enough to try to get to 3LF rehearsal tonight for the first time in ages -- a decision that also affects what I try to get done this afternoon. On the one hand, I am moving better than I was yesterday or the day before, and could, I think, drag myself there assuming a comprable level of pain and fatigue five hours hence; I've been absent from there way too long; and half-past-fourteen seems so early to be giving up based on the idea that the last few days are a warning of what to expect tonight. On the other hand, I only got about halfway home last night before reaching the "maybe I shouldn't really be driving after all" stage of fatigue; "moving better than yestereday" doesn't take into account trying to carry the double bass; and fatigue played a role in Friday afternoon's fender-bender (that has one tire rubbing during and after left turns).

I'm thinking that the wiser course of action is to not go tonight. But that's not what I want the answer to be, so I'm still arguing with myself.


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