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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 02:14pm on 2009-07-18

Goddamn it, if I'm reading your blog, and there's a little thingie at the end of an article that says "Comments", underlined, in bright blue, looking for all the world like a, y'know, fucking link, then I really do not think it is unreasonable to control-click or right-click on that, select "open in the damned background so I can read it later" off the popup menu, and expect the comments to open in a background tab and be waiting there when I get to them! So getting done with the front page and going over to a comments tab to start reading the feedback, and finding a fucking empty page with "javascript:HaloScan('4571549301309286818');" in the URL bar, is just NOT COOL, damn it! In addition to usually being in a PITA-to-read layout, this HaloScan system fucking breaks expected navigation behaviour, and that is, to be perfectly clear, not fucking right. (I've already dropped a lot of blogs that use HaloScan from my reading list, or more accurately, declined to add them because they use HaloScan, but I get surprised when I'm following a link from a friend's journal or Google. Maybe I need to craft a plug-in that'll detect HaloScan links on a page and pop up an alert box that says, "This page uses HaloScan and will only wind up pissing you off. Are you sure you need the information this badly?")

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