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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 05:26am on 2009-07-02
[Long lead in provided for context; the part I wanted to point out is highlighted.]
Scene: Alexis Castle is shopping for a dress, with her father and her grandmother ...]
Alexis Castle:
[played by Molly C. Quinn]
   [enters, wearing prom dress] What do you think?
Rick Castle:
(Alexis' father)
[played by Nathan Fillion]
You look beautiful.
Alexis Castle: Dad, you say that about every dress. Don't you think this makes my skin look pasty?
Rick Castle: Sweetheart, I want you to know that no matter how you think you look, you are perfect -- exactly the way you are.
Alexis Castle: You're not helping.
Martha Rodgers:
(Alexis' grandmother)
[played by Susan Sullivan]
[enters carying another dress] Oh! God, no. Hideous.
Alexis Castle: [whispers] Thank you.
Martha Rodgers: Here, try this -- good colour for you. [Alexis exits carrying second dress]
Rick Castle: What are you doing?
Martha Rodgers: What?
Rick Castle: "You look hideous"? Are you trying to give her body-image issues?

Martha Rodgers:    News flash: she already has body-image issues. It's an intrinsic part of being a woman. Every woman in the world has some part of herself that she absolutely hates -- her hands are too small, her feet are too big, her hair is too straight, too curly, her ears stick out, her ... [turns to look in a mirror] ... oh God, her butt's too flat, her nose is too big ... And you know, nothing you can say will change how we feel. What men don't understand is, the right clothes, the right shoes, the right makeup, just, it hides the flaws ... we think we have. They make us look beautiful. To ourselves. That's what makes us look beautiful, to others.
Rick Castle: Used to be, all she needed to feel beautiful was a pink tutu and a plastic tiara.
Martha Rodgers: We spend our whole lives trying to feel that way again.
Alexis Castle: [enters wearing second dress; Rick and Martha stand; Martha smiles, Rick looks awestruck] What do you think?
Rick Castle: I think it's you.

-- from the ABC television program, Castle ( ABC, IMDB ); episode, "A Death in the Family", written by Andrew W. Marlowe and Barry Schindel, directed by Bryan Spicer, aired 2009-05-11

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otherdeb: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] otherdeb at 09:52am on 2009-07-02
That was one of my favorite scenes in the series.
posted by (anonymous) at 10:05am on 2009-07-02
I love that show, and it was great scene.

--Zach Kessin
metahacker: A picture of white-socked feet, as of a person with their legs crossed. (feet)
posted by [personal profile] metahacker at 12:03pm on 2009-07-02
That was a great scene.

I wanted to see the severed head, though...
minoanmiss: Minoan women talking amongst themselves (Ladies Chatting)
posted by [personal profile] minoanmiss at 03:06pm on 2009-07-02
That's wonderfully perceptive.
posted by (anonymous) at 07:24pm on 2009-07-02
No, not all of us. Not all of us hate our bodies. And as common as it is, the normalizing of that hatred makes my skin crawl.
posted by [personal profile] skreidle at 07:45pm on 2009-07-02
A few exceptions, particularly from anonymous people, hardly break a standard.
dglenn: Photo of clouds shaped like an eye and arched eyebrow (sky-eye)
posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 07:54pm on 2009-07-02
Now, a few exceptions do not invalidate it. They do illustrate the difference between universal and nearly-universal. And they should be acknowledged just in case it turns out later that the exceptions are more than a few.

(I thought the quote sounded pretty accurate, at least in US culture, but part of the reason I posted it was to see whether I'd get any responses telling me it's wrong. One exception doesn't make it wrong, but several more would at least indicate that it's not safe to take for granted just because it sounds right.)
posted by (anonymous) at 09:06pm on 2009-07-02
(I followed this link from selki, who told me about the post because I watch the show.)

I love the show, but this conversation may have more to do with Martha's issues than being any revelation of Truth, or even Truth as Women perceive it.
A lot of modern American women probably feel like Martha, with an exaggeration of self-doubt focusing on (mostly minor) physical flaws, where "flaws" may mean characteristics not currently promoted as "beautiful" in mainstream ads, TV and movies.
But that doesn't mean every woman in the world feels this way, and it doesn't mean they have felt that way across the ages, either.

To be fair to Martha, however, she could have just meant that the first dress was hideous. It was Castle who interpreted her comment to mean that Alexis looked hideous (in that dress, anyway).
I appreciate that Castle's unconditional approval is meant to boost Alexis' self-confidence, but he is not helping her with her stated desire of choosing the right dress!




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