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I am very tired. I'd like to try to do something more productive/interesting/fun than just trying to make sure I'm somewhat rested up by tomorrow afternoon, but I'd better not push.

I started the day pretty tired, and felt various kinds of crappy at several points during the day, but not constantly and I managed to get through my day without getting to the turn-grey-and-fall-over stage or having to bail on anything early. (I felt pretty close during part of the ride home.)

So, since my body only threatened to interfere but didn't monkey-wrench things, and only made me somewhat distractingly uncomfortable rather than can't-think-straight miserable, I got to enjoy stuff -- the supposed-to-be-fun things were mostly fun. That makes it a good day however fragile I feel now, at the end of it. And the pain didn't exceed the "can cope using Ultram" range, another good-day marker.

I found a ride to the monthly meeting of the recorder club (which needs a web site) up in Towson this afternoon, which ride wound up also being a ride from there to Emory's afterward, where I met up with [info] justgus37 to ride to our HCB gig in Columbia, where we were made to feel quite appreciated and I got, as usual, very very sweaty.

There was some interesting music at the recorder group, and although I still don't sight-read anywhere near as well as I'd like to (and didn't read as well today as I have at the times when I'm most in practice), I did a lot better than I was afraid I would. I did, of course, miss many fewer notes the third and fourth times we played each piece. I started off on alto for an all-altos-and-sopranos round ("Souldier take off thy wine", by Henry Purcell), and switched to bass for the rest of the afternoon shortly thereafter. A few of us got into discussion of early-music stuff (notation, hexachords, cantus firmus, and so on), which I rather enjoyed -- and which is kind of appropriate given that the name of the group is the Society for Early Music (I think there's an "of Central Maryland" or something tacked on as well), but I'm afraid I'm one of the people who got a bit carried away and contributed to the non-early-music-geeks' eyes glazing over. Uh, I should try to be more careful of that.

Pleasant weather, a vehicle blasting chilled air at me when I needed it most, playing nifty new-to-me music, playing familiar, well-liked music, playing recorder better than I thought I would (even if still not in the same league as a number of other people in the room[*]), conversation with cool people, appreciative audience, no SNAFUs or technical glitches, I didn't hit the fall-over stage until I got home, and the pain never got quite bad enough to warrant codeine. Yup, gotta label that a good day.

The plan for tomorrow will feel a lot more like work, but it should be fun work. (Brainstorming arrangements of tunes for a not-very-distant performance, and polishing and practicing, on electric instruments.) I just need to make sure I get a useful amount of sleep tonight ... or tomorrow morning, just "between now and tomorrow afternoon".

[*] Hearing one of the other players on my part across the room, and thinking, "okay, we both hit all the notes, but damn, their tone is a lot better than mine; it's a better instrument than mine, but that sounds more like different-amount-of-practice than more-expensive-instrument, from here," does reinforce the whole Need To Make Time To Practice Other Than At Group Rehearsals idea.

Note that I have heard a better instrument make a shocking amount of difference -- I once tried a $300 wooden Yamaha soprano that made me sound like someone you'd assign melody parts to ... but it still didn't make me sound as good as its owner did playing either of our recorders.

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Home from the Green Man Festival. Great weather except for too much wind in the microphones. Day started with going to church with Breno in order to get a ride south -- nice service and it felt good to actually join in worship with other members of my faith, which I hadn't done in a while. Trying to remember whether I'd ever been to a Lutheran service before (I don't think so) -- I'm not terribly picky about what sect of my faith I sit with. Had lunch, discovered the Greenbelt Food Co-Op carries the brand of soap I like (which very suddenly became hard to find a month or two ago), listened to other bands, chatted with folks I hadn't seen in too long and met a few new cool people; saw plenty of cute children and cute dogs; shot a few rolls of film (and a bunch of digital shots). Timed the meds right so I didn't start hurting really badly during our set; managed not to fall asleep (day started kinda early for me). Especially pleased to get enthusiastic compliment from Diana McFadden after our set. Listened to KIVA and part of next band's set while trying to find ride back to Baltimore -- which involved meeting a couple more nifty folk (which meant fun conversation during ride home). Very tired now, of course. Very nice little festival (which I already knew; I'm repeating it here for the benefit of folks nearby enough to go to it next year who didn't get there today). Now to sort out why I can't a) launch audacity on the bedroom Debian box using the 2.4 kernel or b) log into the Debian box if I boot it with a 2.6 kernel. Or, more likely, just rinse the sweat off and fall asleep in front of the telly while poking at LJ.

Oh! Did not break a string today. :-) Did break a fingernail. :-(

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Posting this later than I meant to again, but with enough lead time to be useful, I hope -- I've got gigs coming up the next two weekends at two cool events:

HCB @ Greenbelt Green Man Festival, Sunday, 13 May 2007, 4:00 PM

This Sunday, Mother's Day, The Homespun Ceilidh Band will perform at the 3rd Annual Greenbelt Greenman Festival, in the plaza / shopping center in old Greenbelt, in front of the New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt, Maryland.

"The Greenbelt Green Man Festival in Greenbelt is a Celebration of Spring, put on by the Friends of the New Deal Cafe. There will be various entertainments, food booths, and crafts booths. This is an event for the whole family to enjoy together!"

Though HCB is only playing Sunday, the festival itself is a two-day event:

  • Saturday, 12 May 2007, 10AM-9PM
  • Sunday, 13 May, 11AM-8PM
  • Free admission
A detail which will matter a great deal to some of my friends: the act scheduled immediately after us is KIVA (and if you're not already familiar with them, you do want to stick around after our set and hear them).

(I'm still looking for a ride to the Greenman Festival from Baltimore, by the way. Just two guitars for that one, no recorders or double bass.)

3LF @ Maryland Faerie Festival, Saturday, 19 May 2007, 5:00 PM

Next (not this) Saturday, Three Left Feet (aka Thrir Venstri Foetr) will perform at the Maryland Faerie Festival at the Patuxent 4H Center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. (We'll be at the Honeysuckle Stage.)

"The Maryland Faerie Festival celebrates the Faeries. We provide an atmosphere and entertainment inspired by Faerie folklore and literature, and, of course, by the Faeries themselves. [...] The Maryland Faerie Festival provides educational and outreach opportunities for groups promoting diligent stewardship of Nature, and sponsors artists, merchants and entertainers informed by the Faerie tradition."

Though 3LF is only playing that Saturday, the festival itself is a two-day event:

  • Saturday, 19 May 2007, 10AM-6PM
  • Sunday, 20 May 2007, 10AM-6PM
  • $3 for kids 3 to 11
  • $10 for kids 12 to 99
  • Free for kids under 3 and over 99
  • $1 off for dressing in costume
  • Parking fee $3 per vehicle
Make sure to get there early on the 19th -- KIVA and Clam Chowder will be performing earlier in the day, also on the honeysuckle stage.

And a bit of advance warning for gigs farther in the future:

HCB @ New Deal Cafe, Friday, 24 August 2007, 8:00 PM

HCB @ Historic Bowie Summer Concert Series, Saturday, 25 August 2007, 2:00 PM

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Not sleeping well lately; mostly leg issues.

Dreamt I was some sort of stage manager / entertainment coordinator or something for a large event where Dept. of Fath Homeland Security decided that musicians were suspicious because they carried too much stuff and some of it was electronics, so they made all the musicians park farther away and lug everything in by hand through inspection checkpoints, so all the musicians / engineers / roadies were late and pissed off and I had to try to calm them down and get everything back on schedule. (Dunno whether this was related to having read about a bomb squad blowing up a £1000 bat detector that was part of an environmental impact study or something, just before falling back asleep the second time.)

That dream somehow managed to seque into one about playing with 3LF at a small outdoor festival (smaller than the Maryland Faerie Festival), discussing nuances of dances and their corresponding music afterward with members of the audience while loading gear into a car that was a cross between a 1970s Corvette (C3), a 1984 Corvette (C4), and ... whatever year of Thunderbird was really tiny and had the funny, curved back seat, but the dream car was much more Corvette than anything else despite having a rear seat) ... and, on waking reflection, apparently a TARDIS -- I was fitting stage risers into it at some point. We wound up trying to determine the year of a particular dance and someone with a wireless 'net connection Googled the choreographer and found out he'd died young in 1920, allowing us to determine that the dance was probably from between 1910 and 1920 (for readers not familiar with 3LF, that's centuries late for most of our repertoire). It seemed as though we were trying to talk about the Maltese Bransle, but remembering some of the moves the dancers demonstrated now that I'm awake, it was actually a cross between Karabushka and The Electric Slide with just a smidgen of Maltese left in it. (Actually a rather pretty dance, especially since Emma, whom haven't seen in ages in real life, was there in her uber-voluminous ethnic dress with a skirt that comes out to about twice as much fabric as a full-circle skirt; it moved really dramatically for the steps I dreamt about.)

I think that noticing the incongruity of the Electric Slide steps showing up in a 3LF dance was what woke me.

[ETA: when I woke up with a dream in my head that I felt I had to share, I'd completely forgotten that the automagically-posted quote of the day queued up for today was somebody else's dream.]

Okay, now I'm awake and trying to figure out whether I can get to Riversdale in Riverdale (oops, it's "Riverdale Park" now) by noon for a HCB gig (about half the band, low-key, with some ECD tunes as well as our usual repertoire) since my earlier tentative leads on transportation didn't work out.

Event details, that I really meant to post at the start of the week:

Children's Day
Come out and play! Early 19th century amusements include stilts, hoops, marbles, Maypole dancing, and a puppet show. Refreshments and children's delights will be sold.
$1/child, $3/adult; children must be accompanied by adults.
(Event starts at 13:00, I'm supposed to be there at noon to get set up; not sure how late it goes.)

Er ... anybody going thataway from Baltimore with room for me + guitars + woodwinds?

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Good gig, great audience; other cool bands to listen to, friends to greet. Fiiiine weather. Good day; am tired. [via sms]
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I meant to post this earlier in the week, but I've been distracted by the whole car-shopping thang:

Tomorrow, Saturday, 28 April 2007, The Homespun Ceilidh Band will be performing at the Celtic Festival of Southern Maryland at Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum. in St. Leonard, MD. We'll be on the Pub Stage at 14:00.

The festival runs from 10:00 to 18:00; admission is: $12 for Adults, $5 for Children ages 6-12, Free for ages 5 and under, $44 for groups of 4 adults. It's a pretty nifty festival on a nice site, and if you check out the entertainment schedule you'll see a few other familar (or ought-to-be-familiar) names besides us.

AFAIK, I'll be there; I've just got a couple of transportation details I'm still sorting out.... I hope to see a few familiar faces there as well.

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I'm exhausted to the point where it cannot be accurately described without the use of expletives. Here's the really short version of how my day went.

I did not get enough sleep.

Rides wound up working out, some last-minute, others nearly so.

The weather sortakinda cooperated ... -ish ... though not especially comfortably. I did switch from bass to guitar for the third set at MTT because the sky was spitting. The second day of MTT was cancelled due to the weather forecast.

The new dead batteries I put into a camera to replace the old dead batteries ... annoyed me by being dead. (In all fairness, I don't remember how long those unopened blister-packages had been in my camera bag. But it was frustrating.)

In Greenbelt we had a really good audience.

In the very first tune of the first set of the first half of the Greenbelt concert, I broke a string (one of the Elixirs, on the 12-string). At intermission I discovered I had run out of that size.

Partway through the first half of the show, the jump ring on my big pewter cross parted, sending the cross and last year's Pennsic medallion clattering to the floor. I'm counting this as technically being a wardrobe malfunction. :-P (What, me a tease?)

So now I'm back at home, planning to fall asleep shortly. I may describe the day in more detail later. Or not. Good day, but a long day, especially on so little sleep.

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It's intermission at the concert. Who wants to play 'guess the wardrobe malfunction'?
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The good: I've got a ride to MTT tomorow morning, and as a bonus I get to see a friend I haven't seen in ages.

The bad: Though all I've accomplished today is searching for a ride, looking for a car, a little LJ, and getting ready to go out, I am exhausted nearly to the point of tears. My body hurts; my head hurts. And I didn't manage to coordinate seeing another friend I haven't seen in ages, who is briefly on this coast. :-(

I also didn't make it to the free concert I'd wanted to go to. But although I really did want to go to that, I didn't have my heart set on it -- so that's just an ordinary everyday disappointment rather than a full-blown, missed-opportunity, full-volume "ARGH!" like missing a chance to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] aliza250

The neutral: I have not yet sorted out how I'm getting from MTT to the HCB concert tomorrow evening, nor how I'll be getting home from that, but I'm a little less worried about those actually, and there are a couple of tentative possibilities ... I also have no idea how I'll get back to MTT on Sunday, but I also don't know whether the weather is going to allow the second day of MTT to take place -- I think I'm going to keep an eye out for travel options for Sunday but postpone getting all stressified over it until I see what the weather is going to do.

Let's see whether a spot of dinner and a large dose of ibuprofen make me feel less any less like crying. Then I'll try to finish getting garb&gear all lined up and ready for tomorrow. This is probably a night for comfort-food.

Gotta remember to bring a tarp to protect the bass in case the rain comes early or sorting out a ride to Greenbelt comes late.

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Tomorrow evening there is a free recorder + gamba + harpsichord concert in Baltimore that it looks like I'll be able to attend (plans are a little vague; the important bit is getting to see [livejournal.com profile] aliza250 while she's on this coast, and the concert is one of our options for something to do).

Saturday afternoon, I'm hoping to be performing with Thrir Venstri Foetr / Three Left Feet in Marching Through Time, a multiple-period (spanning a couple thousand years, roughly), multiple-reenactment-group military history showcase at Marietta Mansion in Glen Dale, Maryland ... if I manage to arrange transportation somehow.

(I'll be skipping a recorder workshop that I'd wanted to go to, to play with 3LF instead -- I mention the workshop here because I recall at least one local friend being at least a little interested in it. I'll also be missing a birthday party. ... unless, of course, I fail to find a ride to MTT but a ride to one of these other events suddenly appears.)

Saturday evening, I'm supposed to be performing with The Homespun Ceilidh Band at the Greenbelt Arts Center in Greenbelt, Maryland ... assuming I manage to arrange transportation somehow.

Sunday afternoon, I may be again performing with Thrir Venstri Foetr / Three Left Feet in Marching Through Time, at Marietta Mansion ... if I can arrange transportation.

The following weekend, 3LF is playing at a wedding; the weekend after that, HCB is playing at the Southern Maryland Celtic Festival, I think the weekend after that HCB or a subset thereof is performing at Riversdale, and then a week later is a recorder-club meeting, followed another week later by 3LF performing at the Maryland Faerie Festival. I've no idea yet whether I'm booked for anything during Balticon the next week. It looks like I have a free weekend at the start of June ... I'll post about those other events in more detail; in the meantime, here's the info about this weekend's events.

details of various events )

I hope to see some of you here and there this weekend!

... And, of course, er (*cough*) ah, if any of y'all can help me out with rides hither and yon so that I can actually show up at some/most of these events, please do let me know. I'll be travelling with two guitars, a rifle-case full of woodwinds, and, if possibly, a double bass. I'll be starting out from southwest Baltimore, though with enough advance warning I may be able to arrange to start out from Arlington instead. Thanks. (dglenn@panix.com, 919-649-5862)

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They say that it is good to learn at least one new thing each day. Yesterday I learned that rush hour traffic exists (on I95 and the Capitol Beltway) on Saturdays. (Non, je ne comprends pas ... [how do you say 'either'?])

Today I learned that if you screw up badly enough, you can get Cheddar cheese to burn with a visible flame (yellow, by the way), instead of just quietly turning black and smoking. Surprisingly, breakfast was still rather tasty ... but unsurprisingly, the house now smells funny. (Sorry, B.)

The thing about falling snow is that even at its absofuckinglutely most annoying, it's still pretty. (The same cannot be said for already-fallen snow, as one of its more annoying modes occurs when it's all dingy and ooky-looking. *shrug*)

Cursed be those who use rare or nonstandard screw threads on things for which users will need to obtain large numbers of screws later. Fie on them! *ptui*

Apparently my bass is only too quiet when [livejournal.com profile] maugorn is present. Other times I'm told it's too loud. (The word I got last night was that the bass parts sounded really cool, but I drowned out the bouzouki and the drum. Whoops. In other news, the fingertips of my left hand are really sore now, after spending a big chunk of Friday night on bass guitar and the second half of last night's gig on double bass. (The marathon strip-the-willow set felt like it was going to kill my arm and/or a few of the dancers, who were having too much fun to stop dancing even as one of them later said he was trying to remember the location of the nearest hospital in case he danced himself into a heart attack.)

Related to the preceeding item, I've realized that completely filled mixers make me nervous, even when the mixer is filled simply because it's exactly the size we need. (And brand new, so having a channel suddenly die on us was unlikely.) I just get unreasonably twitchy knowing that there's no room left to plug in anything else. It worked out just fine (except for not turning up the drum and bouzouki when I started tugging at the bass); the 'problem' is a personal mental one.

I need more comfortable dressy flat shoes. The ones I wear to visit Mom and for coat-and-tie gigs (last night was coat-and-tie-and-kilt) are nowhere near as comfortable as my pumps, my medieval/Celtic shoes, or even my winter boots. I probably shouldn't wear shoes that make my feet hurt; I've got a surplus of physical pain in my life already.

Not that I'm likely to get around to doing anything about that until/unless I start needing to wear those shoes significantly more often than I do now.

And more 'news' than 'observation': I think Perrine has forgiven me for Friday. She was mad at me all of Saturday. But since what she was annoyed about was my having left her alone for so long and feeding her really, really, really late, she couldn't express her anger by snubbing me -- she needed her togetherness fix. So she sat on my hip in bed, and later curled up by my ankles, but glowered at me whenever we were both awake, and refused to take treats from me. Today she seems her normal self, even wanting to play a while before breakfast (despite having given me the "I'm hungry" signal as I woke up). Playing "pounce on the disappearing string" with her as I was falling asleep last night may have helped. (I poked a scrap piece of rawhide lace out from under the blanket and slowly reeled it back in, giving her a chance to pounce and grab it as it disappeared, thrusting her paws under the blanket to catch it. Perrine likes that game.)

So my cat was mad at me, but she couldn't punish me by ignoring me without making herself more unhappy. (Fortunately she did not reach the peeing-on-things level of feline annoyance.)

Let's see -- I left the house last Sunday and returned home on Wednesday. Then I dared to leave the house again on Thursday -- only for a couple of hours to get my guitar picks (er ... fingernails) repaired and shop (unsuccessfully) for screws (fie, I say!), but she didn't know that as I was leaving. Friday evening I went to [livejournal.com profile] silmaril's birthday party and stayed late, including the aforementioned missed feeding, and yesterday I bustled about clearly preparing to leave the house yet again. And Perrine hates it when I leave. (Yes, my cat is a bit clingy. When I first got her, she followed me around from room to room for several days straight, waking up to follow me if I stood up while she was sleeping. Abandonment issues? She was wearing a collar but starving to death when I found her on my back porch.)

What she'd do if I had a regular job, I do not know. Every time I take a shower, she tries to pin me to the bed with her cat-gravity before I can put clothes on, and gets all "I need to be Petted and Scritched a WHOLE LOT, Right NOW", because she knows that showering and getting dressed usually means Leaving The House, which she doesn't want me to do. This doesn't usually stop me, of course. It just makes me wish she coped better with my going away every so often, as most humans have to do.

And since I've mentioned cat gravity, I've been pondering a slightly different explanation than the one put forth by Robin Wood. I'm thinking that super-heroes are, in gravitic terms, anti-cats. That is, we often see super-heroes (and super-villains) performing feats that require not only the great strength so many super-heroes are known for, but also incredible inertial mass. No matter how strong you are, if you mass ten slugs (~300# on Earth) and get smacked by an automobile massing a dozen times as much (a couple of tons) going thirty or forty miles per hour, well regardless of how strong (and indestructible) you are, you're going to be accelerated ("flung" might be a better word) far more than the car will be slowed by hitting you. To stop the car, you'll need womdigious amounts of friction between you're colourful boots and the pavement (and crouch to line up the force vectors just right so that you don't just get knocked over or lifted into the air), or an inertial mass close to or exceeding that of the vehicle.

(Superman, and other super-heroes who can fly via unexplained propulsion or by gadgetry (so this would include Iron Man, but not Storm[*] or Angel) could be argued not to be constrained by this analysis, as they could counter the force of impact with whatever propulsive force enables them to fly. So we'll have to look for other evidence to determine whether Mr. Kent (and possibly Mr. Stark's powered armour) are similarly anti-feline[**].)

But these same super-heroes are often seen walking or standing on surfaces that would not be able to withstand the pressure of that much weight over the area of the soles of their shoes, and when they climb into an automobile we do not see the suspension bottom out (with the exception of a few individuals already known to be unusually heavy, such as The Blob). Therefore their gravitational mass must be much less than their inertial mass, precisely the opposite of the effect observed in cats!

(Again, those with the power of mysteriously-propelled flight are not covered in this argument, as they could counter their weight by "flying" at zero altitude. But here, Mr. Stark's boot-jets would not exempt him.)

Therefore, assuming that the different kinds of mass must add up to the same quantity over a large area, we should be able to predict approximately how many super-heroes -- at least of the non-flying variety -- there are, by counting up the feline population and measuring the average difference between feline inertial mass and feline gravitational mass and estimating the difference between inertial and gravitational masses of typical super-heroes. Once we determine how many cats are needed to cancel out one super-hero, we can estimate how many still un-heard-of super-powered individuals are waiting to come out of the closet er ... phone booth.

Hmm. This suggests that spay-and-neuter campaigns have the side effect of reducing the number of super-heroes and super-villains being born[***]. But that may not be a bad thing -- have you noticed how much of a mess super-battles tend to make? Cats can do a hell of a lot of damage to furniture and carpets and anything that can be knocked off a table, but how many cats would it take to smash as many cars as a typical encounter between Mr. Parker and Dr. Octavius?

In the future, we should also calculate the energy expenditures of super-heroes and figure out how much time they would need to spend eating in order to have that many calories of metabolic energy available to them. Anybody feel like tackling that one?

[*] Of course, Storm could summon a perfectly-timed tornado-force gust of wind -- more of a microburst -- to stop the speeding car, but that's a different sort of maneuver.

[**] What's the best word to use for this concept, "anti-feline", "contra-feline", "counter-feline", or something else? "Felinverse"?

[***] Or created through exposure to meteorites, freak chemical accidents, irradiation, or arachnid bites.

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Though some of y'all will be on your way to Philcon this afternoon, let me take a moment to look ahead a week to Darkover...

There will be two dances at Darkover with live music provided by pick-up bands. I'm recruiting folks for those bands. There will be a Playford dance on Friday and a Regency Ball on Saturday. Musicians, if you're going to be attending Darkover and are up to reading dance tunes without much rehearsal, give me a shout and I'll tell you where to download sheet music (we'll be adding two tunes to the Regency ball music from last year). Also, let me know which dance(s) you plan to play for so I'll have some idea how much I have to worry about getting enough musicians.

(There are two websites for the convention, http://darkovercon.com and http://darkovercon.org/. Where the two sites disagree, I'm not sure which is correct.)

The Playford dance will be Friday, 24 November, from 4PM to 6PM. Unsurprisingly, that's the one I'm most worried about getting enough musicians for. The Regency dance will be on Saturday, 25 November, from 5PM to 7PM (again, if the web info is right).

Also, The Homespun Ceilidh Band will be performing at the convention, as will Clam Chowder, [livejournal.com profile] cellio's band On The Mark, and [livejournal.com profile] maugorn.

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The Homespun Ceilidh Band will be performing tomorrow night (Friday, 20 October) at the Greenbelt Arts Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, starting at 8:00 PM. Amission: $10 general, $8 seniors/students. Reservations or more info: 301-441-8770.

This is in connection with an International Cultural Festival, but unfortunately I do not have any details about the festival.

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Great weather for a festival today. (Okay, my fingers got cold at one point, but apart from that it was lovely.)

Am very very veryvery tired.

Had some good moments and some glitches performancewise. Fortunately the best playing was when we had the really large audience, and the worst of my mistakes were in front of the smallest audience of the day.

Bill & Becky had a schedule conflict, so Ruth C. sat in for Becky (good to see Ruth again -- didn't mean to let it get to be so long since the last time I saw her (uh, not counting rehearsal earlier this week)). Jennifer played the first two sets (of three), her first gig back with us since giving birth -- good to have her back!.

I broke one string -- one of the expensive "last N times longer than ordinary strings" set I'm trying out on the 12-string. (They're supposed to last longer before becoming "dead sounding"; I don't think the manufacturer makes any claims regarding resistance to breakage.) But it's one of the plain (i.e., not wound) strings, so I don't think replacing it with a different brand will matter.

Played right through fresh acrylic again, and took less playing time to do so than last month: exposed the tip of my thumbnail halfway through the day. (I applied several layers of Krazy Glue before our last set.) Maybe I was hitting unusually hard on the upstrokes today or something? 'Cause I had problems with my thumbnail squeaking, as well, but no problems with the other two nails that have acrylic on them. (And late in the day something took a notch out of my (unprotected) index finger nail[*] -- I'm not sure whether it happened onstage or off. I've been waiting for that one to grow back out to a comfortable playing length since Pennsic, and it was very nearly there. I've still got enough to work with; I just have to be very careful of hand position when I play the Butterfly Jig.)

Two dead transducers, one dead snake channel, and right at the end of the day the monitors mysteriously faded so Mike and I could barely hear the fiddles ... I guess it was the day for equipment problems. (The soundhole pickup I use on my six-string wasn't putting out any signal, and the lavalier condenser mic our soundman handed me to use instead (and which I've used in the past) turned out to also have died. So I was stuck in place in front of a mic stand when I used one guitar.[**] I don't remember who got the bad channel, but fortunately there was one unused channel left to move them to. There are three things that make you really appreciate having a kickass engineer: 1) when things go wrong, like today, and you're glad he's on top of them; 2) when things go more perfectly than it seems one has a right to expect (we've had those days, or at least it seemed that way from the stage -- I don't know what gremlins Allon has had to quash on those days to make it seem that way); and 3) when you have to play with a different engineer and notice the contrast.

And what I'd planned as a brief "weather was good, played gig, am very tired" update has turned into ... well, I'm rambling. Which usually means that I'm even more tired than I've realized, and should be going to bed instead of typing this.

[*] I prefer the feeling of greater control of the natural nail when picking melody, which is most of what my index finger gets used for, and most of the really heavy wear comes from strumming (which I do mostly with my thumb, middle, and ring fingers), so the index finger nail has no acrylic on it. Except ... sometimes I really want the extra volume that a reinforced nail can provide (it's the difference between a thin-but-not-floppy pick and a heavy pick, in both speed/control and volume) so I wind up picking with my middle finger then even though I don't like that tone as much. I know, I know, I want to have my cake and eat it too.

[**] I played the first set entirely on the twelve-string, because there wasn't enough time to go to plan-B. For the other two sets, once it was clear I'd need to use a stand mic, I went through the set lists and decided the tunes I was most going to want to move around on were ones that I play on the siz-string, so I moved the twelve-string's clip-on mic over to the six, and let the twelve be the one I was stuck in one spot on the stage to play. I hate feeling nailed in place like that. I have to remind myself not to move off-pattern for the mic, and that's distracting. And I feel as though I'm doing without some of my tools for communicating with the audience, and playing the guitar behind my head is out.

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I've had a rough couple of weeks, body-wise, and am still clawing my way through Monday's to-do list. So this announcement is rather closer to last-minute than I'd planned it to be. Anyhow...

The Homespun Ceilidh Band will be performing tomorrow (at various times to be determined) at the Anne Arundel Scottish Games[*] tomorrow (Saturday, 14 October, 2006). The event is at the Anne Arundel County Fairground, a mere hop and a skip (really, not even far enough to be "a hop, skip, and a jump") from the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

The first thing on the festival schedule is at 9:00, so I guess the gates have to be open by then. Closing ceremonies at 17:00 ... we'll be playing multiple times during the day between 10:00 and 17:00, taking turns with The Highland Aires, Bonnie Rideout, and Carl Peterson.

Admission: adults $12, seniors $10, children 12-18 $4, under-12 free

[*] Er ... they seem to have stuck some annoying Flash thingumy or something on the site as a 'front door'. If the page doesn't load for you, or if you object to such things on principle, try this link to the main festival frame instead (though this also loses you the navigation frame, alas).

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I'm at [livejournal.com profile] anniemal's now, having made multiple stops en route, including a nap. The aforementioned vegetarian restaurant -- Maggie's Mercantile -- isn't so much 'near there' as it is along one of the reasonable routes back to the PA Turnpike from there ... and the food is very, very good. Worth writing a half-assed review later, when I'm feeling more awake. Then again, may be worth finding excuses to be back in that part of Pensylvania several more times so I can work my way through the menu and write a proper review based on multiple visits. Am tired, and my legs hurt, but I'm in better shape than I would've predicted if you'd asked me Thursday how I expected to feel today.

Good event, even though I only got around to seeing the parts close to our stage.

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Packing up to head home. Probably won't get another chance to post from a real computer before the WiFi router gets unplugged, so the longer post I'd have written last night if I hadn't been so tired will wait until I finish driving back. Apparently there's a really good vegetarian restaurant I need to check out near here, and I'm going to see whether I can fit in a chance to photograph some cool architecture on the way.

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The expoxy held: the guitar survived the gig. And so did I, managing to get by on only tramadol and ibuprofen (to my surprise), though my back and feet hurt pretty damned badly by the end of the night. Nodding off at keyboard so this be short.

Got to watch (and then play for) some really amazing dancers.

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Got my nails done -- the three that have acrylic on them -- on my way out of Baltimore yesterday. Still a show left to perform tonight, and I've already played right through the acrylic on two of them and exposed the natural nail, and the third is looking iffy. Gonna need to go right back to the nail salon on Monday.

Guitar has held up so far. Knock wood.

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Three encores and they were asking for more. Am very tired. Three sets at park tomorrow then one tomorrow night.



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