March 25th, 2017
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I still have under 600 unread emails, but it was a close thing. I got an email from my friend nagging me about a thing I need nagging on (this is a good thing) but it made me freak out and want to avoid my entire email inbox because like...I cannot get my daily for that unless I make sure to do all my emails for the day and soooo.

But I've recently come back and the last two days I've at least looked at everything. Which is good.

I still don't have health insurance (I found out a week ago that it's been terminated). I really need to work on going through mail and calling mass health and figuring out why it was turned off and how I turn it on again, but boyyyy that is just...not...happening right now. Maybe having mek around will make it easier, and maybe I will just not have health insurance or meds until mid-April, because that's an awesome thing for me innit?

Diiiiid I mention I have a mek? I am pretty pleased I have a mek. It was a sudden surprise of "so, I can actually visit you in like three weeks if that works for you" thing, and I said yes and so he rode a train cross country to come see me, look, I'm not saying my boyfriends are better than yours but have any of yours hung out on a train for four days just to bring you a dead spider in a snow globe I think NOT!

Highland Ball stuff is continuing apace. I'm actually in a weird gentle space where I'm a lot less behind on everything and feel a lot less stressed about it all. Really, right now I'm a lot less anxious and a lot more depressed, and so that's pretty good, except for the part where I'm a lot more depressed. I'm working on it, they lied.

On the plus side, I did clear off most of my bed. Granted, this was a lot of pileating, but it was a noble attempt.

Wheeeee, I finished my words before mek came back from brushing his teef! Gold star for me!

((I know this entry is crap and disconnected, but I haven't written anything in here for over two weeks.))

How's you?

March 24th, 2017
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Earth Hour is a thing that is happening tomorrow – or today, by the time you get this. It's a light fast: no* illumination for one hour. It's a world-wide observance to demonstrate opposition to climate change and light polution.

It happens tomorrow (Saturday, March 25) from 8:30pm to 9:30pm in your local timezone. All you have to do is turn out your lights for that hour.

Please join the millions of people around the world doing this, if you can swing it.

Locals: the Cambridge Community Development Department is asking folks to participate, and will be giving out hot chocolate at the main library branch during Earth Hour to celebrate.

* There seems to be an understanding that candles, phosphorescence, and fireworks are okay? So this is Reform Earth Hour? Presumably Conservative Earth Hour is where you can have a candle or glow-stick, but only if it was lit before Earth Hour started, and an Orthodox Earth Hour where you will damn well sit there in the dark.

Oh, and for those who don't get the title of this post, the string to search is "how many Jewish mothers does it take to change a lightbulb?"
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Let the finger-pointing commence!

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Die Hard. The original movie, John McClane at Nakatomi Plaza, dealing with terrorists, burglars, cops, the FBI and so on.

When John arrives at the big holiday party on the 30th floor, a small string ensemble is playing classical and seasonal music. They're located in a musicians' gallery, partway up a side wall, a kind of balcony, with a stairway for access from the main room, possibly a doorway to an upper hall behind them. Shots are fired, Hans and his merry men arrive, and the employees of Nakatomi Corp. are harried into the central room with the small fountains, stonework, pools, plants, etc. The musicians are seen once, running down the stairs or away from the situation, with their instruments.

What happens to them?

They can't get out; the building is locked down, the elevators (entrance in the room with the hostages) are stopped. They are not shot, harassed, or anything else onscreen. They are not among the group on the roof, later. Neither they nor their instruments are seen again for the entire movie.

I have a theoretical answer.

They are not human; they are fey musicians, arranged for by someone at Nakatomi who has connections to the Faerie world. When danger arises, they move down, huddle with the crowd and vanish, in such a way that they are not seen doing it -- and so many people are in shock at the terrorists' arrival that their leaving isn't noticed.

They make their way back to their homeland -- there is a gateway nearby, in the green area surrounding the building; the Los Angeles fey community has used it for centuries, and the modern era's takeover of the region with concrete and steel does not affect them; as long as the steel is not exposed and they are not forced into contact with it, it is not an issue. And they report what has happened to their region's queen.

The queen parts the gossamer curtains and scries in a pond in the mortal world. "It will be well. McClane is there." And she forbears to send elven troops to deal with the interlopers.

The magicians huddle and murmur. Who is this McClane? Ahh, *that* McClane, the reincarnation of one of their mightiest warriors, canny and powerful, who goes this time in the guise of a NY city cop, the better to fit into the culture. All will indeed be well.
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A few days ago I read something, somewhere, about how if Trump announced some other nation had launched a missile attacking our country the writer would want that announcement verified before he or she believed it. At the time my reaction was "Yeah, so would I." After 9/11 I was concerned that the nation was so upset we'd rush to find the guilty party and attack the wrong people. So apparently I'm not quick to believe the government, but I also had the thought that if Obama said (on tv or the radio where I could hear him say it) that North Korea had launched a missile strike against us, I'd have believed him right off the bat. I don't know if that means anything other than I trust Obama and really wish he were still our president.

Today I ran across this during my morning wander through the news:

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"Zelda BOTW was really great for the first 40 hours, but then when I started grinding every single piece of optional content I started to get bored."
"Why would you intentionally do that?"
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Me two days ago:
You know what would be awesome, Medium Game, for the Blue Nation and Obamacare? If outraged Repealists started flipping out on Replacists on Twitter, accusing anybody who espouses Replacism of being a RINO/libtard/Democratic plant/etc and attacking them for being a lazy slob who mooches off the government like those damned Democrats.

Come the day that Republicans expect to be personally attacked by fellow Republicans for expressing any wish for government assistance in securing health insurance, a whole bunch of no-longer-insured Republicans will quietly cross the aisle.

I don't know that the Repealists have started doing this for us. Here's hoping.
Today, on CNN, emphasis mine:
The tug-of-war between the factions angered some other Republicans who are not part of either faction and resent their influence, like Alabama Rep. Bradley Byrne.

But Byrne predicted that when the bill finally came to the floor, political reality would kick in.

"If you are a Republican you have one choice. You're either going to vote with Donald Trump to repeal and replace Obamacare or you're going to vote with Nancy Pelosi to defeat the only bill that will repeal and replace Obamacare. And if you're a Republican, that's a pretty simple choice."
Now we just need Red Twitter to run with it. Oh please oh please oh please.
March 23rd, 2017
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Nothing quite like a "We want you to participate in programming!" email from a convention that fired you to make your day.

Yes, yes, I realize that they probably send one to everyone with a membership. Still.
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As I alluded in my post Junk Insurance, while I correctly anticipated that the Republican mickey for the insurance industry would be to legalize junk insurance, I was surprised to find that the ACHA (Ryancare) merely targetted the ACA's (Obamacare's) 42 U.S.C. 18022 subsection d (which specifies the levels of coverage), instead of just directly attempting to gut subsection b, which is the part which defines the ten Essential Hea–
A key element of the negotiations between the Freedom Caucus and the White House revolves around the so-called Essential Health Benefits. The White House is working to possibly include the repeal of Obamacare requirements that certain benefits -- such as mental health coverage, drug addiction coverage and maternity care -- be required in insurance plans. [ one hour ago]

I still have it! \o/

That's it. That's the straight-up legalization of junk insurance, by the front door instead of coming in through the side.
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The Koch brothers and their network, the financiers backing the Republican party, are telling Republicans not to vote for Trump-uncare. What was that about a house divided? ETA: Ah. They're concerned that the Trump plan *doesn't go far enough.* Scratch that bit about compassionate conservatism.

Trumpery doesn't understand technology and change. And, as you might guess, he's a laughing matter and no joke. Along with which, he threatened a 17-year-old girl who created a satire website with kittens clawing him. The question remains: how did this philandering, lying, cheating, abusive jerk manage to hijack the religious right? He's so far from the moral high ground that he couldn't find it with a compass and a platoon of Marines. But the religious right's ancestry is racism and bigotry, and it has returned to its roots with him.

Meanwhile, during the Senate hearing on the Gorsuch appointment, a unanimous Supreme Court declared that one of his previous rulings was wrong, wrong, wrong in every way it could be wrong. Yes, unanimously. The decision concerned education for disabled students -- Gorsuch said it could be as little as legally needed, and the court said no way to that.

A long long opinion from SIIP traces how what has happened here fits into Russian plans, and where we fit into it. A future article is to suggest some remedies.



The Wall Street Journal, bastion of the conservatives, tears Trump a new one, in detail.

Trap a self-driving car by using ritual magic. It works!

Verizon, AT&T and others pull ads from Google because of placement next to hate speech ads. Ads with hate speech in them, not ads against it. Google, of course, cannot look up the answer on itself.
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The mishna turns to laws of privacy. If two houses share a courtyard, the owner of one may not place a door facing the other's door or a window facing the other's window, nor may he enlarge ones that are already present. On the side of the street, however, he may do so. Where do we learn the rule for privacy? The g'mara tells us: from the story of Bilaam, who lifted up his eyes and saw Israel dwelling according to their tribes. This indicates (the g'mara says) that he saw that their doors did not exactly face each other, and this caused him to say: worthy are these that the Divine presence should rest upon them! Why then is there an exception when the houses are across a street? Because the one can say to the other: you have to preserve your privacy from the eyes of those on the street anyway, so you might as well from me too. (60a)

I expected the "across the street" argument to be about distance. Here the argument is "I'm not making it any worse for you".

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Zandra Mirande, aka Zander Nyrond, aka Jonathan Waite (at least she's still using that name on Twitter), has started a Patreon page. She's provided us with some great filk songs over the years, and the last I heard was dealing with serious financial difficulties. It you think she's worth supporting, I encourage it. At the moment she has just two patrons and ought to have more. I've often sung "Sam's Song," "Undead," and other songs of hers at MASSFILC meetings.

In other news, I've got a Techno-Liberty article up on Napoleon's Telegraph. Terry Pratchett often stole his ideas from history; there's no copyright on it (yet). The télégraphe of Napoleonic France bears a suspicious resemblance to the "clacks."
March 22nd, 2017
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It's time once again for Sheryl's annual birthday party/housefilk, which we'll host at our townhouse in Rockville on Sunday, April 9th, from 2pm til 7pm. (Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!)

We'll have plenty of noms on hand, but feel free to bring munchies or beverages. And instruments, of course! Kids OK, we have TVs for keeping them occupied if needed.

There are two felines in residence, although they will probably both hide under our bed. There is also a certain adorably cute toddler in residence, who will be causing the usual amounts of chaos, mayhem, and destruction.

Comment, message or e-mail me if you need directions.
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Melania, are you ok? Other people seeing what I am seeing: an abused and mistreated woman in a marriage with an egomaniac (to be polite), and whose son may also have been abused by her husband.

The real bombshell of the House Intelligence/Trump/Russia hearing happened in the hallway. AKA someone's either ignorant as an upstream rock, or else lying in front of cameras.

Yes, the FBI did wiretap Trump Tower -- to keep track of the Russian mobsters.

Trumpery fired Preet Bharara as a prosecuting US attorney -- so now he'll teach kids at NYU how to be as tough and critical and prosecutorial as he is.

Farewell, David Rockefeller.

Gorsuch, abortion and the concept of personhood.

White Pride and prejudice. I am not entirely in agreement with their version of what liberal thnking entails.

Trump's exaggerated new border rules keep all the Africans from the African Summit in LA. This is *ridiculous*.

An actual war criminal may become the US's second leading diplomat. Pass me the vomit bowl; I cannot stand this man.


These cities are divesting from the banks that support the Dakota pipeline.

The NY state attorney general has hired an attorney to go after Trump full time -- and he knows the territory.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Ivanka Trump's company over unfair competition.

The country is a mess. Meet the fixers. 50 people with ideas, guts and ability who are making change.

Apologies for typos; my eyes are very tired today.
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Recently acquired:
  • Can neuroscience change our minds? by Hilary and Steven Rose. Steven Rose was a big influence on getting me into bioscience, so I excited to learn that he's written a new book about debunking neurobollocks, a subject close to my heart. And that he's written it in collaboration with his wife, a sociologist of science.

  • Three non-fiction books to give as belated bar mitzvah presents: I went with A history of God by Karen Armstrong, 1491 by Charles Mann, and The undercover economist by Tim Harford in the end. I reckon that gives a reasonable spread of perspectives, periods and cultures to get a curious teenager started.

  • A whole bunch of mostly novels for a not-very-sekrit plot.

Recently read:
  • This is a letter to my son by KJ Kabza, as recommended, and edited by [personal profile] rushthatspeaks. It's a near-future story about a trans girl, which has minimal overt transphobia but quite a lot of cis people being clueless, and also it's about parent death among other themes.

  • Why Lemonade is for Black women by Dominique Matti, via [personal profile] sonia. Very powerful essay about intersectionality between gender and race. I've not actually seen Lemonade yet, because everything I've read about it suggests it's a large, complex work of art which I need to set aside time to concentrate on, I can't just listen to the songs in the background. And I'm a bit intimidated by the medium of a "visual album".
Currently reading: A Journey to the end of the Millennium by AB Yehoshua. Not much progress.

Up next: I am thinking to pick up How to be both by Ali Smith, which has been on my to-read pile for a while. We'll see.
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For anyone who's arrived recently: The "Caturday" posts are the weekly accounts of my adventures at the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society in Salisbury, where I volunteer on Wednesday mornings. You can see the previous ones by following the "mrfrs" tag.

When I came into the shelter this morning, I was warned that there was a screaming cat in the kitten room. I came in and didn't hear any screaming. There was some growling, coming from a box that was heavily covered with towels so I couldn't see in. The growling continued most of the time that I was there, but there weren't any screams. It seemed like a bad idea to move Salem's box, though, so we had to work around it while cleaning.

There was a sign on the door requesting no loud voices. I told L. that meant she couldn't come into the kitten room. L. has only one volume setting: loud. She's a Republican's caricature of a progressive, with loudly expressed opinions that anyone who disagrees with her is dumb, and their being dumb proves she's right. I found Salem's growling refreshing by comparison. It was no worse than Mokka is when I have company.

Poor Endor was in quarantine. Somebody bit her. Salem, maybe?

There were two other cats in the room, though at first I thought there was just one. Dory is a nice black cat, though easily startled. Paco Taco, an orange cat, suddenly appeared after an hour, when I thought all the cats had been accounted for. I tried to take a picture of him, and he fled across the room. He spent most of his time under the new deluxe cage. No wonder it was so hard to find him!

T. J. Hooker is adopted, but Chips and Trooper (the other Chaos Kittens) are still there. Betty Lou has been adopted.

The total cat count in the shelter is still low, but there were quite a few friendly ones. I love them all, but it's more enjoyable when the cats aren't scared.
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1. How long can you go without using phrases or idioms that are derived from war, battle, duels or other conflicts? When you are with others, how long is it until you hear them in conversation?

(I am exempting from this those of you who work in government or the military and *have* to deal with war and conflict in your occupation.)

2. How long can you go without using phrases or idioms derived from sports, any sports? How often do you hear them in conversation?

3. Do you notice any difference between war idioms and sports idioms?

Comments welcome.
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[ghosts, death; parody of "Streets of London" by Ralph McTell]

Have you seen the old girl
Who walks the Tower of London
Face full of grace with a queenly charm?
She's no breath for talking,
she just keeps right on walking
Carrying her head
Right underneath her arm.

So how can you tell me you're ghostly
And say your life has run out of time?
Let me take you by the hand
And lead you round the Tower of London
I'll show you something
That'll make you change your mind.

And in the topmost turret
You'll meet Sir Walter Raleigh
Cursing at his fall like an angry tar
Looking at the world
With a chip on his shoulder,
Each and every midnight
He smokes a mild cigar.

So how can you tell me you're ghostly
And say your life has run out of time?
Let me take you by the hand
And lead you round the Tower of London
I'll show you something
That'll make you change your mind.

And have you seen the playroom
Of a pair of ghostly princes?
Such endless games in a place like theirs!
Careful where you sit if you
Accept their invitation:
They don't have ghostly cushions
On all their ghostly chairs

So how can you tell me you're ghostly
And say your life has run out of time?
Let me take you by the hand
And lead you round the Tower of London
I'll show you something
That'll make you change your mind.
March 21st, 2017
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When I started using computers, keyboards were practically immortal. I stopped using my first keyboard when a couple keys physically broke such that I couldn't get the caps to stay on. My last couple keyboards have not fared so well.

I have an inxpensive Logitech keyboard. "Inexpensive" wasn't actually one of the governing criteria when shopping; I'm willing to pay for a keyboard that delivers higher quality. But what's locally available in stores tends to not be high-end, and I'm not going to spend real money on a keyboard I can't touch first.

The failure mode is irritating, though. My keyboard works fine in most respects, but... well, let me show you a picture:

I can actually live with the worn-off letters because I mostly touch-type. (I'm mystified by what's special about 'L' and 'O'. No, not gaming hotkeys.) But, as a touch-typist, I rely on those little ridges on the 'F' and 'J' keys to tell me that I'm oriented correctly. In the days of typewriters that didn't matter much as you almost never took your hands off the keys, but with a mouse on one side and sometimes a drink on the other, plus things like arrow keys and paging keys, it's pretty essential to the way I use a computer.

My 'J' ridge is gone. And 'F' isn't doing so well either. WTF? That's supposed to be molded plastic!

(I'm open to suggestions, though keyboards are a matter of personal taste so I don't expect them. I require keys that actually have some depth to them; I hate the Mac flat keyboards, which is why I'm using a generic keyboard with my Mac. I also require "not clicky"; typing on anything makes some noise, but I want a quiet one as much as is feasible and definitely not one of the old-style extra-loud ones. I don't care about special keys or even, most of the time, function keys; you'll notice the pristine state of those keys in the photo, cat hair aside. I would prefer that Escape be full-sized. I need the little legs that raise the back of the keyboard.)
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So this weekend I went to two synagogue services (in two different cities) and one church service, and I had a quiet going out for lunch and talking date with [personal profile] cjwatson and a bouncy metal gig date with Ghoti. And went to the cinema to see Beauty and the Beast and just about managed to squeeze in a little bit of time talking to [personal profile] jack. Um, it is hypothetically possible that I may have over-scheduled myself a bit.

I had fun, though )
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Heads up: I just got an extremely suspicious email purporting to be from Patreon, requesting support for a political project to defend Federal funding for the arts.

One problem: I got two copies, one to my current actual secret Patreon email address, and one to my honeypot email address - the Patreon-exclusive email address I decommissioned after I learned of the theft of creators' email addresses from Patreon about two years ago.

I checked Patreon's front page and blog and there's nothing there about this political project.

None of the links in the email actually go to, they go to a third party service - which is not unusual for corporate mass-mailings, but which is still... unreassuring.

I strongly recommend not clicking any of the links in the email if you get it.
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Freshly-baked kittens! (Yeah, yeah, a little sarcasm from me about just about everything!)

Ah well, even if you don't like kittens, you could just eat som-- ah, never mind that! :D (Little fluffbuggers are really cute, anyhow!)

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A lying liar who lies. Who says so? The director of the FBI, in public, concerning unsubstantiated tweets and the investigation into the Russian incursion into the American election -- which is an attack on the US. You can see both video and text at this link.

Oh, but Trumpery doesn't want other people's truth getting in the way -- and is installing political aides in the agencies to be his eyes and ears. That's not democratic process. That's an authoritarian dictatorship, enforcing must-think.

And promoting American values at the UN apparently includes promoting right-wing-tip religious denial of women's rights. That's not American either -- well, in the 19th Century it was, but it shouldn't be now.

The guy with the hair (or toupee) also may have revealed classified information during a Faux News interview.

It's possible that a senior Trump advisor took a lifelong oath to a Nazi group.

Rex Tillerson, the minimalist diplomat.

Some truth to spread about 'taking back America'.


How Egypt's activists became Generation Jail, when protest was outlawed.

Brianna Wu wants to change the Democrats' playbook.


The passion of the Slayer, 20 years later -- now more than ever.

The life-changing power of happy food.

Exploring the twisted politics of dreadlocks.

A NY court will determine if a chimp is a person, and has human rights.

The rise of the parnoid citizen.

Books can take you where Trump doesn't want you to go.

How to break up the Silicon Valley boys' club.

Watch the placement of your Oxford commas.

Escaping from the erupting Etna.

Teenager discovers 7.44 carat diamond in Arkansas state park.
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posted by [personal profile] twistedchick at 02:00am on 2017-03-21
Last week it was the ER for multiple tiny spider bites. Yesterday it was the clinic, because I came very close to fainting -- collapsed on the floor, very lightheaded, nauseated, for no reason. After two hours at the clinic (no, I didn't drive; SU's ribs are better enough that he drove) they determined it wasn't a stroke, it was just fainting -- nobody really knows why.

I think I'm not driving anywhere alone the rest of this week. Just in case.

You know, I like having an adventurous life -- but I'd like the adventure not to be medical for a while.
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Canonical link:

It has come to my attention that some of the Blue Nation is unclear on what is currently playing out on the Right in response to Ryancare. This is terrible: you're missing out on some top-shelf schadenfreude.

A crucial confusion is, apparently, not understanding that there are several different factions over on the Right right now. If you attempt to understand what is happening over there by generalizing from all the things everyone over there does, things look very self-contradictory. I mean, even more self-contradictory than they actually are.

Before explicating the factions and their agendas, I need to take a moment to recount how it has been long much observed that messing with Obamacare wouldn't work or wouldn't be possible, because of the Three Legged Stool principle. The Three Legged Stool of Obamacare was... [3,700 Words] )

This post brought to you by the 127 readers who funded my writing it – thank you all so much! You can see who they are at my Patreon page. If you're not one of them, and would be willing to chip in so I can write more things like this, please do so there.

Please leave comments on the Comment Catcher comment, instead of the main body of the post – unless you are commenting to get a copy of the post sent to you in email through the notification system, then go ahead and comment on it directly. Thanks!
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Whatever happened to Lucifer? Is it still on hiatus?
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The Devil Problem -- the New Yorker's interview with Elaine Pagels about her life and her book, 'The Origin of Satan.' I recommend her writing highly -- all of it (though her book on Paul was a bit more dry than the Satan book or the first one she wrote, 'The Gnostic Gospels.')
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Ents are now in the comics pages! Gotta wonder whether they are pissed off at us for printing our news on them?

Wizard of Id Ents!

Wizard of Ents!
March 19th, 2017
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I come to you as a warning from your future. Do not waste more time on Marvel/Netflix's Iron Fist than one episode, if even that. It does not get any better. This is the Trump Administration of MCU Media, it is never going to make the pivot away from stupidly awful.

I made it through seven episodes and now I can warn you not to try.

It is the tale of a whiny stalker asshole privileged white guy who doesn't know how people or the world works, and we're somehow supposed to get that he's the hero with no compelling backing for that. The fight choreography was poor, the directing is tepid, the script is an abysmal mash up of kung-fu stereotypes and Dynasty boardroom 'drama', with that overhanging stench of mild-racism. Watching Marvel release this massive pile was like watching someone leading the Tour de France stop in the second to last race and lie down in the road. This is at it's base a 10 hour long Chuck Norris movie, and you don't need to put yourself through that.
March 18th, 2017
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March 17th, 2017
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White House endorses plans to remove 30,000 Federal Aviation Association workers from the federal payroll.

The more than 30,000 federal workers comprise 14,000 air traffic controllers and about 16,000 other FAA employees, many of whom work on a project called NextGen. The NextGen program is a combination of several projects intended to speed air travel, save airline fuel and accommodate a 20 percent increase in passengers in the next two decades.

Congress has become increasingly frustrated by the pace at which the FAA has progressed and by regular criticism of NextGen in reports from the inspector general and the Government Accountability Office. A House committee last year voted to spin off the controllers and the NextGen program into a federally chartered nonprofit organization run by a board of directors. The bill was never called up on the House floor, perhaps because Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) knew there was strong bipartisan opposition in the Senate.

Now, the White House has endorsed a transfer to that “nongovernmental organization” as a “benefit to the flying public and taxpayers overall.”

The issue has divided the airline industry, won surprising union support for leaving the federal workforce and drawn comparisons with other nations that have privatized their air traffic control networks. If it wins congressional support this year, the FAA would lose more than 65 percent of its workers and be reduced to the role of a regulatory oversight agency, much like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which issues auto regulations and recalls faulty vehicles...
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Happy St. Patrick's Day, darling flisties!
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Doc thinks the abdominal pain/bloody urine is due to a UTI (not a bladder/kidney stone) and is sending me over to pee in a cup at the lab! Whee.
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That feeling when you come across a brilliant, electrifying blog post that is massively informative and deeply insightful in a rare way that makes you giddy and excited and want to meet the author and have a conversation with them and maybe try to become friends with them and they turn out to be dead.
March 16th, 2017
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I also realized I had not introduced you all to the new feline occupant of the house!

Meet Thea:

Thea lounging on the vet counter, fresh out of fucks to give

So, [personal profile] without_me retweeted a tweet a friend of hers had made, looking for a new home for a friendly former-feral whose human had died and who was living on the streets being intermittently fed by the neighbor. [ profile] detachment_red hadn't been involved in that, but was looking for a new home for her, since the neighbor apparently wanted to stop feeding the cat and was going to just leave her roaming the neighborhood. (Special place in hell, etc.) Alas, she already had a cat who needs to be an only! So, to Twitter she turned.

Sarah and I had agreed that after losing our three boys in the space of a year, and since Ginny, Ruth, and Naomi had settled down into a comfortable balance, we weren't looking for another cat, but fortunately, Sarah understands that sometimes Twitter just hands you a cat. ([personal profile] without_me has confirmed that she specifically RT'd it because she knew I'd see it. It's like I'm a well known sucker or something.) We picked up the cat the next day and took her straight up to the vet's, where she promptly (and accurately) identified us as suckers and got a head start on the snuggles:

Thea crawls into my lap during her first vet visit

This is less than an hour after we met her, btw. I'm just saying. It's important that you allow a new cat to acclimate to you in her own time and don't force your attentions on them. entirely too many cat pictures )

We're not yet seriously going to start worrying about her inability to get along with Ginny/Ruth/Naomi (who have all been curious but very well behaved about the strange cat in the house) or her tendency to charge at the door whenever she sees/hears one of the others on the other side of it. Our current hope is that the pain from the teeth fuckery is affecting her temperament and she'll mellow the fuck out once we get the teeth treated. She's sweet as hell to humans (occasional nip aside, and we've got that mostly trained out of her by now), at least, barring the time she was charging at Ginny and Sarah got in the way and got clawed to shit for it. ("I swear I'm not self-harming," she had to tell the new doctor she was seeing this week. "We just adopted a new cat. Which can be kind of like a form of self harm, if you think about it...wait, it was my wife's idea, I guess that makes it domestic abuse.") All she wants to do is be in your lap! Until she gets tired of being petted and bites you instead of jumping down and walking away, heh.

Her name with her last human was Missy, but we didn't think it suited; after a week or so of trying everything under the sun, we settled on Thea.

I really, really hope we can mellow her out enough to keep her, and that it's not a case of "must be the only cat in the household"! I mean, come on, look at this fucking adorable sweetheart of a face:

Thea, sacked out in my lap (and snoring)

(If she does turn out to need to be an only, I'm going to try to talk my mom into taking her -- Mom's been missing having a cat lately since their last one died last year -- but if I can't convince her, I may put out the call to see if anyone can give this precious baby a home where she'd be the only cat. But that's borrowing trouble at this point! There was sniffing through the cracked door today and only a little attempted murder...)
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"Fucking bodies" TMI muttering behind the cut )

Oh, and for those who follow me on Twitter ([ profile] rahaeli) and saw me marveling about how my e-chart showed a call to my specialist Friday morning post-surgery, after which I suddenly got better pain meds (read: actual pain meds, not "barely the level of pain meds I take on a daily basis"): I had the monthly visit with the specialist yesterday, and asked about it! Turns out they did not actually call down to verify with her that I wasn't a drugseeking addict, after all: the call was actually Thursday afternoon, not Friday morning when I was happening to the nurse over pain management.

What it actually was, though, is not necessarily more reassuring: it was the anesthesiologist calling her to find out what CYP2D6 ultra-rapid metabolism was. (The call notes apparently included the phrase "when we called back, he said he had already found information on Google".) CYP2D6, for those who don't know, is the liver enzyme that processes a large number of the drugs we use in modern medicine; it's produced by a cytochrome in the liver that has high variability in populations, and some people produce none of the enzyme and some people produce a whole lot of it. (I produce a whole lot of it.) My particular mutation means that I process most drugs very fucking quickly, and require very high dosages of anything that's metabolized by CYP2D6 and weird dose schedules for anything where it's the metabolite that actually has an effect, rather than the substance itself.

Something like 25% of the drugs we use in modern medicine are processed by CYP2D6, including pretty much every drug used in anesthesia, and while there's very wide phenotypical variation among populations and racial groups, estimates range anywhere from 20% to 40% of the population has some non-standard expression of the genes that code for it. It is the sort of thing an anesthesiologist ought to consider basic fucking fundamental knowledge, basically, and this dude had no fucking clue what I was talking about. Like, the last time I went for surgery, I specifically asked the anesthesiologist (who'd also done the surgery before that and managed to get it perfect) what I should tell future anesthesiologists to make sure that shit got handled, and she said "oh, just tell them you're a 2D6 ultra-rapid metabolizer, that'll be enough for anyone."

(No, it's not just that I was using the wrong vocabulary. I tried a few different ways of explaining it.)

But hey, I didn't wake up on the table and I did wake up once I was in recovery, so I guess it all worked out in the end. (Definitely asking for a different anesthesiologist if I have surgery at that hospital again, though, oi.)



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