February 22nd, 2017
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Deportees. Written 66 years ago by Woody Guthrie.

Lyrics here.
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14 brands NOT to buy for olive oil -- it's fake. And a list of trustworthy brands.

The Second Amendment does not grant any right to own an assault weapon. So says the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals. So say we all. A similar ruling was decided by a court in Maryland, also.


As if there was anything else needed to make this Occupation look sleazier: how Rump and Bannon (I keep wanting to type Bannock, but that would slander a perfectly good pastry) are connected to pedophilia-advocate Milo Yiannopoulos.

The most important thing to know about Trump's deportation force is that they will be going after everyone they can. Any way they can. Every way they can. More here.

This is evil. Trump signed the bill getting rid of protection for streams. Say goodbye to trout, turtles, frogs and toads, and hello to mosquitos, poor water quality, and devastation for anything relying on that water. This is an attack on rural and urban America, on water flowing through farmland and through suburbs.


Two Russians admit to colluding with the Trump Campaign.


Independent film theatres are screening '1984' to protest the incremental authoritarianism. And would it surprise you to find that the Orwell novel is free on Kindle?

In Virginia, the governor vetoes a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. Thank you for women's lives, Gov. McAuliffe.

Students at a high school in Carroll County, MD, one of the less diverse areas of the state, were forced to take down diversity posters as 'anti-Trump'. But there's a campaign on to put the poster images on t-shirts the kids can wear. The posters are beautiful works of art by Shepard Fairey.

What to do when a restaurant puts a 'minimum wage service charge' on your bill -- that is, asks for money that is not for tips or for the cost of the meal, but theoretically to offset the cost of paying an actual living minimum wage. Cheap-ass jerks would not get return business from me. I'd give a big cash tip to the server, give the owners a piece of my mind about their underpayment of hard-working employees, and leave. Permanently. I tend to be hot-headed about mistreatment of restaurant staff, since I worked hostess for the overnight shift in a pancake house for a while, dealing with drunks, cops, wedding parties, exchange student employees and a misbehaving dishwashing machine. As hostess, I got a nickel more an hour than the waitresses, but I didn't get any of the tips. I also had to go outside and wash the glass doors even in snowstorms. It was not worth the trouble after a couple of months.
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When did compassion become partisan politics?

ETA: Another way to think of it: when did legislating for the good of the majority, with as little harm to the minority as possible, become a rare bird, all but extinct?
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Agent leaves the CIA because of Rump.


This is evil. ICE vans picking up parents as they come to get their kids at school, leaving children behind alone. Teachers are hiding the kids, sneaking them out, telling them not to come to school tomorrow.

Parents: Scarlet fever has returned.


Towers of secrecy; behind the shell companies.

The facts, not the alt-facts: Rump was bailed out of bankruptcy by Russian mobsters. He owes the Russian mob.


This is also evil. First take away health care, then take away food. The House of People who Do Not Truly Represent The Best Interests of Their Constituents wants to cut back on free lunches for kids who don't get that much food anyway. Yell loudly at your Congressperson about this!

Intellectual integrity and the news. Rump objects to objectivity itself. Read this.

Is Rump's thin skin keeping the government understaffed? Rump is clueless about how government works -- such as actually needing people to assist other people to get stuff done.


Roller derby woman subdues intruder with sword.

Withering into the truth.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Going to our state capitol of Austin in a few hours, but not for a lobby day.  The Trans Texas Lobby Day is next week on March 6.

Image result for Austin highway signsHeaded to the ATX to handle some business and also take part in a noon panel discussion on Thursday.

So I'm hitting the road, staying in town Wednesday and going to fly back to Houston after my panel discussion is done on Thursday

So for you peeps in the ATX, once I handle the initial business I'm coming up there for and I'm sworn to secrecy about and I get settled in my hotel when I'm done, what's happening?

Would love to chat with some of you ATX area peeps while I'm in the 512 area code.   Wouldn't mind a side trip to Lockhart to get some BBQ either.  

And oh yeah, will be looking for the closest 7 Eleven to my hotel because I'm only one Slurpee purchase away from my next free one.
February 21st, 2017
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Does anyone have a recommendation for a class for reforming abusers in the Washington D.C. area?
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Daryl Davis is a black man who befriends KKK members, starting from a premise of trying to understand how people can hate him without knowing him, and also meeting people where they are.

He's got about 30 KKK robes which were given to him by people who left the KKK.

There's been a book by him for a while, but now there's a movie, available on the PBS site until 2/28.

Do *not* watch it at Film Lush, they're scammers.

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If I read something several times, I have it. Maybe not memorized word for word, but close. It was useful when I was doing plays, learning lines. And when I am listening to "Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit" in the car, I say it along with the recording, and yell, "I was born on the goddamn shuttle!" at the appropriate place.

And then there's the time it totally freaked out a manipulative jerk who surely deserved it.

I've taken the standard Stanford-Binet IQ test a few times -- enough that I am really comfortable with it, which I am sure psychologists don't want. I consider the time when my uncle the psychologist gave it to me to be the definitive measurement -- I'd had it a couple of times before, but not enough to learn it. But by the last time, when I was in grad school, I had it down.

The guy who had asked me was a psych major who had to give X number of tests to Y number of people for practice. He was also somewhat manipulative and annoying, but I'd said I'd do it. Didn't mean I'd do it as he expected.

The test is timed - so many seconds or minutes for each part. I finished them early, all of them, and kept nagging him to hurry up, I was getting bored. He started out looking nervous and ended up looking close to terrified. Part of the agreement was that I wasn't supposed to get the results, because it was a practice session; however, I got a peek at a paper and he had marked it as well over 200. Apparently, only people who are scary smart will nag the administrator of the test to speed up.

I'm not *that* smart. I do remember things very well, after several times word for word. Funny how they never seem to ask if you've done it before, or control for the possibility of familiarity.

As it was, he steered clear of me the rest of the time I was there, and that was just fine with me.
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It's going to get bad. Homeland Security will be going after anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant, on a scale not seen in a long time.

The most important thing most of us can do is not to help DHS inadvertently. Don't say anything about anyone's citizenship or immigration status to anyone you don't trust. Don't talk about it on social media. Just say, "I don't know. Not my business."

Posted by Monica Roberts

Image result for hamburger mary's houston
I've heard about and wanted to go to one of their locations during my travels across this country, but the originals are on the Left Coast, haven't done many events in that part of the country.. and the last two times I was in the Bay Area, didn't have enough time in my tight schedules to check it out.

Was surprised and happy to hear that Hamburger Mary's is expanding, and they will be coming to my Houston home turf.   The Houston location will be right in the middle of the Montrose gayborhood next door to Bayou City on Grant Street.

So what's Hamburger Mary's?   It started in 1972 in San Francisco with the idea to create a friendly beer and burger place, and quickly became popular with the Bay Area TBLGQ community.  A second location opened in Hawaii, and the concept really caught on as franchised locations opened up in Colorado, Illinois, Wisconsin, Florida and Missouri.

Image result for hamburger mary's Buffy the burger slayer
The Houston location when it officially opens this weekend will be the 16th for the chain.

Hamburger Mary;s is renowned for its quirky names for its burgers like the Proud Mary, Queen Mary and Buffy The Burger Slayer burgers and a dessert item called Mary Tyler S'Mores.  The local outlet will have some Tex-Mex items and fajitas on its menu..

But what it's most renowned for are its drag shows and daily entertainment that start at 8 PM  Wednesday thru Saturday, with additional shows at 11 PM on Thursday and Friday.   The Sunday show times are at noon and 4 PM.  

Wednesdays is the 'Divas' show.  Thursday night is a Latin themed 'Fuego' show, Friday nigh is a variety show, Saturday is the 'Illusions' show, and Sunday is the 'Broadway' show.

Image result for hamburger mary's drag queen bingo

Hamburger Mary's is closed on Monday nights, and Tuesday is reserved for Drag Queen bingo night, that helps raise money for local 501c3 charities.  The Houston Gaymers tonight and the Trans National Alliance on March 14 are just two of the local groups who have already scheduled bingo nights at the new eatery.

Hamburger Mary's Houston is located at 2409 Grant Street in the Montrose gayborhood, and looking forward to finally getting the opportunity to check one out without having to hop on a plane to do so.
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Image result for Tschan Andrews
Tschan Andrews is a former model, activist, writer and former model who in this TedX talk tells her story and experience as a Black trans woman, and how these two facets of her identity intersect.

She is also one of our international trans sisters based in London, and talks about the trans experience from a much needed Black international perspective.   She is willing to use any platform to campaign for the inclusivity,  awareness and human rights for not just that group of the population, but for all. 

This is her TedX talk at University College London that was posted on January 18 entitled 'Transploitation: The Reality of Being A Black Trans Woman'

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So. 45 is considering mobilizing 100,000 National Guard to go after undocumented immigrants. And more on this. Isn't at least some of the Guard still mobilized overseas? Republican governors are voicing serious concerns about using the Guard that way. You know when Sean Spicer says something is 100% false that it isn't. Nevada Gov. Sandoval rejected the idea completely.

The president of CNN says reporters are wearing 45's insults as a badge of honor because it means they're doing their jobs. And newsman Jake Tapper describes the difference between conspiracy theories and facts, in case 45 doesn't know.

The uninterested,unpaid, unengaged First Lady. ETA: I support giving the office of the First Lady its own budget. I do not support paying Melania, who with her daughter is using high public office to shill for their own products and personal benefit. Public service is public service, not an invitation to pad your wallet from the public.

Advice for conservative students: you're not victims.

The First Family's travels this month have cost you and me as much as the Obamas' travels cost in a year.

Why were members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus kept out of a meeting with ICE, the anti-immigration force? Quote:
Inside the meeting, Democrats complained about the closed-door policy.

“I've never been in a meeting where an agency can designate who can attend,” said Pelosi, according to an aide.

Bear in mind, a Texas woman seeking protection from domestic violence was detained by ICE instead.

In Florida, the state Supreme Court gets the state out of women's uteruses and decisions. Now if other states would pay attention...

In Russia domestic violence has been decriminalized -- with support from the Russian Orthodox Church, to its everlasting shame.

Mexico's economic minister attempts to educate 45 about the ill effects of a trade war.

If the point is religious freedom, why mention only one belief?


North of Kingman, Arizona, someone is destroying the ancient and protected Joshua Trees.

The future of zoos. I would like to see zoos that are not prisons for innocents.


Pope Francis is making headway with liberal reforms.
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In the Age of Trump, the Border Patrol can demand that you unlock your phone, Bill of Rights be damned. How do you protect confidential information when you travel? Here are some suggestions.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Zella Ziona Dead Transgender
Have some bad news to report in terms of one of our slain sisters receiving justice in Zelle Ziona.

Last month Rico LeBlond went on trial in Montgomery County, MD for the October 2015 murder of 21 year old Zelle Ziona.  He was charged with first degree murder, and was facing life in prison if he was convicted.

But unfortunately, after several days of testimony the jury deadlocked at 10-2 in favor of conviction, Circuit Judge Anne Albright declared a mistrial.

The Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office is planning to retry the case again.

We believe that we will obtain a guilty verdict in the next trial," said Ramon Korniloff, the spokesperson for the attorney's office.

Her trans siblings, Zelle's family and all who loved her hope that is the result of the next trial as well.
February 20th, 2017
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Image result for Trans 100 logo
The March 1 deadline to nominate people for the 2017 Trans 100 Awards in North America and Internationally is fast approaching, but I'm loving this idea of recognizing the cis people every year who actively work to make our trans lives better.

That's the concept behind the inaugural Trans 100 Benefice awards.


From doctors and lawyers to social workers and outspoken advocates and journalists, the purpose here is to recognize those who are actively helping us.
– Nominees must have been living and working to improve the lives of trans people for at least six months of the prior year.
– Nominees can be working at any scale, locally, regionally, or nationally.
– We would like to see all parts of the country represented.
– We particularly encourage the addition of the otherwise unsung or only locally known workers.
– We particularly encourage the addition of persons of color.
– Nominees must identify as cis.
– Nominations must include a means of contacting them.
– Organizations are eligible, provided the organization is entirely run by trans persons.
This is not an Award. The goal is to recognize outstanding members for the Work itself, and it is the work they do that is considered before anything else.

Each year nominations will come in from the community to recognize those cis persons and trans led organizations who put themselves and their livelihoods at risk to defend, enlighten, educate, explore and otherwise serve trans people and trans communities in the previous year

Like the Trans 100, it will be curated, and the nominations received starting on April 15 will be whittled down to 25 honorees.  Those honorees will be announced at the Vanguard Event that will be held on August 1.

I have an idea who I'd like to nominate and see on the inaugural Trans Benefice honors list.  Let's see staring on April 15 when nominations open if we are on the same wavelength TransGriot readers.  
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Accomplishments of the recent:

*On Saturday, I went on a very long walk with my roommate Liz. It was a good bonding experience, and also a very nice time. The nominal goal was for me to buy a planner, and maybe also a watch1, and also we wanted to stop by some CVSs for potential half-price valentines candy. All of these goals were accomplished! Shockingly, the two of us bought almost nothing else, despite stopping at Black Ink, Joie de Vivre, Paper Source, and Bob Slate Stationary, all of which are places I could easily spend two hundred dollars.

We also did some serious pokemanning. And walked approximately 19k steps --I worked out our path on google maps afterwards, and found it to be 5.8 miles. Woooooo!

*On Sunday I, uh...I think I zero-day'd2 actually. Damn.

*But today! Today was better! Well, today had a kinda iffy part in the middle, but on the whole it was better and it certainly wasn't a zero day. Things I did today include:

**Going grocery shopping
**Cleaning my room a bit, including my bedside table
**Sending one Very Important email
**Taking the necessary measurements to finally work on making the shelves I want in my room

So I'm feeling better-than-yesterday. I also went out to dance, where I actually danced five dances. This is out of eight, which is significantly better than the like...three I usually do. I genuinely like Scottish Dance, I've just been a poop lately.

Also, I had a super-massive social success in that I got an invitation to "come see our little indoor winter garden and have some tea, maybe a meal" from Henriette, one of my favourite dance ladies! This is a woman who decided to *start* SCD in her _mid-eighties_ because she is clearly insane and also super brave and awesome and wonderful.

(She started because she met Ian, who is one of my favourite dance gents, at our booth at the Watertown faire and they fell immediately in love and got married like six months later and now it's been a year and they waltz while looking deep into each other's eyes and THEY ARE SO CUTE AND GREAT!!! So, uh, in case you were worrying for yourself or your future, it is totally possible to find true love everlasting when you're 80+ and everyone around you will think you're epic-awesome for it.)

So that's me. I still have ten thousand billion things to do with everything, but I'm trying. I was filling in my friend Linda (who is the most diplomatic and wonderful lady at all of dance and gods I want to have footwork as good as hers when I'm 40, let alone 60+) in some of the mental health stuff I've been undergoing, and got the chance to remember for myself that I am a Terminal Optimist, and that hasn't changed even though my brain is useless.

Oh! Speaking of mental health stuff and other accomplishments:

*I went to see my GP about mental health stuff. It went pretty well --she is down with the idea of potentially prescribing me other stuff if I need it in the future, and while the Harvard Vanguard behavioral health department is booked until September (!!!!), she gave me a couple good places to start looking.

*Also I remembered to get my STI screening, since it's been a while, oops. (I tried to get it last December, but that was in the middle of having no insurance). The blood draw was super quick, but dang, I've had way more bruising than usual.

So I'm still here. And I'm still awesome, even when it's hard to be.

If you're free Friday, you should come over to my house at 8:00pm and sing the entirety of They Might Be Giants' "Flood". You'll get to hang out with my mom!


1: My tentative budget for a watch was no more than $40. I have no pressing need for a watch right now, I've just wanted one for a while, and am a hero of time. Joie had fancy-funny adult ones for $45, none of which exactly struck my fancy, and then they had "for children and small adults" for $15, which is why I now have a BRIGHT ORANGE watch that is covered with lizards. There is even a tiny lizard inside the watch who counts the seconds for me. Her name is Dionne Strider.

2: Zero Days, as in "no more". It's a thing that Brenton told me about, from like...the Reddit bodybuilder dudes, I think. The concept is that every day you do at least *one* thing towards your goals. Even really small one thing. I have enough things to do that this is a really good plan to build towards.
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I’m having an email correspondence with a genealogist in Ireland. I’m looking to hire her to find records on my Holmes ancestors before they came to Canada. It’s been a slow conversation, with a number of delays, but I’m hoping that something will come of it.

But today we were talking about a particular part of the tree, and while looking at my records for that part of the tree, I realized that I’d failed to transcribe some data.

Here’s the story. I’ve mentioned before that the first of my family to come to Canada are Andrew and Susan (Susannah) Holmes, who emigrated here in 1845. I’ve also mentioned that Andrew died in quarantine at Grosse Île, Quebec. But they brought with them six of their seven children, who spread out and several of those kids end up in Lambton County, where I grew up.

So I’m interested in the one that stayed behind, Mary Ann Holmes, born around 1811. She was the oldest of the seven children and she was already married at the time the family moved to Canada (the second oldest, Margaret Holmes, was also married, but she brought her husband along to Canada with her). Some time before 1861, Mary Ann joined the rest of the family in Canada. Her husband, James Dowler, remained in Ireland. The author of Those Irish Holmes’ writes, “‘Tis said he loved the Emerald Isle, the thrill of its strife, and another woman.”

Mary Ann went to Lambton County and moved in with her brother, John Holmes and his wife, Mary Wilkinson. John and Mary only had one kid, but Mary Ann brought five with her. The youngest of those five might have been born in Canada, if the censuses are to be believed. If so, either Mary Ann was pregnant on the ride over, or James Dowler wasn’t the kid’s father. Or the censuses are wrong. This line of the family doesn’t have it easy. Mary Ann’s daughter, Ann Dowler, died in the London Insane Asylum. Her older brother, Thomas, might have also spent some time there.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by Monica Roberts

It took a while, but it looks like karma has finally put on her stiletto heels and kicked Milo Yiannopoulos in his posterior.

After his jacked up appearance on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher in which Milo said some loud and wrong crap about trans people that got him called out by Larry Wilmore and a lengthening list of publications, a just revealed videotaped interview in which Milo co-signed peophilia and laughing off the seriousness of it happening by Roman Catholic priests has finally gotten people off the fence about how problematic the Breitbart editor is.

Image result for milo yiannopoulos
Milo had his invite to keynote the upcoming CPAC conference this weekend canceled, and his 'Dangerous' book deal with Simon and Schuster in which he was given a $250,000 advance was just rescinded   There are also calls for Breitbart to sever ties with him.

We'll see if that happens.

Hopefully the same thing is going to happen with his remaining collegiate speaking engagements schedule in which he has been paid big bucks for desecrating college campuses with anti- trans hate speech that led to a protest and cancellation of a speech at Cal-Berkeley  .  

And yeah as a trans feminine person, I'm reveling in this schadenfreude laden situation.  But it also points out something that I've observed about conservatism and useful fools like Milo.

Conservatism is for straight white males only and is the political arm of white supremacy. If you don't fit that demographic profile or are from demographic groups they hate, you are a disposable token used to advance their overall movement and propaganda messaging goals. Once you as that token conservative darling are no longer useful to them, you will be discarded. Ask Stacey Dash and Pastor Mark Burns about that if you think I'm kidding about what I just said. . Too bad Milo is just the latest conservative useful fool to learn that lesson the hard way.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Image result for French Vogue magazine cover Valentina Sampaio

'But only when a transgender person poses on the front cover of a fashion magazine and it is no longer necessary to write an editorial on the subject will we know that the battle is won.-Emmanuelle Alt, French Vogue editor

The French edition of Vogue magazine was founded in 1920, and despite the long list of stunning French trans women like Coccinelle, Marie-Pier Ysser, Marie-Pierre 'Bambi' Pruvot and most recently model Ines-Loan Rau, I was surprised to discover that Vogue Paris has never had a trans woman on the cover of their magazine until now.

Image result for valentina sampaio age
The trans woman who has made that breakthrough fashion and French magazine history is Brazilian model Valentina Sampaio.  She recently graced the cover of Elle Brazil, and has starred in an ad campaign for L'oreal Paris.

"This month we are proud to celebrate transgender beauty and how models like Valentina Sampaio, who is posing for her first ever Vogue cover, are changing the face of fashion and deconstructing prejudice."said Vogue Paris on their Instagram account and pic of the historic cover.

Image result for French Vogue magazine cover Valentina Sampaio
The 21 year old Sampaio is also set to rip the runway for Saint Laurent soon, and will be on the March cover of Vogue Paris that hits newsstands on February 23.  It is the first time ever that a trans feminine woman has graced the cover of any French magazine.

The translated French title from the cover reads:  Transgender beauty; How they're shaking up the world.

We most certainly are.  It's also just another day and another historic accomplishment checked off the list for my sisters here in the US and around the world who are part of the long stylish line of trans models.
Vogue Paris editor Emmanuelle Alt said,"Valentina is on the cover of Vogue this month, not just for her looks or her sparkling personality, but because despite herself she embodies an age-old arduous struggle to be recognised and not to be perceived as something Other.”
Alt also said in her editorial that, “Trans people, the ultimate symbol of a rejection of conformity, are icons that Vogue supports and chooses to celebrate."

We transwomen around the world deeply appreciate you Vogue Paris for doing so.
Image result for French Vogue magazine cover Valentina Sampaio
But Alt also recognized that we have a long way to go to get to the point that seeing a trans feminine person on the cover of a fashion magazine becomes a mundane event.

I'm looking forward to speed up the day that we don't even have to find it necessary to say or argue the point that trans is beautiful, and trans women in all shapes, sizes and skin tones are beautiful in many ways.

I'm hoping that day comes along with all my sisters, and I'm here to witness it. 
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I've had a good month for seeing friends I don't spend time with often enough. I managed long phone chats with [personal profile] hatam_soferet and [personal profile] lethargic_man, and [personal profile] jack and I managed to get most of a weekend with [personal profile] doseybat and her mother and [personal profile] pplfichi, and the wonderful [personal profile] angelofthenorth came to stay with me for a few days.

I feel really really blessed by having such wonderful friends, especially when they reach out to me when I'm doing badly at keeping in touch. And several other people have got in touch too and I really do want to get back to them to make plans. And I'm not doing at all well at posting or commenting here (though I'm still reading, definitely, I haven't missed a day.)

slightly angsty )

Anyway, the only way to restart the habit of posting here is to just go ahead and do so. Have a meme which [livejournal.com profile] ghoti sensibly imported from FB: suggest a category and I'll tell you my top five things in that category. Feel free to propagate it if you think it would be a fun thing to do in your own journal.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

The pressure is mounting as an increasingly broad coalition of Texans are gearing up to stop the Texas Transgender Oppression Bill, AKA SB 6.   Lt. Governor Dan Patrick's office has received over 10,000 calls against it as opposed to just 200 in favor of the unjust bill (keep 'em coming).

Texas businesses, the NBA, NCAA and NFL and organizations have warned their events will not be coming to Texas if they pass it.

Image result
Send some of those calls against SB 6 Sen. Lois Kolkhorst's (R-Brenham) way too.   The bill was filed back in January, but as of yet there hasn't been a hearing date set for this unjust and unnecessary bill.

It is already illegal under Texas law to harm or harass someone in a Texas bathroom.  What the right wingers also won't tell you is there has been no increase in public safety incidents in Texas cities that currently allow people to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify.

Passing the unjust bill would harm Texas business and our state's economy to the tune of billions of dollars. Just ask North Carolina.

A bathroom is not where women and children are at risk. Where our public bathrooms are concerned, it is transgender people who are the real targets:

70% of transgender men and women report having been verbally or physically attacked while using a restroom.

Image result for I pee with LGBT campaign ad
As part of the ongoing campaign to flush SB 6, the Texas ACLU in conjunction with Legacy Community Health Care have joined forces to launch this 60 second video highlighting the discriminatory nature of SB 6 entitled 'Taking A Seat, Making A Stand'  as part of their 'I Pee With LGBT' Campaign.


There's also an I Pee With LGBT website that is part of this campaign, and I hope it along with efforts of thousands of Texans combine to finally flush discrimination aimed at the trans community from the state of Texas.

TransGriot Update:  Discovered the intersting factoid after I posted this that there are two trans people in this commercial.   Can you spot those trans folks?  
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I am having so much fun uploading stories onto my Kindle -- I have put the Retrograde series up, for instance, because I love Jack O'Neill's combination of batshit crazy and extremely effective -- and John and Rodney's own reflection of that in their relationship and their work. But I can't find a story that goes with it, but isn't part of the main sequence, where Walter and Teal'c go shopping somewhere like K-Mart for children's clothing, ice cream machines, sports equipment and so on for the ship heading back to Atlantis.

Any ideas, anyone?

Also -- is there a way of setting up subdirectories on the Kindle? In other words, if I use it in thumbdrive mode, without going through any other programs, and set up extra folders and levels, will that still show when I'm back to reading and looking for stories?
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Congress wants to gut your rights. Read this one. This is the week when your Congresspeople are home. Go talk to them about the bill that would get rid of your right to class-action lawsuits.
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For me, Boskone is a time for catching up with friends more than anything else, so I did lots of that. Other than that, I attended lots of filk program items and a few non-filk ones.

The Featured Filkers were Lorraine and Lojo — excellent performers, but I think the title "Featured Musicians," which Boskone has used several times, would have been more appropriate to them. Boskone generally uses the latter term for music guests who aren't really part of the filk community, or who simply prefer that title.

They did participate in the filk programming, including Song Sequitur and some circles. And they gave a very memorable concert on Friday night, with balloons everywhere! They were joined by a could of excellent dancers in Tardis costumes.

I went to panels on mad scientists and fannish history, which were very enjoyable. Mark Olson is trying to get me to resume active participation in Fancyclopedia. There was a panel on libraries which started out well, but I left when it devolved into haranguing the audience to lobby for money.

The number of people in the filk circles was disappointingly small. A lot of regulars, especially from the New York area, weren't there. There were some enthusiastic new people, though. There was a meeting on the future of the northeast filk convention, which went well.

After the con, a friend asked me diffidently if I was a Trump supporter. That was just bizarre; asking if I was a can of creamed asparagus would have made as much sense.
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If I have to read/hear one more variation on how being binary trans is "less progressive" than non-binary identities or "too mainstream" or "upholding the gender binary", and labels such as gay & lesbian are "too restrictive" and "outdated", and cis gay men are "the straights of the LGBT community" --


I'm not even an active activist and I'm already burnt out on this shit
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Yeah, I curse a lot. A fucking lot, if I'm of a mind to do so. And now I've just been working out with a couple of physiotherapists here at MS camp, using a device to help me lift up my feet when going to bed without Per overtaxing his back, and my liberal use of 'shit', 'fuck', and more words of that sort were now observed by them. One of them said that Gordon Ramsay uses a fucking lot of curse words on his show, which I do indeed know about. So now I'm the Gordon Ramsay of MS camp! (Yeah, I'm chuffed, fucking chuffed.)
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You know, there's so much about Cheeto Benito's wholesale looting of the scraps of the American Empire that I have to turn my ragebutton off for much of the day just to be mildly functional. Don't get me wrong; I'm angry all the time, but I have to still get up and go to work and do the laundry and grocery shopping and make sure the cats are fed, so I can't be a full-time ball of flaming fury.

But every day or so something happens that is so completely over-the-top that I just drop everything and go like this.

Today, it's Bono, the end product of nearly two centuries of liberalism and Glamour's Woman of the Year*, praising a man who believes in electrocuting gay children for his work on AIDS research.

I got nothin'. Well, that's not really true. I have nothing but hatred and contempt for Cheeto Benito and his bargain basement Stormtroopers. But there is only one species of lifeform lower than a fascist, and that's a collaborator. It's a scumsucking tax-evader who claims the moral high ground when it benefits him and instantly asslicks the Alt Reich because the glamour of standing next to ultimate power gets him hot.

So in lieu of projectile vomiting enough to earn a cameo on season 2 of the Santa Clarita Diet, here's the only thing that helps:

* That's not a transphobic joke, by the way. That's an actual thing that happened.
February 19th, 2017
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Can you believe that I've been online since the ARPAnet and yet, in 2017, do not know the nuts and bolts of domain-name management? Perhaps you, dear reader, will point me toward the clues, and I promise not to be offended that you're quietly snickering there.

The recent LJ upheaval is far from the first signal that really, if you care about durable links, you need to own your own domain, but it's the one that's finally gotten through to me. Instead of relying on Livejournal or Dreamwidth or Medium or whomever else to provide a durable path to my stuff, I ought to control that, so if a service goes belly-up, the old, public URLs still work (with content migrated elsewhere).

What (I think) I would like (please tell me if this is flawed): some domain -- I'll use cellio.org as my example, though that one is taken so I'll need another -- where www.cellio.org points to my ISP-provided web content (which I can easily edit), blog.cellio.org points to my DW journal, medium.cellio.org points to my Medium page, and I can set up other redirects like that as needed. So I can't do anything about links that are already out there, but I can give out better URLs for future stuff (stop the bleeding, in other words). Bonus points if the durable URL stays in the URL bar instead of being rewritten (unlike pobox.com redirects), but that might be hard.

I do not want to run my own web server.

Now I already pay pobox.com for, among things, URL redirection, but it's to a single destination. And it's not at the domain level -- www.pobox.com/~cellio redirects to my ISP-provided web space. It'd be ok, though a little kludgy, if I could manufacture URLs like www.pobox.com/~cellio/blog that do what I described above, but unless there's something I can drop into my own web space, without requiring access to my ISP's web server, I don't think I can do that. Also, this leaves me dependent on pobox.com; owning my own domain sounds like a better idea. pobox.com has been solidly reliable for 20+ years, but what about the next 20?

I understand that I need to (a) buy a domain and (b) host it somewhere, and if I were running my own server then (b) would apparently be straightforward, but I don't know how to do that in this world of distributed stuff and redirects. Also, I'm not really clear on how to do (a) correctly (reliably, at reasonable cost, etc).

So, err, is this a reasonable thing to want to do and, if so, what should I do to make it happen?

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dear Dreamwidth, I owe you a massive entry catching up with all my shit over the past goddamn too long forever, including our awesome photos of our awesome vacation and pics of the new cat we SOMEHOW WOUND UP WITH (don't ask, the internet was involved), but that will have to wait for when I have more time. Instead, I am making this entry to say that I started Concerta for my shiny new official ADHD (combined type) diagnosis yesterday, and HOLY SHIT IS THIS HOW EVERYONE ELSE'S BRAINS WORK? Like, thinking of one thing at a time?

(Weirdly, it has slowed down my reading speed. Apparently "taking in an entire paragraph at a time" is an ADHD symptom.)

I've had the symptoms my whole life (allllll the way back to elementary school) but was one of the generation of undiagnosed girls because the diagnosis was based on presentation in boys, and my various coping mechanisms have gone to shit in the last few years as my neuroplasticity wanes. It always seemed like way too much effort to pursue the actual diagnosis until now, but holy shit the difference with the goddamn meds.

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Me: What do we need, that is available from Amazon, that costs $4.02?
Dani: Is this what's known as a first-world problem?
Me: Not the most egregious I've seen, but yeah.

Free shipping: modifying buyer behavior since...whenever they started that. But it works because of their enormous catalogue; you can find something to fill out an order. (For personal orders this is pretty much never a problem, but I was buying house stuff and thus using shared money.)

(This post is a minimal test of Dreamwidth's Markdown support. Let's see what happens.)

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Seventy five years ago today President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 that resulted in the internment of Japanese-American citizens and resident aliens who lived in the west coast states of California, Oregon and Washington and the seizing of their property  

Next to the turning away of the MS St Louis, it was another fail in FDR's otherwise remarkable presidency, and has has lasting negative effects in the japanese American community.

This day is necessary to remember in light of the fact that Trump wishes to do the same to Muslim Americans.   To this all of us who love this country, the Constitution and our human rights must stand up and say in a loud collective voice, "Never Again!".

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I got back to my Quaker Meeting today after nearly 2 years of being away because of illness. When it came to the time for sharing joys and sorrows -- people standing and talking about cool stuff that has happened or asking for prayer (holding in the Light) for difficult things -- I got up and said that my joy was in being back, gave them the short version of why I was away (abdominal tumor, surgery, colitis, not fun) and thanked people for staying in touch. I also mentioned that during that time I'd lost 50 pounds and my hair had turned brown and silver (it had been various shades of red, thanks to good henna which I was too tired to keep up with the last 2 years.) Good thing I said that -- about half of the people there whom I've known for a while were not sure it was me until I spoke. But now that that's straightened out, they're glad I'm back, I'm glad I'm back, and things are very good. Which ... I have been missing these people something fierce. It matters. And I'm glad to be back.
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I don't know how many of you brushed up accidentally against someone named Winterfox in LJ, years ago. She is back, and is still harassing people -- pro authors who are speaking about against her and her aliases. Rachelmanija has the details here. Please consider throwing a few dollars down for a book by one of these people who are standing up to harassment.
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This Sunday finds me doing multiple events in my hometown

There's a rally at Houston City Hall organized by a coalition of groups taking place at 3 PM that myself and a long list of Houston area advocates and leaders will be speaking.

Some of the organizations that are part of this 'We The People Connect The Dots' event and march. are Fiel Houston . National Organization for Women (NOW) - Houston Area , Houston LGBT Caucus, Texas Coalition of Black Democrats Harris County, Black Lives Matter: Houston, Muslim Society of Houston, International Center for Spiritual and Social Activism, SEIU, Pantsuit Republic, Harris County Democratic Party, Women & Allies, and KPFT-FM's'The Prison Show 

No automatic alt text available.
After my turn at the mic, I leave downtown and head over to the nearby Guava Lamp club for a Pride Houston Grand Marshal Nominees Meet and Greet.  It's not an official Pride Houston event, but it gives people a chance to meet us and put faces to the names on the ballot. 

Voting has already started for who will be the 2017 Pride Houston Parade Grand Marshals and run through April 9.  That event starts at 5 PM and runs until 8 PM

Going to be a busy day, but when it comes to repping my community, don't have a problem taking the time to do so

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Posted by Monica Roberts

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I've had my issues with CNN's Don Lemon at times, but lately he and his network have grown a backbone when it comes to confronting and pushing back against Trump misadministration spokespeople who come on their network to lie or spin.

Here's Lemon shutting down Trump spokesnegro Paris Dennard when he called a story in which they were discussing the cost of Trump's frequent trips to his Florida estate 'fake news'.

Watch Lemon calling Dennard's azz out


Bravo for calling out Dennard's lying behind.
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Here I am at MS camp, doing an evening wander through the corridors, to see what's up in the tv rooms. Pausing at one, my attention turns to the tv -- fjernsyn in Danish -- to see that they're watching Danmark Har Talent -- yeah, another one of those fucking reality shows that are glutting the airwaves -- with about 20 girls in cheerleading outfits (what the fuck ever they're called, I don't know) on stage, in front of a cheering audience and four judges. 'You just missed cheerleaders,' one of the women in the room says to me. Trying to remain somewhat composed, I'm sure I said something silly that would not have translated well to the Danish room, but I cannot remember what it was. Ah well, onto the next acts...

An ill-prepared dancer, a hula-hoop artist, a set of three magicians with a glitter wand and flowers and the white door of secrecy, a man dancing with a long coat-hanger, and ...

...a marching band. About 20 instruments, from brass to drums, full-on marching band outfits, too. Somehow, I cannot imagine how Damnark would actually do this in any widespread, country- or even kommune-wide way, as has been done in the US for so long. 

This was one of those times when I said -- in my own head -- 'Diana, I wish you were here still, so you and I could laugh at how silly this seems, particularly because of your experience at leading marching bands.' 

(Dammit, dammit, dammit. Diana, you are really missed, really are.)

February 18th, 2017
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Yes, voter identification laws suppress voting.

A Texas PBS station censored a commentary criticizing Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas. And this blew up, all the way to PBS national.

Photos from inside detention centers. The truth is not pretty.

Local police say they did not shut down a Town Hall meeting or tell Congressman McClintock to leaven no matter what he says.

3 ways Scott Pruitt could shut down the EPA. As someone with asthma, I want my air clean. I remember when it wasn't. I remember when the sky over industrial areas was gray, or pink, or the Kodachrome sunsets from the chemicals leaching into the environment from Eastman Kodak.
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White House wants a NY billionaire to review the intelligence agencies. They are not in favor of this. Does he even have a security clearance? For that matter, does anyone in the West Wing (or what's left of it) have a clearance? Beyond that, is this likely to lead to a purge of the agencies? Anyone not 'loyal' gets kicked?

For Mar-a-Lago residents, proximity is power.
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4chan and 45.

45 and the definition of insanity.

UK firm warns lawyers traveling to the US not to allow Homeland Security access to their phones. A bit more here.

Pence's speech leaves NATO officials troubled.

Chaos in the White House.

Dept. of (so-called) Justice steps up its force against water protectors.


I think the people who want to bring back woolly mammoths are not thinking it through. First, the climate is a lot warmer than when they were here. Second, they are communal, herd creatures like elephants, with their own culture -- raising individuals with no idea of how to behave around other mammoths (or humans) is a recipe for disaster.
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That is all...
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Back home from an enjoyable day out with [livejournal.com profile] porsupah to go see the Lego Batman Movie, which is the best Batman movie made in the last eight years. Visited High Wycombe, which I haven't been back to since 1996. Discovered that the sad mall that no one goes to still has a closed Wimpy's restaurant with it's plastic facia untouched since then.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

I don't have HBO on my cable package, and this is one night I wish I did.

This week's episode of Bill Maher's HBO Real Time had Maher inviting that transphobic idiot Milo Yiannopoulos on as a guest.   It caused one of his regular panelists to remove himself from appearing on the show.  He did his usual transphobic shtick, that Maher pretty much ignored and let him rant unchallenged.

But when the Overtime segment of the show happens, Larry Wilmore, the former host of the Daily Show wasn't having it, especially after going on a five minute facts free anti-trans rant and calling a decorated intelligence office 'stupid'

Image result for Milo on Bill Maher
Wilmore at that point had enough of Milo's bull feces and put him on blast.

It's ironic that we have this example of a cisgender heteronormative Black man calling out a white gay man who is demonizing the humanity and human rights of transgender people.

Milo is an glaring example of why there are ongoing tensions between elements of the white gay male community and the transfeminine community while the fauxgressive (Maher) sits there in mute silence.

Fro those of you who missed it, here's the video in which Wilmore put Milo's transphobic and racist behind on blast, told him to go pleasure himself, and points out to the British conservafool his hypocrisy of using the same arguments people used to demonize gay people back in the day to do the same to transgender people..




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