December 4th, 2016
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For those of you who have HBO as part of your cable TV package, this is another instance of Must See Trans TV you may wish to ensure you don't miss.

It's the debut of the HBO documentary The Trans List, and it features a nice balanced mix of trans folks in terms of age, ethnicity and transition time in a series of five minute vignettes that capture the essence of the hours of interviews they conducted with each participant for this documentary.

And I'm pleased and proud to note I know some of those folks personally.  Hey that's one of the perks of being in the community for 22 years and counting.


The people tapped for this documentary are Kylar Broadus, Caroline Cossey, Laverne Cox, Shane Ortega, Nicole Maines, MIss Major, Buck Angel, Amos Mac, Bamby Salcedo, Caitlyn Jenner and Alok Vaid-Menon that is produced by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and features interviews by Janet Mock, who is also one of the producers of this documentary.

Janet was also interviewed by Time magazine to discuss The Trans List..

I'm looking forward to seeing it, and it starts tomorrow night on HBO
December 3rd, 2016
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Site performance may continue to be rocky on and off for the next few days until we get everything tuned the way it needs to be tuned -- thank you for your patience!
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] commodorified and [personal profile] nineweaving!
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   The world in which Mary found herself unmarried and pregnant was far from a happy one. There were greedy people misusing their power and authority to destroy the lands they occupied or administered for the occupiers, such as stripping the timber from the Galilee and converting it to other assets, or compelling people to work on furthering the Empire or taxing everyone but the wealthy.

    In such times of social destruction and environmental devastation – times that always affect the poor and those who previously had a decent standard of life but see that endangered and wrested away – we yearn for justice, for a restoration of the land and the hope that each of us can offer the gifts we have and have that be enough to live well and decently.

    As climate change has created rising sea levels and changes in the distribution of rain, we are seeing millions displaced from their homes from drought and hunger and salinization and inundation of their homes. In other words: we witness more injustice and dream even more for justice and equity, for renewal and restoration.

    The old texts talk about repentance and what they mean by repentance is not only regret and apology, but turning. We turn away from the idolizing the wealthy and the exploiters as being masters of business and builders of nations and we turn towards caring for those suffering. We turn away from the easy and false answers that those people are stealing jobs or those people are undermining moral values or those people are standing in the way of progress or those people are undeserving or those people are secretly out to get us and we turn toward what we can do to care for the planet and care for each and all upon it.

    Repentance is about taking responsibility for our lives and turning to what is most important: caring for the planet, cultivating generous, equitable and just communities, developing and passing along wisdom of this life we live and the cosmos, and creating beauty and wonder in response to this life. Repentance is turning away from hatred and suspicion, from division and destruction, and toward making hope real right here and right now. That might be protecting the waters upon which we all rely, or ensuring every child is cherished, or making way and welcome for every stranger in need of refuge. We are in this life together, and whether we live in hell or move toward heaven is dependent on what we do. Which way shall we turn?

    Joseph faced this truth when he realized his fiancée was pregnant and he had not been the one to make that happen. Should he quietly set her aside? Or should he turn, make way and welcome, protect the vulnerable, and unite his life with hers? He turned. He did not choose the blame game in his terrified and terribly ruled land. He chose a path of making hope real and living out his faithful promises to be amazed, to risk aiding and abetting the holy in doing what needed to be doing, to protect the vulnerable and love boldly. May we all be so courageous and faithful.

Beloved, lead us to risk faithfully in these frightening and uncertain times. Lead us to risk faithfully to protect the vulnerable, to welcome those in need of refuge, to choose love and compassion and equity and justice and this earth over and over again many, many times a day. When it is so much easier to go with the oppressor, to stay silent and allow injustice to prevail, to withdraw and fail to protect the stranger, to turn away and allow the land and waters to be polluted and destroyed, help us find each other, take each other by the heart and hand, and turn the other way. Help us turn to stop the oppressor, bear witness to injustice and work daily for justice and protect the stranger, to care for the waters and the lands, and to keep finding each other, risking faithfully together for love’s sake, compassionately, boldly, joyfully, each and every day. Amen.

Thank you to my colleague, Rev. Naomi King, for this relevant and lyrical Advent meditation.

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One of the things I like to point out is that your family expands, not contracts after you transition, and in many cases those family members you gain are your trans siblings around the world.

One of those people I've had the pleasure of getting to know is my Brazilian sis Aleikasandria Barros. Since her reign as Miss Trans Universo 2015 is coming to an end and she'll have to return to Italy to crown her successor, I wanted to take a moment to give her a TransGriot shoutout.

Thanks Aleika for representing yourself, your nation and our community while wearing the Miss Trans Universo crown.

The Miss Trans Universo pageant is taking place on December 10, and it's on that night in Perugia, Italy she will crown her successor.

I've had the pleasure of getting to know Aleika for the last few years, and I've had some interesting conversations with her about a variety of subjects along the way.

In addition to being involved in the pageant world, she's passionate about causes near and dear to all of our hearts around the world in the eradication of transphobia, educating about our lives, the expansion of our human rights and building sisterhood in our ranks.

I have much admiration and pride for my sisters who compete in the pageant world.  They are not only my sisters, they also have an important role to play in the advancement of our community's human rights in our various nations and around the world.

I've seen that firsthand since I have been in the position a few times of being a trans pageant judge. My pageant sisters at times are also advocates.  They are not only serving as community ambassadors facilitating conversations between the cis and trans communities, there are qualities and things that you learn while competing in pageants that also translate to life outside the pageant world.

I'm eagerly looking forward to the day, like I am with all my international sisters, that I finally get to meet Aleika in person.

Congrats on your amazing year as Miss Trans Universo Aleika!  May the blessings continue to flow for you in 2017 and beyond.
December 2nd, 2016
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Like...mild trigger warning for slightly irreverent emotional abuse references

Oh hey, I almost forgot.

It's been nine years since I rode up the escalators in Porter Square Station, stepped out into the snow, and felt my heart sing out


In the spring of 2007, I had applied to UMaryland: College Park, Tufts, Brandeis, Lesley, and Boston University. I wanted to go north so bad I could taste it. On March 31st, mom walked into the living room to give me the only news that could distract me from my asshole-life-sucking-abusive-boyfriend and the presence of THE GREATEST PERSON IN THE WORLD1. She had two envelopes from colleges saying "thanks but your pre-ADHD-diagnosis grades and general shiftlessness are a no go" and one big thick packet from Lesley saying "come on down, and have some free money to boot!"

Shitpickle-assface of course had to try and ruin things by being UNBELIEVABLY SAD AND UNABLE TO COPE with the fact that I was going to move to another state (god, seriously, someone go step on that guy's foot, he's such a mayobutt) but that didn't matter because a) I now had absolute and objective proof that I wasn't a completely worthless piece of shit academically and could actually get my ridiculous dysfunctional ass into college and b) THAT COLLEGE WAS IN BOSTON WOO!!!

So I moved four hundred miles north (and somewhat east) and woke up one morning to a parade going past my college and one night I was across the hall when the disco bikes rode by and I discovered SCD and was told in no uncertain terms that Davis sq was way hipper than Harvard, tyvm.

And then there was a blitz-surprise-visit to the city I loathed2 and boy that was emotionally exhausting, the good and the bad ("Veronica, Veronica, Veronica" "KAT!" *cue hugs and tears*) and I didn't sleep all that much because I was busy being raped and dumping that dirtrag-monkeystain's face and so the plane ride home was weirdly meditative.

And I walked out the big glass doors and everything was quiet and muffled by a layer of snow. And well, I'd been ~*pretty sure*~ before, that this was where I was meant to be. But that single instant...the chord it struck in me hasn't stopped chiming yet.

I belong here. As much as I may consider the idea of trying somewhere new, as much as I flirt with the thought of going full nomad and wandering a while, my heart and soul and self belongs in the area encompassed by the MBTA's subway system.

So now it's been a third of my life that I've spent living here. It's too bone-fucking cold and there are massholes making every form of transit worse than the last, and ugh Ivy-snobs and gentrification and would the friggin green line just *expand* already and gods, I just love this stupid town so unbelievably much.

(Did you know Boston is the only city in the world where you can get lost on the public transit and find yourself in Wonderland? I've always found that amazing, and you should too.)

I am home, and I am here, and I am happy.


1: Which is to say, it was the first day that mek and I were actually in the same place together, and whats-his-ass was there too because he could not let me be happy about things without his presence, I fucking swear. But this isn't a rapist post, so let's move on.

2: I have mellowed considerably in my feelings towards Columbia, but I still refuse to ever move back there. It is not a place where I feel I can Exist.

3: That was actually pretty funny, because I got right off the bike and whirled around and started stalking towards them with my full on Teacher Glare and they immediately launched into "sorry sorry sorry, our friend's drunk, he wasn't aiming at you, we're sorry!" Boys.

PostScript: Often when I write deep sorts of things, I use the eye icon to show I'm feeling contemplative. But do you know what this icon is listed as in the keywords? "Boston Sorcy". This was my "yer a college student, Sorcy" present from Skullx, and you will notice that it has the Citgo sign in the background.

I pay silent tribute to that sign every time I see it.
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TransGriot's early years were focused on my Texan in Exile life in Louisville, and while living there and feeling homesick in 2007,  I wrote a post about the 25 things I missed about Houston.  

From time to time I've written about how much I miss Louisville, and certain events and dates will trigger another flood of memories of life in as the right wing haters call it, 'Sodom on the Ohio'.

Note to those haters:  don't diss the town that provides much of your state's tax revenue when people come to visit it and Lexington for starters and not your backwoods idiocy.  

I'm now approaching the same six year period it has been since I drove the moving van onto I-65 south four days after my birthday in May 2010 and headed back to the Lone Star State.

In the nearly nine years I lived there, Da Ville grew on me to the point where I not only made friends there in addition to the ones I had who lived there prior to my September 2001 move, but I grew to appreciate some of Kentucky's charms.

Bardstown Road Aglow happening tomorrow is also triggering I miss Da Ville memories for me as well, so I decided to write a post similar to the 2007 one I wrote, but this time focusing on Louisville.

Here are the 25 things I miss about Louisville besides my chosen family up there.

1.  Dawne Gee

Dawne Gee is a native Louisvillian who is one of the 5 and 7 PM newscast anchors at WAVE-3 TV.   WAVE 3 is the NBC affiliate there and it became one of my local news stations I frequently watched thanks to large part to meeting her.

Image result for Dawne Gee WAVE 3 news
I met her when I was working at Macy's and she was looking for Christmas gifts for her son Alex. We kept bumping into each other either at the store or at local charity events like the AIDS Walk or others around town and became friends as a result.

You have to also admire someone like Dawne who has two degrees (in communications and biology), applied three times at WAVE-3 before she finally got that job there in 1994 and quickly ascended to anchoring their local newscasts , beat cancer and just survived an on air stroke.

Speedy healing and recovery, Dawne.

And yeah, I also love her because she's a Taurus and our birthdays are just four days apart.

1A.  Angie Fenton

I'd actually run into Angie before I finally met her.  I was attending a local TBLGQ Derby Party at The Olmstead in 2003 that she was covering for the Courier-Journal while stylishly dressed in a pink skirted suit with matching pumps and a pink Derby hat.

We didn't meet that day, but our paths would eventually cross again.

She's also a local media icon in print and television, does segments on WHAS-TV's Great Day Live in addition to being editor in chief at Extol magazine,  a motivational speaker, and mom to her daughter Olive..  

So how did I meet this amazing woman?  It was in 2005 when she wrote a Courier-Journal article about the local trans community that featured me and Dawn Wilson in it.   Both of us moved to Da Ville from other places, so we had that in common along with our mutual love of writing.

2. Impellizzeri's Pizza

One of the Louisville specific food outlets that I got introduced to before I moved there.  Love their pizza and especially their breadsticks and the garlic butter you can dip them in.

3.  'Niece and Nephew'

AKA Dr. Kaila Story-Jackson and Jaison Gardiner, the broadcast team at WFPL-FM's. Strange Fruit radio show.   In her day job Kaila is the Audre Lorde Chair in Race, Class Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University of Louisville and teaches women and gender and Pan-African studies there.

I've spent more than a few times while I lived there as a panelist in Kaila's class or at other events coordinated by her on the U of L campus when I lived there talking about trans issues from a POC perspective.

Jaison I met as part of the Fairness Campaign crew, and he's involved in Black Lives Matter and other progressive causes.

Jaison is also the one who started calling me Auntie Monica, so I used to call him Nephew in response.   When he and Kaila started doing Strange Fruit, she became Niece

Image result for Jason gardiner and Kaila Story louisville

4.   Indi's

Image result for Indi's fast food louisville
Every city has a local food chain that is unique to it, and in Louisville, that is Indi' s.  

There are only three Indi's locations in Da Ville, so that meant I had to drive to get to them since the closest location to my east side Crescent Hill neighborhood was in the West End on Broadway just west of downtown.   But the food was worth the trip

It is quintessentially Louisville and quickly became one of my fave places.  I loved their monster potato wedges and chicken, and would happily devour their wings.. Their spicy recipe one will definitely make someone from New Orleans happy and they have a wide variety of side dishes  

The prices you pay for that food isn't bad either, but they only accept cash for it.

5.  Louisville Fencing Center

Image result for Maestro Les Stawicki
When Dawn began to get involved in competitive fencing, that's when much of the fencing world entered my life, including Maestro Les Stawicki, the legendary fencing coach who not only was the Polish national and Olympic coach from 1972-1990, but trains the US Paralympic Games fencers.

I got to meet many of the wonderful people connected to LFC and other fencing salles in the Louisville and Kentucky region along with many of the Veteran fencers, referees and others in the USFA Great Lakes Region .  It's also how I met Olympian Lee Kiefer and her family.  Ken and Angela Hagen, Linda Dunn, Tom Monarch, 'The Baby Vets'  AKA the Vet 40 fencers, The Senior Mamas' AKA the Vet 50 fencers and Lou Felty just to name a few.

It also taught me a lesson in first impressions.  I didn't think I had an impact on anyone since I was there simply to support my friend, but others disagreed.   There was also a junior tournament that was held in Louisville while I was there in which I served as the MC of it.  Some of the parents and kids who were in attendance or participated in it still ask about me years later.

When I went to visit LFC, I also got a big hug from Maestro Stawicki ,Tom and everyone who remembered me

6.  Edenside Christian Church

I definitely missed 'slllliiiiiiiiding into Edenside' after I left, because it was my open and affirming church home during my time in Da Ville,   It was part of the Disciples of Christ denomination, and it was one of the places in which I first started to meet people after I moved there.

I loved its social justice mission, the AIDS services, participating as a worship leader, being part of Bardstown Road Aglow, the jazz concerts and it being a century old.  One of the first events I participated in mere days after I moved there was an AIDS Walk

Sadly it closed after 106 years of service to the Highland community, and I couldn't make it up there for the final service in that building..

7.  Rev. Sally McClain 

Rev Sally was one of the first people I met after I arrived in Louisville, and you have to love a minter who not only has a gregarious personality, it's combined with a formidable intellect and a wicked sense of humor.

Her male theological counterparts on The Moral Side Of the News show that she was a panelist on found out quickly about that formidable intellect.

I loved the stuffed Cartman doll on her church office bookshelf, and I also love the fact that Rev. Sally's sermons were to the point. She could say in 10 to 15 minutes what would take the average Baptist preacher hours to do.

She's now retired, but is still a panelist on The Moral Side of the News giving the boys fits.

8.  Fairness Campaign

Image result for fairness campaign louisville
That building on Frankfort Avenue which is the home of Louisville and Kentucky's premier TBLGQ organization was the epicenter of my Louisville activism.   I did phone banks in it. taught Lobbying 101 to rookie activists, did candidate screenings there  and attended many meetings in its walls when I served on the Fairness Campaign board and its C-FAIR PAC board as its secretary

I also was a finalist to become the head of the Fairness Campaign, which unfortunately I didn't get.

The time I spent with Fairness folks was instrumental in me becoming and being a better advocate when I returned home, and still have much love for the Fairness peeps I met there.

9.  The Cards vs Cats hatefest
Image result for Cats vs cardinals Louisville House divided
One of the questions I was asked that I deflected with the comment "I like both" until I pointed the moving van south was which one of Kentucky's universities was I a fan of in either the Louisville Cardinals or the Kentucky Wildcats.

The Cards-Cats hatefest is the University of Texas-Texas A&M rivalry on steroids.   The schools are only 60 miles apart on I-64 in Louisville and Lexington, play in different conferences  (SEC and ACC), but they reflect the culture of their cities and their rabid fan bases.

I used to get a chuckle out of watching peeps on both sides try to repeatedly recruit me to Cats or Cards Nation as they threw shady insults at each other.   I had friends in both Cats and Cards Nation, and it was entertaining to me watching their reactions when UK and U of L played each other.

You can bet that no matter what sport they play, the game, especially if it's their annual post-Christmas basketball showdown, will be sold out at either The Yum Center or Rupp Arena and the trash talking will go on until next year's game, at family picnics and other events..
10,  The drives to nearby cities

One of the benefits of living in Louisville was because of its geographic location on the Ohio River on the Indiana-Kentucky border and sitting at the junction of I-64, I-65 and I-71, I gained the ability to do road trips to nearby cities in the Midwest, South and East Coast from there  

Louisville was only an hour from Lexington, 1.5 hours from Indianapolis and Cincinnati, 2 hours from Nashville, 3 hours from Columbus and St Louis, 5 hours from Memphis and Chicago, 6 hours from Atlanta, 7 hours to Charlotte, Cleveland ,and Milwaukee. and 10 hours to Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia

There were more than a few road trips I took with Dawn, Polar and other folks, some of which I talked about on the blog

11.  KingFish

Image result for Kingfish Louisville

Another one of my fave places to eat in Louisville that was unique to the city.  It's a seafood restaurant, and I used to love the location on River Road that had views of the Ohio River from its dining room and the barges gliding by as you dined

12.  Derby Week

In the runup to the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby, there is a multiweek festival chock full of events that is kicked off by the massive Thunder over Louisville fireworks show and a military airshow during the day over the river.

I also like the Kentucky Derby because every few years, it falls on my birthday.  It was apropos that the 2002 Derby, the first one I got to witness as a Louisville resident, also fell on my 40th birthday.

Image result for Kentucky Derby festival
In addition to the parades and balls, you had celebrities flying into town for the Oaks and Derby and all the parties and balls hosted by various people and organizations in venues all over Louisville..

One of the major ones happened mere blocks from where I used to live. Priscilla Barnstable Brown (one of the 1970's Doublemint gum twins who were both from Da Ville) hosts a Derby party that draws Hollywood celebrities and local celeb watchers

Even our local TBLGQ community had our own party that used to happen before and during the Derby, but got shifted to the later evening.

13.  Crescent Hill

It's the neighborhood I lived in from late 2003 until I moved back home, and I lived on Grinstead Drive across the street from the odious Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  

Besides the negative of waking up and flipping the finger at the transphobic seminary that was outside and across the street from my upstairs bedroom window, I was around the corner from the Crescent Hill Reservoir, the library, all those amazing restaurants, coffeehouses and shops on Frankfort Avenue.  I also had some cool neighbors like the Burchfield's.  The best part was I was in walking distance of a Walgreen's that sold Blue Bell.  

14.  Louisville Slugger Field

Louisville's Triple A baseball stadium that was on the river in the shadow of downtown and I-65 and the home of the Louisville Bats, the Cincinnati Reds farm club.  

Image result for Slugger FieldIt's named for the Louisville Slugger bat, which is manufactured a few blocks west of the ballpark.  It has an amazing museum and tour of the facility in which upon its conclusion you get a mini Slugger bat

But don't take that mini bat in your carryon luggage. It is considered a weapon and WILL get snatched by TSA security at the airport.

Went to a few Bats games while I lived there and did get to see Joey Votto and Aroldis Chapman play there before they headed up I-71 to play for the Reds.

Slugger Field will be the host of this year's (I consider 2017 this year) ACC Baseball tournament that got relocated because of HB 2.  Mayor Fischer and the city of Louisville thank you for that and all the bonus tax money they'll get for hosting it,  Pat McCrory.

Image result for Rep John Yarmuth15.  Rep. John Yarmuth

My congressman for the remaining time I lived in Da Ville who snatched the seat from Rep. Anne Throwup, Northup (R-KY).

Until 2006, Northup managed to keep her seat in heavily Democratic Louisville by hoodwinking and bamboozling fools at two Black megachurches (St Stephen and Canaan) and several sellout ministers into thinking she was a human rights warrior when that 'F' on her NAACP Congressional Report card said otherwise.  

Those hoodwinked Black voters were the difference in many of her wins in the 10 years she managed to hold that centered on Louisville congressional seat.

Yarmuth founded and owned the alternative weekly the Louisville Eccentric Observer, AKA the LEO, and was a relentless critic of Northrup before he ousted her from that congressional seat.
He donates his congressional salary to local liberal progressive organizations, and I had more than a few conversations and positive interactions with him before I came home

16.  The Highlands

The first Louisville neighborhood I lived in and loved because it was diverse and like Crescent Hill had a nice mix of shops and businesses.  I also loved the fact (but my waistline didn't) I had a Dairy Queen, KFC, Arby's, a 24 hour Mickey D's, Speedway and Buffalo Wild Wings and restaurants in walking distance of the old house.

17.  Bardstown Road Aglow 
Image result for bardstown road aglow 2016

The neighborhood festival along the Bardstown Road corridor in the Highlands that kicks off the Christmas season.  It happens the first Saturday of December rain. snow or shine.   Businesses, organizations and churches open their doors to the folks walking up and down the road as carolers and vendors handled their business.

What Edenside would do is open our door and offer hot cider, Christmas cookies and other snacks.
DJ Moni spinning Christmas tunes with soul came later.

18.  Kizito's Cookies

I got introduced to this delightful treat before I moved there in September 2001, and lived next door for two years to their creator in Ugandan born Elizabeth Kizito.  

'The Cookie Lady' as Kizito is known in Da Ville, came to the US in 1975 to attend school, and moved to Louisville in 1978.

In addition to this award winning businesswoman selling African crafts out of her Bardstown Road store that is also the bakery for their wide assortment of baked goods, she sold them at Slugger Field,  the St James Art Festival, the Derby Festival and other events around town while wearing a basket full of her delicious treats on her head.

She started the cookie business in 1987, and now 30 years later Kizito's treats are now sold in stores all over Louisville and online.

That reminds me, need to order some more snickerdoodles and chocolate chip ones.

19.  University of Louisville and the LGBT Center 

While I'm still waiting for that opportunity to be tapped as a keynote speaker for U of L's Pride Week (hint, hint), I did get a few opportunities to be either part of panels or attend events on their campus in the time I lived there.

Got to know Brian Buford, who is the head of the LGBT Center, law professor Sam Marcosson, who I had some interesting discussion with during my time there and actually did a panel with in the wake of the 2008 election.  Y'all already know I have much love and respect for Dr Story, and miss the late Dr. Blaine Hudson, who I loved as a historian and who got me up to speed on my Louisville Black history, I also got to witness while I was there U of L take the steps it did to become one of the most LGBTQ freindly campuses in the South and get much deserved recognition for it.

20.   The Louisville trans community

Some of you longtime TransGriot readers have seen my posts about my award winning roommate trans leader, and homegirl Dawn Wilson, who was responsible along with Polar for getting me to move there instead of the ATL and is now a human rights commissioner in the city.  

She and Polar also took time out of their lives to come to Houston and help me move there, and a contingent of Louisville community trans folks was there when I arrived to help me move into the old Grinstead house in the Cave Hill Cemetery curve and welcome me to the area.

Cave Hill Cemetery BTW, is where Colonel Harlan Sanders, the KFC founder was laid to rest.

But she was just one of the wonderful trans people I got to know once I moved there like Amirage Saling, Alana Montgomery,  LynAnne Evans, Erica, Shemiyia O'Bannon-Sweeney, Holly Knight, Cindy Lee and others who crossed my path during my time there.

Joshua Holiday also moved there for a while from New York . There were Sienna meetings I attended from time to time, and a memorable outing to a Halloween Rocky Horror screening weeks after I moved there.

Unfortunately one of the people I met there is no longer with us and is one of the people we memorialized during the 2008 TDOR in Nakhia Williams.  The waste of DNA who killed her is now rotting in jail.

21.   Halloween On Hillcrest Avenue

There was a cluster of homes on Hillcrest Ave between Frankfort Ave and Brownsboro Road that in the runup to Halloween would go all out in decorating for it.   Some of the decorations were political, which thrilled me even more besides my fave house on the street in Dante's Disco Inferno.

It got so popular that LMPD ended up blocking off Hillcrest on the Frankfort Ave and Brownsboro road ends of Hillcrest Avenue to accommodate all the people from around the area who wanted to see as I called it Nightmare on Hillcrest Avenue..

22. The Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

It's interesting to note that the LPTS and SBTS are less than a mile apart distance wise, but light years apart in terms of their acceptance of the humanity and human rights of trans people.  "The Good Seminary' as we call  LPTS, has been since 2002 the host of the Louisville TDOR events.

I was honored to be the keynote speaker for their inaugural TDOR in 2002 and again in 2003, the first one we held inside the Caldwell Chapel, part of the planning committee for a few of them, and on some Trans 101 panels on the LPTS campus.

23.   Horse country

Sometime when we would visit Dawn's relatives in Lexington or were there in the city for various events, we'd detour for a few miles before jumping back on I-64 to see the horse farms in the area.

It was fun not only looking at those farms but occasionally seeing the colts and fillies running through the grass or grazing

24.   Keeneland

Image result for keenelandSince Dawn grew up in Lexington, we would make a trip to Keeneland at the beginning of their fall racing season

The best part of going to Keeneland in the fall was checking out the fall foliage on the trees in the backside curve and people watching.

I used to love Keeneland's announcer.  On one of our trips a horse named Scripture stumbled out of the gate as the race started, and he said "Scripture kneels to pray at the start.'"

Turned out that stumble was more serious than it looked when the horse ambulance rolled over there to the starting gate area when the race was completed, and they had to euthanize him later because he broke both his front legs.

In addition to getting to hang out with my chosen family and getting to leave the city for a few hours, occasionally I won enough for dinner at Columbia Steak House after our day at the races.

25.  The Comfy Cow

Image result for the comfy cow

It opened not long after I left Louisville, but the concept for it was percolating in its founders minds while I lived here starting in 2007.  I got introduced to their ice cream during my 2014 visit.

The Comfy Cow was another mandatory Louisville foodie stop I had to make when I recently visited the city, and I destroyed some of their salted caramel ice cream.

Yep, they sell it online.   I may have to get some as a Christmas present or if somebody is feeling the holiday spirit,  they can ship me some.

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Trigger Warning: rape/sexual abuse mention

"Oh cool, it's D_D's birthday, that's right it's December 2nd, wait isn't there some other reason I...know...that date. Oh."

Today marks the ninth anniversary of my breaking up with my rapist. Nine years is a third of my life --I can't exactly say I've spent a third of my life without him, since the post-breakup was long and emotionally abusive (we were going to stay friends *rolls eyes*), but I can say it's been an entire third of my life since the last time I was raped.

That's pretty cool.

No, not that I was raped, obviously. But the fact that I endured and moved on and survived and that I have *continued* to survive.

And it's cool that it's fading. It's cool that it doesn't break me as immediately anymore --not that I can't still get triggered, and badly, and by sometimes ridiculous things, but just remembering his name or the dates of our relationship doesn't fracture me as much. It's cool that I'm better at saying no, and loudly, and strongly.

It's cool that I own a small purple elephant patterned with jungle animals.

And it's cool that tomorrow I'm gonna go to Salem and dance some Scottish and brief and teach a dance for this form I love so much, because the ninth anniversary of breaking up with my rapist means also the ninth anniversary of starting SCD. I've said in passing (maybe in not so many words) that it was worth it. And I mean it. A life in which I was never raped, but also never learned to dance like this1 would be, I think, a poorer life.

I'm not happy I was raped, I will never be happy about it. But the person I've become is strong and sharp and brilliant and here2 and all the ways I had to learn and grow because of what he did helped lead to that.

He lost. I still love myself, despite him.

Nine years, that's pretty cool.

Here's to nine hundred more.


1: Where I never met jere7my, who is one of my deepest and closest friends, and maybe as important to me as the dance itself. That too, matters.

2: What, you expect me to do a soul-searching post of any sort without linking to this? Too bad. Good Girls Aren't Here, so if I manage to find it in myself to stop dissociating and stop being a Good Girl then I get to exist instead and society's judgement is nothing compared to how freeing it feels to be.

Trigger Warnings go both ways: rape/sexual abuse mention

Posted by Monica Roberts

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It's the first Friday of the last month of the year, and that means we're less than 30 days from starting 2017.   While Christmas Day is circled on many people's calendars, so is December 19, the day the electors meet in state capitols across the country and execute the final act of the 2016 election cycle.

Just a reminder of where I stand on Dear Cheeto Leader,  he's still #notmypresident

Anyway,  let's get to this week's Shut Up Fool Awards

Honorable mention number one is Tomi Lahren, who shows that she's still clueless about a lot of subjects in this Daily Show interview.

Honorable mention number two is Scarlett Johansson, who called for people to keep pushing for diversity in Hollywood while getting paid for whitewashing a Japanese cyborg cop in the big screen adaptation of the anime classic Ghost In The Shell.

Can you say hypocrisy people?  

Honorable mention number three is Dear Cheeto Leader, AKA Donald Trump, just pick a jacked up comment this week./

Honorable mention number four is Aym Icon, the CEO of Transcendence Icon Company for this problematic comment about Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson

Not even close to being humorous.

Honorable mention number five is North Carolina's one term governor Pat McCrory, who in the wake of losing on November 8 is acting like Gollom from the Lord of the Rings in terms of giving up the governor's chair.

Hey Pat, your transphobic azz lost.  The majority of NC citizens fired your behind.  Get over it and vacate the governor's chair.

This week's shut up fool  loser is Kellyanne Conway.

Kellyanne Conway speaks to CNN (screen grab)She's still bitter that her boy is not only reviled by 63 million Americans and counting, she's still deliberately forgetting that he's not only supported by white supremacists, they used racism to get Trump elected and he appointed one as his White House advisor

So she can attempt to spin that all she wants, those of us who watched that campaign and are grounded in reality know better.

Yeah yeah, you won.   But you did so by stoking racism, and you'll go down in history for that.   I'm not forgetting or forgiving that you and your campaign team stoked hatred of non white Americans in order to get your candidate elected, and there's no coming back or normalizing that with me, non white Americans and Clinton supporters.

It's also why we're not going to get over November 8 ,2016 and why a majority of Americans aren't looking forward to January 20.

Kellyanne Conway, shut up  fool!.

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Today is the official release date of Kate Bush's "Before the Dawn" live CD, recorded live in London at the Eventim Apollo in 2014. I was fortunate enough to be there for the 09 September show.

I pre-ordered the 3 CD from Amazon set the day it went on sale, knowing that it would take a while. Since today is the official release date, they've shipped it out to me. But what's also cool is that when you buy music off Amazon, you have access to the MP3s via your account. And you can download those using the Amazon Music program and app.

So right now I'm listing to Kate Bush, live, from one of the most amazing concerts that I've ever been to.

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“In the end, Humanism is not a faith for the mindless, the heartless, those without integrity, or those who are merely cynical in their skepticism. It is not a feather bed for the spiritually lazy who want to believe and do as little as possible with their all-too-brief, mortal lives. Humanism encourages those of us who embrace it to live as fully as we can, in all the authentic wonder and curiosity that the human spirit can generate. It summons us to a persistent obedience to evidence and reason, to recognize in our deepest and most beautiful longings not the world that is, but the world that might be, if we, by our courage, intelligence, and dedication, will make it so.”

—from “Essentials of Humanism” by Kendyl L. R. Gibbons

Available to pre-order at inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop at

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Just making sure everyone knows this: The person who broke into the UK filk archive claimed to have taken control over my email account. To the best of my knowledge, my own email hasn't been compromised.
December 1st, 2016
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Looking back at August’s list, I realize I only completed two paper books in August – Indexing and Central Station. I started Quiet but hadn't finished it before the end of the month. Everything else I read during the month was in ebook form. Notable among the reads are the 2nd novel set in the universe of K.D Spangler’s excellent webcomic “A Girl and Her Fed” and Lavie Tidhar’s collection of stories set in a near-future Tel Aviv/Jaffa where the old bus terminal has been replaced by a giant spaceport.

67. Apex Magazine #86 (July 2016)

68. Red Rising, Pierce Brown

69. Indexing: Reflections, Seanan McGuire

70. Lightspeed #75 (August 2016)

71. Apex Magazine #87 (August 2016)

72. Central Station, Lavie Tidhar

73. MAKERSPACE, K.D. Spangler
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Image result for cleveland browns remaining football schedule
We've now moved into the final month of the NFL regular season.   While some teams are fighting for playoff position, other are jockeying for the number one NFL pick during the 2017 NFL Draft in Philadelphia

And right now, that team with a seeming lock on the number one draft pick is the 0-for-2016 Cleveland Browns.   Unfortunately for the city's sports longsuffering sport fans who have been rewarded for their loyalty with an NBA title courtesy of the Cavs and a World Series appearance in which they fell in seven thrilling games to the Chicago Cubs, the Browns are flirting with historic futility.

They staring at joining the 1960 Dallas Cowboys, the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the 1982 Baltimore Colts and 2008 Detroit Lions just to name a few of the eleven winless teams in NFL history that played 8 or more games.

With their remaining games at home against the Bengals and Chargers and road games with the Bills and Steelers, they are looking more and more like unless those four teams have a extremely bad day, the Browns are going to finish 0-16.  

Speaking of records,  Mike won Week 12 thanks to my Texans doing a Cleveland Browns impersonation and throwing away a winnable home game against the Chargers, the Titans pulling off the upset on the Bears, and the Vikings being in the holiday spirit on Turkey Day and fumbling the ball deep in their own territory in overtime and handing them the game on a platter.

Bitch session is over, time to pull up the big girl panties and handle my prognostication business

Let's get to this week's picks.   16 games, Mike's picks are here, and mine will be in bold print with home team in CAPS

NFL Week 12 Results                               2016 NFL Season Results

TransGriot  11-5                                         TransGriot    114-62-2
Mike           12-4                                          Mike            110-66-2
Eli                ---                                            Eli                  --

Thursday Night Game
Cowboys over VIKINGS

Sunday Early Games
PACKERS over Texans
Chiefs over FALCONS
SAINTS at Lions
PATRIOTS over Rams
Broncos over JAGUARS
BENGALS over Eagles
RAVENS over Dolphins
BEARS over 49ers

Sunday Afternoon Games
RAIDERS over Bills
STEELERS over Giants
Washington over CARDINALS
Buccaneers over CHARGERS

Sunday Night Game 
SEAHAWKS over Panthers

Monday Night Game
Colts over JETS

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...with a pic of the ladies on the bed.

Cats! )
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Posted by Paul Taylor

Limited Edition Print!  Only available until Midnight CST, December 18th, 2016.


11.7×16.5 – $30 (+ shipping and handling)

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Posted by Monica Roberts

world aids day 2016 theme
Today is World AIDS Day, in which the world pauses to remember the people we have lost due to the HIV pandemic and celebrate the progress we are making as a global community toward eradicating it by 2030.

Here in the United States, it's taking on an added significance as we are facing dealing with an administration that is being staffed with science deniers and incompetent LGBTQ bigots.

This year's theme for World AIDS Day is 'Hands Up For HIV Prevention', and there will be events around to world to mark the occasion.    One of the World AIDS Day events is the annual one that is held at Legacy Health Center in Montrose. that I last attended two years ago.

I've lost two cousins and many friends and acquaintances to AIDS.   There are people that I love and care about inside and outside the trans community who are at this moment dealing with living with HIV.   It's one of the reason why I want to see a cure for HIV/AIDS in my lifetime.

Here's the statement from UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibe concerning World AIDS Day and the international progress being made against the pandemic.

I'm proud to note that Ashton Woods, Tiommi Luckett and Arianna Lint were named to this year's POZ 100 List     This year's list focused on the South, and the POZ 100 List shines a deserved spotlight on the fierce advocates who are fighting to eradicate HIV/AIDS in our community.

One of the national trans led initiatives to fight HIV infection and transmission in the trans community is one coordinated by the Transgender Law Center's Cecilia Chung called  Positively Trans 

One of the issues that we deal with in Trans World and have for some time is HIV   We do have some of our people and some of our amazing trans leaders who are dealing with living with HIV and as the 2012 death of Alexis Rivera pointed out, dying from it.u,

So yes, it is important trans peeps to know your status and get tested on a regular basis so that if you are HIV -, you stay that way and if you're HIV +, you can begin to get treatment for it.

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"Say something! Anything!" "...test, one two three?" "Anything but that."
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November 30th, 2016
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For the second year in a row, I'll be spending the last month of the year (give or take a day) catching up on bookposts. I’ve gotten waaaaaay behind on those, let alone any sort of posting to LJ. Blame it on too much business travel and (as mentioned last post) all the time and energy spent chasing a toddler around the house. Clearly the middle of Hugo Award reading, with the eventual Best Novel (Jemisin) and Campbell (Weir) winners, both of which I enjoyed, and another nominee (Novik). With a break to enjoy another entry in the {_____} Destroy {_____} series. Plus a trip through Victorian London (and computing history) courtesy of Sydney Padua's amusing webcomic.

59. Uprooted, Naomi Novik

60. Apex Magazine #84

61. The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, Sydney Padua

62. Lightspeed #74: People of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction!, John Joseph Adams

63. The Martian, Andy Weir

64. Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Michael Reeves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

65. Planetfall, Emma Newman

66. The Fifth Season, N.K. Jemisin
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It's time for another question thread!

The rules:

- You may ask any dev-related question you have in a comment. (It doesn't even need to be about Dreamwidth, although if it involves a language/library/framework/database Dreamwidth doesn't use, you will probably get answers pointing that out and suggesting a better place to ask.)
- You may also answer any question, using the guidelines given in To Answer, Or Not To Answer and in this comment thread.
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"'There's no courage', The Prophet said, 'before the war has begun.'
Drunkards vaunt their bravery when you speak of war.
But in the blaze of battle they scatter like mice.
I'm astonished by the man who wants purity
And yet trembles when the harshness of polishing begin...
When a man beats a carpet again and again
It's not the carpet he's attacking, but the dirt in it."
-- Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi (b. 1207, d. 1273-12-17), translated by Andrew Harvey

I used to be a big fan of Idris Shah, possibly the best known modern Sufi. Now, when I say I was a big fan, this means I read all the books of his I could get my hands on, not that I tried to live according to his ideas. I was a big fan of G.K. Chesterton, too. This doesn't mean I wanted to be a Catholic.

Anyway, I read the poem and was attracted to the metaphor of the carpet beater. It's a brilliant metaphor, and a hazard for humans. (I don't know what God is up to.) If you are a human, you just might not be an expert on what part of a human (yourself as well as other people) is simply dirt to be gotten rid of, and what is the real brilliantly colored valuable carpet.

Improvement is possible, but perhaps purity is a bad goal and something else, maybe excellence, would be better. Purity is limited by what people can imagine, and what people can imagine is much simpler than the real world.

At this point, I'm primed to notice it if I see people who took damage from Sufi training. This subject is complicated by the fact that it's hard to tell who's a real Sufi and who isn't. One of Shah's very reasonable points is that when you start out on a mystic path, you aren't a mystic, so you can easily make mistakes about what you're doing and who you're following. For that matter, I've seen some question about whether Shah was a real Sufi.
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November 29th, 2016

Posted by Monica Roberts

I'm eagerly anticipating an event that is going to take place at the National Press Club on December 8 .
The report from the 2015 US Trans Survey will be released on that date, and it is the larges trans survey ever conducted to date with over 28,000 participants  

While trans people have been getting increasing attention in the media, we still need data about our community to educate advocates, the media, policymakers, educators and legislators about our lives, and this USTS  is going to become like the 2011 'Injustice At Every Turn survey an important tool in backing up our policy concerns with data.

It is also being released at a crucial time in our community's history with an administration coming in that will be the polar opposite of the trans friendly Obama Administration.

The event will be livestreamed starting at 12 PM CST and you'll be able to  watch it courtesy of this link. 
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I wanted to send flowers for my friend's memorial service -- or burial service -- or whatever is going on. This is the fannish friend from Toronto, Nightowl, who died a week ago Saturday. This is not as simple as it sounds. I never thought poorly of rural West Virginia till now. )
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posted by [personal profile] twistedchick at 10:34am on 2016-11-29
This is a funky neat place near where I live -- Takoma Park -- and the NY Times did a fine write-up but they could have done way better on photos. The place is full of Craftsman houses, every one unique, old farmhouses updated, magnificent Victorian mansions, funky little shops, and all sorts of good things. It's also the most liberal location in the state -- nicknamed the People's Republic of Takoma Park -- and it is well worth your time if you are in the DC area and want somewhere interesting to visit. It's not large -- a couple of blocks of shops -- but it's beautiful and fun and friendly, and has the best Italian gelato I've ever had, along with bi bim bap and Korean pancakes and ... well, you just have to be there.
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This weekend I was out at Fire Island National Seashore again doing a NPOTA activation, trying to get in a bunch more contacts. Someone notices that we're not that far from 1 million QSOs for the event and we've all been pushing to get in what we can!

But there's kind of a downside as well. While it's not a contest, there are people who treat it at one, and there are also people who are lids. A lid is a poor operator, or (more usually) one who intentionally interferes with an ongoing communication. (This is poor practice as well as being illegal). I left the following Facebook comment in a discussion about intentional interference in the Facebook NPOTA group.

See, I don't understand the whole panic thing. It's supposed to be a fun event where we can enjoy our national parks, engage the public, and improve our skills as ham radio licensees. My own self-goal was 100 units confirmed. I'm at 80 and may not make 100, but so what? I'm a better SSB operator now than I was. I'm a MUCH better CW operator now than I was.

I can handle a pileup now. Hell, I've handled (badly) a *CW pileup*. I've gotten better at my true ham radio love, portable operations. I've gotten to know so many hams and been to national parks and had so much fun.

So if you don't get all the units, so what? If you don't make the honor roll, so what? It's not a contest! It's a year-long celebration of some of our national treasures.

(I know you know this, but I'm just venting about people who can't just have fun with the event and especially about the lids who can't let other people have fun with the event).
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November 28th, 2016
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posted by [personal profile] twistedchick at 08:25pm on 2016-11-28
Usually, when Beautiful goes outside, Pirate Jenny sits on a box from which she can see out the window and keeps watch -- not that she would ever admit that she's doing any such thing! No, the sun is just more comfortable there... But yesterday she hopped down and came to get me and stood and stared at me, with the "Something's wrong, you fix it" expression. And, being a Quaker-raised, peaceable kitty, she has Opinions about things and no hesitation to tell me. So I went outside. much more behind cut )
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There will be a maintenance window, with some downtime, on Thursday, December 1, starting at 10AM EST/7AM PST/3PM UTC, for server maintenance and upgrades. To err on the side of caution, we're calling it an 8 hour window (so, until 6PM EST/3PM PST/11PM UTC), although we don't expect that the site will be in maintenance mode for the whole time.

We'll remind you Wednesday night, and again when the site is going into maintenance mode.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Just a reminder for those of you in the Houston area that I'll once again be headed to the KPFT-FM studios later tonight to be on the Queer Voices radio show.

I'm scheduled to chat about with the Queer Voices on air team about recent developments in TBLGQ World, the 2016 election and our upcoming 2017 Texas legislative session along with whatever else we can fit into that time I'll be on air.

I'm scheduled to be on starting at 8:35 PM CST, and for those of who can't pick up KPFT-FM on your radio dial at 90.1 FM or who don't live in the Houston area you can check out their livestream of it.

Should be a fun and interesting conversation with Jack, Bryan and Jenifer tonight and looking forward to it.

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posted by [personal profile] nancylebov at 09:02am on 2016-11-28
A whole lot of people are making a whole lot of predictions.

I recommend keeping track of your predictions so that you can learn something about how accurate your model of the world is.

If you have a testable prediction, there's Prediction Book for keeping track of whether it comes true. You can make your predictions public or private.

Not a testable prediction, but I promise to try to not gloat if you turn out to be wrong.

My informal prediction is that Trump and his friends will steal a tremendous amount of money. I'm less sure about governmental and street violence. Things will probably get somewhat worse, but I don't have a strong feeling about how bad things will get.

Annoyingly, we can only test predictions about the effects of one candidate's victory.

We are in historically unprecedented territory so far as I know. Normally, when a country starts to become authoritarian, it then becomes authoritarian. America, as a relatively free country with a strong opposition, is in an unusually good position to resist.
posted by [syndicated profile] transgriot_feed at 12:00am on 2016-11-25

Posted by Monica Roberts

Image result for Trans women at Christmas parade in the Philippines
We are one month away from Christmas Day 2016, and we already received a lump of coal in our Christmas stockings in terms of that unqualified dufus being elected president.

Here in Texas, my lousy lieutenant governor is ignoring other pressing state problems such as the public school finance situation by pushing anti trans hatred with HB 82, a clone of North Carolina's failed Hate Bill 2 as the Rev Dr William J Barber II calls it.

Tea Klux Klan senator Konni Burton (R-Fort Worth) just four days before TDOR, filed the unjust SB 242, which would not only force teachers and school administrators to out TBLGQ kids to their parents, but bar school districts from passing rules to ignore it.

Sigh. once again we have Texas Republicans making sure we can't go more than a week without the Lone Star State being a national embarrassment by excelling in oppressing people.

Normally I would ask as part of my holiday season Christmas wishes for the trans community to not be hated on for the holidays, but seems like the Republican Party and the transphobes got the jump on me this year.

And with Trump's (yuck) election, the transphobic haters have become even more emboldened to let their transphobic bigotry fly, even in TBLGQ World.

See Milo Yiannopoulos as a prime example of that rainbow flag waving transphobic hate.

Image result for Transgender christmas day
So what does an out trans person do during the holidays?  This one damned sure isn't going back into the closet as the haters wish for us to do.   She is standing her ground, being more in your face visible and ready to fight for her human rights .

Yes, I realize the holidays can suck, and this 2016 holiday season has the potential to be a depressing one.   Hell, I've gone through being being depressed for the holidays at points in my life and have an understanding of what it feels like.

Depression is temporary.   Life is precious.   Back in 2007, I was depressed to the point where it took me writing my way out of it to get back to my every day self.   But the point I'm making is that I'm here to talk about it.

I understand that if you aren't connected to your family, combined with anti-trans hatred being aimed at you on an almost daily basis, can make the holidays excruciatingly more depressing to the point that some of you are contemplating extreme measures like taking your own life.

Image result for Trans people protesting

Your best revenge against what is happening right now is living for a better day, not taking your own life.   That only pleases the TERF's, the professional transphobes and the conservative movement if you take your own life.  It also robs our community of not only getting a chance to know and bond with your fabulous self, it robs us of the unique talents you possess that will contribute to making our trans community better..  

You living your life as an unapologetic trans person is a powerful revolutionary act.  The reason the haters despise you is because you have done the one thing they can't bring themselves to do, which is live as their true selves.   By doing that, you have become a powerful human being who is part of an international community of people, and the haters are deathly afraid of that power you possess inside of you.  But in order to realize and develop that power, you have to be alive to do so.

Now if only you could recognize what I just told you and believe it
As a trans person, you are also part of the diverse mosaic of human life.  Your life matters not only to me  but to everyone in our community.   It is worth fighting for.

If you're having some issues this holiday season. find a supportive friend, blood or chosen family member to talk to.   Trans Lifeline is also available if you don't have someone to chat with about what's bothering you at 877-565-8860 in the US or 877-330-6366 in Canada.

We have one month until Christmas Day 2016.   Let's get through it together, shall we? .

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As Dr. King once said,  the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convenience and comfort, but where he sands in times of conflict and controversy

Corporations and their leaders can also be judged by that same standard, and so far Target is passing with flying colors in standing with the trans community.

Since the unjust HB 2 passed in North Carolina and Republican controlled legislatures started proposing bills to oppress trans people, Target has been standing firm on its policy for employees and shoppers that you use the restroom in its stores based on your gender presentation.

When questioned about it in a CNBC Squawk Box interview in the face of threats from the American Fascist Family Association of a boycott, Target CEO Brian Cornell stood with our community

The AFA boycott they launched back in April has failed, but the professional TBLGQ community haters have made renewed calls to boycott Target and other companies during this holiday season.  

We trans peeps need to be there in support of a company that supports us.   So whenever possible, spend your holiday T-bills with a company that respects your humanity.   Show corporate America that supporting trans people is good for their fiscal bottom line

Target stands with the trans community.  Let's stand with them this holiday season.

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posted by [personal profile] sorcyress at 01:15am on 2016-11-28
I had a particularly good lazy-last-day of vacation!

We had to leave the house pretty early in order to take Alys to the airport. So there was a lovely mournful goodbye as we dropped her off, but then it was time for mom, Sparr, and I to head to McKinney for ADVENTURE!

Those of you who know anything about McKinney know that the relevant adventure is hunting up just heaps and heaps of Munzees, mom and mine's geogame of choice. There was also a bit of pokemoning (I got two new 'mons, which is extra-impressive considering I'm at over 150 in my pokedex!) and lots of wandering around and just general shopping with wabbit, who met us for lunch.

(What is Munzee? Munzee is an excellent little geogame in which people hide QR code stickers around the world (mostly on the back of street signs and base of streetlamps and the like). You can scan these QR codes for points! When you scan someone's Munzee, they get points too! Points all around!!

The game is an excellent way to enhance a walk, and a very nice way to explore new cities --often Munzees will be placed on or adjacent to Interesting Stuff to look at, or at the very least, in interestingly hidden locales to find. I do like scavenger hunts, and treasure seeking and the like, and this scratches that itch quite nicely.

If you would like to play with me, by all means let me know. Especially since there's a pyramid scheme aspect where I can give you a referral code and for every n points you get, I get .01n1! I have a secret goal/plan to do some serious deploying of Munzees throughout a) my neighborhood and b) the area around the Arisia hotel before the con this year.)

So that was quite good! All the shopping was very nice as well --I got a christmas present for jere7my (in part because Order 66 had everything on sale) and a handful more action figures for myself, meaning I have FOUR DIFFERENT LEIAS! This is a pretty awesome thing. I mean, obviously Rey is still my favourite figure, and the most likely to go with me on little adventures (though of *course* I'm gonna bring Jyn to see Rogue One with me), but Leia is the Best Ever and so I'm happy to have lots of her.

Da asked why I didn't get her in the Jabba's palace outfit, and I snarked that my plan is to get her in every other outfit first, and leave that one for last. Given that I'm not actually remotely serious about collecting, and I mostly just obtain action figures so they can sit on my bookshelf and make out, I think that'll be a fine hurdle to keep Huttslaya' Leia out of my hands.

((For reference, I've had Endor fighter-pilot Leia, and today I bought her A New Hope outfit with all the beautiful white robes2 and her Empire outfit for running around Hoth. And then wabbit gifted me the end-of-Return-of-the-Jedi Endor outfit for when she's partying with the Ewoks. SO MANY CUTE LEIA'S! Someday I will cosplay them _all_!))

We came home by way of WAFFLE HOUSE HECK YEAH, and then I settled in to play some video games and generally be hella lazy. Now it is a bit past midnight and I need to go pack my bags for my flight tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day of dance administrative stuff, whoopee.


1: I'm not positive it's a hundredth, it may be a thousandth. But at any rate, POINTS!!

2: SUDDEN INTERESTING FEELS ABOUT THE JUXTAPOSITION OF STAR WARS AND VALDEMAR. Except let's be real, General Leia would not be a Herald. She's strong and powerful, but she's just not that kind of selfless and that's a good thing.
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