September 30th, 2014
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So my pull request re posting notifications of new Dreamwidth entries to Twitter got reviewed, and has comments that need to be addressed. However, I don't have time or headspace to devote to DW dev work at the moment, so if this is going to make it in before it bitrots completely, it would probably be best if somebody else took it on. This leads to two questions,
  1. Anybody want to take this on? I think it's mostly there, but needs tweaking as per comments. And probably some fairly thorough re-testing, since things may have changed with Twitter and Net::Twitter since I wrote it 18 months ago.
  2. More generally, what should I do in this scenario? Is there some way in which I can unassign myself from the PR? (I'm not sure that there even is an Issue to unassign myself from; I did this work while we were in bugzilla)
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Posted by Monica Roberts

United States Military: Lift the Ban on Transgender People in the MilitarySeptember 20 was the third anniversary of the day that DADT took effect and allowed the LGB end of the community to openly serve in our country's armed forces.

I till have to ask the question along with SPARTA and the rest of the trans community, when will we be able to do the same?

Legislation does not need to be passed via our do nothing Congress to make this a reality.  

The studies have been done to prove that transgender military service will be feasible, can be done administratively, would not harm military readiness, cause major changes to medical policies, or be burdensome or complicated to implement.

So what's the holdup?

There are an estimated 15,000 trans people already serving in our armed forces, so why not  do them the favor of lifting the ban on transgender people being able to serve openly so they can do so proudly?

It would also allow those transpeople who do wish to serve our country the option of doing so/and allow us to join the ranks of countries such as Germany, the UK, Australia and Israel who allow their trans citizens to serve.

It's past time for trans people to have the ability to do so
September 29th, 2014
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It's a good day. Hot wind gusting through open car windows, Living Dead Girl blaring on the speakers, and me savaging a giant honeycrisp apple at the stop light, chewing down to the juice and sucking the core until the tendons in my neck stand out.

Summer isn't quite dead yet.

It's a good day.
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I wore her out playing fetch with her rattly mouse. Read more... )
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Also, I forgot to mention this here: I've got a few open decant circles going on:

* Lilith
* Fatherhood (BPTP)
* Halloweenies

I'm placing the order for the Halloweenies tonight, so I'm still adding bottles for Lilith and the Weenies. (I placed the BPTP order on Saturday, so no more bottles there.)
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Mondays, every week, let's celebrate ourselves, to start the week right. Tell me what you're proud of. Tell me what you accomplished last week, something -- at least one thing -- that you can turn around and point at and say: I did this. Me. It was tough, but I did it, and I did it well, and I am proud of it, and it makes me feel good to see what I accomplished. Could be anything -- something you made, something you did, something you got through. Just take a minute and celebrate yourself. Either here, or in your journal, but somewhere.

(And if you feel uncomfortable doing this in public, I've set this entry to screen any anonymous comments, so if you want privacy, comment anonymously and I won't unscreen it. Also: yes, by all means, cheer each other on when you see something you want to give props to!)
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Sorry, there's not much else interesting going on, as I get over a cold (and missed a party on the weekend rather than risk infecting everyone).

The summary is that [ profile] julian_tiger is staying at the vet's for 3-5 days for IV fluids, for them to get his antibiotics into him, and so on.

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Posted by Monica Roberts

Barney Frank attacked the head of the Human Rights Campaign for apologising to trans groupsFar from staying his azz in retirement and keeping his lips in neutral when it comes to anything trans related, trans oppressor and former Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) opened his lips and tried to rewrite history.

He tried to justify his reprehensible actions of cutting transpeople out of an inclusive ENDA bill in 2007 and slam transpeople at the same time.

In a recent GAVoice interview He blasted HRC president Chad Griffin for making the apology at the recent Southern Comfort Conference to the tran community and claimed his political instincts were off and is still trying to pimp the lie he told in 2007 that the votes to pass a trans inclusive ENDA weren't there.

Bullshit. They were.  Your transphobic behind wanted to keep us out of ENDA and you were looking for ANY excuse to do so.

I still find it interesting that the whip count you conducted was done while the Congressional Black Caucus and much of the Hill was attending the 2007 CBCF Foundation Annual Legislative Caucus.

And what you said in that interview was a blatant lie.  Scores of transpeople have been hitting Capitol Hill to lobby since 1994.  I personally have been spending my own money and burning up my vacation time at various jobs to do so since 1998.  Many of us when we couldn't go to Washington DC to do so did so at the local congressional offices.  

The biggest impediments to trans people being included in ENDA since 1994 have been you and HRC.  And no amount of spin can change that attempted pinkwashing of that sorry record.

Purple One, you were the one that came up with the bathroom argument that our right wing opponents have been trying to use to oppress us with   

So no, the only person with suspect political instincts is you.    And you really need to come clean about that  transphobia that you still harbor in your heart.
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And if you really, really can't think of anyone you'd like to be, consider the Rejected Princesses -- women too awesome (one way or another) for Disney ever to make a movie about them.
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I remember with some nostalgia the voting machines that existed from before WWII up to the 1990s or so. They were big and heavy, metal, made by the Automatic Voting Machine Company. Folded up, you could store it in a closet easily. Unfolded, it *was* a virtual closet, a curtained alcove that you would enter, closing the curtain behind you -- this set the machine for your choices. You would push little levers over the names you wanted. You could change your mind. When you were done, you pushed a button or shoved a lever; the vote was added in mechanically, the levers were returned to their own places, and nobody could interfere with it.

Nobody *could* interfere. If someone wanted to mess with an election, he'd have to be able to break into where the machines were stored, open the back and do a whole lot of things to mess with the gears -- and it wouldn't really be worth the time. Each machine was independent of all others. The votes were recorded on paper with a lot of carbon paper copies behind it-- four or five -- and the election judges would tally the totals from the machines at their site and send them to the Board of Elections -- driving there, and taking along the papers so they could be retained and checked.

In 1985 I covered all the races that were open in one Western New York county, some 69 races from dogcatcher (yes) to US senate. In order to find out the results, I took my calculator to the county Board of Elections and did my own tallies of each race, reading from right to left along the carbon totals, copying everything on paper, bringing it back to the newspaper office and writing up the results. My calculator ran out of batteries at 4 a.m., while I was still working on totals.

Why did we go to electronic voting machines? Greed. Greed for the news, sooner than it takes for humans to add up the results of individual machines, or stacks of punched cards. Even though nobody elected would take office for nearly two months, people want to know *sooner*. Now. This second.

But the problem this year -- in a midterm election, during a time when the economy is wobbly, when many governments have been defunded by Republicans and have little money -- is a bit different than it was. AVM mechanical voting machines did not age the way computers do. AVM machines would, eventually, get metal stress and wear out, or need new parts that could be installed with a screwdriver. Electronic voting machines used now are several years old, running software that is generations behind what is current. They are eminently hackable, using unencrypted centralized Windows software. Nobody seems to have created an update of the software that could be installed.

Why voting machines are about to wreak havoc on another election. Simple answer: software from 2002.

And so, now, there are other issues as well.

In Virginia, up to 200,000 people may not be able to vote because of problems with voter ID. Think about this. Spread this number out among election districts in a rural state. That's enough to change a few races.

I have to wonder if it might be possible to pay Congress by the hour instead of by the term, because these guys have done very little on the clock.

If you live in North Carolina, or any other state with a heavy Republican interest, check the information that you're mailed about voting. Americans for Prosperity -- another Koch brothers enterprise -- are sending out the wrong information. On purpose? You have to ask? Well, maybe they interviewed the cat and it said it wanted to vote?

And in Wisconsin, a troll on Facebook suggested armed poll watchers check to see who supported the movement to recall the governor. This idiocy did not go down well.
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Take back Halloween, with costumes that are about *real* women. Eleanor of Aquitaine. The Trung sisters. Ixchel. Artemis.
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September 28th, 2014
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September 27th, 2014
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In a fully rational world, this might not happen.

My cell phone decided yesterday to launch itself on a voyage of discovery and somehow escaped from my purse.

And landed on the road, where I did not see it (black case on asphalt) and accidentally drove over it.

The SU found it later -- the touchscreen is splintered so that if I even try to swipe on it I get minuscule bits of glass in my fingertips.

But it still plays the song I had cued up: Heartache Tonight, by the Eagles.
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Janelle Monae is awesome, and [personal profile] beatrice_otter made some icons of her.

My favorite song of hers is "Tightrope", for many reasons, not the least of which is her dapper tuxedo.
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The workflow given in doesn't indicate what to do when you find yourself in the presence of a widget, like for htdocs/support/submit.bml. Some questions an addition could cover:
- Can/Should I use the widget itself directly in a controller?
- Which parts of the widget need to go where?
- When is it safe to get rid of the widget itself? (eg, how do I know it's not used anywhere else)

I probably forgot some questions/issues. Discuss here and I'll try to summarize to the wiki?
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If you don't like what the show is saying (endorsing use of armed drones against non-US citizens), here is where you can tell them why you are no longer watching:

Posted by Monica Roberts

United Nations Human Rights Council, gay news, Washington BladeThe good TBLG rights news just keeps on coming internationally

The United Nations Human Rights Council after an hour of debate, has passed by a 25-14 margin with seven abstentions an LGBT human rights resolution that condemns discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation

The resolution was proposed a month ago by Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay.   There were seven amendments proposed by nations opposed to the LGBT resolution designed to strip mentioning gender identity and sexual orientation that were soundly defeated.

The nations voting for passage of the resolution were Argentina, Austria, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Montenegro, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, South Africa, Macedonia, the U.K., the United States, Venezuela and Vietnam.

The nations opposed were Algeria, Botswana, Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Gabon, Indonesia, Kenya, Kuwait, Maldives, Morocco, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The nations abstaining were Burkina Faso, China, Congo, India, Kazakhstan, Namibia and Sierra Leone.

The passage of the amendment was applauded by the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC).

"The Human Rights Council has taken a fundamental step forward by reaffirming one of the United Nations’ key principles — that everyone is equal in dignity and rights.” said Jessica Stern, the executive director of IGLHRC. “This resolution puts the UN on a trajectory to address the discrimination and violence LGBT persons suffer daily across the world.”

"The council is confirming that LGBT people have universal human rights,” Stern said. “We know, of course, that the struggle is long, and that we will need the Council to focus on the violations we suffer for many years to come. But for now, we celebrate that the majority of States stood with us to declare, unequivocally, that human rights are for everyone, everywhere.”

Trans and LGB rights issues are international human rights issues, and this vote by the UN Human Rights Council is more evidence this is not only a statement of fact, but our opponents are on the wrong side of human rights history once again.

- See more at:
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My first cat pic from new iPhone. Let's see how oversized this is... Read more... )
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September 26th, 2014


If you stare too long he stares back.

This particular AHTL copy of Michael Servetus’s Christianismi Restitutio (a 1790 reprint of the 1553 original) has what looks like a hand drawn copy of Servetus’s portrait.

It is said that only three copies of the original edition of this book survived.  As it is Banned Books Week, it is perhaps worth reflecting upon the fact that so many books do survive despite longstanding suppression.

Posted by Monica Roberts

Time flies, especially as you get older.   Summer has turned into fall on my side of the planet, which promises relief from the hot, steamy weather typical of my beloved hometown this time of year. 

But one thing never changes.  As Mr T so eloquently stated, fools are everywhere, and no time is that more true than during the runup to a major election.

Hope you peeps are registered and planning to handle you electoral business and vote November 4. 

And yes, from now until that date, I plan on hounding you so you don't forget how important this upcoming election is and how vital it is for you to participate in it.

And only your electoral participation can prevent right wing jerks from getting elected to public office.

And yes, since today is Friday, time for me to do my weekly duty and call out the fool, fools and groups of fools that have so richly earned this week's awards.

So lets get to it shall we?

Honorable mention number one is Tamikka Brents.    After she bumped her gums spreading transphobic shade about Fallon Fox and how she couldn't wait to fight her, after Fallon beat that azz back on September 13 in a 2:17 TKO, she whined about the butt kicking and claimed fighting  transfeminine fighters 'isn't fair'.

Must be the concussion talking.   My suggestion to you Tamikka is to stop flapping your gums and get into the gym and do more training so you don't sustain more beatdowns like the one you took from someone you claim couldn't fight.

Honorable mention number two is Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R)  who claims HB 2 would have saved Joan Rivers life.  

Um naw homes, don't even try it.    Joan Rivers was not having an abortion, she was at an ambulatory surgery center having plastic surgery under the care of a doctor with admittance privileges to Mt Sinai Hospital. 

And every Stevie Wonder can see that your HB 2 law is not about saving lives but closing abortion clinics.

Honorable mention number three is Kevin Sorbo, who bizarrely claimed on FOX Noise that the NFL won't fire anyone over the domestic abuse scandal roiling the league because of get this, Benghazi.

Last time I checked, there were no NFL franchises in Libya.

Honorable mention number four is a group award for the National Center for Transgender Equality.  NCTE recently put out a call asking trans persons of color for their discrimination stories that they will videotape and use to solicit funds for their organization.  And what will they compensate the New York transpeeps they ask to share their stories with?   Subway fare.

Typical of NCTE and other Gay Inc orgs.   They want our POC faces in their photos and videos, want to use our stories to fundraise off of, but won't hire transpeople of color to work in their predominately white organizations. 

Honorable mention number five is for Vinny Minchillo, a GOP operative who is spearheading a campaign to remind everyone that Republicans Have Feelings Too.

Really?  Republicans have feelings? Can't tell by their current actions, policies and hateful rhetoric buttressing them.   Those reprehensible multiyear actions confirm to me and 'errbody' else that isn't white, male, rich and right wing 'christian' that the GOP is nothing more than the political arm of white supremacy.And Vinny, you have a serious problem as a party if you have to cut ads to remind people you are human after all the racist, hateful crap your party has said, done and proposed in your legislative policies.

Honorable mention number six is New York Times writer Alessandra Stanley, for writing that jacked up Shonda Rhimes article that not only called her  an 'angry Black woman', but called Viola Davis 'less classically beautiful'.

Black Twitter calls her azz out in 5...4...3...2...1

Honorable mention number seven is Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who continues to live up to the dumb blonde stereotype ever since she migrated over from The View to become a FOX fembot.

Liz parted her lips on Fox and Friends earlier in the week to state that all people should pass a citizenship test before they are allowed to vote.   Guess she was asleep in history class when they discussed Jim Crow segregation and the use of literacy tests to disenfranchise African-American voters. 

JCH_at_Podium_croppedThis week's Shut Up Fool winner is Pastor John Hagee.

A video recently surfaced in which the San Antonio based christopimp is quoted based on a misinterpretation of 2 Thessalonians currently in vogue with conservafools.   This verse is used in conservaworld  to justify the income inequality that blossomed on their watch. 

Hagee was quoted as saying that 'nasty welfare recipients don't deserve to eat live

Hypocritical azzholes like you don't deserve to be called Christians.

Pastor John Hagee, shut up fool!

Posted by Monica Roberts

Back in May Atherton High School's site Based Decision Making Committee added gender identity to the school's non discrimination policy.

Because the policy allows trans students to use the restroom based on their gender identity and presentation, predictably the local haters in Da Ville went to work trying to overturn it.

After failing at the Atherton SBDM Committee level to do so it went to a JCPS  appeal board hearing.

The SBDM Appeal Board was comprised of four teachers selected by the union, two parents selected by the PTSA and one principal selected by the Administrators Association.

There's good news to report.  By a 6-1 vote the appeal to rescind Atherton's addition of gender identity to their non-discrimination policy was defeated!  

As for the breakdown on the vote, the four teachers and the two parents voted to deny the appeal with the principal from Central High School voting for it.

So happy to hear that.   It's a big win not only for the gender variant students that attend Atherton but all students on the campus..

Okay JCPS School Board, now it's time for you to handle the business you should have handled back in 2007 and pass a district wide addition to your non-discrimination policy that includes gender identity
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A while back, I made a post about why epigenetics is important. And one of the reasons is because understanding epigenetics means that we can reprogram mature cells into stem cells. I ran out of time and space to write about this breakthrough and its implications in my last post, so I'm going to have a go at following up now.

so what does this mean? )

I was really charmed by the enthusiastic response to my previous post in this quasi-series. So please do ask more of those excellent questions that you were asking before. I can provide more broken-down explanations or links to peer-reviewed sources, depending what level you're at.
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This is about as far from elegant food as it gets, but it's 1/3 'real' by ingredient count, dirt simple, filling as heck, and is a trip straight back to the good parts of childhood for me.

(As well, I suspect it would take a fair amount of work to convert it to make the other 2/3s of the ingredients 'real', and I appreciate that. ;)

Chicken parts - bone-in, skin on.
Campbells condensed chicken broth. Uncondensed doesn't work. Full fat is preferable, but low fat (if it exists) will be ok.
Long grain white rice. I feel pretty sure brown rice won't work, either. :)

In a large (I like glass, but other materials seem to work fine) baking dish, lay down rice and chicken broth in a 1:2 ratio. I usually end up with 2 cans of rice and 4 of broth in a large oval dish, and 1 and 2 in an 11x7.

On top of that, fill the dish with hunks of chicken.

Optionally, herbs/spices of your choice can be added.

The short form of cooking it is: Bake until the rice is cooked and the broth is all absorbed.

Recently, my best results for this are obtained with: 350deg for 30m, then cover with foil and go another 30m.

I'll eat the rice by itself happily.

If you use uncondensed broth, the flavor will be weak and uninspired.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

We heard all those lies during our recent contentious battle to pass the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, and Media Matters For America now has produced this video that debunks the Top 5 lies.

So file this video away for future reference and use when your locale decides to pass an LGBT rights ordinance or you build the critical political mass to push for passage of one.

Because we know that as soon as your local governmental entity decides to do the right thing and protect their LGBT citizens, the conservahaters will deploy these lies in a desperate attempt to derail it.

And what are those conservalies?

1. LGBTQ folks aren't actually discriminated against anymore.
2. Non-discrimination laws create special rights for LGBTQ folks.
3. Non-discrimination laws infringe on the religious rights of Christians.
4. Non-discrimination laws will trigger a wave of frivolous law suits.
5. Non-discrimination laws let sexual predators sneak in women's bathrooms.

Here's the video.


September 25th, 2014
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This is the long awaited estate sale of noted local jewelry designer Rachel Ann Klein who passed away last May.

At this sale will be all her beading supplies and raw materials for the custom pieces she has been designing over the years and selling through boutiques in Brookline, Newton, Rockport, Salem, and Wellesley. Her pieces typically sold between $100 and $1,500 each, as she tried to accommodate everyone's budget.

Also at this sale will be her high end furniture, mostly solid cherry, electronics, appliances, new and very slightly used shoes and clothing (Including winter and leather jackets), hand bags, artwork, and so much more.

The sale will run, rain or shine, on Friday night, 9/26 from 6:00 PM through 9:00 PM and again on Saturday from 9:00 AM through 1:30 PM at the First Parish Church, Unitarian Universalist, on 35 Church St in Watertown.

I am helping my friend Rickland with this. Please come, and please share this info around the Boston area.
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State of the [personal profile] firecat: Happy. I went out and stood in the first rain of the season last night!

Comments left for others:
Things you don't want your doctor to say while peering into your body cavities: "Oh, wow."
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....noah, you are not the usual inhabitant of this cat bed. Read more... )

Posted by Monica Roberts

Scarlet Lehn has only been officially out as a transfeminine student at Sand Creek High School in Colorado Springs, CO since the start of this school year, but the 16 year old mas made a little history in the wake of doing so.

Lehn was chosen by her classmates to be their homecoming queen on September 12, the same weekend as transmasculine student Mel Gonzalez was chosen as the homecoming king at Austin High in Fort Bend County. 

It's also delicious to me that Sand Creek High School is located in the backyard of the odiously transphobic and homophobic Focus on The Family.  FOTF is headquartered there. 

While she's gotten some predictable flak from right wingers and the usual haters, the homecoming win was a surprise to her.  “I didn’t think I’d be nominated, but now it really matters to me,” Lehn said in a recent interview. “This is something I’ve wanted to do since my freshman year. I want people to be themselves and not feel uncomfortable in their own body and mind.”

And it's wonderful that your coming out was accepted by your classmates so quickly that they voted for you to be honored as their homecoming queen.

Congratulations Scarlett!   Looking forward to this happening in my home state soon.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

I rebounded from that subpar 7-9 Week 2 to have a great Week 3.  While my 11-5 record was outstanding, unfortunately Eli matched me and Mike's 13-3 was even better. 

So my initial advantage I grabbed with that outstanding Week 1 has shrunk to a one game lead.  But this contest is never a sprint, it's a marathon with the strategy of having more good weeks than bad ones so you come out on top at the end of the season

Texans' DeAndre Hopkins Makes Great 1-Handed Catch Against Giants
Speaking of coming out on top, that's not what happened for the Texans in New Jersey last weekend as Bad Ryan Fitzpatrick showed up at the worst time with Arian Foster on the bench nursing a sore hamstring. in their 30-17 loss 

And I have  another piece of advice for coach O'Brien.  Throw  Deandre Hopkins the ball more often.

Buffalo comes to NRG Stadium to play, and it is imperative the Texans get whatever ailed them in last week's game fixed fast.   We Texans fans still remember them getting off to a 2-0 start and subsequently losing their next 14 games, so they better handle their business this week and especially next week at Jerryworld.

So let's get to the Week 4 NFL Picks.     We have teams starting to go on their bye weeks, so only 13 games to pick.   The Cardinals, Bengals, Browns, Broncos, Rams and Seahawks get to watch 'errbody' else play this week while the Raiders and Dolphins game will be played at Wembley Stadium in London.  

My picks are in underlined bold print.   Eli and Mike's picks will be here.

Week 3 Results

TransGriot   11-5
Eli                11-5
Mike.           13-3

 2014 NFL Season Record

TransGriot    29-19
Eli                 28-20
Mike             28-20  

Thursday Night Game
NY Giants over Washington

Sunday Early Games
Houston over Buffalo
Green Bay over Chicago
Indianapolis over Tennessee
Pittsburgh over Tampa Bay
Baltimore over Carolina

Miami over Oakland (London)
Detroit over NY Jets

Sunday Afternoon Games
Atlanta over Minnesota
Philadelphia over San Francisco
San Diego over Jacksonville

Sunday Night Game
New Orleans over Dallas

Monday Night Game

New England over Kansas City

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Public to White House: Don't fence us out. As it is, the 'perimeter' keeps expanding, encroaching on public space. The street facing Lafayette Park has gotten truck-stopping bollards put in on both sides, so you can't drive by; the park and the immediate neighborhood are walking only in that area -- there may be bicyclists or skateboarders, but I haven't seen them much when I've been there. And if you should actually walk up to the fence to look at the rose garden? A sniper on the roof notices you. Not, exactly, the same as when a president had a Big Block of Cheese in a room in the President's House and anyone who wanted could go in and get some. Think about it: the Secret Service screws up, and we the people have to pay for it? Not fair.

NYTimes on the theoretical background behind the Caliphate, the Caliph, and the reaction of other Arab states to this.

Republicans are selling access to Republican governors -- corporations pay big bucks and someone from there gets in to meet the politician and gain access to lawmaking with influence. This is corruption, and it comes pretty close to simony too -- so what if it isn't an ecclesiastical seat being sold? That was in the days when the Catholic Church was a government as well.

The CIA's comic guide to national security jargon -- with cartoon illustrations.

Really sweet chalk drawings on streets and bricks and unexpected little places.
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This is an appeal for funds by David Dean, who has created a program using basketball to help empower Crow Nation young people in the US. The program is successful and helpful and has done well. Now he wants to have the time to write up what he did, so that it can be done by other people, and help empower more Native youth.

David is the son of the director of the a capella group I sing with. Please notice that he is not asking for money *for the program* -- he has applied for grants for the program itself. This is money for him to live on for a year while he puts the thing together: $8,000, which is just about at if not below the poverty line.

If you have a few dollars to send to help someone do very good things, please consider David.
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September 24th, 2014
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We made one attempt to give the cat fluids this evening, and gave up when he squirmed away, because [ profile] cattitude is stressed and very tired, and I am very tired despite having done almost nothing physical today, and not much mentally beyond reading Agatha Christie and playing 2048. On the other hand, I'm pleased to be reading printed books at home again, not just shorter things on the Web. Cattitude said that a lot of his coworkers are also very tired, so I suspect this may be some sort of infection going around. If so, I wonder whether there are other symptoms lurking in my future. It's only the beginning of autumn, so I don't think I can blame the local climate for my lack of energy. I set up my anti-SAD light yesterday, and used it this morning; I hope I can remember to do so regularly.

Last night we went out for dinner with [personal profile] wild_irises, at an upscale sort of mostly Thai restaurant. She's in town for a few days, mostly to spend time with her niece (who lives in Seattle), and we found an evening that would work, so Cattitude as well as I could see her. The conversation was good, though mostly of what's sharable here was relatively light (e.g., that Ho Ho Kus, N.J., is properly spelled with those spaces).

I can't eat a lot of Thai food these days, but I like the cuisine enough that I will look for things I can eat still eat in a Thai restaurant. In this case that was lamb satay and a rather nice roast duck; I am basing tonight's dinner on the leftover duck. The surprising thing about the menu was that one of the house specialty cocktails actually sounded good; I ordered it, liked it, and drank I'd guess about three-quarters of it in the course of our meal (volume in cone-shaped containers is hard to judge).
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Wishing you and yours a sweet and good New Year. May the good things be sweet, and the sweet things be good.

Me, apparently I get to spend at least the first part of 5775 looking for a new job…

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So Facebook is targeting certain individuals for not using their legal names, and as a result a lot of folks, especially queer folks, are signing up for other social media sites, especially And some of them are saying they're going to go back to Livejournal. I signed up at ello too because I feel compelled to stake out my preferred name everywhere, and because a lot of my friends have joined. But I am really sad and annoyed that no one seems to be considering Dreamwidth as an alternative social media site. I trust Dreamwidth a lot more than (nothing against them, but I don't know the people running it) and more than LiveJournal (although I'm still cross-posting to LiveJournal).
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My desk is full of cats. Ginny jumped down before I could get the picture. (I should also add: Brandy is snoring so loudly it sounds like there's a human with sleep apnea asleep in the other room.) Read more... )

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For those of you in the New York area, got word of a fellowship opportunity that is accepting applications.

If you're interested, you'll have to get that completed application in for the fellowship by October 1.

TransJustice Political Education and Campaign Fellowship

Who We Are:

TransJustice is a political organizing group created and led by Trans and Gender Non-Conforming People of Color in New York City. We work to educate organize and mobilize our communities and allies on the pressing political issues we face. We are a multi-racial, multi-gender, multi-class, and all ages group.

TransJustice is an organizing program of the Audre Lorde Project. The Audre Lorde Project is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit, Trans and Gender Non Conforming People of Color center for community organizing, focusing on the New York City area. Through mobilization, education and capacity-building, we work for community wellness and progressive social and economic justice. Committed to struggling across differences, we seek to responsibly reflect, represent and serve our various communities.

About the Fellowship:
-- Are you interested in community organizing and developing leadership in yourself and others?
-- Want to develop skills in facilitating workshops, building curricula, and political education?
-- Interested in learning more about campaign and coalition work?

The TransJustice Fellowship is a pilot project to support and develop the leadership of Trans and Gender Non-Conforming People of Color. Fellows will receive supervision and work closely with the TransJustice Coordinator to meet the following goals:
-- Build skills and capacity in Community Organizing work, including coalition work, political education, and facilitation
-- Support the coordinator with logistics, planning, and implementation of programming
-- Support with administrative work and documentation

-- Can commit to ten months (November 2014 through September 2014), 10 hours per week
-- Can be on site at the Manhattan offices of the Audre Lorde Project during fellowship hours
-- Identifies as Trans and/or Gender Non-Conforming and a Person of Color
-- Can demonstrate experience using Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and Gmail.
-- Is invested in building community/movement and struggling across difference from a loving place
-- Wants to grow in their skills and support others in growing their skills as an organizer and facilitator
-- Willing to be supervised, and willing to give and receive feedback in open and communicative ways
-- Works well in collaboration and teams

Responsibilities Include:
-- Participating in coalition meetings with the program coordinator and core members, and creating new and exciting ways to share information from meetings back to the membership base
-- Supporting with logistics and facilitation for TransJustice Community School, our 9 week Political Education and Leadership Development Program.
-- Supporting with logistics, planning and facilitation of our 3 monthly meetings
-- Data Entry and Administrative support
-- Supporting members in outreach for meetings and events
-- Preparation and planning for all TransJustice Related events (Trans Day of Remembrance, Trans Day of Action, TransJustice Community Schools, and Open Political Education Workshops)

How to Apply!
Please send a cover letter stating why you are interested in the fellowship and a resume to
This is a paid fellowship. TransJustice Community School Graduates and Daring to Be Powerful
 Graduates are strongly encouraged to apply!

The Audre Lorde Project is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit, Trans and Gender Non-Conforming People of Color community organizing center focusing on the New York City area.

147 West 24th Street, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10011
Tel: 212-463-0342
Fax: 212-463-0344

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TransGriot Note:  My fave WMMA fighter talks about the reasons why many of the so-called tough WMMA women fear her.   And after Tamikka Brents microwaved wbeatdown, don't think too many more will be stupid enough to transphobically bash Fallon Fox and claim in the same breath they can beat her.

I've been waiting a little over a year to say this.

Remember a little while back there was this MMA fighter who found out that she was locked in a tournament with a few other Caucasian women, a couple of black women, and one transgender woman. She took a look at the field of competitors in the tournament after the first bracket and saw one of these women knocking another woman out in 39 seconds. And at 6' 1" while professing to be a legitimate professional MMA fighter, she got scared.

@peggymorganmma @KatalinaMMA @notsosweetmma @heatherbassett @shanknapp @ufc @InvictaFights

Then, an opportunity to get that woman out of the tournament and out of her way arose. It came out that one of the women in the tournament happened to be a transgender woman. That was great news for our tall friend for sure! Because at that time not that many people were aware of the intricacies of this category of woman, and were not aware that transgender women had been legitimately competing in sports YEARS before that day. It was a prime opportunity to muddy the water and exit the tournament. Peggy Morgan's fear and lack of skill had her doing an about face accompanied by a swift double time towards the metaphorical exit sign. She even went as far as to sit down in front of a camera with her trainer also wanted that 39 second knockout potential out of the way. So, she sat smugly staring into the lens while her trainer did all of the talking. The man said, "Fallon Fox is not Rosa Parks", "He lied on his Florida State Application and as a result HE assaulted an unknown woman in the cage", "We are not afraid of Fallon Fox...", and "He will be famous for about 10 minutes for being a man who had a sex change and now wants to fight women. Peggy on the other hand will be a household name for being one of the top female fighters on the planet".

( You can read all about this and watch the video here: )

Funny what can happen in little over a year huh? It can wash away that false baseless "Lied to the Florida commission" claim. It can destroy that "10 minutes of fame" nonsense. And most importantly, it can show that Peggy Morgan will certainly not be known as "One of the top female fighters on the planet". As a matter of fact, she's racked up two losses since that time, and I've racked up two wins. Her record is 2-2-0 and she's on a losing streak. (Mine is now 5-1-0 and I'm on a win streak.) She lost every single fight after she decided to go on camera and have her trainer proclaim to the world how tough she was. Some female MMA fighters just don't have what it takes. They fear too much and have very little heart. Normally they don't get too far in MMA.

Peggy Morgan was similar to Charmaine Tweet of Canada. Who recently stated that transgender women should be segregated from women's MMA. They are both over 6' tall with ridiculous reach advantages who are scared of lil' ol' me. Perhaps they fear me because both they and their trainers realize they are lacking in real skill and heart, and that the only reason why they made it as far as they've made it is because of the added factor of how big they are.

But, you know, there's also shorter competitors who sometimes do the same thing. Like Katalina Malungahu who recently took to twitter in her stupidity called me a man (even when commissions, the government, and medical community says otherwise) to express how scared she is of fighting me. Guess what her record is? It's 2-2-0, she's on a downward tailspin of loss right now and itching to get whatever potential threat out of her way. She's not the real deal either...

But, you know who at least had heart? Ashley Evans Smith, Tamikka Brents, and Allana Jones. One of those three defeated me in my only loss, and Allanna Jones made it to the 3rd round with me.

Oh, there's one that has more heart than them all. You've probably never heard of her though. - Heather Basset - she fought me and was able to do a lot better than most suspected in the first round even though she was tapped out in the second. She stands out as the one with the most heart to me because after it was all over, she simply said, "I lost". She didn't say any wild untrue assertions in order to save face for her loss. She just went back to her gym to get better and hopefully win the next one. NOW THAT is the heart of a warrior. How is it that Heather Basset, the smallest of these women stands taller than all of them? It's pathetic if you really think about it.

Anyhoo. Was just dying to say that. Now, back into the gym to prepare for whatever fight comes next.



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