June 26th, 2017
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Protestors gather in front of the Federal Courthouse in San Antonio to voice their opposition to SB 4, on Monday June 26, 2017. Photo: Bob Owen, San Antonio Express-News / San Antonio Express-News
The first round of federal court hearing in the fight to kill the unjust and racist SB 4 law before it takes effect September 1 is happening in San Antonio.

The hearing on whether to grant a preliminary injunction preventing SB 4 from taking effect while the court case plays out starting at 9:30 AM with over 1000 people from Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and other parts of the state gathering to protest it.

The case will be heard over the next two days in Chief District Judge Orlando Garcia's court ( Clinton appointee), and the Department of (in) Justice has already filed a brief supporting the unjust law.

Elections matter people.

Now we have to wait and see how the legal arguments play out and what happens over the next few days in San Antonio.     
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Day 9 of the (in my case very slow-running) music meme asks for a song that makes you happy. And I have quite a lot of those, making me happy is a big reason I have a music collection at all. I think I'm going to go for Complex person by The Pretenders. The lyrics are not all that cheerful in some ways, but I love the bouncy tune and I always hear this as a song about determination and not letting things get you down.

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Also I've had a good week for playing games: mostly list with short comments )
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[This was the review of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone” I posted on June 8th 1999, shortly before the release of “Azkaban”.]

It's been quite a while since I enjoyed a previously unread children's book as much as I enjoyed HP&TPS. At first, the book did seem to skip through genres quite jerkily: I think the introduction, an ugly-duckling story as with the start of, say, James and the Giant Peach, was a bit too long for a section so separate from the rest of the story. But the mystery part was excellent and I never guessed the secret. (It's an interesting point that there's no way you can be really evil if you have a stammer.) Considered as a school story... I'm not sure I can tell: the conventions for stories about boys' schools and girls' schools are so different, and good stories (such as this one) about co-ed schools are correspondingly so rare. Perhaps this is just my limited experience.

Incidentally, I wonder how much she was influenced by DWJ. The idea of the Ministry of Magic is very similar to Chrestomanci's department (though with different motives); you could perhaps draw (a few) parallels with Witch Week.

The description of the first few days at the school did get slightly irritating, because your attention kept being summarily drawn to a rapid succession of things which were (or seemed to be) just for show, without any obvious use in the story (e.g. the Choosing Hat): it was rather as though the author had invited you over to show you her holiday snaps. This is one of the places where I'd draw unfavourable comparisons with the subtle way DWJ has of doing the same thing; nevertheless, there are lots of good little ideas used well, with Diagon Alley and the Every Flavour sweets being especially memorable.

A few oddnesses: I'm sure Hermione's logic puzzle has more than one solution. The bizarre HM turned without warning into a bizarre moralist beside the Mirror of Erised (though you could draw comparisons with his behaviour by Harry's sick bed). Quidditch was rather run to death. Were there really no half-decent people in the whole of Slytherin? And by the way, I'm fairly sure I remember reading in Brewer that the Philosopher's Stone was pink and crumbly, not scarlet... hmm!

But it's also been a while since I've slowed down towards the end of a book because I know I'm going to miss the characters (cf. the Neverending Story). So I think I'll look out for the sequel... besides, I want to know whether Harry & Hermione get together :) . I'll certainly be recommending this to people I know who are sensible enough to want to read it.

[And a small claim to fame: AFAIK I was the first person to try to create a Harry Potter newsgroup.]

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(it's bedtime, so an alternate intro for Senator Bennet is still pending)

Senator Gardner,

Thank you for your recent op-ed in the Coloradoan arguing that science should be nonpartisan. Thanks also for your work to ensure that Colorado’s leading research institutions like NIST, NOAA, NCAR, and NREL receive sufficient funding to further understand our complex and dynamic world. For over 50 years, Colorado researchers have been instrumental in understanding the Earth’s weather and climate.

I am writing in support of Citizens' Climate Lobby, a nationwide nonpartisan group committed to fair, effective, and sustainable climate change solutions. Earlier this month, 1000 Americans, including 35 Coloradans, traveled to Washington and met with representatives and senators from across the country. CCL is building bipartisan support for a carbon fee and dividend proposal. This proposal would help relieve Americans from the challenges faced by climate change while accelerating American businesses focused on clean energy, all without increasing the size of government or putting American exports at risk.

The last two decades have seen remarkable changes in temperatures and climate, contributing to bigger heat waves and more frequent natural disasters. I experienced the changing climate first hand during the 2013 Boulder floods. When I woke up on September 12th, the thousand-year flood had turned the canyon road to my house into a roaring river. While I was fortunate and avoided significant loss, my family’s lives were disrupted for several months and several friends were much harder hit. Without systemic action to address the rapidly warming atmosphere, this kind of disaster will become more common, straining the ability of first responders and relief organizations to help those impacted.

Energy lies at the core of any economy, and fossil fuels have long played a key role in the American economy. We now know that carbon dioxide emissions are a major contributor to climate change. It is therefore crucial that we transition to a lower-carbon energy mix. The most efficient way to make this transition is to put a price on carbon emissions so that the costs of fossil fuels are no longer externalities. To avoid sudden disruption to the American economy, CCL’s proposal begins with a modest $15/ton fee, rising predictably every year. The money collected will be rebated equally to all Americans. This dividend will give citizens and businesses the opportunity to respond to market changes and to invest in transitioning to a affordable clean energy solutions. These investments in turn will create new jobs and help keep America competitive in global energy technology. Over the course of a generation, we can make the transition to a resilient low-emission economy.

Although President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Accords, it is still crucial for America to take action on climate change. CCL’s proposal would help America take the lead in clean energy while boosting our economy and creating jobs. The proposal includes a border adjustment to ensure that American exporters remain competitive. This will also incentivize our trading partners to implement their own national carbon fee, leading to a global decline in carbon emissions without the need for complex multinational treaties. A substantially similar proposal was put forth by James Baker, George Shultz, and the Climate Leadership Council. It has received support from many leading organizations and individuals including Larry Summers, Stephen Hawking, ExxonMobil, and The Nature Conservancy (https://www.clcouncil.org/founding-members/).

Trevor Stone
Boulder, CO 80304
location: Boulder, Colorado
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Image result for riverdale cast
As you long time TransGriot readers know I'm a huge fan of the Archie comics, and have written several posts about some interesting gender related developments in that iconic cartoon universe.

I was intrigued when the CW broadcast its first season of Riverdale, based on the iconic characters back in January.   But because I was busy with a lot of community events and fighting the GOP flavored transphobic evil emanating out of Austin I didn't get to watch the initial 13 episode run.

Riverdale hit Netflix on May 18, but I finally got a chance to binge watch it this weekend, and I can see now why it got rave reviews from television critics.

Image result for Riverdale archie betty and veronica
This is definitely not your parents and grandparents Archie cartoon.  It basically shook up and blew up the classic love triangle between Archie, Betty and Veronica and in many cases everything you know from Archie canon about the characters.

The show starts with Archie getting busy with Geraldine Grundy, the school's music teacher during the summer.  Yeah, they went there.   Archie is also seen dating Valerie Brown and escorting Cheryl Blossom to one of her family events before he eventually starts the relationship with Veronica,

Girl next door Betty is not only shown to have a dark side and dates Jughead, Veronica in this show is moving to Riverdale from New York and is trying to be less mean girl than she was.

In addition to focusing the Season One storyline on who killed Riverdale queen bee Cheryl Blossom's twin brother Jason, the show is set in a contemporary time period.

Many of the beloved Archie characters you know are part of this show like Kevin Keller, Chuck Clayton, Moose Mason, and Ethel Muggs  The characters also all have deep secrets and backstories that get revealed as the show moves through those thirteen episodes that lead to a shocking whodunit.

Image result for riverdale veronica and hermione
They also flipped the casting script on many of those beloved characters.   Veronica Lodge and her family are Latinx.   Josie and the Pussycats are not only all African American, but Josie's mother Sierra McCoy is the mayor of Riverdale played by Robin Givens.

Pops Tate, the owner of the town's 24 hour diner Pop's Chok'lit Shoppe and RHS principal Mr. Weatherbee are also African American.  Reggie Mantle and Dilton Doiley are Asian.

Geraldine Grundy also became a yoder woman instead of a senior.

Since I mentioned Robin Givens is in it, other recognizable actors you'll see in it are Luke Perry playing Archie's father Fred Andrews, Madchen Amick playing Alice Cooper, and Molly Ringwald playing Mary Andrews.

Image result for Riverdale
Riverdale has already been renewed for a second season slated to start on the CW in October, and in Season 2 we'll not only see Sabrina Spellman enter this show, but also Hiram Lodge, played by Mark Consuelos.

The show also ended with a cliffhanger that if you haven't seen it, I'll let you head to Netflix to watch and won't spoil it for you

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Why Travis Kalanick resigned as Uber president. Quote: As Axios’s Dan Primack wrote, “Someone close to Uber recently said to me: ‘It’s wrong to say that Uber doesn’t care about women. It doesn’t really care about people, and women are people. It’s incidental.’ ”

In some of the Midwest, the problem is too many jobs and not enough workers.

In NYC, fighting for the immigrants of Little Pakistan.

Liberals in strange places... like Montana.

There may be a way to kill the Trumpcare bill.

Natives on the Hill -- an antidote to homesickness for Native Americans at the Capitol.

A superhero power for our time -- handling the truth.
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Lately I’ve found myself spending too much time arguing with “allies.” Whether it’s explaining to them, as a black gay man, why racism in the Gayborhood is a serious issue or why nondiscrimination laws should be statewide, it feels as though I’m having to defend myself to those who should be advocating by my side. What I have realized is that too many allies conduct themselves as service providers: They show up only when there’s an immediate need, they require me to explain the problem again and again, and they may or may not actually fix anything.

In other words, allies are more trouble than they’re worth.

— Ernest Owens, “Why I’m Giving Up on ‘Allies'”

Mirrored from Under the Beret.

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Ifixit.com, the free repair manual.

The world's first waterpark for people with disabilies.

Facebook now provides resources for journalists' safety.

Trump has shut off the televised feed -- and all cameras present -- at press conferences (thus ensuring the only video record of what was said is in his hands), and journalists condemn this -- but they're not boycotting the conferences.

The Washington Post is using an AI to moderate comments to the paper.

Johnny Depp opened his mouth at the Glastonbury Festival and dropped a big one: When was the last time an actor assassinated a president? As if that weren't enough to catch the morning edition, his financial woes -- what is this, spending $2 million a month? -- may sink the Pirates franchise. I look at his spending habits and all I can think is, this is a guy who was a kid who was really poor at some point, and it has never left him.

Famous women have been denying the mores of fashion (and conservatives) and wearing menswear for years. Here are some photos.

Trump is being sued for intentionally destroying presidential records. And also, he's played upon the grief of people whose family members were killed by undocumented immigrants (whether in a car accident or otherwise) to get their support.

Canada is tired of dealing with Trump, so now it's doing business with individual states and cities.

Trump also has dropped a grant for a nonprofit that helps people leave violent right-wing groups. It's like he and his crew want us to be harassed by neoNazis, isn't it?

Sen. Warren blasts the blood-money cuts in the Republican anti-health bill.

Unfortunately for us all, the Senate can't slow the progress of the GOP bill once it's written, so they're doing all they can now. And here's the Economic Policy Institute on what we have to lose.

And five Republicans refuse to support the bill -- one because it's too harsh, four because it's too liberal. I have some concerns about the mental health of those four. And McConnell may think he will win by losing if it goes down at a vote. Why? Then it's over for this year and they can go on to amending the tax code to reward the wealthy and steal from the rest of us. What a thoroughgoing scoundrel!

I don't want to say this, but there are strong rumors that Supreme Court Justice Kennedy may want to retire at the end of this term. That means either we go back to an 8-person court or we get another retroRepublian, for the next 30 years. But, in the meantime, the Court has agreed to hear a bill on gerrymandering that will affect Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Maryland (and probably others as well.)

Bill Cosby, who will face another trial in the aftermath of his mistrial,
plans to give speeches on how not to be arrested for sexual assault. No printable comment on this is possible.

More on Yellowstone grizzlies losing endangered-species listing. Thing is, they don't always stay in Yellowstone, and they can be hunted if they stray outside.

Here is a graphic from NARAL that you are free to share where you will.
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This is the first of our rose plants to flower.
The plant's name is Sheila.

I've been growing roses all my life.
I wear a necklace of rosewood.
In many ways, I am a rose.

Roses aren't naturally climbing plants, like bindweed or grapevines. They must be cared for, and bound to a structure. And I've learned that I need to give myself a structure, or I can't naturally climb.

I am a rose.

Roses need work. They must be pruned. The pruning is painful, but without it they won't flower.

I am a rose.

Nobody cares about dog-roses, nobody notices them, but they grow wild wherever they please. The popular roses that everyone admires are sterile and can't spread: they survive because they're grafted onto a dog-rose root. The roses nobody cares about are the roses that keep the others alive.

I am a rose.

I grew up near one of the biggest rose nurseries in the country, so everywhere there was me, there were roses too. I fell into many a rosebush while I was learning to ride a bike. I carefully grew one up the side of the house, a yellow rose with a mind of its own: soon I had to leave it to its own devices because it had grown taller than my arms could reach.

I am a rose.

When I was about six I had a dream of a concentration camp. I had been imprisoned, along with many other humans, by gaseous aliens who lived on methane. The armed guards would float around our cabins and the parade ground, terrifying us as much as they intimidated us.

Of course when you're sent to the camps, they take everything away from you: all your property as well as your dreams and your name. But I'd smuggled in one memento: a small twig of rosewood. I kept it in the pocket of my grey uniform and squeezed it tight whenever I was homesick.

One day I realised that roses have thorns. And that was the day I used the rosewood to burst and kill the guards at the gate, and run free into the outside world. One small piece of reality had torn a hole in the nightmare.

I am a rose.

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I think it was 1971 when me and my brother went to the movies for a double billing: "M*A*S*H" and "Patton". I'm dating myself when I state we were in high school. Before the movie's start there was a trailer for a movie that stuck with me for decades: The Ruling Class.

This British romp starting Peter O'Toole was a drama, a dark comedy and a musical. Briefly, the 13th Earl of Gurney dies and his sole heir believes he's Jesus Christ. The trailer toys with the audience and at several points the audience is left wondering if the mad 14th Earl really is god.

And I said to myself, 'I have to see this movie.'

Every once in a while I'd go looking for the movie on TV and later in the video rental stores, but as the years past I never found it.

Enter the Internet.

It'd been a while since I remembered that trailer and knowing that movies sometimes end up on You Tube I searched for it... and found it. Hello, download to USB stick and plugged it into my Xbox 360.

After watching it I can see why it never really made it across the pond. The movie is languid in it's story telling, opening with the 13rd Earl, his powerful position, his massive hulk of a manor, his snobbish family, his nearly robot manservant, and the fact that he is a few gears short a wristwatch. He dies in a rather embarrassing - and nearly predictable - manner leaving the sole heir the 14th Earl. The heir is *certified* insane believing he is Jesus Christ.

The more 'normal' (i.e. power hungry and sex hungry) members of the family plot to have him permanently committed. Mayhem, music, dance and behind the scenes sex happens. It's a very strong poke at the English nobility and there's plenty of jokes to go around until the end when the movie goes dark.

I know I missed some of the jokes because it's a very British movie, but I caught a lot of the main ones. The British nobility was well skewered during the movie. The message that the madness of those in power get excused and overlooked while everyone else must live in fear and terror resonates to this day.

It was a long wait to see the movie and it wasn't quite as funny as the trailer showed it to be. It was engaging without explosions and special effects.

One final note, the file I got from You Tube did show some occasional dirt marks and scratches you'd get from a copy from an analog original. It also ended with color bars so I wonder if it wasn't lifted from a broadcast station at some point.

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I love the debate that I get into occasionally… They say, "You know the way you farm won't feed the world versus the way we farm. We're feeding the world," and I love it when they say that, because they say, "You just can't produce enough."

… I say, "Okay, let's have that debate, but before we have that debate, I want us to both stipulate that neither farming system will feed an endlessly increasing population." The Earth has got a carrying capacity, and once you get beyond that carrying capacity, neither one of them is going to feed the world.

And most of them will stipulate that… And I say, "Okay, well I'll go ahead then and capitulate right up front that if we're going to run out of acres first, you win. You can feed way more people than I can if acres are the only limiting factor. If we get unlimited water, unlimited petrol fuel, unlimited antibiotics that don't create pathogen-resistance unlimited fertilizer resources you win.

"But now if the limiting factor becomes water, I'm probably going to win, because I don't use as much water as you do. If the limiting factor becomes petrol fuel, I win, because I don't use as much of it as you do. And if the limiting factors become phosphates and potash and these other depleting resources, I win, because I don't use as much as you. And antibiotics and pesticides, and so on. I win just about any way we do it other than acreage."
— Will Harris of White Oak Pastures on industrial versus sustainable agriculture, quoted in Resilient Agriculture: Cultivating food systems for a changing climate by Laura Lengnick

Well put. It's something of an engineering approach to food.
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Date: Thu, 9 May 2013 15:57:50 +0000
Hipster Hedgehog woot! T-shirt (by Reed Woodruff)
Reed Woodruff

What happened to "velc."?

("Vel cetera", the "or" form of "etc.")
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Mon May 6 21:31:10 EDT 2013
But it's a contest now, I think, between the people with a sense of responsibility and the ideologues.
We have a lot of ideologically motivated members in both parties. Most Americans are not deeply ideological. And we're not good, those of us who aren't ideological, at coping with those who are, and accepting the fact that some of them are really prepared to put their doctrinal beliefs ahead of any practical consideration. But that's what we're coping with now and it's really hard.
— Washington Post journalist Robert Kaiser interviewed by NPR's Linda Wertheimer on Morning Edition, 2013/05/06
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Sat May 4 13:30:16 EDT 2013

I've just renewed my Schedules Direct membership for its 4th year. (This is the service that provides the TV schedule listings for our open-source DVR.)

Saturday 18:05

TV this weekend: Missing marathon. This show lasted only 10 episodes, March-May 2012. They've been sitting in my DVR.

Sunday 15:33

Well, Missing did do a suitable job of wrapping up at the end of its 10 episodes – except for tossing a huge wrench in in the last 15 seconds. Obviously creating the cliff hanger to start the next season, but it seems like they must have known by air time that there wasn't going to be a 2nd season. They should have shot 2 endings to cover that possibility. (Every show should. It's the decent way to treat your audience.) They probably could have done an adequate job by just cutting the end of the last scene and giving themselves time for another commercial (or in-network promo). There's plenty of suspension of belief that goes on watching these shows, but a new person missing with blood stains and shot-out windows is too much to ask from us with no next season.

Really, you could just wait for the opening of the next season to throw that wrench. That's what they had to do for the first season, and how well are people going to remember the last episode until the next season anyway? They'll have to recap it. The people who like the show will come back without needing a cliff hanging, and the people who don't care aren't going to be sucked back in this way.
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Fri May 3 22:11:19 EDT 2013

Work was hectic all week.

Motorola SF600 Wireless Sports HeadphonesThe Motorola SF600 Wireless Sports Headphones arrived today. The packaging was marginal. I was expecting 5 sizes of earpads. That's how the product was described in every review I read. Nope, a closer look at the site where I bought it: "1 Pair of Ear Cushions". The "USB Charger" is a short USB cable. Definately misrepresented. Good thing I bought some Universal USB Travel Wall Chargers a couple of weeks ago. "Quick Start Guide": The instructions were one sheet with four pages printed on one side. One page was a title page, so uninformative. Page 2 referenced page 7, which was not provided. (Would it have been so hard to print pages 4-8 on the back?) The whole document is available on the Motorola website (not that you'd know that from what I received today), so I'd already seen it.

The headphones may fit well and work great, but once again Daily Steals delivers underwhelmence. If Motorola sells these things with 5 sets of ear cushions, how much did Daily Steals save by dropping 4? If you're using it with a computer, you probably have a USB socket for charging. If you're using it with something else (e.g. a cell phone or a tablet), that device probably also uses a USB charger. Do you have a spare to charge both devices together? You probably want to use them together, so charging them one at a time won't be convenient. Almost everything I've bought from them has been a disappointment – yet I keep checking their website every night.

37-Key Roll-Up Portable Piano Keyboard with 100 Rhythms and Timbres
37-Key Roll-Up Portable Piano Keyboard with 100 Rhythms and Timbres
The battery compartment for the roll-up keyboard is too snug for most of my NiMH AA cells.

TimeX Retro Collection Multifunction Calculator Watch with Quartz Movement and Resin Construction
TimeX Retro Collection Multifunction Calculator Watch with Quartz Movement and Resin Construction
I meant to order only one of these watches, not two (Poor website design). The backlight doesn't work on one, so maybe it's a good thing I got two.

universal headrest mount for tablets
universal headrest mount for tablets
A co-worker brought in a Kindle. I wouldn't trust this mount to hold it in portrait orientation.

Scosche Sport Wrap-Around Earbuds with Sweat Resistance, 15mm Audio Drivers, and Non-Tangling Audio Cable
Scosche Sport Wrap-Around Earbuds with Sweat Resistance, 15mm Audio Drivers, and Non-Tangling Audio Cable
I think these would be crappy for listening to music. I use them for news and talk radio on my bike commute; they work fine for that.

Motorola Dual Port Universal USB Travel Wall Charger
Motorola Dual Port Universal USB Travel Wall Charger
This the one thing from Daily Steals that has not disappointed. (Yet. How fast will it charge a Kindle? (And that's another product that doesn't come with a charger.))

Saturday 02:20

I've charged the Bluetooth headset, turned on Bluetooth on my laptop (never used it before), and paired the two. It works fine as cordless headphones. They're awkward to put on, but that may just take some getting used to. They're very light (compared to the various headphones I usually wear). It could be that there's just no cord dragging around. They're not a problem with my glasses. (Sunglasses may be another matter.) There's a multi-color LED that can be red/yellow/green for charging and blue/purple during operation. But you have to take them off to see it.

Saturday 03:11

I have paired my headset with my phone. Don't have any reason to call anyone now....
We've got a conference call Sunday morning. Maybe it will be nice for that?
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Sun Apr 28 15:49:16 EDT 2013

Well, I was going to spend the afternoon out on the deck with my laptop watching old TV shows. But there were questions from work again.
And shortly after 14:00 it started raining, so (the dog and) I came back inside. If it's raining here, it's probably already raining at the hippy farm too, but maybe not hard enough to chase everyone off early. (Hmmm, on the weather RADAR it looks like a thin band of a front coming through here, but it's much broader in Pennsylvania. It's probably going to rain on them for quite a while.)

Monday 09:06

[livejournal.com profile] anniemal wasn't home before I went to bed last night. The dog is still sleeping outside my bedroom door, so she's probably still not home yet. [Nope, the van's not back, and OkCupid buddy's car is still here.] It didn't rain much here Sunday, so maybe it wasn't as bad at the farm as it looked on the weather RADAR. I suppose they could have decided to stay an extra night. There's probably no point in trying to call Annie's cell phone to try to find out. The RADAR now looks much better there than here. They've got a good tent, and sleeping in the van is always a option too.
The forecast for the next couple of days is intermittent rain, and it's likely to be raining the next 2 evenings, (and Wednesday's choir rehearsal,) so I'm probably off the bike until Thursday.

Tuesday 02:01

It sounds like they had rain all day Sunday at the farm. They got back here this afternoon.

I wasted a couple of hours on Anniemal's laptop tonight. It doesn't recognize its touchpad. It's fine with an external USB mouse or trackball. Apparently there have been some Ubuntu updates that have lost the functionality of the touchpad, but none of the remedies I've seen online has worked. She says she shut the computer down normally before she left Friday, and it wasn't working when she turned it on today. Last I saw her Friday she was drunk, so (a) I doubt that she knows whether there was anything unusual about the shutdown, and (b) she may have dropped it or found some magic key combination that disables the touchpad. (Fn+F8 does that in Windows.) You may recall that the screen has some sort of speckled damage, and she says she did nothing to cause that, either. I'm not keen on giving up my USB trackball, although Annie's enamoured of its red glitter ball. I guess I'll find another, but I'm sure that one must have been a bargain when I found it.
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Sun Apr 28 00:07:09 EDT 2013

I didn't use my own computer at all yesterday. Except to find a file containing the network name of my office desktop computer, because I was having trouble making a remote-desktop connection. I was on my work laptop a lot. And I drove in to the office. I put in a full day of work on a beautiful Saturday.

I saw lots of people out on bikes. I was amazed by how many people were out on bikes. (Keep in mind that I'm on my bike far more days than most people – like biking to work 4 days last week – and I often don't see anyone else on a bike.) I also saw a few fat people riding, which is not something you ever used to see. And I say "Good for them!" Exercise is good for everyone, and running can destroy your knees if you're heavy. (Just ask my (no-longer) soccer-playing brother.)

We had a couple of filesystems that needed urgent resizing. We were too busy with other things to get to it Friday – not that we would have been allowed to make changes on a production server anyway; we still probably would have been making exactly the same changes today. I would like someone who knows more about the application to analyze what's going on that caused such an extreme increase in disk usage the last 4 days in one of the partitions.

I did manage to mow the back yard. I may do the front tomorrow, but it was mowed last week and doesn't look too bad yet.

[livejournal.com profile] anniemal is away at the hippie farm. I like having the house to myself. I just wish I'd had the day to myself too. (94 hours on the 2-week timesheet.)
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Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2013 22:57:43 +0000

My Daughter Is Not A Princess
Racy Movies & Online Content Have Little Effect On Adolescent Sexuality
Star Trek Shuttle ‘Galileo’ Being Restored By Fans Of Original TV Series

Address Error May Have Sent Killer To Wrong House

Mapping apps and services have played a role in several recent crimes and mishaps.

Police in England found that a killer had used Google Earth to scope out his target and plan a home invasion in England. Steven Hodgson was convicted in 2010 of torturing and killing 85-year-old grandmother Patricia Thompson for her ATM information, reports The Telegraph.

In another example of errant technology turned tragic, Rodrigo Díaz, 22, was shot and killed in a Georgia driveway after his GPS directed him to the wrong house on the way to pick up a friend in January, reports NBC. The homeowner reportedly mistook him for a robber.

In December, police in Australia warned that Apple's Maps app for iOS 6 was "life-threatening," after the application stranded several people in the middle of a national park in the outback, instead of directing them to the town of Mildura. Apple later updated the app to correct the error.
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Mon Apr 22 23:12:34 EDT 2013Motorola Dual Port Universal USB Travel Wall Chargeruniversal headrest mount for tablets

Motorola SF600 Wireless Sports HeadphonesI ordered a couple of bluetooth headsets from Daily Steals today. I keep buying things related to this Kindle Fire that work still hasn't given us yet – the headrest mount, the USB chargers (major complaint in the reviews is that the Kindle doesn't come with a charger!). I'm sure I'm going to want a Bluetooth keyboard too. There was another (better looking) Motorola bluetooth headset that showed up on one of these daily-bargain sites recently, but the reviews for it were mixed. The reviews for this model are more consistently favorable. Battery-life comments have varied widely; I doubt that "all day" means the same thing to everyone. (I think it would mean 12-16 hours to me, assuming I wanted to use it for 8 hours at work and 2 hours of commuting and then allow for working a long day or some use at home. Is that all day talking, or just listening, or on standby? And personally, I think these headphones are rather ugly. But they're supposed to be comfortable, functional, and have good sound, and when I'm using them they're not going to be where I can see them.

Bluetooth headphones should work with my laptop as well as a tablet. That would be nice for watching TV shows and movies, even if I am only a couple of feet from the screen. (Can you pair multiple headsets to one laptop? Two people might want to watch a show together.)

My work cellphone supports bluetooth, so that would make the phone more useable in the car.
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Wed Apr 17 23:32:51 EDT 2013

If, driving, I leave for work at 10:00, I can get there on time. So that's when, as I'm trying to leave, Anniemal comes downstairs with her laptop. She can't get Firefox to start. I click on the icon, and it starts. I don't know what she'd been trying to do for the last hour, and I didn't want to take the time to discuss it. I suggested may she'd been clicking the wrong trackpad button. She thought it was absurd that that would even occur to me. So please explain why I had no trouble starting a program by clicking the icon with the pointer.

Then she brought me the license-plate stickers for the car's renewed registration. If she had them this morning, they must have arrived yesterday. Or the day before. Both days that I biked to work, so the car was here, and she could have put the stickers on. After arguing about the laptop I was really not in the mood to be even later to put stickers on. (You need to clean the corner of the license plate first to be sure it will stick.)
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My mathematics blog putters along as it ever does. Here's what you could've had on your Reading Page or your RSS feed if you weren't just waiting for me:

And for symmetry: What's Going On In Rex Morgan, M.D.? April - June 2017. A lot of low-level dating drama, turns out.

Now to close out my Kennywood photos, sad to say, since it means closing out the day at Kennywood. The good news: should be back at Kennywood in about a month! So you know how far behind I'm running here. Some week I should just do a bunch of pictures and try catching up instead.


Yes, amusement parks always look better in the twilight glow, but you know what's better than that? The post-rain twilight glow, that's what.


From one line to another: people lined up for Thunderbolt as seen from The Phantom's Revenge and you know, I bought this camera because it had a 21x optical zoom and could do up to ISO 3200 but deep down I hadn't believed it really could.


Lasers! Kennywood does a half-hour laser show in the evenings, weather permitting, and it's everything you might have hoped for from 1985. Yes, they include Neil Diamond's ``America''.


Jackrabbit after dark, with the full neon stars on display. Kennywood does a lot with neon and it's all magnificent.


Selfie! View of the Kennywood Grand Carousel from one of its mirrors. On looking at it, I now think I took this photo just as [profile] bunny_hugger was taking a picture of herself in one of the interior mirrors.


The lagoon by night picture that we're required to get every Kennywood visit. A tree's grown enough to obscure the Jackrabbit logo, but you can sort of make it out on the right.

Trivia: In a single week in the early 19th century London's fourteen largest gin houses served 270,000 guests. Source: Tastes of Paradise: A Social History of Spices, Stimulants, and Intoxicants, Wolfgang Schivelbusch.

Currently Reading: DC Showcase Presents: Superman, Volume 3 Editors Dan DiDio, Mort Weisinger. Not sure if it's more poetically beautiful or creeeeeepy beyond measure that Superman and Supergirl build a life-size duplicate of Krypton populated by robots. Also, the story where Supergirl gets revealed to the public after years of acclimation to Earth and being Superman's ``secret weapon''? Is twelve pages of not much happening except the world celebrating that there's a second Kryptonian superhero, and it's kind of neat that way. It makes the thing feel like a real event, and if it's a lot of things like Supergirl-inspired fashion shows and stuff? So what if it's small stakes? They're believable stakes too.

June 24th, 2017
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It's not that we expected catastrophe at this AnthrOhio. But we were on edge. For one, the convention had moved its weekend, from the start to the end of May. This was actually a good thing for us. It meant the convention would not be part of the end-of-term rush for [profile] bunny_hugger. It also meant that the Columbus Zoo would have its amusement park sideline open. They have an antique carousel and a wooden roller coaster we'd never been able to ride because it was too early in the year to run every previous trip.

But it's still a change in the weekend, the sort of thing that can mess up a convention's tone. And it came a year after the convention changed its name for reasons we are not really clear about, and change of some uncertain number of the core organizational people. Even some of the traditions that had been kept were mutated too; things like the Atomic Battle of Doom were renamed something less spectacularly fun, something like the Foam-Flinging Frenzy. That's probably as good a name to describe what it is, a bunch of people shooting Nerf darts at each other, but I know the name we encountered first. It's given the convention the last couple years this ominous sense of possibly imminent doom.

The official notice of doom came at opening ceremonies, and the revelation that this would be the last AnthrOhio at the Holiday Inn Worthington. They promised the new location would be great, all the better, but this would be the con's farewell to a hotel that's gotten very familiar. I've spent at least three weeks of my life at it. [profile] bunny_hugger's spent over a month of hers. It feels very much like home. The convention didn't officially announce why they were leaving, but the answer's in the newspapers. The hotel's being demolished, to be torn down and replaced with ... two hotels. And some shopping space. The new hotels won't have convention space, though, so AnthrOhio has to move on to a place that turns out to be like a mile south and east. It'll still be almost the same drive. We'll be able to go to the same burrito place, really. Just we'll drive past the spot that used to be this little bit of home.

And then there was a potentially truly awful situation. One of the guests of honor was a person we knew from online. And did not like, because the Guest of Honor had been consistently, quietly nasty toward my wife. I've had to deal with different grades of nastiness toward my wife, so I should say this was a low-key sort of nasty, the sort of person who conspicuously shuts you down when you want to talk about, you know, yourself in a circle that includes mutual friends. The person was mutual friends with the Big Name Furry Artist whom I called out on some of her bull a few years ago, at the loss of our mutual friends. There's much that makes me sad about this. One thing that does not is the loss of Guest of Honor from my online life. It's honestly been nice not to have to overlook Guest of Honor's little jabs at how my wife should stop wasting the group's time with her needs. (My needs never rated discussion in the group, by the way.)

Well, Guest of Honor has talents, I'd be lying to deny or minimize, and used those along with induced fame from the link to Big Name Furry Artist to get invited as one of the Guests of Honor to AnthrOhio, and deserves that as much as any one could. (Why do furry cons even have guest of honor, by the way? Really can't think of one that's ever made the difference in whether I'd attend one, and they seem to affect the programming and tone of the con even less than the con theme does. Maybe that's just a coincidence from every con I've ever been to.) Well, Guest of Honor didn't recognize us and probably had no idea we were there. And we had no reason to go speak to Guest of Honor. But, at the Opening Ceremonies, they did give Guest of Honor some attention and this was used to stand up and wave and absolutely shock me and [profile] bunny_hugger. The impression we got from a few seconds in person was that the person was exactly what we imagined from online. Some people are warmer, more pleasant in person than online; some are harder and less likeable; some are just weirder. Guest of Honor was exactly the person we imagined. It's uncanny. We were talking over it while reading over Guest of Honor's self-written con book bio and snickering at how much of it was ``Guest of Honor has this totally special special relationship with Big Name Furry Artist that Guest of Honor knows you're sooooo jealous over and gets to be the most special person in Big Name Furry Artist's life!''. Petty? So it's petty. Guest of Honor (and Big Name Furry Artist) chose to hurt us; we can snark in our rooms.

But all that set the broad parameters for the con: it would be our final tour of this hotel. Our last weekend with a place that'd given us so many memories. Also, somewhere, there was a table in the dealer's den whom we'd not stop to talk to because we had ample reason not to like the person running it. This is the setting. Now ... we go!

Trivia: The Milton Bradley Company's 1872 catalogue lists zoetrope strips for sale, explaining the ``simple figures printed on strips of paper become animated so that the movements of life are imitated in the most natural manner''. Source: Wondrous Contrivances: Technology at the Threshold, Merritt Ierley.

Currently Reading: DC Showcase Presents: Superman, Volume 3 Editors Dan DiDio, Mort Weisinger. You know, Lois Lane not working out that Clark Kent was Superman makes sense when you see some of the stunts Supes pulled that would demonstrate to any reasonable person that he and Clark Kent were separate people. It makes her out to be kind of a conspiracy theorist, really. ``How do I know that Clark Kent wasn't Superman wearing his shirt backwards and with a rubber mask concealing his face so that when I took a clipping of hair from the right side of his body it was really his left side, which I knew had lost its invulnerability due to exposure to red kryptonite? Huh?''

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Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2013 20:34:16 +0000

We see what we expect to see....
nowthatcherisdeadNow Thatcher Is DeadIt was all over the news yesterday that Margaret Thatcher had died. But...
Now That Cher Is Dead... some people came up with an alternate interpretation. They couldn't find anything to corroborate this (because Cher was not dead), and the lack of confirmation made them even more anxious.
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Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2013 04:01:04 +0000

IQALUIT, Nunavut – An Air Transat flight from Vancouver to the United Kingdom had to make an unscheduled landing in Nunavut because of a drunken and unruly passenger.

RCMP said the plane was diverted early Wednesday to the territorial capital of Iqaluit because the 39-year-old man was belligerent and acting aggressively.
This guy is so uncomfortable flying that he decided to get drunk first. Really drunk, apparently, because he doesn't remember anything of what he did on the flight, and had no idea where he was when he sobered up. There are no roads to Iqaluit, so he's going to have to get another flight out – if anyone will take him. He was charged $2,000 for his offence and another $14,000 restitution to the airline. (I guess it's expensive to divert a flight. And a major inconvenience to all the other passengers, arriving late and missing their connections.) He says everyone's been really nice to him there, and another inmate loaned him a phone card so he could call his family. He's hoping he gets to see a polar bear before he leaves.

Diverting to Iqaluit is not as rare as you might expect. There's not a lot of alternatives in that part of the world.

Ikea website quotes a billion dollars to ship couch to Iqaluit
Swedish furniture maker says exorbitant price to ship to Nunavut is a glitch and the actual shipping cost is $5500.
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Tue Apr 2 21:55:49 2013
Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G LTE Wireless Tablet
This 12 month AT&T 4G data package includes 250MB a month of blazing fast data for a one-time payment of only $49.99, with no monthly payments required. The package also includes 20GB of additional Cloud Drive storage, and a $10 Amazon Appstore promotional credit, at no additional charge. The $49.99 package is only available for the first year of service.
$50/yr, up front, not monthly, doesn't keep people from leaving for the rest of the year. And the Amazon website doesn't give any clue what the wireless data plan costs after the first year. It may be more than the company would want to pay as a retention incentive. Then again, it might be enough to be an effective incentive. I have no idea whether 250MB/month (8.22MB/day) is a useful amount of data. Is that 250MB uploaded, and 250MB downloaded, or (more likely) 250MB total up and down? I suppose people don't upload much, but what if you needed to edit a document? Is your tablet the only place you're going to need that updated file? How useful is 20GB of cloud storage if you can retrieve only 8MB of it on the average day? An hour of standard-def video in my DVR is about 1GB, so that's 15min of a TV show every month – useless. (Maybe you downscale videos for a smaller display before transferring to a tablet. But then why have HDMI out if you don't have the full-resolution data source in the tablet.) But maybe it's enough for occasional web browsing, and you do your data transfers when you've got WiFi access.

This keeps coming back to the logistics of getting data in and out of these tablets. Sharing documents with co-workers is the justification for selecting this as our reward. How are we going to be able to do that? Email proprietary data to our home ISP accounts, where people can connect with WiFi, or USB to PCs and Macs? (USB to Linux is a little tricky; Amazon doesn't support it, but there are open-source apps for this.)


One of my coworkers brought in his Kindle Fire (not HD) so I could see they're like. It's much heavier than I expected. Not unusable, but not lightweight. (It's going to have a serious impact if dropped.) I'll take it home tonight and see what it's like connected to the Internet. (As mentioned before) There's no WiFi accessible at the office. And the network is the computer, for much of what you do on something like this. If it's your repository for music, books, videos, photos, etc, you could fill up 8GB pretty quickly. And if you go for newspaper or magazine subscriptions, you need the network for delivery. (Seems like it should be very nice for following RSS feeds.)

The screen is nice. (It's probably not as nice as Apple's "Retina" display, but I haven't seen one of those yet.) As I was reading the manual I thought I was getting some eyestrain, but it could just be something that requires some getting used to. Or maybe it's that I'm tired. There was no music, so I can't comment on the sound quality. And I'm curious to see what web browsing is like on the small screen.

Wednesday 02:37

The Kindle was interesting. The first big challenge was getting it onto our WiFi. Those of you who've visited with laptops may recall that our router filters by MAC address. So I had to find the Kindle's MAC. I eventually searched the web for help, but could not apply the directions I found. That was because of the next problem, the inconsistent response of the touch screen. Sometimes I can drag things, and sometimes I can't, even though I should be able to. So it took me a long time to find the SetUp/Device screen, which is where the MAC is displayed. After that, and a WEP key, it connected easily.

I really miss having a keyboard. The on-screen keyboard is convenient, but it sucks. Again, the response is inconsistent. (I had a hard time typing in the 26 digits of the WEP key.) And I don't much like dragging to move around the screen. I like it less than using a mouse (and I don't like mice), nor do I like smearing the screen. A lot of the time I'm using a computer, I'm using a keyboard. I don't want to reach away for the mouse, or for the screen. A tablet will probably be fine for reading books, or watching videos, or listening to music. But not for writing.

The high-def aspect ratio (16:9?) sucks for web browsing. It's a terrible shape for both portrait and landscape. And I still have no clue how to control switching between portrait and landscape orientation. I expect it's documented somewhere, but I can't read everything in one evening.

I thought this thing was having battery problems, since I plugged it in and after several hours it hadn't budged off of 67% charge. But I recall reading that it charges very slowly, especially while turned on. It crept up to 71% while I took a long shower.

It doesn't appear to understand the format of the video files I downloaded from the MythTV. Possibly the stupid file names (ending in .mpg..mpg) are confusing it; more likely it doesn't support MPEG2(?) format. The MythTV can probably transcode the files into something the Kindle can handle, but that's a nuisance. (And it will probably require doing a USB transfer, since the transcoded files won't be on a MythTV webpage.) The downloaded files appear to be available only through the Web (Silk browser) application, and I have no clue how to rename the files. (With a laptop browser you get the option to modify the file name before the download starts.) I was also able to download some MP3 files from our choir's website. But I didn't stumble across any way to make a playlist of the files, instead of having to play them one at a time. (You wouldn't expect a web browser to make playlists, but that seems to be the only access to the files (so far).)

I don't think I'm going to be happy with the user interface. I think I'll like much of the functionality, but not the gyrations to do the things I'd want to do.

Wednesday 09:42

The Kindle battery is fully charged, after being plugged in overnight.
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Mon Apr 1 23:41:46 EDT 2013

I would not want to be working in Brazil's Tourism Ministry:
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Sat Mar 30 22:26:48 EDT 2013

I think the problem with the failed recordings this past week is channel definitions on the MythTV not matching Comcast. I think I have fixed one; WMPT std-def was set to channel 0-0 instead of 22-0, which can't have been right. The question is how did that get changed in the DVR? And what else doesn't match?

Sunday 05:07

It took a while, but I got Zap2It.com listings and examined the HTML source which contains the channel codes to match the listings, made guesses about which ones are the HD/SD/secondary channels, and updated the prime-/sub-channel values for the ones that were gone/changed; and there were a lot more gone than I expected. Comcast renumbered a lot of channels last week.

It looks like MythTV automatically zeros out its tuning info for the channels that move and go dead, which made it easier to identify the broken ones. I should have figured out sooner that this was the problem, because it's happened before, more than once.
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Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2013 00:07:16 +0000

It's Good Friday, and a lot of people have taken the day off. (There's more space than usual in the parking lot, and people who did come in have been leaving early.) They're not all Christians; I think some people are taking the day off because other people are taking the day off. With the server installations going on at the new data center, most of the people in my office have been gone most of the last 3 weeks anyway; I'm often the only one here.

Today is my 2nd day back on the bike. The ride felt harder than Tuesday, but I was a little faster today. (Just remembered there was a construction detour that added 0.11 miles, so I went farther in less time.) The 2 idle months definitely took a toll on my conditioning. I had planned to bike yesterday, but there were problems at work that caused me to connect remotely and work for a while, so I was leaving home much later than usual and I didn't want to create an hour+ gap in my availability. And I got cold, working in the house, so cold that I didn't want to think about getting on the bike and starting my ride cold.

I haven't been to NC for several weeks. It's time I went, but driving would just make for another tiring weekend, and there have been too many of those. Last weekend we had the power outage at the new datacenter. We had planned to do a disaster-recovery exercise, but that's been shifted to next weekend, when we already had a software release planned (so that's now 2 busy weekend days instead of one), plus we have to test connectivity to a remote site that's changing its IP address – no flexibility for our schedule on that. And the choir is singing too next weekend. The first time we've planned to do something on a Sunday morning for 2 years, and work manages to schedule 2 tasks. (Fortunately the IP testing got shifted to the afternoon, when I can be available.) SO no NC for the next 2 weekends.

We took the lemon tree outside yesterday morning. I didn't see [livejournal.com profile] anniemal at all last night or this morning.

I still don't know what's going on with the MythTV. It failed to record more shows yesterday, but some it did record. Some that were way short looked like poor signal quality. Some that failed completely were concurrent with others that worked, so there was a signal then. Most things come around again, so I can hope the 2nd airings record. I've got so many other things I haven't seen yet that I could wait to keep things in sequence with the shows that failed this week.
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Thu Mar 28 00:32:10 EDT 2013

I haven't had time to look any farther at configuring Alpine (email client) to make secure connections to Comcast's SMTP relay, but I'm receiving far less spam myself. Looks like Comcast should have implemented this long ago.
The DVR was recording when I got home tonight, but it turns out it wasn't recording as much as it said it was. There were a lot of empty recordings again today. I still have no clue what the problem is.
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Wed Mar 27 23:00 EDT 2013

I drove to work today because I had choir rehearsal tonight. A block from home I could hear that the back hatch wasn't latched. I pulled over as soon as I could, and when I went back to close it I found bags of dog and cat food. [livejournal.com profile] anniemal went shopping yesterday. Too bad she didn't tell me yesterday that there were bags that needed to come out of the car. I drove back home and put the bags in the van. Taking them into the house would have taken longer, and I couldn't just dump them inside the door because the cat will tear the bags open. (The bags have to go into closets or rooms with closed doors.)

And (since I biked to work yesterday instead of driving) Annie took the car for its emissions inspection, so now its registration can be renewed.
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Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 23:02:51 +0000

We're all supposedly getting Kindle Fires at work – don't know when; don't know what model (HD? 8.9"? Cellular? (not likely)).

One justification is sharing documents. But there's no WiFi accessible here at work, and our PCs' USB ports are encrypted, so getting the shared documents into the Kindles is a big question. It occurred to me last night that Bluetooth could also be a transfer option – if they don't get us the lowest-model Kindle (no Bluetooth). But now here at the office I don't see any support for Bluetooth on my desktop PC. Bluetooth doesn't show up anywhere in the Control Panel, and there's no Bluetooth logo anywhere on the physical box itself. So here we are, back to being in an environment that doesn't want us sharing data outside of the PCs they've provided us.
Why do people feel compelled to add white space to messages? Why do they feel that a piece of email needs to fill the screen, regardless of how much little they have to say?

When your messages grow into a thread of responses I'd like to be able to see multiple short exchanges together on the screen, not have to scroll up and down to get the flow of the discussion. I can do this if you don't gratuitously
occupy space. [Could be a blog title: Gratuitously Occupying Space.]
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Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 21:47:57 +0000
Linux-powered CD player attempts audio perfection
Mar 22, 2013
Parasound, a purveyor of fanatically high-end consumer audio equipment, has introduced a CD player that's controlled by an internal Mini-ITX computer running embedded Linux. Using a CD-ROM drive for playing CDs, the "Halo CD 1" sucks in the CD's contents at 4x normal speed, giving its CPU time to detect and eliminate disc errors before outputting near-perfect audio.
By reading data from the disc at four times the speed of a conventional CD player, the device's embedded Linux computer can read each section of the disc multiple times, checking for discrepancies between the reads. When differences are detected, the sections are read again "as many times as needed to significantly reduce errors and, accordingly, [to eliminate] the negative effects of error concealment."
The result, according to Parasound, is a "nearly bit-perfect data stream."
The Parasound Halo CD 1 CD-player comes in silver and black, and is priced at $4,500.
Comments from other readers:
Blade says:
March 23, 2013 at 5:35 pm
...so it's a $100 computer, with a $10 CD-ROM drive, and a really high end sound card. So, like $400 of parts, and possibly some custom software, although I think that it's standard for most CD software these days to be able to read ahead and error correct.
Sounds like a potential open-source project – if anyone thought it were worth doing.
Integration Guy says:
March 24, 2013 at 7:35 am
The company I work for does high end installs for people with so much money they really seem to be unsure how to spend it. Celebrities, Movie Stars, Rock Stars, Fortune 500 Execs, Politicians and just very, very wealthy people. Our jobs typically include a home automation system ... distributed audio through out the home, in wall touch screens like something out of Star Trek and an equipment room with multiple eight foot racks housing the brains for all this stuff.
... we have not installed a new CD player in well over a year for any of these jobs. Most continue to use their old unit and, when it dies, they don't replace it with a CD player. .... Instead [of] CDs they use a media server that access all of their music stored on hard drives or from their iTunes account or they just use AirPlay with their iPhones.
The audio CD is all but dead technology, at any price. At this price? Wow.
So it's not worth doing. It's an expensive product for a dieing market. Then again, there's still people buying vinyl, and listening with tube amps.
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Tue Mar 26 23:19:31 EDT 2013

The DVR didn't record anything after 15:30 today. All the recordings were empty. It said it was recording a show when I got home, but the file was empty. And when I cancelled the recording and deleted the file, it said the show was recorded and didn't present any option to record it – which actually suggested that it thought it was still recording it. The 2 shows at 22:00 started out empty, and restarted empty when I rebooted the DVR. I don't have a clue what the problem is. The scheduling is working; it's creating empty files with metadata. If I watch "live" TV through the DVR, the tuner is still finding the signal. Just nothing's getting recorded.

January 8 I got email from Comcast saying they were going to stop accepting email on port 25, the standard SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) port. They didn't say when. When turns out to be today. There were no follow-ups. The problem is security. They're moving to port 465, with username/password authentication. The email included links to configuring several versions of Outlook, Windows Mail, and Apple OSX Mail. But I'm not using any of those. And I haven't seen anything – yet – in the configuration for Alpine for specifying an alternate SMTP port.

There may be an upside, if Comcast accepts authenticated connections from other ISPs. I haven't been able to send email out with Alpine through Comcast unless I am on the Internet through Comcast; at Mom's house or (MiL) Joanne's house (Ariz) I'm on AT&T or Qwest, and Comcast will not accept any port-25 connections. (They have to do that; otherwise spammers would abuse them as open relays. All ISPs have to do this (if they are responsible).)

Most of the email I send is forwarding spam to Comcast's supposed anti-spam handlers.

Wednesday 00:46

The DVR is recording the next show up; started at 00:30.

Wednesday 02:15

Finding some good stuff (Server Name Syntax) on the Alpine set-up.
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Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 00:07:13 +0000

I biked to work today. First time since late January, when the pedal broke and cut the front tire and bent part of the front brakes. Sunday I put on the new pedals and tire, and spent a long time adjusting the brakes. I ended up replacing one of the cable housings. I don't think I was that much slower on the hills than I was back in the fall. I did make it up all the hills without taking a break. (When I first started on this route I routinely took a rest on the worst hill.) I think I've gained weight while I wasn't biking, and I'll probably be sore tomorrow. But tomorrow's a choir day, so I can't bike anyway. The weather should be decent Thursday and Friday.

Last night a surprising number of people were driving without their lights on. Technically, it was before sunset, but it was rainy and dark all afternoon. People driving grey cars in dark grey weather without their lights are idiots. They seem to think that people can't help but see them if they're big. But when you're effectively camouflaged, it doesn't matter what size you are. The bigger you are, the more you hide my view of other cars.
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It's been a day and it hasn't stopped.

There are two farmers markets locally that we go to; the SU goes to the one by the railroad tracks with the good meats, and I sometimes go to the one downtown (locally, not DC), which has good veggies and fruit. I got ready to go to that one today. I got less than a mile away when my stomach said, loudly, "I don't feel well. I may give you back what you've eaten if you keep going."

What could I do? I took the next cross-street, which is a fairly direct route home, and came home and took something to settle the stomach, which continued to grumble.

I had put down my glasses for some reason; when I picked them up, one side piece fell off, behind the hinge. We went to Kaiser; no, they couldn't fix it, but they recommended a shop some distance away that was going to close in about 90 minutes. It took half an hour to get there, but we did. The cost isn't bad -- $65 is a lot better than ordering new glasses and going without for two weeks because the old ones hurt to wear -- and I can pick them up Monday.

The guy who does the repair also does lenses, replacement and new prescriptions, and I may take my very old Bausch & Lomb sunglasses there to get polarized lenses for them, or maybe even the distance half of my prescription so I can use them in situations where I'm at an angle to the sun that puts light on the *back* of the glass (which means I see the glass surface or dust or smears and not through the glass).

So, I can't drive till Monday after we pick the repaired glasses up, since I need them to drive (legally). I was going to get tickets for a local play - I know one of the actors - but the computer glitched on me and blew the sale, and I'm too frustrated, so it will be next weekend.

(I am very glad that I did not agree to be in the Second Life fundraising event today -- which took place about the same time we were driving along the six-lane looking for the address for the glasses repair place.)
(Oh, yeah, I got locked out of my credit union account on Thursday -- their new 'security system' sent my passcode slower than their time limit for entering the passcode, so I had to repeat the process, and then it said that was the wrong passcode... I got in this morning, no problem.)

And I discovered one of the two soprano coyotes -- it's the collie that belongs to what must be new people in the house behind us (none of the people look familiar and the others had a beagle.) It was listening for the *real* coyote in the park and singing replies. The baritone coyote is still out there being a coyote somewhere, I suspect.

But the contractor who bid on the masonry work we need looks very good and we said yes. And the garlic and onions I planted seem to be doing fairly well; I need to trim back lemon balm from shading the garlic, but that's all.

So the world is slightly fuzzy around the edges, but it's not that bad.
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Mon Mar 25 14:00 EDT 2013Stikfas pop singer

Do people who sing flat whistle flat?
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Fri Mar 22 21:41:54 EDT 2013

universal headrest mount for tabletsKindle Fire HD TabletThe tablet mounts I ordered arrived yesterday. I took one to the office, and I was able to mount it under the cabinets over my desk, where it would put a tablet pretty close to my monitors. So when are we finally going to see these promised Kindles? Is this an inducement to keep people from leaving? We've had several new hires since the announcement of boon; will they be included or left out? [Left out.] And there have been people who've left in the last few weeks. I don't see any corporate incentive to give them one.

Buckyballs 216 Piece Rare Earth Magnetic SetIs a tablet left unattended at my desk likely to be stolen? What if everyone else in the room already has one too?
Someone did steal the set of BuckyBalls I brought to the office for communal diversion.
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