October 27th, 2016

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Photo by Dakota Vickers
Selena Milian!

I was wondering in the face of all the conservahate being ramped up against the transgender community if there would be any trans masculine or trans feminine  homecoming kings or queens crowned during this school year.

Well, I'm happy to announce that we have a homecoming queen that has been crowned in this 2016-17 school year and surprise surprise it was in North Carolina. .

Photo by Dakota VickersYes, the same North Carolina where Hate Bill 2 is still on the books despite the over $400 million (and counting)  in economic damage it has done.

The same North Carolina in which the first trans masculine homecoming king in Blake Brockington committed suicide a year after making that history.

The 18 year old senior came out as trans during her freshman year, and despite all the drama and hardships Milian has faced, was crowned homecoming queen on October 24 after being elected by her classmates at Overhills High School in Spring Lake, NC on October 21.

She is the first out trans feminine homecoming queen in North Carolina.

Besides plans to eventually go on hormones, and go to cosmetology school, what she'd really like to do is become an advocate. "Being crowned homecoming queen was just the first step.  I want to help my community and continue to make a difference."

Congratulations Selena and hope the rest of your senior year is as fabulous and memorable as the start of it.

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Thu Aug 2 19:18:30 EDT 2012
Acer Aspire 1830 TimelineX
Laptop resume from hibernate doesn't take long at all. (Although it is confused about the networking, since the WiFi was turned back on.) Reloading RAM from the disk must draw more power than awaking from suspend, but it hasn't been losing a trickle of power preserving the RAM the whole time it was asleep.
Igloo Island Breeze MaxCold Roller (50 Qt/47 L) ice chest
I woke up early this morning – 06:43. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up early. This gave me time to look through the day's schedule of classes and go to the camp store for ice for my cooler. I didn't see the cart anywhere (probably in someone's tent overnight?), so getting more than ~20 lbs (?22->kg) wasn't an option. Pop-Tarts and a peach for breakfast again, and cheddar and deviled-chicken spread sandwiches for lunch again.
Lady Barbara de Vries (the Nearly-Naked Frisian): The Komuso - Japanese Priests of Nothingness
Today's classes were mostly music. All the classes I picked today had room, all the instructors were there, and all had enough handouts. (For instructors, figuring out how many handouts to bring is a crapshoot. You often don't know how popular your class will be. When it's scheduled and what it may conflict with matters. If you're doing it more than once, and the first class wants 3/4 of your handouts, do you hold back, or hope fewer people will come next time? Or do you try to get more copies made?)

And the Known-World Choir's rehearsals started today. Our camp's land agent is giving the choir a try this year. She's not a great sight-reader, but she's got a strong voice, a good sense of pitch, and an ear for and familiarity with other languages, and I think she'll have the music down by next Thursday if she comes to most of the rehearsals. She's a tenor; the KWC is always short on tenors, and even shorter on basses. The tenor section was pretty solid today. (It helps that I already know 3 of the pieces really well (and I'm one of the stronger voices in this group).) It will really piss [livejournal.com profile] anniemal off to find out that Anna and I have something in common, but Annie's whole attitude about Pennsic needs adjusting.Erin, Pennsic 2009

I saw Erin at one of the classes mid-day, and she was (of course) at KWC rehearsal.

Friday 00:25

Getting to bed at an almost decent hour. Had a nice shower. Dinner was delayed a bit because of battery problems for the oven on the gas range. There was a glass-fusing class I could have gone to at 20:00. Considering dinner wasn't ready, I should have gone to the class. It will be offered again Sunday evening, but there may be more people going for it then.

Icon Rogue 2 100-Lumen Flashlight (green)Icon Link Carabiner LED FlashlightThe Rogue LED flashlight is excellent, but it is bulky in my journey bag (belt pouch). But I don't need to carry it with me, since after classes I'm back in camp before dark. Next week though, there's things going on in the evening, with reasons to be out and about, so then I'll need to fit it in. And it's too big to live in my fanny pack the rest of the year. Here's hoping the Link is the solution for both.... (And it's orange. )
October 26th, 2016
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I have successfully introduced my girlfriend to Ardbeg.

She keeps making faces and saying that it's horrible, but she keeps taking sips from my glass.

I call that a win!
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Virginia and I had the kitten room today. We had a mostly friendly bunch of cats (as I mentioned before, "kitten room" is just a name, and cats of all ages are there). There was just one cat who sat on a top shelf and didn't do anything, but had a glare that made it clear that getting too close wasn't a good idea. I got a few pictures this time; here's one of them behind the cut.

We had to park across the street today because the "Catmobile," a mobile feline processing unit, was open for spaying/neutering procedures and they wanted to keep the parking lot open for people bringing cats in.
Kitty picture )
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I bought two of these at the Davis Square Farmers' Market today, and ate one when I got home (when it was still cool from being outside).

This is an average apple: a bit sweet but not very, a bit juicy, some apple flavor but nothing noteworthy, not especially tart. The inside is white and the skin mostly red, and it's a little bigger than a Macoun.

I'll be eating the other but probably not buy more. And then go to the supermarket for more Macouns (we're near the end of the farmers' market season here; I miss the year-round Greenmarket in Inwood).
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Wed Aug 1 23:15:48 EDT 2012

Acer Aspire 1830 TimelineXOptima D34/78-950 Yellow Top battery, 12V 55AH - SPIRALCELL TechnologyThe laptop in "suspend" mode (very low power, memory intact; fast resume) ran the battery down today. "Hibernate" mode (RAM copied into swap, zero power; longer restart) hasn't worked reliably since the OS upgrade from 10.10 to 12.04, and was removed from the menu. But since the WiFi seems to be the big problem for hibernate, and I don't have network access for the next week+, I might as well try hibernate again. I recharged the laptop this evening from the storage battery. (And I'm recharging the cellphone now.)

watch from Wal*MartOne of my campmates made a run to Wal*Mart today, and I prevailed upon her to look for miniature screwdrivers. She brought back a set, and I was able to replace the battery in my watch. I used the cellphone as a timepiece today, but that was awkward. I don't really want to be wearing a watch either, but it's good to know what time it is here. The hands on the watch are still not moving. I thought they stopped before because the old battery was low, but maybe something has broken. The digital display still works, so I just set the hands to 6:30, where they are least in the way. Perhaps the replacement battery is old too, but I tried 2 from different packages, with the same result. And I had a hard time figuring out how to get the display into 24-hr mode (vs am/pm), but it was a challenge when I first got the watch too.

Lots of classes today. The printed book with the class schedules can't of course reflect any late changes. I printed a 186-page PDF from the Pennsic University website Saturday, which I am marking up with things of interest and carrying just the pages for the day with me. I made a couple of sandwiches and took along some cookies for lunch, since I wasn't expecting to have a chance to come back to camp mid-day. I'm worried about eating the bread before it goes mouldy. Breakfast was Pop Tarts. I've also got some peaches and grapes. I'm going to have to get some more ice first thing tomorrow morning.

There was a 5-hour basket-weaving class I wanted to take, but it was full. (It's being offered a 2nd time, but will conflict with choir rehearsals.)
The instructor was a no-show for 2 classes. (I didn't realize until later that it was the same instructor for both.) The first was about making soap. We decided to teach ourselves, since some of the attendees had complementary experience. One had made lye (from water and wood ash) and tallow (from suet); another had made soap from lye and lard (but hadn't herself made lye or lard); and a third knew about the chemistry of lye, fats, and soap. So the hour did not go to waste.

Dinner was on the late side, and 2 of the 5 of us here are very chatty, and with so few others here yet it's hard to get away without being rude. So I haven't had a chance yet to look through the class schedule for tomorrow. I have looked over the music a bit, and the Known-World Choir rehearsals start tomorrow. (As I've said before) This is my first first-week Pennsic, and it will be interesting to see what the first-week rehearsals are like. Many people don't arrive until the middle weekend, so I expect the group will be much smaller. I have been appointed the tenor section leader. The select choir rehearsals start Sunday (usually the hour preceding the regular choir's rehearsal). One of the pieces is being done with the main group; it's an echo chorus singing the same music. The other 2 pieces I've done before, but so long ago (with Musica Alta, in NJ) that I can't recognize what part I sang then. And the main group is doing a couple of pieces that Ad Hoc has done recently, although one of them is in a different key. And there's a 3rd piece that Ad Hoc has also done, which I know from much farther back as part of an annual service in college.
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One fine dark night with a fine dark sky
And fine-sliced moon so bright,
A Cat leapt forth with a fine black coat
And paws of moonlit white;
If I should ask you to say her name
I'm sure you'd tell me that
She's Yantantessera,
Tessera, Tessera,
Tessera Tessera, Cat.

She had no humans, she had no home,
She had no meals to eat,
But soon, by means of a friendly purr,
Adopted half a street,
Where twenty humans would serve her food:
They all had time to chat
With Yantantessera,
Tessera, Tessera,
Tessera Tessera, Cat.

The Cats' Home heard, and they swore to find
The Cat a Home, and thus
She started work as a Rescue Cat
Who came to rescue us.
And since that day, we belong to her;
We're proud to share a flat
With Yantantessera,
Tessera, Tessera,
Tessera Tessera, Cat!

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Recently read: Very misc collection of essays and such
  • Via [personal profile] soon_lee: Ann Leckie on guilty pleasures. Leckie makes some fairly obvious points about how the concept of a "guilty" pleasure is often snobby and sexist, but expands on that with some interesting thoughts about criticizing tastes of those who don't belong to the group you want to identify with.

  • [personal profile] kalypso wrote Strange and Norrell fic. It's explicitly based on the TV series (which I've watched slightly under half of), not the book, and I think it really captures the atmosphere but not so much Susanna Clarke's distinctive voice. Massively spoilery for either the series or the books, though. And, uh, the fic is about gaslighting someone with memory loss, in case you don't know the books but want to read anyway.

  • Following links from something else, I found this Q&A with a sleep scientist, which makes a nice accessible summary of recent evidence. There's also quite a lot of discussion about SIDS (cot death) risk, which might make it hard reading for some; I really pricked my ears up at:
    But most people who want to ‘ban co-sleeping’ don’t think any of [the relevant evidence that the risk may be lower than thought] matters, because it isn’t an important or valued behaviour for them. It is valued by cultural minorities and breastfeeding mothers, not the people who (previously) made up the guidance.

  • History of the song L'homme armé, with a long and fascinating diversion about the Crusades and the fall of Constantinople.

  • [livejournal.com profile] siderea has a lovely piece Forward into light about the history of the US women's suffrage movement. Which reminds me, I am most grateful to all my American friends who are talking about voting, and especial kudos to people who've looked into ballot measures and elections for offices other than PotUSA where that's relevant in their locality. We don't do democracy quite like that but I'm alwyas impressed when people put serious effort into participating and citizenship.

Currently reading: Still In a time of gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor. He's in Austria atm and I have a weird second-hand nostalgia for 1930s Austria, since many people in the community I grew up with were refugees from there. It's a little too poignant to read Fermor looking back on the way of life that, writing in the 70s, he knew was about to be destroyed with the massive swing to the right and eventually the Anschluß.

Up next: I am not sure, I'm leaning towards Two serpents rise by Max Gladstone.
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Image result for Boston Logan Southwest
Once again the Air Marshal is sitting at Hobby International Airport waiting to board a Southwest 737 headed to Boston.   This one is a nonstop going up there, but coming back I will be running through Dallas Love Field before I finally get back home..

May need to roll through the Whataburger in that terminal on the return trip if I have enough time to do so.  What's even cooler is I'm leaving out of the new international wing of Hobby gates on Gate 1

As mentioned in an earlier post, I'm headed there to receive the Robert Coles Call of Service Award from the Harvard based Phillips Brooks House Association on the 28th.

May also if I have time try to knock out another visit off my Presidential library bucket list and go to the JFK Presidential Library and Museum there.

Well, here;s hoping this plane leaves on schedule so I can get there a little after noon local time, get to the hotel and get settled.
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Okay, there's no such thing as the ultimate pen, just as there seems to be no ultimate answer to the Shakespeare / Marlowe question. And if you don't know anything about that, well ... I don't much either, just as They don't seem to know Themselves!


About an hour ago, I got a message from Per saying that he'd picked up my scripts, leading me to write him back to say that I'd just taken the penultimate paracetamol.

Except for two things, one being that paracetamol is like Tylenol, which doesn't require a prescription unless you need to buy it in large doses, or more than about 12 tablets at a time. The second of those two things is that I'd just then taken the penultimate scripted painkiller, which doesn't have a better name than Dolol.

Anyway, I couldn't even think of the word penultimate at the time, leading me to google next-to-last, which led me here, or to the ultimate pen:

To confuse your readers, use the term “penultimate,” which means “next to last,” but which most people assume means “the very last.” And if you really want to baffle them, use “antepenultimate” to mean “third from the end.”

Many people also mistakenly use “penultimate” when they mean “quintessential” or “archetypical.”



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Weirdly, despite webcomics being one of my absolute favourite methods of media to consume, I have *very* few characters who started life therein. Mostly it's books, which probably says something interesting and completely obvious about how I relate to text YEP.

But I had Max, who I posted about earlier, and I have Melody Wildflower Kelly. (Did you know her middle name? Do you know where I looked to find it? I'll put a postscript at the bottom if you wanna try and figure it out yourself.)

Narbonic is one of the best webcomics ever written. It's a mad science love story, and it hits on virtually every mad science trope there is, at one point or another. The main cast is four characters: Dave, the everyman computer scientist tempted by the forces of evil, Helen, the wicked biologist with gerbil-based dreams of world domination, Artie, the superintelligent gerbil originally meant to destroy the world but more interested in saving it, and Mell.

Mell who likes big guns, easy answers, and causing a whole freaking lot of chaos.

It is an active shame that I have never sought to cosplay Mell, because we share the whole dark-hair and short-skirts aesthetic. I don't talk like her quite all the time, but I've certainly let her overwhelming Mell-ness infuse my vocabulary (have you known me long enough to hear me call something ginchy?)

Mell starts as an evil intern, getting school credit for serving under a Mad Scientist because the Narboniverse is just the right kind of wacky. She isn't a genius and she's definitely not Mad (not in a universe where that's a documented disability), but she is devastatingly effective about cutting through the bullshit and getting things done. We are men of action both.

I'm not *quite* as excited by guns as she is, but I am more violent than I ever let on, and I would certainly be willing to be the athletic member of the team (note to self, talk about Parker sometime) if necessary. That being said, she's also plenty lazy, willing to let Dave or Artie do things as much as possible so she doesn't have to.

Over the course of the strip, she graduates college, obtains a boyfriend, and quietly gets things done. She doesn't share a lot of her life with her coworkers --she doesn't feel the need to! There's always a weird shock that Mell Kelly has other things going on, but that makes all the more sense to me --I understand the value of compartmentalizing, oh yes.

I think she's badass as hell. You probably should too.


PostScript: You can find her middle name (and more!) in the spin-off strip Li'l Mell! I have a strip from this hanging on my wall, from what is probably the best storyline about anything ever --The Horror of Rukavina Caverns!

(I'm really big into children's folklore, okay?)
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Today's character is a little bit of a cop-out, in that I've written about her before and fairly recently. But I don't care --I continue to have a lot of love in me for Maxine Tabitha Fae Hellenberger. And not just for her crazy bits.

Max *exemplifies* vivacity. She is not a quiet person, in any way, not with an aura that's yellow and turquoise spots. She makes friends quickly, falls in love expansively, and is rarely in the same position from panel to panel.

(This is actually a small detail that I *love* Tailsteak includes. I'm especially fond of any sequence where she's sitting on the couch and talking with other characters, because inevitably her fidgeting will result in her being upside down at some point. As someone who perches-climbs-inverts on the regular, I recognize this plenty.)

True, I'm not vegan but I understand her reasoning and her incredible commitment to consensual hedonism for all. I'm not an animal caretaker, but then again, that's *her* passion. I think she could find familiarity in the way I throw myself into dance and the organization thereof. And I am poly, and I am set up in my poly in such a way that I can do a lot of flirting with strangers, because strangers are awesome and people are awesome and how is there so much attractive in the world?

And yes, we're both crazy. I'm only on one medication (although I suppose it should maybe be more, but I'm still pretending I don't potentially have Depression), and I've never tried to drown myself when I've not had access to it, but it certainly makes me lose track of myself to be unmedicated. (This last month has been a slow sliding testament to that. I'm working on it.)

Leftover Soup ends in 71 strips. That's 27 more weeks, and then on to the next project for Tailsteak. I like that he does this, I like that he works to create cohesive and finishing narratives. But it doesn't mean I'm not going to miss getting to check in with Max once she's gone.

The tent is now too hot for sleeping.

Tuesday 23:28
It's been a laid-back day. We had french toast for breakfast. There were no classes today. As usual, the classes look interesting, and I'll probably be out for classes earlier than breakfast happens in this camp. So that will probably be the last cooked breakfast until maybe the last couple of days. Dinner was beef stroganoff (not from a mix). After dinner I finally took my car up to the parking area. (I was parked in all day at the camp, not that it was a problem.) I'm on row 13, which is way closer than I've ever parked before – but this is way earlier than I've ever come to Pennsic before.

High Sierra® Mesa Family Dome TentBetween breakfast and dinner I got the air mattress inflated, found the hammer to put in a few fluorescent stakes for outlying guy lines for the pop-out window and the fly, made a combined schedule for the two choirs I'm in this year, and generally sort-of unpacked. I should get a twin-sized air mattress; this queen-sized takes up too much of the floor space. (I suppose if I had overnight guests it would be a good size....)

The regular choir has 2-hour rehearsals Thursday through to the concert next Thursday, and the "select" choir has an additional hour Sun-Wed, and will be part of the same concert. And there's also a children's choir this year, which I guess we'll be hearing more about. (I suspect I would have heard plenty already had I been bringing kids to Pennsic.) The rehearsals are a chunk out of the day, and often mean missing some interesting classes. But even without the rehearsals I'd still probably be missing some interesting classes, since most hours there are several that look interesting. Some are held a 2nd time (and a few even 3 or 4), but they still usually conflict with something else good. You just have to pick. And some don't have room, so that decides it too sometimes.

Sandisk Sansa Fuze Black Media Player w/FM tuner, 1.9" LCD, micro SDHC slot.I tried to transfer the MP3 files of the choirs' music into my MP3 player, but I couldn't get it into USB-disk mode when connected to my laptop. I spent a lot of time on that, getting nowhere. It did charge up the MP3 player (which didn't need much), and further drain the laptop's battery. I think I'll have to hook it up to the inverter tomorrow. It's actually running much easier than usual on the battery tonight. The weather's cool, and the fan's not running. I don't have many of the regular applications running either – Pinta (image editor) Aisle Riot (Solitaire), feh (image display/slideshow); and Firefox has only a few tabs loaded.

I also went to the camp store for ice for the camp – 3 22-lb bags – 11 lb for me, 22 lb for Ray, and 33 lb for the camp coolers. This is a new size, added to the 10-lb bags they've stocked before. Ray got a collapsible cart (at Costco) for carrying ice. They seem to be all the rage; I saw 2 more at the store, and another 2 went by our camp after I got back. (I.e. 5 identical carts in 30 min.)

No new arrivals at camp today, so we're still just 5: Anna, the land agent; Michael, her son; Jim, her boyfriend; Ray, long-time camp member (widower of [livejournal.com profile] butterfluff, whose last Pennsic was [livejournal.com profile] anniemal's first, the year before my first), and me.
I'm planning to have a shower, and be up in time for 09:00 classes; Pop-Tarts for breakfast.

Tuesday 23:55
Ubuntu just experienced and internal error, and wants permission to report it. I'm not going to be connected to the Internet any time soon. It was probably a weather application dying. It starts when I log in, and usually dies after a couple of days. I suppose these diagnostic reports may help get it fixed, eventually....

Wednesday 00:51
My camp is dark and quiet. But people are out and about; it feels like a party night. The drums down the hill are incessant. I will find my earplugs. (Actually, I have at least 3 sets; I have wax and foam.) My sinuses were going crazy last night (from the campfire smoke?); they are fine tonight. And the shower was good. The shower is always good.
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Tue Jul 31 01:01:47 EDT 2012

I left home at 15:47, and stopped at an ATM before getting on the highway. It was too late to use the HOV lanes on I-270 (15:30-18:30), but traffic wasn't too bad. I stopped for gas in Breezewood, PA, which is our habit because it is reliably cheap there before getting on the PA Turnpike.

But I didn't take the turnpike; I took US-30 west instead to US-220/I-99 north. I intended to take PA-869 to cut a corner off my route, but never saw it. When I passed US-22 I thought something was amiss and took the next exit and checked the map. US-422 forks off of US-22 and is the most direct route to Cooper's Lake. But I also missed US-422 splitting off, and ended up taking US-219 north from US-22 to US-422. After that, it was a straight shot, until the detour around the one-lane bridge that is out on the approach to the campground. Having reviewed on-line maps before I left, I was able to manage the detour in the dark – as it was quite dark by the time I got here.

I passed a Wal*Mart on US-30, and stopped there to get various things I had not been able to find at home – a doormat to put outside the tent, tealight candles, lighters (to light the candles, although I did manage to find one before I left), packing tape (simply forgot that), sewing needles, some canned food, and bread. The gas station in Breezewood had a "general store", but it was useless – travel snacks, travel electronics, and souvenirs (of Breezewood?). WAMU reception held most of the way to Breezewood, but then there was nothing appealing. At the Wal*Mart I found the Johnstown repeater of Pittsburg's classical station, WQED.

I don't listen to "classical" music any more. I listen to Early Music, but I don't play the classical station at home, so I don't hear much 19th-century music. WQED was playing a Bach partita for the last part of the trip, as I left US 422 and found my way on the detour around the closed one-lane bridge.

I'll have to check the Troll stamp to see what time I got here. The tent is up, the rugs are down, and the car is unloaded. (I think there were a couple more small rugs last year, but I didn't notice them anywhere as I was gathering things.) The air mattress is not set up yet, and the locations of many things (like the hammer for the tent stakes) is a mystery. I haven't really had dinner. So far, there's 4 other people at camp. I think [personal profile] dglenn is the next one expected in.

I didn't get any beer or cider on the way here. There wasn't room for it in the car or in the ice chest. I'm not sure how I'm going to add ice to it tomorrow, but it needs some.

Tuesday 03:05
Finally getting to bed. There are some real talkers here....
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Mon Jul 30 11:30:23 EDT 2012

Icon Link Carabiner LED FlashlightI wish I had checked woot! last night. They had another style of Icon flashlight today, a single AA with a carabiner clip. It's probably not as bright as the flashlights we just received, but it should still be pretty bright, and much more compact. It would be a good replacement for the flashlight I keep in my fanny pack, and would be useful for emergency nighttime bicycle repairs. It's available in orange or black, but the black appear to be sold out now. (Which is why I wish I had checked earlier; [livejournal.com profile] anniemal would probably prefer black.)

I got about 4-1/2 hours of sleep, but I still need to load the car. I'll need to get some groceries and beer/cider on the way, and I couldn't find the door mat I had last year, so that might be one more stop. (It really makes a difference for keeping dirt out of the tent.)
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Image result
Today is the 69th birthday of Democratic presidential nominee and former secretary of state Hillary D. Clinton, who was born on this date in 1947 in Chicago.  

As we are aware of, she is engaged in a pitched battle with Donald Trump to make history and become our first female president,   If the polls are correct, she will make that electoral history on November 8.

Just a not so subtle reminder that early voting is going on in Texas, so handle your business here and everywhere else early voting is happening.

Happy birthday Madame President, er Madame Secretary.   Hope you have a fabulous birthday, and definitely hoping you get the late birthday present of being elected and the 45th and first female president of our nation..
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Thu Jul 26 00:26:28 EDT 2012

Icon Rogue 2 100-Lumen Flashlight (green)USPS tracking shows the Rogue 2 flashlights from Woot! at a local post office at 15:00 this afternoon, so maybe they'll be delivered tomorrow. I was hoping they might arrive before Pennsic. There's a lot of enthusiastic commentary about them on the 'net – the brightest 2-AA flashlights available, somewhat waterproof (30 min @ 1 meter), and apparently you can drive a truck over them – so maybe they're a really good deal. (The woot! price was about 1/3 of list.) They should last us a long time, if we can manage not to lose them.

Thu Jul 26 01:47:42 EDT 2012

37-Key Roll-Up Portable Piano Keyboard with 100 Rhythms and Timbres37-Key Roll-Up Portable Piano Keyboard with 100 Rhythms and TimbresI just pulled this roll-up keyboard thing out again tonight, and I was able to squeeze batteries into it. I didn't take it to Pennsic last year because I coudn't get batteries into it. I guess it's going with me this year.

Thu Jul 26 21:13:58 EDT 2012

Icon Rogue 2 100-Lumen Flashlight (gray)The flashlights are bigger (and heavier) than I expected. I won't be able to fit one easily into the fanny pack of stuff that goes everywhere with me, and it's going to take up more space than I'd like in the pouch I wear at Pennsic. Then again, it's probably a better shape for space utilization in the pouch, so it may still be a win.

I don't know what happened in transit. The box looks fine, but inside one package was mangled, one was cracked, and the 3rd package was fine but the light was turned on inside it! They are bright – except for the one that arrived turned on. ☹ I guess I can see how it does with NiMH batteries; I don't have to wait for the included alkalines to run down. The review websites mentioned a lanyard; there aren't any, and the package doesn't mention it.

[21:52:20] The flashlight will run off NiMH AAs, but it's not quite as bright as with alkalines. (But it's still really bright for a campground at night. The dim setting is going to be fine for most use.)
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Wed Jul 25 09:45:07 EDT 2012

We often don't think about things that don't affect us. I don't spend much time thinking about the Olympics anyway, so it's not surprising that I didn't connect it with Ramadan and fasting. The Olympics occur during Ramadan, and fasting all day is an obvious handicap for most athletes.
Pizza World woot! T-shirt (by Radscoolian)

We had a pizza lunch at work last Thursday. I thought Thursday was an odd day for it. I didn't realize at the time that Ramadan started Friday. We have a lot of Muslim employees, and bringing in pizza when many people would have to fast would be, um, insensitive.
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Wed Jul 25 00:13:23 EDT 2012

I just disabled many channels in the DVR, channels I don't want it to pick for recording while I'm gone: home shopping, Hispanic, weather, listings, and HD. If a program's on both HD (high definition) and SD (std def), the DVR won't be able to pick HD. And if it's not on SD, then it's not going to get recorded.
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LiveJournal edit userpic
From do-not-reply@livejournal.com Tue Jul 24 21:19:26 2012
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2012 23:33:01 +0000
From: do-not-reply@livejournal.com
Subject: Migration of your photos is complete

Dear synt0nic_c0mma,

We have finished transferring your photos from the old Scrapbook service to our new photo hosting service. You can find your photos here: http://synt0nic-c0mma.livejournal.com/pics/catalog/.

Photos transferred: 0.

You can review the detailed migration report here: http://www.livejournal.com/pics/migration.

Thank you for using LiveJournal Scrapbook!

Best regards,
LiveJournal.com team
I've never used the Scrapbook service. You'd think they'd know this. You'd also think that having zero photos there would be a good clue too (although I guess there could be other reasons for transferring zero photos.) I don't think the migration report is going to be very interesting. I didn't think the Scrapbook service was available to the free accounts. (And they should of course know what kind of account people have.) I hadn't given any interest to whatever the new service is either.

When I do post (which has become pretty rare), I post to Dreamwidth, not Live Journal. They look pretty clueless, thanking me for using something I've never used. (Maybe that's the sort of thing that shifted me from LJ to DW....)

Oh, wait – zeroes in the account name – this isn't the Basic (i.e. old-style free) account, this is the Plus (i.e. ad-burdened) account. Plus accounts do have photo storage. But I've still never used it.
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me, a trans person: i don't like that this text we are discussing uses transgender as a noun in that sentence. which reminds me that just today i saw a news article about a trans man where the headline was "ask a transgender", it was awful and you should not do it, it's an adjective not a noun

cis person: but i have seen some trans people use it?

me, a trans person, talking about trans stuff: personally i dislike it, and although some people may choose to describe themselves that way individually, that still doesn't make it okay to use it to describe the whole group, we are not as a whole some weird extra gender category and to me it feels objectifying

cis person who is not trans: yes but language changes? not to diminish what you just said, but
October 25th, 2016

Posted by Monica Roberts

Image result for Say no to Blackface
Halloween is coming up this Monday, and already seeing the pics on Facebook and Instagram pic of white peeps wearing blackface 'costumes.

Once again, blackface is not funny, not considered complimentary because of the long history of it being used to demean and dehumanize my community dating back to the early 19th Century.

My people and my culture is not a costume for you to put on for your amusement.
Image result for white women in blackface
You also know blackface is wrong.  If you choose to ignore this warning for any reason, I don't want to hear any "I didn't know blackface was bad" commentary or other weak excuses trying to justify it because myself and other Black people across the Net have said it and written thousands of words why it's jacked up.

And don't even try to deploy the Wayans Brothers White Chicks movie as a defense.  That's an automatic nonstarter.

Image result for white women in blackface

Note to white women who wear blackface, If you've decided you're to do so after you have been warned not to and why it's not appropriate, don't be surprised at the backlash you get.  Your white tears will not save you from the backlash that will rain down upon you for your lousy decision.

And heaven help you if Black Twitter gets to those pics you thought were cool or funny.   Those blackface pictures will also follow you around forever.

Just say no to Blackface this Halloween, people. If you do, don't be mad when people consider you a racist jerk for doing so
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After voting this morning, I went grocery shopping. On the way home, I was talking idly with the woman sitting next to me on the bus. As she was getting up, she thought she had dropped something, and it looked a little like something had fallen, but didn't sound like it, and she didn't see anything missing.

When I got home and put my groceries away, I found her CharlieCard/The RIDE (paratransit) ID card in one of the bags. The cards have the holder's name and photo, and no other information.

I googled a bit, using her name and "Arlington," and came up with three possible phone numbers. One of those got me a man who said it was a wrong number, but that the name sounded vaguely familiar; I may not be the first person to try reaching her there. (When we lived in New York, every few months I got a call from someone looking for bus information.) The other two got me voicemail, and I left messages.

The woman's sister called me after about an hour, thanked me enthusiastically for taking the trouble, and asked how I had gotten her number. I explained how I found her number, and said that I would want someone to do the same for me, and she said that she would call her sister and tell her to expect to hear from me.

I heard from the card-holder at about 6:00, and arranged to meet her at the nearest bus stop, because I really didn't want to go up to Arlington Heights. She was slightly flustered, and when I asked if she could get there pointed out that I had her Charliecard; it took a little back-and-forth to get past that to yes, she had enough cash for the bus fare. She took the bus down here, I handed the card over, and she thanked me and headed for the bus stop in the other direction.

I am pleased this worked out. (The MBTA's suggestion, when I emailed their lost-and-found address, was to give them the name and number on the card so they could deactivate it. This seemed suboptimal, to put it mildly.)
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Posted by Monica Roberts

I've mentioned the Houston GLBT Political Caucus Card in some of my 2016 election posts,   To make it easier for y'all to #VoteTheCard,  here for your TransGriot viewing pleasure are the people who were endorsed in this 2016 election cycle by the Caucus

US Representative
• US Rep, District 2: Pat Bryan
• US Rep, District 7: James Cargas
• US Rep, District 18: Sheila Jackson Lee

Texas Supreme Court
• Justice, Supreme Court, Place 3: Mike Westergreen

Texas State Board of Education
• Member, State Board of Education, District 6: R. Dakota Carter

Texas State Representative
• State Representative, District 126: Joy Dawson-Thomas
• State Representative, District 131: Alma Allen
• State Representative, District 134: Ben Rose
• State Representative, District 135: Jesse A. Ybanez
• State Representative, District 137: Gene Wu
• State Representative, District 139: Jarvis Johnson
• State Representative, District 140: Armando Walle
• State Representative, District 147: Garnet Coleman
• State Representative, District 148: Jessica Farrar
• State Representative, District 149: Hubert Vo

Texas Court of Appeals
• Justice, 1st Court of Appeals, Place 4: Barbara Gardner
• Justice, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 2: Candace White
• Justice, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 9: Peter Kelly
District Judges
• District Judge, 11th: Kristen Hawkins
• District Judge 61st: Fredericka Phillips
• District Judge 80th: Larry Weiman
• District Judge 125th: Kyle Carter
• District Judge 127th: R. K. Sandill
• District Judge 129th: Michael Gomez
• District Judge 133rd: Jaclanel McFarland
• District Judge 151st: Mike Englehart
• District Judge 152nd: Robert K. Schaffer
• District Judge 164th: Alexandra Smoots-Hogan
• District Judge 165th: Ursula A. Hall
• District Judge 174th: Hazel Jones
• District Judge 177th: Robert Johnson
• District Judge 178th: Kelli Johnson
• District Judge 179th: Randy Roll
• District Judge 333rd: Daryl Moore
• District Judge 334th: Steve Kirkland
• District Judge 337th: Herb Ritchie
• District Judge 338th: Ramona Franklin
• District Judge 339th: Maria T. Jackson
• District Judge 507th: Julia Maldonado

County District Attorney

• Harris County District Attorney: Kim Ogg
County Civil Court
• Judge, County Civil Court at Law No. 1: George Barnstone

County Attorney

• Harris County Attorney: Vince Ryan


• Harris County Sheriff: Ed Gonzalez

County Tax Assessor- Collector

• Harris County Tax Assessor Collector: Ann Harris Bennett

County School Trustee 

• Harris County School Trustee, Position 1, Precinct 2: Sherrie L. Matula
• Harris County School Trustee, Position 2, Precinct 4: Marilyn Burgess

County Commissioner

• Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 1: Rodney Ellis
• Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 3: Jenifer Pool

Justice Of The Peace

• Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 1: Eric William Carter
• Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3, Place 1: Joe Stephens

• Constable, Precinct 1: Alan Rosen
• Constable, Precinct 7: May Walker

HISD School Board (special election)

• HISD District 7: Anne Sung
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[personal profile] cjwatson is working in The Hague for a bit, and since it overlaps with half term Ghoti was able to take all their children to join him. And [livejournal.com profile] fivemack and I came out for just the weekend in the middle. In a trip lasting less than two days, I managed to trip over a kerb and fall flat on my face, bending my glasses out of shape and cutting my cheek. There was a probably expensive (unless it can be sorted out) muddle over paying for the hotel. I had a really bad coughing fit in the middle of the night which triggered me back to childhood when my asthma wasn't well medicated. The food court where we were eating caught on fire and we had to evacuate. Plus lots of the usual tribulations of travelling with a large group and trying to keep everybody fed and hydrated enough to be functional.

I had a totally wonderful time even so, and I'm extremely glad I went. what I did on the weekend )

Yesterday I left after a late and leisurely breakfast and had a very easy journey to get in in good time to run the Simchat Torah service at shul for a scant minyan, and nobody younger than my about to be bar mitzvah student. Even though travelling out on Shabbat and returning on the festival day is not how I want to be, it was really good for me to get a proper break after the intensity of the festival season. And a weekend away, even if it was a bit rushed, will help renewing my enthusiasm for work now we're a month into the term. But mostly it was wonderful to be able to join in with part of my loves' adventure.
Mood:: 'refreshed' refreshed
Music:: The Verve: Bittersweet symphony
location: The Hague, Netherlands
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[livejournal.com profile] cattitude and I went to Arlington Town Hall this morning and voted. It was quick and easy, with no line: they have set up at least a dozen stations for filling out ballots.

Part of why it was so quick and easy is that the only relevant things on my ballot were president and four ballot measures: my Congresswoman, state representatives, and county sheriff are all running unopposed for reelection. (The sheriff did have a primary challenger.) On the way out, I got an "I Voted" sticker for my jacket.

I voted for Clinton, and no on ballot measures 1-3 (adding a casino, expanding charter schools, and conditions for keeping hens, pigs, and veal calves) and yes on 4 (legalizing marijuana). Three was the only difficult decision; I decided that eggs as a cheap and easy protein source for people on limited budgets was a higher priority for me than the animals. I buy cage-free eggs, and I'm willing to pay extra for that; I'm not prepared to make everyone do so, when for some people it might mean only being able to afford half as many eggs.

Marijuana legalization was an "of course," both because I'm generally in favor of legalizing drugs and because I moved here from Washington, and saw how legal marijuana works there.
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This is the 601st anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt. Why do we remember it? In 45 minutes of battle, a ragtag English army of 10,000 at most, archers and infantry led by a handful of nobility on horseback in light mail armor and the king himself, Henry V, worn down by months of campaigning on the road, took down the well-rested, heavily armored and armed 60,000-man French army -- against all expectation, against all common sense. The English, in theory, should not have won. They were too few, too poorly armed, wearing splint armor (bits of metal reinforcing double-layered boiled leather) or at the best light chainmail, which did not have the defensive strength of full plate armor.

So why the win? Mud. The armor-clad French knights, charged at the front to clear the way, thinking to mow down the English footsoldiers and light cavalry, but were struck by a blizzard of arrows from English longbowmen positioned in the rear and fell from their horses -- and couldn't get back up. This was in part because of the weight of their armor and in part because of the torrential rains of the previous days -- they drowned in a foot or two of mud, churned deeper by their horses' hooves, or, struggling to rise, were killed by the English soldiers.

Kenneth Branagh's brilliant movie did very well by the conditions of that battle, even if he edited Shakespeare to Henry's favor by removing a few morally dubious scenes (one does not kill captives; one holds them for ransom and trades them for one's own people, similarly held.) But Branagh got the mud right. The butcher's bill for that battle was a handful of English -- and the vast majority of the men of French royal and noble families between the ages of 16 and 60, those who owned property and ran the government, for the French king was elderly and mentally disturbed and did not himself do that much. That battle changed French society for generations to come, much as the deaths of a generation of young Englishmen in World War I changed England.

I can't help but compare the French to the current Republican party, which has churned up so much political mud and covered itself deeply in so much corruption and dirt that it is drowning in it. If there is even a party remaining after this election, it may end up looking far different than it does now.

Here is the St. Crispian's Day speech from Branagh's movie.
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Tue Jul 24 00:02:46 EDT 2012

I disabled some DVR recording searches for my vacation:
alcoholism, breweries, Carole King – James Taylor Live at the Troubadour, cycling (this one's getting hits from the Olympics, and they tend to be long), Ideas in Action With Jim Glassman, poodles, Princeton, Tucson.
The Old Guys and Outnumbered (two britcoms) will record as deleteable.

Here's the upcoming Olympics cycling coverage:
Sat Jul 28, 201213 hrs
Swimming, Cycling, Beach Volleyball, Volleyball, Basketball, RowingSat Jul 2805:004 hrs
Swimming, Cycling, Beach Volleyball, Volleyball, Basketball, RowingSat Jul 2809:009 hrs
Sun Jul 29, 201211 hrs
Gymnastics, Swimming, Cycling, Beach Volleyball, Volleyball, Water PoloSun Jul 2907:0011 hrs
Wed Aug 1, 20127 hrs
Swimming, Beach Volleyball, Volleyball, Water Polo, Cycling, Rowing, CanoeingWed Aug 110:007 hrs
Thu Aug 2, 20128 hrs
Swimming, CyclingThu Aug 200:351 hr
Swimming, Beach Volleyball, Volleyball, Water Polo, Cycling, Rowing, CanoeingThu Aug 210:007 hrs
Sat Aug 4, 201210 hrs
Track and Field, CyclingSat Aug 400:351 hr
Track and Field, Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Volleyball, Water Polo, Cycling, Rowing, TrampolineSat Aug 409:009 hrs
Sun Aug 5, 201213 hrs
Track and Field, CyclingSun Aug 501:301 hr
Track and Field, Beach Volleyball, Tennis, Volleyball, Water Polo, Basketball, Cycling, EquestrianSun Aug 506:0012 hrs

All kinds of times of day. (Not quite – never after 18:00. Not a prime-time sport, apparently.) Not only would these consume a lot of disk space, they would keep a tuner busy for a long time, limiting what else could be recorded. And in a 12-hour recording of 8 sports, how much of that would be cycling? (I can't imagine viewers would be unhappy to have the listings show 8 shorter programs of individual sports, so they could figure out when to see (or record) what they want.) Un-triggering these recordings is the simple solution to avoid filling the DVR's disk.

Posted by Monica Roberts

If you early voted in Harris County today like I did, you were part of making some electoral history

We had 67, 471 people early vote across the county at the 40 early voting locations.  That's the highest number we've ever had participate in early voting, with the previous record set in 2012 with 47,000 voters on the first day

Image result for Harris County Texas line sign
I'm also hearing the same thing is happening in Travis (Austin), Bexar (San Antonio), El Paso and Dallas counties.  Haven't heard yet if the same thing is happening in Tarrant County (Fort Worth)

The significance of that is that Harris County, the largest county in the state of Texas by population, provides 16% of the total in any statewide race.  

FYI, the rest of the top five in order are Dallas, Tarrant, Bexar and Travis counties

If those early voters are predominately Democratic ones as my glance across my social media circles seems to be indicating, it's a great early sign for the Clinton campaign and Democrats across the state in down ballot races.

I hope the Clinton campaign will consider doing a quick campaign trip here to Houston, Dallas, Austin  and San Antonio to really fire up the Democratic voters here and cement the fact this is a battleground state that has the power to finish off Trump's presidential campaign.

Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com

Texas' 38 electoral votes make it the second largest electoral vote prize in this and any presidential election cycle after California and its massive 55 electoral votes.

Since 1980, Texas has acted like California does in terms of being the electoral vote base for Republican presidential election success.   If Texas goes blue his year, without Texas in the Trump column to counteract California's 55 EV's going to Clinton, it would make it mathematically impossible for Trump to win the presidency, and Clinton would pass the magic 270 EV's she needs to become our 45th president before we even start adding other battleground states into the mix.

While this is good news so far, it only becomes a reality if you vote.  If you haven't voted yet, please do so.  When you do, vote the entire ballot from the top of the ticket to dog catcher

Early voting in Texas will run until November 4.
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Before I talk about the actual character for today, I need to talk about a half-character. So, let me introduce you to Green-Eyed Sue

Sue gets about twelve lines, in the last third of s00j's three part Wendy Trilogy (which picks up when Wendy is on Hook's ship and told to turn pirate or walk the plank --"the story goes she told him no, but not all tales are true").

One day Wendy says to Peter, "I'd like more girls on my crew."
So Peter goes a-hunting Lost Girls and brings back Green-eyed Sue.

Green Eyed Sue was feisty, quite surly and quite sad
called Suzy Rotten by her mum and tomboy by her dad.
At the chance to be a pirate and call Peter Pan a friend,
Her face lit up, her sadness fled, and she ne'er looked home again.
She proudly followed Wendy, and she ne'er went home again.

Sue becomes first mate, as she's the first Lost Girl to live upon
the ship and give to Wendy all the spirit she can give.

and then, after Wendy declares she's ready to go home...

Nearly all the crew let Wendy know they cannot wait
But stoic stand a handful, including the first mate.
Green-eyed Sue before her captain asks to plainly speak her mind:
"It's sooner I'd lay down my life than leave this ship behind!"

"A simple life of growing up is surely not for me.
Working as a sailor's been the first time I am free.
So by your leave dear Captain, I will be a pirate still
And carry on the legacy of our Red-handed Jill!"

and as a lesson, at the very end...

Such warning fables show each mom and dad a thing or two.
If e'er your sweetling makes a cutlass from a cardboard tube,
You'll ne'er berate nor tell her it's a boy's game she pursues.
The freer that you raise a mind, the brighter it will bloom,
And ye'd rather have her home than off to join some scurvy crew

Or sail with the likes of Green-eyed Sue!

Ohhhhhh yes. Thankfully, I was blessed with parents who wouldn't dream of telling me that playing pirate was a boy's game (not when Commodore Greykell rules the Chesapeake Bay), so I never had to go off and become a Lost Girl proper, but trust me, the freedom of the sea has called to me longer than most anything else. I was already well into the pirate theme when the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out --you can keep your x-wings, boys, I've got a different sort of ship to sail1.

And at the end, that's the line I need. "First time I've been free" --freedom is my life force, my desire, my need. Everything from my love life to my collection of notebooks echo and reflect on my endless drive to be forever free.

So that's Green-Eyed Sue. But she's not really a character, she's only a few lines in a song2. Not like, say...

Mary "Bloody Jacky" Faber.

There are 12 books in her saga --the last of which I have not yet read3-- and they are some of the finest young adult literature I've ever had the pleasure of consuming. In the first book (Bloody Jack: Being An Account of the Curious Adventures of Mary “Jacky” Faber, Ship’s Boy), we follow Jacky as she sneaks onto a ship of the Royal Navy as a ship's boy --doubly complex since she's every inch a fiery young woman. Her series of books is some of the finest historical fiction tall tales there are to read --she rubs shoulders with Goya, Napoleon, Washington, and King George at various points. She sails the seas of China and all the way down the Mississippi, she sings and dances and acts, and she sails on every ship imaginable --navy, slavers, whalers, pirate.

Please read these books, they are so so good.

But the thing that makes them the most good is the spitfire heroine, who is...so me. So *very* me. Even for this project, she is *exceptionally* me. Jacky is impulsive, she doesn't always think her plans through, instead trusting in her ability to improvise her way out of anything. She loves the sea, she loves her *freedom* and she's forever moving towards it. She somehow manages to inspire an overwhelming loyalty in her friends and loved ones, even when she frustrates them madly. And the flirting! Oh, the flirting!!

She is the first YA character I've ever seen who I actually had a stake in her love triangle. Mostly because Jacky's got her true love forever (and she is, of course, saving her precious maidenhood for dear Jaimy), but when he's not around, she's more than willing to have a little bit of fun with the closest bit of pretty...and not just pretty boys! It's pretty clear in a couple of them that she's willing to snuggle up with other young ladies (and I stubbornly maintain the interpretation that her and Cheng Shih were lovers, it's increasingly un-subtle as the series progresses...and yes, that is Cheng Shih as in the greatest pirate queen of all time.)

And her dreams! Oh, Jacky dreams big and wide and splendid! Somewhere around book five or six I took a step back and said "okay, this is too much suspension of disbelief that a character could have all these things happen." And then I checked my damn brain, and reprocessed and went "ah. These are tall tales. She is a folklore heroine, and therefore *of course* she's going to hang with everyone famous of the day." She has such brilliant adventures, from singer to spy, and throughout it all she's going back and forth with her costuming as to whether she wants to present as a girl or a boy. She's not presented as a trans character, not really, but she is presented as a female character who actively *wants* to spend a lot of time dressed as a boy, and not because she "has" to, and that's a very satisfying kind of queer for me to read about.

I love Jacky Faber like fire and earth. I'm probably due for another read through of her books.

I'm going to post this before it gets any longer. Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate's life for me!


1: Actually, I am one thousand percent in favour of space pirates. Someone has a little meta-fanfic they wrote for Captain Jack Sparrow and the second great Age of Exploration (which has not yet happened), and it's perfect.

2: ACTUALLY apparently she's also s00j. Like, s00j was called Susie Rotten and everything. There are some substantial reasons why I don't wanna compare myself one way or another to Ms. Tucker (although I will always feel a weird twinge looking at the cover of Tangles because UM THAT'S ME in the drawing. Most of the drawings of her don't twitch that in me, but that one, man.

3: For much the same reason I've never read Dirk Gently. LA Meyer passed away a couple years ago (may the sea keep his soul), and once I've read the last Jacky book there will never be any more, not ever. It hurts too much to consider. Someday, just not yet.
October 24th, 2016
posted by [syndicated profile] transgriot_feed at 05:00pm on 2016-10-24

Posted by Monica Roberts

Today as many of you know is the first day of early voting in my home state of Texas  I have loved early voting ever since they started doing it in the Lone Star State back in the 90's .

I love early voting because I can do so on my schedule and I'm not stuck waiting until November 8 when I already know who I'm voting for.   Another 14 days or so of campaign commercials and speeches isn't going to change my mind.

Spent some time at the West Gray Multicultural Service Center, one of the 45 early voting locations in Harris County for early the 2016 presidential election.   I arrived a little after noon to the delightful surprise of seeing a long line here, and it took me 45 minutes total to do so

40 minutes in line, and only five minutes to run through the ballot vote, check my work and press the SEND button on the E-Vote machine to handle my electoral business.

And yes H-town , I practiced what I'be been preaching to y'all and voted the entire ballot from POTUS to dog catcher.  I also voted for all the endorsed candidates on the Houston GLBT Caucus Card.

Who did I vote for for POTUS?  Definitely wasn't Trump,Jill Stein or Gary Johnson.

I voted for the person I endorsed for president on these TransGriot electronic pages.

This is another historic election I have been pleased and proud to participate in.  We set a first day early voting record in Harris County, so if you want to avoid the lines on November 8, better go now.

I was pleased that for the first time in my eligible voting life (my first election was the 1980 Carter-Reagan one) , I've had an opportunity to cast a ballot in a battleground state.

The fact the battleground state in question is my home state of Texas makes it that much sweeter and warms my political heart.

Seeing that long line at this polling place and others around town and the county also made me feel good.   It also compels me to remind you TransGriot readers across this nation to show up and show out at the polls because you vote matters.

Once again, early voting in Texas started today and will continue until November 4.  if the record turnout persists, may wish to do what I did and vote early as well.

The direction of this country for the next four years and beyond depends on it.
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Mon Jul 23 20:02:40 EDT 2012

Coming to work an hour late makes the day noticeably shorter, especially if you don't stay an hour late. I just couldn't get going this morning. Working the later shift last week and staying later and later every night really made it hard to get back to the regular time today.
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I don't enjoy posting about the horrible events at Standing Rock, the mistreatment of peaceful people on their own land by interlopers and heavily armed police -- but the NY Times isn't doing it. The LA Times isn't doing it. Neither is the Chicago Sun-Times or the Washington Post. It is a matter of speaking truth to power -- in this case, not just the power of the people who want to run a pipeline through indigenous land but the power of those who own the news who choose to ignore this as 'just another little squabble, not worth writing about.'

Truth is always worth writing about. Journalism is supposed to be history written on the run. This is history, and it's running fast right now, from the past into the future. Where is the journalism? In the bits and pieces that are forwarded on FB, the accounts from the ground up as people are beaten and arrested for praying on their own land. Journalists are supposed to be witnesses to events, standing in for those who cannot be there. Now the people themselves are the witnesses, standing in for the journalists, except for the brave few who risk prison -- and the violation of their First Amendment rights -- to spread word of the injustices occurring now.

What I am doing on FB is not reporting but relaying -- in the old days it would have been comparable to serving as 'rewrite', the person in the newspaper office (often an assistant, not a reporter) who would pick up the phone and type up the story that a reporter was phoning in from where it was happening, such as at a trial at the county courthouse. Blogging is a return to old-fashioned broadsheet journalism, the kind where you bought the one page from a kid on the street for a penny, and it said whatever you printed, without regard to journalistic ethics, legal restrictions, and in many cases editorial style, spelling and grammar. It's unedited. It's not reviewed by anyone before it hits print. It is good when it conveys the truth about what is happening in such a way that it holds up under scrutiny -- but it needs more to be true journalism. It's trying, though, and in Standing Rock it's bleeding as it tries. However, it does not have the legal protections that journalists have -- laws concerning blogging have not reached that point. Reporters have shield laws, protecting sources. Bloggers have none. And everything posted on FB is read by innumerable law enforcement agencies up to and including the NSA, CIA and FBI. So, subversively, what is posted about Standing Rock there is also speaking truth to powers that do not acknowledge their presence or readership.

This whole situation reminds me of two historical events. The first is the peaceful protest march led by Mahatma Gandhi in which hundreds and thousands of Indian people lined up to be beaten by police until the police themselves stopped in horror and disgust at what their orders were making them do. It is not enough to hear about this -- rent or view the movie Gandhi and watch i for yourself. The other is the case of John Peter Zenger, who printed the truth about corrupt colonial government and was jailed, but the press never stopped because his wife kept it running, friends came in with news items and the news kept going. He was exonerated -- establishing that truth is a defense against libel, including libel of a public official -- and they kept going.

Information is power. Truth is strength. Freedom of information and freedom of the press are Constitutional civil rights, as is freedom of speech and freedom to assemble peaceably to seek redress for wrongs done. Government behavior at Standing Rock violates all of these.
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Mon Jul 23 08:45:18 EDT 2012

ZaharaI realized in the shower last night that while I had bought a lot of cat litter, I had forgotten to clean out the litter box. I guess it can wait until tonight, but I hate doing that to the cat. (I'd completely forgotten it again by the time I was out of the shower.)
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Sun Jul 22 20:26:31 EDT 2012

I went shopping today. I really don't like going shopping any more. I used to enjoy it when I was younger, but at some point I stopped looking at the Sunday-paper ads, and there was no reason to go to the stores, and no need to spend money on things we didn't really need. And today's trip took a lot of time with so little to show for it. And the stores were crowded. And I never like driving anyplace to begin with.

The items on today's list: ice chest, underwear, kitty litter, and anything that looks useful for camping.

Igloo Island Breeze MaxCold Roller (50 Qt/47 L) ice chestOur ice chests are old – too old for us to remember how old they are – and they're not so great. The older one, metal, keeps cold better than the newer, plastic one. But if it isn't kept inside the tent (and space is limited) it's going to rust more from dew and rain. And both coolers have drain-plug problems. (One plug is gone.) New ice chests claim to keep ice for 5 days in 90°F/32°C-weather. If I'm buying half as much ice, the ice chest will pay for itself in 3-4 years (2 years if I/we keep going for 2 weeks instead of 1), plus the benefit of not needing to take time to buy and carry ice back to camp as often.

And it would be nice to have enough underwear to go 2 weeks, and all my underwear is old. How old? The labels (with the size) on the newer old underwear are unreadable. The older underwear is starting to fall apart. There's still some older-yet stuff around, too small for me to wear, but I think [livejournal.com profile] anniemal grabs them sometimes; their elastics are failing.

Useful for camping: I bought a dustpan and brush set, which will help keep the tent clean. We usually take one, but Anniemal said something about not being able to find one around the house. It's probably in the van, or at the hippie-farm campsite. In any case, I don't want to squabble over "her" set, so I've got another one.

Five Star® Poly Binder (1")We need black folders for our concert music. There's old ones kicking around the house someplace, but I thought a new one would be nice. And I happened across this particular one. It was a little pricey ($3.89, and there were other 1-inch binders for half that), but the way it's made it just felt good in my hand. (Like that goblet I bought at Pennsic a few years ago; it just felt right.) The spine has a calculatedly-odd shape, but it rests well in curved fingers. I think it's going to be easier to hold it for singing, and that is its purpose. There's a little bit of white print on the front that needs to be scraped off or covered with permanent black marker.
Black & Decker CMM1000 cordless electric lawnmower (ours, older, is green, not orange)
Kitty litter — bought 3 40-lb/18kg bags of pelletized sawdust at the PetSmart next to Target. We won't need to do that again for a while.

Afterward I mowed the lawn. It's been at least 3 weeks, maybe 4, but I guess there hasn't been that much rain. (What rain there has been has affected my bike commuting. >:-|)
Sun Jul 22 22:19:31 EDT 2012
a can of spam at a terminal (by Bill Holbrook)
Bill Holbrook

Ironic that I should receive this spam so soon after mentioning how much I love shopping – not.
From arcangel@speedy.com.ar Sun Jul 22 22:07:53 2012
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2012 10:43:25 -0700
From: Mrs.Claudia Carson <arcangel@speedy.com.ar>
Reply-To: MS.Network.2012@mail.com
Subject: SecretShopper LLC?

Welcome Secret Shopper .....

We are accepting applications for qualified individuals to become Mystery Shoppers.

1. You will receive funding for the assignment.
2. You will receive the Instruction for your assignment via email on the location and details of the assignment.
3. You are to complete the assignment as fast and discreetly as possible.
4. You will be asked to visit a business location to conduct business be it a restaurant, shopping store etc.

You will receive a flat sum of $250 per assignment. The company will furnish you with all expense.
Needed for the assignment and any other expense incurred during the course of executing your assignment.

It's fun.There is no charge to become shopper and you do not need previous experience and you would be paid $250 for every duty you ,


Mrs.Claudia Carson
SecretShopper® LLC
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What good, exciting things happened to you last week? What are you looking forward to this week? It can be one thing or many things, something big or small - especially the small things, they don't get enough credit.
If you are uncomfortable commenting publicly, you can leave an anonymous comment instead which will stay screened, and I have turned off Captchas.

♥ Had some friends over for dinner and I was so happy to cook for them!
♥ I got to send and receive some books! [personal profile] shanaqui gave me the second part of the Imperial Radch trilogy and I finished it last week, after that I picked up Nalo Hopkinson's "Sister Mine".
♥ I received an unexpected compliment for my clothing style!
♥ After a long hiatus, our book club finally has a meeting tomorrow.
♥ I put up some things on Ebay (mainly comic books) and hope some people will bite. Relatedly, I'm having more energy to catalog my books and put things up for sale. Also, a friend may be interested in taking my old desktop PC off my hands to use for spare parts.
♥ (link to YouTube) this song which is very 80s (literally) and very uplifting!
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There's going to be some changes in my subscriptions/access this week. I'm still not posting anything access-locked, but mutual access looks more symmetrical. Also I'm going to weed out old journals and lightly shuffle things around in general. No cause for alarm.
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Sun Jul 22 15:00 EDT 2012

glass paperweight, orange flowerglass paperweight, orange flowerAfter installing a newer version of Pinta 6-7 weeks ago, I was able to create images with transparent backgrounds. I've been making .png files for many of my .jpg and .gif images, and last night/this morning I went through my icon collection and changed many of the images. I'm leaving the old images on the Comcast server; my old DW and LJ entries are full of links that use them, and I'm not about to hunt them all down to update them. (Other people may be hot-linking to them too; I don't know.) But henceforth I will be using the newer images. They're probably not all uploaded yet. There's an automated process that handles that, but it was probably confused by my creating the .png files so long before they were referenced anywhere; they're no longer considered "new" files. But it won't be hard to identify the new files by date and trigger the upload process. The .png files are often much bigger than the .jpg files. This shouldn't be a big deal for a few 100x100-pixel images in a journal entry, but it may be noticeable for loading the whole icon-collection or copy+paste pages.
Femur (by James Thurber)
James Thurber
Femur (by James Thurber)
James Thurber

But I just think the icons will look cooler without the typical white background, especially for those of you who read my journals in a Style different from mine, with some other background color.
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Thu Jul 19 14:00 2012

Icon Rogue 2 100-Lumen Flashlight (gray)Icon Rogue 2 100-Lumen Flashlight (green)Remington High-Powered 3-watt LED HeadlightI did a little woot! shopping that I hope arrives in time for Pennsic. One of these slim 2-AA flashlights would be easier to carry in my belt pouch than the 4-AA bike LED headlight I carried last year. And probably be much brighter, when needed. It should be about 2/3 the brightness of the headband light I use on my bike commutes. It should be more than sufficient, even without streetlights, since I won't be going anywhere close to 30 mph (48 km/h) at Pennsic.
syntonic_comma: winter commute on Vision R-40 recumbent LWB USS (bike)
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Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 00:31:36 +0000

The lizard-tan on my hands from the biking gloves has become particularly pronounced after the last week of hot, sunny biking. There are some bands on my legs too between the tights, knee braces, and socks.

Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 00:55:34 +0000

I've been really hungry today. Perhaps I'm not eating enough. Maybe what I had for dinner last night should have been split into 2 portions instead of 3. [livejournal.com profile] anniemal was planning to get pizzas tonight, so I guess I'll find plenty to eat when I get home. For a change.

Thu Jul 19 23:00 2012

[livejournal.com profile] anniemal did not get the pizzas last night, so I was really hungry last night and not terribly satisfied. Hooray for frozen pot pies.

But – they bought pizza for lunch at work today. Which of course all happened long before I arrived, but there was some pizza left. I actually had 6 (octet) slices, and the first 4 went into a vacuum. And I managed to set aside another 4 slices for tomorrow night; I know I'm going to be working late again.

Posted by Monica Roberts

Image result for Brunell Donald Kyei
Was laughing my behind off when I was sent this link to a story by my Dallas homie Rafael McDonnell featuring this kneegrow Trump surrogate Brunell Donald-Kyei flapping her loud and wrong gums on FOX Noise.

She ranted about ISIL killing gay people and claiming a vote for Clinton is aiding and abetting the killing of international LGBTQ people

Girlfriend, have several seats at your nearest Chicago gay bar and miss me with that crap, okay?..

And here is a white lesbian with Trump Derangement Syndrome spouting another variation of the same talking point.

Yeah, right.   Miss me with that 'ISIL Kills Gays' BS when you have people supporting Trump who would like to not only replicate what ISIL is doing here in the USA, but start by rolling back our human rights as demonstrated by North Carolina's unjust HB 2 law, Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick foolishly wishing to do the same here in Texas, attacking trans children, and the just passed Trans Rights Law being placed on the ballot in Massachusetts for a 2018 referendum.

Yes, LGBTQ rights are an international human rights issue. While it's important and necessary for those of us here in the United States to be concerned about what's happening with our trans, bi and SGL siblings around the planet, TBLGQ rights aren't secure yet here at home.

And my unapologetic Black trans self will be voting for candidates who do take my human rights and my humanity seriously.

And the Trump campaign is chock full of longtime gay baiting haters who would love to if he's elected, gleefully roll them back, and a vice presidential candidate in Steve Pence who has led the charge to do so in Indiana

So miss me with that ISIL Kills Gays crap when you or or party has not concerned in the least about the 23 (and counting) Black trans women who have been murdered this year.

Spare me that 'ISIL Kills Gays' crap when I haven't heard one syllable out of a Republican complaining about the anti-gay and anti-trans planks in their 2016 party platform.

Speare me that 'ISIL Kills Gays' crap when I hear nothing but cricket chirping silence when members of the Republican Party make transphobic and homophobic statements

Spare me that ISIL Kill Gays' crap when you are sending missionaries and people like Scott Lively abroad to spread transphobia and homophobia around the planet.

Spare me that 'ISIL KIlls Gays' crap when mnay white fundamentalists sound just like ISIL in their hate filled rants in right wing media.

And spare me the 'ISIL Kills Gays' crap when you conservatives are gleefully doing everything possible to oppress American GLBTQ people from the legislatures to the state and federal judiciary

 Y'all may think we're as stupid as your low information voting bloc, but we've been paying attention to your deeds and your transphobic and homophobic words.

And that's why I and other reality based TBLGQ Americans will overwhelmingly be voting for Clinton and everyone with a 'D' behind their names  during early voting in our reprstive states and on November 8.
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I've posted my thoughts on the election on my blog.

Please comment there if you're so inclined. Comments are disabled here.
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Today I'm gonna cheat and talk about two characters, right in a row, who come from the same sort of movie but are very different people. But I see myself in both of them, at least a little.

Put on your blonde and head to the valley, because we're totally talking about Cher Horowitz, from Clueless! (Don't feel bad if you didn't recognize the last name, I had to look it up too.)

Look, on the surface, Cher and I appear to be absolutely nothing alike. In the immortal words of Wicked, I am unusually1 and exceedingly peculiar and all together quite impossible to describe, and she is Blonde. But there's more to us both than the surface.

Cher is a little aimless and a little vain. She wants to do great things and help people, but she doesn't exactly know how. When things start going bad for her, her first impulse is to indulge in some retail therapy --oh sure, half the clothes I wears, she wouldn't touch (and vice versa), but both of us know the value of a good outfit on a bad mood.

Her projects often start from a self-serving place, but they are intended to help people. She listens, and tries to empathize (even with people she normally wouldn't socialize with), and she just wants everyone to be their happy, cute, best self. Oh, and she's a virgin who can't drive2.

Perhaps Cher exhibits more of my bad traits than my good, but I still can't help but see myself reflected in her ambition some days --and both of us tend to aim that ambition at places other than expected. That being said, I did successfully argue at least one quarter of 12th grade psychology from a B to an A, because I felt I should. I don't know if my parents were proud --and I don't know if they wouldn't've been prouder if I'd earned it myself.


Now while we're talking about blonde girls from the nineties, we would be utterly remiss in continuing the conversation if we didn't take a step by Katarina Stratford.

It is _so rare_ that I meet other Katarinas, let alone ones that spell their name the same as I do. So of course I took attention when I learned there was such a person in 10 Things I Hate About You. It's Julia Stiles's best role, and if you haven't seen the movie, I can't recommend it enough.

And is Katarina Stratford a similar Kat to me? Oh yes. Ohhhhhhh yes. Admittedly, I hardly ever got called into the guidance office for inducing men to kick themselves into the balls (Bobby Ridgeway deserved it, I'm sure) but I've spent the last few years honing my sharpness into something useful and dangerous. Sarcasm is a language I've always spoken, and she uses it *well*.

My parents joked once or twice about inflicting the "you can't date 'til she does" rule on me and Alys --it proved unnecessary all around (since my parents are basically cool people), but I know what it's like to have the total babe younger sister. Who I would do anything to protect, even if I don't always know how to show it.

And I know what it's like to crave independence so hard you'll run a thousand miles away to find it. I love my parents, they are really wonderful people, but I have wanted to be free of anyone else's influence since I was about twelve years old.

All that and Heath Ledger in his prime. Sign me up!


1: Completely unrelated to anything else, I like how the first three vowels in this words are all "u's". "unusually"! It has a nice type-feel to it!

2: This line hits me so hard, every time. I'm not a virgin anymore3, but I was for longer than some of my friends, and I still have all the weird and complicated around traditional intercourse. And I drive much *much* more safely than Cher does --I've never gotten into an accident, never gotten a speeding/etc ticket, or anything like that. But it still doesn't come naturally (except on the liminal spaces of highway road trips, at which point I can access magic) and I often have just a little feeling of discomfort. And heck, I didn't get my license until I was nineteen.

3: *jams out to appropriate Poe song here*
July 14th, 2012
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Sat Jul 14 18:23:04 EDT 2012

It's amazing the things people will choose to believe.
According to an article that appeared in the Journal of Black Psychology:
Historically, suicidal behaviors among African Americans received scant attention because of the belief that very few African Americans completed suicide; it was also assumed that they did not experience depression. Blacks were historically viewed as a psychologically unsophisticated race that were naturally high spirited and unburdened with a sense of responsibility.
I hope I don't believe anything that will seem this patronizing, groundless, or simply wacky to those with more perspective.
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Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2012 18:54:24 +0000

Instead of showing me a row of asterisks or bullets to hide the password I'm typing, it would be much more useful for me to have a count of the number of characters I've typed. My most common mistake is probably hitting two keys and getting an extra character, and it would be easier to catch that by having a count displayed instead of trying to count the dots.
Firefox web-browser logo
What's most useful, when I'm not where anyone else can see, is the Firefox add-on Unhide Passwords that simply lets me see the password I'm typing. That's the easiest way to spot errors.



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