February 13th, 2016

Posted by Monica Roberts

Composite sketch of transgender woman found dead in 1988
Back in 1988, the body of a trans woman was found decomposing in the woods in the Four Corners area along County Road 474.   Julie Doe as they call her was found wearing a greenish tank top, a long acid washed jean skirt with partially pulled down pantyhose.

Julie Doe also had breast implants,long dyed blonde hair, long manicured nails, was estimated to be between 24-33  years of age and was 5 feet 11.  At the time her remains were tested, the result indicated she was a cis woman who had given birth to one or more children.  

LakeSOpatch.gifJulie Doe's remains were recently retested as part of a Florida initiative to revist cold cases, and with the new forensic technology gave the result she was a trans feminine woman.

Items of clothing found with Julie Doe's body were send to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement lab in Tallahassee, and  Detective Tamara Dale is hoping that once the results come back in several weeks, it will lead to clues that will help them generate leads in the case.

"I'm hoping their will be foreign DNA on her clothing and if so interview that person as someone who would have had contact with Julie near the time of her death," said Detective Dale in an Orlando Sentinel interview

She also hoping that the renewed interest in the case generates leads that will identify who she is.

"I would love to identify Julie so she can have a proper burial and so her friends and family can have closure on their missing loved one," said Detective Dale.  "I don't think anyone should have o lie unidentified in a laboratory while their family wonders what happened to them."

If you have any information concerning this case, please call the Lake County, FL Sheriff's office at 352-343-2101 or Crimeline at 1-800-423-8477

February 12th, 2016

Posted by Monica Roberts

Rep. Mary Lou Marzian talks about House Bill 396, which she filed this week.
Mary Lou Marzian was my state rep during the nearly nine years I was living as a Texan in Exile in Louisville, and while I was there had a chance to talk legislative shop with her and see her at other events during my time in Kentucky.

Her day job when she's not bouncing to Frankfort to look out for the interests of her constituents is as a registered nurse, and as you probably guessed she wasn't happy with the 'informed consent' bill the boys in the KY legislature overwhelmingly passed on January 28 and Gov. Matt Bevin (R) signed into law.

To register her disgust with the Commonwealth of Kentucky inserting themselves in the private health decisions of the women living in the state, Marzian on February 11 filed HB 396. a bill that would require men in the commonwealth who wanted an erectile dysfunction drug like Viagra or Cialis to get a sworn and dated letter from his spouse, make two office visits with a medical practitioner and make a sworn statement with his hand on the  swear Bible that he will only use the erectile dysfunction drugs while engaged with sexual relations with his current spouse.

In an interview, Rep Marzian said while HB 396 is tongue in cheek, the issue she is highlighting in government interference in women's health decisions

"Maybe it will wake some people up in this state to say, "Hey wait a minute, where are they going with seven abortion bills?'"

Go get 'em Rep. Marzian!

Posted by Monica Roberts

Valentine's Day is happening on Sunday, and this weekend the stores will be filled with people trying to get last minute gifts, candy, flowers and Valentine's Day cards for their loved ones.  There will also be people who use this weekend to propose to the person they love or get married.

I ain't mad at you people who are lucky enough to be coupled up as Valentine's Day approaches, but as you longtime TransGriot readers know, today is Friday, and this means it's time to call some fools out in Kingian love.

I got a long list, so let's get started.

Honorable mention number one goes to the all the Bernie Sanders supporters who started hurling vile comments at civil rights icon Rep John :Lewis (D-GA) for supporting Hillary Clinton.

Honorable mention number two goes to both Gloria Steinem and Madeline Albright for their messed up comments disparaging young women supporting Bernie Sanders.

Honorable mention number three is a group award for FOX Noise, Rudy Giuliani and every conservafool who attacked Beyonce for the Super bowl halftime show.

Honorable mention number four is Marco Rubio for the multiple political sins of getting caught repeating the same talking point during a debate four times, and after getting called out by a gay NH resident for his homophobia, mistakenly said that the NH legislature needed to pass gay marriage, something that happened in 2012.

Honorable mention number five is Sheriff David Clarke, who went on FOX Noise to coon it up in their Bash BeyBey moment and tried to compare the Klan to the Black Panthers

The Panthers never bombed churches, lynched people, or killed women and children like the Klan did for over 100 years.

Honorable mention number six is Bill Romanowski for aiming his inner Klansman at Cam Newton while gloating over the Broncos win Sunday

Honorable mention number seven is Heidi Cruz, for suggesting the junior senator from Alberta is the 'face of the God we all serve.'

You've been drinking your father in law's Kool Aid too much.

Honorable mention number eight is Ted Nugent for suggesting that Jews are behind gun safety laws

Honorable mention number nine is Meryl Streep. who when confronted about the all white jury panel at the Berlin Film festival she chaired, responded with 'We're All Africans' to deflect from it.

Honorable mention number ten is the group award for the bigoted Aggie students at Texas A&M who uttered racial slurs at a group of Black high school students from Dallas visiting the campus.

This week's Shut Up Fool winner is Alex Jones, who cut loose with another unhinged rant aimed at Bernie Sanders and his supporters,

 He compared Sanders to Hitler and Lenin, and stated that Sanders supporters 'needed their jaws broken' and 'moron heads slapped'

And what Republifool is he supporting for president?   Donald Trump

Alex Jones, shut up fool!
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posted by [personal profile] twistedchick at 02:32pm on 2016-02-12
I have been doing some genealogy, and have found that it's very possible that some of my father's ancestors were not Italian, but were Jews living in Italy since the Romans, who at some point decided to pass as Italian, come over the mountains and seek a new life. (Tales of 'coming over the mountain' were told by my grandfather as being something his grandparents did.) The last name is not in the old registered families of Italy; with very few exceptions, most of the people with this name are from the people who left their old city for a new life. (The city is probably Trani, though could be Bari, nearby.) I have looked up a little of the history of the Jewish areas in the cities on the east side of Italy -- and they appear to have been there since the Diaspora.

Here's my question: would they be Sephardic, Ashkenazi, or something else? I have no clue.

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In which is more medicine. behind cut )

In other matters, I have watched all four available seasons of Person of Interest, as well as Longmire, and many other things. Anyone want to suggest multiple-season shows I might like? Something a little lighter? Not cop, not medical. Would prefer something not dark or horror-ish. Send me to silly? Talk to me about anime that is Netflix-streamable, or K-pop, or some European thing I never heard of? Silly fun romance movies that are not utterly stupid? I have also been watching Isabella Rosselini's Green Porno, and a fun, unhinged series about Street Food Around The World.

On the less fun side, I have had to cancel my attendance at a conference I had been dearly looking forward to, a weekend in a month or two that will be concerned with the mythology and stories and lore of the tales of Orpheus. The teacher is not often in my neck of the woods, and I've been in her classes before and like her a lot. But I need to give myself time to heal, and I've been ill a month already -- it will take time before I'm up to spending a weekend in a hotel and several hours a day in lectures and workshops. I also had to postpone getting my hair trimmed -- but that just means I get time to come up with new and different ways to play with all of it before it's cut, so, not that bad.
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When I try to comment, I get an 'invalid form submission' error. I can't seem to get around it.

Anyone else getting this?
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When does duck season end in Damnark? 

The 26th of December.

No, wabbit season does not start the day after that!

Why does this subject spring to mind?

Per stopped by the meat market earlier to pick up the duck he'd called to order earlier today, and ... Well, I don't know much else, perhaps because the physiotherapist was here yesterday, which left me sore and exhausted, and not in any good fun kinda way.

Posted by Monica Roberts

Since I won't be watching the whitewashed Oscars again this year, I thought I'd occupy my time by revealing that night who will win the 2016 edition of the Shut Up Fool Lifetime Achievement Awards.

And in honor of TransGriot's tenth anniversary, instead of the usual five fools, I'll name ten fools on that date.

I started in 2010 on Oscar night giving out SUF Lifetime Achievement Awards to the fools who have consistently demonstrated their idiocy over time, and Rush Limbaugh was honored with the first ever well deserved SUF Lifetime Achievement Award 

One SUF Lifetime Award winning fool wasn't enough, so I expanded it to five honorees in 2011.  Here were the Class of 2011 winners:

Sarah Palin

Glenn Beck 
Bill O'Reilly
Ann Coulter
Michele Bachmann
The SUF Lifetime Achievement Award Class of 2012 was the first one on which I gave out a group award for the first time, and these were the 2012 winners.    

A group award for the Gendertrender radfem trans hate blog
Michelle Malkin
Dan Savage
Michael Savage
Chuck Knipp (AKA Shirley Q Liquor)

The SUF Lifetime Achievement Award Class of 2013 winners were:

Mitt Romney
Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)
Sen Mitch McConnell (R-KY)
Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC)
Supreme Court (In)Justice Clarence Thomas

The SUF Lifetime Achievement Awards Class of 2014 includes:
Cathy Brennan

Group award for the TERF's
Bryan Fischer
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)
Ted Nugent

The SUF Lifetime Achievement Award Class of 2015 winners were

Dinesh D'Souza
Rudy Giuliani
Phyllis Schafly
Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)
Pastor James David Manning

So which ten fools will get in the SUF lifetime Achievement Award Class of 2016?   Who do you TransGriot readers think should live on in SUF Lifetime Achievement award infamy?   Let a trans sister know before February 28.

February 11th, 2016

Posted by Monica Roberts

On tomorrow and February 13 here in Houston there will be a State of Black Lives Convening in which I will be part of a 10:45 AM panel moderated by Dee Dee Watters in which we discuss Black trans lives.

This two day event is sponsored by Freedom Bound Texas and #BlackLivesMatter, and will be hosted by the Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church, 1900 Bering Dr.

It starts at 8 AM on Friday and will run through Saturday, and the keynote speaker is Elaine Brown, the former head of the Black Panther Party on an intergenerational panel entitled The Movement: Then &Now with Deloyd Parker, Kaleb Harris,  Roz Pelles and Aurora Harris  

There will also be a panel moderated by Fran Watson discussing LGBTQ people in the movement, and another by Eesha Pandit and Rachel Afi Quinn on gender and violence at 3 PM
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The most powerful woman in Hollywood.

When you knit for someone else, how do you price it? Here are suggestions.

Because beauty needs no excuse: The Book of Kells, digitized. A little faded from in person -- the lights for scanning went through the translucent parchment in ways that you might not see in person -- but it is glorious.

Posted by Monica Roberts

The world of gymnastics is continuing to see women of color put their creative, athletic and artistic stamps on it recently.

The latest example of that is UCLA senior gymnast Sophina DeJesus unleashing an amazing routing during a Pac-12 competition against the two time defending Pac-12 gymnastic champions Utah.

Posted by Monica Roberts

One of the things that I have to repeatedly make clear to white allies that have the viewpoint that there's 'no difference between the two parties' is that when they say that, they are looking at the situation through a vanillacentric privileged lens.

When you are Black and we hear you say that, we instantly look at you and wonder aloud if you are actually that clueless or willfully ignorant about what the hell is going on now and throughout American history.

And naw Republicans, don't even try to bring up pre-1964 history about what y'all used to do because we're in a grown folks political conversation.  We're talking about your 2016 racist present and how you gleefully compete in your conservafool primary ranks to see who can be the biggest bigot.

Donald Trump Campaigns Across New Hampshire Ahead Of Primary Day

Don't like it that I'm putting the GOP on blast for their racism, have several seats at the next Donald Trump or Ted Cruz hate rally and shut the hell up.

But back to the post.  It matters to me and every African-American what party controls the White House, Capitol Hill, our governor's mansions, our statehouses, our county courthouses, our city halls and our judicial benches.  We know that Republicans haven't done and have no intention of doing anything that helps Black America (or any non-white American) prosper and grow. That should be obvious to anyone who has been politically wide awake over the last four decades or peruses American history.

They have a deep seated hatred of Black people, and it comes out with every anti-Black comment from conservative media, every Republican on the campaign trail in a local, state or national election. and every racist bill they pass from GOP controlled legislatures.

So since it has been blatantly obvious to us for some time now that in order for Black Americas to get any semblance of a fair shake in this country, it's why we must have and vote in large numbers for Democrats at all levels of government to make that happen.

The Republicans not only don't care about my people, they are at times dripping with contempt and seething anti-Black hatred of us.  So why would I waste my precious vote for a GOP politician that hates me?  Parading sellouts like Ben Carson or Mia Love or broadcasting short skirted FOX fembots like Harris Faulkner or Stacey Dash on that propaganda network won't change the reality that conservatism doesn't benefit my community.

There is no lesser of two political evils for Black Americans.  The GOP as far as many of us are concerned is evil towards African-Americans.  Their policy stances and Donald Trump's racist rise to the top of the 2016 GOP presidential nomination class are the proof that ossifies our less than complimentary impressions of that party. The only good Republican politician as far as many of us are concerned is an out of office Republican or one that loses an election.

Another question you need to ponder in this 2016 election cycle.   If you want the government to work, why would you elect someone who hates government to run it?  As Flint, GOP controlled states and the GOP gridlock in Washington emphatically demonstrates, the Republican Party and conservatism sucks at efficiently running a government so that it is fair and just to all its citizens.

And as we African-Americans are painfully aware of, that GOP definition of 'the American people' doesn't include us.

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Hamilton the musical was great!   Seeing it with LJ's SquishyDish was great!  I scored a great hotel deal by waiting until the last minute (oops), and the weather was great, some friends of mine (including LJ's ElissaAnn) met us for a delicious birthday brunch, and we also lucked into two good meals on our own by a little online searching and wandering around a few blocks from Broadway (one a nice tapas restaurant and bar, and one tasty Moroccan restaurant).

The Hamilton cast album has been running through my brain, brain, brain, INCLUDING at a Western Swing dance and a salsa lesson and dance I attended last week, and even our pastor's cadence during the Sunday sermon got me going again. 

I sang at what I think was my first ever Ash Wednesday service tonight -- nearby Lutherans asked our church choir to help them out.  They have a pretty church, but our choir had over half as many people as were out in the pews.  It was a quiet, respectful service, with good thoughts and meditations, and only a bit of jarring with the He/Him/His language (our church uses words like Creator and God rather than Lord and other gendered terms).  Thankfully, no Hamilton intrusions during tonight's service, although Cabinet Battle #1 has been saying hello in my head since I got home.  Pushing back against it is the choral a capella version of Du Hast (Mich).

It might have been prudent to wait until after my LJ-free sister's wedding and then my next professional certification/exam in March to join another singing group.  However, I've enjoyed the music of the Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra, and a friend of mine in the soprano section recruited me, I auditioned, and I'm now a member.  I join the regular rehearsals in a couple of weeks.  Part of how I talked myself into this is, my voice will likely do better if I'm singing three times a week regularly (WMGSO practice, choir practice, church) than only two.  You might think it would have been easier just to do daily scales/practice, but I don't seem to have been doing that.  Sort of like the difference between going on walks with friends v. the exercises I don't do much on my own.  Anyway, I'm having fun singing new music with new people.

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(The stuff between the stars is stolen from a chatlog with Tailsteak, which is why it's formatted kinda staccato and weird)


In other news, I actually have a favourite bible verse now
Which is a weird feeling
(I'm sure I'd find a lot I liked if I cared to look, I haven't)

At Mass, the priest started near the beginning reciting Matthew 6:5-6 and 6:16-18. 6:5-6 boils down to "Don't pray in public and make a big deal out of how devout and awesome you are, just go somewhere private to do your prayer because that's all God needs"

Which is SUPER IN LINE with how I feel about religion
And SUPER HILARIOUS to hear a father say during a giant group mass
Especially on Ash Wednesday, when the whole point is "YO, LOOK AT MY DEVOTION I'M ALL COVERED IN STUFF!"

(I do not participate in many of the overtly religious aspects, but Mass is mandatory at school (I sit with the ninth graders, apparently) and I like the singing parts)

(I also don't hate the contemplation and thinking parts. I wish it were acceptable to bring a notebook and pen to every mass. Really, the only time it was allowed was during the Teacher's Retreat when they gave us little prayer notebooks to write in)
(And I damn near filled that sucker)


Anyways, yeah, I've attended four masses in the last four months. Prior to that, I think the last time I attended any sort of church services was...Veronica's confirmation, maybe? BOY MY JOB IS WEIRD, INNIT?

So far, I am no more converted than I started out. I am more aware that I do a pretty piss-poor job of actually giving money or time to charity, and should get better at that. And I supposed, I can recite almost a whole prayer (after hearing it every morning). That's gotta be useful for something?

(In general, I am comfortable when I interpret Mass as a combination theology-lesson/song circle/reminder to be a good person, and uncomfortable when I interpret Mass to be "so God, right?". God and I are not buddies. I one hundred percent believe that God --by which I mean the classic Christian, and specific Christian branch to which my school is affiliated-- I believe that God loves me just the way I am and will forgive me anything.

But I also believe, just as thoroughly and fully, that He is willing to forgive me anything because He hopes/believes/wants me to be a better version of myself. Only His version of better involves turning my back on and forsaking some really fucking fundamental parts of mySelf --I regularly engage in adultery, for one, and make no apologies for it.

(Poly, but specifically, my sir is married. His wife is great and I think she's the bees knees and she knows about and is cool with me. BUT YEAH. TECHNICALLY IMMORAL and also as I learned recently, illegal in the state of Massachusetts!)

So we're not actually cool. I mean, I respect the big guy --my school is pretty keen on the service-oriented and forgiving "nice" version of God (as opposed to the petty and vengeance filled old testament one) and I'm generally down with the majority of His word. But He is not my God and I will not give Him my worship.

And even if I were, I really don't think I'd be inclined to do so at my place of employ, in front of 200 students and 30 coworkers. Matthew 6:6. Keep the private religious stuff private.

(who belongs to Athe and Gaea and sometimes Eris or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and in small part to Chort and s00j and Vienna)

Posted by Monica Roberts

Breaking news out of Washington state concerning the unjust SB 6443 bill sponsored by Sen. Doug Ericksen (R-Ferndale) specifically filed to overturn a Human Rights Commission ruling favorable to the Washington state trans community.

It unfortunately escaped the GOP controlled Commerce and Labor Committee on a party line 4-3 vote to the full GOP controlled Washington senate.

But thanks to your calls and protests, and the work of people walking the halls in Olympia  getting the word out about the unjust nature of SB 6443, the bill failed to pass on a 25-24 vote.

Three Republican King County senators were crucial in killing SB 6443, since Democratic senator Jim Hargrove voted for the bill.

The Gender Justice League's Danni Askini tweeted this moments after the bill died:

"We did it.  WE KILLED THE BILL.  Thank all D's except Sen. Hargrove and thank Sen. Hill, Sen. Litzow & Sen. Fain -- all R's who were with us"

Congrats Washington state trans community for your legislative win!  
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It's time for another question thread!

The rules:

- You may ask any dev-related question you have in a comment. (It doesn't even need to be about Dreamwidth, although if it involves a language/library/framework/database Dreamwidth doesn't use, you will probably get answers pointing that out and suggesting a better place to ask.)
- You may also answer any question, using the guidelines given in To Answer, Or Not To Answer and in this comment thread.
February 10th, 2016
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I almost never remember having dreams, let alone what they are, so this one was multiply odd - odder still that I remember it 9 hours later.

Basically, it was an extended period of hanging out in a (very dark?) house, trying to convince the very nice but very persistent vampire couple who lived there - but who I never actually saw, just felt in the dark - that no, they really didn't want to bite/feed on/turn me. Were I to relax and stop insisting/preventing, they would've gone ahead with it and I didn't want that.

They might've had a cat, too.

I FEEL like I was half awake for most of this, but that it took forever for me to get to the point of "I am REALLY not enjoying this, and if I wake All The Way up (say, by getting up and going the bathroom) I can probably not pick this up again when I go back to sleep", and in fact that worked.

It wasn't a nightmare, as much as an extended stress-ball of a thing. It certainly Means Something.

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Posted by Monica Roberts

Virginia Legislature
Good news to report out of Virginia concerning another Republican sponsored anti-trans bill.

HB 781, the bill filed by Del. Mark Cole (R-Spotsylvania) that would force trans students to use locker room and bathrooms based on genitalia and possibly force school officials to engage in genital checks has died in the House of Delegates yesterday on a 13-8 bipartisan vote.

Had HB 781 become law, which was unlikely considering Terry McAuliffe (D) was standing by with his veto pen, it would have compelled school districts across the state to formulate policies that required locker rooms and bathrooms to be designated for and used by students based on genitalia.

Violations would have carried a $50 civil penalty, and Del. Cole repeated the conservafool  lie talking point that the bill wasn't discriminatory, 'but was about privacy'.

Yeah, right. It's all about discrimination for you GOP types. You aren't happy unless you're oppressing somebody, and the trans community is now the community du jour you wish to oppress.  

The bill has also been filed at a time when Virginia trans student Gavin Grimm's anti-trans discrimination lawsuit against the Gloucester County School District is now being litigated in the US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.  

Claire Guthrie Gastañaga, the executive director of the ACLU of Virginia urged the committee to hold off on this bill until the US circuit court has had the opportunity to rule on the pending federal lawsuit.

We'll see what happens in the G.G. vs Gloucester County School Board case later, but for now the unjust anti-trans bill is dead in Virginia.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

I expected this to happen, and it did in terms of Bernie Sanders getting a big win in the New Hampshire primary.

With 89% of the ballots counted, Sanders has 60,0% of the vote to Clinton's 38.4% and the withdrawn Martin O'Malley's 0.2%. Sanders also made some history tonight by being the first Jewish candidate to win a presidential election primary contest and picked up 13 delegates to 9 for Clinton.

Since Bernie people like to try to make comparisons to 2008, remember the second place finisher in the New Hampshire Democratic side went on to win the nomination.

But Sanders realizes that this 2016 contest is not even close to being over, and the race now moves from two states with overwhelmingly white populations in Iowa and New Hampshire and favorable turf for him to more diverse primary states in Nevada (26% Latinx population) and South Carolina (27% African-American population) who so far are not 'Feeling The Bern' like white millennials are.

And Black voters, who are the base of the party, aren't Feeling the Bern' for many reasons, including the major one that he called for a primary challenge of President Obama back in 2012.

These next two contests on February 20 in Nevada and February 27 in South Carolina are must wins for Bernie to prove that he actually can get non-white Democratic support with the March 1 Super Tuesday contests looming.

We'll see how those contests play out over the rest of this month.


Posted by Monica Roberts

With the Rio Olympic Games taking place later this summer, there was some wonderful news coming in advance of the games that may speed up the day we see our first trans athlete participating in either a Winter or Summer Games..

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has relaxed its rules composed in 2003 that cover the participation of trans athletes in the Olympic Games.  Starting with the upcoming Summer Games and beyond, new guidelines have been issued by the IOC  that allow trans masculine athletes to be able to compete 'without restriction'.

Trans feminine athletes will not only be allowed to compete without the requirements of genital surgery, but will need to have been on a hormone regiment that reduced their testosterone below a certain level (10 nanomols per liter) for at least one year before first competition.  

Under the previous guidelines, trans feminine athletes were ineligible for the Olympics unless they had undergone genital surgery plus two years of hormone therapy.

It;s still up to the various international sporing organizational bodies to modify their policies to mirror the IOC standards, but now that the IOC has weighed in on the issue of trans athletes participation in the Olympics, we'll see which ones expeditiously do so.
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 Apropo of this:

Kitty Got Fluff )


February 9th, 2016

Posted by Monica Roberts

A jail deputy discovered that Randell Ashton, 41, was wearing panties a sorority member said had been taken from her room, Edmond police said.
The trans community is beyond sick and tired of being slimed as predators and perverts by predominately white conservatives and their GOP friends who are launching legislative attacks on trans people in various states based on those lies.

So as a TransGriot public service, I'm going to start writing tracking posts highlighting who the real pervs and predators are who are preying on cis women.  I also want to document and drive home the point they are cis men, not trans women, and the 'menz' when they are busted for their BS ain't wearing wigs, heels or dresses when they commit these crimes.

They also overwhelmingly look like the GOP conservafools proposing these anti-trans laws and spreading anti-trans hate.

Our first perv watch dispatch comes from Oklahoma, where Sally Kern is spreading her special brand of anti-LGBT hate again and the Republican controlled state legislature has filed a record 26 anti-LGBT bills.

But back to this TransGriot Perv Watch post, Oklahoma.style.

While this may sound like a fraternity prank, unfortunately it isn't.  41 year old Randall Scott Ashton was arrested for sneaking into an unlocked window at the Alpha Delta Pi sorority house on the University of Central Oklahoma campus in Edmond, OK and stealing the girls panties.

One of the girls awoke at 2 AM to the horrifying discovery of Ashton sitting on the edge of her bed and police were called.   They found porn magazines in his car and one on the balcony of the sorority house.  Fortunately none of the seven girls in the Alpha Delta Pi house at the time were hurt or assaulted.

When Edmond police took his behind to jail, they discovered at some point the perv had put on and was wearing a pair of the pilfered sorority panties.   They also discovered that Ashton fit the description of a man who had dropped his pants at a local grocery store three hours earlier,

Ashton has been charged with one count of first degree burglary for the stolen sorority panties, and another count of indecent exposure.  Bail has been set at $20,000..

And once again, the perp wasn't in drag or a member of our community, transphobic Oklahoma GOP legislators. when he committed his crimes.

Posted by Monica Roberts


The New Hampshire primary election is happening as I write this post, and while the Sanders folks are gleeful about the expected win in this state that is 98% white and next door to Vermont, what the Sanders folks fail to acknowledge is that many Black voters, who are a critical election bloc in the series of election contests leading up to Super Tuesday on March 1, aren't 'Feeling The Bern'.

And as we saw in 2008, never count out a Clinton in New Hampshire. Texas is one of the Super Tuesday states, and we will start casting ballots for it when early voting starts next Tuesday.

While Black millennials may be 'feeling the Bern', the group of Black voters you have to convince to go to the polls for you is my Baby Boomer, Generation X and Generation Y group of voters who show up at every election.   Voters over 30 make up 67% of the electorate.

Black elders like myself who voted and supported Bill Clinton twice back in the 90's and reaped the benefits of the economic boom his policies ushered in aren't buying the attack lines the Sanders campaign is selling about the former Secretary of State.

We saw her as the First Lady in 1993 leading the charge to get universal single payer health care passed against tremendous Republican opposition.

The last time I decided to waste time watching that ongoing reality TV show called the 2016 GOP presidential debates, it didn't go unnoticed to me that the only person they were attacking on that clown car stage was Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders.

And naw, we Black voters haven't forgotten it was Bernie Sanders who called for a 2012 primary challenge of President Obama, which would have caused a civil war in the Democratic Party and probably led to the election of Mitt Romney as president.

He also has a problematic stance when it comes to guns in voting to give gun manufacturers legal immunity from mass shootings.

It's easy for white millennials to get hyped and think Sanders has a chance.  He did because the first two 2016 primary electoral contests were in Iowa, which is 90.2% white (vs 3.2% Black, 4.4% Latinx, and 2.6% Asian) and New Hampshire being 97% white and next door to Sanders' home state of Vermont.   And despite a late Sanders surge in Iowa, Hillary Clinton still won there, and New Hampshire's winner is yet to be determined.

But once these contests are over, the primaries head to states that have larger percentages of non-white voters like Nevada on February 20 (26% Latinx population)  and South Carolina on February 27 with Super Tuesday on March 1 looming.

South Carolina, where Black voters are 27% of the population and make up a sizable percentage of the electorate, is polling 62%-35%  for Clinton  

And in more bad news for Sanders supporters, the twelve states and territories conducting Super Tuesday primaries on March 1 in which 878 Democratic delegates will be up for grabs, six of them are in the South (TX, TN, GA, VA, AR, AL) and have sizable African-American populations.

And yes, I'm personally getting sick of the Berniebros sexist online dissing of women and belittling Black people who aren't feeling their candidate, and it's starting to push me and others out of the neutral camp to 'leaning Hillary'.   To Bernie's credit, recognizing the damage they are doing to his efforts to reach out to non-white voters, he also called them out.

Bernie's people and supporters have failed to realize it is Black voters who are the base that Democratic electoral majorities are built upon, and we must be wooed just like other liberal progressive blocs are.

As Houston United learned the hard way last year, you cannot come to my community hat in hand at the last minute and think you're going to win our support and our votes.

So if Sanders is going to win the Democratic nomination, he better solve the problem of why African-Americans aren't 'feeling the Bern' fast.

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"Mikrokosmographia" by Helkiah Crooke (1576-1635) was the first book in English to use the word "clitoris". Oddly, there's not much of the book online [edit: there's a blog!] But here's page 238, where he explains about orgasms, lesbians, and squirting. I've modernised the spelling a bit.

"Although for the most part it hath but a small production hidden under the Nymphes [==labia], and hard to be felt but with curiosity, yet sometimes it groweth to such a length that it hangeth without the cleft like a man's member, especially when it is fretted with the touch of the cloaths, and so strutteth and groweth to a rigidity as doth the yard of a man. And this part it is which those wicked women do abuse called Tribades (often mentioned by many authors, and in some states worthily punished) to their mutual and unnatural lusts.

The use of this part is the same with the bridle of the yard [==the frenulum of the penis]; for because the Testicles of the women [==ovaries] are far distant from the yard [==penis] of the man, the imagination is carried to the spermatical vessels by the motion and attrition of this Clitoris, together with the lower ligatures of the womb, whose original [==the cervix] toucheth, cleaveth and is tied to the leading vessels of the seed. And so the profusion of their seed is stirred up for generation, for which business it was not necessary it should be large. Wherefore although by this passage their seed is not ejaculated, yet by the attrition of it their imagination is wrought to call that out that lieth deeply hidden in the body, and hence it is called "aestrum Veneris" & "dulcedo amoris". For in it with the ligaments inserted into it is, the especial seat of delight in their veneral embracements, as [Renaldus] Columbus imagineth he first discovered.

For Nature [...] hath given to all creatures both the instruments of conception, and hath also infused into them a strange and violent kind of delight, that none of the kinds of the creatures should perish but remain ever (after a sort) immortal. And truly it was very necessary that there should be a kind of pleasant force or violence in the Nature of mankind to transport him out of himself, or beside himself as it were, in the act of generation; to which otherwise (being master of himself) he would hardly have been drawn; which ecstasy (for it is called a little epilepsy, or falling sickness) is caused by the touch of the seed upon the nervous and quick-sensed parts as it passeth by them."

Posted by Monica Roberts

Early voting for the March 1 Texas primary elections start next Tuesday, February 16 and runs until February 26, so organizations are rushing to get their endorsements done before the first ballots get cast for that primary election

Got the opportunity last night to be in the Little Bigs house in Montrose in reporter mode as the Houston Stonewall Young Democrats conducted their candidate endorsement meeting last night to a room packed full of candidates, campaign staffers and their supporters seeking the HSYD electoral stamp of approval

The Houston Stonewall Young Dems efficiently got through their relatively smooth and rancor free endorsement meeting in a little over an hour and thirty minutes, and it was fascinating as a political junkie to see it happen.

These are the people who received the 2016 HSYD primary endorsements:

Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Brandon Dudley
Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg
State Representative District 126 Joy Dawson 
State Representative District 131 Hon. Alma Allen
State Representative District 134 Ben Rose
State Representative District 137 Hon. Gene Wu
State Representative District 139 Randy Bates
State Representative District 144 Hon. Cody Ray Wheeler
State Representative District 148 Hon. Jessica Farrar

Harris County Sheriff Hon. Ed Gonzalez

Constable, Precinct No. 1 Hon. Alan Rosen
Constable, Precinct No. 3 Ken Melancon
Constable, Precinct No. 4 Jeff McGowen
Constable, Precinct No. 6 Hon. Heliodoro Martinez Jr.
Constable, Precinct No. 7 Hon. May Walker
District Judge, 11th Judicial District Rabeea Collier
District Judge, 61st Judicial District Julie Countiss
District Judge, 129th Judicial District Hon. Michael Gomez
District Judge, 151st Judicial District Hon. Mike Engelhart
District Judge, 164th Judicial District Hon. Alexandra Smoots-Hogan
District Judge, 165th Judicial District Hon. Josefina Rendon
District Judge, 174th Judicial District Raul Rodriguez
District Judge, 176th Judicial District Shawna Reagin
District Judge, 179th Judicial District Hon. Randy Roll
District Judge, 177th Judicial District David Singer
District Judge, 215th Judicial District Joshua Verde
District Judge, 333rd Judicial District Daryl Moore
District Judge, 334th Judicial District Hon. Steve Kirkland
District Judge, 337th Judicial District Herb Ritchie
District Judge, 351st Judicial District Greg Glass

Judge, County Civil Court at Law No. 1 George Barnstone
Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 1 Tanya Makany-Rivera
Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 3, Place 1 Joe Stephens
Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 5, Place 1 William McLeod
Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 6, Place 1 Hon. Richard Vara
Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 7, Place 1 Cheryl Elliott Thornton
Justice, 14th Court of Appeals District, Place 2 Hon. Jim Sharp

County School Trustee Position 2, Precinct 4 Marilyn Burgess
State Board of Education, District 6 Dakota Carter

Congratulation to all the candidates receive the HSYD endorsements, and best of luck in the primary.
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Check them out on Tumblr here.

For a long time I assumed I was a Gryffindor because I went and did things rather than sort of... just passively accepting the decision framework I saw around me. It's a really good thing that fan communities put more thought into this kind of thing than we see in the canon pieces Rowlings showed.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality convinced me that, okay, fine. Slytherin. I'd hate everybody else in that house, but it's where I would go (especially if I were sorted at age 11).

But SortingHatChats... this is a level of wonderful detail that appeals to me as part of the generation that grew up with Quizilla shit like "which color is your soul" and "what is the shape of your anime hair fringe" or whatever the hell ways to categorize ourselves we found through bullshit internet quizzes. So I'm gonna go for a little while about the SHC considerations. It's a level of nuance I am finding helpful.

Read more... )

Posted by Monica Roberts

Congratulations to my DC homegirl Ruby Corado who announced via her FB page that she has been nominated to become a CNN Hero

The moment when I get a call from CNN to do a phone interview and after almost an hour into the interview I get told that i was nominated to be a CNN Hero  and she is writing me to move to the next phase.
Thank you to The person who nominated me. I am humbly honored to be your Hero.

The CNN Heroes program started in 2007 and honors individuals who make extraordinary contributions to humanitarian aid and make a difference in their communities.

Hmm. Sounds like Ruby right there.  If she continues to advance in their selection process and is potentially named a CNN Hero for 2016, she would become the first transperson so honored.

Nominations are still open, and here's the link.

Congratulations, Ruby!  Hope it happens for you and it's past time the country and the world heard about Casa Ruby and the amazing work you've done to make DC better.
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And here's the solution:

...apparently I've not told this story before? Huh. So! The story of how Kat came to s00j!

Not immediately relevant to the point of the post, but maybe fun to read )

And so round-about Balticon 2009, I received my first SJ Tucker album and started listening to it, and to her, and for six and a half years I simply haven't stopped. I call her a goddess and it is not that much a joke. I have written an awful gawdamn lot about how much she means to me, not all of which has wound up in this journal.

So, here's the offer: The first twelve1 people to comment on this post, and tell me which album they want, will receive a digital copy of one of s00j's albums. If you wanna go listen on Bandcamp first, you can: it's all right here. I will probably overpay a bit for the albums, that's okay. She's worth it.

All I ask for you in return is that you make some time in your life to actually listen to whatever I send you. You don't have to love her like I do --you don't have to love her at all. But I think she's amazing, and I want you to give her a chance.

But Kat! I have no idea which album I would like, and listening is for people with time! Can't you tell me which disc to pick? )

Boy howdy, that is like two thousand words. I am serious when I say she owns me like no other musician.

Anyways, yes, iffen you would like one of her albums please please comment! I have a very slight preference towards people who haven't heard her before, but even if you have and you just can't afford another of her albums at the moment, drop me a line.

She's worth your consideration.


1: It was originally going to be ten, but I like the echo here.

2: This is true! At Balticon '12, when she was music GoH, she played Cheshire Kitten and some others from mischief and then sold out of the CDs before I could get one. Bethany was all "well, I guess I could give you the tracks..." so I went to s00j at her table and handed her a twenty and asked if it was okay to just get them from a friend like that. Last year, probably at NYFF, I bought an actual copy because damnit, sometimes you just want physical media that you can hold in your hands and play in the car.

(This means that I have all of Mischief in my email as well, meaning I have access to it virtually anywhere I have an internet or phone connection. Excellent!)


4: Smothered and covered hashbrowns for the first person to correctly identify the other one. Let me tell you, it's just about the DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSITE song to Goddess.
February 8th, 2016

Posted by Monica Roberts

If you're looking for something to do on Valentine's Day, on that date at Blue By Massa's there will be a reading of the Eve Ensler play The Vagina Monologues directed by Natalie 'Fox' Maisel.

The cast for this production of The Vagina Monologues will be Natalie 'Fox' Maisel, Julianna Alexander, Mary du Plessis, Anna Faro, Leslie Claire, Meagan Gillett, Monika LaBadie, Veronika Simms. Sheena Sunshine, Stephanie Fenton and Abby Buchold

Tickets for the event are rapidly selling out and must be purchased by February 11.  After you RSVP, log into PayPal, and send your $45 payment to FoxGoddessGatherings@gmail.com because tickets will not be sold at the door.  

The $45 cost of the evening covers your parking, meal and benefits the Houston Area Women's Center.  Cash bar and parking validation will be available for this event.

Blue by Massas is located at 1160 Smith St. and the event will run from 6-9 PM.

Break a lg ladies, and hope it is a success.
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So! One of my unofficial rules for myself with this new job, and it's *astounding* new paycheck1 is that each month, when I get said paycheck, I buy art.

November belonged to Seanan McGuire --who applauds my financial choices. In case you didn't know, Seanan was *the* author for me for 2015. I read 17 of her novels in nine months, and have absolutely zero regrets.

December I took a break from it, because Christmas.

January belonged to Shaenon Garrity --I finally got my act together about buying the Narbonic strip I most wanted, except she didn't have it anymore. So I bought one with reference to children's folklore, and then bought a Li'l Mell strip to go with it. I plan on having them framed together, because gawdamn, do I love children's folklore.

February. February will belong to SJ Tucker. As if there was any doubt in anyone's minds that she was to be a part of this tradition --the only shock is really that it took me four months. But here's the problem: I own all but two of her albums2! I can't really make as much of a dedicated effort to throwing money at her as I'd like (and just straight-up throwing money at her, while effective, is not what I want to do. 'sides, I already subscribe to her patreon-like object)

There's a solution. Read the next post I make for details...


1: I have jumped from making 13.5-18k a year before taxes, to 39k. This is _fucking significant_. Last week, I literally doubled my savings account --and I intend to do it at least twice more before summer. My new job is amazing in that it's actually what I want to be doing with my life, but it's also amazing because _for the first time I am actually doing better than breaking even_.

2: "Solace and Sorrow" and "For the Girl in the Garden". Which are both based on Cat Valente books I haven't read. Which feels a little weird to get --I mean, yes, it's been ages since I read Palimpsest, but I have at least read it!

PostScript: Next month will almost definitely be Tailsteak, but after that, I'm willing to take suggestions.
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Every week, let's celebrate ourselves, to start the week right. Tell me what you're proud of. Tell me what you accomplished last week, something -- at least one thing -- that you can turn around and point at and say: I did this. Me. It was tough, but I did it, and I did it well, and I am proud of it, and it makes me feel good to see what I accomplished. Could be anything -- something you made, something you did, something you got through. Just take a minute and celebrate yourself. Either here, or in your journal, but somewhere.

(And if you feel uncomfortable doing this in public, I've set this entry to screen any anonymous comments, so if you want privacy, comment anonymously and I won't unscreen it. Also: yes, by all means, cheer each other on when you see something you want to give props to!)
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It feels like not much is happening here, but:

[personal profile] cattitude saw daffodils on the weekend, and today we went for a walk so I could look at them. We also saw crocuses and snowdrops: only a few of each, but it's cheering, and today was warm and sunny (I think the high was 59 F/15 C). I will miss the weather here once we move back to the northeast.

I've been doing some more freelance work, and today's note is that it's tricky editing figure captions when you can't see the figures. So, formatting, grammar, and hope for the best. (There is no visible pattern to when this client does and doesn't include the figures when I get the files.)

My Hugo Award nominating PIN arrived yesterday, and I have made the nominations I was sure of from notes I'd made over the last several months. (They're set up so you can add/change/remove nominations until the deadline.)

I have a feeling there is a lot left to do in moving planning; time to look at my lists to figure out what it is, and maybe do a bit more division of tasks?

I'm seeing my eye doctor on Thursday, since it's been a year and I wanted to get a checkup in now, while I have an eye doctor I already know and like. (Given my medical history, I want an ophthalmologist, not just an optometrist.)
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What good, exciting things happened to you last week? What are you looking forward to this week? It can be one thing or many things, something big or small - especially the small things, they don't get enough credit.

If you are uncomfortable commenting publicly, you can leave an anonymous comment instead which will stay screened, and I have turned off Captchas.

♣ I have decided to throw overboard my self-imposed restriction on how many books I am allowed to acquire per month. I have cut back - or given up completely - on a lot of the things that give me an addictive high (you know what I mean - the "shiny things!" accomplished feeling, or caffeine+sugar rushes, also chocolate) and I felt it was overly harsh to limit my book intake on top of that. Thus, four books have arrived/are on their way to me.
♣ Speaking of books, I received a PDF copy of Apex Magazine's ebook anthology through LibraryThing's Early Reviewers group.
♣ Don't have to go back to work before Thursday.
♣ I made delicious sweet cinnamon apple-jelly cake, with a cookie-crumble base, a thin layer of sliced apples, and a cheesecake-ish top layer (its main ingredients are self-made apple jelly and some soy yoghurt). The best thing is that I made it from scratch, without a recipe. *is proud*
♣ I have friends online and offline ♥
♣ Decided to get rid of my microwave. It feels oddly freeing.
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Not too good.

behind cut )
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Dr Victoria McCloud is the most senior public figure known to have transitioned from male to female

We have two trans judges here in the United States in Victoria Kolakowski of California and Houston's own Phyllis Frye, and Canada's first one in Kael McKenzie in Manitoba.

Was pleased to discover that across The Pond in the UK, we now have a trans judge sitting on the bench there in Dr. Victoria McCloud.

She has declined to speak publicly about her history making status, but she is at age 46 the youngest person to ever become a High Court Master judge and has presided over some high profile cases since her appointment in 2010.. .

While she may be reluctant to talk about it, a British judiciary spokesperson told the Daily Mail that 'British courts have an increasingly diverse workforce, and now judges come from all walks of life reflecting society in general.'

The British courts finally reflect one segment of British society in the transgender community, and by doing so, may be inspiring the next generation of British trans kids to dream big and follow those dream..

February 7th, 2016
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Another year, another attempt to keep up with the bookposts. This year we'll try something new; I'll comment if I have something to say, but otherwise won't try to summarize or review every item. So here we go with January's reads:

1. The Disappearing Spoon, Sam Kean - My father and grandfather have 3 MIT chemistry degrees between them. So reading a book about the periodic table was obligatory.

2. Mad Science Café, Deborah Ross, ed. - An anthology of mad science stories from Book View Cafe. A number of the stories are from the steampunk side, though Jeffrey A. Carver's "Dog Star" should appeal to fans of "The Martian".

3. Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life, Bryan Lee O’Malley (graphic novel) - I was suffciently intrigued by friends' comments about the movie that I bit on a Comixology sale of the new color editions of the graphic novels.

4. Snake in the Glass, Seanan McGuire (short story)

5. Welcome to Night Vale, Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor - Mainly for fans of the podcast. The plot and a few of the characters were a stretch even by the show's usual standards.

6. Apex Magazine #80 (Jan, 2016), Jason Sizemore, ed.

7. Tomorrow’s Songs Today, Gary McGath - Gary McGath's excellent history of the filk community. I learned a lot about the early days of our community, and chuckled at the amusing anecdotes I do know.

8. Heaps of Pearl, Seanan McGuire (short story)

9. Windswept, Adam Rakunas

10. A Daughter of No Nation, A M. Dellamonica - 2nd book in the Stormwrack series. Didn't quite hit it out of the park for me as much as the 1st, but still a good read.

11. Genrenauts, Episode 1: The Shootout Solution, Michael R. Underwood (novella)
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Super Bowl 50 Logo.svg
In a few hours Super Bowl 50 will kick off between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers to determine who walks away with the NFL title and the Vince Lombardi trophy.

I've already made my Super Bowl prediction like 'errbody' else in media world, but as the clock ticks down to the start of the final NFL game of the 2015-16 season, I have other random thoughts that are percolating in my mind besides the action that will take place at Levi's Stadium starting at 5:30 PM CST.

In addition to the mass quantities of food we Americans consume during that game and the billions we bet on it legally and illegally, corporations spend millions for Super Bowl advertising slots before and during the game and on making the good, bad, indifferent and 'what the hell were they thinking' commercials that will run during it.

I'm parked in front of the TV not only for the game and the armchair analysis of it, but to spend some quality time with my friends.  You haven't lived until you've watched a Super Bowl with a room full of TBLG people and allies.  It's a hilarious and wonderful slice of life where for just a few hours, we LGBT World NFL fans can forget about the reality that on Monday or as soon as the last confetti has been swept off the turf, the rest of America will go back to hatin' us with a foaming at the mouth determination and gleefully working to roll back our human rights.

For that few hours during a Super Bowl, we trans. bi and SGL NFL fans are just like everyone else, rooting for our fave team (,in this year's case either the Broncos or the Panthers) to win and then plotting if you live in Denver or Charlotte where and how fast can you get your championship swag if they handle their Super Bowl 50 business.

Speaking of human rights, hey Mayor Turner and everyone else from Houston observing what is happening in the San Francisco Bay Area this week in advance of my hometown hosting Super Bowl LI in 2017, how about y'all doing us Houstonians a huge favor?   As soon as y'all step off the plane from Cali, how about you and City Council get busy and start working on expeditiously passing HERO 2.0?

World class cities protect the human rights of their citizens, and if you want H-town to ever be considered as a host for another Super Bowl, better get busy with that necessary human rights task.

When I watch a Super Bowl, I'm also cognizant of the possibility that if I'm fortunate, I'll get to watch some Black history being made at the same time while I'm munching on pizza or wings.

I remember bursting with pride when Doug Williams became in 1988 the first African-American quarterback to win a Super Bowl, and Russell Wilson doing so in 2014.   It was why I was so incensed when that boneheaded pass play call in last year's game call cost the Seahawks not the change to win back to back titles, but Wilson the opportunity to become the first ever Black NFL starting QB to win back to back NFL titles.

And it's no secret I want to see Cam Newton join that exclusive fraternity of Black NFL QB's who have hoisted a Lombardi Trophy in a few hours and deliciously shutting up his racist haters.

Because Newton winning the NFL MVP award for 2015 last night, leading the team to a 17-1 record and the franchise's second NFC title and Super Bowl berth won't be enough to silence them.  But I have noticed during my lifetime that winning shuts bigots up.

While as a Texans fans I despise the Indianapolis Colts, I put that rivalry aside when the Tony Dungy led Colts and Lovie Smith's Chicago Bears faced off in what we called in the Black community the 'Soul Bowl'.

Even the NFL officials calling the Super Bowl at times have made Black history.  Mike Carey, the second Black NFL referee when he was hired in 1995 and is now retired, in 2008 became the first Black referee to call the title game.  In 2013 Jerome Boger became the second Black referee to do officiate a Super Bowl.

Looking forward to seeing the day a female NFL official gets to do that and be the referee at a Super Bowl, but that's another post.

Well, hope the players got enough sleep for their busy and career making day.

I'm just hoping for a great game like the millions of people around the country that will be tuned in for it, and that one day I'll know what it is like to see my hometown NFL franchise play in one..
February 6th, 2016
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Now that I've upgraded my license, I can take part in NPOTA, or "National Parks on the Air." It's an activity that the ARRL is doing in conjunction with the US National Park Service in celebration of the latter's 100th anniversary. The basic idea is that radio operators will go out to different NPS units (parks, trails, historic sites) and activate -- they'll set up their radio and antenna and try to contact ("work") the chasers, or people who are trying to contact the different activators (it's very similar to "Summits on the Air."

It's not that I *couldn't* take part. It's more that most of the activators use frequencies and operating modes that the lower class of license can't use. This makes it frustrating if you're trying to take part. Now that I've upgraded my license, it's not an issue.

Chasing NPOTA is still a challenge with the upgraded license. I don't have a big, powerful radio or tower. I operate strictly low-power and portable. My radio puts out no more than 5 watts, and on most of the frequencies the limit is 1500. My main antenna is a Super Antenna MP1 that sits on the ground. It's always going to be difficult to get my signal through a wall of high-powered chasers all blasting away at 300 times my power with big directional antennae. And my home location is noisy (in the radio sense, not in the audio sense).

Today, it was sunny, if chilly. I have good warm clothes for snowboarding, however, and I prefer to operate outdoors, so I packed up and went over to Stillwell Woods Park and set up. In addition to my MP1, I also had a homebrew magnetic loop antenna. I didn't have a lot of luck with the loop. It receives very well on the 20m, 30m, and 40m bands, but I haven't been able to use it to make a contact yet. However, my MP1 got me 4.5 contacts (4.5 because I was JUST into the noise with one operator in Minnesota. He got the KA2 part of my call but nothing else).

That said, I was very please with what I DID get today. In order of distance from me, I worked:

Not bad for two hours and being overpowered by most of the stations out there. I may go out again tomorrow!

If you want to see my setup, it's behind the cut )
location: Syosset, NY
Music:: Centovalley, "Topless in California"
Mood:: 'chipper' chipper
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conversation between me and Tim, many years ago:

Marn: I've never pledged allegiance to the Queen... well, unless you count the Cub Scout promise. Come to think of it, though, I've sworn allegiance to her husband.
Tim: ?!
Marn: When you start at Cambridge, you have to promise allegiance to the chancellor, and the chancellor is Prince Philip. So presumably I'm still under an oath of allegiance to him.
Tim: ... that's wonderful. I wonder whether that means I've sworn allegiance to Peter Ustinov.

- Prince Philip was chancellor of Cambridge at the time of this conversation; he isn't now.
- Peter Ustinov was chancellor of Durham at the time; he's now dead.
- the Cambridge matriculation oath is currently: "I promise to observe the Statutes and Ordinances of the University as far as they concern me, and to pay due respect and obedience to the Chancellor and other officers of the University."
- the Cub Scout promise is currently: "I promise that I will do my best to do my duty to God, and to the Queen, to help other people, and to keep the Cub Scout law."
February 5th, 2016

Posted by Monica Roberts

February 1 means that the annual observance of Black History Month has started.  As far as I am concerned as the founding editor of TransGriot, every month is Black History Month.  It is designed to not only introduce and reacquaint our people to their history, but those of you who aren't African-American to the accomplishments of my people.

Those African-American accomplishments also include the accomplishments of trans, bi and SGL Black people as this graphic reminds us and I'm honored to be included in..

I'll have the rest of the month and the year to introduce you to the Black trans history makers in our midst, but it's Friday, and y'all know what I do every Friday at noon CST.

It's time to call out some fools.  And let's get started doing so.

Honorable mention number one is the junior senator from Canada, Ted Cruz, for unleashing transphobia, homophobia, and political dirty trick in order to get that upset win in Iowa.

Honorable mention number two is Chernobyl Cherno Biko for that post she wrote (and I refuse to link to) doubling down on the now discredited lie she and her conspirators used to disrupt the CC16 Trans attracted men panel.

And naw Cherno, I don't support or defend Josh Duggar, Jared Fogle or protests jumped off under false pretenses designed to shut down needed discussions before they even happen.

Honorable mention number three is James David Manning, who commented on the foreclosure of his ATLAH hate church in Harlem by parting his lips to say that hay couldn't buy his church until they could birth babies through their anus.

What Pastor Manning?  You mad because nobody wants to do anything sexually to your anus?

Honorable mention number four is Stacey Dash, who is an early contender for 2016 Shut Up Fool of the Year by stating that casting the white Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson is a 'win for diversity'.

Just stop, Stacey.  Whatever love we Black peeps had for you is rapidly diminishing every time you open your mouth.

This week's Shut Up Fool Winner is Daryash 'Roosh' Valizadeh, the MRA and self proclaimed 'King of Masculinity' behind the worldwide series of 'Make Rape Legal' events scheduled to kick off tomorrow in 165 locations (including here in Houston at the Sam Houston statue in Hermann Park).

He canceled them out of fear he couldn't guarantee the safety and anonymity of the participants.

And naw, we ain't buying your excuse that the multiple series of posts you have written in mommy's basement denigrating women were 'satire'.

Nobody around the world is laughing, and rape is not a subject to make light of.

Nobody's also laughing about your statements that rape should be legalized on private property, women should be barred from voting, stating a woman's value is dependent upon her 'fertility and beauty' and that anorexic women make the best girlfriends.

Hope you stocked up on the lotion or bought an inflatable doll, because it's going to be a long time before any woman gets intimate with you.

Daryash 'Roosh' Valizadeh, shut up fool
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posted by [personal profile] misschili at 03:06pm on 2016-02-05 under
Yes, that's it.

What is the 'it' in question?

Not anything to do with the It in South Park or the character It in The Addams Family.

Final proof that, despite teetering on the edge, I have finally gone insane. Ipso facto nutso me.

This morning, I sat down in The Red Chair and thought that I'd have a little cranberry juice before I laid back with Moxie for our daily nap. I grabbed one of the containers sitting here on the table, opened it and poured it into one of the short glasses -- no, not shot, but highball, I guess the term is, although why it's called a highball for a rather low glass, I don't know -- for a few seconds before I realised that I was pouring yogurt into a drinking glass. 

Raspberry or rhubarb or whatever it was, it was not cranberry juice.




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