August 1st, 2015
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We are finally home! We got the clearance to return with Sam to Maryland around mid-day yesterday. Rented a car, drove south (through all the afternoon traffic in Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore and DC), re-acquired my car from the apartment where [ profile] thatcrazycajun and [ profile] singing_phoenix are staying, and finally stumbled through our own front door a little after 8pm.

In all the chaos and sleep-deprivation of the last couple of weeks we hadn't gotten around to ordering a crib yet. Luckily, I was able to get my dad (who lives nearby) to pop over to Buy Buy Baby and snag a pack-n-play for us. Which we'll need for driving-distance con trips anyway, but in the meantime it's somewhere for the wee one to sleep.

The timing on our return was perfect since today is our anniversary (11 fine years, for those keeping track). My dad volunteered to babysit for us so we could sneak off to Cava Mezze for dinner. Om nom nom.

Happy anniversary, to my fellow new parent! ::smooch::
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Day 2 of the 7th annual Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit kicks off on the UT-Dallas campus with a block of concurrent sessions before we move into the keynote speech by Dr Heather Snow.

And yeah, I get to stop playing reporter for a moment and do a session later this afternoon starting at 1:05 PM on Contemporary Texas Transgender History

Congratultions DFW area!   You stepped up and broke the all time attendance record with 70 attendees for yesterday`s session.

So if you're in the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex and looking to get your learn on about what you can do to advance trans human rights in Texas school districts, colleges and universities and meet a bunch of cool people from around the state while doing so, you may wish to wing by the UT Dallas campus in Richardson.

The UT Dallas campus address is 800 W. Campbell Rd. and hope to see you there in the UTD Student Union building .

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I know I linked this 3-part documentary about the history of coffee a few days ago, but now I am watching Part 2, and it is explaining to me why the Maxwell House coffee that I had at work tastes like it should be used for stripping furniture, and why the Chase and Sanborne that my parents drank tasted a bit better -- and why all the canned coffee that is mass-marketed tastes slightly stale: it's pre-staled. If you drink coffee, you owe it to yourself to watch at least Part 2 of this, which talks about the ways in which coffee has been roasted, marketed and sold during the last 100 years or so -- and why Tim Horton's coffee is better than a lot of American coffees.
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I've always heard that the idea of "privation of good" was something Augustine came up with. (Summary: evil is not a thing in itself, but only the absence of good-- like how darkness is the absence of light.) But 300 years earlier, Epictetus was saying:

"As a mark is not set up for the sake of missing the aim, so neither does the nature of evil exist in the world." (Enchiridion, 27)

Isn't that the same idea?
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I lost my phone.

No. Scratch that. Start over.

Somebody stole my phone.

I placed it on a table in the back of the Asmadi Games room, under my necklace and some scissors. I turned away to work on setting up for my Ridiculympics event. The phone, and only the phone, was missing when I came back a few minutes later.

We turned on "find my iphone", we tracked it (it's been in the same location pretty much since it was stolen, has not changed in the slightest), Sparr used the "make a noise" thing to ping it as he walked all around the area (literally 75 times --I get an email every time he did it) we set up a message, all nothing.

Bullshit icing number one: Lex_of_Green and I, with mom and Barb and some other folks, did a Fucking Awesome Mad Max cosplay photoshoot this afternoon. Which ended less than an hour before my phone was stolen, and I was so busy with GenCon work I didn't even have time to upload any to Twitter.

(There were a lot of photos on a lot of cameras, but damnit, everyone got a slightly different set.)

Bullshit icing number two: Y'all remember my schedule? I will not be in Boston again for almost a month. I am traveling all the fuck over *and* I'm at a con where I'm trying to logisticate with people I like.

(I will be in Chicago with mom, which, being as I'm on a family plan, is optimal for getting a new phone -which we can potentially do- or renewing my old phone --which I again can potentially do. Yes, I have Nyota with me at con right now, don't ask, it's a total coincidence.)

Bullshit icing number three: I was signed up to attend one and only one specific event this entire convention, the Dead Gentlemen's Gamer's Live Improv Show. It was at 6:00 tonight. My phone went missing at about 5:45. I opted to look (using mom's phone which GPS'd to my phone) real quick. Late turned into 7:15 and "fuck it, I have an event to run in half an hour anyways" and I missed the whole thing.

(K is friends/coworkers for much of Dead Gentlemen. There will be other opportunities, *good* opportunities someday, probably better than the ones most people get.)


And when it comes right down to family can afford to get me another phone. It won't even be a strain. If this particular disaster had to happen to anyone, well, I can take the damage easier than 95 percent of everyone. Losing the photos sucks --but thanks to iCloud I only lost three days, and some of the GenCon photos I had sent to friends or tweeted, and I can get them back sometime later.

I prayed. Directly and with words, which I only rarely do, and to all three of my gods at once, which I *never* do --specifically, Athe and Gaea occupy literally opposite physical spaces in that one is a goddess of the outdoors and nature and the other is a goddess of human ingenuity and creation. The only thing I could think to sacrifice (which didn't seem either cheap or unreasonably expensive for what is a thing that can honestly just be a bad thing) was my bile, my cynicism, my need for vengence, my quiet dark hatred of "there's 100 ways that we can bruise each other" and "people fucking suck".

"I will be kind." I whispered. "I will not stop being kind".

In this space, what that means is you can call the specific person who did this an asshole. But you can't swear vengeance on them, you can't threaten to hurt them, you can't swear you'll "make them pay!" Probably their life has been less good on the whole than mine is, probably something has gone seriously wrong if they think it's okay to steal phones and I am sad for that.

And you can't tell me people suck, and you can't tell me that the world is awful, and you can't tell me "this is what you get for leaving your phone on a table in a crowded game room". Because I believe in a world where the people in a nice friendly joyful environment like Asmadi do not do that.

I will make that world by leading by example. I will be kind.

(it is my sacrifice and not yours, you can do those things if you really want. But I would feel uncomfortable, and I would feel grateful if you don't try to commiserate with me by emphasizing that we damage each other.)


(I think I would prefer not to have helpful suggestions on this thread? I have not detailed quite everything I've done, but me and Sparr (and mom and Chris and jere7my) are all smart people and all have given their best advice, and I'd like to have a space where I don't have to say over and over "yes, tried that". If you really care, go tell me helpful things on the Facebook thread or on Twitter or something.)
July 31st, 2015
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Yesterday wound up being, quite literally, a long day. I was awakened early by the noise of trucks outside. I got up briefly, lay back down, and tried to get back to sleep, but Molly had other ideas; she jumped up and quietly explained "you're conscious, time to pet the cat." So I did that—and then my cell phone rang.

That was my PT office returning my voicemail of the day before, saying that yes I could come in at 9:30 instead of 2:30, so I said "see you then" and made tea. I wanted to reschedule because it's hot here again, and I wanted to get back without standing out in the heat waiting for the bus.

The physical therapy went quite well, except for the glitch where I angrily explained that I need not to be given contradictory instructions: one of the interns was having me do an exercise, and another interrupted while I was doing it to tell me to do it differently. But the ankle and wrist are both continuing to heal, and the shoulder-strengthening program continues on course. (I did have to ice the shoulder yesterday evening, though.)

We microwaved frozen Indian food for supper, because it was too hot to do anything resembling cooking. Fortunately, [personal profile] cattitude has found a brand that is, if not impressive, actually food, and sells at least two dishes that are flavorful but not pepper-hot, so I can eat them.

We went to bed slightly late, but were thoroughly asleep when the building fire alarm went off at about 12:40 a.m. We pulled on clothes and shoes, grabbed our cell phones, and walked downstairs and out. My ankle didn't like that, but was okay once I found a place to sit down. (It's hurting some today, but I'm not sure of causality.) This time the firefighters went into the Safeway; the downside of living in the same building as the 24-hour supermarket is that it increases the number of fire alarms. It's not as bad as living in a dorm where all the rooms have fire alarms and almost nobody knows how to use them, but the alarms freshman year were less likely to go off when I was sound asleep.

When we got the all-clear we came back up, calmed the cats, made herb tea, and played Scrabble. It was a quarter to two when I went back to bed. I got up six hours later; between that and the heat, I made a point of doing my proofreading in the morning. I did find time this afternoon to look at the Hugo nominees for semiprozine and come up with a plausible 1, 2, 3 ranking among Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies. ("Plausible" in this case meaning that I didn't read any of them all the way through; I've sent the Hugo packet samples, and the sample for Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, to my kindle for later, but "later" will be after the ballot deadline, which is now 6.5 hours away.)

Posted by Monica Roberts

Im in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for the seventh edition of the Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit that is taking place as you read this at on the UT-Dallas campus.

We are at lunch right now,  and we have heard our TTNS Day 1 keynote speaker Dr. Stephen Sutton.

But today is Friday, so it`s time to get to our normal weekly business an call out the fool, fools or groups of fools for our illustrious award.

And this week`s winner is Mike Huckabee,   Wheter he was violaing Godwin`s Law by invoking concentration camp iagery in his critque of President Obama and the  Iran nuke deal to saying something else offensive about the trans coommunty being able to serve, he earned it.

And on that note, Huckabee can have several seats and a heartfelt Shut Up Fool from moi,
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I don't give a damn whether Labour is electable under Corbyn-- the next election's too far off to worry about. What I *do* care about is having an effective Opposition, and that's something I'm certain he can provide. Six PM's questions a week, the chance to choose who's on the front benches, and a guaranteed place in almost every political TV show-- given a year or two, he'll move the Overton window enough that today's estimations of who's electable will be irrelevant.

I don't believe for a moment that Labour can't gain power with Corbyn as leader-- we can't know, because there hasn't been a Labour Party that was much distinguishable from the Tories since the nineties.

No, I don't think Corbyn is the second coming of Marx. I don't think the Labour party is going to do a great deal of good for ordinary people any time soon. I don't believe electoral politics will deliver enough change to fix the system. But I do believe that the parliamentary Labour Party can do more good in the world than they're doing right now.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

UT Dallas Logo - Color
The 7th annual Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit gets cranked up on the UT-Dallas campus this it continues its ongoing mission of working to enact  transgender friendly non discrimination policies and procedures in Texas school districts, colleges and universities.

And hey DFW, let's see if y'all can break the all time TTNS attendance record that was set last year when Texas State University in San Marcos, TC hosted it.

The fun gets started with an opening breakfast, the TTNS opening ceremonies, and a keynote speech by Dr. Stephen Sutton before we dive into the Day 1 sessions.  

In case you're wondering, yes, I will be teaching a seminar, but it happens tomorrow.   Today I'm in reporter mode.

This is the second consecutive year the TTNS has ventured from its home base territory in the Houston area, and the first time it has been in the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex. 

Would love to see you at the UT Dallas Student Union building, and the campus is located in Richardson, TX at 800 W. Campbell Rd.  

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Just applying that little nudge for those who haven't acquired the round tuit.

Voting closes tonight at 11:59 PDT.

And I'm thanking whoever designed or chose the design for the online ballot-- it was easy to use and the fact that it stored my rankings but allowed me to change them was a great convenience.
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Hi folk,

Masterlist updated with one new issue, bringing us to a total of eight unclaimed issues. Of these, two are adding sites to the embed whitelist (for which we have a wiki page!), one is adding another site to the <user name=""> tag (which I've touched extensively recently and would be delighted to help with); and then there's some site text that needs tweaking, and a few bits of CSS that could use some love.

I'd be more than happy to provide encouragement on any of these, and can actively help out with site text, the user name tag, and whitelisting embeds :-)
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July 30th, 2015
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I don't suppose any of you remember back to Season 4 of Buffy, with The Initiative, and Riley's buddy Graham? Bailey Chase, who played Graham, now plays the deputy on Longmire. I watched all three seasons of that on Netflix in the last three days -- and it is *well worth watching.* It has a long long roster of very good actors -- including most of the award-winning native actors in the US (you will recognize faces) -- excellent writing and plotlines and characters that stay with you.

Bailey plays deputy sheriff Branch Connally. He starts out running against Walt Longmire, the sheriff and title character, for sheriff in the next election. But he's also involved with Walt's daughter, for a while. Katee Sackoff is another deputy. Lou Diamond Phillips runs a local bar. Bailey's father, a ruthless rich guy, is played by Gerald MacRaney, late of Simon & Simon. Do I really need to go on and list all the other players? You will recognize actors from Due South and Dances With Wolves and Powwow Highway and so many other places.

And all of them are playing solid characters and having a good time with it.

Myself, I've fallen for half the cast, just on the basis of really wonderful acting and season-long story arcs and dialogue to die for.

One other thing: there is respect for the Cheyenne people. There is respect for nature, and for animals. There is respect for women here. How often do you see that?

(Three seasons are on Netflix. Season 4 starts soon.)
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Hi all,

Sorry for the delay, there was a most unfortunate timing as I was in Europe without Internet access. Anyway, the Dreamhack server is back up and running so you should be able to log in and such.

I'll also be making sure that at least [personal profile] alierak has access to the control panel so this kind of thing won't be a single point of failure on me in the future.

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Posted by Monica Roberts

Well, actually I'm in the Dallas suburb of Richardson, TX.   I'm chillin' at the hotel and getting ready for the 7th edition of the Texas Transgender Non Discrimination Summit that will be held on the UT-Dallas campus starting tomorrow.

This year's sponsors in addition to UT-Dallas are Rainbow Guard UTD, UTD Pride, and the Gallerstein Women's Center.

This is the second straight year the TTNS has hit the road and began to do what founder Josephine Tiittsworth envisioned for it when it started back in 2009.   It not only is helping to push for trans inclusive non discrimination policies on Texas college and university campuses and school districts, it is also being held in different parts of the state as it does so.

It';s been fun to witness the growth of the TTNS since I became aware of it in 2010, and I'm not only eager to teach my own seminar on Saturday, I'm looking forward to seeing if the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex can break the all time TTNS attendance record set just last year when Texas State hosted it. 

And did i get my Slurpee on the way to the hotel?    What do you think?

Posted by Monica Roberts

When the Arizona Cardinals gather at University of Phoenix Stadium for their first training camp practice on August 1, there will be a woman standing on the sidelines watching practice, and she won't be holding a mike, be a player or coach's wife or a cheerleader.

The Arizona Cardinals have hired 37 year old Dr. Jen Welter for their training camp as a linebacker coaching intern  

Welter played 14 years professionally as a linebacker and running back, and one year against the boys in the the Champions Indoor Football League for the Dallas based Texas Revolution as a running back and special teams player before moving to coaching.

Welter has some impressive credentials besides actually playing football.   She is a Boston College grad with a master's degree in sports psychology and a doctorate in psychology.

So yeah, are the NFL boys ready for her?  If she can make them better players, they don't care.   And if the Cardinals like what they see, this training camp hire could turn into a full season gig for her.

Coaching is nothing more than teaching,” cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians said Monday. “One thing I have learned from players is, ‘How are you going to make me better? If you can make me better, I don’t care if you’re the Green Hornet, man, I’ll listen.’ I really believe she’ll have a great opportunity with this internship through training camp to open some doors for

At any rate, she's not only making history, but potentially opening doors for herself and other women who wish to have coaching careers in the NFL.
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I have a bad case of the donwannas today.

It's not even that bad a day at work and today's to-do list is entirely manageable.

I just have no motivation to do it (it's not stopping me, but my heart is definitely NOT in it today)
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"All the comets you've ever wanted to go to, rolled into one."

comment from one of the people working on the project,
from a show on Discovery last night about the Rosetta lander
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This isn't because programmers are especially likely to be more wrong than anyone else, it's just that programming offers a better opportunity than most people get to find out how incomplete their model of the world is.

The classic (and I think the first) was about names.

There have been a few more lists created since then.

Time. And time zones. Crowd-sourced time errors.


Possibly more about addresses. I haven't compared the lists.

Gender. This is so short I assume it's seriously incomplete.

Networks. Weirdly, there is no list of falsehoods programmers believe about html (or at least a fast search didn't turn anything up). Don't trust the words in the url.

Distributed computing

Build systems.

Poem about character conversion.

I got started on the subject because of this about testing your code, which was posted by [ profile] andrewducker.

Posted by Monica Roberts

The last trip I took was to Dallas for the 2015 Black Trans Advocacy Conference ( BTW, the 2016 BTAC will happen April 25- May 3, so start making your plans now to be there) and it was via Megabus.

Since I returned from Dallas, haven't been traveling as much because I had to sort out housing issues that caused me to decide not to go to this year's Philly Trans Health Conference and Netroots Nation in Phoenix.

The Texas Transgender nondiscrimination Summit  is a trip I've had on my schedule for a while, and haven't missed since I moved back home from Louisville in 2010.  As a matter of fact, the first local event I attended mere weeks after returning home was the TTNS that was hosted by Rice University.

So once again I'm getting on the Megabus in a few hours and heading up I-45 to Dallas, but this time for the 7th annual edition of Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit.

This year it's not only on the road for the second straight year, it's going to take place starting tomorrow for the first time ever in the Dallas-Ft Worth area.   The TTNS will on the UT-Dallas campus in Richardson, TX. in their Student Union building and I'm looking forward to it.

The UT-Dallas campus address is 800 W. Campbell Rd. in Richardson, TX

UT Dallas Logo - Color
What I'm not looking forward to is getting up at the crack of dawn to head downtown for this early morning Megabus departure.   However, getting up that early means I'll be up and out of town before that Houston heat gets cranked up, and it's predicted to be 101 degrees F today.

I'll also have time on that 4 hour ride up I-45 to figure out who gets tomorrow's Shut Up Fool Award.

The other benefit is I'll get there before noon.   When I arrive in Dallas and get to the St Paul DART station a 7 Eleven will be there in which I will eagerly get reacquainted with my fave frozen beverage.

And naw, it's not a margarita, although I'm not gonna lie, it's a close second.

but back to talking about the first ever TTNS in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.  Looking forward to seeing all my friends in the DFW area, and for those of you in the Dallas-Ft Worth area or nearby, we'd love to have you join us.for the 7th annual TTNS starting Friday morning.

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Today I found out that open source community member, feminist, activist, and fucking awesome human being Nóirín Plunkett has died. I have no words for what we've lost in losing Nóirín; I think the open source community is going to keep running headfirst into that loss for years to come.

Nóirín, wherever you are now, I hope it's full of everything you would consider paradise. It's going to be a long fucking time before I stop looking for you at every conference I go to.
July 29th, 2015
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Recently read:

Voyage of the Basilisk by Marie Brennan. This is the third in a series of alternate-history and alternate-natural-history books about a woman who is fascinated by dragons, traveling around the world to study them. She has to put quite a bit of her energy into being allowed to do the work, and dealing with various sorts of scandal based on nothing she has done, just sexist assumptions and the desire for interesting gossip. "Widow travels with her son and studies dragons" isn't nearly as good gossip as assumptions that she has taken a lover. What actually goes on is quite enough material for a story or fifty, between exploration, dragons, and shipwrecks.

This volume had, it felt like, more politics, more musings on taxonomy and relatedness, and fewer actual dragons than the previous two. This time around she spends a lot of time on sea serpents (are they dragons?), is blocked from some other research by politics, and takes a side trip to see komodo dragons (the ones that exist in our world); and once she gets a good look at a komodo dragon she concludes that, name aside, those are not dragons, or especially interesting. Definitely a page-turner, but this is a series to read in order: volume 1 is A Natural History of Dragons: a memoir by Lady Trent.

Posted by Monica Roberts

Because I had pressing business to take care of, I was reluctantly forced to miss yesterday's Houston City Council public session in which HERO was the major topic of discussion.

And after hearing about how some of the public comment hearing transpired, wish I was in the room to counter some of the faux faith based conservamadness I was told about by people who attended it.

I was told by people who attended the meeting that District D Councilmember Dwight Boykins, the only African-American councilmember who voted against HERO last year, parted his lips to make the outrageously logic defying statement that :during all this Black Lives Matter situation , the LGBT community wasn't there.'.

Oh really?  I have a news flash for you.  Black Lives Matter was founded by Black lesbian women Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi.  LGBT people have been involved in Black Lives Matter from the beginning.  

And yeah, the LGBT community also includes LGBT people of color, and I'm not happy about this attempt to once again erase TBLG people of color from our respective ethnic groups and paint the LGBT community as monoracial..   

What the hell do you think my unapologetically Black trans behind and Dee`Dee`Watters are?  even when some of our people don't love us, we're standing up for the entire community to make Houston better.   And neither do I nor she appreciates our names being called by you in vain when your butt is getting chewed on for those idiotic remarks, your negative HERO vote last year and your problematic pattern of palling around with Black anti-LGBT sellout ministers

And may i remind you once again Councilmember Boykins, District D also has LGBT people, our allies, and our family members living in it who aren't happy about your anti-HERO vote.

The statement that 'LGBT people aren't part of a movement we founded is as offensive as it is a bald faced lie.  Your comment is also being interpreted in Houston LGBT communities of color as saying 'we don't exist'. 

But let me pivot and focus on the erasure part of this.  There are 2.3 million people in the Houston area.  It's estimated about 10-15% of the population are part of the BTLG community, and of those folks you'll find moi and other TBLG Houstonians of color..

#WeExist, and are part of the Houston communities of color we intersect and interact with.   We are tired of being erased by you and other straight cisgender people of color.   Many of us in LGBT World have taken part in various movements that impact our community including #BlackLivesMatter .

And you do recall yours truly was at HISD headquarters in 2013 and 2014 blasting them for attempting to shut down my HS alma mater Jesse H Jones?

But one of the reasons the Houston LGBT community is rising up to defend HERO is because our backs are against the human rights wall.  We still as LGBT Houstonians and American citizens don't have basic civil rights in Texas and federally, and now the Texas Republican Supreme Court has fracked with our local human rights ordinance that covers 15 categories, not just our community 

We're also angry when we see the city of Dallas, 262 miles up I-45 and San Antonio in 2013 to the west of us on I-10 pass laws similar to our HERO with a lot less drama that we're dealing with in Houston..   Dallas in November 2014 strengthened theirs.   These are cities that we compete with for convention business and sporting events like NCAA Final Fours and Super Bowls.

Are you aware that the trans woman who was discriminated against in 2012 by Saks, Leyth Jamal, was a Black trans girl like me?   That LGBT people of color are in various positions in our workforce?  And by you voting against HERO last year and hatin' on it now, you send a message that you don't respect our humanity, community or human rights?.

Many of us weren't in attendance at yesterday's hearing because we had to work during the 2 PM start time of this meeting, but thanks to the folks like Fran Watson, Melissa Vivanco, Ashton Woods, James Lee and the Organization Latina de Trans en Texas who were in the house and did speak in favor of keeping HERO.

Other TBLG people of color aren't showing up for movements in the community at large because they aren't out at work and don't want to be seen or outed on television.  They fear that they will be fired from their jobs if their status as members of the TBLG community is revealed, and no thanks to the partisan Texas Supreme Court we no longer have a local remedy to combat that discrimination.

And it's comments like yours that make LGBT people feel as if they aren't wanted or needed in movements built around the common issues we face as people of color.

The LGBT that don't show up also legitimately fear being victimized by anti-LGBT violence in their neighborhoods that your hate minister buddies have been stirring up for over a year with their anti-gay sermons.  

And after 11 trans women, 9 of them trans women of color have been murdered in the US this year including one Texas (so far) in that sad number, it's a legitimate concern.

Yes, Councilman Boykins, hate thoughts + hate speech = hate violence.   And it's even more odious when that debunked hate speech is coming from a pulpit with selective interpretations of scripture to try to justify it.  It's also disgusting to witness when it is an attempt to bamboozle the flock into voting against a human rights ordinance that protects their human rights at the behest of white conservative activists like Dave Welch,  Steve Hotze, Steve Riggle and Rick Scarborough who don't even live in the Houston city limits. .

When we went through those contentious HERO hearings last year, did you forget that many of the TBLG discrimination stories at those HERO hearings were being told by LGBT people of color?

So yeah, your comment just guaranteed that my 'invisible' behind will be making an appearance at City Hall next Tuesday, and I'll be accompanied by more LGBT Houstonians of color who according to your statement, aren't there.

I consider my human rights something important enough to show up and fight  for, and so will others who will be at City Hall debunking the lies of our opponents next Tuesday..
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Starting up with reading an article I really shouldn't have started, but I did anyway ...

Argh. I can't go back to write whatthehellever I was thinking about, but here is the written torture device:

I followed a link to the following intently interesting, fierce article that I swear I've read before and may have linked to herein previously. Since I can't be arsed to search for such a link, don't bother doing so yourselves. And onward to the snippets from said article:

What demonoid could come up with such a disease, a fiendish thing that forces you to watch yourself disappear but then doesn’t have the good manners to finish you off? One of my greatest fears as a youngster, having been eleven years old when the film Jaws came out, was being eaten by a shark. Well, now I am being eaten by a shark, only it’s invisible, takes its good time, and somehow lives inside me. And it’s a hungry fucker, seemingly insatiable.

Sheer terror can be an energizing force, as the medical world is learning through the tremendously transformational patient advocacy being done on behalf of CCSVI research, a movement whose spirited core is animated not only by the horror of the damage the disease may wreak, but also at a dogmatic medical profession that seems stuck in neutral, unable to give up on theories that are treated as fact despite there being little or no evidence to back them.

( ... )

As with all things in nature, the darkness of fear is accompanied by the light of courageousness, as is demonstrated every day by those of us who by sheer power of will make it through another stanza in the face of pain, weakness, and frustration, more often than not speaking nary a word of the terror within. Sometimes we cry, sometimes we scream, but most of the time we just go about our business as best we can, and that may be the most courageous act of them all.
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July 28th, 2015
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Should be a hot time in the Houston City Council chambers later this afternoon, and I'm not talking about the weather that will bring us our first 100 degree day of the summer.

The Houston City Council has a 2 PM session on Tuesdays for public comment on whatever issue you wish to bring to their attention.   And with the suspension of the HERO happening no thanks to the Texas (Republican) Supreme Court, this first public comment session since the unjust ruling will probably be a lot more contentious than usual.

People in LGBT Houston are highly pissed off about what happened to a human rights ordinance we fought tooth and nail last year to get passed, have been mobilizing for action in defense of it, and will be there to let their voices be heard.  

And I don't doubt the out of town faux faith based opposition and their kneegrow useful fools will also be in attendance urging City Council to kill HERO.

And unfortunately due to some other pressing matters, i won't be at City Council for the fun, but will be there in spirit and catching the replay of the session on cable TV later.

To all the peeps signed up to speak in defense of our human rights law, give the haters hell for me and I'll see y'all at the next Tuesday session.
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In lieu of real content.

There's been a bit of discussion about new models of music and paying and how are the artists supposed to make a living and I've spoken a bit about how I do it. Noting that I'm pretty fortunate in that I have a reasonably well-paying job and disposable income and noting further that I know a fair number of musicians.

The first thing to know about me and music is that I have pretty wide-ranging tastes that seem to have expanded as I've gotten older. The only three genres of music are music I like, music I don't like, and music I haven't heard yet. These are pretty fluid genres and it's possible for things to move between the first two categories (for example, I've never been a big fan of rap or hip-hop in the past, but last week saw me listening to an awful lot of Die Antwoord, Run-D.M.C., and Beastie Boys.

Another thing to know about me is that I'm always on the lookout for music that I might not otherwise know about (why, yes, this IS an invitation to tell me about music I might not know about). The majority of my day-to-day listening is indie/alternative (which is a silly name for a genre, since it's pretty mainstream the past 20 years).

The usual channels for finding music that I don't know are either by recommendation (that's how I ended up listening to both The Airborne Toxic Event and The Naked and Famous within the past year), Katzenjammer a year or two before that. Radio, which used to be a big part of my listening, has gotten smaller. That's mainly because the New York metro area radio market is so dire; the rock stations are playing roughly the same things they were when I was a student and there's really only so many times you can hear the same 3 Led Zeppelin songs. One exception was on a drive down from upstate New York -- snowboarding at Hunter and a visit to my cousin -- when I was listening and heard Courtney Barnett's Pedestrian at Best. Great song, great album. Otherwise, here's how it goes:

  1. Listen to Indie Pop Rocks! on SomaFM. I'll hear a lot of bands and songs that I don't know and I'll probably like a lot of them. I note the ones I really like in a spreadsheet to check out further. I'm a regular donor to SomaFM because I want to keep them on the air.

  2. Check out the songs/bands from my spreadsheet on Spotify to see what I think of their work. I have a Spotify Premium account so I have unlimited commercial-free listening. There's also a "related artists" feature, which

  3. Anything I like well enough for repeated listening gets bought. This is probably the most important bit, because I think that's where the artists get the most money (and if you can buy directly from the artist, do so!)

Basically, I'm paying for any song I like 3 times, but it's worth it to me because I want to support both the infrastructure and the artists. It's to my benefit to make sure that both the music and distribution channels are available.

And there you go, my philosophy of paying for music.
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Which is the kind of thing I not only don't do, but never have done. Only [ profile] ghoti wanted me to go to a Blue Öyster Cult gig with her and although they claim they're always on tour they are not so very young any more and their only UK gig was Ramblin' Man Fair. So we decided to attend the fair, and in fact had a great time.

not very successfully pretending to be cool )

So yes, I'm really too boring for rock festivals, but it was fun to pretend for a few days that I'm the kind of person who travels across country and sleeps in a tent (albeit a posh tent) and stands around in muddy fields in the rain to hear bands I like.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Today is the milestone 50th birthday of San Francisco based trans advocate and pioneer Cecilia Chung!

Before I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with this smart and beautiful lady from Hong Kong with a wicked sense of humor and getting to know her, I'd been a long time admirer of her and her trailblazing advocacy work on behalf of our community.

In addition to being a senior strategist at the Transgender Law Center, serving on the President's Council on HIV and AIDS, and being the first openly trans person and person living with HIV on the San Francisco Human Rights Commission of which she served as its chair.   She was one of the founders of San Francisco's Trans March and works tirelessly n the local, national and international levels to improve access to medical treatment for transgender people and people living with HIV, and to erase stigma and discrimination through education, policy, advocacy, and visibility

Happy milestone birthday Cecilia!  looking forward to the next time that we get to spend some quality time together and hope your birthday is as fabulous as you are!.
July 27th, 2015
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I was feeling fidgety and a bit down this afternoon, and decided to do a bit more exercise (because that can help my mood).
cut for exercise details )

My ankle is now unhappy. I have iced it, and am hoping for the best. Healing is slow, and so many of my ordinary activities, as well as the things that would usually be good for me, either hurt or seem to slow it further. That ten minutes of exercise may mean not going to Ivar's for clam strips tomorrow. *sigh*

I see the physical therapist again Thursday afternoon.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

As you probably guessed, we in H-town, and especially the Houston TBLG community are majorly pissed over the unjust all Republican Texas Supreme Court's partisan decision to suspend the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. 

A meeting was held yesterday afternoon at Resurrection MCC to discuss what's happening, and the next action steps  that will happen to defend the HERO should we have to deal with a repeal referendum which was made more likely by the TX Supreme Court's decision.

One thing that will immediately happen tomorrow is HERO supporters will head to Houston City Hall in force to express our disgust at what happened and urge the city to defend our local remedy human rights law that protects 15 categories.

I'm still in Texan Come and Take It mode, and hope you are, too.  I and Team HERO spent several 10 plus hour days enduring right wing hatred and insults in three council meeting plus a hearing to get it passed last year, and I will fight with every fiber of my being to defend HERO.

If you wish to join the fun, you need to sign up to speak now for the meeting that will take place at starting at 2 PM CDT.  Organizers are asking that yo get there no later than 1:30 PM so you can clear security before entering the council chambers.

I would also hope that a protest is being planned for the Harris County Republican Party headquarters on Richmond Ave.

I find it interesting and telling that the major Houston Equal Rights Ordinance haters like Rick Scarborough, Dave Welch, Steve Hotze and Steve Riggle all live OUTSIDE the Houston city limits.

So yeah suburban haters. it's on like Donkey Kong! and you suburban bigots and professional gaybaiters need to stay out of Houston human rights business and stop hatin' on my HERO!!

 Houston human rights can't wait. No suburban faux faith based hate in my hometown

Posted by Monica Roberts
All Jehrardd Williams and Jorge Hernandez wanted to do back in January was just peacefully grab something to eat at a Fort Myers, FL Waffle House and go on their merry way when they were finished.

But three drunk white supremacists had other plans.   They walked into the Waffle House in question, decided to show their azzes and mess with Jehrardd and his friend.   Dakota Fields, uttered racial slurs at the men as they sat at the Waffle House counter attempting to finish their meal.

Then Robert Black approaches Williams and wants to shake their hands.  Really?   You are that delusional, drunk or both that you think I'd want to shake you hand after you just publicly insulted me? 

He manages to shake Hernandez's hand, but when Williams justifiably declines to do so, Black punched Williams in the face, and subsequently finds out that he is messing with the wrong Black man, one who is packing a pistol.

Then as Black is probably peeing in his pants at his worst nightmare,  Dakota Field comes charging back into the restaurant to attack Williams unaware that he has a gun and gets three caps busted in him.

He and his homeboy them rush the mortally wounded Field our of the restaurant and to a waiting vehicle that while trying to find a hospital gets into an accident..  

Field was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, and no charges were filed (surprise surprise) no charges were filed against Williams for Standing His Ground. 

Here's the surveillance video of the incident.  TRIGGER WARNING for violence.

So what did we learn today white supremacist fools?  

*You white males are the violent people that society should be on guard against. 

*Black people own guns, and know how to properly use them in self defense.

*Don't start none, won't be none

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I cannot even begin to tell you my frustration with surveys on religion that classify "religion" as mostly Christianity with occasional Judaism and nothing else, and provide only "none" as the category for people who may be Buddhist, Jain, Islamic, Sufi, Hindu, Shinto, Bon, Wiccan, shamanic, Druid, pantheist, panentheist, multitheist or follow familial/cultural/indigenous local faith traditions -- as well as people who are atheist or agnostic. They're missing the point so far that the point might as well be deep-diving in the Marianas Trench in the Pacific.
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Mondays, every week, let's celebrate ourselves, to start the week right. Tell me what you're proud of. Tell me what you accomplished last week, something -- at least one thing -- that you can turn around and point at and say: I did this. Me. It was tough, but I did it, and I did it well, and I am proud of it, and it makes me feel good to see what I accomplished. Could be anything -- something you made, something you did, something you got through. Just take a minute and celebrate yourself. Either here, or in your journal, but somewhere.

(And if you feel uncomfortable doing this in public, I've set this entry to screen any anonymous comments, so if you want privacy, comment anonymously and I won't unscreen it. Also: yes, by all means, cheer each other on when you see something you want to give props to!)
July 26th, 2015
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After dithering for quite a while, but spending probably too much time following the puppy/Hugo roundups on File 770, I now have a supporting membership in Sasquan, and have cast at least a partial ballot[1]. Novel I'd already done my reading for: I'd read The Goblin Emperor because lots of reviews made it sound interesting, and Ancillary Sword because I liked Ancillary Justice, and I'd tried The Three-Body Problem because it came well-recommended, and was put off by the first chapter. That chapter is well-written and dark (being a close-up description of bits of the Cultural Revolution), and "I'm not enjoying this and want to stop" is good enough reason for me to stop.

I have downloaded the samples for "best fan artist," and have ranked four of the five nominees, only two of whose work I'd previously been familiar with. The slate-heavy categories I'm mostly giving a straight no award; if I have energy between now and Friday I will take a look at the graphic story nominees. (I'm not a very visual thinker.)

[1] If you vote electronically, you can make unlimited updates/changes to your ballot until the deadline [2]. So you can vote in the one category you're sure of your opinion on and then go back and look at other things; or vote a flat "no award" on the puppy categories and then think about novels and fan artists; or change your mind a half dozen times between The Goblin Emperor and Ancillary Sword for best novel.

[2] And they will send you a copy of your current ballot every time you click "save" to make a change.
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And, because we all need it, a list of bad sources to avoid.
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How great the snake that winds, ages-old, through
The ancient forest now regrown. Rattle
Dry bones against slate shards, and the landslide
Crumbles the gorge, sweeping down trees, making
A new footpath, with handhold branches, too.
Skid down through geologic time, till
The river's mud's underfoot. Watch the glide
Of rafters through fast water, still taking
The oldest route past Canoe-eater, still
Avoiding the younger cousin, watchful
On a river rock midstream, rattle raised
To warn. Light drops behind the ridge, trees hazed
With dusk; time slips backward, into a peaceful
Semblance of the past, between ancient hills.

This was inspired by this portrait of the Big Bend of the Genesee River, in Letchworth State park. For reference, at this point the gorge is 600 to 1000 feet deep, the trees at the bottom nearly 200 feet high.

I have walked both the river flats and the high path, climbed down the Great Slide (created in the St. Louis earthquake of about 1811 or so) and shot the rapids on a raft. This is the place to which my heart returns.
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Code touuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur. Welcome to [ profile] dteklavya, a first-time contributor! Everybody hang onto your hats, because there ain't no getting offa this train! (Clearly I have been playing too much FF7 lately. I blame [staff profile] denise.)

Let's mosey. )
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Why is it that everything requires filling in a feedback form?

Every. Frickin'. Thing.

Every online experience, and coming to include real-world experience.

Yeah, now I've gotten mail from the hospital asking for me to fill in a form online about how good or gratifying or whateverthefuck my latest experience at the goddamnmotherfucking MS clinic turned out out to be.

Depending on my mood, I might say that my latest experience was good or bad, if I'm still alive to respond to the form.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

One of the things I'm sick of hearing is the repeatedly debunked lie that Black people are 'more homophobic' when the reality is that since the 70's, the anti-LGBT movement has been overwhelmingly white in terms of the people who support it, lead the professional gaybaiting organizations, and the fundamentalist churches who push that anti-gay message,

You see idiots like James David Manning get air time, but won't call progressive Black ministers like Bishop Yvette Flunder and countless others around the country.that believe in radical inclusiveness.

So with that being said, i was delighted to see this video of the Rev. E. Dewey Smith of the House of Hope, Greater Travelers Rest Church in Decatur, GA.   He is an example of the ministers who aren't liking the ones who hypocritically attack LGBT people.

He gave a fiery sermon last Sunday that was posted to YouTube on Thursday in which  he slammed church leaders for judging gay people but “you change wives like we change underwear.”

Enjoy the video.

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Today was a tribute to Wretched Excess! Nurit and I went to multiple garage sales and thrift stores, looking for beautiful, useful, and ridiculous things.

I got a few random bits and bobs --a nice little notebook, a cigar box, six paper lanterns (battery operated! Going right into the camping box, those are!), a violently green tank top (that I swear to fucking god, is scratch-and-sniff lime scented), a belt for Scottish...

...and then my dress. My new dress which is Highly Ridiculous. It's red plaid, and way too long for me...except that it comes with built-in fasteners to draw it up higher. And of course it fits me like a glove, because that is one of my superpowers, and this is when it decided to fire. And it might even result in a new twenty-something coming to SCD.

(you can see a picture I tweeted here. Or one with a bit of my green hair here)


We rounded it all off by going to Wegmens (OM NOM NOM) and eating an early dinner. Then Nurit went off to run other errands, while I curled up in Davis Sq with my book to wait for my date with Terrapin.

Oh, it was such a good date! We had delicious ice cream, and good conversation, and then went home for a spell which I should not talk about in this entry, but suffice to say it was *lovely*.

Finally all was done and I was starting to do sleepy drifting, so I walked him back to his bike, and myself back to my bike (at Nurit's) and then came home here!

I am full of good food and lovely people and new stuff and very happy about it all.

July 25th, 2015
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A New Ministry:

I’m completing my time with the UU’s of Fallston, MD, on August 16. Beginning August 24, I’m entering a two-year Interim Ministry with the UU’s of York, PA.

Posted by Monica Roberts

I'm still in this kinda pissed off mood right now about the unjust ruling by the Texas Supreme Kangaroo Court fracking with my human rights and the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance I and so many Houstonians worked hard to get passed last May. 

You haters have won a battle thanks to your partisan all-GOP Texas Supreme Court, but we will win the war if  HERO goes to the ballot if we fight as hard to defend it as we did to get it passed in the first place

If you value your human rights Houston trans, bi and SGL community, you will fight for them.   Your rights are on the chopping block too, allies since HERO just doesn't cover us.  It also covers sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, familial status, marital status, military status, religion, disability, pregnancy, genetic information in addition to gender identity and sexual orientation.

We trans folks, and especially LGBT people of color have no choice but to be all in for this upcoming human rights battle because our live are already under attack just for being non-white in America.

And it's some of our own people we will be fighting who are being hoodwinked and bamboozled by the GOP and white fundies.  Some who are fighting on the side of the children and grandchildren of the faux Christian segregationists are either too clueless, too transphobic and homophobic or have sold out and don't care about anybody else but themselves, but don't realize they are fighting against their own human rights..

So your choice is this Houston TBLG community and allies.  Do you meekly submit to right wing oppression, or are you going to resist it with every fiber of your being?

Your call.  But I know which path I'll be choosing.



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