December 1st, 2015

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Coffee percolatorA coffee percolator is important to have appliance for preparing coffee. Not simply because of its size, but as well the speed that you can make a cup of tea. Persistent preparing at a single cup of caffeine per minute is rather common at present. This is terrific in the world where the whole thing should be fast.

Simply put, a percolator operates by percolating milled coffee before the desired final result is realized. The procedure produces a distinctive taste that most caffeine connoisseurs get irresistible. Narrow models look great coffee percolator still have a following, besides that they are considerably more economical than any preparing machines.

You will discover three variants of coffee percolator, particularly stovetop, electronic and microwave. Out of the stove percolator certainly is the hardest to work with. It can trigger over hot, and trigger over acquires that makes the coffee unhealthy. Unless, naturally, you look at and screen it repeatedly.

Electric percolators produce consistent coffee. Many are auto. They will transform into warming method when the caffeine is looking forward to consumption. It will probably stay nice and eatable for very. With the device, there is little or no room for the purpose of a human problem.

Microwave percolators are usually crafted from glass. They are really energy efficient. Normally, they use 40 percent a smaller amount electricity. The drawback with such form of the percolator is the fact you have to alter the microwave timer directly to avoid ruining the entire producing process.

Concerning design, modern day coffee percolator are perspective candy. They are nice available top. Several models happen to be slim enough they cannot take very much space in any way. There is no compatibility to a coffee maker in this case.

Purchasing a coffee percolator, primarily consider the capability you need. Different brands production units which could make four, eight, twelve or even twenty cups of coffee using one go. As well pay attention to the features and capabilities.

Easy easily-removed cord, as an example, may not look like an important characteristic. However, when you ought to unplug the cable just before serving, not what you wish is to identify it is difficult to do. Handle and lid design and style should include non-metal construction.

Finally, a quick alert about reading user reviews. While they will provide priceless input, bring them having a grain of salt. Unsatisfied consumers are going to notify more persons about their awful experience than satisfied potential buyers. Don’t anticipate a faultless percolator. Whatever they do, they cannot satisfy everybody. A three to four megastars eating away of five is plenty as long as that meets you will need well.

The post Guide to Selecting a Coffee percolator appeared first on Research online before buying in store.

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I'd assumed there was a bias towards the prosecution for cultural reasons, but apparently the culture also affects the payment process.

I was shocked by this article from 2013, and then I found I'd commented on it.

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For this 2015 Houston civic election, because of what was at stake in this election cycle,  for the first time in TransGriot blog history I compiled an endorsement post.

With the December 12 runoff election date fast approaching and early voting starting tomorrow, it's time for me to do my endorsement post for the 2015 runoff election

While HERO to my continuing disgust has gone down to defeat, if we are going to have a HERO 2.0 in H-town,  it is imperative as a community that we get the right candidates on city council and a mayoral candidate who is committed to bring it back up again instead of one backed by the Tea Klux Klan and endorsed by Ted Cruz who has made it clear he won't.

And now, the 2015 TransGriot Runoff Election endorsements


Mayor:  Sylvester TurnerController: Chris Brown

Houston City Council
District F:  Richard Nguyen
District H: Karla Cisneros
District J:  Mike Laster

At Large Position 1:  Georgia Provost
At Large Position 2:   David Robinson
At Large Position 4:   Amanda Edwards
At Large Position 5:    Jack Christie

Trustee District II:  Rhonda Skillern-Jones
Trustee District III   Jose Leal

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It took a while, but a verdict has finally been reached in the Jennifer Laude murder case in the Philippines.

The good news is that US Marine Lance Corporal Joseph Pemberton has been found guilty of killing Laude by the Olongapo Regional Trial Court.  The bad news it was for homicide instead of first degree murder.

Looks like he parlayed the 'trans panic' defense into reduced charges and time in jail.  He was sentenced to 6-12 years in a Philippine prison for it with credit for time already served.

Emmi De Jesus: 'I condemn the heinous barbarity behind the hate crime'
WTF?  Pemberton admitted during his August testimony that he choked her unconscious after finding out that she was trans feminine during a sexual encounter in a motel on October 11, 2014.   He claimed Laude was alive when he left her in the hotel room, but she was found with her head dunked in a toilet bowl.

Laude's mother Julita stated in an interview that while she is pleased the verdict detailed everything that happened that night, she was not pleased about the sentence and hoped Pemberton would be found guilty of murder.

But she said, "The important thing is he will be jailed."

Yeah, but I'm still not happy Pemberton is only getting 12 years for killing one of our sisters.

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Hello, Dreamwidth!

It's December, and those of you who have been around for a while know what that means: the December Holiday Points Bonus!

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This bonus only applies to orders of paid time or points -- bonus icons and rename tokens don't receive points bonuses. If you buy paid time or points for a friend, the bonus points will go to you, not to them.

The holiday points bonus is our way of saying "thank you" for continuing to support Dreamwidth. Our income comes entirely from you -- we have no advertising, no outside investors, and no venture capital, so you know that the decisions we make are always 100% in your best interest. Thank you to everyone who's bought paid time, extra services, or points this year. You make it possible for us to keep the site running for everyone, and we love you for it.

As 2015 draws to a close -- it's hard to believe we're finishing up our sixth year of Dreamwidth! -- we'd like to wish a very happy set of holidays to you, no matter what winter holidays you celebrate. Here's to an awesome 2016.

(EDIT: Also, there was a brief problem with the promotion not properly adding the bonus points to your account -- that's been fixed, and I'm manually applying the bonus points for the accounts/orders that were affected.)

While I have you here, I'd also like to highlight some of the changes we've made over the last few code pushes in case you've missed them:

An incomplete list of the improvements we've made )

We've also had a request for another round of the Great Community Rec-O-Matic! For those who weren't around last time we did this: it's a great way to get recommendations for communities to participate in that you might enjoy.

Here's how it works:

* If you're looking for new communities to join, comment here with a list of some of your interests, and the kind of community you enjoy reading and participating in.

* Or, read through the other comments and see what things other people are listing. If you see someone you think would be a perfect match for a community you admin or participate in, comment back to them and point them at the community!

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Today is the 28th annual observance of World AIDS Day in which organizations and individuals around the globe take the time to reflect on the devastating impact that the pandemic has had around the world.

The 2015 theme for World AIDS Day is The Time To Act Is Now, and it's a sentiment that I agree with having lost two family members and numerous friends to it as part of the 26 million people worldwide we have lost to AIDS related illnesses since 1980.

As we in the US trans community have been painfully aware of since 2000 and the 2011 National Transgender Discrimination Survey has put an exclamation point on, the trans community has not been immune from feeling the effects of HIV/AIDS.

The NTDS survey revealed a 2.6% overall infection rate in the trans community, and it was significantly higher in trans communities of color. The African-American trans community rate was 25% of the NTDS respondents, 11% of Latinx trans people, 7% of Native American trans people, and 3.7% of Asian American trans people.

Image result for positively trans survey
The recently completed Positively Trans (P+) survey should give us more updated stats and a clearer picture of the policy and legal landscape faced by trans people living with HIV/AIDS once it is compiled and the initial release of survey data happens.  

And as Charlie Sheen's announcement that he has HIV has pointed out, our level of societal education about HIV/AIDS issues is lacking and needs a serious upgrade if we are going to reach the goal of eradicating it in our lifetimes.

And that education definitely needs to be ratcheted up in communities of color.

There are several World AIDS Day observances taking place here in the Houston area.   There's a World AIDS Day gathering at the Hermann Park Conservancy starting at 7:30 PM and the candlelight observance starting at 6 PM at Legacy Health Services.

There is also a film screening happening at the Montrose Center entitled How To Survive A Plague that will also kick off at 7:30 PM

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I liked it overall.

Bring on the spoilers!
November 30th, 2015
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Been a while since I've had one of Diamond's videos on the blog, and this one needs a signal boost.

And now for your viewing pleasure, one of the pioneering Black trans video bloggers on YouTube y'all need to be watching on a regular basis and I need to be signal boosting her stuff more often..

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Mondays, every week, let's celebrate ourselves, to start the week right. Tell me what you're proud of. Tell me what you accomplished last week, something -- at least one thing -- that you can turn around and point at and say: I did this. Me. It was tough, but I did it, and I did it well, and I am proud of it, and it makes me feel good to see what I accomplished. Could be anything -- something you made, something you did, something you got through. Just take a minute and celebrate yourself. Either here, or in your journal, but somewhere.

(And if you feel uncomfortable doing this in public, I've set this entry to screen any anonymous comments, so if you want privacy, comment anonymously and I won't unscreen it. Also: yes, by all means, cheer each other on when you see something you want to give props to!)
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and not two-headed or glowing faintly in the dark.

[personal profile] adrian_turtle left for Boston this morning, after several days of food and cozy conversation; we are both looking forward to not having to fly across the country to see each other.

My client in India sent me one manuscript on Friday, due today, which I edited and sent back over the weekend. I have two more to do by Wednesday; I'm folding the most recent into the current week's timesheet, rather than send another invoice for two hours' work*. There's nothing else specific on the agenda for the next few days, which suits me.

*Their invoice procedure is just complicated enough that combining two invoices really is easier.

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It was about this time ten years ago that I was in conversations with my sister from another mother Jordana LeSesne who was staying on my azz about me starting the blog that became TransGriot.

She pushed me into setting a hard date for starting it, which became January 1, and at 12;01 AM EST on New Year's Day 2006  my first post went live on this blog.

Now it's nearly ten years, over 9000 posts, 6.1 million hits and several awards later, and TransGriot is approaching its tenth anniversary as the longest daily continuously published blog devoted to covering and talking about trans issues from an Afrocentric perspective.

And since its 2006 start, I've branched out to write about whatever subject appeals to me while staying true to the original mission

The TransGriot blog's mission is to become the griot of our community. I will introduce you to and talk about your African descended transbrothers and transsisters across the Diaspora, reclaim and document our chocolate flavored trans history, speak truth to power, comment on the things that impact our trans community from an Afrocentric perspective and enlighten you about the general things that go on around me and in the communities that I am a member of.

I didn't get around to actually compiling the mission statement until January 2, 2011, but by that time I'd figured out what direction I wanted to take the blog.

Anyway, before I digress, let me get to the reason why I'm writing this post.   Since the TransGriot tenth anniversary is rapidly approaching, I wanted to know what impact the TransGriot blog has had on my readers?

What I'd like is statements from you by December 25 so moved to do so that express how TransGriot's existence has touched your lives.  I know that five trans people have already told me privately that reading posts on the blog dissuaded hem from committing suicide, and others have told me at different times that they read it daily including members of Congress and their staffs.

I want to start posting them during the first week of January 2016.  

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Angela says she feels like a winner because she has brought visibility to the transgender community 
It may be a while before we see another out  trans Miss USA or first ever out trans Miss America contestant, but there have been trans competitors elsewhere in the world.

The Miss World pageant system has seen Jackie Brown back in 2012 attempt to become the first trans Miss England World and fall short of capturing the crown.

Now comes word out of Spain of the most recent girl like us attempting to capture her home nation's national crown in  23 year old Angela Ponce.

The 5' 10" beauty was representing the province of Cadiz in her attempt to capture the Miss Spain World crown and become the first out trans woman ever to qualify for the Miss World pageant being held in China.

 Unfortunately Ponce, despite being considered as one of the favorites to take the Miss Spain World crown, was eliminated before reaching the final ten.
Angela supports the Daniela Foundation, dedicated to sensitising the world about transsexuals and transgender issues

Despite that disappointment, Angela believed that she was still a winner, and would continue to fight for increased visibility for Spanish trans people.  She works closely with the Daniela Foundation, an organization that seeks to raise awareness about the plight of trans people.

"I have the regional crown on my head and I will keep fighting to make us seen, to make us heard, and to demonstrate that I am already a queen with my own crown."

Yes you are, Angela.  May you have continued success in your life and your ongoing mission to encourage acceptance of trans people in Spain.
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Note: You can also leave anonymous comments, which will stay screened, and I have turned off Captchas.

What good, exciting things happened to you last week? What are you looking forward to this week? It can be one thing or many things, something big or small - especially the small things, they don't get enough credit.

Read more... )
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Lucy Kellaway did one of those nasty little exiperiments-- she asked 20 managers to identify their company's mission statement. Only 5 managed it.

She then goes into why mission statements are potentially embarrassing guff-- VW listed sustainability as one of its values.

Here's the punchline:
Seventeen of Britain’s 100 biggest companies are sensible enough to have no values at all — or at least none they care to disclose on their websites. And how do they get along without them? Maitland suggests that these companies are laggards and that they should get in line. Values, the report says portentously, are the “next frontier”.

Absolute nonsense, and I have facts to prove it. I asked a man in our statistics department to crunch some numbers for me and compare an index made up of the 17 values refuseniks with one made of 83 who are toeing the line. He went off for a bit and has come back with a graph so conclusive that I hope it will stop all windy talk of value statements forever.

Over the past 10 years the 17 valueless companies have outperformed the others in the FTSE 100 Index by about 70 per cent.

If this is a consistent pattern, it's huge. It's very hard to find such a strong guide to investment.

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Mount Horeb Primary Center
After a six year old trans feminine student came out last Monday at Mount Horeb Primary Center, a reading and discussion of Jazz Jennings book I Am Jazz was scheduled as part of her coming out process to help her fellow students understand what was going on.

Unfortunately the Florida based Liberty Counsel, an SPLC certified hate group, stuck their noses in this Wisconsin business  and threatened a lawsuit if the planned reading went forward.

The school canceled the reading, but in response to the right wing bullying, the community of Mount Horeb rebuked the transphobic hatemongers and organized two public readings of I Am Jazz that will take place on Wednesday.

The Mount Horeb High School Straight and Gay Alliance (SAGA) will host one of the public readings at 7:35 AM at the MHHS flagpole.

The SAGA students, according to MHHS teacher Beth Maglio, are staging the reading to "show our support and solidarity with the transgender community, staff and students."

Maglio teaches a high school 'Social Problems' course in which students learn about advocacy and standing up for their beliefs.  When she noticed the SAGA students discussing the cancellation on Facebook, she asked them what they thought they should do about it, and doing a public reading of I Am Jazz was their response.

The second reading was organized by parent Amy Lyle, and it will take place at the Mount Horeb Library from 6:30-8 PM.   Like the reading by the Mount Horeb SAGA group, Lyle organized the library reading as a way to support the trans feminine student an her family.

"We were concerned about how the family would be feeling and we felt  a need to communicate to them that there is support in our community." Lyle said in a Wisconsin State Journal interview. "We want all LGBT youth to feel supported and feel accepted, and to know that Mount Horeb is an accepting place for all."

Thank you Mount Horeb for demonstrating that acceptance and not falling for the anti-trans fear mongering.  hope the trans community in the area will thank these groups by supporting the Wednesday readings.

Just to stick it to the Liberty Counsel, I'd take it a step further and donating copies of I Am Jazz to local primary school and public libraries.

H/T Lexie Cannes

Posted by Monica Roberts


One of the most vocal and transphobic opponents of HERO was Rev Ed Young, the senior pastor of the Second Baptist megachurch in West Houston who preached more than a few anti-trans hate sermons during that battle and violated the Ninth Commandment about the what the ordinance actually does.

And he was hypocritically preaching anti-trans hate while one of his former youth ministers was being sentenced for child molestation.

In the wake of that loss, Melissa Murry decided to organize a protest at the west side megachurch.   Instead of the confrontational approach some folks wished to do, Murry's idea was to simply get dressed up and attend the 11:11 Advent service, and let the media know about it.

A dozen trans people and allies decided to attend yesterday's service including longtime advocate Ray Hill who agreed with Murry's concept for the protest.

Hill told 11News he hoped that by giving churchgoers a chance to meet him and his friends."they would be less vociferous and less apt to tell the bathroom hoax lie."

I doubt it, but since this is the Christmas season, there's always hope for a miracle.

November 29th, 2015
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As if my readers needed any more proof that we are insane, we just finished attending back-to-back cons with Sam.

Philcon )

Chessiecon )

Posted by Monica Roberts

LGBT Pride Parade in La Paz, Bolivia, 2012.
South American nations have been international leaders  in passing trans friendly human rights laws, and Bolivia just became the latest South American nation to do so.

While Bolivia's constitution since 2009 has prohibited discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, unfortunately hearts and minds have yet to catch up with the laws.  But TBLGI activists keep fighting for their humanity and respect despite that slow pace of acceptance.

After local trans activist Raysa Torriani proposed a bill three years ago to the national assembly that would allow trans Bolivians to change their name and gender markers on official identity documents, the Ministry of Justice announced an administrative policy change that will allow trans Bolivians to do so.

Bolivia: Transgender people will soon be able to officially change names, gendersJustice Minister Virginia Velasco Condori announced at a Wednesday press conference that the Ministry of Justice has issued an administrative order that changes the law and policies relating to civil registration that include the General Service Personal Identification Number and the Civil Registry Service.

Persons wishing to change name and gender markers on identity documents must apply to the Ministry of Justice and undergo a psychiatric examination before the process is approved.

It's not as good as the Argentine Gender Identity Law that is considered the gold standard of international trans identification laws, but it's a start.
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Argh! Facebook! Argh! Why is it sending me an email of everything a friend posts, but with random delays of between a few days and a month. I didn't ask for these emails! I don't know how to turn them off! Why is it trying to force me to be a stalker?

Posted by Monica Roberts

I know I've asked for this for the last several years, and I think I may have figured our why it hasn't happened and make that correction in this year's post.

I forgot to say 'please'.

The holiday season is in full swing.  Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men and all that jazz as the combat continues in the Middle East and Afghanistan and a terrorist attacks happens in Colorado.  

Something else I'm tired of that is the ongoing hatred aimed at trans women around the world.

What about the TERF's?  Those rhymes with witches are still marinating in their disco era hatred and racist desires to oppress someone and will never change.

But Christmas is a season in which we ask for the impossible to happen and hope it plays out, so I'll ask for these things to happen in the 2015 holiday season.

And yeah, I'll say please when I do.

Can y'all cis peeps in the 2015 holiday season please refrain for one month from killing or injuring my trans sisters or at the very least, making disparaging transphobic remarks? 

Can we trans folks please have a 2015 holiday season in which not a single transperson anywhere in the world is killed or injured? 

Can we please have a 2015 holiday season in which I or my trans fam don't have to read or hear hate speech or misgendering comments about us coming from friends, frenemies and foes.

Can we please have in the 2015 holiday season one in which we trans folks don't see anti-trans commentary from Pope Francis, anybody else in the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy or from religious leaders of other denominations? 

Can we transpeeps please have in this 2015 holiday season for the next 30 days, not seeing a positive story about us on the Net be polluted by a comment threads with an avalanche of transphobic, hateful and ignorant comments?

And as a final 2015 holiday gift to us, can we trans women around the world please be able to live our daily lives without drama for the next thirty days?
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Rain came down like it was a shower turned on 'heavy'.

A few minutes later, the sun came out, or perhaps it just peeped around the corner of the shower curtain.

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Long, long ago, in a place of paper and glue and little bugs that ate the glue and ...

Aw, fart.

About 1980, I read a book in the school library about how kids in the future would only be able to attend school through computers at home, so wouldn't have the opportunity to deal with other kids. Would that it could have gone that way, I thought to myself, but ...

Y'know, I'm sitting here trying to remember the book's title, but I can't. I'm also thinking that I've written about that book here before, but I can't do much of a search for it, as my left hand and arm and such are getting weaker, so ...


Yeah, silent 'p' and such.

Oddly, the only book title that's coming to mind is The Portmanteau Book, which I must've also checked out of the library many times, and I've since tried ordering it through Amazon or some other online place where books go to die, but it never left or wasn't delivered or somesuch. 

The more I think about it, the more I feel as though I've written about these books before. More than anything, I feel like I'm trapped in some sort of cycle. 

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Rain came down like it was a shower turned on 'heavy'.

A few minutes later, the sun came out, or perhaps it just peeped around the corner of the shower curtain.

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Posted by Monica Roberts

After being upset last week 20-17 by UConn with their all world quarterback Greg Ward, Jr on the sidelines for much of it, my fave college football team came into this matchup at TDECU Stadium with number 15 ranked Navy with a lot on the line.  

The chance for an undefeated season were gone, but the Coogs still had much to play for Friday afternoon. The Cougars were not only playing for the AAC West Division title and hosting the inaugural American Athletic Conference Championship Game, they were also playing to keep their hopes alive for a New Years Six bowl game.

The Coogs took the opening kickoff, marched efficiently down the field to score and take a 7-0 lead they would never relinquish against a talented Navy squad determined to make their own history with their Heisman Trophy candidate senior quarterback Keenan Reynolds.

Navy quickly answered, but UH took a page out of the Midshipmen playbook by executing long clock eating drives and capping them off with touchdowns, helped immensely by going 16 for 19 on third down and going 2 for 2 on fourth down to forge a 24-14 lead at halftime.

But it was the Cougar defense stepping up big once again by forcing a critical turnover on Navy's opening drive of the third quarter and converting it into a touchdown that gave them a 31-14 lead.

Embedded image permalink

But Navy didn't quit.  They fought until the final whistle. but UH was just too good on offense and prevailed 52-31 to clinch the AAC West Division title, move to 11-1 on the season and ensure the AAC Championship game would be held in H-town.

They will face AAC East Division Champ Temple (10-2) on December 5, and I'm hoping I can get tickets for that game.  I'm also hoping they make more history by winning the AAC title and getting that spot in a New Year's Six bowl game.
November 28th, 2015
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Posted by Monica Roberts

I keep saying that our trans younglings are going to do some amazing things if just given the opportunity and the chance to live their lives to the best of their ability. In some cases, they are role modeling for their trans elders the courage and leadership it will take to make trans human rights laws, trans acceptance and recognition of our humanity a reality.

More evidence of that is coming from north of the border in Vancouver.


magazine recently published their 15th annual list of the 50 most powerful people in the city. On this list that includes CEO's, politicians, labor leaders, First Nations leaders. and other movers and shakers in the city, at number 20 is 12 year old trans teen Tru Wilson

“I didn’t expect to be on posters and people recognizing me and making a difference for other kids,”says Tru. “I just wanted to be me.”

Tru Wilson, 12, named by Vancouver Magazine as one of the 50 most influential people in the city, has influenced a catholic school to include transgender people.  Arlen Redekop/PNG
But that's exactly what happened.   Because Tru and her family refused to take no for an answer from the Catholic school  powers that be and pushed for her humanity to be recognized, the successful human rights complaint forced the Vancouver Catholic school system to develop policies for trans students like herself that the Vancouver Public Schools were already working on.

Global TV was also telling their story at the time, and since that successfully mediated BC human rights complaint Tru has continued speaking out about transgender issues with a bigger goal in mind.

What's that goal?   To have a chat with new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about getting trams people's human rights ensconced into federal law in the Great White North.

Congrats Tru!  So proud of you and looking forward to seeing if you get to have that meeting with not only Premier Christy Clark in your home province of British Columbia, but the one with PM Trudeau as well.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Just now getting around to it, but was notified by a few peeps that I'm paired up with three amazing trans women that were mentioned in a story written by Heather Jones at Wear Your Voice.

Tona Brown, Elle Hearns, Janet Mock and I were featured in a story written by Jones highlighting Black trans women breaking barriers.

Thanks for the shout out Heather, and thanks for the recognition of my sisters profiled in it.   I'm just one of the amazing trans women around the country who are doing what they can to use their talents to educate, inform and make human rights a reality for all trans people.

It also helps us drive home the message that trans women are women, and get us a step closer to the day that we get our cis counterparts to realize we have talents we wish to contribute to the greater society to make it better.
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How can there be so much dust in the world,
Covering all that I see?
How can there be so much dust everywhere
And why does it have to be me
Who sneezes and coughs, wherever it is,
Even when I'm trying to clean?

I could make a canoe from the dust of the world
And paddle away from it all
I could make me a racecar from all the world's dust
Or a plane, anything at all.
But instead I am trying to clean it up
An uphill task, after all.

For there is no end to the dust of the world
And no end to all that I see
Everything helps make the dust of the world
Including you and, yes, me.
So when I sneeze at the dust on the shelf
I am sneezing, in part, at myself.
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It being Pfriday -- silent 'P' and all that -- we had pizza for dinner last night. Silly or not, that's what it's like living in my head.

This morning, Per remarked that the pizza had accidentally been out all night. On the average Pfriday night, Per eats his pizza, but I only eat half of mine. So, mine had been sitting in its cardboard tray all night and all alone in the kitchen. (Yes, I'm silly. It's what keeps me going!)

Per: Your pizza's been out all night.
Gale: Did it have a good time?
Per: Don't know....
Gale: Well, ask it.
Per: I, um...
Gale: Just ask it. And if it answers --
Per: (laugh) Yeah?
Gale: If it answers -- (laugh) no idea where I was going with that!

Sentient pizza would have to be masochistic to want to be eaten anyway, so -- yep, this is what it's like living in my head. If you weren't grateful you didn't have to live this way all day, everyday, you should be now!

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Or maybe it's just Grey Friday?

The word of the day yesterday was oniomania, which has nothing to do with craziness for onions. No question at all, even in the fish-fermented state of Damnark, it was a mad shopping day for the oncoming holiday of -- what was it again? oh... -- Getting Sh!t You Don't Want or Need from People who You Haven't Seen in Years and ... Yeah.

Oh, the word. Right. Buying stuff in an absolute manic craziness jjust because you can. Riiiight. 
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Posted by Zoe Brain

What is really meant, though it hasn't been officially adopted yet.

November 27th, 2015
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The wind stops, the world
breathes audibly in silence.
No leaf stirs. Even squirrels
pause to listen, holding twigs
as nature proves a negative.

Posted by Monica Roberts

We're all recovering after eating our fill of turkey and all the trimmings, and are either taking part in the madness that is the after Turkey Day shopping, or trying to get back home after flying or driving to our holiday destinations.

It's Friday, and y'all know what time it is.   I'm about to carve up some jive turkeys who made it clear their were idiots, just said some stupid off the chain stuff, or made you say 'WTF?' when they were talked about in the news.

What's a jive turkey?  It's 70's slang that originated in the Black community for a BS artist.

Oh yeah, before I forget it, I'll be revealing who the 2015 Shut Up Fool Of The Year will be on New Year's Eve, and I'll do it well before you leave for your New Year's Eve parties.

And now, it's time for this week's edition of the TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards.

Honorable mention number one is FOX Noise's Brian Kilmeade, who let his inner ignorant bigot out once again, but this time it was aimed at FOX fembot Harris Faulkner.

Honorable mention number two we'll travel across The Pond for and give it to the Loose Women, whose panel on oversharing information with kids took a transphobic turn that angered British viewers and our British trans cousins

Honorable mention number three is a joint award to Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel for that press conference in the wake of the release of the Laquan McDonald police execution video trying to explain why they held it back for a year.

Honorable mention number four is Sarah Palin for being made a fool of on national TV once again,. this time by Seth Myers.

This week's Shut Up Fool loser is Donald Trump, who was doing his racist Grand Dragon impersonation at his campaign Klan rallies as the racist thugs AKA the GOP base, er Tea Klux Klan followers ate it up.

He also took it to another even detestable low for him by mocking a disabled reporter, then trying to deny it as usual.

I've called out Der Donald so much I'm beginning to feel like Ugly Betty's Wilhelmina Slater.  I don't have the energy when it comes to his azz to say no anymore.

But I do have the energy to say Donald Trump, Heil Hitler, er Shut Up Fool!

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... and in the responses, someone said, "Actually, I have played this. Except the friends who introduced me to it called it 'stupid scrabble.' The rules were simple. Make Up words. Make up a definition for the word or use it in a story. The other players can reject the word, but that’s rare. It’s quite fun." This sounds wonderful, and especially so for Per, who likes to make an odd pairing of words that would usually not be used or at least together, and use them in group presentations...

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Posted by Monica Roberts

Contrary to what the lying scumbags of the Reich Wing and their sellouts will tell you, the trans agenda has been transparent all along.   I even posted it nearly five years ago.

The 'secret transgender agenda' is for transpeople simply to be treated as any other human being in society without having our constitutionally guaranteed civil rights or our ability to live our lives fracked with by y'all because you hate us.

Simple, isn't it?    All we trans people want is to be treated like human beings.   But some of y'all have a problem with that, which is why legislation is necessary to make that happen.

And I have a major problem with you anti-trans haters,especially in the Black community.

Black trans people exist.   Get over it.  Stop letting the Republicans and their sellout ministers hoodwink and bamboozle you into voting against your own human rights because you wish to irrationally hate on me.

The bottom line is that I and other trans advocates aren't going to rest until our human rights are secured, and we can go about our day without somebody getting their jollies on by messing with us or  some cis male feeling because he got his fee fees hurt by being rejected by a trans woman to arrogantly think he is justified in killing us.

So what's the not so secret trans agenda again?

1. Treat us like human beings.
2. See number one on the list.
November 26th, 2015

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The post The way to select the Right Electric meat slicer appeared first on Research online before buying in store.

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A locked discussion on my reading page reminded me that I've been meaning to talk about this: I basically hate the framing of "punching up versus punching down" as ways of analysing interactions. [ profile] lollardfish expressed my views rather well:
First of all - I don't like punching. Second, I think the simple verticality of power spectra is almost never clear [...] Instead, I recommend thinking about whether a given situation undermines hierarchies and stereotypes or replicates them.
In fact I think Perry's entire piece on public shaming is worth reading.

I don't like punching )
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Bright sun, deep blue above, trees around me
Yes, sun and deep blue sky, oaks surround me,
Music to honor the fresh-pressed morning.

Blown leaves swirling, breeze in my face today
Yes, old leaves swirling, air teasing hair away
Old guitar keeps me happy in a world of mourning.

Let the rest of the day come as it will
Oh, the day will come as it surely will
But this music joys this bright-new morning.

I know sorrows haunt us, pain leaves us crying
Yes, sorrows haunt us and people are dying
But we all need refuge in a world of mourning.

To everything there is a time, both sad
And sublime. Awake! Life is not just bad.
“We decide to love one another not because the other is loveable but because we are loving beings. We love because love is our essence, because we are called to make this love real in the world.”


Jeanne Harrison Nieuwejaar,

Fluent in Faith: A Unitarian Universalist Embrace of Religious Language

(Unitarian Universalist, educator, author, clergy)

(via skinnerhousebooks)

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* It's difficult to cook when the cat demands, every two minutes, that you fix his food bowl. ('Fix', in this case, defined as 'push all the food back into the center of the bowl from the corners he licked it into'.) It is possible Gabe is a bit spoiled.

* I am so incredibly mellow about this holiday prep it's not even funny, although I'm sure that in another eight hours I'll be doing the "...but what if we don't have enough FOOD" panic. I can't even find my schedule. I know it's here somewhere, I just don't know WHERE. And I'm not at all fussed by this. As long as the turkey is in the oven by 1PM, it's all good.

* It occurred to me tonight that if I ever become a superhero, I can bring all my superhero friends to holidays with me no problem even if they want to be introduced by codename, because over the last twenty years, my parents have been conditioned to accept hearing "Oh, this is my friend DinosaurKitten" without batting an eyelash. (Exactly twenty years, in fact; the first Thanksgiving guest I brought home From The Internet(tm) was in 1995.) They stopped even wondering why all my friends seem to have five or six names that people call them after a few years!

* The best part of having [personal profile] arie here for Thanksgiving (I can't say 'visiting for Thanksgiving', because by now this is also her house even if she's only here two or three times a year) is that I know I can leave the sink full of dirty dishes and the house elves will magically clean them by the time I wake up again.

* ...which will be in six hours, because I am harnessing my sleep disorder to do all the prep the night before, but that means I will not be getting much sleep. Ugh.

* My attempt at Serious Eats' Birdie Bread Rolls did not turn out quite as adorable, but they are still pretty fucking cute. (I used raisins instead of chocolate cereal pearls for the eyes.)

And now it's time to feed the cat again (it's been a whole TWENTY MINUTES since he got food!) and try to sleep for a bit. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate!
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Happy Thanksgiving peeps!  Today is the day in which we get our grub on and give thanks for the blessings we have received this year.

It has been an up and down year for me in that department.  While I've been blessed to finally restart my HRT, it also came with finding out that I'd blown up to 275 pounds, my blood pressure was elevated and I was too close to crossing over into diabetic territory.  But it led to me dropping 35 pounds and changing my diet to make that happen.   I'm getting closer to my goal of being down to 210 pounds, and I'm much happier these days now that I'm back to consistently being on my hormones.

Now if only that positivity would cross over into my dating life.

TransGriot is not only approaching its 10th anniversary on January 1, I passed the 6 million hit milestone this year.  Still trying to figure out how I wish to celebrate that 10th anniversary

It also continues to get attention as an informative go to blog, and I thank you TransGriot readers for that.   Megathanks also to those of you who drop some change from time to time in the TransGriot Tip Jar.

I was also blessed to get to attend and participate in a few major conferences this year.  I got to attend Creating Change for the second straight year in Denver, another LGBT Media Journalists Convening that happened in Philly, an anti violence conference in Chicago that coincided with the reveal of this year's Trans 100, the Black Trans Advocacy Conference in Dallas, and OUT on the Hill in DC for the first time since 2012 along with invitations to speak or participate in panels here and elsewhere around the country.

It was an honor, pleasure and a blessing to go to Fantasia Fair for the first time ever and make a little history as the first African-American transperson to be given the Virginia Prince Transgender Pioneer Award.  

I also got to head to the White House again and see some of my trans family at different events and conferences.   I look forward to the next time I get to spend some quality time with y'all at another event inside or outside the Houston area in 2016.

Speaking of family, I realize the holiday season can be a serious downer for many members of the trans family who have been rejected by their blood family.  Their loss.   Do yourselves a favor and hang out today and during this 2015 holiday season with your chosen family and people who unconditionally love you.

And trans fam, be looking out for our trans peeps that may be feeling depressed.  If you can, spend some quality time with them.  You may be preventing a suicide by doing so.

Well, need to figure out where I'm going to get my grub on later.  Hope you TransGriot readers have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

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Posted by Monica Roberts

It's Thanksgiving Day and in addition to us scarfing up turkey in a few hours, we'll get to start NFL Week 12 with a Thursday NFL football feast.  

Three games are on the menu highlighted by the clash at Jerry World between the unbeaten Carolina Panthers and the Arlington Cowchips who just got Tony Romo back. The Philadelphia Eagles will take on the suddenly surging Detroit Lions in the early Turkey Day game and the nightcap game features the Green Bay Packers hosting another NFC North Division hatefest between themselves and the Chicago Bears

As for our prognostication contest, it's tight going into the last five weeks of the season with me and Eli closing fast behind defending champ Mike.

Eli and I tied for Week 11 honors thanks to me listening to my football intuition and reversing my Dolphins-Cowboys pick before I posted it as Mike halted his losing streak.  

Meanwhile, the hot streak Eli is on continued with him either winning or tying for weekly honors for now four straight weeks.  He's back in contention for the 2015 TransGriot NFL Prognostication title that Mike is trying to become the first person to win in back-to-back seasons.

With the bye weeks over, we're back to picking 16 games for the remainder of the 2015 NFL season, and those next five weeks will determine which teams are playoff bound, which ones may be Super Bowl bound, and which one will be picking first in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Time to get busy with my Week 12 picks

Week 11 Results
                                          2015 Season Record.

TransGriot    11-3                                        TransGriot      100-60
Mike             10-4                                        Mike               102-58
Eli                 11-3                                        Eli                    99-61

NFL Week 12 (Home team in CAPS)

Thanksgiving Day
LIONS over Eagles
Panthers over COWBOYS
PACKERS over Bears

Sunday Noon
TEXANS over Saints
CHIEFS over Bills
BENGALS over Rams
Chargers over JAGUARS
JETS over Dolphins
FALCONS over Vikings
Giants over WASHINGTON
Raiders over TITANS

Sunday Afternoon
Cardinals over 49ERS
SEAHAWKS over Steelers

Sunday Night
Patriots over BRONCOS

Monday Night
Ravens over BROWNS
November 25th, 2015

Posted by Monica Roberts

Yep, still pissed about the human rights malpractice that happened here in Houston in terms of the Houston Unites coalition badly botching the defense of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.

I want to point out that Houston City Council meetings are televised on municipal cable channels, and there was video from both sides that could have been used not only for a pro-HERO commercial, but for an attack ad as well.

Let's start with the video from last year's HERO hearings that could have been used in a pro HERO commercial.

I start with Cassandra Thomas, from the Houston Area Women's Center, who for 20 years has been a nationally recognized authority on the subject of sexual assault.

Now, why wasn't this testimony used as part of a concerted effort to destroy the bathroom predator lie or information pointing out that in the other Texas cities that have similar laws to HERO, no such problems have occurred?  

I'll wait.

Our next video is Noel Freeman's brilliant August 2 takedown of the bathroom lie on ABC13

The Houston media failed to do their job debunking the opposition lies until it was way too late.

Now for one that Houston Unites could have turned into an attack commercial like the one I previously talked about.

Here's local faith based hater Becky Riggle testifying that because of her Christian faith, she had the right to discriminate against Jews.

This was a Christmas present from the opposition that should have been turned into an endless attack commercial loop highlighting their faux faith based bigotry and used to drive a wedge between the non-white ministers and their GOP controllers.

But it wasn't.



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