October 25th, 2014
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Oatmeal, with freshly ground-up toasted flaxseed, walnuts and pecans, with cinnamon and good B-grade maple syrup.

Amazing. Luscious. Tasty.

(I so need to make new icons...)
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It's 5:48 a.m., and I'm absolutely awake.

I've watched the sun come up for two weeks. My body seems to be trying to move back to the medieval version of sleep that is divided into two sleep periods with a waking one in between -- except that the second one is anywhere throughout the day.

The SU made a wonderful coffeecake for dessert last night, something with chocolate and cinnamon and just enough crunch. He doesn't bake anywhere near enough (though his baking is so good that it's probably a good thing for my waistline that he doesn't.)
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October 24th, 2014
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Sarah, sitting and putting labels on the 150-odd vials of BPAL I decanted today: "You know, I don't think it was an unreasonable request."

Me, opening 200-some vials that I bought secondhand to sniff them and determine if I like them or not: "What?"

Sarah: "'One of these days I should find a perfume I can wear to work', I said. And here we are, somehow that having turned into 'try everything BPAL has ever made'..."


(She is so very tolerant of the fact that "....that escalated quickly" is my life motto.)
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The numbers from [profile] julian_tiger's most recent bloodwork are worse, and his weight is down; we aren't going to have him much longer. And I lost Velma less than a week ago. So, try to avoid making significant decisions, and I am doing quite a bit on habit. Things like having yogurt for breakfast, or timing on cups of tea.

One of those habits seems to be exercise, though that's not an everyday thing like the morning yogurt. I hadn't been to the fitness room since Monday, so I went this afternoon. I think it helped my mood, as well as being good for me on other levels. There were two other people in the exercise room, one telling the other what to do, setting the amounts of resistance on the machines, and so on. The one being instructed looked to be in his teens; it was weird realizing that I may have been doing this since before he was born. That's enough years to normalize it, and make it something to do when "normal" feels a bit out of reach.

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Today I drew a tree of the relationships between the Dravidian languages (because someone asked about Tamil). Source.

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posted by [personal profile] synecdochic at 02:44pm on 2014-10-24
Working working working. Decanting decanting decanting. The cooking tv shows I'm watching in the background are making me hungry.

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Posted by Monica Roberts

The group stage of the 2014 CONCACAF Women's Championship is over and has now been whittled down to the four soccer teams in the semifinals to be played at PPL Park in Chester, PA.  

Three will finish this weekend making plans to travel to the 2015 Women's World Cup in Canada next summer, while the fourth place squad will have to battle Ecuador in a playoff for a tournament berth.

While Jamaica's Reggae Girlz failed in their quest to qualify, there was another Caribbean based squad who has a chance to make the history that Jamaica was trying to accomplish in Trinidad and Tobago.

If Trinidad and Tobago wins the match, they will become the first ever Caribbean based women's team to qualify for a World Cup.

They will face off against Costa Rica in one semifinal match today, while the other is a rematch between FIFA world number one ranked Team USA and Mexico.

Four years ago Mexico pinned a stunning 1-0 loss on Team USA that forced them to go the playoff route to qualify for the 2011 Women's World Cup in Germany.   Will lightning strike twice or will Team USA avenge their only defeat in CONCACAF qualifying?

Yeah yeah, I know what today is.  It's Friday, and you loyal readers are ready for another edition of the TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards, not me talking about soccer.

Okay so let's get to it shall we?

Honorable mention number one is James O'Keefe.   This conservafool is at it again trying to manufacture evidence in Colorado that attempts to 'prove' voter fraud as defined by the GOP exists.

Dude, why are you committing voter fraud to try to prove it exists?   Because you and your conservafool friend know that the only reason you have these unjust laws in the first place is to keep people from voting you don't like.

Honorable mention number two is FOX Noise fembot Kimberly Guilfoyle, who parted her lips to say that young women are too busy with 'Tinder' to understand voting.

Honorable mention number three is Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ), who admitted the GOP voter suppression agenda for 2016.

Honorable mention number four is Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX).  Gohmert Pyle continues his push for 2014 Shut Up Foll of the year by this time saying in a recent radio interview that gay serving in the military would need massages that will make them vulnerable to terrorism.

Um naw, that isn't an The Onion spoof headline.  Somebody in the Tyler-Longview area please run against this fool and get him out of Congress.

Honorable mention number five is Rep Don Young (R-AK) who blames public benefits for causing suicides.

Ooohkay, .Don.

Honorable mention number six is Mama June of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo fame, who got the family's TLC reality show canceled because she's dating a convicted child molester.  

WTF?  Mama June tried to deny she was, but obviously TLC didn't believe her.   TLC 'had already shot another season of shows and it was one of their more profitable ones, so they are taking a fiscal hit in this situation.   I never watched the show anyway, but damn, what the hell was she thinking?  

This week's Shut Up Fool Award winner is Rep. Steve King (R-IA).

Just when I start to get despondent about the plethora of elected GOP idiots roaming my home state, here comes Steve King to lift my spirits and let me know that Texas doesn't have a lock on Republicans saying stupid crap on a regular basis.

King was interviewed for a local Iowa newspaper and in it opined that 'gays won't make it to heaven'

Rep. Steve King (R-IA)
"I would say that what was a sin 2,000 years ago is a sin today, and we need to stick to that principle,” King said. “I’ll just say that what was a sin 2,000 years ago is a sin today, and people that were condemned to hell 2,000 years ago, I don’t expect to meet them should I make it to heaven. So let’s stick with that principle.”

Dude, what make you so sure that you'll be going to heaven to find out whether there are rainbow flags flying there or not?

Judge not, lest ye be judged.   And Rep. Steve King, shutteth up fool!
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posted by [personal profile] twistedchick at 10:52am on 2014-10-24
The side effects are lessening. Still the odd sensation of ripples of energy flowing through me, but nothing more. Heartbeat is behaving, bp is behaving. And I got some sleep.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Will continue to monitor this north of the border case and see if the Canadian justice system is better than the one in my own nation when it concerns dispensing justice in the murder of trans individuals.
--TransGriot, July 20, 2013

Based on the result of this case, inconclusive.

When I last checked in on this case, Charles Neel was facing second degree murder charges in the stabbing death of trans pinay January Lapuz.

The 26 year old Lapuz was stabbed in her New Westminster, BC home in September 2012 and died in a local hospital a few days later.   Neel was arrested in December 5 and charged in the case with a trial start date of June 9, 2014.

One the date the jury trial was supposed to start, Neel pleaded guilty in BC Supreme Court to the lesser charge of manslaughter.  He accepted responsibility for Lapuz's death, but didn't admit the intent to kill her.

He was sentenced on June 12 to 8 years in prison, which will be reduced further due to time served to five years and three months.

Was justice served here?   Depends on your point of view in this case.
October 23rd, 2014
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Y'all know how much love and respect I have for all three of these brilliant people in Aisha and Danielle Moodie-Mills and Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler.

That's too much awesomeness for one room we are not worthy to handle. (bowing in direction of Oakland and DC)

They recently got together to do a Politini interview that Danielle conducted.   In it Kortney talks about what equality means to him and why he has no problem speaking his mind when it comes to calling out injustice when he see it.

Check it out!

Posted by saraelisheva

Bethany S. Mandel has written an interesting piece in the Times of Israel regarding conversion and the status of converts within the larger Jewish community. I’m not sure I agree with everything in it, but it certainly does raise topics for discussion. I’m also not sure that some of the politics in this apply to me, as some of the problems Mandel raises seem to be specifically US problems, and I’m in Canada, although my rabbi did say I would be doing my conversion through the Beit Din in Detroit (I’m not sure why and it didn’t cross my mind to ask at the time), so it may or may not.

I have not had (so far), baruch haShem, some of the problems Mandel discusses. The community at Beit Meshugge has been pretty well uniformly welcoming, and I’ve had no problems with the rav so far.

Mandel’s wish list is as follows, and I’ll add my commentary to each:

    Converts are in a state of persistent limbo.

This has kind of been my experience, as I expected to begin my classes over a year ago, and it really hasn’t happened yet. This is partially due to my inability to schedule study time with the rav, and his busy schedule, though. I don’t know what will happen if I wind up having to move away. I hope I can get to shul this Shabbat so I can talk to him about it. When we discussed a timeline, though, he seemed to feel that I could probably complete the course in about a year, so I can’t complain there. I do agree that setting some kind of critical path plan with objectives and milestones is probably a good idea, if only because it gives the candidate things to work for. (Actually, this is one of the things I really like about R. Aryeh Moshen’s Gerus Guide and its associated programme; it has a structure of gradually increasing observance leading to a fully Jewish life.)

    We have no safe governing body or individual to turn to [in case of issues with the rabbis]

I agree that this might be a problem; I recall Kochava from You’re Not Crazy had issues with her conversion too. I am hoping (B”H) this does not apply to me, because there is no one to go to. I guess that’s one of the peculiarities of a decentralised religion. (An old friend has been needling me a little bit in a friendly way for stating I wanted to convert, and once said, “Well, you know how I feel about organised religion,” and I said, “I’m not joining an organised religion; I’m converting to Judaism.”) I don’t see a way out of this.

    The reasonable costs associated with conversion should be clearly laid out from the outset.

This is absolutely true. I haven’t heard of any costs, and the rav specifically told me he is forbidden to take money for teaching Torah, so there would be no cost for his classes. I hope there aren’t any large surprise bills in my future.

    Communities have welcoming committees for Jews who move to the area but nothing in place for converts in the process.

I’m not sure if I think this is reasonable or not, as a lot of Orthodox communities don’t see that many conversion candidates. In my town, the Reform synagogue seems to attract a fair few conversion candidates, but since I’m pursuing an Orthodox conversion, I’m not really sure if they could help with some of the things I’d need. My advice is to find an unofficial mentor. Talk to people in shul. Go to events, and network.

    Converts are constantly asked to discuss extremely personal questions by strangers

Yeah, welcome to Judaism.

I really hope Mandel never goes to Israel, because she’s going to be bombarded by personal questions, unsolicited advice, and other overtures of aggressive togetherness (achdut, maybe). I had some experience with this at one point. My strategy for coping with this is to have a sort of “elevator pitch” prepared. I’m not really bothered by people’s curiosity; I figure this is a good way to make friends, network, and find allies and possible mentors.

    Help us with matters of Jewish ritual.

This hasn’t come up for me yet, so I really can’t comment on it, but using the tactics I described in the previous point might help with this.

    If converts are expected to provide their “papers” proving their Jewishness for a school, synagogue, or wedding ask born Jews for the same.

I suppose this is fair, although most born Jews have people in the community who can essentially vouch for them, or at least pazam. Again, I’m not sure how I feel about this, as it hasn’t really come up.

    The conversion process for those of Jewish heritage should be accelerated and unique.

I agree with this, where the person has been raised Jewish, at least. Since I’m adopted, hypothetically there could be a chance I actually have Jewish ancestors, although I suspect not. I wish I had some kind of magical Jewish origin story, but I’m afraid I don’t. In any case, my learning process would be about the same as any other prospective convert’s, because I wasn’t at all raised Jewish, and I’m flying blind.

    Converts deserve to be treated with the same love and care as Jewish orphans from the moment we become Jewish.

I’m not sure I agree with this either, but a kehila should be doing its best to welcome converts in any case.

    We should not have to live in fear about the status of our conversions in perpetuity.

Yes, I agree with this. I’ve seen entirely too many stories where people’s conversions weren’t respected for one reason or another, and the actions of Mandel’s rav shouldn’t affect the halachic status of her conversion, although for political reasons it might. I do worry about this a little bit, but I guess I’ll have to burn that bridge when I cross it, and not before.

I do think there are an awful lot of converts who seem to have been left in precarious situations, and I think in general Jewish organisations need to be more proactive in helping converts, although I can understand why they aren’t necessarily. Between the massive weight of cultural resistance to the idea of converts, a thousand years and more of well-deserved distrust of outsiders, and a lack of “market,” as it were, the issue of lack of outreach is basically inevitable (at least within Orthodoxy), and I wouldn’t be surprised if this situation persists. Thanks to Mandel for at least starting a conversation, though.

Further: If you’re interested in seeing an incredible discussion of the politics surrounding this issue, as well as what the tensions between the Orthodox world and other movements of Judaism, I encourage you to read the comments on this article. (I normally encourage people not to read newspaper article comments, as they’re usually about a half-step up from YouTube wharrgarrbl, but the Times of Israel has really good, respectful commenters for the most part. Even the abrasive Orthodox supremacists in the bunch seem to know their stuff, and are worth reading even if you disagree with them, just to get the flavour of the thing.)

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I had a BP surge this morning, right about the time when I would have taken the steroid if I were still doing it -- this was the first day off it. By 'surge' I mean it jumped to 171/101, and this after I'd done meditation. I called and got a doctor's appointment and went in... and by then it had sunk back down to normal. Apparently this was the kick in the arse of the steroids saying "you're gonna miss me."

Not really, no.

Doctor said it was clear something had happened, but it was not trackable or replicable and since I was then fine she was going to conclude that it was a side effect of the decline. And I am going to see my own doctor next week.

I hope to be able to get a full night's sleep again soon...
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Posted by Monica Roberts

It's the halfway point of the 2014 NFL season, and at this point in the season long prognostication battle I've been waging with Mike and defending champ Eli it has been tight.

But I did hold the overall lead in our competition for six weeks until I slipped and had that 9-5-1 Week 6 while Mr Watts was going 11-3-1 to take over the lead by one game 

Well, in Week 7 It came down to the Texans-Steelers game to sort out who not only won the week at 11-4, but who would take the lead in our competition.   No thanks to the Texans having a late second quarter meltdown Mike and Eli won this week.

Thank heavens this competition is still tight and I have eight weeks to stay in position to win it. 

But I'm so pissed off at the Texans right now I don't even want to post a pic of them after this game that they threw away.   I'll let y'all look at Adriana Lima instead.

Well, here's this week's picks.  15 games once again with the NY Giants and San Francisco 49ers on their bye week.   My picks as usual will be in underlined bold print, Mike and Eli's will be here once they become available.

Week 7 Results

TransGriot   10-5
Eli                11-4
Mike            11-4

2014 NFL Season Record

TransGriot     68-37-1
Eli                  68-37-1
Mike              70-35-1

NFL Week 8

Thursday Night Game
Denver over San Diego

Sunday Early Games
Houston over Tennessee
Detroit over Atlanta
Tampa Bay over Minnesota
Buffalo over NY Jets
New England over Chicago
Seattle over Carolina
Miami over Jacksonville
Baltimore over Cincinnati
Kansas City over St Louis

Sunday Afternoon Games
Philadelphia over Arizona
Indianapolis over Pittsburgh
Cleveland over Oakland

Sunday Night Game
Green Bay over New Orleans

Monday Night Game
Dallas over Washington

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This is the first day in two weeks without any steroid at all. I have already had some interesting rippling energy moving through me that woke me and got me up and taking my blood-pressure medicine a little early, just in case. I do not have expectations for today, except of getting through it.
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Thanks be for the non-ceremonial Sergeant-At-Arms Kevin Vickers. Would that we had someone like him in Washington, who is as concerned for the rights of minorities and children as for public safety.

(When I moved here 25 years ago people played frisbee on the grassy Mall at lunch time, and on July 4 everyone who wanted could simply lie on the grass by the Washington Monument and the mall and watch the fireworks explode overhead, without security checks, without iron gates, without listening devices aimed at the crowd.)
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Oh yes, YES! Having seen this comic today, I've saved it for strange purposes.

Okay, maybe not too strange. I'm saving this to show Moxie the next time she watches me shaving my legs, whereupon I offer to shave hers as well, and she looks at me confusedly. Yes, Moxie, we'll get you wearing kitten heels and a tail ribbon yet!

On second (third and x-millionth) thought, maybe that is rather strange.

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So [personal profile] azurelunatic posted adorable Pacific Rim fan jewellery to Tumblr. And I appear to have thinky thoughts about a work of fanart.

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I had talked to [personal profile] elisem on Monday about getting together again today, and last night she proposed that we both go visit Soren, as we had on Monday. He said "any time after noon," though I was skeptical after getting an email from him this morning that he had sent at 3:30 a.m. Nonetheless, I took the bus up to his neighborhood, had clams at Ivar's, and then walked over to his apartment. No answer; since the doorbell is hooked up to the phone, I left a message. Then I heard from Elise; Soren had told her "not feeling well, give me an hour" more than an hour earlier. She was worried, and a neighbor let me into the building, so I went up and knocked, loudly. Soren was sleepy and not up for company, but there was nothing seriously wrong, so I got back on the bus and met Elise in Fremont. We hung out a while in a burger restaurant while she had lunch and I drank iced tea, then walked for a bit, back to where she is staying. There was good conversation, again much of it about Velma ([personal profile] roadnotes.

Also, I posted about Velma's death and notifying people on the "I need a hug" section of the Friends of Captain Awkward site, using real names in the post because it was easier than inventing pseudonyms. I got a PM this morning from someone who knew Velma from a fountain pen forum, asking "I hope not, but is that the same Velma?" I've also gotten a Faceboorequest for Soren's email address from someone who says he's an old friend of theirs—I replied and asked him for a non-Facebook address Soren can reach him at—and a very ill-timed FB friend request on Sunday from an ex of hers, which I hope is coincidence rather than some sort of vulturine response to the bad news.

Meanwhile, our cat [livejournal.com profile] julian_tiger has gotten very good at not taking pills, and had almost no appetite yesterday. (He was trying, but after a few nibbles of chicken sausage he had that "I want to be hungry for that" look.) This morning I tried him on bell pepper (again, he ate a little and clearly wanted to be hungry for more) and then plain yogurt. He was happy to lick some off my finger, then licked the bowl, so I gave him another tablespoonful. Then, on a hunch, I offered him some peach jam. Happy cat! He asked for seconds, and thirds, and fourths.

I found clementines at the supermarket this morning, and he was happy to help me with one. OK, he wants soft/moist things, and we're back in "orange food for orange cats." I bought salmon and a sweet potato for dinner. He was very happy to help us with them, in larger quantities than we would normally give him, which is a relief, because the vet confirmed that he can't live on just yogurt and fruit, he needs protein. Rationally, "orange food for orange cats" is as silly a basis for a menu as basing it on blood type, but everything there except maybe the peach jam is something I already knew he liked. We are much more optimistic than we were 24 hours ago, and I have at least enough cooked fish left to give him healthy treats tomorrow.
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Posted by saraelisheva

I’m absolutely stunned by the news of the shooting today at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. I live nowhere near there, but it’s still horrifying. I feel like things like this haven’t happened here since 1970, and I’m hoping, although not optimistic, that Harper doesn’t decide to invoke the War Measures Act like Trudeau did (and for which I’ll never forgive him).

I belong to a closed Canadian political discussion group on Facebook, and the Usual Suspects there (or maybe I should say, lehavdil Wm. M. Gaines, the Usual Gang of Idiots — only sincerely) are going on the conspiracy theories already. This leads me to a very surly (and probably unworthy) thought, paraphrasing an actual Nazi (Hanns Johst) — “When I hear the phrase ‘false flag,’ I take the safety off my Browning.”

I am very interested to see how this will all shake out, although I’m (as usual) upset that the shooter has been himself shot, since I think it’s always useful to try to get these guys alive so one can determine their motives. I do hope he left a manifesto somewhere, because otherwise, the speculation is going to send a lot of people haring off after one thing and another, and I see some very real threats to our civil liberties looming, not to mention the possibility of retaliatory violence against one group or another.

For many of the conspiracy theorists out there, of course, everything comes back to Jews and Israel. The Islamic State is actually a Mossad creation. Harper’s support for Israel has radicalised Islamic terrorists, so they’re engaging in blowback. This shooting (and the incident yesterday where a man attempted to run over two police officers in Quebec) are false flag operations designed to further curtail our civil liberties and bolster Harper’s chances in the next election. The tail is wagging the dog. And so on and so forth.

The thing is, there are so many issues festering under the skin of the Canadian polity right now that I think it would be downright stupid to speculate, and I hope everyone can exercise their good judgement, commitment to right action, avoidance of lashon hara, and national comity in the face of tragedy and uncertainty.

October 22nd, 2014
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posted by [personal profile] marnanel at 10:10pm on 2014-10-22
We got some crickets in the post today, so I put them into a tank we use for feed insects, and there were some Zophobas morio worms in there still. Z. morio is a long wriggly worm when it's a larva, and this is the form in which it's used as spider food. I was surprised, because we haven't had new Z. morio in for months, and I'd assumed that if there were any leftovers they'd be dead by now. But then I noticed the large number of small brown-black beetles in the tank and realised that the worms were (at least) second generation. I don't think I'd ever realised what they looked like when they grew up before: they're small, about a centimetre across, around the size of a new halfpenny.
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I might have gotten six hours of sleep last night, before my body pulled me out of sleep into today's special effects circus: a gentle humming, random, here and there.

And I am looking forward to having coffee again, and a good burger. Not that I couldn't have had a good burger already, but we have not had any inhouse to cook, just birdy things. Lots of chicken. And lots of fish. I don't think I will sprout pinfeathers or scales, though.

Still the quiet lake.

Add to the list of things that I would like: a pair of jeans that I ordered from Duluth Trading and sent back for exchange because they were too big. I'd like the new ones. :) Any time now.

But these things will come, eventually.

I am not looking forward, particularly, to Early Voting later this week -- if only because of the horde of politicos shilling for their candidates outside the building where the polls take place. I have never been comfortable walking through that kind of crowd, even when I was a reporter. But I think it will be all right.

mmm. burger.
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Posted by Paul Taylor

Hey there folks!  Check out the latest news from KATSUCON 2015!

That’s right!  I’ve been officially invited to be a guest at KATSUCON 2015!

katsuncon ad small

Be sure to get more details at http://www.katsucon.org/

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Posted by Monica Roberts

This one was in the works before all the unexpected drama started popping up in my life, but I'm still going  to be there.

The there is the Representing Trans* Symposium in Chicago at the Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry on the University of Chicago campus November 8.

So yes people, that means I'll be coming to the Windy City, and when I arrive I'll have destroying a Giordano's deep dish pizza on my mind.  Something else I'll have on my mind is seeing as many of you wonderful folks in the Chicagoland area as possible

The symposium starts at 1:30 PM CST with a 'Sociological Approaches to Trans Representation' Panel  moderated by Dr. Kristen Schilt of the University of Chicago.

The panelists will be Vivian Namaste,  Tey Meadow, and Salvador Ortiz-Cruz.

Then it will move to the panel I'm a part of that will start at 3:30 PM, entitled ''Artistic and Activist Approaches To Trans Representation.'  moderated by Chase Joynt..
The panelists will be Amos Mac, Tiq Milan, Jen Richards, and Ariel Schrag and should be a fascinating discussion that is scheduled to run until 5:00 PM..

Both of those panels will take place in the Gray Center Lab Midway Studios, and the address is 929 E 60th St.

Then at 6:30 PM we move the symposium action to the Logan Center For the Arts and an Evening with Kate Bornstein.  

If you are in the Chicagoland area and wish to attend  Logan Center is located at 915 E. 60th St.

I hope to see you peeps there.
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posted by [personal profile] filkerdave at 04:54pm on 2014-10-22 under

I'm actually trying to get back to using LJ (via DW, where I wrote my posts) as an actual regular blog. So it means that I'll be posting more things (or so I hope; the best laid plans of mice and men and all that sort of stuff) here.

My public postings will mostly be about fandom and music. The personal ones will still remain friendslocked (meaning you need a DW or LJ account that I've friended to read them. I my go back and change the security on some old posts to open them up, but I've got over a decade of posts on the LJ side.
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Teeny-weeny thing that annoys me from time to time is the upfuckedness of words to describe clothing.

To be honest, I'm not sure that this is only in Damnark sites or if English ones have gone down this road on their own. But...


Understood that the first two are trying to imply the fabric used for the legging in question, assuming that they do mean that the leggings are similar to jeans or made from denim, but wherefortheeverlovingfuck does the word tregging come from?!

Oh, and I saw these words on Esprit, by the way.

I'll just be over here, pounding on my head repeatedly...

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I know the lake I'm thinking of. I looked at a photo of Saranac and this is not it. Wrong name.

But the lake I am thinking of does exist, in the Adirondacks. I don't invent everything. )
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Work is a bit politically frustrating at the moment, so have some silly links:

[tumblr.com profile] joannas found the personality quiz I've been waiting for all my life: What kind of protein are you? I am a transcription factor, which considering how much of my work has in fact been on TFs, is a particularly pleasing result. It means that I implement decisions by switching genes on and off, thereby delegating other proteins to go off and do useful things. Which sounds about right for someone who spends her non-research time teaching baby doctors and switching them on to go and cure people.

ETA 1: If you're getting a result like "analyst" or "nurturer" you need to scroll up to the top of the picture to see what kind protein you actually are. Yes, it's very bad UI design, I hadn't realized that it was making the descriptions more prominent than the actual result. Sorry about that!

There was an XKCD with biochemistry; there's no point linking to XKCD really cos just about everybody follows XKCD. And that strip isn't closely related to my work, but it's the chemistry a couple of levels under what I do, so it made me feel loved.

All the academics on my Twitter feed are linking to this silly Guardian article about why academics have a bad dress-sense: because we're not alienated from our labour, apparently. It's a charming thought, and there is a serious point buried in the article, which is that many female academics work just as hard on coming across exactly the right degree of nonchalant about appearance as they would on being impeccably presented if they worked in a sector that expected that. Me, I dress badly because I can't be bothered to spend time or money on clothes, and because I'm fat enough that there's no low-effort way to look good. But it's nice to pretend that it has something to do with Marx or feminism or something.

ETA 2: [personal profile] redbird absolutely nails the analysis that's missing from the article: "Even without choosing to dress that way for Marxist or feminist reasons, you can make those choices without a lot of stress in part because of your specific work and class situation." Yes, that. That's the conclusion the article should've come to, thank you [personal profile] redbird for fixing it so succinctly.
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After their heartbreaking 2-1 loss to Costa Rica after fighting back to tie the match on a Shakira Duncan goal in the 77th minute, the Reggae Girlz found themselves in win or go home territory in their quest to qualify for the 2015 Women's World Cup 

Since Costa Rica had already clinched Group B with 6 points and the wins over both Mexico and Jamaica, both teams were playing for the Group B runner up spot and a semifinal date with FIFA world number one ranked Team USA.

20141016_2729Mexico and Jamaica came into the game at RFK Stadium with a win and a loss in group play and 3 points.  Because Mexico scored 10 goals on Martinique in their October 18 match with them while Jamaica scored a 6-0 win with Martinique back on the 16th,  they entered this final group match with a +9 goal differential to Jamaica's +5.  That meant that if both teams finished the game with a draw, Mexico would advance.

The Reggae Girlz struck hard and struck first with Donna-Kay Henry's third goal of the tournament in the 14th minute.  It was a  rocket fired just under the crossbar inside the far post from the right side of the box to take the early 1-0 lead.   But Mexico struck back with a Sandra Mayor goal in the 29th minute to send to match to halftime drawn at 1-1.

Mexico broke Jamaica's hearts in the 59th minute with the first of Veronica Corral's two second half goals.   She added an insurance goal in the 79th minute for the 3-1 win that allowed Mexico to finish 2-1 in Group B play while the Reggae Girlz finished 1-2.  

Jamaica came close, but dropping that match with Costa Rica turned out to be the death blow to their effort to become the first Caribbean based women's team to qualify for the Women's World Cup.

Hopefully the Reggae Girlz will get a chance to do so again in 2019, and the Jamaican Football Federation and some corporate sponsors step up with the funding.  

Let's hope they get enough funding so they can play the friendly matches they need against the international women's soccer powers to strengthen their team and make that World Cup dream a reality.

October 21st, 2014

Posted by Monica Roberts

One of the things that will set me off in a hurry is when misgendering is aimed at Black women from the girls in the 'hood to Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States

And far too often, some of the peeps gleefully doing so are Black men.

It's part of the four century old attack on Black femininity, and one of the frequent targets of these sexist and racist misgendering attacks are my fave tennis playing siblings, Venus and Serena Williams.

And frankly, I'm beyond sick and tired of it.  

They were thrust into the news when Shamil Tarpischev, the head of the Russian Tennis Federation and one of the Russian reps on the International Olympic Committee, opened his mouth and misgendered Venus and Serena.

Tarpischev made the comments during an appearance on a Russian TV talk show this month alongside former Olympic singles champion Elena Dementieva. When Dementieva was asked what it was like playing against the Williams sisters, Tarpischev interjected and called them the "Williams brothers." He also said that "it's scary when you really look at them."

Tarpischev is probably mad because the Williams sisters routinely beat the Russian women on the WTA tour and elsewhere in the world.   .

Tarpischev tried to claim the usual 'it was a joke' and my 'comments were taken out of context' defenses, but the WTA isn't laughing.   They suspended him for one year,  fined him $25,000, and are seeking to have him removed as the head of the Kremlin Cup tournament, Russia's only WTA event.

 Maria Sharapova also had a problem with Tarpischev's comments. 

"I think they were very disrespectful and uncalled for, and I'm glad that many people have stood up, including the WTA. It was very inappropriate, especially in his position and all the responsibilities that he has not just in sport, but being part of the Olympic committee," Sharapova said.

Serena Williams calls Russian tennis president's 'Williams brothers' jibe 'sexist, racist and bullying'Serena fired back at a press conference in Singapore, "I think the WTA did a great job of taking (the) initiative and taking immediate action to his comments," Williams said Sunday ahead of her WTA Finals  defense. "I thought they were very insensitive and extremely sexist as well as racist at the same time. I thought they were in a way bullying."

And I'm getting tired of successful Black women getting misgendered.  Good for the WTA in calling this crap out that was aimed at the Williams sisters, and society needs to chill ,too..
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Homelessness is  a critical issue for trans people, with one in five having experienced homelessness at some time in their lives because of discrimination and family rejection. As a result, an estimated 20-40% of the more than 1.6 million homeless youth in the United States are LGBT

Unfortunately, transgender people facing homelessness also face discrimination from agencies that should be helping them, with nearly one in three (29%) reporting being turned away from a shelter due to their transgender status. While leading experts on homelessness recommend providing emergency housing consistent with a person’s gender identity, 42% of trans people facing homelessness have been forced to stay in a shelter living as the wrong gender.

In the 20 years I've been transtioned, while I've dealt with unemployment, I've always managed on one level or another to keep a roof over my head and avoid being part of that trans homeless narrative.

Until now. 

Due to a confluence of events, I'm about to get bounced from the place I've called home for the last four years, and one of the relocation options I was counting on fell through.  

So I'm staring at the prospect of being part of the transgender homeless stats after having a triumphant moment last week in H-town of being honored with three local Readers Choice awards. 

One of the most basic parts of life is to have a roof over your head that is yours.  I've been the person that has been when I had my own apartment in the 90's offered my couch for someone in the community to stay on and get back on their feet.    

>Now I'm the one in that position, and it's a depressing circumstance to be in, especially when you're aware that many of the shelters here are transphobic and not an option, and because I was a caretaker for my  grandmother and the housing was part of the deal, I'm not rolling in cash to put a deposit down on an apartment .

And I can only imagine what it's like for a transgender kid who suddenly gets thrown out of their home because of family disapproval.

Yeah, it sucks to be in this situation.   And what hurts is I've always been the type of person that wants to  solve my problems on my own before calling for help.   It has to be something major for me to do that. 

Well, I'd say facing being out on the street qualifies as a major problem..

All I'm really looking for is a place for about four to six weeks until I can get a more permanent solution to my personal housing bubble. 

And I'm running out of time to find it
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Posted by Monica Roberts

When I picked up the phone back in March and it was her on the other line, little did I know after that two hour phone conversation that day I was not only going to get a ringside seat for a wonderful to watch story, but I would make a friend in the process.

Ever since she exploded onto the scene with that widely acclaimed coming out TED talk, it has been one amazing year for our New York based sis Geena Rocero.

 In addition to our fave trans pinay rocking runways and the glamorous photo shoots of her day job, she founded Gender Proud, an international trans organization with the mission of advocating for the ability of trans, intersex and gender variant people around the world to have legislation in their various nations allowing them to easily change documentation to reflect the persons they are now without surgical intervention.

She has piled up the frequent flyer miles traveling the globe to lend her voice to numerous events from the White House to her native Philippines to advocate for trans rights issues..

And she does so with intelligence, grace, class and one beautiful smile. 

 I couldn't let her birthday pass without giving her a TransGriot shout out on it.

Happy birthday Geena! Thanks for all you do to advance trans human rights around the planet and look fabulous doing it!   Hope you're having a wonderful, blessings filled day!  

I'm proud to call you a friend and sister in the international trans human rights struggle, and I pray you receive the ultimate blessing of  celebrating many more birthdays to come! 
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Thank you for your generosity in writing a story for me! I really appreciate it.

Here are some details about the requests: behind cut )
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Looking at IMDB sometimes leads me to odd places.

This isn't really one of those places, but ...

Searching for various Shakespearean actors and plays on IMDB led me to Joseph Fiennes, who I adored in Shakespeare in Love. IMDB always lists various bits of trivia about those listed, which led me to find out that Joseph Fiennes' full name is ...

Joseph Alberic Iscariot Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes

... really?

Ralph Fiennes' full name is Ralph Nathaniel Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, and all of their siblings do seem to have the multisyllabic, hyphenated surname, while Joseph seems to have two middle names.


Does his passport even have space enough on it for his full name?

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Metaphors of the day:

Still by the shore of the quiet deep lake in the mountains, Saranac Lake, which has not been plumbed (or plumbered, though one may plummet into it from a height and go down a long long way.)

Awakened from sleep and lay in the dark feeling sensations move through me -- today, like the grain of fine wood. As if finely shaved planes of wood were moving through me and I could feel the little wavers of graining. Like being in a certain kind of snowstorm, in very cold weather, the sensation of very fine pellets hitting the skin -- except this is inside, not out, and it is not cold or numbing.

Today's sunrise is quieter and azure rather than the crimson-salmon wildness of yesterday, but no less dear. It is not yet up; I can listen to the turning of the world as birds start, one by one, and crickets, and the gears shift on the Beltway. The Beltway, the bane of my life here, has become simply another sound of life, a sign of movement, the flow of energy.

And the burden of fear is still gone. I think I have carried it all my life, even before birth, because I was that last chance pregnancy after a long string of miscarriages. There was always fear that I would not, could not, be enough--but with the expectations layered onto me by others and perforce adopted, Jesus could not have been enough. Now that is all gone.

gone gone completely gone all the way, in a stroke of lightning.

I am thinking that some of Gretel Erlich's A Match to the Heart would feel very familiar now. She was in pain after being struck by lightning; I am not. But the flow of sensations, the sense of observing what is happening in and around the body without attempting to control that which cannot be controlled is there.
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A song that I started ages back has started to nibbling back on the edges of my brain, except now I only have little bits and pieces and the original emotional inspiration for it is long, long gone.

Normally, what I'd do is sit down with my guitar and just noodle and play with words. That's how I write most songs, I think.

Now, Anna's guitar is perfectly fine and I'm extremely grateful that she's let me borrow it these months, but it's not Six Pack (which is my main guitar) and the "feel" is different. I miss a few chords, the tone isn't quite the same. They're all little things, but it makes it harder to work on songs.

(For comparison, I played Anna's guitar at Worldcon, but Six Pack is almost an extension of me (or would be, if I played better)).
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As I've been saying for a long time and it increasingly is being borne out, trans rights are an international human rights issue.

That message was driven home at the recent Australia and New Zealand Professional Association For Transgender Health biennial conference at Adelaide University that took place October 3-6

Australian Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson gave the opening keynote speech at this event.

He was appointed in February and the appointment was notable Down Under because Wilson is the first ever openly gay human rights commissioner.

Wilson's speech clarifies the Australian Human Rights Commission position on trans human rights issues.and leaves no room for doubt for our Aussie trans brothers and trans sisters where the commission stands.

Here's Commissioner Wilson's October 3 ANZPATH keynote speech.

October 20th, 2014
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I suspect a phone conversation this afternoon will be the last time anyone addresses me as "Velma."

[personal profile] elisem and I were visiting with Soren at his parents' house, and one of the forms they were dealing with needed her social security number, which of course none of us knew. But right after Velma died, the nurse who was in the room at the end told them that if they needed help with anything, they should ask.

Soren doesn't like to make phone calls, so I offered to handle this one. I wound up leaving a message for the social worker, saying that I was Velma's sister and what we needed. The person who took the message asked me to spell my name, and whether I knew her date of birth, which I do. The social worker who called back, after asking "Is this Vicki?" sorted out what we wanted, and somewhere in there addressed me as "Velma."

It's something about the V's, we think, and the cross-naming has come from everyone from casual friends to [livejournal.com profile] cattitude and Velma's then-partner [livejournal.com profile] volund. The really weird part is that almost nobody called us by each other's name after she got contact lenses.
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This is apparently a thing: at least in England: the man bun. Or the man Gibson Girl, I guess. And the hot prom looks, of which more here.



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