September 1st, 2015

Posted by Monica Roberts

It was a straightforward start for Serena Williams at the U.S. Open. The world No. 1 was up 6-0 2-0 when her first round opponent Vitalia Diatchenko was forced to retire hurt. Williams is bidding to complete the "calendar slam" by winning all four grand slam titles in one year.
The first day of the US Open was a successful one for both Serena and Venus Williams as they handled their tennis business and got past their respective opponents to the second round.

number on seeded Serena kicked off the night session at Arthur Ashe Stadium by winning the first eight games of her match with Vitalia Diatchenko before the Russian retired due to injury 30 minutes later.  

6-0, 2-0 was the score at the time of her opponent's retirement, and Little Sis is now six more match wins away from tennis history and her seventh US Open title as she heads to the second round in an unexpected way.

Serena's opponent will be the Netherlands Kiki Bertens   If Serena handles her second round match business she would face the winner of the Bethanie Mattek-Sands - Coco Vandeweghe match.

Venus Williams was embroiled in a slugfest, blowing match points in a second set before seeing off Monica Puig in three.
23rd seeded Venus' day started a little earlier on the Arthur Ashe stadium courts as she faced Monica Puig of Puerto Rico.   She ended up in a three set slugfest with Puig, who fought off four match points to extend the match into a deciding third set before Venus turned it up another notch to get the 6-4, 6-7 (7-9) 6-3 win

Big Sis is trying to capture her third US Open title and her first since she beat Serena in straight sets in 2001 to get it.  Venus will face in the second round Irina Falconi, and should she get past her would face the winner of the Belinda Bencic- Misaki Doi match

It's possible that if both sisters keep winning in their sections of the draw, they would meet in the US Open quarterfinals.

Will be watching my fave tennis playing siblings to see how things progress at Flushing Meadow.


Today is my first day in the office at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of York, PA. I arrived to find helpful post-it notes all over the office from my predecessor, flowers from the Building & Grounds Committee, an arrangement of live succulents and a welcome card from the Board. The Transition Team brought a delicious lunch of local foods for us to share at our meeting. People have been dropping by all day to say hello. I’m enjoying it here.

As you can see, UUCY has a beautiful campus with a community garden, labyrinth, modern sanctuary, neatly organized classrooms, and a dignified yet friendly office building. Come visit if you are nearby. My first Sunday service will be the Ingathering on September 13.

Today is my first day in the office at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of York, PA. I arrived to find helpful post-it notes all over the office from my predecessor, flowers from the Building & Grounds Committee, an arrangement of live succulents and a welcome card from the Board. The Transition Team brought a delicious lunch of local foods for us to share at our meeting. People have been dropping by all day to say hello. I’m enjoying it here.

As you can see, UUCY has a beautiful campus with a community garden, labyrinth, modern sanctuary, neatly organized classrooms, and a dignified yet friendly office building. Come visit if you are nearby. My first Sunday service will be the Ingathering on September 13.

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Jason's back in the news...

Thrift 5 closes, Gator Stompin’ will still continue

Like all good conmen, he sounds great on paper. Too bad the reality is different.
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The word 'martyr' literally means witness -- one who saw something and can give legal testimony about it reliably. The word is nearly unchanged from Latin and Greek. In more recent times, it means someone who stands up for truth and, because of that, dies violently -- stoned, crucified, beheaded, stabbed, etc.. That's the 'red' martyrdom; the 'white' martyrdom does not involve a violent death. St. Therese of Lisieux, who suffered from tuberculosis and died slowly of it over several years while managing to stay patient and kind to others, could be an example of white martyrdom. (Though I think it takes a saint to stay patient in such circumstances.)

And then we come to Kim Davis of Kentucky, who says her Christian beliefs won't let her issue a marriage license to two men, even though she has been ordered to do so by everyone up the food chain from her. The Supreme Court refused to hear her case, which means that the ruling of the lower court -- that she has to do her job as clerk and issue the license or be held in contempt -- is in effect. She appears to be trying to set herself up as a self-proclaimed martyr for ... what?

For what is she a witness? To what do her actions testify?

She is not acting as a witness for Jesus, who never turned anyone away, who healed the servant -- and some say lover -- of a Roman centurion with a word. She is not acting as a witness for the saints, like John, who said, "Wherever love is, God is. God is love."

To what is she a witness? Whatever it is, it must be clear and obvious to everyone for it to be a martyrdom. What do Kim Davis's actions proclaim?

Bigotry. Homophobia. Ignorance. Refusal to do the job for the people, to which she was elected by the people. Stubborn recalcitrance in the face of legal requirement.

The best she could testify to is being a bad example of so many things. Including a lack of comprehension of the meaning of "separation of church and state."

And we are all the witnesses of that.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

The calendar page flips to September, and this month promises to be just as contentious politically as August turned out to be as the fight to keep the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance played out at City Hall and in the courts

Since we have twelve weeks to go until November 3, just thought I would direct this post at the peeps who are being either hoodwinked and bamboozled by sellout ministers to vote against their own human rights or those who just straight up hate the Houston TBLG community.  

If you smugly think that voting against the HERO is sticking it to the Houston trans, bi and SGL community with zero consequences for yourself, here's some food for thought on that issue.

For those of you considering voting against the HERO because of your dislike of LGBT people, ask yourself this question.  ado you hate the Houston LGBT community so much that you are willing to give up the 2016 Men's Final Four, the 2017 Super Bowl, future convention business and potential corporate relocations to satisfy that hatred with a NO vote to kill the HERO?

If your answer to that question is yes, you're a fool.   You may get the short term psychic satisfaction of believing you've stuck it to Mayor Parker and 'The Gay Agenda', but the reality will be is that what you have done is screwed yourself by voting against your OWN human rights and screwing our city for years to come on top of it.

Far from being a gay rights ordinance as the sellout ministers and their suburban out of town white conservative controllers are telling you, the HERO provides discrimination protection in housing, employment and public accommodations.  It covers 15 categories, including sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, familial status, marital status, military status, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, genetic information and pregnancy.
In the post HERO passage period from May 28, 2014 to January 15, 2015, 54% of the complaints reported to the City of Houston Office of the Inspector General were for RACIAL discrimination. 17% of the OIG received complaints were for gender discrimination, 15% were for age discrimination and only 4% of the OIG received complaints were for gender identity and sexual orientation.

Until the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance passed, there was NO local remedy for H-town discrimination. Contrary to the lies the opposition are telling you, the state of Texas doesn't have an anti-discrimination law that covers anyone.  With GOP control of our legislature and a GOP governor, we're not getting one anytime soon.

The LGBT community is NOT covered by any federal human rights legislation yet.   it has been introduced, but it is just an introduced bill   And once again, with GOP control of the House and Senate, it is going nowhere.

But the need for humn rights protection is still there.

And note to Steve and Becky Riggle.  It's over a year later, and we still haven't had any bakers forced to make swastika cakes inside the Houston city limits.   Neither have we had in Houston an off the charts jump in crossdressed bathroom predators. 

The NCAA and the NFL are not playing when it comes to their signature events.  Both sporting organizations have policies that bar cities and states with discriminatory policies from hosting their championships. 

If you think I'm selling you woof tickets on that, the NFL yanked a Super Bowl from Arizona  in 1990 they were scheduled to host in 1993 for refusing to make the Rev. Dr MLK Jr's birthday a state holiday.  Arizona nearly repeated the legislative stupidity in 2014 when the GOP controlled Arizona legislature passed a right to discriminate law that only then Gov. Jan Brewer's (R) veto of the unjust legislation kept the NFL from making it happen again. 

J. Kent Friedman, the chair of the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority, already warned the conservative hardheads on City Council last month that if the HERO is struck down, based on what happened in Arizona in the 90's, and the NCAA threatened to do to Indiana in the wake of the March passage of their discriminatory RFRA, the 2017 Super Bowl and next year's NCAA Men's Final Four at NRG Stadium could be in jeopardy.  And that's before we even start talking about the potential convention business we will lose along with corporate relocations.

So if I were you, I'd be voting to keep the HERO, and telling your friends and neighbors to do the same.

Posted by Monica Roberts

In light of deputy's murder, HPD chief gets frank about state of country, crime
About the same time I was unleashing my post blasting Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman (R) for his problematic comments in the wake of the Deputy Darren Goforth murder, HPD chief Charles McClelland was making some problematic comments of his own that Ashton Woods called him out about at his Strength In Numbers blog.

Here's a taste of what Ashton had to say in his open letter to Chief McClelland.

t is sad that many people who look like us share the same same sentiments, until it happens to them. The reason why the phrase "all lives matter" is such a triggering flash point is that it is born out of racism. WE say BLACK LIVES MATTER because we live in a legal system designed for, around and to benefit WHITE PEOPLE. The critical infrastructure that supports all levels of government is inherently RACIST.  You, of all people should know this, but I cannot assume that this is part of your thought process. We will say all lives matter when the systems of institutional and systemic racism, classism, and economic discrimination comes to a full and complete halt. 

If you wish to read the full letter, click the link here.
August 31st, 2015
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Posted by Monica Roberts

As many of you TransGriot readers are aware of, we had a Harris County sheriff's deputy named Darren Goforth murdered as he pumped gas in his police cruiser Friday night.   Shannon Miles, the suspect in the killing was captured Saturday, charged with capital murder, and arraigned in court this morning

But what has pissed me and many folks in H-town off was our appointed Republican sheriff Ron Hickman using his Saturday press conference about the Goforth killing to attack Black Lives Matter.

The motive for the killing has not even been established by detectives investigating the murder of Deputy Goforth, but Hickman was quick to blame the Black Lives Matter movement and suggest Shannon Miles did so in retaliation for unpunished death by po-po killings of African-Americans around the country..

Hickman claimed the "dangerous rhetoric" against law enforcement has "gotten out of control," and went another step too far . "Cops' lives matter, too," Hickman said, "So why don't we drop the qualifier and say lives matter."

Because as far as you and your fellow white conservatives are concerned Sheriff Hickman, white lives are the only ones that matter, which is what you demonstrated when you selected an all male predominately white command staff mere weeks into taking over for former Sheriff Adrian Garcia.(D).  

It's why we Black folks have to remind your asses constantly about our humanity.  It wouldn't be necessary to quantify that Black Lives Matter if your fellow police officers around the country didn't show so much contempt for those Black citizen lives of all ages and genders they are supposed to protect and serve.

Sheriff Hickman, since you`re decrying inflammatory rhetoric, how about you start in your own vanillacentric law enforcement house?   How about you calling on your brothers in blue to chill with the racist rhetoric they spew every time they mount over the top defenses of those predominately white `bad apple` police officers that get away with killing civilians that far too often share my ethnic heritage?

And how about taking the step of ending the practice of being Officer Friendly in white areas of town but Officer Oppressor in mine and other non-white neighborhoods?   Black Lives Matter is not anti-police as far too many white GOP voting law enforcement people and FOX Noise has tried to paint them.   They are anti police abuse and want accountability and transparency in police policies, practices and punishment for rogue officers.

That's a problem that has existed well before the formation of Black Lives Matter.  This negativity between Black people and the police didn't just pop up since Ferguson, it has historic roots that predate it, and you need to get out of your vanillacentric privileged bubble along with DA Devon Anderson and recognize that.

So Sheriff Hickman,  how about you recognize the fact that Black Lives Matter didn't create the problem that white dominated police forces have created.for over a century and demonstrating the leadership you so far haven't done so to help solve it? 

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Behind the scenes in the new Cinderella. Posted because my friend Richard is one of the extras; he is dancing with a woman in a dark gold gown. He said it was exhilarating and exhausting and memorable.
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Mondays, every week, let's celebrate ourselves, to start the week right. Tell me what you're proud of. Tell me what you accomplished last week, something -- at least one thing -- that you can turn around and point at and say: I did this. Me. It was tough, but I did it, and I did it well, and I am proud of it, and it makes me feel good to see what I accomplished. Could be anything -- something you made, something you did, something you got through. Just take a minute and celebrate yourself. Either here, or in your journal, but somewhere.

(And if you feel uncomfortable doing this in public, I've set this entry to screen any anonymous comments, so if you want privacy, comment anonymously and I won't unscreen it. Also: yes, by all means, cheer each other on when you see something you want to give props to!)
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Labor Day is the traditional start for Houston civic campaigns, but this 2015 election cycle is not any normal electoral cycle.  The politics have been as hot as the August weather, and it revolves around the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.   

Since I`m getting e-mails and phone calls from around the country and my friends around the world concerning whats happening in our Houston human rights fight to keep the HERO, it`s time to start doing regular update posts from now until November 3.

We H-town trans peeps and our allies can breathe one sigh of relief in that Dave Wilson`s odious attempts to enshrine anti-trans bigotry into the Houston City Charter has failed.and will not be on the ballot.


However, no thanks to partisan Texas (Republican), Supreme Court rulings, the HERO is on the ballot as Proposition 1, and the final ballot language now sets it up as a simple YES or NO vote.

The ballot language for Proposition 1 was approved by Council last week, and it reads as follows:

"Are you in favor of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, Ord. No. 2014-530, which prohibits discrimination in city employment and city services, city contracts, public accommodations, private employment, and housing based on an individual's sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, familial status, marital status, military status, religion, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, or pregnancy?

For those of you in the Houston city limits,  voting YES on Proposition 1 keeps the HERO in effect, voting NO kills it and as the head of the Houston Sports Authority warned, potentially puts next year's Final Four, the 2017 Super Bowl and hosting future sports events, corporate relocations and convention business in jeopardy.

Question for you folks irrationally opposing the HERO because of two of the 15 categories it protects.  Is your hatred of LGBT Houstonians so strong you'd risk our city's economic future?

The Houston Unites coalition to keep the ordinance has already been busy along with HOUEquality and other groups with volunteer trainings, phone banks,  and canvassing over the last two weekends to get the truth out about the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance protecting ALL Houstonians

And right on cue, the anti- HERO haters started running ads bringing up the discredited bathroom scaremongering on several radio stations including the conservative leaning talker.

Houston unites responded quickly with their own radio ad to counter the disinformation.

Speaking of radio, on Majic102.1  yesterday, HERO supporter Fran Watson jousted with HERO Ron Jackson and shut down the one trick pony lies on Sunday Morning Live.   Majic102.1 is one of the most listened to radio stations in the Houston African-American community, and this conversation is significant because during the fight to pass HERO last year, Majic102.1 was guilty of anti-HERO fearmongering..

On August 20 HERO supporter Ashton Woods went on FOX26's The Isiah Factor to confront anti-HERO Councilman Michael Kubosh, who declared last year at a Steve Riggle hate rally that 'God put me on City Council to oppose the HERO'

Here's the clip of that debate here.

But yet CM Kubosh laughingly tries to claim he's isn't in favor of discrimination.   Your multiple anti-HERO votes say otherwise.

The Houston Chronicle finally published a better late than never article that took on the bathroom predator meme.   They have also been guilty along with FOX26 of lazy, one sided transphobic reporting and it's about time they got the facts out there.

It's going to be a long contentious few weeks until November 3..  But it's a human rights fights we Houstonians who love our diverse city and value human rights for everyone must win.

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I saw Denali from a parking garage in Anchorage. I can't tell you how far away it was, but it was big enough to be seen from there -- the visibility problem was that Denali makes its own weather. It's that big. It has its own clouds, its own snowstorms, its own ground frost. It is more than 100 miles long, nearly that wide -- 90,000 square kilometers, 34,749 square miles. In comparison, Rhode Island is 1,212 square miles. It is, in fact, larger than Maine and just a bit smaller than Indiana. It is a home to bears, moose, eagles, otters, foxes, ravens and many more creatures.

And now it has its own name back.


The Great One has its name again.

... the icon is not Denali. Denali cannot be captured in an icon.
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I'm not sure it would be possible to set aside half the earth for rewilding. What about those of us who don't really like living in cities? And where would the food come from?

Religion, racism and the consequences of Republican policies in vivid graphs and maps.

An easy Daily Kos guide to the conservatives in one handy chart.

Oliver Sacks, the doctor.

When Bobby Kennedy was shot at the Ambassador Hotel, where he had just finished making a speech, he walked into the kitchen to greet the people who had cooked the food. He reached out to shake hands with a 17-year-old busboy -- and collapsed into his arms. It has taken decades for Juan Romero to come to terms with holding his dying hero in his arms.

What happened to investigative journalism? It morphed.
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Anyone remember a meta entry about the Bruce/Natasha storyline in Avengers "Age of Ultron", making the argument that it totally felt like a forced fanfic OTP? One of the listed reasons was the trope of a different character telling them how cute they are together because the chemistry isn't convincing on its own, but that's basically all I still remember. I must have gotten it from somewhere around here, but I only went through the meta community for a few weeks before becoming too overwhelmed.

ETA: Found! Thanks, [personal profile] enemyofperfect! buckyballbearing (tumblr): On "canon fanfic":

"To me, the entire movie felt like I’d clicked on an action-adventure fic tagged “Green Widow, Clint/OC, past Steve/Peggy, Tony/Pepper (mention)”. I was supposed to view the work expecting that these are the designated endgame pairings, and actively desire that outcome. And while there are certainly great fanfics out there that could probably convince me to buy in, unfortunately, AoU relied on some of my less favorite fanfic tropes ..."
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Posted by Monica Roberts

The 135th edition of the US Open kicks off today and runs through September 13, and there's something new for this event.   As part of a $500 million renovation,  a roof is being constructed that will cover Arthur Ashe Stadium that is scheduled for completion in time for next year's open.

That's the future along with a planned roof for Louis Armstrong Stadium and a 8000 seat Grandstand Court, so now let's talk about the present and the historic opportunity that presents itself for her.

Serena walks onto the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center grounds in NYC as not only the world's number one ranked player and number one seed in this tournament, but a favorite to take the women's title.  Big Sis Venus is seeded 23rd.

If she does so, it will not only be her fourth straight US Open title, but her fifth straight Grand Slam and as every tennis fan on the planet knows, her first calendar year Grand Slam.  And oh yeah, she would tie Steffi Graf with 22 career Grand Slam tournament titles.

But the road to tennis history starts with this first round match against Vitalia Diatchenko while Venus faces off against Puerto Rico's Monica Puig.
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I do not know the language of the stars
Or how they shine on us from far away.
Their scholarship and science a mystery are
To me. I look for them at close of day
And watch in silent awe the distant light
As it makes patterns in the cobalt sky
That only we can see. A spaceman's flight
Beyond the galaxy might leave him shy
A constellation or two, for what he sees
Is ruled by where he stands and how he aims
His telescope into a slice of space
And all the ancient patterns skewed apace.
Even if all the stars remain the same
The universe around them still swings free.
August 30th, 2015
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A couple of weekends ago was Prologue. The Friday after that [personal profile] adrian_turtle got here for a week's visit, which was very good in a quiet staying-at-home sort of way, but even two- and three-person interaction is different from me sitting in one room at my computer while [personal profile] cattitude sits in another reading.

This morning a bunch of us went out for dim sum and to see Lise (WINOLJ/DW) while she's in town after Worldcon. That was fun, but about an hour after I got home this afternoon I realized that I was worn out, some combination of physically tired (I woke up early for no apparent reason) and maybe just more socializing that I'd been prepared for. Fortunately, while there are things I need to do, everything except about 15 more minutes of PT exercises can wait until tomorrow.
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All live in last night's code push! A lot of these relate to developers only, and the rest are fairly low-profile so you might not notice them, but nonetheless this is what's been being worked on. :-)

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7 total issues resolved
Contributors: [ profile] kaberett, [ profile] kareila, [ profile] zorkian
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For a long time, I've loathed the American worship of effort, and in particular, the idea that you prove your virtue by suffering when you exercise.

CrossFit was an exemplar of the problem-- an especially efficient method of getting people to exercise until they puked, and they'd think it was a badge of honor. A lot of people were getting injured.

Things have gotten better at Crossfit. At least some of their people have figured out that good form is crucial, and this includes maintaining good form when you're tired or under the stress of competition.

Also, specialization of one easily measured factor isn't a good strategy-- if all you've got is that you're very strong or have tremendous endurance, and then you keep pushing yourself, you might just break something.

If you don't have sufficient ankle mobility, you can't do squats safely. If you can't raise your arm straight up easily, you don't have the shoulder mobility to do bench presses safely.

Also, they recovering from simple-mindedness about what to eat. People were falling over because they were not eating salt at all. Also, individual variation matters. Some people are better at digesting saturated fat than others.

My apologies that this is a podcast without a transcript, but I think it's important to give credit where it's due.

If you're considering CrossFit, check out the gym you might go to carefully. CrossFit isn't very centralized, so these ideas about good form might or might not be in play.
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You know how jere7my is awesome, right? (He's been one of my closest friends for like eight years now, you damn well better know he's awesome.)

And you know how Fury Road is awesome, right? (I mean, more if you read my Tumblr than here, but seriously, it is my Favourite Movie Ever)...



jere7my wrote me a filk for my birthday because he is some kind of GODDAMN ROCKSTAR! \m/ It's the most shiny chrome thing I've heard in...well, since the last time I listened to Brothers in Arms, which was Wednesday night biking home late on the bike paths.

(that was also with jere7my and he was all set to tell me off for making my phone play music whilst biking, and then was forced to forgive me because YEP SOUNDTRACK IS THAT EPIC)

So yeah. You should listen to it too, and then tell jere7my how great he is. He's pretty fucking great.

This is like backhoe levels of awesome birthday present.

August 28th, 2015
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A lovely piece about looking for a sense of purpose and finding it in loving movies.

Also-- and possibly relevant to the Hugos-- thinking that awards disrupt the connection between viewers and art.

Link thanks to Greg commenting at File770.
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We're updating the site momentarily! Once the dust settles, please let us know if anything isn't working as expected. I'll edit the entry here if we confirm any issues.

Update, 22:30: We've been done for about 30 minutes and haven't seen any issues, so please go ahead and let us know if you notice any problems!
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posted by [staff profile] karzilla in [site community profile] dw_maintenance at 01:12pm on 2015-08-29
[staff profile] mark and I are planning to do a code push tonight! We will start working around 7pm Pacific time but since it's my first time, the actual push to the site probably won't happen until closer to 8pm Pacific time.

Here's a partial list of changes that will go live with this push:

  • Rename swaps will accept rename tokens purchased on either account.

  • OpenID community maintainers will be able to edit tags on community entries.

  • Adorable new mood theme called "angelikitten's Big Eyes".

  • Username tag support for

  • Embedded content support for and

  • Additional space on the user profile page to list your Github username.

And as usual, many tweaks, small bugfixes, and the occasional page source rewrite.

We'll update again to let you know when the code push is in progress!
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Someone just told me the notification entry didn't show up the first time, so to be safe let me repeat: Book Exchange Fair at my place, sign-ups are open until Monday evening (ETA: that's September 7th) my time. Get free books, get rid of books you don't need anymore, be someone's book fairy! Then tell your DW friends, if you like.

Posted by Monica Roberts

TransGriot Note:  I wrote this post for Equality Texas.

Ever since the conservative moment lost their culture war to stop marriage equality from happening in Texas and across this nation, they have been increasingly shifting their attacks to demonizing the trans community.  That increased anti-trans rhetoric and attempts in several states including Texas to criminalize trans peoples lives has had deleterious effects on trans women of color and especially the African-American trans community.

While the 2011 Injustice At Every Turn survey revealed the extent of the problems that trans America faces, that inaugural survey also pointed out Black Trans World is catching hell.  In addition to 26% unemployment, 41% of the respondents reporting experiencing homelessness, 21% reporting discrimination in health care, 20% reporting being HIV+ and 34% of the respondents reporting a household income of less than $10,000.

Another area we're catching hell at is the unacceptable level of anti-trans murders disproportionately affecting Black trans women  Since Islan Nettles was murdered in August 2013, we have had 25 trans women killed (and counting) with the overwhelming majority of them being Black trans women.

I believe the increased anti-trans rhetoric may be a factor in the unprecedented numbers of trans women of color being murdered in 2015.  As of this writing 17 trans women have been killed across the United States in which 12 have been Black, and another Black trans woman is in critical condition in a Philadelphia hospital after being savagely attacked on August 20.

Sadly two of the lives lost, Ty Underwood of North Tyler and Shade Schuler of Dallas are Texans. The other pattern that is alarming me is that many of the trans women who have lost their lives this year have been under 40.  While we haven't lost any trans Houstonians yet, I fear it's just a matter of time with this current battle over HERO all the hateful anti-trans rhetoric that has been uttered by our opponents focused on their despicable strategy of bearing false witness against and demonizing the trans community.

What is infuriating to me as a proud African-American native Houstonian who fought hard with a group of my fellow Houstonians to pass the HERO was seeing a cadre of African-American ministers joining with out of town conservative gaybaiters to spread debunked anti-trans lies to hoodwink and bamboozle people into voting against their own human rights.

Contrary to these modern day Pharisees loud and wrong opinions, trans African Americans have been part of the of the kente cloth fabric of Black life for several decades.

When will our lives matter not only to my people, but to our fellow human beings as well who assert they are our allies?   One of the things allies can do to show support for us is helping a Fran Watson created We The People White House petition get to 100K signatures by its September 10 deadline.  It calls for a federal investigation into the causes of anti-transgender violence but unfortunately has only 4,663 signatures at the time of this writing.

It's past time for our Black lives to not only matter to people inside and outside our community, but have our allies fight just as hard to make our human rights a reality as Marsha, Sylvia and countless other trans women have done for yours.

Posted by Monica Roberts

This is Part 2 of Troy's thoughts about the epidemic of anti-trans murders aimed disproportionately at Black trans women.

If you wish to check out Part 1 of Troy's commentary, you can do so by clicking on the link 

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Posted by Monica Roberts

Today is the tenth anniversary of the devastating 2005 landfall of Hurricane Katrina in the New Orleans area.   It would turn out to be the fifth deadliest storm to ever hit the United States and caused the reported deaths of 1,833 people   It also resulted in once the levees failed in 80% of New Orleans being flooded and major damage to the roof of the Superdome.

It also had far reaching effects post landfall in forcing the largest movement of African-Americans since The Great Migration of the early 20th century and affecting the politics of the states of Texas, Louisiana and Georgia.

Because of Katrina evacuees, the population of Houston grew by 35,000 people, and enough stayed to where we ended up expanding City Council after the 2010 census. Georgia picked up a congressional seat and Texas picked up four congressional seats.

Conversely, New Orleans lost half its pre-storm population and the state of Louisiana lost 4.8% of its pre-Katrina population and a congressional seat. Louisiana also went from being a swing state to a reliably Republican voting one.

And yes, Katrina also affected the lives of our trans family who lived there.

The badly botched government response by the Bush Administration was probably a factor in the Democrats getting control of the US House and the Senate in the 2006 midterms the next year.

New Orleans and the area has bounced back ten years later,  Many of the people who left the city in the wake of Katrina have returned.   The Superdome reopened, and the levees and highways damaged by the storm have been rebuilt.  President Obama visited the city earlier this week, spoke with residents and Mayor Mitch Landrieu and gave this speech.

There will also be commemorative events across the area today as people remember the folks that were lost in that devastating storm.
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One day, when the continuing crises have passed, we'll be able to indulge in our shared hobby - Z gauge model railways.

Yes, this is Z.

Posted by NMRA on Friday, 28 August 2015
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It occurs to me that I forgot the August *and* July updates on the New Years Resolution list. Whoops. Let's get that done now. GO BIG BECAUSE WE AIN'T GOING HOME:

1) 750words: I missed a day in July, right *after* Pinewoods. I was exhausted in general, and then a pretty thing wore me out the rest of the way and I completely missed it.


3) Dante: I...have edited...a little. Like twice now, I've done a few pages. Dragged her all the way to Seattle, and actually poked at her a little while off in a cabin in the woods because damn if that's not what's Done. I have maybe sixty pages left? About a third. And then I can start rewriting, lolsob!

4) Papersorting. Hahahahhaahhhahaha ohgods, so when I was gone for a month, my room was put into disarray as all the furniture was pulled away from the walls for mice-fighting purposes, and then a series of people lived temporarily in there. The papers are hilariously not being worked on yet.

6) Bike tracking. Arg no. Should find a notebook for it, damnit! Maybe with the start of the school year? Good excuse, that, and means I'll track my work-days again.

7) Roomcleaning. See 4 above. I made some good thrashy progress today and yesterday, getting things back where they belong, but it's a nightmarehouse right now.

10) Grad School. No progress. Sigh.

11) 100 pushups. Lauren and mom and I got really good at this, and then we fell apart after about three weeks. We may start to get really good again in the near future, especially as Lauren and I are once more in the same place.

12) Highland: Hahahahha, I missed like five straight weeks of class. But I might be in my first competition in a couple weeks, if I can get my shit together...

15) I have been communicating well and sortof impressively stubborn-happy and damnit, I rock, and I am trying hard to make that feel true. Is good.

16) I have done fuckall work on my ADHD though.

17) Ambidance: Blahhh. I did a little, and then I traveled a lot, and I should post about the dancing I did while traveling. SHOULD!

18) Decrufting: I have not lived in my room recently, therefore I have not decrufted.

19) Morrowind: Intentionally no progress. Heroes of Might and Magic 3 takes up more than enough braintime.

20) Activism: Sure is a thing I haven't been doing any of.

22) Inbox0: put me on a couple of staff mailing lists and OH GOD DID EVERYTHING SLIDE. I've been trying to catch back up. It's a slow haul.

23) Spend time with people I like spending time with: Happy birthday to me. <3

24) Less passive, more active: Nnnn? Spending time with K and Tamra feels like it should be good for that? I'm trying.

26) General inbox cleanup: No, and probably negative progress (see above note about Sasquan mailing lists)

27) Comment more: Actually, I've been trying to do that a little, and being a very slightly bit better. Will continue to try.

28) Media tracking: Oh gods no. I read The Martian, it was pretty fucking great. Do recommend!


2) Get music onto Kela
5) Visit mek
8) Pass units 2 and 3 of candidate class
9) go to three straight sessions of Pinewoods
13) Dance somewhere other than Boston (Blues Fusion in Seattle totally counts, it was awesome)
21) Establish that I can continue living in Boston
25) Get teeth done

Not bad! Go me, it's my birthday, etc.

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It is my birrrrrrrthday!

It has been a pretty great birthday! I celebrated first by going off to work in the banamines (which are currently the weird ass-kickstarter Mottanaimines), then by meeting up with jere7my to wander around Boston, and then to ice cream.

Other people celebrated by doing awesome things and going awesome places, and in once case, drawing me a comic where they stripped their protagonist half-naked. Yessssss good.

How did *you* celebrate my birthday?

further detail bits below cut )

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I am slowly gaining strength. I can get all the way through the short (24-form) version of Tai Chi without falling over, though I don't do the low dips on Snake Creeps Down that I should. Today I did that as well as the first third of the longer version (66 forms).

But the truck battery is dead and needs a charge. Or (I hope not) another battery. And it is 2000 miles late for an oil change.

And the SU is not well. stuff )
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This was an insta that came out as I was trying to explain Schrödinger's Cat to someone

TTTO: "Still Alive" by Jonathan Coulton

This is the science
Seal up a cat inside a box
A radiation source
A flask of poison
The source is just mild
If it decays it trips a switch
Then the poison opens up
And then the cat will be dead
Now inside the seal's an indeterminate state
There's no way of knowing if the sample decayed
'Til you undo the locks
And you open the box
So the cat is both dead and alive
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Image result for blue bell ice cream returnsThe Great Blue Bell Famine of 2015 is about to end in the Houston area! 

After the Alabama production plant was cleared to resume making the Best Ice Cream In The Country, it is making four flavors, homemade vanilla,  Dutch chocolate, cookies and cream and The Great Divide (chocolate and homemade vanilla combined) until they can get back up to full production.

It will start hitting Houston store shelves on August 31, but after I get reacquainted with one half gallon of the returning flavors, will have to wait until the diet stuff hits the grocer's freezers.

Enough jibber jabber about my favorite ice cream, it's time to start calling out fools.  

Honorable mention number one to Donald Trump for being a racist azzhole.and getting us a step closer to that permanent political allegiance switch of Latinos to the Democratic Party happening by kicking Jorge Ramos out of an Iowa press conference.   He also let another sexist comment fly at Megyn Kelly among his other WTFery on the GOP campaign trail this week.

Keep it up Donald.  Your Latino community poll numbers are probably lower than Yolanda Saldivar's now.

Honorable mention number two is Megyn Kelly, for putting her pumps in her conservafool mouth and demanding that Dr Cornel West explain why #BlackLivesMatter hasn't in her words discussed lack-on black violence, and he schooled her azz.

Honorable mention number three is the now suspended ODU Sigma Nu chapter for hanging some offensive signs at their frat house over the weekend.  Semester hasn't even stared and they have already earned an 'F' in treating women with dignity and respect.

Honorable mention number four is SD state rep Roger Hunt, (R) who is proposing genital inspections of transgender athletes because he's pissed off about the South Dakota High School Activities Association’s recent adoption of a trans equality policy.

Figures it would be a GOP legislative pervert proposing this latest attack on trans kids

Honorable mention number five is Michael Brown, who is still trying to spin a decade later the 'heck of a job' he did as head of FEMA in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

 Dude, stop trying to spin you way out of the abysmal job you did.  History and the videotape don't lie.

Honorable mention number six is the FOX Noise kneegrow fembot Harris Faulkner,  who parted her lips to say that parents need to keep their daughters in the kitchen to prevent fraternity rapes.

And when did you have that wash, set and GOP cranial rinse?

This week's Shut Up Fool winner is Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.   The word got leaked they are pitching a new reality TV show in which they counsel the victims of sexual abuse.

Really?  The peeps who failed their own daughters miserably on that subject now want a TV show to counsel somebody else's childrenwho have fallen victim/to people ilke the predator son they protetced?

What next?  A show featuring Jared Fogle talking about how to avoid online child molesters?   Bernie Madoff giving investment advice?

Jim Bob and Michelle, your 15 minutes is up, and I need to say this razorback style:  Woo pig sooie, PHOOEY! 

Translation:  Shut up fools!
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Yesterday was a C-. I can do better. Same agenda for today.
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Okay, knowing that MS walks or runs or whatevers are for the cause of finding the cause of MS. Still and all, they're just like an extra jab in my arse, as if to say, 'Ha! You can't walk or run! So fuck you!'

That is all for the day. Or the week. Or the month.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Was honored to participate in a vigil at Hermann Park honoring the lives of the 17 trans women we have lost in 2015.   The vigil was organized by Ashton Woods and in addition to myself being one of the speakers, Dee Dee Watters and Brenda Langer also said a few words along with Woods to close out the event that started at 6 PM and was covered by one local news station.

You can't spell #BlackLivesMatter without the 'T", and my short speech was geared toward  reminding people about that simple fact.   I also reminded people that those who wish to deny our human rights, like our HERO hatin' opponents, are denying our very humanity.

I also called out the Houston media for lying about transpeople and peddling that debunked bathroom lie and expressed my fears  that the anti-trans negativity being sowed by the faith based oppressors may manifest itself into anti-trans violence aimed at Houston trans people

I also reminded people that we are still trying to get a WH petition calling for a federal investigation of the anti-trans violence leading to our murders to the 100K mark.  It is as of this writing well short of the 100K signatures it needs by September 9, and this is a short term way to show support for the trans communities of color..

We closed it out by saying the names of the 17 trans women murdered before going back to our lives and hoping that our allies in attendance do their part to help squash anti-trans rhetoric and disinformation in their influence circles. .

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Posted by Monica Roberts

"To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity."
Nelson Mandela

One of the things I'm really getting sick of is people who share my ethnic heritage reciting right wing anti-trans talking points.

The latest example of that comes from the head of the Houston Black Area Democrats (HBAD), Edward Pollard, who is catching heat for their endorsement of HERO hatin' Council Member Michael Kubosh.

I woke up this morning thinking about the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) and was wondering if gender identity is protected as a class, why isn't age identity or race identity protected as well. If a person was was 50 but identified themself as 21 and put that on her job app, shouldn't she be protected too from discrimination? Or what about a college kid who got a scholarship to a public school for being Asian but was really Hispanic, shouldn't he be protected too? What are your thoughts on age and race identity? ‪#‎mondaymorningthoughts‬

WTF?  Let me spell this out for you.  HERO protects from discrimination in 15 categories that include , race , sex, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, familial status, marital status, military status, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, and pregnancy.

In the cased of discrimination reported to the City of Houston from May 28. 2014 until January 15, 2015, 54% of the complaints were based on race.  17% were gender, 15% age, 4% for disability and national origin,, and 2% veteran's status.  

Where did sexual orientation and gender ID complaints rank?   4% of the complaints the OIG's office received cited that as a factor.

But let's get back to what I really wanted to gripe about in terms of elements of the so call Black community leadership denying the humanity of Black trans Houstonians

But first, need to do a little Trans 101 and explain the concept of gender identity to you, The short version is it's a person's inner sense of being male or female and how they project and express that to the world.   If your gender identity happens to line up neatly with the body you are walking Planet Earth on, and that makes you cisgender.   Mine didn't, and that makes me transgender.  

Gender identity is not, Edward, that jacked up convoluted crap you regurgitated on Monday. 

I'm beyond sick and tired along with Black trans Houstonians of Black cis people reciting a long go debunked right wing talking point.  If you want to know what it's like to walk in my pumps or my Black trans brother's shoes, then ASK us.

Bottom line is for you to stop lying about our lives, and stop denying our humanity.   You can't spell Black lives matter without the 'T', and I and Black trans people around the country are not going to let you forget it.

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And you should celebrate by making a livejournal post for me to read. You can talk about your life or the books you like or awesome things or whatever, I just like reading posts on my friends list.

Okay, yay!




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