May 4th, 2015
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I recently read a news story about a policeman who was forced out because he reported a beating by other police, and I was reminded of the common saying that if you don't stop other people's bad behavior, you're just as bad as the people doing it. This is sometimes backstopped by "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".[1] Lately, I've been hearing a lot of "There are no good police because none of them are stopping the bad police."

However, I don't think this is a reasonable standard. Martyrdom shouldn't be the minimum standard for virtue, and the fact that there aren't enough good police to stop the bad ones doesn't mean that individual decent treatment of the public is worthless. Maybe we need more categories than good police and bad police-- perhaps include pretty good police or semi-adequate police or somesuch.

Also, I don't get the impression that the "just as bad" formulation actually moves people to do heroic opposition-- I think they oppose at high risk to themselves because they're angry at what they've seen and/or because they want to be good people, which I think is not quite the same thing as not wanting to be bad people. From the link: "That night, Crystal called his parents and told them what happened. The two former cops didn’t mince words. “You know what you’re going to have to do,” his mother, Madeline, told him. “Once you lose your integrity,” said his father, Robert, “it’s gone.”

[1] Commonly attributed to Burke, but there's no solid evidence that he said it.
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
This is probably the most quoted statement attributed to Burke, and an extraordinary number of variants of it exist, but all without any definite original source. They closely resemble remarks known to have been made by the Utilitarian philosopher John Stuart Mill, in an address at the University of St. Andrew (1 February 1867) : Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. The very extensively used remarks attributed to Burke might be based on a paraphrase of some of his ideas, but he is not known to have ever declared them in so succinct a manner in any of his writings. It has been suggested that they may have been adapted from these lines of Burke's in his Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents (1770): "When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle." [2](see above)
This purported quote bears a resemblance to the narrated theme of Sergei Bondarchuk's Soviet film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's book "War and Peace", in which the narrator declares "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing", although since the original is in Russian various translations to English are possible. This purported quote also bears resemblance to a quote widely attributed to Plato, that said "The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." It also bears resemblance to what Albert Einstein wrote as part of his tribute to Pablo Casals: "The world is in greater peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it."
More research done on this matter is available at these two links: Burkequote & Burkequote2 — as the information at these links indicate, there are many variants of this statement, probably because there is no clearly definitive original by Burke. In addition, an exhaustive examination of this quote has been done at the following link: QuoteInvestigator.

[2]Perhaps the answer is that good police need to organize-- they have no way as individuals of effectively opposing the current pathological police culture.

Link thanks to Carol Kennedy.
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Posted by Zoe Brain

The second US cruise missile - though the first was a close contemporary. Yes, this was Rocket Science, 1919 style. Had the Great War continued, development wouldn't have been delayed, and it would have been in service by late 1919 in the strategic bombardment role - probably at night and in cloudy conditions, as it was a fairly easy target.

May I present - the "Kettering Bug"

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Posted by Monica Roberts

Well TransGriot readers, I've made it through another 365 days on this space rock to celebrate another Cuatro De Mayo.

The lead up to today was spent with by BTAC family, and they kept me busy so I didn't go into deep brooding an introspective mode like I had a chance to do on the bus ride back down I-45 south to Houston.

I'm a Kennedy Baby celebrating another birthday, but I couldn't help thing about the trans people who won't reach my age.and it saddened me.

We've made some amazing progress as a community over the last few years, and I want to be around to see what happens 10, 15, 30 and 25 years from now.

And yes, living long and prospering despite everything the conservahaters and TERFs are trying to do is our best revenge.

Thanks to all of you who are or will be sending me birthday greetings, e-cards, cash in my blog tip jar, and everything else y'all are doing to let me know y'all love and care about me.

So as for what the heck I'm going to do for this birthday is an open question, but one thing I'll be damned sure be doing is reveling in the day that I took my first breath inside the borders of this state, and look forward to what happens 366 days from now.

Happy birthday to Moni!   Hope I'm blessed to celebrate many more of them.
May 3rd, 2015
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It's been a while since I posted, so I figured I should toss up a quick update.

We made our annual sojourn to the Great White North to help FilKONtario celebrate its 25th year. Much fun was had, many friends were seen. Was delighted to see Steven Joel inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame.

Had to fly directly from Toronto to Memphis for a grueling six days of building code hearings. Luckily, got to fly home a day early, which meant we could join [ profile] tarkrai and [ profile] katyhh (who were playing tourist in DC for a week) for a Monday evening concert featuring James Keelaghan, Archie Fisher and Jez Lowe.

Unfortunately, I was also getting the first hints of a cold on Monday and spend the rest of the week with Ye Olde Snot Monster clogging my nose. Still a bit of lingering congestion even today, and definitely not caught up on lost sleep.

On the bright side, between a planned day off Monday, unplanned day off Wednesday, and a mostly-lazy weekend, I'm mostly caught up on currently-running shows.
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This is about how pipe organs work, and I'm left with a couple of questions. Has anyone looked at pipe organs from the angle of user interface design? Until I listened to the video, I didn't notice the obvious fact that the instrument settings on a pipe organ are based on the instruments (flute, bagpipe, trumpet, etc.) which were available locally-- in this case, northern Germany-- when pipe organs were being developed. Are there any pipe organs which have a worldwide range of instrument settings?

3D printing for antique saxophone mouthpieces.
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I did something simultaneously smart and stupid yesterday, and both of them could be chalked up to flowers.

You see, when my body hit the reset button last October with that histamine reaction that nearly killed me, one of the things that got reset seems to have been my allergies -- specifically, to spring flowers. Normally, the flowers come out, I stay in, close the doors and try to keep breathing. I don't even go to Meeting because they will have the windows open and the pollen will drift in, and mix into that the side effects of someone's use of some perfume or aftershave, and then I have to leave and hit up the emergency sprayer and hot tea and try to keep breathing well enough to drive home safely.

But this year, with my normal asthma meds plus one antihistamine pill... I can smell the flowers.

And it smells *amazing*. I've always loved lilacs, but now I can smell the ones in the next yard over (which are rare this far south). I can smell the fragrance of the azaleas. I can even, carefully, sit out on the back step and watch the birds and listen to them, and just smell this amazing fragrance. I don't even have words in English for it.

You guys do this all the time? How do you not go crazy with the goodness of it? Suddenly, spring fever, the 'lusty month of May', makes so much more sense.

So I decided to give back a little pleasure to the world around me... and I took my Navajo flute out back to sit and play for a little while.

It worked for about 10 minutes. The music was soft and good. And then the pollen coming right down into my throat (because I was mouth breathing for it instead of through my nose) started feeling like I was breathing hot sand, and this was Not Good. I hit up the emergency sprayer, and took bromelain, quercetin and chewable vitamin C together (anti-inflammatories, and they made my throat open a little; I could also have done crushed ice but I didn't think of it), and then made hot black tea, with a little lime juice and sweetener. And by that time I was breathing again.

Good thing, because I was alone in the house.

But I sat out on the step to eat my oatmeal today, and did not get mugged again by the pollen attempting to set up a love nest in my throat. Perhaps having to swallow all that oatmeal kept my throat clear.

And the flowers are still wonderful.

It's a victory, every breath.

I am still here.

ETA: and now, in the afternoon, I am in the house with the windows and doors closed, despite the brilliant sunshine, because the amount of pollen out there with little to no breeze is more than I can deal with. Timing matters. Early morning, when the flowers haven't all opened up, is not the same as now.
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A bunch of arguments that immigration makes people better off--
Would European workers experience a significant dip in wages? Is it possible for a market to integrate, say, millions of new labourers, some of who are untrained?

Future flows of immigrants, within a large range, are likely to raise the wages and employment of typical European workers.

Some of the best new evidence we have on this comes from economists Mette Foged and Giovanni Peri. No one out there has better data or more scientific methods than these researchers. They have studied the wages and employment of every individual worker in Denmark from 1991 to 2008 (yes, everyone) and tracked how they responded to a large influx of refugees from places like Somalia and Afghanistan. Those immigrants caused native unskilled wages and employment to rise.

To see why, you have to take a step back. Certainly, when there is a single job in construction or child care, a migrant filling that job means that a native does not fill it. But that is just the beginning of how a labour market works. When there are immigrants around, native workers make different choices. What Foged and Peri show is that low-skill native Danes responded to migrant inflows by specialising in occupations requiring more complex tasks and less manual labour.

Beyond that, other research has shown that natives acquire more skill when immigration rises. And firms adjust their investments when immigrants are present, shifting away from technologies that eliminate low-skill jobs for both low-skill immigrants and low-skill natives. Most simply of all, foreign workers are not just workers, they are also consumers. Immigrants at low wages tend to consume products, like fast food and budget clothing, that are made and sold by other low-wage workers.

All of these things mean that low-skill immigrants end up both taking jobs and creating jobs. The balance, in the best research we have on Europe, has been positive even in places were politicians and activists say that it must be negative. Communicating that fact will be a permanent challenge, because the ways that immigrants fill jobs are direct and visible; the ways that they create jobs are indirect and invisible.

Additionally, some immigrants are entrepreneurs and create jobs.

The article also mentions that immigrants generally contribute more in taxes than they get in government benefits, but in Great Britain, asylum seekers are not permitted to work and therefore receive more in government benefits.

Not letting asylum seekers work is an astonishingly cruel and stupid policy.

Link thanks to [ profile] andrewducker.
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Four good minutes of relaxed, excellent musicians and explanations of why knowing that the ground supports you, your arms include your collarbones and shoulder blades, and that your core [replica of spine is shown] supports you rather than your back muscles improves people's ability to play music. Moving in accordance with your actual structure works better.

Same video with Portuguese subtitles-- this link thanks to Bruce Fertman, my Alexander Technique teacher.

Body-mapping was invented by Bill and Barbara Conable.

An article about how to apply body-mapping-- specifically about how to think more clearly about the bottom joint of your forefingers-- the joint is roughly level with the knuckle, even though it doesn't look that way from the front, and it's better thought of as bone surfaces sliding over each other rather than as something like an axle. The article also includes how to integrate new knowledge about anatomy into moving more easily-- it isn't something you need to run consciously. Updated link for the author.

The video mentions bones, muscles, and joints. If you're interested in mapping and imagery for internal organs as well, check out Eric Franklin (lots of books, videos, etc.) and Mellish'sA Tai Chi Imagery Workbook: Spirit, Intent, and Motion. An interview with Mellish.

Weirdly enough, there's a completely different Eric Franklin, a scupltor who makes anatomically correct skeletons out of blown glass with florescent gases in them.
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Content Warnings: abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, family, harry potter, mental illness, substance abuse

WTF I Just Saw This Wall of Text Why Did You Do This

I know a lot of genuinely good people. Good people often lack a sort of... brutal realism. To put it in the nerdiest possible terms, Hufflepuffs make excellent friends, but they might not spot what a Slytherin does. A Slytherin with any kind of sense of balance will do the right thing and use their cunning and cynicism to watch everybody else's backs.

So, my beloved good-hearted Hufflepuffs and straightforwardly honest Ravenclaws and doggedly honest Gryffindors, I'm gonna try to do the right thing and share what I've learned from learning how to... well, "make people useful" sounds bad, so I'll just say "manipulate people." I can't think of too many ways to use that for good except to reveal the social bad guy secrets so they at least won't have the element of surprise. Nobody deserves to be blindsided by some of this crap, and right now I'm gonna focus on one big big big trap in particular. Some of this comes from actual therapist literature, and a whole helluva lot of it comes from needing to develop certain skills to survive that are not ethical to use in the adult world. Other people's mileage may vary but unfortunately... it probably varies less than a lot of people think it does.

Why I Picked Triangulation

We're all from the internet, and one common experience a lot of us have had is that anybody even remotely interesting is broken or at least a little cracked in some kind of a way. Some people can learn what the world really looks like entirely from watching bad things from a distance, but they are few and far between. People with personality tend to develop it from contact with the actual world.

Unfortunately, people who have bad things crash into them or even just near them can pick up bad habits. After all, the habits that help us survive in emotional wartime aren't always the ones that serve us best longterm. I've tended to think about it like lycanthropy; getting bitten is nobody's fault but that doesn't mean it's okay to pass on the curse.

One of the most insidious versions of this is triangulation. More info about this here. The very very short explanation is that crappy families can often shake down to a trio of roles, with members shifting between them. If someone is consistently scary, they become everybody else's Persecutor (and it's not much of a stretch to see how). Scary people often have at least one person attached to them who sees it as their job to moderate or insulate the scary one, and to those who're getting scared, this person might be their Rescuer. And of course, the Victim of all of this is just that: they're the victim and none of this is their fault.

Where this becomes entertaining (in an abstract sort of way, if you can look past the tangled knot of human suffering feeding itself) is that the Persecutor frequently sees themselves as the innocent Victim who is to blame for nothing, and they have the same Rescuer as the people they scare the crap out of. The Rescuer is the Rescuer to everybody, because at some point they decided it was their job to save everybody from everybody else and themselves. (Full disclosure: I have done the Rescuer thing, bigtime.)

Thing is... when the Rescuer is surrounded by people they're just trying to help and... well, rescue... there's nobody to protect them. And since they've bought into the triangle (or they wouldn't have accepted a role within it), they have to identify who's Victimizing them, and who's their best chance at Rescuing them.

(Victim and Rescuer are the roles people tend to want to be in. Persecutor is usually a role they reserve for someone else.)

Common Example (CN: Addiction, Emotional Abuse)

Read more... )
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Posted by Monica Roberts

This is the saddest day of the Black Trans Advocacy Conference for me, the last one.

After spending several days up on the northern end of I-45, seeing old friends, making new ones and building community, it's time for me to go back to Houston and my life there.

But before I do that, I get to say goodbye to my trans brothers and trans sisters, their spouses, our allies and my BTAC family.

In addition to the closing ceremony that officially ends the convention, we'll have the traditional farewell brunch at Blue Mesa.

After that delicious community building exercise, Moni hits the DART Rail Red Line to catch her Megabus back to Houston and commence another 365 day wait for the fifth edition of the Black Trans Advocacy Conference.

And y'all know to check my TransGriot pages for the dates of the 2016 edition of the Black Trans Advocacy Conference.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

It's Saturday, and time for Family Fun Day at BTAC.

But before we head to the Austin Ranch near DFW Airport for some great food and spending some quality time with each other, first are the closed session for transmen, transwomen, ciswomen and MCC/Butch Aggressives that will start at 9:15 AM CDT and last until we roll over to the Austin Ranch from the hiotel at 12:30 PM.

Then after a day of fun and community building, it'll be time once again for the Black Diamond Ball that starts at 10 PM CDT.

The ball will be held at the 2816 Commerce Event Center in Deep Ellum, and the address of course if you wish to attend is in the name of the building, 2816 Commerce St.

Posted by Monica Roberts

Addison Rose VincentWith the calendar turning another page to May thoughts turn to prom season and the graduation ceremonies that will be taking place all over the country.

Hopefully our trans grads will be able to do so as their true selves and we won't have the drama we've had the last few years at some high schools.

For those who wish to give you shade about attending prom and graduation as yourselves, Lambda Legal, GLSEN, the ACLU and other orgs are standing by with information and help so you can do so without unnecessary drama.

But I especially want to tip the graduation cap to our trans grads who have persevered to get those educations, sometimes under trying circumstances.

Congrats to Addie, L'lerret, Atlantis and all my other trans brothers and trans sisters getting ready to step off their collegiate campuses and step into that different off campus world.

transgender homecoming king Mel Gonzales Texas Sugar LandFor those of you who made it through that at times shade filled world of high school, congratulations!

Some of you made trans history while matriculating on your various campuses, while others of you can't wait to get off of those campuses.  

For those of you leaving elementary to go to middle school, or middle school to high school, good luck and know that your trans elders love and support you as you make that jump to the next level.

For those of you taking that higher education leap forward, I hope you were successful in getting into whatever colleges you applied for.

I applaud you for taking the steps to get an education you will need to not only successfully compete in a highly technologically advanced world, but your heart moves you to advance the cause of our community's human rights at the same time.

Then again, whatever you choose to do is fine by me, as long as you're happy doing so./

Congrats Trans*  Class of 2015.    May you be megasuccessful in whatever you choose to do with your lives.

Posted by Monica Roberts

Last Thursday night I got a chance to cross something else off my activist bucket list.

I got the opportunity to do a panel discussion on an HBCU campus.  The fact it was Texas Southern University, where I have extensive family ties, made it even more special.

It's the beginning of an ongoing conversation on trans and SGL issues that needed to happen.

And in the wake of the Jenner 20/20 interview, one of the things that I've was pondering on the way to Dallas for BTAC is what can we do in Black Trans World to get our people to realize we Black trans folks are part of the Black community, and our issues are Black community issues.

TSU is one of 106 HBCU campuses in the United States, and sadly only 21% of them have full time LGBTQ organizations on campus.  Only three have gender identity and expression in their non discrimination statements.   Only three (Bowie State, North Carolina Central and Fayetteville State ) have  LGBT centers on their campuses.  

HBCU's better recognize that LGBT African-Americans are not only aren't going away, when it's time for us to choose a college to matriculate at, we are going to look at attending HBCU's to further our collegiate education.  But in order to do so, HBCU campuses are going to have to become more culturally competent in order to get Black trans, bi and SGL students to consider matriculating there.

If they don't start considering doing that or refuse to do so, being a HBCU will not be enough to draw them away from other college campuses that do make their campuses safe for trans. bi and SGL students to matriculate on and proudly promote it..

It's past time for HBCU's to start having those conversations, and if it is BTMI, BTWI and TPOCC that facilitates those conversations on the HBCU campuses around the nation, then that's all good, too
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...equals a nice banner for the people stopped at our busy intersection to look at.

Best part: we live right across from the richest and whitest private club in Maryland. So the golfers get to look at the banner while playing. I don't have much hope it will make them think, but maybe it will do some good.

Bonus pic: Ginny putting herself in the supply bag as I was going out to paint.

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May 2nd, 2015
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So I just made the mistake of trying to watch the movie version of the pretty good action-thriller-set-in-antartica comic 'Whiteout'.

I got up to the part where I found out that they'd replaced one of the two female lead characters with a generic blond American male, because obviously you can't have two female leads in an action movie, especially not if one of them isn't even American...
May 1st, 2015
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[ profile] cattitude is done working for Microsoft. He gave notice in the middle of April, and his last day was the 30th. No, we don't know what comes next, except that it won't be right away: the first order of business is some time off and not setting the alarm clock.

Meanwhile, I've had a bit less freelance work than I was expecting this past week. That was good early in the week, while Adrian was here, but at this point I want to wrap up the chapter I'm editing on so I can send it in, send them an invoice, and maybe start another. (We're waiting for answers to specific questions from the client; I suspect there's maybe an hours' work after that, and I've been waiting for several days.)

I have heard from another company that wants freelance math copyediting and proofreading; the next step is going to be a short copyediting test. Then (assuming I do well on it) I get to find out how much work they are looking to send out, and how regularly. I would like something that's likely to go long-term (my part of the math project I've been posting about will probably end sometime in August), but I need to keep an eye on workload, rather than have two clients each expecting 30 hours of my time in the same week.

I did PT yesterday, so only a relatively brief workout this morning, because there's significant overlap between the strengthening part of the current PT regimen and my workouts:

Thursday PT and exercise, and Friday exercise, in case anyone cares )
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A philosopher distinguishes between cathartic violence, tactical violence, and looting.

He's talking about violence associated with demonstrations, but I'm thinking about the tactical/cathartic distinction for police. I've seen people defend police for using violence against disrespectful people, and the arguments seem to be more along the lines of "it's unreasonable to expect the police to just endure insults" rather than "insulting the police is an offense against public order".

Link thanks to [ profile] vvalkyri.

Posted by Monica Roberts

Been up here in Dallas since April 28 for
the fourth annual editionm of the Black Trans Advocacy Conference.

This conference is one of my faves because it happens to fall very close to my birthday and doubles as my birthday weekend celebratory event.

Well, without further dela6y, let's get to this week's SUF Awards.

Honorable mention number one is Rush Limbaugh.   OxyContinin Man parted his lips to state that riots will happenas long as Black keep voting for Democrats.

Let's remix that comment shall we?    Riots will continue to happen as long as unarmed Black people continue to suffer death by po-po and go unpunished for it.

Honorable mentuion number is Josh Duggar, who clamed if Talabaptists aren't allowed top discriminate, then you are discriminating against 'Christians'

Really?   Dude, your white privileged ass wouldn't know discrimination if it slapped you in the face.  I'm getting sick of you people wanting to oppress people.

Honorable mention number three is Maryland State Delegate Pat McDonough (R) actually said that parents of kids who let their kids protest the death by po-po of Freddie Gray should have their food stamps taken away.

He doubled down on his racism by suggesting a study be done of the mindset of 'thug nation'

Hety Pat, your pointed hood is showing.

Honorable mention number four is US Rep. Bill Flores (R-TX) who said that what is going on in Baltimore is because of too many gay marriages.

WTF?   What iis going on in Baltimore is because of systenmic racism tolerated by too many white male Republicans like you.

This week's Shut Up Fool winner is TX Governor Greg Abbott.  

Greg's sucking up to the batturd crazy wing of the Texas GOP by ordering the Texas State Militia to monitor the US military duirng to Jade Helm 15 exericses to forestall a 'miltary takeover of the Lone Star State.

You can't make this stuff uop people. 

But instead of debunking this Conservaidiocy, he's cosigning it.

Greg Abbott, shut up fool

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posted by [personal profile] twistedchick at 09:54am on 2015-05-01
It's not just in Baltimore. NYPD came out swinging at and terrorizing peaceful protesters yesterday. It's back to the anti-Occupy tactics.
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Dreamwidth officially came into public beta on 1st May 2009, and I started using it as my primary journalling space then. So today approximately marks the day that I've been on DW for as long as I was on LJ (I actually joined at the end of May in 2003). Twelve years of blogging, six there, six here.

anniversary thinky-thoughts )

People are doing [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw again this year, and I've slightly missed the boat as we're already a week into the three week fest. But I might try to repeat what I suggested a couple of years back and follow [ profile] siderea's community building recipe. In the remaining two weeks, I can probably manage three diary entries or surveys and one long thinky post; I am not sure about ten pointers, as that will require me to post nearly every day, but I'll have a go.

In honour of the fest, [personal profile] nanila has created [community profile] bitesizedreading, which I think is a really good idea. And another way to make sure that supposedly little, unimportant things end up here rather than just forgotten about or posted to more ephemeral places like Twitter or FB.

And [personal profile] oursin is posting dear little original fiction snippets which I highly recommend if you don't already follow her.
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As usual, the measurements are approximate. This will probably be two meals-- more rice will be added for the second meal.

1 quart of chicken stock from the store (ok, this measurement is exact)
bones of one smallish cooked chicken, in a soup sock*
a little chicken fat that came with the chicken giblets
about a cup and a half of big chopped carrots
about a quarter cup of olive oil
enough water so the liquid covers the ingredients
salt, fresh ground black pepper, mild fajita spices, a *small* sprinkle* of ghost pepper (very hot pepper)
maybe a tablespoon of fresh dill
half a cup of cooked brown rice

I piled everything but the dill and rice in a pot, and cooked it as a medium boil for an hour or so. The carrots were cooked but still had flavor. Then I put in the dill and kept boiling it for about ten minutes.

I added the rice out of the refrigerator because I wanted to cool the soup enough so that I could eat it sooner rather than later.

This turned out to be a big win-- better than a lot of the food I get from restaurants.

*soup socks are large mesh bags-- if you're putting pointy herbs and/or meat with small bones in your soup, a soup sock makes it easy to take out the disposable bits
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Saw Age of Ultron. (We had tickets for the 10PM 2D show on the big screen at our local kickass theatre, but it's inside the city and subject to curfew, so they moved the 10PM show to the smaller theatre and ran it concurrently at 7PM, with the 3D show being in the bigger theatre. We're planning on going back to see it again, not just to see it again but also to try to give them some money to make up for the money they're undoubtedly losing; the curfew is hitting many small businesses right in the wallet.)

I have a lot of very incoherent thoughts about it, and I need to see it again to decide... )

And I have not even touched on half the things I want to talk about with this movie, but I've been writing this entry for a really long time now and I kind of need to sleep! Maybe there will be more thoughts after the next time I see it. is hard to write when there is a cat sitting on your chest. Ginny says hi.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

My third day at BTAC, and the calendar has flipped to my favorite month in May.

Tonight's big event is the Awards Gala, but before I handle my BTAC business of handing out this year's Monica Robeerts Advocacy Award, have a seminar at 9:15 AM with Espy Bronw entitled 'Sis To Cis'.

It's one in which we continue the conversation we started last year between Black cis and trans women, and should be as infornmative and fun as it was last year.

And yes the peeps keep rolling in for the homestreatch of this year's Black Trans Advocacy Conference.   You can continue to check the Twitter hashtag #BTAC2015 for all the happenings.

I'm also one day closer to Cuatro De Mayo

April 30th, 2015
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Still in Dallas at the Doubletree Campbell Center for the Black Trans Advocacy Conference for my second full day here.

The highlights today will be the keynote speeches by Tiq Milan and Miss major Griffin Gracy.
|The Black Trans Interrnational Pageants will happen later tonight, and many of the seminaras have a health and wellness theme such as Healthcare Hallelujah Trans* Health And The Affordable Care Act  to 'Exploring HIV Health Risks Among Transmen'

I'm also having a blast getting to spend quality time with the trans brothers and the trans sisters I know and geeting acquainted with the trans brothers and trans sisters I'm just meeting for the first time

And love seeing my Dallas fam in Rafael McDonnell and Nell Gaither.

I still find it ironic that Diamond Stylz and I live less than 5 miles from each other in Houston, buit i have to bring my butt to BTAC or some other conference to spend quality time with her.

But she knows I love her to death.   And if you feeling down, you won't be after getting hugged by our BTAC First Lady Espy Brown.

There were some amazing conversations taking place here yesterday in our seminars, at dinner and in the hotel lobby.  

And definitely need to step away from the front desk and those sinfully delicious cookies.

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An email from former Gov. Martin O'Malley (who is in the running for president) behind cut for length )

Bear in mind that his successor, Hogan, is a hard-rock Republican who has tried to cut funding for schools and social programs, and who has no love for Baltimore.
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So I have received my ballot for postal voting. I'm going to put in the first post tomorrow morning, so you have approximately 20 hours to convince me to vote for an outcome that you favour, if you like that kind of thing.

UK political nargery )
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Posted by Monica Roberts

It's actually the third full day of the fourth annual Black Trans Advocacy Conference, but my first full one after my travel day from H-town.

I've always wnted to learn how to do grant writing, and one of the sessions I'll definitely be planning to attend is one entitled 'The Grant Development Process'.

There's also a social media one I'm interested in as I peruse the program offerings for today, Tiq Milan's 'Trans Advocacy Media Training', the Black Trans Community Summit and the TransManifest Open Mic to close out Wednesday's programming.

I wonder who I'll run into today?
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Posted by Monica Roberts

I've finally made it to the other end of I-45 in Dallas for the 2015 edition of the Black Trans Advocacy Conference.

It's not only one of my fave conference because it happens to fall around my Cuatro de Mayo birthday, I'm also here on business.

I'm chilling in my 18th floor room with a beautiful view of downtown Dallas.

It's business and pleasure.  I not only get an opportunity to get my learn on, I get to present the Monica Roberts Advocacy Award to this year's winner of it on May 1 as i creep closer to my birthday.

For those of you who couldn't make it, you can check out the BTAC action  on Twiiter via the #BTAC2015 hashtag.

I did get the chance to witness the beautiful opening ceremony for BTAC which included a libation ceremony in which we honored the ancestors inside and outside the trans community

And yes, so happy te Rockets handled their NBA business back home and beat the Mavericks, so I get to gloat for a moment while I'm inside the Dallas city limints.

Time for me to get ome beauty sleep and get ready for my first full day at BTAC 2015.
April 29th, 2015
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Recently read The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison ([ profile] truepenny). (c)2014 Katherine Addison, Pub 2014 Tor, ISBN 978-1-4299-4640-7

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I ran across the phrase lately, and it suddenly occurred to me that it didn't sound like Jesus, so I checked.

Actually, it's St. Augustine, and he thought the love part was expressed by being reluctant to discover the faults it must punish. It's hard to imagine a modern person saying that last bit, but maybe I'm spending too much time online.
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Apartheid in Baltimore, and an empty stadium.

Praying for peace, living another reality.

The problem I have with originalists like Scalia is that they really don't believe in the truth of the Constitution -- everyone equal under the law. They want to go back to the time when slavery was acceptable, when indentured servants had no voice, when women were property.

Barbara Jordan, the Congresswoman from Texas, black, lesbian, heroine, musician, attorney, whom we lost far too soon, said it best:

Earlier today, we heard the beginning of the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States, “We, the people.” It is a very eloquent beginning. But when the document was completed on the seventeenth of September 1787 I was not included in that “We, the people.” I felt somehow for many years that George Washington and Alexander Hamilton just left me out by mistake. But through the process of amendment, interpretation and court decision I have finally been included in “We, the people.”

As a Quaker, I do not have a creed -- but as an American I have beliefs, and the biggest one is this: we are *all* created equal. Bigots try to make that into a lie for their own profit, and out of fear, but the truth will out. What is happening in Baltimore is this conflict under a microscope. Black lives matter. Women's lives matter. Men's lives matter. We all are part of this, and the part that has gone rogue right now is the one that should be serving and protecting, not murdering innocent people with impunity.

We are all in this, whether we are in Baltimore or not, whether we are in the next town or a continent away.

The police have put out a statement that three of the gangs in Baltimore have made an alliance in order to kill cops. I say that this could be a lie, or an overstatement, and a reason to beat up on more people -- it is not illegal for police to lie, unfortunately. If the gang members did reach an alliance, the only way that the cops would know the truth of it is if one of them was in the room -- because informers can lie also. And whether that statement is truth or lie, it can be used as justification for more deaths. It can be used as justification for cops carrying more weapons that the National Guard did in Iraq, and for less reason. It can be used to justify more deaths that did not have to happen, deaths of children and women and men who made the deadly mistake of looking like something that made a cop afraid, or made a cop claim to be afraid.

Fear is the mind-killer, said the Bene-Geseret.
Be not afraid, said the angels.

I wish you the absence of fear, the clarity of sight to move through this country and help it to heal, and the peace of being in the right place at the right time.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Across The Pond today is the milestone birthday of one of our trans community icons.  Today April Ashley, MBE was born on this date 80 years ago in Liverpool, England.  

No wonder I love her.   She's a fellow Taurus!

She had a challenging childhood and grew up to become one of the first people in Great Britain to undergo SRS with Dr. Georges Bourou in Casablanca, Morocco in 1960.

VariousShe was a Vogue fashion model, worked at the famed LeCarrousel trans club in Paris in which she rubbed elbows with Ernest Hemingway, Jean Paul Sartre and Bob Hope, was an actress, and enjoyed the romantic attention of actor Peter O'Toole and famed painters Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso.

She has also worked tirelessly to advance the human rights of trans people in Great Britain and awarded her MBE in 2012.

In September 2013 the year long April Ashley: Portrait of A Lady exhibit opened at the Museum of Liverpool focused on her amazing life.

Ashley received a Lifetime Achievement honor during the 2014 European Diversity Awards.

Happy 80th birthday, April!   To me. April Ashley's life is a testament to living well being your best revenge as a trans person.  

And living long enough to celebrate eight decades on this planet definitely qualifies as living well.

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The thing about Baltimore is that this block isn't even the worst you get: )

The thing about Baltimore is that tomorrow, there'll be people out with brooms and boom boxes and plywood and hammers. There'll be another block party, probably with some weird and wonderful elements to it because that's how Baltimore rolls. There'll be people calling for police accountability and people protecting their neighbors and people physically interposing their bodies between police and other members of the community. There'll be people holding signs and people holding cameras, and this week everybody will be looking at Baltimore, and whatever happens next it won't change the fact this sort of thing is a sign of something deeper that a week of national attention won't do a damn thing about.

The thing about Baltimore is that there are systematic, systemic problems that can't be summed up in a single tweet or blog post. I can't explain them to you. I don't understand them all myself, because I'm white and I'm wealthy and I hold privilege too many of my fellow Baltimoreans don't have. All I can do is paint you a picture of the Baltimore I see, which is not the Baltimore everyone sees, because I have never had to wonder if today's the day a cop is going to decide to kill me. The thing about Baltimore is that too fucking many Baltimoreans can't say the same. I've been living here ten years and I love my city, but my city is failing too fucking many of her citizens, just like my country is. Ta-Nehisi Coates, as always, has very smart things to say:

When nonviolence is preached as an attempt to evade the repercussions of political brutality, it betrays itself. When nonviolence begins halfway through the war with the aggressor calling time out, it exposes itself as a ruse. When nonviolence is preached by the representatives of the state, while the state doles out heaps of violence to its citizens, it reveals itself to be a con. And none of this can mean that rioting or violence is "correct" or "wise," any more than a forest fire can be "correct" or "wise."

Mainstream media on this is pretty useless, but The Baltimore Sun's excellent coverage of the protests is free without paywall this week; the City Paper is also contributing. If you want to see what the media often isn't showing, the Twitter hashtag is #BaltimoreUprising. The Sun's livestream has been very informative, particularly when watching tweets from the on-the-scene reporters juxtaposed with the tone-deaf and inflamatory tweets from @BaltimorePolice. If you want to contribute, here are some ways, or donate to Baltimore United For Change's fund for legal defense for those arrested, or to a Baltimore City school teacher.

Don't ask me if I'm safe this week. I'm fine. The question is why Freddie Gray isn't.
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It makes me wrinkle my nose when people try to correct my self-image because they think I have some kind of negative messaging tape playing that's making me think wrong things. If I say that my first impulse is not to offer comfort, that is not an opportunity to correct me and tell me I really truly am a good person honest. If I say that I have disdain and contempt for things that I consider unethical to act upon, that is not an opportunity to tell me that I'm loving. There is seldom any actual practical reason to tell me I am being too hard on myself.

Trust. I love myself. I love myself more than I love everybody else in the entire world. You, if you are reading this? I probably like you. I may even love you. But loooooooooool no I come first. Always. I love myself. I am on my own side and I will not betray myself. I will, however, view myself accurately. Anybody who can't handle me doing that is just demonstrating that they aren't ready to participate in or even spectate on my process.

I mean, if you want the truth... some people's brains tend toward anxiety. Some have a hair trigger on guilt. Some have a vast reservoir of fuel for rage to burn and all it takes is a spark a block away. Mine has a reflexive contempt and disgust for weakness. This is a known thing, and when I state it about myself I am not drawing from self-loathing. I am doing the wise and mature thing and staying aware of bugs in my system, of anything that raises the error rate of my thinking.

If I say this, I am taking the risk of allowing someone to get closer to an accurate understanding of what I'm really like. I want people to understand that I have to work harder than many people to achieve something like the same warmth and care that comes so naturally to so many, and when you tell me that you don't believe me when I say that... it makes me not trust you, because there is this gigantic thing that is a big part of why I think I am lovable and worthy that you can't even bring yourself to approach with your eyes open. If you tell me that I am saying things about myself that aren't true, you are telling me way shittier things than I ever tell myself.

1. You're telling me that you are a better evaluator of who I am and what I'm like than I am. And fuck you for that gaslighting horse assery.

2. You're telling me that the version of me you respect is founded on a fundamental misunderstanding--perhaps even willful denial--of what sort of person I am.

3. You're telling me that if you were to find out that I wasn't just talking myself down, that maybe I actually know myself a little, you would stop thinking I am good and have worth.

When I am explaining who I am and I get hit with those three implicit assertions, it does one extra thing. It prompts me to have to distance myself from people I am reflexively prone to consider to be less than I am. Do not encourage me to behave this way. I have to work hard enough thinking of certain kinds of people as being comparable to myself; don't make it harder by drawing a mental map of me that looks like them and arguing with me that yours is better than mine. I do not need your fucking help to see myself as acceptable. I have to work hard enough not indulging in the kind of self-aggrandizement that would actually hinder my moral development, so maybe when I speak honestly about a known bug you should let me do that.

I have a lot of good qualities. My self esteem is one of them. So is my self-awareness. Let me bring both of those to our way of relating and I will. But if you don't let me, I won't show up at all. Because fuck that and fuck you.

April 28th, 2015
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I have been posting a lot to my Facebook today, if only to try to get some of the relatives to realize that no, the police are NOT always right and honest (even if my cousin's T's son is a NYC detective), and no, what they are seeing in the media is not the whole story. I am tempted to write there about the kind of winnowing down that goes on within the media so that a large and complex situation is chopped into sound bites and isolated, nonrepresentative photos and clips. But even as I think of that I am aware that it's unlikely that any of them would even read what I write because I'm Not A Cop, even though I was a journalist for years.

And yes, I know that T is more unreasonable than usual (she is generally full of common sense) because her husband had surgery recently and is recovering. And they're a good nine or ten years older than I am, so there are more concerns.

But all the time I am aware that none of those very opinionated relatives has lived this close to the South, and none of them have lived in (or possibly even been in) Baltimore, and the way people think in the old North about this kind of thing is not the same. And they may even be remembering, as I do, the riots in Rochester in the 1960s, the ones that started two weeks before the Watts riots in LA, the ones that took place concerning issues of employment (Kodak didn't hire black people then), and safety, and education... and were repeated every summer for several years.

(I don't know what it's like to grow up where things were calm.)

Perhaps the most useful thing I can do is take a deep breath.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

After attempting another day trip to Austin to handle some lobbying business, I'm boarding a Megabus in 45 minutes for the four hour trip up I-45 to Dallas for the 2015 edition of the Black Trans Advocacy Conference.

I love this fourth annual conference for multiple reasons.   It's one that takes place in my home state and in the city where my mom grew up.  It's one in which trans men from around the country are gathered.

And the best part is that it happens around my birthday, and I get spoiled by the trans brothers.

If this bus pulls out of here on time at 1:15 PM , I'll be getting to Dallas just in time for rush hour at 5:20 PM and my train ride to the convention hotel.

See y'all in a few hours BTAC family.
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