October 20th, 2014
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From time to time I like to engage in hard, solid thinking about various topics.   There are times I like to take a ride on what Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson called on Cosmos The Ship of the Imagination and ponder what our world will be like decades from now and what issues will impact it.

The last time I actually wrote down what I was thinking, I was in junior high school writing an essay for a NASA sponsored contest that asked us to predict what the space program would look like in 2000.   I nailed the International Space Station, but I'm still waiting for the permanent moon base and manned Mars missions.

That essay did earn me a trip to Johnson Space Center in which I got to meet Nichelle Nichols and the first group of Black shuttle astronauts along with a non standard tour of JSC.

One of the things I was pondering recently was triggered by me seeing a pic of a five year old trans girl.  I began to ponder what her Trans World that we 2K10's activists are fighting tooth and nail to shape, would be like 10 to 20 years from now.

One thing we can say for certain in one important aspect, she's in trans territory that our current trans teens intimately know or are experiencing firsthand.  This five year old trans girl is getting the benefit of living her childhood predominately in her targeted gender. 

So will her five year old trans masculine counterpart.

Trans kids in 2034 that tell their parents they want to be the other gender will have advanced medical techniques available to either delay puberty or put them on the desired gender development transition track.

Our societal knowledge about gender identity and the medical side of it will exponentially increase as mounting research evidence continues to drive home the point that gender is between your ears and not your legs.   

What things will our current five year old trans child who triggered this trip on The Trans Ship of the Imagination benefit from by the time they have hit age 25?

Gender transition specific healthcare will be covered because it will have long since been proven to be a medical necessity and not a debatable political, religious and medical ethics issue.

That trans child by the year 2034 will probably be able due to those rapid advancements in reproductive technology to bear a child using reproductive organs created from her own stem cells.   Hopefully that same route, the biomechanical or a medical breakthrough as yet unknown will lead to realistic functional genitalia for our trans masculine peeps that desire it.

Woman working in a futuristic settingHopefully that advancing medical technology will lead to a better quality of life for us 2030's trans seniors

That trans child in our thought experiment will see a world in which nondiscrimination laws that add gender identity to the list of categories that discrimination is banned will cover more than just the current 18 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and 180 jurisdictions. 

More nations will have laws that ban discrimination against their trans citizens as well as allow them to change identity documents easily.

People in the 2030's will wonder what the fuss was about or why was there so much resistance when these no-brainer laws expanding human rights coverage were proposed and enacted.    

The trans kids of 2030 will be be able to go to schools and colleges that have trans nondiscrimination policies in place.  

As a result trans people will be able because of the widespread nondiscrimination laws that cover gender identity have a better opportunity to get better paying jobs.

With transsexuality being less stigmatized, society being more open,  and people being out, open and proud about being trans men and women, it should lead to a lessening of anti-trans violence. 

That will probably change the nature of Transgender Day of Remembrance to a memorial reminding transpeople in the 2030s how bad it was 20 years ago, still mourn the person killed that year, celebrate the societal progress that has been made since that dark time and resolve every November 20 to never go back to those days again.

Trans children will grow up being able to simply focus on making their dreams a reality.   While trans activists making trips to Washington DC and the various state capitols in 2034 will be fighting to keep hard won political and judicial courtroom gains ensconced in law like the federal Gender Identity and Gender Recognition Act and avoid any slippage, that trans child will be able to see various representations of himself in various parts of society.

Transgender politicians, teachers, business people, clergy, athletes, beauty queens, bodybuilders, actors, models, and families headed by trans parents won't be front page news or scoffed at, but an accepted part of life that once again will draw chuckles as to how backwards those transphobic cisgender people back in the 2010's were.

And yes, there probably will be some negativity aimed at our transpeeps in 2030.  Murders and sexual assaults of our peeps will probably still happen and necessitate activists having to still organize TDOR's.   The transphobic bigots will get more creative with their anti-trans bigotry.  Rapidly advancing medical technology will cause other issues of concern for trans activists on the 2030s that we have yet to even think about.  

What issues will crop up that cause intra trans community drama in 2030?  While my data banks are coming up with 'Insufficient Data' responses to that question, I'm willing to bet the four century old issue of the color line will still be a problem in Trans World .  Class issues  will continue to necessitate coordinated action and work between trans political organizations to solve the problems they cause.

Since the world will probably be more interconnected 20 years from now than it is today,  hopefully that will result in better international human rights cooperation between trans people across the planet..  

Hopefully I'll be around to see how much of this turned out to be on target.  

I'll also be interested to see if my NASA moon base finally gets built.
October 19th, 2014
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Mondays, every week, let's celebrate ourselves, to start the week right. Tell me what you're proud of. Tell me what you accomplished last week, something -- at least one thing -- that you can turn around and point at and say: I did this. Me. It was tough, but I did it, and I did it well, and I am proud of it, and it makes me feel good to see what I accomplished. Could be anything -- something you made, something you did, something you got through. Just take a minute and celebrate yourself. Either here, or in your journal, but somewhere.

(And if you feel uncomfortable doing this in public, I've set this entry to screen any anonymous comments, so if you want privacy, comment anonymously and I won't unscreen it. Also: yes, by all means, cheer each other on when you see something you want to give props to!)
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As I believe I've mentioned here before, I have a pretty annoying case of dyscalculia. It mostly makes me transpose digits, confuse certain numbers (3 and 8, 2/5/9), and have difficulty with orders of magnitude. Since discovering that dyscalculia is a genuine honest thing (the schools I attended really should have picked it up, but it was too early for there to be much attention on the condition and we had a nasty case of Gifted Children Can't Have Learning Disabilities) I've learned a bunch of workarounds and coping techniques; I'm getting better at it not disrupting my life.

I also have a really shitty memory for numbers, except when I have a really good memory for them -- fucked if I can remember specific phone numbers for years and years, for instance, even ones I manually dial regularly instead of using the phone's address book, until all of a sudden, like with the flip of a switch, I'll remember it for years past when I'm actually using it regularly. Right after I moved out of my parents' house the first time, I was writing checks for a lot of my regular shopping, and I wrote my drivers' license number on the checks often enough that I found I'd memorized it -- and still remember it, 10 years after surrendering my NJ license for a MD one. (I don't know my MD one; I don't write checks that often anymore.) That kind of thing.

The big thing, though, is credit card numbers. I buy things online pretty often, and I don't ever let my browser or most websites save my CC#, so I type it pretty regularly. It usually takes me no more than a year or two to memorize a credit card number after something like a CC fraud/identity theft thing happens and I have to cancel the card and get a new one. I always struggle like hell for the first few months of a new card number (wanting to type in the old one and always misreading/mistyping the new one as the transpositions and digit confusions kick in), then have a little while of not remembering the number but not having trouble typing it with the card in front of me. Then I'll find that I'm remembering the expiration date and the CVV (confirmation code), along with a few sequences of the 16-digit card number, but I still need the card for confirmation. After a bit, though, it's like a switch flips in my head, and I never have to pick up the physical card again when I'm making online purchases. (Until the next time there's a data breach and I have to get a new card number, of course.)

I'm curious as to how common this is! Sarah says she's never memorized a credit card number in her life, whereas I currently have our main credit card # (last changed about 2 years ago) and the DW business card # (about three years old) memorized but not our backup card (which is about three or four years old, I think, but I type it in way less frequently).

So, a poll:

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 118

For your current primary credit card:

I don't remember anything about it, no matter how long I have the number for.
9 (7.7%)

Eventually I will learn some parts of it (small sequences, CVV, expiration date) but I always go for the card anyway.
31 (26.5%)

Eventually I'll remember larger bits of it (whole segments but not all of the #, CVV and expiry, etc) but always doublecheck
21 (17.9%)

I'll remember it if you get me started but I don't rely on memory in case I get it wrong
3 (2.6%)

I will memorize number, expiry, and CVV eventually but I haven't had this card long enough yet
21 (17.9%)

I have number, expiry, and CVV memorized and don't need to pull out the card
31 (26.5%)

I don't have a credit card/I don't use it for online purchases
1 (0.9%)

If you do memorize credit card numbers, about how long does it take you?

Less than 6 months
22 (28.2%)

6 months to a year
24 (30.8%)

12 to 18 months (1-1.5 years)
21 (26.9%)

18 to 24 months (1.5-2 years)
8 (10.3%)

24 to 30 months (2-2.5 years)
1 (1.3%)

30-36 months (2.5-3 years)
0 (0.0%)

Longer than 3 years
2 (2.6%)

If you do memorize card numbers: do you deliberately try to, or does it just happen?

I deliberately try to memorize them as quickly as possible
3 (3.4%)

I try haphazardly but I don't sweat it
16 (18.4%)

It just happens
68 (78.2%)

I wish to complain about the options in this poll:

19 (100.0%)

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Putting a rare, quiet weekend to good use, here's the July booklist and commentary. On the first real fall weekend (temperature-wise), a look back to the middle of summer isn't a bad thing.

43. Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins
44. Spellbound, Book II of the Grimnoir Chronicles, Larry Correia
45. Warbound, Book III of the Grimnoir Chronicles, Larry Correia
46. Hugo Best Fanzine nominees
47. Dreamers of the Day, Mary Doria Russell (*)
48. The Meathouse Man, George R.R. Martin (writer), Raya Golden (artist)
49. Saga, Vol. 2, Brian K. Vaughan (writer), Fiona Staples (artist)
50. Neptune's Brood, Charles Stross

Highlights and Lowlights )
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But he's more interested in standing there and yelling at me.

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Posted by Monica Roberts

Dr. Kortney Ziegler is getting ready to take Trans* H4CK on the road again, and this time the innovative hackathon and speaker series is headed to New England.

To be precise, Trans*H4CK Boston will be taking place at the Harvard Innovation Lab November 14-16, and spaces for the latest version of it are filling up fast.

Trans* H4CK Boston in partnership with the Harvard Innovation Lab will also continue the conservations about diversity and entrepreneurship in the tech world that sadly continue to ignore the contributions of trans people.

So for those of you in the Boston area, if you   haven't signed up for it yet, you may wish to do so. 

I witnessed and was a judge for the inaugural Trans* H4CK in Oakland last year and it was an amazing experience.  I enjoyed watching teams of hackers of all genders, social justice advocates , developers,  and designers building apps and applications to solve real world trans problems over a weekend.

bJust bring your laptops and your ideas.   Trans*H4CK will provide the amazing speakers, the food, the encouragement and mentors to help you turn your ideas into something that empowers our tech savvy trans community.

And you'll have a lot of fun and meet some amazing people if you do check out Trans*H4CK Boston.
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I know I had a big stash of topics I wanted to talk about once I got past the intense festival period, but I can't remember what they all were now. So have a meme about books, via [livejournal.com profile] ghoti:

26 questions )

Anyone else want to have a go?
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Whenever I pop into Washington DC, one of my mandatory stops, especially when she makes it happen by grabbing me at the airport before my other DC area friends do, is one at Casa Ruby.

It's run by longtime DC activist Ruby Corado, who has overcome a lot of personal challenges in her own life to become an iconic leader inside I-495.   She is building Casa  Ruby into the go to bilingual service provider for LGBT people in Washington DC, and I've been thrilled to watch it grow and prosper  .

Yesterday my homegirl got married to her fiance David in a ceremony held at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel in which the blushing bride was escorted down the aisle by Washington DC Mayor Vincent Gray.

I met Ruby's now hubby a few moths ago during the Philly Trans Health Conference, and there is no doubt that these two love each other.  

And I couldn't be happier for her. 

She's still basking in the afterglow of her special day, because here is her comment about it from her Facebook page entitled 'Dreams Do Come True!'


My whole life, I have been told that I was not supposed to love or be loved.
I was not supposed to love myself because I was different( Trans, indigenous, dark haired, immigrant, HIV Positive, you name it). I was made to believe that no one could love me back because I was different.

Yesterday, life proved everyone wrong.

I love myself more than ever because I am SOMEBODY.  My husband showed the world that it is ok to love me even though I am different.  My city's mayor Vince Gray walked me down the aisle and showed the world once again that he stands for love.

My friends and Family showed me, that I am SOMEBODY, and they stand with me in sickness and in health until death do us part.

Today as I lay next to my husband, I want to tell my friends, clients, supporters, followers and the entire world that It is ok to be different and that no matter what anyone says, YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE AS MUCH AS I AM

Never stop dreaming, never stop believing because dreams do come true.

A Million Thanks To Everyone Who Shared This Special Moment in person or from A distance, I felt your love

Love For All
Ruby Corado-Walker


Congratulations Ruby and David!   May you two have have a long, healthy and happy marriage.

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Velma ([personal profile] roadnotes) died yesterday while I was flying west to see her, but at least she knew I was on my way. This is hard. More later.
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Does anyone relatively near me have a livescribe pen (any model) I could borrow/preview for at least a couple of days? I believe I've finally ended up in a situation where one would be really useful for me, but I want to actually play with one for a bit before dropping $140-200 for a pen that I have to buy special paper for (or print my own).


(Thinking anything about pens the day after [personal profile] roadnotes has passed is particularly bittersweet, as I think of her anytime I'm playing with fountain pens.)
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So I replaced them yesterday. Popular! She can't decide which to kill first.

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Halfway through, more or less. inside, outside, within and without )

Posted by saraelisheva

I really wanted to go to shul this morning, but apparently my alarm was turned too low, because I slept right through it. This isn’t surprising, since I went to bed at 7PM last night (although I was up in the middle of the night for a couple of hours because I was burning up — homeostasis, ur doin it rong!) and generally slept like a rock. (I did finally give in and turn on the light so I could read while I was waiting for my temperature to come back down. *sigh*)

Other than that, it was a good Shabbat. I did a lot of sleeping, a lot of reading, and studied some more of my book on the halacha of kashrut, which I must say is absolutely bone-dry, and details a tonne of the minutiae of the procedures surrounding scenarios where meat and milk come into contact. This is probably not something I’ll likely ever need to know in any detail, because I don’t consume dairy products, other than the occasional thing that has a dairy hechsher on it for “CYA” reasons but otherwise contains no actual discernable dairy products. I suppose if I wind up marrying someone who eats dairy, I might have to do meat/dairy kosher, but at this point, it’s a total non-issue. (Anybody know any eligible lactose-intolerant bachelors? *g*)

Izzy’s eye seems to be improving vastly, so I’m very, very happy about that. He’s also stopped sneezing every five minutes. It’s a good thing.

The job thing is also heating up for me; I have three very promising-looking leads right now, one of which started the phone interview with the woman on the other end saying, “You know, I really love your resume!” (Bite me, career transition counsellor guy who said that I needed to redo my resume. Was that my outside voice lashon hara? Yeah, I’m still working on that part. Perfect, I ain’t. Yet.) That one is going to turn into a face-to-face interview sooner or later, and is in my hometown, albeit way out in the back of beyond near the airport, and I don’t drive (harrumph). The most recent one is for a job in a city about an hour east of here, where I went to graduate school, and when I read the job description (forwarded to me by my wonderfully devious evil-minded recruiter), I thought, “Wow, they’re looking for their very own Sara-Elisheva! Fortunately for them, one happens to be on the market.”

While moving an hour away would complicate things with my conversion, they have a very nice kehila in that town — big enough to have its own kosher supervisor and scribe! No kosher restaurant, but far more availability of kosher foods than here, at least. Having reasonable access to kosher prepared foods (available there) would make my life much easier Jewishly, particularly if I’m working full-time again, as sometimes I just don’t feel like, or feel up to cooking. I have a mobility impairment that comes with a handful of syndromic impairments, and something which may or may not be fibromyalgia, so fatigue, proneness to certain kinds of infections, and other illness are issues for me. Anything I can do to save spoons is a good thing.

I feel like I might be able to do this thing, folks…

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Posted by Monica Roberts

Emmi De Jesus: 'I condemn the heinous barbarity behind the hate crime'There have been mutiple developments in the Jennifer Laude case since my last update, so let me catch you up with what's happening. 

First up are the ongoing protests demanding that PFCf Joseph Pemberton, the accused killer of Laude be turned over to Philippine authorities to ensure justice for Jennifer. 

And yes, there is a precedent for the US military turning its personnel who have committed crimes in host nations to those nations to face justice there.   Two US sailors were handed over to Japanese authorities in 2013to be prosecuted for the robbery and rape of a woman on Okinawa.

I'm definitely down with that program because if Pemberton did the crime on Philippine soil and killed a Filipina  citizen, he needs to be tried for it on Philippine soil.  

Pemberton was formally charged on Wednesday with Laude's murder as US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said: “We will continue to cooperate fully with the Philippine law enforcement authorities in every aspect of the investigation.”

German Marc Sueselbeck and Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude
Pemberton was also put on blast by the German fiance of Laude, Marc Sueselbeck.  He also put the German Embassy in Manila on blast for not processing Jennifer's visa in a timely fashion and stated in an interview that if they had done so, she'd be alive now.

Pink News is reporting that Senator Bam Aquino is now calling for the passage of the Anti-Discrimination Act of 2014 in the wake of Jennifer's murder and a rise in anti-TBLG crimes.

Senator Bam Aquino: 'These discriminatory and inhumane acts will be eradicated'“We should impose heavier penalties so that these discriminatory and inhumane acts will be eradicated.”said Sen. Aquino.  He pointed out Laude's murder was not an isolated case, and that action needed to be taken to halt that rise n hate crimes.

“This number will continue to rise unless we do something about it immediately,” he added.

Under the new bill, persons found guilty would be fined from P100,000 ($2230) to P500,000 ($11,151) and could potentially face imprisonment of up to 12 years.

Stay tuned, because there are lots of interesting developments that are flowing from the senseless murder of our transpinay sister.

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She's actually dead already.
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This is via [personal profile] redbird /[livejournal.com profile] redbird , edited to remove her personal thoughts.

... [personal profile] roadnotes, who I've known since we were 13 or so, is dying of cancer. We had hoped she had a year or so left; as of today it looks like maybe a few weeks. The following (via a couple of forwards) is from her partner, Soren:

The palliative doctor told us he can't recommend her going home she's too weak everyday weaker and weaker unfortunately I kind of agree. Still not eating now she's not drinking either. Maybe few days or few weeks.
(Yes, I was elliptical yesterday, before I got the most recent email, which included a request to "please spread the word.)

This is awful.

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A few years back, sorting through some of my old papers, I found this poem. It's dated 11th December 1988, when I was nearly fourteen.


They will stand beside you
When all things are good.
And in the times when things are bad
Beside you they have stood.
They always tell the truth to you
As every good friend must
And they are reliable:
Friends you always trust.
They never will say nasty things
About the clothes you wear
They'll stand up for you against others
When you're not there.
You can always trust your friends
To hold your place in queues.
They'll always tell you "You played well",
Even if you lose.
Always keeping by your side:
Friendship never ends.
Yet, after all, we're only human:
Who has friends?
October 18th, 2014

Posted by Monica Roberts

While much of the attention in this CONCACAF Women's World Cup Qualifying Tournament has been focused on Group A and the FIFA world  number one ranked USA squad, there is an interesting story developing in Group B worthy of being turned into a movie. 

For various reasons, including the perception that soccer is a man's sport, the Jamaican Football Federation hasn't funded a women's soccer program since it was disbanded in 2008. 

The frustrating part about that decision for women footballers on the island is that the Reggae Girlz were one of the top ranked squads in the Caribbean region. 

Jamaican female players who wanted to pursue their passion to play did so in other nations, but never gave up the dream of one day playing for their national team in a Women's World Cup.

The Reggae Girlz are back, and thanks to raising $200,000 via two crowdfunding campaign, Cedella Marley's enthusiastic support and being the Reggae Girlz international ambassador, the team is on the verge of making its Women's World Cup qualification dream come true. 

If the do so, they would be, like their male counterparts were in 1998, the first ever Caribbean based team to make it to the World Cup and it would do wonders for women's soccer in Jamaica.

Despite not playing any international friendly matches prior to the CFA and CONCACAF tournaments, they opened Group B play with a resounding 6-0 win over Martinique in Kansas City, and have a critical match with Costa Rica today in Chicago before finishing Group B play on October 21 in Washington DC versus Mexico.

The Reggae Girlz will want to #StrikeHard and finish first in Group B so they get the Group A runner up in the knockout round.  That way Jamaica won't have to face a match with FIBA number one ranked Team USA until the CONCACAF title game.

The six goals they scored against Martinique will definitely help them out if it comes down to goal differential to sort out the Group B standings for the knockout round.

Top three squads punch their tickets to Canada for next year's World Cup, while the fourth place team in this CONCACAF qualifying tournament has to play the CONMEBOL third place squad Ecuador in a two leg playoff for another World Cup berth.
Let's hope the Reggae Girlz make history for their nation, they get the funding and corporate backing they need, and we get to see them in Canada next summer at the Women's World Cup..

TransGriot Update: The road to World Cup qualification just got a little bumpier.  Costa Rica beat Jamaica 2-1.

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She's pretty much destroyed the laundry basket, too.

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Sorting my giveaway box in prep for pulling frimps for the mega decant circle I have open right now. GC on table in piles by alphabet, LE decants in the Baggie. This is why I ask for wish lists...

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So yesterday was Simchat Torah, which is the last of the big season of festivals. And lo, I have survived and all the many many events I needed to run in the past three weeks have worked successfully. There's an Israeli LOLcat / reaction gif doing the rounds of my FB feeds, with the cat looking shocked and horrified and the text saying "when you realize that 'after the festivals' means now". And yeah, there are a lot of things I need to sort out that I've been putting off until 'after the festivals', but many of them are fun social things, and my life really does look a lot more manageable from here on.

festival and Sweden trip reports )

I couldn't be more glad I went, I had a wonderful time even if it was nerve-wracking. And I'm so nostalgic for Stockholm and my little community there, wow. I've started thinking again that I might investigate applying to rabbinical school, because doing all this has just been so satisfying. I mean, I realize that if I were an actual rabbi everybody would criticize me for not doing things the way they want, instead of being so grateful to me for filling in a gap by volunteering, but even so.
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I woke this morning to find that the asthma, which had gone away completely with the massive steroids, has returned a bit. It is odd to find that one is getting better from something by having something else return. But it is manageable. Much of it is a reaction to the dampness and mold in the leaves, which is not avoidable here. ::sighs briefly for cooler, drier norther autumns::

The Rambo squirrels have left for the high ground. Robin's squirrels are mostly quiet and twitching a little and sleepy; he's telling them bedtime stories, I think. Except sometimes they wake up and rush for the old manual typewriters so they can try to recreate Hamlet. In Sciurian, which I am told is the language of American tree squirrels. Do not ask how I know this. It does not have iambic pentameter and all its end rhymes clash.

I know now that how I feel at this moment will not last. Today's pills have taken effect, same dosage as yesterday, and that makes for an easier time. Tomorrow will be a decrease, and more difficult. By afternoon the squirrels will all wake up. By evening they will be attempting to recreate a combination of The Sound of Music and Macbeth, directed by Robin, choreography by Bob Fosse and Twilah Tharp.

My life is not boring. :)

But I managed to get about seven hours of sleep last night. And I installed the new Mac OS this morning, whatever it's called, and had to reset the password I can never remember, and sort out other things.
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I've been a little busy lately with the mental Rambo and Robin squirrels, and all that jazz. (Squirrels in A Chorus Line with gloves, doing jazz hands.)

Did I miss Yuletide signups? I looked for the webpage and can't find it.

I am seeing people's Dear Yulegoat letters in my friendslist -- this is a bit of a worry, since I don't recall seeing an announcement of signups, or a link, and the squirrels are not letting me find the link myself.

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Now that we're in the month of Octember, and many new shows might already have begun, or maybe they started in Septober, but I'm a bit curious as to what new things are out there that you all (yes, you!) could recommend to me.

Yes, I'm still a bit jet-lagged, or maybe more than a bit, but hey...

Jet-lagged why? Well, Per and I were in Texas visiting my parents for a couple of weeks, and we're not entirely back on the Damnish time zone yet.
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October 17th, 2014
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My sister-by-choice, [personal profile] roadnotes, who I've known since we were 13 or so, is dying of cancer. We had hoped she had a year or so left; as of today it looks like maybe a few weeks. The following (via a couple of forwards) is from her partner, Soren:

The palliative doctor told us he can't recommend her going home she's too weak everyday weaker and weaker unfortunately I kind of agree. Still not eating now she's not drinking either. Maybe few days or few weeks.

I'm trying to figure out whether I should try to change my flight back from Boston, to get to Seattle tomorrow or Sunday instead of Monday. I have asked Elise, who will be getting there tomorrow morning, to email or text me once she sees Velma.

(Yes, I was elliptical yesterday, before I got the most recent email, which included a request to "please spread the word.)

This is awful. I'm not sure how I will cope, but I have some good people to lean on.
location: Arlington, Mass.

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Photo: Tune in tonight #thetword  MTV  @Laverne Cox
Just a programming reminder post alerting you peeps looking for television shows about trans people to tune in to MTV or LOGO if you have it on your cable system for Laverne Cox Presents; The T Word

It'll be broadcast ar 7 PM ET and 6 PM in my time zone, and I will be parked in front of the TV to watch it since I know two of the people being interviewed in L'lerrét Jazelle Ailith and Kye Allums

The show features the stories of seven trans people from 12-24, and I know I'm looking forward to hearing those stories and the voices of our trans youth.

They are part of the most educated generation of trans youth ever, and the next generation of trans leadership.

It's important to know what they are thinking and what their perceptions are concerning trans issues and their lives in general.  They also need to be assured of and reminded by their trans elders that they are loved by us, valued, and most importantly by us.

So take a moment to check the show out

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October 20 is rapidly approaching, and as soon as the early voting polling place near me opens I'll be there ready to cast my ballot in this crucial midterm election.

Oh yeah, still pissed off I missed the 2013 Houston mayoral election because it took me a ridiculous nine months to get my Texas driver's license due to the voter suppression law and other BS.

You know what they say about revenge, and the nanosecond I get to the eSlate machine at my fave early voting polling  I''ll be exacting mine on everything that has an R behind its name from the top to the bottom of the ballot.

Since it's Friday, as visions of straight ticket voting are dancing in my head, let us handle our usual TransGriot 'bidness' of calling out all the fools that revealed themselves this week.

Honorable mention number one is Stacey Dash for cooning it up on FOX Noise and reciting the latest spin on the tired conservanegro Democrat Plantation line.by claiming the Democratic Party has a plantation mentality.

Oh really Stacey?  And you are Exhibit A of the plantation mentality of the GOP, FOX Noise and the conservafool movement by willingly sell out to parrot the same racist talking points as other FOX Fembots, except you don't have blonde hair.  

Honorable mention number two is NH state Rep. Steve Vallancourt (R) for proving the GOP War on Women is alive along with the frat boy mentality in conservafool ranks.   Vallancourt injected misogyny into the US House race there by claiming in a blog post last week the incumbent, Rep, Ann Kuster (D) would lose because she is 'ugly as sin' and 'drag queens look better than her'.

Have you looked in the mirror lately, Steve?    

Honorable mention number three goes to TX Attorney Gen. Greg Abbott.   After he and the conservafool media whined for days about the devastating ad Wendy Davis unleashed on him with an empty wheelchair in it calling him out on his hypocrisy, One of Greg's aides stuck his foot in his mouth and dissed a  disabled person speaking at a Davis rally by referring to him as a 'prop' .

He also gets called out for claiming the gay marriage ban reduces out-of wedlock births.

Did that tree falling on you damage some brain cells, too? 

Keep it up Greg, and I will get my wish of seeing Wendy Davis inaugurated as my next governor.

Honorable mention number four is NC senate nominee Thom Tillis (R) who equated welfare with reparations.  Naw fool, not even close.   A $150,000 check hitting my mailbox for my ancestors 246 years of unpaid labor and the brutality visited upon them is reparations.

Honorable mention number fiver is a group award to all the conservafools coming up with bizarro world conspiracy theories in the wake of Ebola getting a toehold here in the US.

Peep Morgan Brittany's howler.   And is it me, or does it seem that all the washed up conservative leaning actresses get pundit contracts at FOX noise lately?

Honorable mention number six is the junior senator from Alberta,  Ted Cruz, who is trying to repeat as SUF of the Year and stuck his nose in the subpoena kerfluffle the Pastors Council is trying to stir up.

Mayor Parker should be ashamed of issuing subpeonas to those human rights oppressing christopimps?  Naw Ted, you should be ashamed of opening your mouth and having something stupid frequently come out of it.

Honorable mention number seven is John Grisham, who made the problematic comment in a recent interview that men who watch child pornr are not all pedophiles.

This week's Sgut Up Fool Winner is Rep Louie Gohmert (R-TX).    As part of the GOP efforts to 'scurr' their voters into heading to the polls November 4,, they are trying to politicize the Ebola outbreak

Gohmert Pyle opened his mouth and let something stupid fly out of it once again when he said on Glenn Beck's radio show that the Dallas nurses infected by Ebola were part of the Democrats 'War on Women'

FYI Louie, the only War on Women going on is the ongoing one your white male dominated party is conducting.

Louie Gohmert speaks to WNDWill somebody in the Tyler area with some common sens and light years more intelligence please run in his congressional district and spare our state the embarrassment of having this fool in our congressional delegation?

Rep Louie Gohmert, take it from here Mr. T...
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In the latest news concerning the murder of our transpinay sister Jennifer Laude, the US marine suspected of killing her is still in custody on the USS Peleliu as the calls get increasingly louder for  calls for Joseph Pemberton to be handed over to Philippine authorities for his crime.

The Peleliu and 3000 US Marines and sailors had been in the Philippines to conduct joint exercises with the Philippine armed forces.   While the rest of the US naval ships participating in the joint exercises were allowed to leave Subic Bay, the Peleliu is still in port pending the investigation of the Laude murder.

In Manila protests occurred in front of the US Embassy there as the demands that PFC Pemberton be handed over to Philippine authorities grow louder.

And I agree.  He committed the crime on Philippine soil, so he needs to face justice in the Philippines for it    We'll have to stay tuned to see if he does.
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Even though I haven't been spinning much lately, I have all my spindles within reach.

Some of them have names that came with them before I got them. There is a Mt. St. Helens spindle, because it is the same shape as that volcano.

There is Mjolnir -- an old-style Scandinavian spindle with a wide shallow whorl that can go fast or slow and is utterly reliable if a bit big and long.

And there is Loki. Loki is another Scandinavian old-style, with a small heavy head. Most drop spindles, you get them going, and they will whirr around. Loki flips over and tries to dislodge the yarn from the hook at first. It's a bit freaky. But once you get a bit of fiber on it for balance it goes fast and steady.

No. I am not going to write spindlefic in the Avengers universe.
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The doctor had the pharmacist check -- apparently, it was a reaction to neomycin, used as a preservative in the flu shot. Not eggs, not latex, not anything else. And the reaction was a cross-reaction because of a sulfa allergy.

So she and I agree: no more flu shots. ever.

I have sent a note asking her about the wording to go on a medic-alert bracelet or necklace.

And a little bit of the past... )
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You know for me to miss Scandal, this had to be pretty darned important.

mentioned in a previous post that I had been honored with two 2014 OutSmart Readers Choice Award wins for Favorite Blogger (Female) and Favorite  Tweeter (Female).  

I was also a finalist along with Kristen Capps for the Most Prominent LGBT Female Activist award that was won by Christina Gorczynski

Tonight at FBar was the event in which all the awards winners and finalists picked them up.  Since I was in need of a night considering the drama I've been through lately to put my nice clothes and other face on, I happily headed in that direction for the event that started at 7 PM .

OutSmart’s Gayest and Greatest Readers’ Choice Awards 2014Didn't take me long after arriving at the venue before I started running into my Houston activist community peeps congratulating me for the multiple wins. 

It was nice to have the acknowledgment was  of the community of the hard work I put into creating an informative blog and the activism I do to advance our human rights cause.

But for me, I'm motivated to do what I do for the next generation.   I want to make sure that the next generation of trans and SGL kids now growing up aren't having to fight tooth and nail just for basic human rights coverage.

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Yes folks, I'm posting a con report ONLY ONE WEEK AFTER THE CON! And with that, hope springs eternal that I may actually get around to the July, August and September (and soon October) bookposts, the rest of the London/Dublin trip report, and perhaps even the full FKO report!

Into an already-crowded October, we shoehorned a trip to San Diego for ConChord. The primary reason was to catch Interfilk guests [livejournal.com profile] thatcrazycajun and Mary Mulholland. As some of my readers know, Matt is largely to blame responsible for Sheryl and I meeting at Disclave 1995. Plus, I have been Matt's Trained Pet Guitarist(tm) for several years. So we didn't want to miss their star turn if at all possible. Also, San Diego is a shorter trip than Swaziland.

Finally made all the domestic filk cons! )
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Tell me some more about when you saw light on my window.
Earlier on you were lost like a slave I can't free.
I understand you.
Is it because I deceived you that you came to me?
My, my, my, Eliza!
Why, why, why, Eliza?
I can see you're just a conditional tree
But you remind me we came here to talk about me.
October 16th, 2014



proud to see that my childhood minister officiated the first legal gay marriage in virginia!


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It's a hard life, having to keep track of all the things.

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Still have Rambo squirrels in my head, doing the fandango a la Robin Williams while talking on cell phones with squid.

(You don't want to know my dreams last night, when I was able to sleep.)

In SL, I have created a little group tag (these appear over people's heads) that says "I'm not really here." That's the good news. The not-so-good news is that I put quite a bit of work into writing an historical article for a local inworld Victorian-style newspaper about the local airship system, from a long interview with its creator, and the editor changed two sentences and stuck his own name on it -- and left, dropping all his commitments and leaving others holding the bag. So I am having to go through channels to get proper credit for the work I have done, because damn it, I have done good work on this thing and I want it known. I have sent my original copy of what I wrote to the relevant authorities, who are going to be able to change it back soon (I hope). And I have made it clear that I just want the credit for my own work. But because of this, he can whistle up a drainpipe during a monsoon for anything else from me for anything he ever does.

I need more sleep. I'm going to go get some. Somehow.

The prospects of my getting to the wedding on Saturday, or the memorial Meeting on Sunday, are looking slim. I don't think I can evict all the squirrels by then.

ETA: The byline was corrected. He didn't seem to understand that it was an issue, or worth an apology. Here it is, correctly attributed.
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Getting closer to the midway point of what has been not only a competitive NFL season, but a tight competition for the 2014 season prognostication championship between myself, Eli and Mike.

Once again I had a good week, but not good enough. My esteemed competition had double digit wins with Mike taking Week 6.

So yeah, gotta step it up now that I no longer have the lead.   NFL Week 7 is upon us with another 15 games to select from,   Philadelphia and Tampa Bay are on their bye week.

So let's get busy and see if I can do better than last week.

My picks will be in underlined bold print, when Mike and Eli's are available I'll link to them.

Week 6 Results

TransGriot.    9-5-1
Eli                  10-4-1
Mike              11-3-1

2014 NFL Season Record

TransGriot     58-32-1
Eli                  57-33-1
Mike              59-31-1

NFL Week 7

Thursday Night Game
New England over NY Jets

Sunday Early Games

Baltimore over Atlanta
Washington over Tennessee
Seattle over St Louis
Cleveland over Jacksonville
Indianapolis over Cincinnati
Buffalo over Minnesota
Chicago over Miami
Detroit over New Orleans
Green Bay over Carolina

Sunday Afternoon Games
San Diego over Kansas City
Arizona over Oakland
Dallas over NY Giants

Sunday Night Game
Denver over San Francisco

Monday Night Game
Houston over Pittsburgh
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(Photo Source: Friends)Here we frakking go again with yours truly having to report another instance of a trans woman of color being attacked

This time it happened in Memphis to Alexia Dupree Taylor, and as usual the police are issuing the standard 'It isn't a hate crime' line we're sick of hearing.

How does someone get stabbed and hit with a brick if it's 'just a robbery'?   Wake up and smell the transphobic violence in this attack.

The homeless Taylor was found on the ground Wednesday bleeding with head injuries behind a Midtown Memphis church at 69 North Cleveland St. according to a news report.

Taylor told Memphis police she was behind a building, a block away from the church, when someone dragged her down stairs and robbed her. After stealing a purse, the robber stabbed Taylor and hit her in the head with a brick.  She was taken by medical personnel to Regional Medical Center wher is was later upgraded to critical condition.  

Her friend James Houston said something in the article that I concur with: "I really believe that if she would have been in a place where she could call home, she would not [have been attacked],"

Here's hoping that Alexia not only recovers quickly and finds a home, but she receives justice when the waste of DNA who did this to her is captured.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

TransGriot guest post by Dawn Wilson

This election is a litmus test . A simple test of intelligence . What is a litmus test you ask? In the political sense it is a test that uses a single indicator to prompt a decision . So your choices for this test are so simple a kindergartner has the cognitive ability to handle the following question.

The question is what do you value?

If you value Education, you vote.
If you value Civil Rights, you vote.
If you value Health Care, you vote.
If you value the 2nd Amendment, you vote.
If you value Freedom of Religion, you vote.
If you value your community whatever that may entail,  you vote.

Voting is your voice.  Without it, that voice is minimized.

Some candidates are not ideal. Some are evil. But to refuse to engage in a process that can fuel change is imbecilic at best and detrimental and destructive at worst. Some people will vote against their interests and what they value and be shocked with the outcome, while others will vote their values and may not pleased with the outcome .

In either case they have a voice, a strong one and more versed one . Remember Ferguson? In the most recent elections, turnout was just 12% and sadly we see the result. Because people stayed at home and did not vote what they valued, the people who were elected to care for the community, the people who hired the police who act in such a horrible manner, failed . 

And those who failed to vote were the catalyst .

Now new voter registration numbers suggest that the Michael Brown shooting has kindled a new sense of civic engagement among many Ferguson, MO residents.  More than 3,000 people in the Missouri city of 21,000 have registered to vote. That represents a increase of more than 25 percent in voter registration in just two months. Total voters registered in Ferguson are now 14,428 as of mid-day Thursday, and still rising, according to the St. Louis County Board of Elections.

So voting doesn't matter?  Local, state and national elections are a joke? The events over the last few months should dispel that notion. Out of 31 democratic countries, the United States has the lowest voter turnout numbers. Racism, economics, and Voter ID laws all affect voting, but even with these obstacles voting is our best chance to change the future.

Even the Rev Dr Martin Luther King, Jr was quite aware of the power of voting as a catalyst for

"One of the most basic weapons in the fight for social justice will be the cumulative political power of the Negro. I can foresee the Negro vote becoming consistently the decisive vote in national elections.'"

So here is your test – A. Vote for what you value   B. Vote against your interest C. Don't Vote and be silenced . Test day is November 4th . Good luck.

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So, over on Facebook, Sparr posted a thing about salary and money and stuff. I responded in my own post, recreated below because I want to have access to this again in the future and that won't happen if I leave it on Facebook.

I'm with Sparr on this one. Taboos about talking about salary are bullshit, and help hide the wage gap. So currently:

I am making 100$/working day as a long-term substitute teacher. In December, when I go back to regular subbing, that will drop to 75$/working day. (I specify working day, because I absolutely do not get paid for any day I miss, for any reason. I don't have sick days or vacation.)

A 10-day paycheck is $763.63.

That's $1000.00:
-$14.50 to Medicare
-$108.32 to Federal taxes
-$38.55 to Massachusetts taxes
-$75.00 to OBRA (which is a Somerville teachers retirement fund. I don't remember if I have a choice to put money into this or not.)

I get paid every two weeks. Often my paychecks are a little less than that, of the first four paychecks for this school year, two are gonna be 10-day, and two are gonna be 9-day (Labour day and Indigenous People's day are days off).

The good thing about long-term substituting is that it pays so much better than short term. The bad thing is that I don't have the time or energy to be properly supplementing my income with odd jobs. When it comes to odd jobs (games company intern, babysitter, housecleaner, packer-mover, gardener, publicist, anything else I have done for money at some point or another), I charge $15+/hour. I probably average between 50-300$ a month doing That Sort of Thing. Last time I got super broke and therefore super dedicated to doing _anything_, I managed to make about $1000, but that was during the summer and I had multiple friends willing to throw me money for packing/moving/unpacking.

I am also blessed with no student loans, and well aware of how _unbelievably_ rare and lucky that is. The two biggest factors are that my parents are well off and that they were super dedicated to getting their kids into college from the beginning --while Da was still a broke-ass resident and before they even had babbys, my 'rents were putting money into the college fund. Note too that I do not own a car, and do not want a car. While I have car insurance (woo for non-owner's driver's insurance!), it's not as severe as if I had a car of my own, and I don't have to worry about gas.

I probably couldn't survive on 1k-1500 a month without those benefits --the only things I have to pay for are rent, bills, food, and entertainment. No loans, no gas, currently no credit card bills but I actually mean to change that (in order to have a credit score).

And of course, it's very worth noting (especially if you're coming over here from Sparr's post, or looking at his next), that I am in the first half-decade of employment --I graduated college not even three and a half years ago. He's been working five times longer than me, so it sucks less that he's making five times what I do*.


*Granted, if I were a first year full time teacher, my salary would be somewhere around 45k/yr. I think even with 15 years experience, it's not gonna be more than about 75k/yr. He's making 150k/yr because fuck you computers, why didn't I do that instead**.

**Because those who can teach do more. :/
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Posted by Monica Roberts

Today is Spirit Day, the annual day since 2010 in which we wear purple to denote support of TBLG kids who are being bullied for who they are. 

It sprang from an idea advance by Canadian teen Brittany McMillan in the wake of a wave of LGBT suicides in 2010 that in large part were triggered by bullying, with the big media attention name in that wave of suicides being Rutgers student Tyler Clementi.

The reason we wear purple is because of the purple stripe on the Gilbert Baker created  rainbow flag, in which the purple stripe on it represents spirit.

The first Spirit Day was celebrated on October, 20, 2010 but has now been moved to one thta is celebrated every October 16.

And since I was one of those kids back in the day who was on the receiving end of bullyingin elementary school , it's a day and a cause that resonates with me.

So join me in finding a nice purple outfit to wear today and catching the spirit of Spirit Day.  

It's past time to end bullying not only of our LGBT kids, but the scourge of bullying period.
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