October 25th, 2014
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I have successfully yuletide-sign-upped! Well, assuming I didn't screw up my bucket offer again this year. I decided to be conservative and only offered 60 fandoms this time (...though it would have been 96 if I'd included my six requests and the 30 nominated fandoms that I'd already written or been gifted in exchanges.)

Anyway I'm not doing a yuletide letter this year out of a sad and ineffective protest against the increasing amounts of pressure put on both writers and requesters re: optional letters which are optional, but here is a repost of my requests this year, just for posterity:

Young Wizards )

Munchers )

Ashers )

Lucky Starr )

Lovelace and Babbage )

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot )

If there's anything else my writer needs to know, they have ten years' worth of YT under this tag to comb through, but really, it's all in the signup, don't worry.
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"I think I have a bit of a reputation for taking obscure or under-utilized characters and fleshing them out. I intend to really flesh out Hammond [the original Torch] and turn him into a truly compelling character." -- James Robinson

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Posted by jenn_calaelen

Sign-ups are open until Sunday 26 October 6pm UTC. (Remember this is not EDT - check the links if you are not clear on what time it is for you! What time is that for me? And here is a countdown).
If you are in most of Europe, remember the clocks go back tonight and so the time will be an hour earlier than if was for noms closing.

The link to sign up is here. If you have already signed up, you can use the same link to view and edit your details.
Here is the tag set of all fandoms and characters nominated for Yuletide.
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Previously unread.

This is the sequael to Ancilliary Justice, featuring the same main viewpoint character, now promoted to Fleet Captain and made a member of the Emperor's family. Breq is in charge of Mercy of Kalr and heads off to a system where justice and propriety needs to be sorted.

I guess I should have some astute observations here, but I've only read it the once and I think I can sum it up as "wow".
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It's challenge time!

Comment with Just One Thing that you've accomplished in the past 24 hours or so. It doesn't have to be a hard thing, or even a thing you think is particularly awesome. Just a thing that you did.

Feel free to share more than one thing if you're feeling accomplished!

Extra credit: find someone in the comments and give them props for what they achieved!

Nothing is too big, too small, too strange, or too cryptic. And in case you'd rather do this in private, anonymous comments are screened. I will only unscreen if you ask me to.

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So the conference I did the Mary Sue talk at a couple years ago has sent out another call for papers for May 1-2, 2015. It's at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY, and it will be partnered with ITHACON40, a comic book convention. You can see the full CFP over at Google Drive, which includes some suggestions, but the topic is Women & Gender in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Children’s Literature and Comics. Abstracts are due January 15, 2015.

I'll be halfway through Vol. III of JS&MN by then, I wonder if that's something I could get a topic out of or if my shallow historical knowledge would make it dangerous. There's always the Bujold rant, but I'm not sure if there's any interesting generalizations or insights out of it. Discworld's too big a topic, and I'm not sure if anything there speaks to me more than anything else. Hmmm . . . *wanders off, contemplating procrastination opportunities*
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Arrived yesterday evening, picked up the cats this morning. After 9 hours,
Newton has finally stopped demanding cuddles.

the cats appear jet lagged as well )
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OTW Seven Wonders Community Banner

Past donors to OTW made it possible for us to achieve a lot! Here are some things we need to keep going: http://bitly.com/ZRlmnb

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It's bad enough we have UKIP on the streets of Rochester because of the by-election, but today we had the fascists of BritainFirst blaring patriotic songs and waving Union Flags and the St George's Crosses in front of the War Memorial.

The friend I was with was shopping in the grocer's across the street and I was quietly seething at everything they were doing - when they started playing Jerusalem I commented that it was like Springtime for Hitler In Germany come to life and that they'd have been better off with Wagner.

They were leaving as we came out of the shop and I realised that 8-10 of them had surrounded a young black woman who was sitting on the wall. Apparently they had demanded to know if she was English. She was holding her own, but she was one small woman surrounded by 8-10 racist thugs, all but one of them male. I just though 'Oh, Hell' and walked into the middle of it, gesturing with my crutch and saying 'There's none of you ever more than 5 seconds away from becoming a minority and being attacked in the street by people like you.'  I certainly didn't calm the situation, but I diverted half of them on to me, and I had the chance to tell them that I despised them, that I particularly despised them parading in front of the memorial to people who died fighting against everything they stood for, and that if they really love everything England stands for then they should emigrate ;)

It went back and forth for about five minutes, with amongst other stuff the Britain First woman (ETA: who I've now identified as their candidate and deputy leaderr Jayda Fransen) trying to claim mosques were centres of terrorism, but a couple of them (they'd be the really dangerous ones) realised that being seen harassing a slight young woman and a disabled guy probably wasn't the image they wanted (though it's the only one they'll ever have) and they beat a retreat.

I imagine they'll claim they weren't harassing anyone, but that's belied by how upset their victim was afterwards (and kudos to her for standing up to them).

One of the people who came up afterwards (and if I have the right guy he's a local folksinger who writes some absolutely haunting stuff about social deprivation in Medway) commented that the UKIP supporters and the England First thugs had been being very pally with each other earlier - takes one to know one, I guess....

I'd been thinking about Pastor Niemoller's prayer while I was watching them, I guess I passed.
location: A Green And Pleasant Land, with an unwanted infestation of fascists
Music:: Springtime For Hitler in Germany
Mood:: Incandescent with Rage
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We thought we would go to one really upmarket eatery in Munich, and even having eliminated the ones that even by London standards were horrendously pricey, it still turned out to be Quite Expensive, especially given that the food was really Not All That.

It did do a lot of the fine dining ritual.

However, I didn't feel that winter vegetable salad, even with wee baby veggies, had anything much to say to the artichoke bottom in my starter.

I did feel that if you make a big deal about serving the salt-baked sea bass two different ways, they should be a bit more distinguishable, even contrasty, than than they were. (Plus, grouch, I think if you say, for 2, eurosxx, one does not anticipate that that is per person rather than for the dish.)

Were I to be feeling kind I might say they were deploying an extremely subtle palette of flavour. Or I might just say it was all rather on the bland side.

The bread was very good but I thought it rather odd to set butter-knives but then just supply a selection of olive oils and fancy salts for dipping.

In supposedly ruinously expensive London I have spent less for better nosh.

Posted by Lisa Wade, PhD

Our previous sexy Halloween costume mockery was so popular (30,000 likes!), we thought we’d offer you another.  This one is from genius comic Gemma Correll.  Lose hours on her site like I did.  I dare you to click.


Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

(View original at http://thesocietypages.org/socimages)

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I have to draw a four+ page comic for a coursera course I'm doing and I am TOTALLY BLOCKED.

I'm thinking I'll just adapt part of an existing story, either one of mine or something in the public domain.

Current thoughts tend towards Northanger Abbey but I am open to suggestions! Are there any public domain works, or original/fanfic of public domain works by me that you'd like to see me draw a short story about? Any art of mine you'd be curious to see expanded into a longer story (and have plot ideas for)? AUs are totally welcome but not nonsense crossovers because then I get tangled up figuring out how it WORKS.

It has to be accessible to random strangers so no asking me to write an ending to A Circle of Stars :P Also there is no guarantee I'll actually draw any of it comics are haaaard. BUT I WILL TRY

Also: Penny, I have not forgotten your Asama & Korra prompt, I plan on drawing it the moment the show gets them to a point where I'm not all "Asama & Korra ;_;"

ALSO speaking of AO3 today was FEMSLASHEX REVEALS YAYYY. I drew some Velanna/Sigrun. And I got TWO gifts: Undercover by kiki_miserychic, which is some sexy Root/Shaw art, and Quantum Relations by Settiai which is a very cute EDI/Sam fic.

This course is good but hardddd. I had to write TWO ESSAYS. With an introduction and a thesis and a CONCLUSION. urrrrggghhhhhh essayssssss. Of course we got half marks for even trying because coursera. But the peer assessors said I LACKED A COHERENT THESIS. Luckily we get to do self evaluation too so there was a "you are amazing and all your ideas are gold" to balance things out.
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"Uber relaxing into a three- and five-panel structure is something I find fascinating. Three-panel is something I connect intensely with Warren Ellis (and Millar, though never in this mode). Five-panel storytelling is Garth Ennis." -- Kieron Gillen

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For all of you; and specifically for [personal profile] jelazakazone, a bit.

I am living a borrowed life on
borrowed time, in that
the theft thereof has not been noticed yet--
my other selves are paper-thin;
they echo in the corners of my eyes,
their futures circumscribed by our own hand
and thereby written out of history.
Egal: perhaps they would be better, but
it's me who's living this, who's
strong or weak enough to hold on tight.
I will make a patchwork of my fractured nights,
my scraps of grace: as ever bound together
with the brilliant shining thread that you,
unknowing, trace.
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I was at a talk by Col. Chris Hadfield when he mentioned a problem with space sick bags. He said that when you use a space sick bag, without the force of gravity to hold what's come up down, it has a tendency to bounce off the bottom of the bag and float back to the top. Not ideal.

I was thinking about that while trying to get back to sleep last night, and I realized that the solution might be to redesign the shape of the bag. If you were to indent the bottom of the bag (with, say, a v-shape), anything bouncing off it would be reflected not directly back at you but off to the side.

Of course, it could still ricochet off the side of the bag and come back to you. To discourage that, you'd want to taper the sides in. Make the bag more triangular.

Doing that, however, still has its disadvantages. Without gravity, up and down are arbitrary. A bag which tapers out from the top, considered upside-down, is a funnel. To prevent that, you'd want a shoulder at the top. Or, better yet, a tube going partway in. (You need a valve to close it off anyway, right? If you make that tube a little longer, you're fine.)

But then... a triangle with a notch cut out of the bottom seems familiar. And, come to think, having that notch be asymmetrical could have some advantages. And, really, why not have fun with it if you can?

I present to you what, to the best of my late-night figurings, is honestly the ideal shape for a space sick bag:

The Starfleet logo.

It'd cost a little more to manufacture, but it just might be worth it.

(I sent a copy of this, without the crude diagrams, to NASA. It'll be a couple of weeks before they can reply, but I'm interested to hear what they make of it.)
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Harvey Comics is best remembered as a publisher of kids' comics, but like MLJ/Archie, there was a time it dealt in a variety of genres, including horror, giving that up only when the establishment of the Comics Code Authority in 1954 put an end to stories such as the one I present here in its entirety, from Chamber of Chills #7 (April 1952; scans of this public domain title courtesy of ComicBookPlus.com). The gruesome denouement of "Crawling Death" (writer unknown, art by Abe Simon and Don Perlin) got special mention in Wertham's Seduction of the Innocent. Trigger warning for gore.

Typical human reaction: 'I'm going to kill it!! It might be some rare species!!' )
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via http://ift.tt/1yx9K4N at October 25, 2014 at 03:00AM:

I really like this gif because Stitch does that little squinty thing that animals do when they’re really happy and relaxed and you can tell that he’s having such a superb time playing that little ukulele
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via http://ift.tt/1DKL4bO at October 25, 2014 at 02:00AM:




This is the cutest thing I’ve seen ever

He totally thought wednesday could lift him i’m dead

Honestly she probably could have.

The Addamses may well be the healthiest, most functional family unit to ever grace the small screen.
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That title isn't a joke. Junji Ito is having an official collaboration with Pokemon. Pokemon has created a site entitled "Kowapoke" (or "scary Pokemon") which features, among other things, Ito's take on certain Pokemon. So far only two are up, but they'll probably release more along the line.

Let's see )
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For records because I've been wondering for awhile since a translatable interface was officially mentioned in 2011, here are questions I have posed regarding features to have a translatable interface and tags in all languages supported on AO3 (not sure if the two are different features or one feature with different implementations and practices but) in relation to multilingual user needs:

  1. A user want to browse the archive in Portuguese, but would like to see the fandom, character and relationship tags in the fandom source language and freeform tags in Portuguese. How will this user's needs be supported?
  2. A user want to browse the archive in Korean and for Korean source fandoms, they want to see the tags in Hangeul. However, for other non-Latin language source fandoms, they would like to see the fandom, character and relationship tags transliterated and freeform tags in Hangeul. For Latin language source fandoms, they would like to see the fandom, character and relationship tags in the fandom source language. How will this user's needs be supported?
  3. A user want to browse the archive in Russian, but would like to see the fandom, character and relationship tags in the fandom source language and freeform tags in Cyrillic. However, for Japanese source fandoms, they want to see the tags in katakana. How will this user's needs be supported?
  4. A user want to browse the archive in French, but for non-French language source fandoms, they would like to see the tags in the fandom source language and in French. How will this user's needs be supported?
  5. A user want to browse the archive in Tagalog, but for non-Latin language source fandoms, they would like to see the tags transliterated and in Tagalog. For Latin-language source fandoms, they would like to see the tags in the fandom source language and in Tagalog. How will this user's needs be supported?
  6. And all the various combinations of the scenarios identified above and not yet identified.
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Not allowed to peck Purple with my long, dagger-like loon beak.
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My new Queer of Swords post is up at Patheos. Halloween from a transgendered perspective, with a touch of rant just to be sure.

Grr Arg!

Please note: this was cross-posted from my main blog at http://www.mageofmachines.com/main/2014/10/24/new-queer-of-swords-post-halloween-the-secular-festival-of-becoming/ -- If you want me to definitely see your replies, please reply there rather than here.

#QueerofSwords, #TransgenderActivism
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Just finished A Death at the Dionysus Club by Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold -- the second Lynes/Mathey book, magic and metaphysics and m/m romance -- and it made me SO happy. If I weren't posting via small touchscreen I would be overflowing with gleeful words. I so hope there is Yuletide fic, because omg, so delicious.
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SCENE: The wife and I have snuggled for an hour after a hard week, recharging her wifely batteries.

GINI (not leaving my embrace): I feel so much better.

ME: Aww, yeah. That’s your daily dosage of Vitamin F talkin’.

GINI: Okay.

ME: Which isn’t actually a real vitamin.

GINI: Okay.

ME: Because I’m vaguely worried if you thought it was, you’d divorce me and go get a supplement.

GINI (snuggles closer): Oh, you know I prefer getting my vitamins naturally anyway.

Cross-posted from Ferrett's Real Blog.

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my [community profile] femslashex gift is a shiny thing with a perfect ending

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Warren Ellis clearly enjoys reinventing characters. He clearly enjoys playing around with the form and structure of comics. And he clearly enjoys lots of violence.

Moon Knight lets him do all three (including some interesting bits of design in the opening of the Sniper issue that I hadn't encountered before) and it's a lot of fun (provided you're comfortable with the aforementioned violence).

It's not essential, and I doubt whoever took over from him after his six-issue relaunch will do anything nearly as interesting, but I'm glad I picked it up.
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Previously on part 5, Starscream almost had everything he ever wanted, Megatron showed up to ruin everything, Bumblebee was refreshingly sensible, Metalhawk was suspicious, Prowl was sad, Wheeljack was dead(ish), and lots of people got hurt.

Megs seriously needs to chill. )
October 24th, 2014
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This is a placeholder post of goodness.
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Dear Yuletide author,

Thank you for writing for me! I love hand-made presents and this is the first Yuletide I've properly taken part in, so I am extra easy to please. This is me at AO3.

General likes/dislikes:
I would strongly prefer gen fic for all the fandoms I've nominated. I don't mind whether I get a happy ending or not (though if you go for an unhappy ending I would prefer bittersweet to crushing doom).

I adore unusual formats (and, apparently, lists). Please, if you want to, tell me a story as a game or a series of drabbles or a shopping list or a puzzle or a poem or an ASCII map or half of a scribbled note exchange... if there's some crazy thing you've been wanting to try to write forever but aren't sure if your recipient would get it, I am the right person to send it to. If you're not that person and just want to write a story, I will also be delighted, so please play to your strengths and don't feel you need to reach for a weird format if you don't want to.

AO3 Name: molybdomantic

Fandom 1: Pandemic (Board Game)
Characters: any

I would be delighted with any story set in this universe, whether it features the role characters or wider world-building. I have played this game quite a lot and am familiar with the base game and with On The Brink (though I haven't yet played the bioterrorist version). I have so many suggestions to offer... The diary of a field operative. The many and varied logistical headaches of a dispatcher. The operations expert's promotion on the release of On The Brink. What's it like to be an air-drop pilot? Or a victim of one of the diseases? The story of an outbreak told in overly-sensational tabloid headlines, or press releases from the CDC, or a shopping list of lab supplies, or the academic write-up for the Lancet afterwards, or as choose-your-own-adventure from the point of view of the diseases... I love unusual story formats and I love meta-analysis of the game elements of the situation. Also I'm studying infectious disease epidemiology at the moment, so if you want to give me something hugely technical like the speculations on the transmission mechanism and reproduction number of the different diseases, or the lab book of the poor technician who has to try to isolate the infectious agent from a small blue wooden cube then I will be over the moon.

Fandom 2: The Cyberiad - Stanislaw Lem
Characters: klapaucius, Trurl

I love these stories for their whimsicality, their combination of fairy tale tropes with hard maths and physics, the way they are sweet but always in an unforced, natural-feeling way. I also love Trurl and Klapaucius' rather competitive friendship. Please tell me a story of an unlikely invention, the problems it causes, and how Trurl and Klapaucius find their way out of the mess again. Or something else in keeping with the tone of the originals, if you have a better idea. Definitely gen fic only for this fandom, please. Though there's plenty of mention of love and relationships in the stories I would prefer this kept as background detail, as in the originals.

Fandom 3: STÅLENHAG Simon - Works
Characters: Young man on flooded clockwork

I'm not the original nominator for this fandom but this picture (http://www.simonstalenhag.se/bilderbig/flooded_clockwork_1920_badge.jpg) really caught my imagination. What is this place and why is it important to the person in the picture? (The character is listed as "young man" but I would be happy with any interpretation of gender/species/robotitude/etc.) Do they have a history there? Have they heard stories about it? Maybe they're about to help bring the contraption back to its former glory, or oversee its destruction? (If you like writing crossovers, it reminds me strongly of the Myst games.)
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andrewducker: (Evil Pizza)

It's also how local council elections work in Scotland - and why we have almost no councils without a wide range of parties represented.
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I wrote briefly about Alpha House when the pilot premiered on Amazon. It is a political comedy written by Garry Trudeau of Doonesbury and Tanner '88 fame, starring John Goodman as a Republican Senator who shares a house in Washington with three other senators, because they are single or because their wives are back home in their home states.

All four Senators are played by gifted comic actors, but John Goodman's performance as Senator Gil John Biggs is seriously on another level. He is corrupt in shallow, benign ways: He is a creature of vast appetites who appreciates small comforts, who gets cheap thrills from being allowed to pretend to pilot military planes because of his status. His corruption is something he is unapologetically plainspoken about: "I am a perks person," he says, even to reporters. And yet he is also a diligent public servant with real if cynical principles, who finds inspiration for fighting a political challenger by talking to the tea party-affiliated idiots in his home town and realizing that his form of mealy-mouthed, middle of the road, half-assed Republicanism is a vital bulwark. It is one of the more clever parodies of The Candidate I've ever seen- and an energetic Goodman plays the transformation with foul-mouthed beatific charm. [As a moderate Republican, in a weird way Senator Biggs is my President Bartlet]

The thing that has been delightful about the show has been that what seemed like throwaway jokes keep getting stronger the more legs they are given. At first I was dismayed by the jokes suggesting that Senator Louis Laffer was a hypocritical closeted homosexual, but as we've seen more of Louis, met his wife and his daughter and seen the funny and dysfunctional ways they work as a family, seen how religion functions in his life, seen how he has pieced together a life full of meaning... the moments where Louis hides in a locked room and dons a Vegas showgirl's headdress seem less at his expense. That is his triumph, his reward for standing up to the asshole casino owners whose campaign donations had given them undue power over his political life: He gets to express his queerness, which is as much an essential facet of who he is as his Mormonism.

And Senator Robert Bettencourt's fight over ethical violations at first seemed destined to end in disaster, his quip "I couldn't have been given a mohair suit, I'm allergic to mohair," seemingly intended to poke simple fun at his inability to grasp the real locus of the accusations against him. Until the accusations come to a head when he self-induces an allergic reaction to prove that he wasn't lying, and he emerges triumphant on a ridiculous technicality that somehow helps us cross the idea of ethical violations over from the fantasy of TV land into the real world. [One of the things that has always boggled me about the bigger corruption scandals is the specificity of the luxury goods involved. What the hell was Dennis Koslowski doing with all the weird things bought with stolen money? This mohair suit gag developed the question perfectly: Of course Robert is beholden to special interests, but he would NEVER accept mohair.]

Meanwhile, the least interesting of the Senators is Mark Consuelos's Senator Andy Guzman, an assimilated Latino who tries to play off of his minority status while having virtually no sense of minority identity... and of course, as the least substantial and interesting character, he emerges as the most Presidential among them with a successful Rebuttal to the State of the Union. (Having been repeatedly exhorted not to pull a Jindal)

Season 2 is being released this weekend on Amazon Prime. I am really looking forward to it.
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I actually don't remember how long it's been since the last time I had dairy products. As a long-established dairy-defier, I frequently give advice to people who are reducing or eliminating dairy, and I figure it makes sense to have that info all in one place.

Allergen note
Almost all of my preferred creamy/buttery dairy substitutes are nut-based. I've done my best to make non-nut suggestions for those with nut allergies, but I'm not really an expert on that front.

Equipment note
If you're going to go fully dairy-free, I highly recommend investing in two kitchen tools: a high-speed blender and a food processor. Mine are made by Vitamix and Cuisinart respectively, and I don't know what I'd do without them. These tools will let you easily make dairy substitutes that are tastier and usually cheaper than the storebought ones. A less essential but still useful third tool is an ice cream maker, which will let you experiment with sorbets and non-dairy ice creams.

Shopping note
When buying packaged prepared foods, look for the word "parve" or "pareve" under a kosher symbol. Keeping kosher requires separating milk from meat; "parve" means that something contains neither milk nor meat and can therefore be eaten with either. This will save you a lot of time checking ingredient labels for sneaky things like whey in sandwich bread, casein in shredded fake cheese, etc. Note that parve things may still contain eggs, honey, and other non-vegan ingredients.

Essential reading
The Non-Dairy Evolution Cookbook has amazing legume-based recipes for butter, cheese, whipped cream, and other dairy substitutes. Throughout this piece, I'll be referring to NDEC recipes. I've read and used a lot of non-dairy cookbooks, and NDEC is by far the best.

Now, on to the substitutions!

Milk (for drinking, cereal, smoothies, etc.)
This is totally a matter of taste. Try a bunch of different store-bought milks and see what you like. I prefer almond milk for cereal and soy or hazelnut milk for drinking. Hazelnut milk can be used to make amazing Nutella-like hot chocolate! You can also make your own nut milks in a high-speed blender. I use the NDEC recipe for almond milk, which is just almond meal (aka almond flour) and water, and it's intensely almondy and delicious. Coconut milk (the sort intended for drinking, not the sort that comes in a can) is the best non-nut non-soy option, in my opinion, but some people prefer rice milk. I do like making my own horchata, and should really try it again now that I have a Vitamix.

Proportions for almond milk: 3.75 c water to 1 packed cup almond meal/flour or 5 oz. blanched almonds

Proportions for almond cream: 4.5 c water to 1 POUND (one full bag) almond meal or blanched almonds

Butter (spread)
Earth Balance is the standout spreadable butter substitute. There are many varieties, including soy-free. NDEC has a butter recipe but I haven't tried it yet.

Butter (baking)
Melted butter can be replaced 1:1 with canola oil or melted REFINED coconut oil. (Unrefined coconut oil tastes like coconut. Refined tastes like nothing.) For butter sticks, try Earth Balance sticks, but be warned that they are pre-salted; if you use them, you'll probably want to reduce or omit any salt you usually put in your recipes. Fleischmann's unsalted margarine, which is kosher parve, is reportedly very good for baking, but I'm allergic to another ingredient in it so I can't personally vouch for it.

NDEC has an excellent almond cream recipe that substitutes well for heavy cream, including whipping up into schlag. Coconut cream—the thick stuff at the top of a can of coconut milk, not to be confused with pre-sweetened cream of coconut for cocktails—can also be put in coffee or whipped. There does exist canned non-dairy whipped cream, but it's quite hard to find outside of hippie specialty groceries.

Sour cream and buttermilk
The easy way for making ingredients to use in recipes: add 1 Tbsp cider vinegar per cup of cream to make sour cream; add 1 tsp cider vinegar per cup of milk and let stand 5 minutes to make buttermilk. NDEC also has recipes for sour cream and buttermilk that stand well on their own.

Cream cheese
I never liked it, so I couldn't tell you which substitute is best, but NDEC has a recipe and there are a few packaged vegan cream cheese varieties available.

There are many, many soy and coconut yogurts out there. WholeSoy unflavored unsweetened yogurt is the best for cooking, and can be used as a starter if you want to make your own yogurt. I've never been a fan of eating yogurt qua yogurt, but I expect brands etc. are mostly a matter of taste anyway, so try some and see what you like.

Cashew ricotta was one of the first substitute dairy products I ever made, and it was life-changing. Soak raw, unsalted cashews for four hours, pour out the water, put the cashews in your food processor, and drizzle in fresh cold water as you process them until the texture becomes creamy and ricotta-like. Add salt to taste. When I use it for lasagna, I process in fresh basil and nutmeg.

Regal Vegan makes a basil cashew ricotta called Basilicotta that's out of this world. Unfortunately, it goes off very quickly. If you buy it, make sure there's still plenty of time before the expiration date, and use it up as soon as you can.

NDEC has superb recipes for a wide variety of cheeses: some for slicing, some for shredding, some for eating by the fistful. I made NDEC's mozzarella with homemade almond milk and it was incredible; the texture wasn't quite perfect, but it was splendid on pasta and pizza, and yes, it melts! It doesn't get gooey, but next time I might add a bit of xanthan gum to help with that. The cheese melts best in steamy/liquid environments, such as when stirred into a pasta sauce. Under direct heat, it will brown but hold its shape. To get an effect like near-liquid melted mozzarella on pizza or lasagna, I recommend shredding the cheese, melting it in the microwave, and pouring it onto the dish. Then bake until browned and bubbly.

Miyoko Schinner's Artisan Vegan Cheese isn't quite as good a cookbook as NDEC, but I do really like her gruyère recipe; it makes killer fondue and croque monsieur. Schinner's recipes frequently call for rejuvelac, which is made by soaking and fermenting grains. It's very easy to mess up rejuvelac and get a jar full of mold. My usual substitute for 1 cup of rejuvelac is 1 capsule (1/8 tsp.) of vegan probiotic powder in 1 cup filtered water. It's not quite as live-culture-y as rejuvelac but it works well enough.

Cheesemaking does take a bit of time and effort; if you're not up for that, try the many packaged shredded cheese substitutes. Lots of people like tapioca-based Daiya cheeses. My personal favorite packaged vegan mozzarella is Follow Your Heart (the shreds, not the block cheese). But homemade cheese is always the best.

As far as I can tell, there is no such thing as non-nut non-soy vegan cheese. If I were to try to make some, I'd probably make my own rice milk and then try it in a cheese recipe, but I don't know how well it would work without the soy/nut protein.

Frozen pizza
My preferred brands are Daiya and Amy's, not least because their pizzas are gluten-free. Udi's pizza crusts are also GF and DF.

Pre-sliced sandwich bread
Stroehmann Dutch Country whole wheat bread is my preferred brand, but any brand that's kosher parve will do.

Milk powder
If a recipe calls for both milk powder and water, replace the water with your preferred non-dairy milk. I haven't tried powdered non-dairy milk but apparently it exists.

Frozen desserts
I recommend exploring homemade sorbets and granitas before you try tackling homemade non-dairy ice cream. Williams-Sonoma has some good recipes. A Vitamix blender can also be used to turn frozen fruit into frozen desserts; there are instructions for this in the manual.

Once you're ready to make your own ice cream, check out the recipes in Mark Foy's Desserts of Vitality. Almost all of them call for lecithin, an emulsifier that's extremely useful for making smooth, creamy ice cream; you can get liquid or granulated lecithin (and many other useful ingredients, especially for cheesemaking) at Modernist Pantry. Those with soy allergies can look for sunflower lecithin.

For store-bought ice cream, Turtle Mountain brands—Soy Delicious, So Delicious, Purely Delicious, etc.—are consistently excellent. In my experience, all coconut-based vegan ice cream tastes basically like coconut, no matter what else it's supposed to taste like. As a rule I prefer nut-based ice creams over soy-based ice creams, but tastes vary a lot. Try things and see what you like.

What did I miss? Is anything unclear? Ask all the questions you like!
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We tried bolding things, but basically everything in this post is important. Please, please read it, even if you’re an old hat and you’re sure you have Yuletide sign-ups down pat.

Important Links and Deadlines

  • Sign-ups are open until Sunday 26 October 6pm UTC. (Remember this is not EST - check the links if you are not clear on what time it is for you! What time is that for me? And here is a countdown).

  • The link to sign up is here. If you have already signed up, you can use the same link to view and edit your details.

  • Here is the tag set of all fandoms and characters nominated for Yuletide.

  • swan_tower has put together a links round-up on the Yuletide member community. Check that out for other items of interest!


  • Some characters from the tag set are not appearing in the sign-up form’s autocomplete. Copying and pasting the tag from the tag set will work. Remember to check the tag set if you are considering offering Any or requesting 0 characters.

  • The Additional Tags field allows you to enter tags that are not fandoms. Do NOT do this. It won't do you any good, and just causes potential delays.

  • Occasionally signups or tags duplicate. We will delete any duplicate signups before matching starts.

A Note About “Any”

The rules around offering and requesting “any” characters can be confusing for new and experienced participants.

Asking for 0 characters in a fandom: If you leave the character field blank when requesting a fandom, the writer who matches with you may have offered any nominated character, and will expect to write a story about the characters they have offered. This means that it does not work to leave the character field blank and say, “I’d only like a story about the ladies,” or “I’d only like a story about the younger generation.” If your writer has offered the dudes or the older characters, you are setting up a situation in which you may both be unhappy! In this case, a requester would be better off selecting their favourite character(s) to match on, and then telling their writer in the optional details if there were other (nominated) characters that would make them equally happy.

You can ask for 0 characters and worldbuilding, but this is an Optional Detail (which is Optional) and you are not guaranteed to receive it.

Offering Any characters in a fandom: This means that you may be asked to write about any character, or combination of 2-4 characters, that have been nominated for the fandom you are offering. Check the tag set; the drop-down menu in the sign-up form may be incomplete or misleading.

Optional Details Character Reminder

Demanding, or implying that you'd only be happy with characters you did not request in optional details is not allowed. Consider how you would feel if you got an assignment that was for a character you have avoided offering. Remember that Yuletide is supposed to be fun for everyone involved.

Letters on AO3

Please do not post your letter as a work on AO3. This is against the archive rules and these are being removed by Abuse. You can put your letter in your profile there, if you want to.

Offers and the Sign-Up Summary

Here is the sign-up summary. This shows all the fandoms that have been requested, and the number of offers each has. Note that it does not include fandoms in a bucket offer.

Important: As sign-ups come to a close, please go to the sign-up summary and check the status of the fandoms you are offering. If none of the fandoms you are offering appears on the sign-up summary, that means no one has asked for them. That is a problem! We can run matching, and even find you a writer, if no one has offered the things you are requesting. But if you cannot write for anyone, we have to ask you to either add offers or remove your sign-up. This has to happen before assignments can be generated, and so it is especially important to consider if you are not going to be around at the end of sign-ups.
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For all you knitters out there...

Fabulous Hooker shirt/hoodie. It only gets made if they get 50 orders within the next 5 days. I've chatted with at least one friend who would really enjoy it, and I think maybe some of you would, too?

(Image description: Hoodie printed with the phrase "I am a fabulous hooker" with a picture of a knitting hook stuck through a ball of yarn.)
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