April 27th, 2015
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] gumbie_cat!
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Calla Lily
Calla Lily
Trader Joes • Beaverton, Oregon
Image processed using Lightroom 5.7

Not the weekend I had planned…

My original plan was use Saturday to 1) take some photos in Portland and 2) have lunch in Portland then 3) visit the Gathering of the Guilds at the Oregon Convention Center. Saturday plans got scrapped when I received an email message inviting Katie and me to a family gathering Saturday afternoon. My cousin from California and his wife and son were in town for a rare visit. We really enjoyed seeing everyone, but the event cut 1:00 pm through 5:30 pm out of my Saturday.

I had a backup plan to go to the Convention Center on Sunday, the last day of the Gathering of the Guilds, but Sunday morning I felt so far behind on my weekend schedule that I canceled the trip so that I could stay home and try and get caught up. I confess that all the Capture One Pro work took too much of my day on Sunday, so I failed to be good with my task list. The Capture One Pro work was good stuff, and I learned a lot, so I can’t say that the weekend was a failure. On the other hand, exploring new software is kind of a luxury, given my schedule and workload. I would have felt better if I had more answers regarding the application, but I hit too many dead ends that I’ll have to research. So I have another unfinished project on my hands.

I didn’t even get any photography done – just a few quick koinobori snapshots when I stopped at Uwajimaya last night… and a few quick flower shots when I stopped at Trader Joes this afternoon. I wanted to do some testing on the Micro-Nikkor 105mm lens, but I didn’t get that far today. More task slippage.

The good news (sorta), is that tomorrow is my Fourth Monday. It’s not often enough, but every fourth Monday I take a vacation day to recharge myself and to restore my sanity. So I have one buffer day to do more things. First thing Monday, though, the furnace repair people are coming to do annual maintenance on the furnace. Hopefully we can get that chore out of the way early in the day. Monday would have been a play day had I been in reasonable shape on my task list, but I guess my “playing” was doing Capture One Pro experimentation. Monday I need to get the household in better shape.
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Is new enough it still has that new bus smell!
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So Caliber's catalog has recently been added to Comixology which gives me a chance to read their Oz series (well part of it was published by Arrow, the part that gives it it's moniker 'Dark Oz')... This comic is infamous among Oz fans, so I decided to check it out and see just how dark, and depraved it is.

The first issue is 27 pages, and the second is 31, so I am coming in comfortably under the limit.

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Missing Tags: Creator: Bill Bryan, Creator: Stuart Kerr, Publisher: Caliber Comics
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We've all seen the devastating images out of Nepal after the Earthquake; here is The Guardian's latest article and here are some Charity!Navigator vetted charities on the ground.

Again I can't wrap my mind around the loss. But I can wrap my mind around the need to help, and to help induce it. Put up a few offers at [profile] fandomaid; this round is BUY NOW only, no auction:

1. Fanart Offer
5 icons OR 1 wallpaper

2. Fanfic Offer
Up to 5 Drabbles for MCU - Captain America, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and/or Agent Carter; The 100
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When last we left our unfortunate heroine, her home planet Caminus was being invaded by the combiner Menasor.

Well, the police can handle it, right? )

Writer: Mairghread Scott
Story by: Mairghread Scott & John Barber
Artist: Sarah Stone
Cover artist: Casey W. Coller
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My list of sponsored reviews that still need doing is rather short, so this would be a good time for people to start commissioning them.
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Koinobori at Uwajimaya
Koinobori at Uwajimaya
Beaverton, Oregon
Image processed using Capture One Pro 8.2

With the upgrade of Belldandy to Mac OS X 10.10.3 I now have the new Photos app installed. However, I haven’t used iPhoto for a long time; I think the last time I used it I was trying to have it manage images for my iPhone. But I’m haven’t been using iPhoto even for that. At this time I don’t have a reason to fire up the Photos application.

However, I’ve been reading online the complaints from the unhappy Aperture users. Photos is the replacement for iPhoto and Aperture, and it’s not a true Aperture replacement. Now that Aperture is at end of life, Aperture users are trying to figure out where to migrate their photo libraries. The leading candidate is Lightroom.

At one time I had both Aperture and Lightroom; I was an early adopter of each. And while I really wished I could stay with Aperture, which had superior library management, I could tell that the image processing capabilities were falling behind quickly. Apple could not update Aperture fast enough. I was pretty fed up with Apple’s poor handling of Raw files and lack of support for new cameras – and I figured Apple would never give Aperture the resources and attention it really needed, so I jumped permanently to Lightroom. And the decision was a good one. Years later, Aperture has hit end-of-life.

However, Lightroom is a bit scary because Adobe keeps trying to push everyone into the subscriber model for licensing. No one really knows what the Lightroom licensing situation is going to be in the next few years. While reading the Aperture-Lightroom-SomethingElse discussions in the forums, I saw that Capture One Pro 8 is highly regarded. After reading some reviews (Joseph Eckert)(Nikonians), I thought I’d give the application a try. There’s a 30-day free trial. Several people said that C1Pro does a much better job converting Nikon NEF (Raw) files. I was curious to see if that was true.

As I had read, the learning curve is rather steep. The Video Tutorials do help quite a bit. After stumbling around and making multiple attempts, I finally did get a test catalog built an populated with a selection of recent photos.

My second photo exercise was the Koinobori photo above, and it did demonstrate the power of the image editing functions. C1Pro does seem to do a great job converting Nikon NEF files, and it has some very powerful image manipulation tools. The HDR tool and the curves and levels tools were extremely useful for the difficult image I provided. C1Pro is able to extract a lot of the detail data buried within the D810 Raw file, as the D810 captures a very large dynamic range. I should note, though, that Lightroom also does a great job extracting info from the D810 files, so it’s not like there’s a huge difference. However, I could see why many photographers like C1Pro, as there is a certain richness of color that comes with the Raw conversion.

I like that there’s a keystone correction tool; I wish Lightroom had that. However, there are some things that I do in Lightroom that I couldn’t figure out how to do in C1Pro (compare with original image, view and jump to anyplace in the adjustments history). Google didn’t help much. I might play around some more next weekend, but I don’t know that the extra control C1P provides is worth the tradeoff of other navigation and history tools that I use. I can edit pretty well and pretty fast in Lightroom. I guess maybe right now I don’t have the time to learn a very different tool. I can see the potential in C1Pro. The question is, would I give up Lightroom for it? I don’t think so. Would I use it as a special tool for polishing my best photos? Maybe.

I’ve got 29 days to decide before the free trial expires.

Here is the original photo that I edited in both Lightroom 5.7 and Capture One Pro 8.2:

Koinobori: Original Image
Koinobori: Original Image
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History News Network, "12-8-11"
Newt Gingrich the Galactic Historian
by Ray Smock
The writer was Historian of the U. S. House of Representatives from 1983 to 1995. He was fired from that job as one of the first acts of Speaker Newt Gingrich when he took power. Speaker Gingrich hired his own historian, a fellow Georgian and member of his cadre who had served as a “down-link hostess” for Gingrich’s controversial telecourse “Renewing American Civilization.” Gingrich fired her during the first week she was on the job.

Trying to figure out Newt Gingrich has become a cottage industry now that he is running for president. He is a self-confessed revolutionary who wants to fundamentally change America. He is ambitious, power hungry, and ruthlessly focused. He is a natural for Washington, where such attributes are both feared and admired. How did Newt get this way? What makes him tick? Much has been written about him since he sprang into public consciousness in 1994 with his “Contract with America” that was instrumental in upsetting the Democratic Party’s 40-year control of the House of Representatives and eventually gained him the Speakership. But little has been written about his big vision as a transformational figure not only for the United States but for the whole planet.

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, Newt Gingrich is from the planet Trantor, a fictional world created by Isaac Asimov in his classic Foundation series about galactic empire. Newt’s master plan for America does not come from a Republican Party playbook. It comes from the science fiction that he read in high school. He is playing out, on a national and global scale, dreams he had as a teenager with his nose buried in pulp fiction.

click headline for story
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Behind the cut is speculation for Avengers: Age of Ultron based on one high-level spoiler (not super surprising, but not inevitable either) and general knowledge about announced upcoming movies.


spoilers )

Speculate all you like with me, but if you actually know, please stay out of comments. Thanks.
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from Language Log

Foundation and jihad

Did Osama bin Laden name Al Qaeda after Isaac Asimov's Foundation series?
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This has been a super-up-and-down weekend--a nice semi-mindless meme seems to be the ticket for distraction (w/o running the risk of AoU spoilage--I am almost totally off tumblr, and I probably will only be cautiously skimming lj/dw for the next bit, because boyhowdy did I get slammed here a couple of summers ago.)

My top ten on AO3...

10. in deep with you darlin' , MCU, Darcy/Clint (5873) === Again with the loving on the oddball pairings in the MCU, because this is still just a WiP that I swear I'm going to finish. Soon. Swear. (Part 3 is about to break 10K words and there might even be sexytimes before we're done.) (New in 2014)

9. The Physicist and the Assassin , MCU, Clint/Bruce (8219) === I have a sneaking fondness for Hulkeye, so this was fun to write. (New in 2013)

8. Takin' Care of Business , MI4: Ghost Protocol, gen with background Hunt/Brandt (8685) === More from the [livejournal.com profile] ghotocol_kink prompts. (#6 in 2013)

7. all kinds of guns, MCU, Darcy/Clint (10,771) === The first sequel to you need a rock not a rolling stone, where everybody finds out they can deal with the reality of Hawkeye being the regular guy that he is. (New in 2013)

6. Love and Other Mission Anomalies, MI4: Ghost Protocol, Hunt/Brandt (13,175) === There was this one page of prompts on [livejournal.com profile] ghotocol_kink that sent my brain into a crazy tailspin of writing; this was the longest fic that came out of it all. (#5 in 2013)

5. ask ourselves what road to take, MCU, Clint/Coulson (18,250) === Have I mentioned how much I love the Clint/Coulson mini-fandom? They read and kudo and comment and generally rally around stories, no matter that the pairing has less than a minute of a scene together. (New in 2014)

4. End-Around, H5-0, Steve/Danny (21,701) === Never underestimate the staying power of a slightly kinky PWP in a juggernaut pairing. (#3 in 2013)

3. Four Times Nobody Noticed It Was A Date, and One Time There Wasn't Any Doubt, H5-0, Steve/Danny (35,923) === Still the fastest I have ever started writing in a fandom (I think I started posting after the third episode.) I'm pretty excited that it still mostly holds up (and that people just now finding the show on Netflix are finding fic for it, too.) (#2 in 2013)

2. doesn't matter if I bleed, MCU, Clint/Coulson (38,835) === It was pretty much obligatory in the C/C fandom to write a post-Avengers fix-it fic. My brain certainly wasn't going to let go of the idea. (#3 in 2013)

1. you need a rock not a rolling stone, MCU, Darcy/Clint (46,774) === My pre-Avengers, let's-play-with-the-fun-fanon-pairing snarkfest of a romance novel. I remain gobsmacked (but utterly delighted) that so many people seem to love it as much as I do. (#1 in 2013)

Kudos are almost exactly the same--a little variation in rankings, but the same ten stories, which is the first year that's happened.
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Oh man! I can't believe I almost forgot about this. Image put out their solicits last week for their upcoming books in July. This was one jump out at me like a sorethumb.

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If you have PayPal, it's waiving its usual transaction fees for donations to a specific set of charities.

See also: 7 vetted charities doing relief work following the earthquake.
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When last we left Cybertron, the Aerialbots had somehow fused into a combiner, Superion, but were left comatose afterward. A bunch of Transformers left for Earth to retrieve the Enigma of Combination, an ancient artifact that allows Transformers to turn into actual functioning combiners. They got their hands on it, and Scoop secreted it to Starscream.

This can have no bad results )

Writer: John Barber
Story by: Mairghread Scott & John Barber
Artist: Livio Ramondelli
Cover artist: Casey W. Coller
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Just finished turning 7.5 lbs of onions into 4.5 cups of caramelized onions.
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My programming superpower strikes again.

The next thing I wanted to tackle is the creation of the map. Which is functionally related to your bog-standard vector drawing app: I will select an item in a tool palette, place it on the canvas, and then adjust various things in the background.

So my tool palette with a set of pre-defined buttons which I click is the first step, right?

Nothing easier than that, only...

... I'm trying to get things right. I have found exactly two examples of tool palettes (and lots of google results referring to Xcode, other Mac apps, palletised distribution (allegedly fast, aka 'swift'), and, on the first page of results for 'tool palette cocoa' chocolate-coloured eyeshadow.

The two examples both date back a long time. Apple's example was first written for Tiger (OSX 10.4 - I'm on 10.10) in 1998, and while it compiles (with plenty of warnings), it's based on seventeen-year old code. The other example, from Wikibooks, was first written in 2006, and modified as late as 2013.

I'm OK with Objective C sample code, up to a degree, but a lot of ObjectiveC code makes lavish use of just sticking nil into places for reasons such as 'I'll deal with this later' 'I can't be arsed right now' 'I'm throwing things together, and this variable is not applicable for this class' etc etc. Translating this to solid Swift code takes time and effort.

Both of them use very similar techniques; I don't think that's coincidence. One of the tools (NSMatrix) is... not deprecated yet, but on the way out; and I don't know whether the notification pattern is the right solution here; I'd love to see this discussed.

So I had a look around the AppStore, to see how other drawing apps handled tool palettes. And the answer is that *everybody* seems to cook up their own version; so not only are there no easily accessible tools for creating tool palettes, and no resources discussing them; nobody seems to know what to do and make it up as they go along.

(Sometimes, this leads to weird results. Sketch - £90 in the App store - lets you create bezier shapes but not edit them. What eternal hell is that?)

So, once more, a task that seemed fairly straightforward ('I'll just throw up a matrix of buttons and...') and it turns into a complete WTF. I mean, I thought that tool palettes are such a common interface tool, that *someone* must be talking about them, or integrating them in their app, or writing a tutorial explaining what's best practice. Nope, I'm completely on my own.

I *can* throw up a hack, and I *will* throw up a hack, because I have other problems that I want to solve, and for now, while I'm in the first draft of my app, 'will work' is good enough if necessary, but it leaves me feeling very abandoned - if Apple's NSMatrix class is on the way out (still supported, but unrecommended); should I design my own template?

Here is where I feel my inexperience in application design: I'm not sure I can see all of the architecture options; and while it's pretty obvious that some of the Objective C code would make bad Swift, I don't feel that I can necessarily replace it with good Swift patterns instead.

On the other hand, I've spent enough time on this already; at this point I need to just fudge it and move on.
April 26th, 2015
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Anime Art Books
Anime Art Books

As always, I’m a sucker for anime art books… and Kinokuniya was again having a 20% off everything sale for members. I stopped by and found two art books I wanted for my library… and I borrowed ahead, knowing that next month I’d be getting three paychecks instead of two. (That happens twice a year.)

The first book I found was the Gekkan Shōjo Nozaki-kun Dogakobo Official Animation Works book. As usual, Kinokuniya had the book tightly wrapped, so I couldn’t see inside, so the book was a bit of a gamble – particularly since I couldn’t find any information online. What the book does is document a few scenes from each episode, showing a sequence of Douga and the corresponding colored frames. It’s pretty cool, particularly if you’re a cel collector like me. (There weren’t any cels for this show, of course – but the drawing and coloring process is comparable.) Besides scenes, they also showed the douga and final results for eyecatch scenes and the OP and ED.

The second book is Kagami Yoshimizu Art Book: LUCKY STAR. This is a fabulous book! I have always enjoyed Yoshimizu’s color illustrations – and having so many of the Lucky Star covers and promos in one place is a smilemaker! I’m particularly happy with all the cosplay/parody illustrations, which are hilarious. Many rough sketches are also provided.

The only annoying thing was the price – Kinokuniya has a horrendous markup. The book is 2400¥, which CDJapan converts to $20.17. Kinokuniya’s price was $37.20. Dreadful. At least the 20% off sale brought the price to under $30. And I’ll eventually get a 5% rebate on that amount. That puts the price of the book in the neighborhood of the CDJapan price – when shipping is factored in. I’m still paying a little extra – but I’m helping keep the local store in business, and I don’t have to wait four weeks for the book to arrive here.


Earlier this month, the Comic Issues division of Pixelated Geek had a short video interview with Edmonson. Firefly is discussed, natch.

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Died on this day in 1395 aged 52 Catherine of Bohemia (my toy,wikipedia). Half sister of Anne, who married Richard II; Catherine married twice, but had no children.

Born on this day in 1575 to Grand Duke Francesco I de'Medici and Joanna of Austria, Marie de'Medici (my toy,wikipedia). Wife of Henry IV of France, mother of Henrietta who married Charles I. Regent for her young son Louis XII, she held on to power long after he was a legal adult, he eventually asserted his power and banished her from court. A great schemer.
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Last weekend there was no culinary activity apart from basic buttermilk rolls (half and half strong white and white spelt flour).

This Saturday's breakfast rolls: Tassajarra method, half and half strong white and einkorn flour, with dried cherries.

Today's lunch: red snappers, salt-baked with minced ginger and green coriander and lime slices, with Greek spinach rice, padron peppers stirfried, and baby aubergines halved, sauted in Sichuan chilli oil, then covered in foil and cooked over a very low gas.

This week's bread: a loaf of Khorasan (kamut) flour made up according to packet instructions, v nice.

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And really my only reaction is, where's the Oliver/Ray/Felicity porn? With Oliver giving, ahem, direction?
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Koharu is very confused.

A man in Japan recently decided to play a cruel prank on his Shiba Inu. He would swap out the box that she likes to sit in while riding in the car with a progressively smaller box each day to see if she would notice the difference.

She didn’t. Or else she was just playing along with her silly human.

The poor dog tried to cram herself into the space no matter how big it was, even when the box would fit only one paw.

She eventually got her usual box back.

Submitted by: (via The Daily What)

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A fascinating article on bringing back the mammoth, which is quite beautifully IAMC about what you get if you tinker around with the tiny amount of DNA that it's been possible to extract from mummified remains in the Siberian permafrost.

[S]cientists in George Church’s lab at Harvard University announced that they had created living elephant cells that contained a small component of synthesised mammoth DNA

Okay, the mammoth has been (mostly) genetically sequenced and its genome can be compared with the Asian elephant:

We can make a rough guess, based on what is known about when the two species diverged and how quickly mammalian genomes change over time, that there are some 70m genetic differences between mammoths and Asian elephants.
Too many for current technology to work with, so they're using 14 genes.
Let’s say we are able to harvest elephant egg cells (which we cannot and probably should not do) and somehow coax these egg cells to accept the genetic material from one of our edited cells. Let’s assume those cells begin to divide and grow into embryos. Let’s then assume that we can transfer those developing embryos into a surrogate elephant (which we cannot do and it seems unlikely will become feasible, given the reproductive biology of elephants).
Although we still have much to learn, the scientific evidence strongly hints that the prenatal environment is critical in determining both neonatal gene expression and behaviour and that some influences of the prenatal environment can be detected well into adulthood.
Who will rear the baby mammoth and where will rearing take place? It is most likely that the birth would take place in a captive breeding facility, which is not terrific news for the elephant mother as elephants do not tend to flourish in captive environments. She would then have to teach the baby mammoth how to go about its life – to find food and water, to join and navigate the social ladder, to find a partner and reproduce. She only knows how to be an elephant.
{W]e could not release just one mammoth into this habitat and expect it to thrive. Mammoths were probably highly social creatures, just as their elephant cousins are, and therefore their persistence in the wild would require complex social groups comprised of individuals of varying age, experience and status.

Plus, it is not as though elephants are not themselves endangered in the present.

However, the idea of mammoths and bringing them back seems to excite people well beyond the practicability and any potential utility. Is it a 'because it's [they were] there?' thing. Mammoths exercise a peculiar appeal to the human imagination.

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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] thaedeus
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Yesterday, I was driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, toward Marin County to the north of the Bay in the last light of dusk, and it struck me that I've come so far: sitting in my own beloved hybrid car, going from a mid-day barbecue with school friends in the Mission District of San Francisco to an evening house boat birthday of a professional pal in Sausalito before driving home to the beautiful home where I live in the East Bay. The sun is shining, as it's wont to be out here in the East Bay, and illuminating this sweet, quiet dining room.

This is not to say life is perfect. I still struggle with large-scale developments at my workplace that are not about me but affect me directly...up to and including my ability to stay in the United States. I still wish -- rather desperately too -- for more time with my closest friends, my sister. I still wish I were completely healthy; it's a constant bummer to structure every decision around my physical and mental limitations.

I also struggle with all the Facebook posts portraying others' lives as so much more beautiful and happy, but dude, don't we all. I'm totally part of the problem, not the solution on The Social Network, but I've vowed to post more here, where posts are a lot more honest, multi-faceted, and real -- real as in "meaningful," not necessarily as in "meatspace."

(Bonus Clarke/Lexa icon, because I tried to get one of my more more media-oriented queer Berkeley girls to watch The 100. Think I'll pitch the show to her again tonight; IT IS AFTER ALL ON TEH NETFLIX.)
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Possibly, after dancing and singing all day at NEFFA, it was not wisest to have then gone to a minirave where I totally blew out my voice belting Taylor Swift songs and ripped open my blisters dancing in the dark. Totally worth it though. Dunno how I'm going to get through circus school tonight, probably with lots and lots of ibuprofen.
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Rinko Yamato
Rinko Yamato
Ore Monogatari!! Episode 3

Here are my quick takes on the episodes I watched last week (presented in weekly broadcast order)…

Hibike! Euphonium Kitauji Kōkō Suisōgaku-bu e Yōkoso (a.k.a. Sound! Euphonium): Episode 3
Let’s see if they’ll finally separate the good musicians from the bad. The shirkers have been dragging things down. The first three episodes have all been setup, and hopefully the real story starts now.

Ore Monogatari!!: Episode 3
OK. I’d be perfectly fine if the series ended right here. Episode 3 was a wonderful conclusion to the arc – a sweet, romantic story. Makes me wary about the remaining episodes, because we can’t have romances without painful drama. But I’m all smiles right now.

Hōkago no Pleiades: Episode 3
There wasn’t much depth in this episode, but I don’t think there’s much in the expectations for what is apparently a simple and straightforward magical girl show. Might as well just shut down one’s brain and watch the girls do their thing.

Danna ga Nani o Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken 2 (I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying 2): Episode 4
Undo! No, Hajime, you can’t undo that! A pretty funny episode. (This episode, 11.5, took place between last season’s episodes 11 and 12.)

Punchline: Episode 3
OK. I think they’ve got me reeled in. I’m onboard for this ride. An idol magical girl, an android, a NEET and her bear cub, a porno-loving cat, a failed spiritualist, and a ghost… plus a host of other characters. Finally it is starting to come together. I think.

Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darō ka? (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?): Episode 4
There’s a lot to dislike in the new character, Liliruca… and much to like about Ryū. Meanwhile, Eina was just complicating things. This was only an OK episode.

Re-Kan!: Episode 4
Obligatory beach episode… not particularly interesting nor funny… but not annoying, either. Then the backstory on Esumi was fun; it’s nice to get a spotlight on individual characters.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal: Episode 21
This is a bye week for Sailor Moon.

Gunslinger Stratos: Episode 4
The writing is not very good. I really am right on the edge of dropping this one… yet I can’t seem to take my eyes away. It’s like driving by the aftermath of a traffic accident. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this series to anyone, but I still have some curiosity going.

Plastic Memories: Episode 4
A pretty good episode; I’m hoping this is a two-parter with a happy ending to the arc. And it was nice to get a little more information about Michiru.

Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic: Episode 4
Still overloaded with fluff – but for some reason much better than last week’s episode. Or maybe I’m just in a better mood. Anyway… more amusing than annoying this time.

Grisaia no Rakuen (Le Eden de la Grisaia): Episode 2
Another outstanding episode. Yuuji’s arc continues – impressively. I’m so glad my anime week keeps ending on a high note. Bonus: The new OP for Rakuen finally was revealed.

JB and Asako
JB and Asako
Grisaia no Rakuen, Episode 2

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I’ve been sick as a dog for days and this post might not make sense because I’m still dehydrated and loopy.  If it makes you mad you should blame the bad chicken salad I ate.  I know I do.

The difference between men and women:

me: I feel almost human for the first time in 48 hours.

Victor:  Thank goodness.

Me:  And I literally lost two pounds...just by throwing up.

Victor: You sound unsettlingly excited about having had food poisoning.

me: Well, I think maybe that’s the difference between men and women.  Women are more optimistic.  About food poisoning.

Victor:  I think you have a problem.

me:  I did have a problem.  It was severe vomiting.  And it made me lose two pounds.  That’s optimism, Victor.

Victor:  That’s an eating disorder.

me:  It might be both.


And now, the weekly wrap-up of awesomeness:

madebyroundtablecompanies 2

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This morning as many other mornings. 4 or 5am. I am in so much pain I don't want to move. Then I'm in so much pain I have to move. (repeat several dozen times) Perhaps if I get my neck in just the right position. No maybe some other position. Maybe with the blanket between my ankles and lying on my side. Read a bit. Cat is meowing. Smear some voltaren on my neck and ankles. And wrists and fingers. And knees. Get up and use the bathroom and drink some water and have a plain tylenol. Attempt to placate cat. (Unsuccessful) Fall back asleep. Dream about pain and waking up and go through entire thrashing-around and trying to meditate cycle. Read on kindle, doze off, read, doze.

Wake up and fidget some more. Toe-wiggling and experimental ankle flexes. Feeling that I can't stand the pain in neck and shoulder. I get up and take half a tramadol and a skelaxin (for neck and left foot spasms) and have some decaf tea on the couch and read. Thinking back on times when i had trouble even holding a book. Will it be like that? Is this going to be a day in bed? Have I screwed myself up? Am I going to cry? Will zond7 be mad at me for fucking myself up? Will Moomin be disappointed and find me a very boring person? Why is my neck so stiff from the extremely gentle swimming around, or the plane? Is it part of ankylosing spondilitis? Did I get some sort of disease on vacation? Am I going to miss work? I finally fall asleep for real.

10am. Coffee. More of my book (Journalist and the Murderer, which is excellent.) Feeling cautiously human. I am up. Feel that I can't stand smell of the house. Wash dishes. Sit on couch & sort through unpacking bags. Deep breath! I should not have coffee, not good for me, but it is so nice.

Moomin tells me his opinion of the Three Musketeers (ridiculous thugs, why does everyone think it is so jolly that they go around killing people? everyone in book is an asshole. He keeps laughing in outrage. There is a graphic novel of the book where they don't sound like such jerks. Weird! I agree with him. We make fun of soldiers, chivalry, people with swords, and people who think it's a fun idea to burn down someone's inn just for kicks.)

Moomin has done the laundry. zond7 still asleep (evidence of him having his own late night insomnia is around). I am lying down to rest feeling sore all over but encouraged that I had enough energy to walk around the house and be productive.

Feeling mad urge to try to blog about our entire trip. Too many thoughts! It was all lovely!

But I steadily took painkillers to be able to be active, thus, my suffering now.

Stance has got to be: take the painkillers now, don't go off them, but don't be overactive, either. Activity like cooking or dishwashing or tidying or watering plants, sit on front and back porch, don't try to go out for several more days. Naps crucial.

Goals for this week: get through work days at least to 3pm, get to PT on Wednesday to swim, eat nicely but frugally (no take-out), keep house tidy, be well enough to go to the movies with the kids and zond7 next Saturday. Sub goal of taking very minimal drugs by end of week (ie half a tramadol zero, once, or twice a day).

Must remember to put cat-proofed water and plain tylenol and a tramadol by the bed tonight so I don't go through that horrible cycle of nightmare feeling pain.
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"It was the number one movie in all the territories in which it opened, representing 55 percent of the entire international market, exceeding the first installment in the series by 44 percent in today's exchange rate, according to Disney's calculations."

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Apparently it's that time again? To commit to posting some kind of content that is unique to DW, at least for the duration?

Have been thinking about this and what I might do, and it occurred to me that perhaps I could revive the idea of the now defunct (as far as I can tell) LJ community [livejournal.com profile] novelnovelbits:
Three consecutive sentences excerpted from a nonexistent novel, with its title.

I think I could manage to sustain that if not entirely daily, at least with some frequency over the period in question.

To aid in the endeavour, I am open to prompts as to genre, objects, themes, characters, etc etc, via the comments.

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OTWFannews banner depicting several blank trophies and medals, with the words It's Tough Being a Fan

Being in fandom can have its ups & downs, whether it’s bad tech, bad canon, or bad arguments: http://bit.ly/1z2BzXr



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