December 20th, 2014
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Assignments are due in 4 HOURS!

That is 18:00 UTC on December 20th (What time is that for me?)

Pinch hits assigned on or after the December 10th are due 18:00 UTC December 21. (That’s pinch hit numbers #86 to #174.)

Pinch hits #175 and onwards are due at 18:00 UTC December 22.

If you’re wondering where to post your fic, you can find the collection at this link.

More information about posting to Yuletide can also be found on LiveJournal or on Dreamwidth.

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...if you live in a cold climate and are stingy with your heating (as we have always been, first because we were heating with a wood furnace, and willingness to put up with lower interior temperatures directly correlates with unwillingness to move large heavy logs from woodpile to furnace several times a day for an entire winter; and second because when we finally got tired of heaving logs around we dropped back to the electric baseboard heat, which is like burning dollar bills to keep warm):

  • Footstools weren't just ornamental. They were to keep your feet off the cold floor, so that what warmth you could pull around yourself didn't leak out through the soles of your shoes.

  • Shawls and caps and fingerless gloves weren't just fashion statements. They kept the drafts off the back of your neck, and kept heat from leaking out through the palms of your hands and the top of your head.

  • Lapdogs weren't just frivolous pets. They were self-propelled organic personal space heaters for people who could afford the cost of feeding an otherwise unproductive household critter. (Cats and small terriers could also fulfill the "space heater" function, but escaped the "silly rich woman's toy" stigma by also catching household vermin.)

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Posted by Lisa Wade, PhD

2The History of Christmas

Christmas Across Cultures

The Economics of Christmas

Racializing Christmas

Christmas and Gender

Gift Guides and the Social Construction of Gender

Sexifiying Christmas

Christmas Marketing

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

(View original at

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Not to the degree I used to do when I had young children and their friends dropping in over the holiday break...but I still bake several kinds of cookies and always a Yule cake.

I hope all of you find some light, some love...and at least a decent bottle of beer or something equally intoxicating this season! Merry merry!! And onward to a Happier New Year!
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I'd love it if insurance companies had to make it clear how much of the money they took in as premiums was paid out again to policyholders.

Because I don't object to pooling risk, but I do object to large rake-offs.

(The Affordable Care Act said that health insurance companies have to spend 80% of their income on medical care. I don't want to go so far as to regulate it. But if you make it public then people can at least take it into account when making their decisions.)

Via discussion here.
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I stayed up a bit late Wednesday night because duty called. (Duty in the form of Yuletide. Love to Hippos.)

Thursday morning. )

The walk back was refreshing. I wore the Festive Hat, fully lit up. That always gets noticed. I put it away, though, as next was the Dreaded Team Meeting. I told Purple that depending on how it went, I might or might not spend some of the subsequent time sobbing under someone's desk with vodka.

The bad news from Wednesday was that my occasionally frustrating but always well-meaning grandmanager the Randomizer, who has been in and out of the hospital over the past year-ish, will be stepping down entirely, due to illness. Read more... ) So while I'm concerned for him on a personal level because he's ill and stepping down because of illness is never a happy thing, I have every confidence business-wise.

So I came out of the team meeting more hopeful than I had been going in, which was not the outcome I was expecting. No vodka-desking for me!

I had the package tracking notification that the latest package in Syne's BPAL decant circle had arrived, so I set off to the mail room with a small bag of the good candy. It is always recommended to bring bribes of an edible nature to the fine folks of shipping & receiving, because they crave that mineral appreciate it. It was at this point that I learned that the notification is slightly inaccurate for our setup, as the arrive notice is when it hits our post office, and then our team goes over there in the morning and picks up the mail, and it didn't hit the post office endpoint until noonish. So it would arrive Friday. I delivered the candy anyway, admired their bubble wrap snowman, and walked back.

Read more... )

Friday was another day. I woke up midway through my sleep cycle and discovered confirmation that the vendor was in the database. However, the mobile app didn't let me edit jack shit. I went back to sleep. When I woke up, I looked for a necklace, since the star necklace wasn't going to be a viable choice. The raven one looked good.

At work, the vendor was listed, so I spent a few minutes making sure the submission was set up and sent off for approval. Then I went to lunch, a few minutes after Purple's lunch call. Purple had not found time before work to get the tire seen to, but it's a very slow leak. No telling how long the nail has been in there.

I saw the table with Purple's usual crew. I saw the cluster of tables with a whole bunch of my team, including the rare sight of the Randomizer. I went with my team. Later, having finished my burrito and refilled my lemonade, I joined Purple's table. They understood.

I did a bit more candy-distribution. Having finished my bit of the terrifying procurement thing, I tracked down some software for Brutus Cochin (as that is a vaguely known thing and also vastly less expensive). The shipping & receiving guy came by with the mail cart, which included the latest decant circle. I had some more festive cheer for him. He hugged me.

Bash ensued. It took me longer to get there this time, and it was harder finding a table. I did score one, though! Purple joined me. "It's not like your hat is visible over the wall or anything," he teased. He claimed the sort-of-occupied-looking chair after I reassured him that the reason it looked sort of occupied was because I was scaring off chair-vultures. Radius and R joined us. R was late on account of a meeting, and then had to run off to wrap up before dashing off somewhere else. Radius had a bug to be stomped. Mr. Zune was off with family. lb was off with family. phone was home minding a sleeping possibly-teenager (we're a little uncertain as to the actual age of his kid). Later, Lennon Glasses Guy came by, and that was nice. Eventually we told tales of social engineering and various exploits and bugs we have known. Lennon Glasses Guy hadn't realized that I'd worked at the domain shop in the past, which was where two of my tales came from.

Midway through it all, I got an email that made me start swearing.

"Hi Azure, The user needs to be added to CC in order to make the ticket visible to them. Please refer the attached screenshot and confirm if we are good to close this ticket. Thanks, Helpdesk Guy."

Very fortunately, I am in a position where my input is respected as a bellwether of parts of my greater organization as regards this piece of fucking software. My response was brusque and to the point.

"Not acceptable. Tickets need to be visible to users not on the CC list."

Upon getting back to my desk, I added lb's Overlady, as she is the current torchbearer for our division's good fight. We've got her back, and the pitchforks. I feel like this one is important enough to hammer spikes in to any reasonably slowly moving surface and cling to them while yelling.

There has been a squeaking sound all up in our corner for days now. One of the facilities dudes has been investigating. Unfortunately his hearing doesn't go that high anymore. Most of my department can hear it. He located some vent louvers which were oscillating when they shouldn't ought to be, and a substantial leak from a pipe on the other end of the roof. The ventilation guys have been summoned.

Chatted with Rocky some. The time to be a dick about your nerf weaponry is not when you've just scratched someone's cornea. (This was a lead engineer in a place he used to work.) It was a rough work neighborhood. Rocky carried in a large nerf gun in a duffel bag, then introduced the engineer most likely to cause trouble to the business end of it...

Purple came by to head out. He chatted with Rocky and encouraged me to tell how Tay and I used to troll the roosters by crowing out of turn at them.

I'm not sure if Purple would describe himself as "a gamer", but via a link I sent him, he wandered into Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, and reported back that he was impressed and generally in agreement with a lot of things, even though not 100% in agreement (and 100% agreement is rare for him). Read more... )

Bash was dinner enough for Purple, so he generally declined the concept and headed home. I picked up some groceries.
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I am getting THREE Yuletide stories! This is wildly exciting, I am becoming incoherent.
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] hafren!

The movie starring Sarah Michelle Gellar has been shot in 2008 and is finally getting an US release.

The US trailer is really misleading. This trailer fits better.

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Looks like Virgin has finally upgraded our internet speed.

At the same time, one of the Powerline extenders I was using (to connect the study to the living room) was being intermittently dodgy. So I grabbed a new pair of AV500 (to replace the old AV200 ones), and did a before/after test with

With the AV200 ones I was getting around 50Mb/s. With the AV500 ones:

That'll do. For this week :->

(I really should plug a laptop directly into the router and see what speed _that_ gets. With our walls, and laptops that don't support 5GHz they max out around 32Mb/s over wireless.)
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I've been getting spam for the "Dr. Oz Belly Buster," which wouldn't sound good even if it were reliably attributed to someone trustworthy. But my fellow doctor* turns out to be less reliable than flipping a coin.

*I have a Doctor of Divinity degree that I purchased from the Universal Life Church for $25.

Thanx to Pandagon.
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Auxiliary cop who repeatedly blogged crude hate speech forced to resign.

Thanx to Making Light.
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By now, I have pretty much been sick (with various stuff) for three out of the last seven weeks. I also haven't really seen the sun since... Sometime in mid-November? I pretty much only left the house for working and out of these seven weeks even that wasn't the case for 9 days of sick leave. This is getting me down big time and while watching Netflix can be nice (currently binging "Call the Midwife" and "30 Rock") I am getting what in German we call Lagerkoller. Cabin fever.

Gah. I need to go for a walk later. First step : shower and get dressed.
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Code of conduct as a User Interface

Thanx to Geek Feminism.
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And I am coming for the ones who h u r t m e. 
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Do not forget, or ever reveal, the names you give yourself when you survive defeat. They are your trophies of existence, marks that you were not destroyed.

They are your talismans, marks in the cosmic fabric to prove You were once Here, and you Fell, and you yet Continue.

Keep them private and you grant yourself something that can never be taken away, broken, or used against you.
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Slightly NSFW

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I've been thinking that maybe all the current races are elves who've been cut off from the Fade to various extents and in different ways.
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Two 7pm shows in two days is NOT how I planned it, but it took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that adblock was preventing me from seeing this year's show information on the Pantomonium website, and by the time I requested tickets this was the only day I could get that we could all be certain to attend.

It's quite a hike to the Hudson Guild Theater from the train station, especially in the cold and the dark! But it's worth it, that show was just as fun this year as it was last year. Ana professed a too-cool-for-school attitude about the whole thing, but as soon as she thought we weren't looking she was literally staring at the stage in wide-eyed, open mouthed wonder, and quite eager to grab a seat closer to the stage after intermission. She managed to get a special trip backstage (how she contrived this, I do not know), cheered wildly when voluntold-Jenn went on stage, and she even eagerly reached forward to high five Cow's Front Half at the end. (Their funny two person animal is really two characters.)

Of course, once we left she proclaimed it was all "too babyish" and declined to take a picture with the cast, but she cannot fool us. I really wish she'd grow up already out of this stage, but I know it's really very common among adolescents and children in general, so I try to be patient.
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Overall the show ended really well, and if you gave up in books 1 or 2 it has gotten much better since then.

The main issue with this season is that it gave me what I wanted, eg one of the weirdly hot animated morally ambiguous badass butch brunette women is in her 30s instead of super young or super old...and she's basically Hitler. THANKS SHOW. THAT TOTALLY MAKES ME FEEL LESS WEIRD.
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Isn't to bound through the cat door but to check to see if I have unlatched it yet, which as it happened I had not.
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For the longest time, I'd always thought of Black Mask - especially the 2000s-era take on him - as Hush, but even worse. Hush might have been a huge Villain Sue with artificial competence and a wholly unoriginal composition, but at least he had the grace to leave the Bat-books (temporarily) as soon as Loeb was done with his debut story. Black Mask had all of the above (possible exacerbated by the fact that he was previously an unremarkable C-lister in Batman's rogues gallery) with the added caveat that editorial was in love with him for some reason, so we got him shoved down our throats as TEH MOST BADASS CRIMELORD EVAH for most of Gotham's mid-2000s status quo.

I'm not going to recap the disgusting mess that was "War Games" here - there are plenty of posts on this community devoted to covering that already - but suffice to say, BM got very little love from the female readership, and his fans in the male readership basically amounted to people impressed that he'd killed a Robin.

But then I sat down to Judd Winick's run on Batman, and realized that holy shit, apparently the newbie writer on the block agreed with me.

The life and times of Roman Sionis, behind the cut. )
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So I'm at my parents' house - I came up this morning for the annual day of baking. One of the duties involved in this for the last few years has been to help my gma make the homemade fudge. Last year it went pretty well. This year... not so much.

She left me largely on my own this year, and I thought I had it under control. But we made too many changes at once, I think. We started with doubling the recipe, which necessitated a different/larger pot, plus I'm cooking on my mother's stove which has these weird fancy burners and I can't adequately estimate how hot things get how quickly. The cascading chain of events went something like this:

- Trying to bring the initial mixture up to temperature (232 degrees - using a candy thermometer rather than gma's standard 'soft ball' method), I realized that it didn't smell quite right... at which point we realized that although it was nowhere near hot enough yet, the stuff on the bottom of the pan was burnt. Seriously burnt. My mom did some quick thinking and we transferred the mixture so at least the batch wasn't ruined. (Just then.) The bottom of the pan, though, had hardcore near-plastic candy-tar thoroughly caked in.

- We kept mixing it and eventually determined it was ready to pour onto the plates to cool & cut, and took the plates outside since there's no room in the fridge. I started the next batch (since we were planning three total batches). I was in the middle of mixing it when gma & mom went outside and determined that the first double-batch wasn't setting.

- We tried every trick we could think of/find on the internet to set what to do to, and resorted to trying to heat it up a second time. Gma had one pot going on one burner and I had the other on another, I had the thermometer in mine and she was checking with the soft ball method. She poured hers out on plates eventually, though we were getting burning again.

** By this time, we'd been at it for probably about 2 hours.**

- I got mine up to temperature and took it off the heat, took the pan and the thermometer to the sink to rinse off the thermometer and keep stirring. Rinsed the thermometer and noticed that there was... fudge inside the thermometer. Because it had broken. In the fudge. Which meant that there was GLASS IN THE FUDGE. (The mercury was fine, thank god.) And so we had to toss the whole pan.

- The double batch is slightly improved but still won't set. "It's taffy" my mom and gma keep saying.

I have never experienced so spectacular a failure. I just can't believe that it's like 6 pounds of messed up fudge. We were laughing and annoyed and upset all at once. Mom is going to try again tomorrow.
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We just finished watching the Korra finale, and Toby is texting back and forth with a friend of ours who watched it earlier and has been DYING to talk about it, apparently. XD for spoilers:

Xbeenfnzv SGJ!

Sent from my Apple ][+
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Sorry, it's a night for xkcd:

*falls down laughing*

I'll stop now.
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There is a big debate – following a edit war – on Wikipedia’s Korra page. A couple of editors are bound and determined that the Korra-Asami ending is not true, and are demanding a statement from the writing team as the only evidence they’ll accept – which isn’t even how Wikipedia works, but let’s put that aside.

I’ve been fighting this particular bit of queer erasure today, because we finally got one. And now we need to defend it.

They are leaning heavily at this point on “room for interpretation,” how the ending is “ambiguous” in their eyes. And to that, I wrote this response.

I want to talk about “room for interpretation” for a minute.

What’s that mean? “Room for interpretation” is usually invoked to imply that there are reasonable grounds for differing conclusions based on evidence. In fiction, one fandom example is the original Battlestar Galactica (1978). We don’t see Pegasus destroyed; we see Pegasus destroy two base stars successfully and go in for the kill on a third. Then we do not see Pegasus again. Given that we had not seen Pegasus before, and that Pegasus had escaped similar situations in the past, it does not seem unreasonable to assert that Pegasus might have survived the battle – limping away needing months of work before getting back underway, who knows? Pegasus was most likely destroyed saving Galactica and the fleet, but it’s not unreasonable to consider the alternative. That’s “room for interpretation.”

I want also to talk about “deniability.”

Deniability comes in to play when you’re forbidden to talk about or do a certain thing, but you do it anyway, with just enough obscurity to it that if observers really, really, really want to, they can deny you are doing what you’re actually doing. An example is in the film Spartacus, and the “oysters and clams” discussion, which was cut from video for many years because it wasn’t quite deniable enough for television censors. But that was the attempt; a discussion about gay sexuality that wasn’t about gay sexuality, but was about seafood. It was deniable that it was about sexuality, at least for initial release.

Now, how does this apply to the Korra finale?

Nickelodeon has a known policy against showing clearly GBLT relationships. This has been discussed extensively in regards to work such as Adventure Time, so I won’t go into it here; it suffices to know that this policy is in place. It has to do, we are told, with overseas markets – but they don’t make special cuts for places like North America and Japan, either, so we all get to fall under those rules.

This leaves creators who want to go in that direction with the reality that they must include at very least deniability. They cannot explicitly state the presence of GBLT relationships. They can only hint or imply, and the only question is how hard in that direction one can go.

In a context of women in relationships in particular, this can be difficult, due to the blinding phenomenon often referred to as “lesbian invisibility,” or the cultural assumption in the west that two women involved in a relationship can’t really be in a relationship until – and often not even after – it is stated explicitly. This causes many people to ignore vast swaths of contextual (and real-life, for that matter) evidence.

You can also see this phenominon in reactions online to this episode. Personally, I was surprised when I started seeing evidence of Korra and Asami building a relationship in Book 2, and told myself I was just overreading it – until it became pretty obvious in Book 3. Even then I was thinking that there was no way the show would be allowed to go there – until Book 4, when it became so strongly stated, given the limits of their allowed range.

And despite all that, a small but meaningful percentage of online reaction calls the Korra/Asami relationship ending “completely out of the blue” and “unexpected.” This is lesbian and bisexual invisibility syndrome at work.

But at the same time, this reaction also indicates how far the authors went in this episode; even those people most likely to ignore and/or downplay same-sex relationships between women as “just friends” are reacting to the finale. It is that conclusive in their eyes; they can’t ignore it – however much they might want to.

What does this have to do with “room for interpretation” vs. “deniability?”

I assert this to be supporting evidence that we are well past “room for interpretation” and into “deniability.” When people who routinely ignore implications of same-sex female relationships are confronted with evidence so strong that they’re reacting against it, “lesbian invisibility” has been shattered. Yes, deniability has been maintained, as we see in discussions above. If one insists, one can ignore enough parts of the source material to conclude it didn’t happen. This allows the show to be aired in places like Russia – “see, it’s legal, we didn’t say romance. We didn’t say elopement. We didn’t say girlfriends.”

But you’re certainly out of the “room for interpretation” field. It’s not ambiguous. It’s just deniable. Which we already know is a Nickelodeon requirement. And I think all of this must be considered in any reasonable discussion of the topic. Context matters, and this is our context, and to ignore it is to do a disservice to everyone.

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[personal profile] isis prompts: tell me about a favorite place you've visited on your travels, or a place you'd like to go to.

Ooh! I want to go to Skara Brae! It's a site on the Orkney Islands of Scotland that has a really surprisingly well-preserved Stone Age settlement. I mean, rooms, some little bits of furniture, hearths, drainage systems ...

I've always wanted to see Scotland. (Among other things, the only remotely interesting part of my ethnicity is the part that's from there.) In addition to Skara Brae, I'd also love to see Loch Ness.
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Doing okay here.

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Questions from

1.What is one of your diehard traditions for Christmas Eve?
My Christmas Eves have changed over the years. When I was young I spent them at home with my parents and we left milk and cookies out for my Dad (oops, I meant "Santa"). After he died, my mother and I baked cookies and exchanged gifts. Now I go for dinner and a gift swap at one of my cousins' houses.

2.How do you start your Christmas Day?
When I was young, I could ooh and aah over the presents under the tree, but my father believed that we should celebrate Jesus' birthday first. So I could empty out my stocking at breakfast, but the rest of the presents had to wait until we came back from morning Mass. Nowadays, I'll be staying at my cousin Steve's home, so I will have breakfast with the family and try not to feel like a total outsider.

3.Is there one gift in particular that you’d like to find under your tree?
A job offer. Or a pile of cash.

4.If you don’t celebrate Christmas, is there a holiday you do celebrate at this time?
Not applicable. (But I do respect other religious traditions.)

5.Do you have plans for New Year’s Eve yet?
Staying home with the boy toy. I don't like to be out on the road for New Year's Eve -- I once worked with a guy whose fiancee had been killed by a drunk driver on NYE in the mid-1970s.
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This is a crosspost from Chez Skud. You can comment here or there.

Remember when, back in the day, I used to post pics of my market haul? I was inspired by the excellent book Hungry Planet: What the World Eats which shows photographs of families from around the world with a week’s groceries.

Well, today I did what passes for a Christmas shop at my place, which is to say I went to the shops with the main intention of buying tasty things to see me through the next week or so, and without being too finicky about the budget. I wound up spending $93, which is about the national average for an adult’s food for the week, but way more than my usual (which is half that or less). That’s okay; I got lots of tasty stuff, plus I restocked a few pricier items that I’ve run out of lately.

groceries laid out on a table

The full haul: $93 worth.

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Firefly and Dollhouse star Mark Sheppard is raising money for DCES and Camp Conrad-Chinnock, a sleep away camp for diabetic kids.

Firefly and Dollhouse star Mark Sheppard is raising money for DCES and Camp Conrad-Chinnock, a sleep away camp for diabetic kids by selling an exclusive t-shirt, hoodie and sweatshirt. A great way to support a worthy cause.

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"Not quite half a millennium ago, Man began to break out of his original home, comprised of Europe, Asia, and Africa."
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My scarf got caught up in my zipper Thursday evening. Broke the zipper. Dammit. Thankfully, I am in China. Went to the ops office after school (called ahead to warn them), and Jane took me to the default tailor a couple blocks away. There, I handed over my coat, let Jane translate the urgency (I have only one coat). I'd say 'easy enough', but it was a long zipper and did require some detailed work to properly remove the old one and install a new one. The tailor seemed to think the price of 40rmb was high ("it's 40rmb. is that okay?"). That's less than seven bucks. To replace a long-ass zipper NOW. Nice work, too.

Plus I had part of my latest book depository order waiting for me at the office.

And there's only five days of school left. It's all testing now.

Yeah, working on xmas is going to suck, but I'll survive.

It snowed this week. No more snow forecast between now and Thursday, but what's on the ground isn't going to melt before then. So I should have a technically white Christmas.

I got my new phone a couple days ago. Hopefully I can keep this one longer than two months. *eye roll*

Knitting continues apace. Looking forward to getting back to spinning soon.

I have one trip to make during Winter Break. I have to go to Shenyang to get my passport renewed. Haven't made any arrangements yet. Figured I'd do that once school's done.

I didn't get my timesheet submitted on time last month. I only have to submit one if I have overtime, which I always do because of my Saturday students. So I still get paid regardless. I just didn't get last month's overtime. It will be on this month's paycheck. Along with this month's overtime (provided I get timesheet submitted on time, of course). So that will be *nice*. Just in time for increased food spending - I get two meals a day at school. Not in school, I have to buy more food.

Can I ramble more? Possibly.

I'm watching Forever. Anyone else? Last week's ep... totally saw that coming, but I still enjoyed the hell out of the ep. Don't know why. Not going to question it further. I enjoyed it *a lot* and I will leave it at that.

Elementary... I still don't like Kitty, but she's growing less annoying. Still want her gone.

Haven't watched the new season of Mentalist yet. Got it downloaded though.

Watched the premiere of the Librarians and enjoyed it. Not seen the next ep yet.

Way behind on Scorpion, How to Get Away With Murder.

What are you watching? Any recommendations?

December 19th, 2014
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Ugh, I don't mean not to have been writing here, but my brain keeps on either not coming up with anything to say, or else coming up with things which are long thinky essays that I would like to write but simply do not have the mental space for at this point in time. I will I am sure get to some of them eventually, but in the meantime, well.

I did have an experience regarding one of the usual dinners I make the other day, which caused me to remember that it's not a dinner I've seen many other households do, and so I thought I'd mention it.

For many years of living with Thrud, one of our default dinners was best describable as antipasto, and it's a really good dinner for a day one has been shopping. You get a loaf of bread, baguette or pain batarde or something of that sort, from the grocery store bakery department, and you get the best tomato you can possibly find in the store, organic if you can swing it; also fresh basil; also the kind of mozzarella that is high-quality enough to come in salt water, but not the ludicrously expensive kind. And you can get a jar of green olives, or of black olives, or of green olives stuffed with garlic, depending on what people like, and a jar of marinated artichokes, and maybe a jar of sun-dried tomato spread, or you can take these jars out of the fridge if you do this frequently enough to have them there. Then you wash the tomato and basil and put everything on plates with serving implements, and everyone takes what they like, in the combinations that they want it, and ninety-five percent of the work was in the shopping, and it is a delicious dinner, good enough for company and reasonably healthy. You can even make other people cut their own tomato and basil. This is of course also especially useful if you need to cause dinner for an unpredictable number of people two minutes after walking in the door, which is a thing that happens around Thrud.

So I was grocery shopping recently at the time of day where when you get home the last thing you want is to make dinner, you just want it to magically appear from the heavens, preferably within thirty seconds after you sit down, and consequently I was shopping for antipasto. But it is the dead of winter, and they did not have any fresh basil. Which is fair. All right, I thought, we just won't have fresh basil this time. Then they didn't have any reasonable mozzarella, i.e. anything other than shredded, which while all very well in its own way is not really mozzarella and does not work for this. And I despaired a little, because I did not want to think of another dinner on no notice at all standing in the grocery store.

Then it occurred to me that most major European cuisines have appetizer-y courses or light meals centered around bread, and there is no reason it has to be, specifically, antipasto. So I bought a jar of hearts of palm, and some of that Portuguese farmer's cheese that is exactly halfway between mozzarella and ricotta in taste and behavior, and some sliced linguica, and a hummus mixed with tapenade, and it was just as good. I could have gotten a jar of white asparagus, and a curdier farmer's cheese, and quince paste, in a vaguely Spanish direction; or a Brie and the fancy European butter and some bitter chocolate and some anchovy paste, in a French one; or even, I suppose, black bread and mustard and sauerkraut and some pickled mushrooms, if I'd been the only person in my house eating it, and called it vaguely German.

This may or may not mean that we have this dinner more often. But it is certainly a useful revelation given the vagaries of season and grocery store.
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I had a day booked off work today, during which I sorted all the remaining Christmas presents, ate steak frites, visited the Whipple, had coffee and cake, investigated laptops, and hosted another lovely Yuletide writing thing (at which I betaed a story and wrote two drabbles, one of them collaborative, and almost everyone finished their stories).

Actually yesterday was pretty nice too. One of my study co-ordinators gave me a Christmas present, I won some very pretty cake tins in the Christmas party raffle, and one of our receptionists picked me to ring for help when she was stuck in traffic (a double-edged sword but quite flattering).

Tomorrow promises cake decoration and a preformance of some Edgar Allen Poe stories, so will probably also be good.
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5775 4th night

Got it turned around.

While sitting around with nothing much else to do, I contemplated how much buildup each socket would get in this way, if not cleaned out till after the holiday.

X   X    

    X  XX

XXX X    







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