March 6th, 2015
Darren Wilson in the middle with his arms around Mary Ann Twitty, who was just fired for racism, corruption, and misconduct as Ferguson's Top Court Clerk
Darren Wilson in the middle with his arms around Mary Ann Twitty, who was just fired for racism, corruption, and misconduct as Ferguson's Top Court Clerk
In the scathing 105-page report on the Ferguson Police Department and municipal court system, hundreds of incidents of racism, corruption, cronyism, and discriminatory profiteering are detailed—with employees from the top to the bottom in Ferguson driving the system every day of the week. The report makes it clear that Ferguson's government wasn't made up of just a few bad apples, but that the entire system was completely infected. The primary symptom of that infection was the misery of black families in and around the city, frequently arrested without cause, confronted, harassed, and ticketed for "crimes" like jaywalking or simply sitting in their cars, forced to pay excessive fines or suffer jail time. Ferguson, with an almost exclusively white government but predominantly black population, looked and felt more like apartheid South Africa than modern-day America.

In the picture above, you are looking at former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, two months before he killed Mike Brown, with his hands around Mary Ann Twitty, the top court clerk in Ferguson, who was cited in the DOJ report over and over and over again for racism and corruption. She was the first person fired by Ferguson Mayor James Knowles. While she dismissed tickets and citations for white judges and friends, she pushed and pushed for every penny of every fine to be paid by African Americans every chance she got. She sent flagrantly racist emails openly to her colleagues as if they all must have shared her beliefs.

While it's great that Mary Ann Twitty has been fired, she was not the exception in Ferguson, but the rule. Below the fold are at least three more Ferguson executives who are cited in the DOJ report for racism and corruption, who still remain on the job to somehow clean up the mess.

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faeb384: Issue #1046: Convert BML files under htdocs/support
Converts support/faq.bml to Template Toolkit.
792194a: Issue #1277: add German-language headers to the reply-by-email cleaner
Recognize as end of message any line with <$LJ::BOGUS_EMAIL>.
cfc9cb9: Issue #964: previewing too many times causes comment to be posted outside of thread
Pass in the dtid in the comment preview, to keep the reply in thread.
c7134e6: Issue #1264: Move t/ to ext/local/etc
Separate out the database configuration for tests.
7ad1ef9: Issue #1113: make sure to show "1 comment" when we post inline from reading page to an entry which had 0 comments
Show the read comments link when going from 0 to 1 comments in QR.
2671f66: Issue #953: Label the navigation landmarks
Add labels when there are multiple navigation landmarks.


3f3885e: Issue #953: Label the navigation landmarks
Label the navigation landmarks in Tropo.
ae06249: Issue #1005: switch doctype to HTML5 instead of XHTML
Remove XHTML doctypes from journal layout headers, for HTML5 compatibility.
216b3a8: Issue #1068: Update to Foundation 5.4.7
Set a background color for the menu in mobile in Tropo Red.
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Posted by Mark Frauenfelder

My daughter has picked up one of my bad habits: collecting decks of playing cards, especially unusual ones. She's going to be delighted with this 2-pack of "sliced" cards ($8), which are half as wide as a regular poker deck. I'm excited to see how well they work with magic tricks.

Powell Library at UCLA
Powell Library at UCLA
Reporter Adam Nagourney published a story in today's New York Times about an incident of anti-Semitism on the UCLA campus:
It seemed like routine business for the student council at the University of California, Los Angeles: confirming the nomination of Rachel Beyda, a second-year economics major who wants to be a lawyer someday, to the council's Judicial Board.

Until it came time for questions.

"Given that you are a Jewish student and very active in the Jewish community," Fabienne Roth, a member of the Undergraduate Students Association Council, began, looking at Ms. Beyda at the other end of the room, "how do you see yourself being able to maintain an unbiased view?"

For the next 40 minutes, after Ms. Beyda was dispatched from the room, the council tangled in a debate about whether her faith and affiliation with Jewish organizations, including her sorority and Hillel, a popular student group, meant she would be biased in dealing with sensitive governance questions that come before the board, which is the campus equivalent of the Supreme Court.

Even though one of Beyda's inquisitors said he could "see that she's qualified for sure," he and the council rejected her application on a 4-4 vote. The board only reversed course after a faculty adviser, Debra Geller, admonished them.

The four students who interrogated Beyda—Sofia Moreno Haq, Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed, Manjot Singh, and Fabienne Roth—later released an apology, saying their "intentions" were "never to attack, insult or delegitimize the identity of an individual or people." Roth added, "I deeply regret how I phrased my questions to Rachel."

In both a memo from the university's chancellor, Gene Block, and a letter to the editor from the school's vice chancellor for student affairs, Janina Montero, UCLA's leadership did not describe Beyda's treatment as anti-Semitic. Block instead called the incident a "teaching moment."

Please head below the fold for more on this story.

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1*8cYw_ImuNWZ376JE-zCZpQ Over at Vantage, Manuel Plantin’s strange street photography of life reflected in puddles of water.

“I fully embrace Zappa’s definition of art — ‘making something out of nothing and then selling it,’” he says. “In my case turning depressing pavements into pictures evocative of the impressionist paintings [I’ve adored] since my childhood.”

"Finding the Up in Down"

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Hi all,

Day 3 fics went live earlier today. Treats will go live some time next morning (Israel-time). Author-reveals for all works will be done tomorrow, at approximately the same time that Days 1-3 works were released. Co-mod [personal profile] marina will probably do the author reveals. I probably won't be around for that, which is why I'm making this post now.

I've been a [community profile] purimgifts participant for a few years now, but this was my first year co-modding. [community profile] purimgifts is special and important to me, and I hope it's been good to you. We've had a lot of new participants this year; indeed, this was a record year, with 70 signed-up participants and over 220 works. The official summary post, with final numbers of works and fandoms, will got up tomorrow (you can still post treats!) but, well. I'm maybe being a little bit emotional right now, but it's been an exciting week.

It's the people who make a party, and y'all have been amazing. I'd like to send a special shoutout to the pinch hitters (names tomorrow!), who have been particularly amazing.

So that's it from me for this year, and I hope to see you at next year's Purimgifts!
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Posted by Alexandra Brodsky

Today, the AP published an article about proposed state legislation that would require colleges and universities to refer all gender-based violence reports to the police. Although the idea is intuitively appealing to some, survivors and advocates overwhelmingly oppose these bills, which have been introduced in states including Virginia and New Jersey.Critics point out that the criminal justice system fails to treat victims with respect and dignity and that many survivor don’t want to go through a lengthy trial or see their abuser in prison (which, it should be noted, only occurs in 2% of rape cases).

Consequently, if schools are required to pass along all reports to the cops, survivors may just report to no one at all, losing out on much-needed support services from their colleges. As a recent open letter from survivor advocacy organizations (including the one I co-direct, Know Your IX) noted, “Turning all gender-based violence victims’ reports into reports to law enforcement makes it more difficult for victims to access the many legal rights that Title IX, the Clery Act, and VAWA give them that do not exist under criminal laws.”

These aren’t new arguments: many have been writing for years about all the problems with these bills, which are often called “mandatory referral” or “mandatory reporting” laws. I’ve compiled a list of writings on the topic on this page — and if you have more, please link in the comments.

What’s frustrating is that, in the face of these critiques, state politicians continue to propose these laws in opposition to the very people the bills are supposedly meant to help: student survivors of campus gender-based violence. I’m heard from advocates across the country that their concerns have been ignored by lawmakers who then use the violence these students have faced as a justification for bad law. In this way, some well-meaning legislators mirror the gun lobby, which has been using survivors as props to justify bills requiring schools to allow students to carry guns on campus, all in the name of stopping rape — even though guns actually put victims, who loudly oppose the bills, at greater risk.

We can do better. If we want to end campus gender-based violence, lawmakers need to listen to survivors. To ignore these voices isn’t just disrespectful — it’s a recipe for bad policy.

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"We rational people who try to rely on justice and solving problems in a civilized way still like to daydream about taking a bat to the heads of the truly awful people out there. Fiction is a release to live vicariously through characters. To do the things we would never do. Plus, it’s just fun to watch stuff explode." - Eric Powell

"Because who wants to see another good looking superhero save the day again? I want a miserable SOB charging head first into an unwinnable fight, kicking and cursing as he goes. There is just so much more personality there." - Tim Wiesch

Read more... )
  • Today's comic by Mark Fiore is Greater Republica:
    Cartoon by Mark Fiore -- Greater Republica
  • What's coming up on Sunday Kos ...
    • Rubio-Lee tax plan means more debt and greater income inequality, by Jon Perr
    • Immigration reform—now it's personal, by Susan Grigsby
    • Will you see the world through my Black eyes for one day, by Egberto Willies
    • Step it up for gender equality! International Women's Day 2015, by Denise Oliver Velez
    • GOP presidential candidate Scott Walker is destroying Wisconsin to prove just how conservative he is, by Mark E Andersen
    • Be very afraid, by DarkSyde
    • If you think 'reverse racism' is worse than what blacks face, read the Ferguson report, by Ian Reifowitz
  • Ceres, in a close-up NASA photo, looks like the younger sister of the Moon:
    The space agency on Friday confirmed that the Dawn craft entered orbit around Ceres in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. [...]

    Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt, is the second and final stop for Dawn, which previously visited the asteroid Vesta.

  • Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani trying to repair relations with Pakistan to make peace with the Taliban:
    Peace in Afghanistan is inconceivable without help from Pakistan. Machinations by the Pakistani army’s spy agency in the 1990s helped bring the Taliban to power. The country’s military establishment still backs them and related groups, such as the Haqqani network, which have wreaked havoc in Afghanistan from their bases in Pakistan’s tribal areas. The Taliban’s senior leaders live unmolested in the Pakistani cities of Quetta, Peshawar and Karachi.

    Yet whereas his predecessor, Hamid Karzai, went out of his way to taunt Pakistan, not least by flaunting his friendship with India, Mr Ghani is staking his political career on finding ways to work with it.

  • These Daily Kos community posts were the most shared on Facebook March 5:
    KS SoS Kobach Takes to Airwaves with Racial Bombshell: Obama Will Stop Prosecuting African Americans, by tmservo433

    Bibi Speech Backfires - Sen. Menendez Withdraws Support for Iran Bill, by ericlewis0

    We Have To Stop Rogue Nations. Like Iran., by Paul Bibeau

  • Meet the "Monuments Men" risking their lives to Save Syria's ancient treasures from ISIL.
  • Unplanned pregnancies cost taxpayers $21 billion a year:
    Unintended pregnancies cost American taxpayers $21 billion each year, according to a new analysis released by the Guttmacher Institute. That averages out to a cost of about $366 per every woman of childbearing age in the U.S. Overall, more than half of U.S. pregnancies are unintended, and roughly 1-in-20 American women of reproductive age have an unplanned pregnancy each year.

    Nationally there were 1.5 million unplanned births in 2010. Public insurance programs like Medicaid paid for 68 percent of those births.

    Check out the map that accompanies the story.
  • Ohio man arrested after reporting to police that his wife stole his cocaine.
  • Infrastructure boom in threatens Earth's last wild places:
    We are living in the midst of what William Laurance calls “the most explosive era of infrastructure expansion in human history.” Humans are paving over the planet’s remaining wilderness faster than ever before, building cities, highways, bridges, dams, mines, and power plants at an unprecedented rate. By midcentury, there will be 60 percent more road, worldwide, than there was in 2010. [...]

    Those roads are cutting through many of our last pristine forests, paving over vital wetlands, and slashing through some of the most diverse wildlife sanctuaries left on earth. And where roads go, development follows—along with consumption, pollution, and deforestation.

  • Team Blackness discussed reminders of why the tea party isn't filled with black members. Radio host Andrea Shea King was so bothered about lawmakers who abstained from attending Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech to Congress she said black lawmakers should be "hanging by a noose." Also discussed was how Americans are turning away from organized religion, the Hillary Clinton email scandal, and why Fifty Shades of Grey cannot be used as a defense against rape charges.
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  • On today's Kagro in the Morning show, Greg Dworkin rounds up jobs news, the RNC ups the crazy for debates. BREAKING: Pres. Obama is black. The horrifying AR adoption story. GA finds a way to go even more gun crazy. The good stuff on the bad stuff from Ferguson.

Posted by Cory Doctorow

Vaprwear has a vaping chamber in the central pocket that feeds smoke out through the drawstring around the hood; they cost about $100 each, in a variety of styles. No word on washing instructions.

Posted by David Pescovitz


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of General Relativity, the journal Science created an excellent interactive comic explainer of "the theory that conquered the universe." General Relativity (Science)

Posted by Jason Weisberger

Core Tools CT104 Cable Luber

I always sort of assumed that cables just break. They do, but you can prolong their life with some lube.

I kept snapping clutch cables. A knowledgeable friend asked me what I was lubricating them with? When my reply was "Aw, come on! How do you lubricate a cable? It is in a nylon sheath!" He just sent me a photo of a cable luber. This simple device is cheap and ingenious.

Seal one end of the cable sheathing inside the rubber gasket of the luber. Insert a straw from a can of aerosol lube into a port on the device and pump away. Lubricant will spritz out of the lure, but if you have everything in place, it'll also shortly spray or leak out the far end of your cable.

You can do this on the bike with cables already in action, but remember to set some rags at each end to catch the "overspray." I felt a noticeable difference in how a new clutch cable slid through the sleuth after pumping a bunch of BelRay 6 in 1 into it.

I'm going to forgive myself for not knowing about lubricating cables. This will almost certainly increase their lifespan.

Core Tools CT104 Cable Luber

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Posted by Bill Barnes

This week's book recommendations from the creators of Unshelved and their friends. Learn who we are, how we pick books, and other books we've featured.

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Six-Gun Gorilla by Simon Spurrier, Jeff Stokely

BOOM! Studios, 2014. 9781608863907.

Link to this review by geneambuam tagged graphic novelscience fiction

Unshelved strip for 3/6/2015

Originally published in Six-Gun Gorilla #1 - #6.

Amazon | Powell's

The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zak by Brian Katcher

Katherine Tegen Books, 2015. 9780062272775.

Link to this review by flemtastic tagged coming of age

Zak is looking forward to WashingCon, a fantasy convention where he can revel in all of his nerdy pursuits at once. But he needs to take part in a Quiz Bowl competition the same day to earn extra credit for his English class or he won’t graduate. He is sullen and uninvolved until Ana, another quiz team member, catches his eye. Buttoned up and intensely focused, Ana is irritated by Zak and his casual attitude toward life and the future. But when Ana's little brother Clayton runs off to the convention that Zak has described to him, Ana and Zak ditch their chaperone to find Clayton. They must get back before Ana is busted by her overprotective parents and Zak fails his class.  Clayton isn't easy to catch, though, so Ana and Zak spend the evening chasing after him around the con where Zak is beloved and Ana gets a chance to see him in his milieu.

Why I picked it up: Brian Katcher wrote a fantastic, diamond-in-the-rough book that I just happened across called Playing with Matches. It’s about a girl covered with burn scars and the nerdy loner who learns to see beyond them. It was a magical book, so I have read everything Katcher has published since then.

Why I finished it: This book has a little bit of everything: romance, high school life and pressures, and farce. There are hilarious scenes, like when Zak says that he was inspired by the battle cry of a warleader taking part in mock combat, even though Zak barely speaks Orkish. There’s a wedding at the con where attendees are made to choose a side -- not bride or groom but Star Wars or Star Trek. Some guests are dressed as Ewoks and one woman is cosplaying Slave Leia. Ana and Zak begin to like each other, and it is a casual, organic development that had me cheering.

Readalikes: Julie Halpern's Into the Wild Nerd Yonder, another exuberant celebration of nerdom, which is about a girl recently defriended by more popular girls who chooses to hang with some nerdy boys. She discovers she really enjoys them because they’re authentic and friendly, even if it means pizza feasts, Dungeons and Dragons, and a loss of social status.

A Touch Of Stardust by Kate Alcott, read by Cassandra Campbell

Books on Tape, 2015. 9781101889442.

Narrator Cassandra Campbell takes us behind the scenes of her journey with A Touch Of Stardust, and explains how she brought Kate Alcott's delightful historical fiction novel (and LibraryReads pick) to life on audiobook. With its irresistible mix of behind the scenes drama and Hollywood romance, A Touch Of Stardust does not disappoint. And narrator Campbell reveals all—from how she prepared, to which movies she watched as research, and how she tackled the voices of Hollywood icons Clark Gable and Carole Lombard. So pop some popcorn, dim the lights, and keep reading...Hollywood, here we come! Click to read full interview and hear a clip.

Sponsored - Learn more about this book - How to sponsor Unshelved

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Eyes Wide Open by Paul Fleischman

Candlewick, 2014. 9780763671020.

Link to this review by craigseasholes tagged nonfictionscience

Fleischman connects the dots so that readers can understand and then investigate the facts behind the headlines of today’s environmental crisis. Text and images blend into a compelling, informal presentation that questions and observes, then invites reflection and points out opportunities for further investigation.

Why I picked it up: Before it was published, Paul Fleischman offered the book to a group of school librarians who in turn created an online community. Inspired by the chance to connect with others, I joined teacher-librarians around the world to discuss this book.

Why I finished it: It’s loaded with stories, examples, and images for students to follow into understanding both the science and politics behind the headlines. Fleischman encourages readers to ask questions like: Why don’t we get to see what’s behind hot dogs or cell phones? What's the impact of large scale meat production and processing? What is the environmental cost of cell phones, and where do they go when we discard them? Using end notes and citations, students can begin to understand the scale of a problem and begin to search for solutions. 

It's perfect for: Teachers looking for material on critical thinking skills around current events and environmental issues. (They may want a class set!) The four page “How to Weigh Information" section in the appendix is a great guide and encourages students to look for professional journals and established news sources, ”follow the money" on who is funding websites or publications, and to check for logical fallacies and emotional appeals.

Readalikes: Mark Kurlansky's World Without Fish is a graphic novel examination of the environmental degradation of seas and its impact on the fish we rely on for food. Like Fleischman, Kurlansky moves young readers to examine the politics, science, and economics that are driving many fish populations dangerously low. And both books seek to compel their readers to action. Let's hope they succeed.

Amazon | Powell's

I Don't Care If We Never Get Back: 30 Games in 30 Days on the Best Worst Baseball Road Trip Ever by Ben Blatt, Eric Brewster

Grove Press, 2014. 9780802122742.

Link to this review by emilyreads tagged nonfiction

Baseball fanatic and stats geek Ben Blatt devised an algorithm outlining the most efficient way to see games in all thirty major league stadiums in the shortest amount of time. Then he convinced his baseball-agnostic friend and fellow funny guy Eric Brewster to spend the month after college graduation on the most epic road trip ever. (Epic, that is, except for all the parts that sucked.)

Why I picked it up: I love baseball and have a soft spot for Harvard Lampoon guys, which both authors once were.

Why I finished it: A trip like this tends to start with great enthusiasm and then gradually devolve into bickering and boredom. Thankfully, the book does not suffer the same fate. Though the descriptions of individual games do get shorter and less distinct once they pass the twenty-game mark, the boys’ (mis)adventures with hard-nosed ticket scalpers, misread time zones, and useless foam fingers make the time fly. Plus I had to find out if Ben would ever get pulled over for going 105 in a 65 zone.

It's perfect for: My friend Jake, who’s a huge fan of the Crosby/Hope “road” movies. Despite the baseball hook, it’s the boys’ evolving relationship -- not the details of twenty-seven outs, thirty times -- that’s the real story here. 

Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton, read by Katharine McEwan

Listening Library, 2015. 9780804167604.

Seeking to satisfy teens’ hunger for the next great YA audio adventure? A shadowy world is revealed in, Seeker, a must-listen romantic fantasy. School Library Journal declares that for fans of Divergent and The Hunger Games, “Your next obsession has arrived.” Quin Kincaid has trained her entire life to be a Seeker, but after she takes her Oath, she discovers that the role of Seeker is not what she thought. BONUS: Listeners can seek out an exclusive free chapter of what USA Today calls “futuristic, modern-meets-ancient YA fantasy” when they download the new Volumes App from the iTunes store.

Sponsored - Learn more about this book - How to sponsor Unshelved

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Thank You, Octopus by Darren Farrell

Dial Books for Young Readers, 2014. 9780803734388.

Link to this review by dawnrutherford tagged picture book

Out in the harbor, on a little tugboat, a boy and an octopus play cards.  As night falls, Octopus helps the little boy get ready for bed. But Octopus is a terrible babysitter. Or maybe a very good babysitter who really likes to play alarming but harmless bedtime pranks, because what babysitter hasn't secretly wanted to paint children's teeth instead of brushing them?

Why I picked it up: My friend Brian, a children's librarian in Illinois, recommended it. And I really can't resist picture books that feature an octopus.

Why I finished it: Any book with an octopus in a union suit should be hilarious, and I laughed out loud over and over while reading it. Many of the gags seem like one time gotchas, but when I went back and re-examined the art closely I realized just how brilliantly this book's words and pictures played off each other. Being promised a nice warm bath only to find out it is made out of egg salad is one thing. But when you look closely at the reveal, it isn't just a picture of the terrible moment before the boy is submerged in a huge vat of gooey yellow muck, there are scattered eggshells and empty, giant mayonnaise jars that show Octopus spent a lot of time preparing. And in the corner of the page is the edge of a tuba, hinting at a joke two pages away.

Readalikes: This has great potential for a story time or read aloud call and response like Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems. Children will not only be reminded to express gratitude, but also to set good boundaries by saying "No, thank you!” with great vigor to things like being dried off by a tuba.

Amazon | Powell's

The Rise and Fall of the Gallivanters by M.J. Beaufrand

Amulet Books, 2015. 9781419714955.

Link to this review by darcy tagged coming of agehistorical fiction

In 1983, girls are mysteriously disappearing from Portland, Oregon, and Noah becomes obsessed with finding out where they've gone. He’s convinced that the brothers from a creepy German brewery have something to do with it. One night, he comes across a mysterious Bowie look-alike named Ziggy who reignites Noah's passion about getting his band back together. Unfortunately their ultimate gig will take place at the same creepy brewery.

Why I picked it up: I've taken many writing classes from M.J. at Bellevue College, and I've heard bits of this novel in many stages. I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy. 

Why I finished it: Sometimes I feel there are books written specifically for me, and this is one of them. It contains everything I enjoy in fiction: music, bands, great dialogue, alter egos, illness, and family tragedy. The portrayal of punk in the early 1980s got my attention, but I was hooked by the unraveling story of Noah's dad's suicide and the dark, shifting cloud that seems to come for the people Noah loves.

It's perfect for: My sister Gayle, who will especially enjoy the scenes in the record shop where Noah and his bandmates hang out. Its owner, the eccentric Jojo, will remind her of a certain record store owner back home in Spokane. She will also love the posters and T-shirts in the shop that reflect all of David Bowie's personas from Ziggy Stardust to the Thin White Duke.

An Ember In The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, read by Fiona Hardingham & Steve West

Listening Library, 2015. 9781101890776.

Fiona Hardingham & Steve West, the adored, Odyssey-Honor winning team of two (for their narration of The Scorpio Races) are reunited for Sabaa Tahir’s epic new fantasy, An Ember In The Ashes. This cinematic listen brilliantly brings to life a Rome-like world where an orphan fighting for her family and a soldier fighting for his freedom discover that together, their choices can change the future of an empire. Arriving in April, this audiobook will be burning up the hottest YA-listen lists. The Hollywood Reporter says it mixes “The Hunger Games with Game of Thrones…and adds a dash of Romeo and Juliet.”

Sponsored - Learn more about this book - How to sponsor Unshelved

Amazon | Powell's

Amazon | Powell's

Terra Formars Volume 1 by Yu Sasuga, Ken-ichi Tachibana, John Werry

Viz Signature, 2014. 9781421571546.

Terra Formars Volume 2 by Yu Sasuga, Ken-ichi Tachibana, John Werry

Viz Signature, 2014. 9781421571553.

Link to this review by geneambaum tagged graphic novelscience fiction

In Volume 1, an international crew of fifteen astronauts is about to land on Mars. Their mission: eradicate the cockroaches that have been terraforming the surface for 500 years. It’s the largest extermination in history. But on Mars they find that the cockroaches have evolved into tall, muscular humanoids. They are not only incredibly strong, they’re intent on wiping out the astronauts. Not to worry, though, the astronauts have had insect DNA embedded into their bodies, so they have the strength and abilities to fight back.

Volume 2 starts years later, as the final astronauts for the next mission are being selected. A young man who defeats a bear in a cage match, unarmed, is selected to undergo the risky insect DNA procedure, along with several other candidates. They set off for Mars to face what they know is a tough enemy. Unfortunately the cockroaches are even more prepared than they thought.

Publisher’s Rating: Rated M for Mature. There’s also a sticker on the front that says “Parental Advisory EXPLICIT CONTENT.”

Why I picked it up: Viz’s Mark de Vera told me how great this science fiction manga was years ago, before Viz started translating it into English.

Why I finished it: In the opening scene, an astronaut on the way to Mars is eating bondaegi, a snack I learned to like while living in Korea but which every other member of my family refuses to eat with me. Luckily I have friends with better taste than my wife and daughter. (In case you’re an amateur editor, my spelling is intentional -- I disagree with Wikipedia.)

In Volume 1, a reveal about the astronauts is handled expertly, over quite a bit of time, story-wise. (It’s spoiled by the cover if you’re paying close attention. I wasn’t.) As soon as that’s out of the way, the completely violent, gory, and entertaining fight commences.

Readalikes: The only manga I’ve ever read with this level of graphic violence is Gantz, in which people who have just died are forced to play a game and kill aliens with futuristic weapons. However this book lacks the explicit sexual content of Gantz, at least in these two volumes. With manga you never know what the next book will bring.

Amazon | Powell's

Just the Tips: a sexual guide from the creators of Image Comics’s Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction, Chip Zdarsky

Image Comics, 2014. 9781632151780.

Link to this review by geneambaum tagged horror

Editor’s note: If you’re at work, if someone can see over your shoulder, or if you’re easily embarrassed or scandalized by sexual humor, don’t click on any of the links in this review. In fact, if you’re the latter, just skip to the next review right now.

Short (mostly Tweetable) sex tips, passages of poorly written erotica, pick-up lines, illustrated hot sexual positions, “sexpert” Q&A, dirty talk, and reviews of adult films that may sound familiar (The Squirt Locker, All That Jizz). Includes many illustrations including “great peenies throughout history” (Lincoln’s Rail Splitter).

Why I picked it up: Sex Criminals is totally fun. But one of the things folks who read graphic novels instead of monthly comics miss out on are the letters pages. This book collects the madness of those pages, including excerpts of true tales from readers.

Why I finished it: This sex tip on the first page had me in tears. “When making love, whisper in her ear, ‘god is dead,’ to let her know that it’s OK to get real freaky.” Then I fell apart reading the poorly written “EROTICA to read to your illiterate lover” on the next page, about a woman named Janice who wants to have sex with a vampire (not a werewolf). Apparently the word “peener” makes me giggle helplessly.

But it’s not just a book that makes me laugh. Wally, who has much more highbrow tastes than I do, was in tears after I showed him the illustrated explanation of brimping, which, according to Fraction and Zdarsky, was brought to us by “the Creators of ‘Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific!’”

Readalikes: Superbad: The Drawings. A collection of the penis drawings shown at the end of the movie of the same name. I remember one of a penis with a Rambo-like red bandana, shooting a machine gun. And New York Dick, photographs of penises drawn on advertisements in the New York subway system. Zdarsky’s depictions of members in Just the Tips becomes the third volume in any YA collection serious enough to support the artistic pursuits of boys who find drawing what’s in their pants both fulfilling and hilarious.

Get In Trouble by Kelly Link, read by a Full Cast

Books on Tape, 2015. 9780553545470.

Author Kelly Link and a full cast of narrators let listeners take a truly imaginative journey with Get In Trouble. This eagerly awaited collection has finally arrived to great acclaim, is "bound to captivate a broad audience" (Booklist), and expands the boundaries of what short fiction can do. And with award-winning narrators behind the mic like Kirby Heyborne, Rebecca Lowman, Cassandra Campbell, and more, the only trouble you'll have with this title is keeping it on the shelf! Click here to see some of our staff's favorites from the collection.

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Wrapping with Fabric: Your Complete Guide to Furoshiki: The Japanese Art of Wrapping by Etsuko Yamada, Kanji Okamoto

Tuttle, 2014. 9784805313145.

Link to this review by sarahhunt tagged artnonfiction

Furoshiki is the art of wrapping gifts or items to carry using beautiful fabric squares, an old-fashioned art that fell out of favor with the rapid modernization of Japan after World War II. This book of techniques aims to bring it back for its beauty and practicality.

Why I picked it up: I had seen a couple of furoshiki wrapping techniques online and liked the idea of an almost infinitely customizable, reusable bag you could make with simple folds and knots.

Why I finished it: The straightforward instructions make everything look super easy, and the fabrics are gorgeous. One reviewer complained that the fabrics had to be of unusual rectangular sizes (they are based on the traditional widths of kimono fabric), but all of the patterns would work with a square.

It's perfect for: Charlotte, a gracious hostess and guest, who will love the pretty and elegant ways she can carry a bottle of wine (or even two) and a bouquet to a party. Even cans of beer can be transported with class!

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Posted by Bill Barnes

by Gene ( link to this post | email me | my twitter )

Unshelved Book Club

This week's Unshelved Book Club features books about an improbably romance at a fantasy convention, connecting the dots on today's environmental crises, an octopus who makes a terrible babysitter, an epic road trip to see thirty baseball games, a boy looking into the disappearance of girls in Portland, Oregon, astronauts sent to Mars to exterminate cockroaches, hilarious sex tips, and the Japanese art of wrapping things in fabric.

U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) arrives for a vote on whether to overturn a presidential veto of the Keystone XL pipeline, at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, March 4, 2015. The U.S. Senate failed on Wednesday to overturn Obama&#x27;s veto of legislation ap
Sen. Robert Menendez
From CNN:
The Justice Department is preparing to bring criminal corruption charges against New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez, alleging he used his Senate office to push the business interests of a Democratic donor and friend in exchange for gifts.

People briefed on the case say Attorney General Eric Holder has signed off on prosecutors' request to proceed with charges, CNN has learned exclusively. An announcement could come within weeks.

Menendez was the target of a faked prostitution scandal in 2013. These charges are not related to those claims, but to alleged attempts by Menendez to use his office to advocate for the interests of a prominent campaign donor.
A demonstrator in favor of the Affordable Care Act walks with a sign in front of the Supreme Court in Washington March 4, 2015. The U.S. Supreme Court will weigh a second major case, King v. Burwell, targeting President Barack Obama's healthcare law on We
In the King v. Burwell Obamacare challenge arguments heard Wednesday in the Supreme Court, there was a line of argument from conservative justices Samuel Alito and Antonin Scalia that took observers by surprise, and led to a moment of levity in the courtroom. Together, Alito and Scalia raised the possibility that the court could rule against the government, but mitigate any potential damage done to the millions of people immediately losing their subsidies by staying a decision until the end of the year, giving states enough time to set up exchanges or Congress enough time to legislate a fix.
JUSTICE ALITO: Would it not be possible if we were to adopt Petitioners' interpretation of the statute to stay the mandate until the end of this tax year as we have done in other cases where we have adopted an interpretation of the constitutional or a statute that would have very disruptive consequences. […]

JUSTICE SCALIA: What about ­­Congress? You really think Congress is just going to sit there while all of these disastrous consequences ensue. […]

GENERAL VERRILLI: Well, this Congress, Your Honor, I ­­ I ­­

GENERAL VERRILLI: You know, I mean, of course, theoretically ­ of course, theoretically they could.

JUSTICE SCALIA: I ­­ I don't care what Congress you're talking about. If the consequences are as disastrous as you say, so many million people without insurance and whatnot, yes, I think this Congress would act.

Consider that Alito's and Scalia's argument directed at just two people: John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy, who they must keep on their side to prevail in gutting this law that they hate. Here's a way for Roberts and Kennedy not to be the bad guys in taking away health insurance for millions. They would just be paving the way for the states and/or Congress to "fix" the problem, and if the states and Congress don't do that, hey, it's not SCOTUS's fault.

Whatever Scalia thinks about this Congress, getting agreement on any kind of healthcare plan out of Republicans is a pipe dream and has been for over four years, now. Likewise, the political will against the law in most Republican states is so strong, expecting them to step up to the plate and do the difficult and expansive work of setting up their own exchanges just isn't realistic.

It's possible, just possible, that Roberts and Kennedy aren't such ideologues that they don't recognize those realities. If they care. The danger is in their seeing this out Alito and Scalia are trying to give them and taking it, passing the blame buck on to others.

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Русский язык )

Wall o' confirming things I more or less knew whee.

I have gone through my nesting bookmarks and deleted the shit that's succumbed to bitrot. That is like the ONLY thing I've allowed myself to do today. Now I'm going to go try and channel some of the nesting into knitting, provided my hands don't decide wool is evil even with gobs of lotion applied. This winter cannot be over soon enough I swear.
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Excellent stop motion magic combined with domino skills by FlippyKat.

The Etch A Sketch scene used aprox 1,500 dominoes, and the second scene used aprox 5,500. Both scenes were built several times...some mistakes are quickly shown at the end of the video.

Posted by Kevin Kelly

Shanghai Blink. No words, no captions, no white space. Only an intense barrage of images from modern Shanghai, in endless variation.

There’s no romance of the old here; the old stuff is battered, worn and broken. These flashes form the matrix of one of the largest, fastest, more energetic places on the planet. This is what you would see if you opened your eyes at random in Shanghai and blinked. It captures this city and China better than any other photo book I know of.

See other visually stunning books at Wink.

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“Nice try, Lao Che!” - ✊

This, from @35_mm on Instagram, says it all after Harrison Ford's plane crash.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Han Solo. You'll be flying the Millennium Falcon again in no time.

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ysabetwordsmith: Two smiling women; Kelly is blonde and Dale is brunette (walking the beat)
This poem came out of the March 3, 2015 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from Anthony Barrette. It also fills the "huddle for warmth" square in my 1-3-15 card for the [community profile] trope_bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by [personal profile] janetmiles. It belongs to the series Walking the Beat.

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Posted by Mark Frauenfelder

Applebee's fajitas. Image: Applebee's.

Applebee's fajitas. Image: Applebee's.

Applebee's customer Hiram Jimenez was bowing his head to pray over his plate of fajitas when he heard "a loud sizzling noise, followed by 'a pop noise' and then felt a burning sensation in his left eye and on his face."

In his lawsuit, Jimenez claims that the popping grease burned his face neck and arms. He says the server neglected to inform him that the sizzling fajitas were hot.

A New Jersey trial judge dismissed the suit, finding Applebee's, a California-based chain with more than 1,900 restaurants, was not required to warn Jimenez "against a danger that is open and obvious."


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The Artiphon Instrument 1 can be played like a keyboard, drum, or stringed instrument. It was invented by Mike Butera, who has a doctorate in sound studies. The early bird Kickstarter price is $299.

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post-tags: instagram, crosspost #PAXEast x @flourbakeryandcafe: Meringue Jabba the Hutt guards my Boston cream pie latte.
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This poem came out of the March 3, 2015 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from Shirley Barrette and LJ user My_partner_doug. It has been sponsored by [personal profile] janetmiles.

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Posted by Mark Frauenfelder

LA Times: A Harvard Medical School study "found that 25 healthy men who got a dose of aerosolized oxytocin and then offered a man-sized serving of breakfast consumed fewer calories, decreased their fat intake, and showed improved measures of metabolic function such as insulin sensitivity."
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This poem came out of the March 3, 2015 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from Shirley Barrette. It has been sponsored by [personal profile] janetmiles.

"The Erasure of Unemployment"

The loss of a job is
also the loss of self --
tossed away, discarded,
abandoned on a shelf.

Nothing is left secure,
and nothing still feels safe --
not home or friends or food --
those losses have to chafe.

It is no small thing when
jobs define who we are --
losing one's the worst thing
that can happen, by far.

* * *


Unemployment shuts people out of society and ravages their sense of self-worth.  There are tips for maintaining self-esteem during unemployment.

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Now reading My Side, Ruth Gordon's second memoir. This one's more of an autobiography, starting with her first real job as an actress in a road company doing one night stands and travelling by train, trying to learn how to act. Marriage to a fellow actor who helped her, finally roles where she knew what she was doing and proved she could act. Lots of abortions, train rides, love affairs, funny stories, other actors. Loving this.
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Previously unread.

More a short story than anything else, but...

One skeptic journalist and his intrepid side-kick go to a channeler's show, where something unexpected happens. So, they start digging. And, well, it should be a quick-enough read. And probably worth reading, at that.
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Previously unread.

Fifth book in this series. Still an excellent read.
I should probably say more, but, you know, it's the end of the week and all.
You do, really, want to start at the beginning, because it makes it all wonderfuller. Not having read this one cold, I can't say if the "read cold" experience is good or bad, I suspect there are things you'd miss.
Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stand together before Boehner signed the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act on Capitol Hill in Washington July 11, 2014. &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;REUTERS/Joshua Roberts &nbsp; &nbsp;(UNITED ST
Sorry, Boehner. She's the only thing standing between you and a bucket of tar and feathers.
House Democrats saved House Speaker John Boehner—and the Republicans—from another disastrous government shutdown when they helped him pass the Homeland Security funding bill. Then they helped him save Amtrak. Now they're letting him know they'll help him keep his job.
Tea Party Republicans contemplating a bid to oust Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) shouldn't count on Democrats to help them unseat the Speaker.

And without their support, there is no chance to topple Boehner in this Congress.

It's not all out of the goodness of their hearts. It's out of a desire to actually save the institution.
"I'd probably vote for Boehner [because] who the hell is going to replace him? [Ted] Yoho?" Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) said Wednesday, referencing the Florida Tea Party Republican who's fought Boehner on a host of bipartisan compromise bills.

"In terms of the institution, I would rather have John Boehner as the Speaker than some of these characters who came here thinking that they're going to change the world," Pascrell added. […]

"I think it would pose a real existential dilemma for us," said Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.). "I mean, on the one hand, if you have a chance to take out a Republican Speaker, why wouldn't you do that? On the other hand, if the obvious alternative is a Tea Party Speaker, now you've got to worry not only about your own political situation but frankly about the institution.

"I think that would give very serious pause to the Democrats."

And if Boehner fights off an extremist coup with the help of Democrats, further embittering his crazy opposition, well, so much the better. The sooner the Republican party collapses around itself in civil war, the sooner it can rebuild as a serious governing party. If there's anyone serious left there to do so.

They’re coming.

Octopuses are climbing out of their cages, koalas are walking the streets like humans and now lions have learned to break into cars. Pretty soon they’ll be behind the wheel, and then it’s game over.

This video of a family in South Africa is freaking everyone out, and rightly so, as one of these giant cats casually walks over to them and figures out how to open the car door with its teeth.

This could just be revenge for all the delicious hipster children and bros who have ben taunting them in videos for our amusement.

A lion in San Diego also recently gave a speech to zoo-goers, which must have been a call for action to lions around the world.

This clip was filmed last year, but has gone vial this week with over 4 million views.

Cool? Yes. Terrifying? Yes.

Submitted by: (via Joshua Sutherland)

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Posted by Mark Frauenfelder

 Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

Sheriffs from Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas are suffering from a "crisis of conscience" because Colorado law forbids them from busting dope-smoking hippies.

They are suing Colorado to force the state to return to the good old days of an unregulated marijuana market and all the perks it offers law enforcement.

"The media has focused on the feel-good stories and they are ignoring what's happening on the ground out there," [said Sheriff Mark Overman of Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska.] "We think that what Colorado has done is illegal and it's unconstitutional. I believe that this case is going to have national ramifications, and if we win then we can reverse what is looking like a surrender to the pro-marijuana crowd."

Posted by Sesali B.

Refuge Restrooms, a developing app we clued you in on last year that links transgender, intersex, and gender non-conforming folks with safe places to use the restroom, has just become available for download!

Despite what some conservative groups and Republican politicians want you to believe – that transgender folks are criminal predators who see restrooms as an opportunity to sexually prey on people – we know that the reality is that restrooms are more likely to be a site of trauma and violence against this marginalized group. Restrooms are one of the structures of our society that support binary gender policing, thus creating a hostile environment for those who do not conform.

To create safer spaces, trans, intersex, and gender non-conforming organizers have demanded businesses, organizations, and schools offer non-binary restroom facilities. According to trans activist Drian Juarez – for whom bathrooms became very dangerous when cis women started “freaking out” about her presence there – gender-neutral bathrooms are “about safety and inclusion. It’s about creating a space that is safe to everyone.”

In response to these demands, some businesses and many college campuses across the country are embracing gender-neutral restrooms as an example of their commitment to inclusivity and safety. And while these are important steps in making sure that a safe space to take a leak is a human right that is realized for everyone, finding a safe restroom still isn’t easy.

Enter Teegan Widmer and her team at Refuge Restrooms. This interactive site catalogs restrooms that are considered safe to use for transgender and non-gender conforming folks.

As Jos reported when she first wrote about the app, Widmer started Refuge Restrooms to fill a gap. She explained:

When I was early in transition, I often found myself in a tight spot in terms of being able to use the restroom. During this time I largely relied on the Safe2Pee site (and the mobile application TranSquat). However, over the past year, I found that the Safe2Pee site had passed out of functionality. Since this was the primary and most comprehensive list of safe restrooms for trans people I was pretty devastated. It was incredibly useful. I saw a gap that needed to be filled. Safe2Pee allowed folks to scrape their old database export and I downloaded the CSV file and used that as the seed data for Refuge Restrooms.

That seed data has produced some invaluable fruit as Refuge Restrooms: the app took up where its predecessor site Safe2Pee left off, adding more entries and creating a database that can now be accessed via the iOS App Store and Google Play, in addition to online at

But the vision of Refuge Restrooms can’t be fully realized without your help. App users can and should contribute to the database by adding new entries and rating the safety of existing ones. And the project still needs your help financially as well: as Refuge wrote in a recent blog post, “no one is getting paid for working on this.” Visit Github to find out how to contribute and download the app for iPhone or Android to find safe restrooms or submit new ones for other users to access!




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