July 26th, 2016

Posted by Bruce Schneier

Here's the story of how it was done. First, a fake ad on torrent listings linked the site to a Latvian bank account, an e-mail address, and a Facebook page.

Using basic website-tracking services, Der-Yeghiayan was able to uncover (via a reverse DNS search) the hosts of seven apparent KAT website domains: kickasstorrents.com, kat.cr, kickass.to, kat.ph, kastatic.com, thekat.tv and kickass.cr. This dug up two Chicago IP addresses, which were used as KAT name servers for more than four years. Agents were then able to legally gain a copy of the server's access logs (explaining why it was federal authorities in Chicago that eventually charged Vaulin with his alleged crimes).

Using similar tools, Homeland Security investigators also performed something called a WHOIS lookup on a domain that redirected people to the main KAT site. A WHOIS search can provide the name, address, email and phone number of a website registrant. In the case of kickasstorrents.biz, that was Artem Vaulin from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Der-Yeghiayan was able to link the email address found in the WHOIS lookup to an Apple email address that Vaulin purportedly used to operate KAT. It's this Apple account that appears to tie all of pieces of Vaulin's alleged involvement together.

On July 31st 2015, records provided by Apple show that the me.com account was used to purchase something on iTunes. The logs show that the same IP address was used on the same day to access the KAT Facebook page. After KAT began accepting Bitcoin donations in 2012, $72,767 was moved into a Coinbase account in Vaulin's name. That Bitcoin wallet was registered with the same me.com email address.

Another article.

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posted by [personal profile] umadoshi at 08:00am on 2016-07-26
--I woke up before my alarm, in that awkward window of time when it's not really enough before the alarm for it to seem like a good idea to try going back to sleep, thus risking having the alarm go off during a dream or something.

--I really hope some (most) of why Jinksy is so subdued right now is all the heat and humidity, not just the sad betrayal of eardrops. Poor kittenbear. It's breaking our hearts.

--We have so much rain (well, "showers")/drizzle/humidity in the immediate forecast. Ugh. The humidity is what kills me.

--On the TV front, I still haven't decided what to do about watching the rest of Penny Dreadful. I also haven't finished Person of Interest (I'm still ~halfway through season 5), and [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose and I are only one ep. into this season of Killjoys...mainly because every time we have a chance to watch something together I want to watch The Americans. We're now one ep. into season 3. I'm not feeling fannish or wildly in love, but I love lots of things about it and am fascinated.

--I think this is what slipped my mind in my last non-linkspam post: [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose was going over some military/technobabble stuff in Arpeggio of Blue Steel with me, for a volume I have digital files for instead of a hard copy, and I was annoyed about all the flipping back and forth between files...and he said, "Well, you could get a dual-monitor setup." *blinks* I think this had come up on Twitter before (ages ago, when I was also working on a volume from a digital copy--possibly in talking to [dreamwidth.org profile] torachan?), and I use two monitors at Casual Job, and yet...somehow it hadn't really crossed my mind as something I could, practically speaking, do at home. But I probably can. We may look into it once the worst of the "EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING AT ONCE" part of August is over. (Which may mean "in September".)

--Now, of course, something else has slipped my mind. ^^; But it's time to get ready for work anyway. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Posted by Andy

news-smallWhile countries like China have a dubious reputation for online censorship, millions of Internet users are now reluctantly becoming accustomed to sites being blocked on copyright grounds.

The practice is present in scattered countries across Europe but is most prevalent in the UK where more than a thousand sites are now being rendered inaccessible by regular means.

Most of the complaints originate from traditional copyright holders such as movie, TV show and recording labels, but a new threat has just emerged in Russia for the very first time.

Launched in 1999, Gazeta.ru is one of Russia’s leading Internet news resources and the 68th most-visited site overall. The platform enjoys an impressive 11 million readers each month but like many others it claims to have a problem with people republishing its content without permission.

Back in March, Gazeta published an article about tourism in Azerbaijan. The piece was popular with Gazeta readers but other commercial outfits were also attracted to the content. One of them, Story-media.ru, later reproduced the Gazeta article in full, without obtaining permission from the copyright holder.

In the world of news this is hardly a rare event. Many outlets find their articles being reproduced elsewhere on the Internet without permission and within seconds of publication. However, Gazeta decided that enough was enough and decided to fight back.

Using the same copyright complaints system that has been used countless times by movie studios and record labels since its 2013 introduction, Gazeta filed a case at the Moscow City Court.

Categorizing the tourism article as a “literary work” (literary works were added to Russia’s anti-piracy law last May), Gazeta owner Rambler & Co demanded action against Story-media.ru for the unauthorized reproduction of its copyright work.

According to Vedomosti, lawyers for Rambler & Co argued that the company “consistently fights the illegal placement of [copyrighted] content” and since the operators of Story-media.ru hide their identities (WHOIS is anonymous), the site should be blocked.

The Moscow City Court found the argument persuasive and in response ordered Russian ISPs to immediately block Story-media.ru. The court order describes the injunction as “an interim measure” designed to protect the “intellectual rights to the literary work.”

While plenty of torrent, streaming and linking sites have been blocked under the same process, this is believed to be the first use of Russia’s anti-piracy law to block a news resource following a complaint from a publisher over a written article.

Gazeta has previously taken action against a site that published an infographic without permission, resulting in the block of media site go2life.net, Vedomosti reports.

Story-media.ru now needs to respond to the Gazeta complaint but it is unclear whether it will do so. The site is currently offline.

Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONYMOUS VPN services.

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Liv found a meme, it's been ages since I perpetrated this kind of meme...

meme )
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I'm on vacation! For two whole weeks! I hardly know what to do with myself. But here is a list of things that I would like to at least think about doing:

* sleep
* do some writing, or at least continue working in my writing journal
* spend time with friends
* phonebank for Hillary Clinton because when Michelle Obama says to get to work, I get to work
* take Kit to visit my mother and J's relatives
* maybe start a Patreon-based advice column for writers, if that seems like a thing anyone would be interested in
* read
* meditate
* sleep

Despite the prominence of sleep on this list, it is difficult to keep my sleep schedule intact when I'm not working. I mean, it's hard enough when I am working and even harder when I'm not. But I'm going to do my best. Yesterday I stayed up until 7:30 in the morning, which was a bit excessive, but I think I can drag myself back from that an hour or two at a time.

I wish the weather were at all conducive to going outside and walking around. I just renewed my membership at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens but I can't enjoy it in this oppressive heat, and today's storm was so fierce that even I didn't want to be out in it (though it was lovely to watch from indoors). Maybe next week it will be cool enough for me to take a couple of long walks.

Now that I have Zipcar membership again, it's very tempting to drive somewhere upstate or out on Long Island where there're lots of trees and it's cooler and the air has more oxygen. But if I do something like that I think I'll probably take the train; it's easier on my arms and more eco-friendly even if I do always rent a Prius. I just really like driving. And I'm much more comfortable with it now that I've done the drive back from Readercon. I drove out to New Jersey this past weekend to visit J's grandmother and it was amazingly easy. Anything less than six hours of evening/night driving with the baby in the back of the car feels like a piece of cake.
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- All illustrations from Blast Off, 1973, illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon, written by Linda C Cain and Susan Rosenbaum, which I haven't read but seems to be a children's book about an African American girl who wants to travel in space so much that she builds a spaceship of her own design out of junk. See brainpickings for more info.

2 more books and 3 more small images. )

106. Little Robot, by Ben Hatke, is a children's skiffy picture book about the love of a little Black girl for her robot and their successful rebellion against The System. It's so important to have girls and Black/Latina characters shown as enjoying engineering and, of course, panders to all my personal preferences too. The plot has several pleasing twists and turns and is well-paced throughout. It probably goes without saying that Ben Hatke's art is fabulous and adorable. I wish this had existed when I was a little tinkerer with a pin hammer of my very own! (5/5)

3 Blast Off illustrated by Leo Dillon and Diane Dillon, 1973

NOTE: Lowriders in Space, by Cathy Camper and Raul Gonzalez, being themed around a Latina-ish mechanic, is also an excellent choice for your diverse engineering and sfnal picture book needs. I previously reviewed Lowriders in Space here.

4 Blast Off illustrated by Leo Dillon and Diane Dillon, 1973

When I grow up I want to be an engineer, but why wait? )
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posted by [personal profile] oursin at 09:10am on 2016-07-26
Happy birthday, [personal profile] el_staplador and [personal profile] mrissa!
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1. Carla has been wanting to get a tent to try sleeping in the back yard when it's really hot and we got one and it arrived today and I set it up and she seems very happy with it! (That also means I get the bed to myself, which is nice!)

2. I finally got the house vacuumed today and it feels (and looks!) so much nicer. The noise of the vacuum bothers Carla and the cats, and holding the vacuum hose makes my hand/arm hurt (yay RSI), so we've been trying to get by with just sweeping, but it's really not the same.

3. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, which means I'm going in to work late, which means I get to sleep in a bit.

4. I've been having Triscuits and hummus a lot lately and it's so tasty. (And an easy meal for when it's hot and I don't feel like cooking.)

5. Look at this sweet Molly face!

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This poem is spillover from the July 5, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from LJ user Paantha. It also fills the "soul bonding/soulmates" square in my 1-4-16 card for the [community profile] trope_bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by Anthony & Shirley Barrette. It belongs to the Calliope thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

WARNING: This poem contains some intense topics. Highlight to read the warnings, some of which are spoilers. It includes a bond gone awry, relationship problems, boundary violations, severe communication trouble, domestic violence in its more controversial mutual mode, injuries significant enough to require a trip to the clinic, messy medical details, social disapproval from various angles, ignoring sound medical advice, grudging assistance, acute stress response, and other mayhem. If these are sensitive issues for you, please consider your tastes and headspace before reading onward.

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like.

Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves.

So... ummmm;

SDCC happened (That's sort of on topic, but what the hey)

News occurred

Politics.... took place

Kittens remain adorable
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The Stardew Valley Mac/Linux Beta is now available! I don't know if everyone is in Pokemon-land but if you haven't been able to play LET ME REC IT for you.

Steam beta pwd is MonoGame2016

Beta bug report page

dev tweet with instructions & responses. @concernedape is really good about responding to help requests in a timely manner, too

Planning on downloading the Linux beta myself later because then I don't have to keep booting onto my Windows partition.

I still need to make a Mods post but I expect those will also work slightly differently on Mac/Linux.

in case you are interested, games I am currently playing:

  • Stardew Valley

  • Ingress

  • Pokemon Go

  • Star Trek Timelines (on a trial download, still deciding what I think)

  • Animal Crossing New Leaf (though I am way behind but I time travel shamelessly so nbd)

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition (but I'm stalled because my hands do not always like PS4 controller)
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Brixx, which I have mentioned before in April and May, continues to be a favorite pizza place. The last time we were there, we tried the 4x4 meat pizza.  This time we got the Hawaiian, which was bumped up a notch by the addition of fresh cilantro; that makes a surprisingly large improvement in an already good concept.  :D  Worth noting, they now have more desserts besides the s'mores pizza, which is excellent hot but doesn't reheat at all well so is only good when you have enough people to eat it all at once.  The sundaes are terrific -- we got a chocolate one, with a very complex sauce.  

Also, they're very responsive to feedback.  They've added NA beers.  We discovered this when my partner Doug spotted the St. Paulie Girl's on the menu.  They were out.  And instead of being either completely out of NA beer or offering a crappy version like O'Doul's, they had a replacement: Kaliber, one of Doug's other favorites.  Turns out one of the staff has been working hard to build a really top-notch selection of craft beers, not only the alcoholic but also the NA ones.  Since they already have a perfect-10 craft root beer -- which is my go-to beverage there even though I rarely get anything but water at a restaurant -- I also pointed out that there are a few small brewers catering to NA celebratory beverages with fancy sodas or sparkling fruit juices.  It was nice to see people who aren't looking at restaurant work as just a job, but as a passion, presenting edible art and hanging out with people.

It's kind of like a little slice of Terramagne.  \o/
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After Trump's lineup of A-List speakers, how awesome would it be if the Dems could round out their speakers with Henry Winkler or Ron Howard?
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While it leaked online a few days ago the movie had a theatrical screening tonight and it becomes legally available for purchase tomorrow so I thought I'd make this thread.

Spoilers )
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Canadian-built 1916 Ford Model T Touring. Image Credit: Flickr/vinnyrvg

Life at Camp Borden
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Posted by govcampbell

Dunno if there's anyone still out there, but I'm looking for a Vorkogisan fic.

It's a fic about the birth of the Crown Prince. I remember some scenes from it, but not the title or the author. I remember there's a crowd outside the palace, that nearly goes into riot when they raise the Crown Prince's flag. And then Gregor goes out on the balcony to get the crowd to be quiet because the baby is sleeping, or something.

If anyone's around and can help, I'd appreciate it!
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"When I first began writing Green Arrow, I kept Oliver out of costume as often as I could in order to emphasize the man.

He is a 25-year-old man. He doesn't quite know who he is. He's troubled. He's not sure of himself romantically. He's not sure of himself heroically. I wanted, gradually, as he struggles over this last arc especially with his sense of self, this war arc with his sense of self. I wanted Green Arrow to slowly take over Oliver Queen. It isn't until Rebirth that he finally truly lives up to the title. To me, this is an incredibly exciting moment. One where the dam breaks.
" - Benjamin Percy

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Otto Schmidt

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Okay, the massive backlog of misc. linkspam has got to go. It really does. Apologies for the extremely minimal pretense of sorting this stuff; the social justice chunk (from a separate but also backlogged list) is up first to make it easy to skip over if you want to go sifting through the truly miscellaneous stuff in search of lighter fare.

first cut: social justice (20 links) )

second cut: science-related stuff (8 links) )

third cut: food-related stuff (9 links) )

fourth cut: everything else (50-odd links) )
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spoilers )
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Beauty and the –??
Part 25 of ??
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
word count (story only): 718

(Fish tomorrow,) Beast whispered. (Listen for bad sleep.)

(Tonight, look for nightmares?) Elspbeth confirmed. (I will.)

Beast rumbled at him, warm and low. Rolf brightened, his heels kicking once at the leg of the bench he sat on, but he remained completely silent, even as he cleared away their empty bowls a few minutes later.

Beast closed a hand slowly around his wrist, catching him before he could pour salt on the table to help scrub it. “I fish, you watch?” she offered.

Slowly, the boy nodded. “That's good.”

Rolf nodded, then resumed washing the table. She let him slip back upstairs as soon as he was done, leaving Beast sitting in the main room with only the crackle of the fire for company.
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Title: Dynamite
Music: Dynamite
Artist: Taio Cruz
Category: Overview
Fandom: Shaolin Girl (film)
Content warnings: a few flashes in the source
Characters: Sakurazawa Rin
Concept: 'I came to move, move, move' or local girl returns home to start a dojo, ends up playing lacrosse, and kicking butt.

Download info and streaming video.
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According to Deadline Lilli Birdsell will play Lucy, a beautiful woman with a haunting quality. She has a very violent streak in her inner self, because of things that have happened.

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Professor Farah Mendelsohn (the author) mentioned this paper in the Fans for Accessible Conventions FB group (she's a well known UK fan as well as being a disabled academic) and it should potentially interest a few people: UK PhD Accessibility, A Pilot Study I don't think there are any astounding revelations, but it does collect a bunch of stats in one place and confirm there are issues.

I've been shooting off my mouth to journalists again, and seem to be responsible for the title of :

Drop in Access to Work numbers shows DWP ‘is strangling the scheme’

TLDR: Disability employment figures supposedly rising, yet the number of disabled people accessing government support to work is actually down slightly - either employers are cherrypicking people with minor disabilities, or the scheme is increasingly difficult to access. (What makes this all utterly ridiculous, government was making £1.40 in tax revenue for every pound spent on AtW, so the Tories cut the scheme).

I won't link to anything as it's more a cumulative effect thing, but there seem to be quite a few people raising questions about how accessible Pokemon Go is. I'm not really a mobile game person, but I'm not remotely attracted by a game that requires you to walk around.

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July 25th, 2016
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The very liberal, very progressive, Bernie supporters are shouting down Elijah Cummings talking about sharecropper parents.

The commitment to the progressive agenda is palpable.
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5 Brilliant Scientific Accidents
(YouTube 4:46)
Published Mar 1, 2016

Finding success in science requires smarts, determination, and sometimes a bit of luck. NPR's Skunk Bear created the Golden Mole Award For Accidental Brilliance to celebrate that last part. Check out the top nominees' stories and see the winner announced.

location: Clark Park, under a tree
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Since August 1 is National Girlfriends Day I think we should all take some time out of our day to write/draw/otherwise produce some femslash.

Or at least, that's what I'm going to be doing.
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For [personal profile] tbutler.

Prompt: folk songs.

The Librarian and the Rider

High in the mountains, past the borders of fox and fae, lived a young man who tended his town's small library. He spent his days among all manner of books: books bound in dark leather and inscribed with eldritch runes, books inked upon fine silk and wound around rods of fossilized dragonbone or polished agate; books stitched together with the hair of discordant mermaids, books whose pages had once been trees bearing fruit-of-everlasting-youth. Amid the books, the man thought himself content. In the mornings he would wake to the fall of light among the books, and he spent his days bent over them, unwinding their secrets and making notes in journals of his own.

One day a woman rode out of the borders of fox and fae, and stopped in the town. The town saw few visitors, and its inhabitants opened their houses to her. She was taller than anyone in the town, this woman, and dark, with a sword peace-knotted upon her back. Truth be told, a few of the townsfolk were intimidated by her bearing, but she spoke politely enough, in the trade-tongue of the region, and her smile was kind.

The elders of the town held a feast for her the next evening. Several of the town's children told the man at the library about the feast, for their parents knew that he would otherwise have missed it. Although he was loath to leave his library, sometimes travelers brought books they were willing to sell or trade.

At the feast, the townsfolk brought forth platters heaped high with roast pheasant and bitter fiddleheads gathered from the woods, bowls of rice and barley, bowls of small wild strawberries, tea of citrons and tea of quinces. For her part, the woman exclaimed over their generosity, and returned it with her own. She told stories of lands where it rained only once a year, and the people who made mead from the honey of those short-lived flowers; of poet-priests who shut themselves up in high spires to chant their threnodies to the gods of storm and sea; of citadels whose banners were sewn with the jewel-eyes of spiders, so that their commandants might never be surprised by an invading army.

The young man sat some distance from the woman, but she might as well have been the only person in the hall. He did not hear the musicians playing zither and flute and drum, or the chatter of the people next to him. (They didn't take it amiss; they were used to him being absentminded.) A yearning woke in him that he had never before thought possible when he watched her.

Afterward the man went up to the woman and bowed before her. "I will not rest until you are mine," the man said. He had perhaps read a few too many grand romances, or transcripts of ballads.

"Then you are doomed to wander the earth's bones until the moon falls out of the sky," the woman said, "for I have no interest in romance--whether with man or woman or other."

"Nothing will soften your heart?" he asked.

"'Soften'?" she said in surprise. "I have my horse for a travel companion, and the sun and the stars to guide my path. I have all the friends I have made in every town and city I have stopped by. My heart is fine as it is."

There were a great many things the man could have said to that, many of them wrong. He could have left his library, sold all its treasures for a horse and supplies, and followed her anyway. He could have read a curse out of one of the books bound in dark leather so that her footsteps would be wracked with needles of ice and thorn until she relented. He could have gone away from her in silence, and jumped into a ravine, grieved that she would not yield to his love.

But he looked at her kind eyes, and perhaps a little of the wisdom of the best of the books lent itself to him then, for he did none of those things. "If that is the case," he said, "then will you accept one more friend instead?"

She smiled at him, and for all that the smile broke his heart, another, better part of him was strengthened. "Of course," she said. "There is no such thing as too many friends."
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As previously stated, I love Sarah Monette's posts on the Wimsey books—they're what got me to read these novels—but occasionally as a historian I have to shake my head in despair over English majors, and Murder Must Advertise is one of those times. Monette is very right to point out the elements of class conflict as symbolized by the lethal iron staircase and the ambiguous anarchy of the company cricket match, but there's a whole other level on which this novel is working: namely, a critique of capitalism.

Capitalism and the tarot )

And I haven't even gotten to the cricket match yet. It is, in other words, an entirely brilliant and deceptively straightforward book.
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My father should be home from hospital by now - when I texted my sister earlier she replied that she was just on the way to collect him.


In other news, Dept of Rus in Urbe, the other evening we spotted two urban foxes in the next street - and one of them was not perhaps a teeny fubsy baby foxcub, but presumably an adolescent vulpes vulpes. Awwwwww.

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Based on an audience poll (and including some backchannel votes) the themes have been chosen for late 2016.  Next up will be August 2: "Unexpected SCIENCE Ensues."
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Posted by thebloggess

This is not a real post.  It’s a tiny bit of advice for people like me who have anxiety and depression and sometimes get trapped in their own homes because their brains are being assholes and it’s too people-y outside. … Continue reading
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It's challenge time!

Comment with Just One Thing you've accomplished in the last 24 hours or so. It doesn't have to be a hard thing, or even a thing that you think is particularly awesome. Just a thing that you did.

Feel free to share more than one thing if you're feeling particularly accomplished!

Extra credit: find someone in the comments and give them props for what they achieved!

Nothing is too big, too small, too strange or too cryptic. And in case you'd rather do this in private, anonymous comments are screened. I will only unscreen if you ask me to.

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 I am trying to find out if the Library of Congress project to archive Fanlore is still viable. When the project was announced last year, contact with the LOC was managed by the Board. With the Board shake-up, I am wondering if the project info was passed along.  Is the project still on the Board agenda?  Do they have time to continue driving the project forward?  If not, would the Wiki Committee have time to keep the project moving?
Since the Library of Congress project may be something that has time-sensitive funding at their end, if the OTW does not followup on the project, the funding could be lost or the project de-prioritized. 

edited to add: I heard back from the Wiki - they think the Board gave permission and a form needed to be submitted by someone. Anyone else know the status of this project? Does the Loc need anything further?  Do we have an ETA or update on when they will start collecting or when it will go live. Is there someone at the LOC we could contact?
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Posted by John Scalzi

Allow me to preface it by having an imaginary Q&A:


A: That’s not actually a question.


A: Because he got a bit of a convention bounce, it looks like.


A: Still not a question, and also, go ahead and read this from Sam Wang at the Princeton Election Consortium (who, incidentally, has been pretty much spot on for the last few election cycles). It might calm you down.

Q: What are your thoughts about the Russians maybe hacking the DNC?

A: If it’s true, then obviously it’s troubling, especially as the timing makes it appear to be an effort to throw things Trump’s way. The circumstantial evidence is piling up that it was an act by Russian intelligence service but we don’t know for sure (and come on, probably never will know for certain), nor at the moment does it seem like the Trump folks are actively involved, even if they might be a beneficiary. So I’m not gonna blame Trump for this one.

Personally if I were the GOP candidate for president I wouldn’t want to have even the appearance of being Putin’s favorite boy. But Trump doesn’t appear to care, so.

Q: Thoughts on the contents of the DNC email dump?

A: Meh? As Vox notes, there’s not a whole lot of there there, although I understand the Dead-End Berners are het up about it, rather more than Sanders himself is (probably because unlike the DEBs, Sanders himself realizes that this point for the nation, it getting a half a loaf from Clinton is better than it being set on fire by Trump while racists and antisemites dance around the flames in a circle, holding hands). In any event Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is the appointed fall gal, and getting the boot, and apparently no one will really miss her, so, fine. Moving on.

Q: But corruption at the DNC! Favoritism! Dogs and cats living together!

A: Honestly? I kind of don’t give a shit. As I noted on Twitter, the DNC email stuff is venial sin stuff — people who were stupid enough to put things in email that they shouldn’t. Which is not exactly surprising — most people put things in email that they shouldn’t — but also not things that at the moment I care that much about. I’m rather more concerned about the Russians possibly trying to mess with our elections. While you can care about both of those, of course, I know which one of those I care about more. Your mileage may vary.

And of course outside of all of this is the fact that Trump, the worst presidential candidate in modern history, is still a presidential candidate. The DNC email nonsense doesn’t even move the needle in terms of Things That Would Keep Me From Voting For Hillary Clinton If Only To Stop Donald Trump.

Q: What about Wasserman-Schultz being made honorary chairperson of the Clinton campaign?

A: What, a face saving “promotion” with apparently no real power? You do understand how politics works, yes?

Q: Any thoughts on Tim Kaine as VP?

A: Seems okay. I understand some folks distrust his commitment to pro-choiceness, but inasmuch as he’s got endorsements from NARAL and Planned Parenthood it’s not blipping my own concern radar (please note, however, as someone who is not likely to get pregnant anytime soon, my own concern radar is not as finely calibrated as others). The two main knocks on him seem to be he accepted some gifts at one point and that he’s kind of boring. With the former let’s see where that goes, but with the latter, good. I don’t want drama, I want someone who is competent and knows how to do the gig. We have enough drama already.

Q: Will the DNC get messy?

A: Oh, probably, since the DEBs can’t let it go, and everyone loves drama.

Q: Any additional thoughts on the Dead-End Berners?

A: I hope they have fun now, because if they’re still at it after the convention, they’ll basically be admitting they’re happy to dance around the trash fire with the racists and antisemites. It’s nice for them to have the luxury of not caring if they consign others to the flames.

Q: That’s, uh, pretty harsh.

A: Not a question.

Q: Don’t you think that’s pretty harsh?

A: Nope! Or, actually, yes, it is, and? I don’t really have much time for the DEBs anymore, or the privileged stupidity of “Trump and Clinton are the same” or of “she’s just the lesser evil” (or, hilariously, that she’s worse than Trump, if you’re any flavor of liberal or progressive). Get it out of your system in the next couple of days, and then get with the fucking program already, people. It’s important.

Go ahead and chat politics in the comments, folks.

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On one hand, I get it. Marvel Studios has the right to make changes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jane Foster is an astro-physicist instead of a nurse-turned-doctor. Johann Schmidt was a scientist instead of a bellboy. Maria Hill doesn't start fights for no reason. Still...

Also confirmed was the casting of Elizabeth Debicki as Ayesha, A.K.A. Karma, A.K.A. Her, A.K.A. Kismet, who in comic books is a product of the same experiments that created Adam Warlock (A.K.A. Him) before ascending to cosmic power. According to Gunn, Ayesha comes from a “genetically-perfect people” named the Sovereign. She serves as their High Priestess and "is not a woman to be screwed with.”

When Adam Warlock met Her. Also, MCU speculation )
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... but sometimes a rant is emotionally satisfying:

Fuck Everyone and Everything
I am so sick and tired of dealing with everyone’s fucking feelings and this bullshit about being cheated. Not only was Bernie not cheated out of the nomination, it’s all so besides the fucking point. Despite the sporadic few states in which Russia’s favorite fauxgressive Jill Stein and the glibertarian shitshow are on the ballot, this election is a binary construct if you intend to vote.
Especially on a day like today, when the polls favor Trump, the Democrats are committing a public suicide, Bernie Sanders can't corral his supposed supporters (which anyone could have predicted; it's exactly why we were furious at his campaign tactics even when we agreed with his substance), and I want to crawl into a hole.
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I blogged last week about the police shooting of a black man in Florida. I’ve talked about Black Lives Matter as well, and I’ve been trying to follow the reporting and discussion online. Recently on a friend’s Facebook page, a commenter talked about how the police should be trained to shoot to wound instead of shooting to kill. Which…isn’t how that works. It’s hard to have these conversations if all you know about law enforcement comes direct from Hollywood.

A U.S. police officer named Griffin weighed in and offered his perspective and experience. I appreciated the knowledge he shared. We chatted a bit more after my post last week, and I invited him to share some of his thoughts on the blog. His friend Adán, a retired police administrator from a department in an urban area, also contributed.

Both men recognize that our nation has systemic problems with race and other issues. That creates very real conflicts for the police. (As a police officer, your job is to enforce the law. What do you do when the law itself is racist?)

I don’t expect everyone to agree with everything. But their post gave me more to consider, and is a good reminder that these problems exist on multiple levels, from the individual to the global and everything in between.

Thank you to Griffin and Adán for taking the time to write this. Please remember they’re guests on my blog. I’d appreciate if we treat them as such.

The whole thing comes in at about 4400 words.

Read the rest of this entry » )

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kickasstorrents_500x500With an active community and millions of regular visitors, KickassTorrents was much more than a site to leech the latest torrents from. Many considered it to be their virtual home.

This ended abruptly last week, following the arrest of its alleged founder in Poland. A criminal complaint from the U.S. Government revealed that the entire operation had been compromised by the Department of Homeland Security.

Although not all domain names and servers were seized, the site quickly disappeared and after nearly a week there is still no sign of life. At least, not at the original site.

Over the past few days, several members of the KAT team have regrouped in an effort to get the community part of the site back up. Since then they have launched Katcr.co, which hosts a forum where several staffers are present.

Speaking on behalf of the KAT-team that’s left, Mr.Black says that the criminal investigation won’t be the end of the community.

“We need to remember that Kickass Torrents is not simply about uploading, the heart and soul of KAT is our members, which are family and family is important as we all know. Nothing can ever take that away and no matter what happens we will not let our community down.”

“We guarantee that KAT will continue in one form or another and we will come back stronger than ever,” Mr.Black adds.

The forum, created by Mr.Prairi3DoG, has already gathered thousands of visitors over the past few days and continues to grow. While many of the original team members are present, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the original site will be restored as well.

KAT forum


TorrentFreak has learned that remaining “KAT team” doesn’t have access to the original code. They are mainly people who kept the site clean and in order, in the role of moderator or administrator, and who have no contact with the alleged site owner.

However, if the “owners” of the site would like to make a comeback, they will have the support of the KAT team that’s now trying to keep the community alive.

“Should the business owners choose to revive KAT then they will have our full support,” Mr.Black says.

He further notes that the site was taken down “under dubious circumstances” and calls the charges against the alleged operator “murky” at best. “No copyrighted material was ever stored on Kickass Torrents and the site was fully DMCA compliant,” Mr.Black says.

KAT spirit is still alive


For now, the forum will give estranged KAT users a place to get together once again. However, many are also still looking for alternatives, with various KAT mirrors growing in popularity.

The KAT team has noticed this as well, but warns that none of these are connected to the old team, urging people to proceed with caution.

“Please be aware that there is no legitimate fully-working KAT site available so be cautious and never attempt to login to any fake sites that may appear online,” Mr.Black warns.

Meanwhile, the alleged operator of KickassTorrents faces extradition to the United States. As far as we know he still remains in Poland, but the authorities haven’t announced any new information since last week, while the court case remains sealed.

Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONYMOUS VPN services.

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 to [personal profile] beckyzoole  (1 day late) and [personal profile] el_staplador  (one day early).  May your respective natal days be/have been magnificent!
Music:: Beatles, "Birthday"
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