August 24th, 2016
I have new windows! (Ooooo.)

The door was not fixed. Perhaps it will be fixed tomorrow?

When I got home, there was a note left on my bed from the landlord, that my toilet was running endlessly, so I will be getting a new toilet tomorrow. \o/ Best. Allston. Christmas. Ever.

I texted him the express enthusiasm for this, and let him know any time after noon would be fine, and remind him that he never did get around to finishing the fix on my bathroom sink, which presumably would still leak if I were ever to use it.

Now, his note said that I couldn't use the toilet, but I've decided that just means he turned the water off. I've turned it back on, and have used it just fine. Tomorrow before he arrives, I will be turning it back off.

The toilet isn't doing anything different than it's done and I've complained about for years, but apparently one of the window workers must have used the john in my apartment, and of course without me here wouldn't know how to make it stop running, so now the landlord believes there is the actual problem I reported to him and he spent endless time fussing with the toilet over and never really fixed, until he declared it fixed because the problem never happened for him. *rolls eyes*

He hasn't previously shown such interest in fixing things in my apartment. I am, of course, now worried that he'll raise the rent. I don't think he's interested in evicting me.
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Here, have some reviews, of the brief persuasion.

Five 2016 Luper reviews enclosed )
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which is also going around and I needed motivation to get back on writing treadmill:

(This is only things that are new stories since the last time I did the meme, which is...more than it should be, less than I'd like.)

Nina on the Rocks )

Maybe Next Year )

A Chain We'll Never Break )

this one doesn't deserve a title yet )
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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided dropped today and is moments away from finishing decryption and updates on Toby's computer.

What should I do for the next few weeks while I am a gaming widow?

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I apologize for skipping a month. (Why didn't anyone remind me?)

What have you all been up to?
August 23rd, 2016
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I think it would be much fairer to their personal physicians if [Clinton's and Trump's] medical data were available to a neutral panel of physicians, a bipartisan panel who could review their data and say, Hillary doesn’t really have a clotting problem, Trump is not really a manic depressive psychotic. It would be much better if we had a neutral view.
-- Dr. Robert Lahita, a professor of medicine at Rutgers University, who has studied the history of presidents' health
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⌈ Secret Post #3520 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


More! )


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Posted by Victor Mair

On her way back from Cornwall in April, Janet (Geok Hoon) Williams saw this sign, put up by Great Western Railway, at the train station:

The Chinese reads:

zài ānquánxìng fāngmiàn de lìyì qǐng bùyào líkāi nǐ de xínglǐ wú rén kānguǎn
在安全性方面的利益 請不要離開你的行李無人看管
"For the benefit of the aspect of security, don't depart from your luggage with no one to look after it."

Although it is fairly easy to get the basic gist of the Chinese sentence, it sounds awkward.

It's interesting that all six of the foreign languages on the sign seem to be working from this English sentence which is not on the sign:  "In the interest of security, please do not leave your luggage unattended".

I don't know about the other languages on the sign, but it seems difficult to me to express "unattended" in Chinese.  One could say, in a rather forced, unidiomatic manner, wèi jīng zhàokàn 未經照看 ("not having been taken care of"), but I think that Chinese would prefer to state the matter positively as zhàokàn hǎo 照看好 ("well taken care of"), or some such.

In English, "unattended" is an adjective, but the Chinese phrase "wú rén kānguǎn 無人看管" ("no one / nobody looking after [it]") has the subject expressed.  If you want to turn this phrase into an adjective, you have to add the magical marker "de 的" at the end — "which has no one looking after it" — and then you can modify "luggage" with it, but that would still sound unnatural.

Here are three alternative Chinese translations of the standard, but unwritten, English announcement:

chū yú ānquán kǎolǜ, qǐng bùyào ràng nǐ de xínglǐ wú rén kānguǎn
("…please don't let your luggage [be in a condition of having] no one to look after it")

chū yú ānquán kǎolǜ, qǐng bùyào líkāi nín de xínglǐ
("…please don't go away from your luggage")

chū yú ānquán kǎolǜ, qǐng kānguǎn hǎo nín de xínglǐ
("…please watch over your luggage well")

[Thanks to Fanyi Cheng and Yixue Yang]

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Thank goodness these don't have to be consecutive days - I suspect it will take me a year to reach 100. :-P

Happy pictures inside )
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It seems a bit silly to review something that was only on for one night at the Edinburgh Festival. But I saw the orchestral version of Martyn Bennett's Grit, and it was one of those amazing moments that you need to share with everyone. So you get to be wibbled at.

The orchestra was amazing. And presumably quite unorthodox. Not just because half of them were wearing jeans and t-shirts. Or the way they teased the conductor while he was talking to the audience a couple of times. But while I'm used to having a drumkit in an orchestra occasionally, I've not seen one with bagpipes in it before. And the sheer level of enthusiasm and energy was fantastic.

The mixture of scottish traditional music, electronica, and orchestral instruments kept me on my toes the whole way through, and when they involved the whole audience in singing the refrain it was, frankly, magical.

It's not even my type of music - but if you get a chance to see the orchestra live then I recommend you leap on it with both hands.
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Someone told me on twitter that a parody site is a parody site, even though my problem with it wasn't that I didn't know that but that I hate the trope it was mocking.

And someone else, a new follower, just DMed me that it might be too late to change the name of my Kickstarter but "it should be dual not duel."*

SIGH. Am I especially stupid today? Have I just done something wrong so that I appear so, or something?

* Duel for Citizenship is the name of the Kickstarter project, the working title of the book, but I'm still open to better options if I can think of any! I might need another name if people aren't going to understand it!
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Well, as I'm sure most of my friends will have guessed, I've been drooling over the pictures coming in from the filming of the above film in Brisbane over the past few days.

And I have formulated a theory. Of sorts.

So, at the end of Loki 3, er I mean Thor: The Dark World, we saw that Loki was masquerading as Odin. And of course there has been much speculation over what had happened to the real Odin. We now have pics of Brisbane masquerading as New York, Thor in his Midgardian dress-down mufti - holding a piece of paper which apparently holds the address that Doctor Strange is reputed to live at! - and Loki in a rather fetching all-black suit. (Boy, Hiddleston can't half wear a suit... *drool*) And the latest pics show Anthony Hopkins as Odin wearing what looks like street-beggar tat.

Now, obviously, there don't seem to be any pictures of Thor and Loki actually interacting 'on set', only Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston posing and chatting and interacting with the fans. So we don't know what's supposed to be happening...

But I had a thunk. Suppose Loki has given Odin a taste of his own medicine and exiled him to Midgard, possibly without his powers? Suppose the black suit is meant as a symbol that Loki is 'dead' - as Thor still presumably thinks he is? So Thor won't be able to see Loki, though the audience obviously will (cue shouts of "He's behind you!"). So Thor has consulted the other Avengers and been told that Doctor Strange may be able to - oh, say, bring Loki back? Or Frigga? Or explain some weird dreams that Thor's been having? So he's gone off to consult Doctor Strange, and Loki is tagging along behind, invisible to him, to find out what the heck is going on. And Odin is watching from his nest of rags...

OK, that's probably NOT what's going to happen. But by gum, it would be hilarious if any of it did... I'll just have to wait till next year like everybody else!
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At that moment General Woundwort, out on the open grass below the bank, was facing Thistle and Ragwort in the chequered, yellow moonlight of the small hours.

[This post is part of my Watership Down read through. You are welcome to join in at any time; please read my introduction post first.]
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It's challenge time!

Comment with Just One Thing you've accomplished in the last 24 hours or so. It doesn't have to be a hard thing, or even a thing that you think is particularly awesome. Just a thing that you did.

Feel free to share more than one thing if you're feeling particularly accomplished!

Extra credit: find someone in the comments and give them props for what they achieved!

Nothing is too big, too small, too strange or too cryptic. And in case you'd rather do this in private, anonymous comments are screened. I will only unscreen if you ask me to.

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This morning, I woke 20 minutes before my alarm went off (sigh) due to needing the bathroom, and when I took my earplugs out, I heard a man's voice in the hall "--windows are here...".

So I got myself together and went next door to the impacted apartment (apt -1), and inquired, and, yes, they were starting doing windows today, and my apartment is scheduled to be done next. "You mean today?" Maybe: depends on how awful a job it turns out to be to do apt -1. The issues being how challenging it is to get the old windows out and the new windows to fit.

I explained I had to leave for work at noon, and they were welcome in after then.

I then started straightening up, removed the fly paper, cleared the windows of their blinds... and realized we had a little problem.

I wasn't worried about the contractors making off with my stuff, but they weren't going to be able to lock my apt when they were done because my doorknob doesn't catch, and I don't get home until between 9pm and 10pm.

So I quickly bundled up all the HIPAA stuff, electronics, and other valuables and ran them down into the POD. Didn't want to haul the printer downstairs, but hid it in a closet.

I then gave the head contractor a tour of my space, and he said that there was abundant space to work. I explained about the locks, and he had a look, and said it would be no trouble to fix it, so he's going to do that, too.

I also had a chat with him about the building construction. Turns out the building is from the sixties. The 1860s. Hence the seriously non-standard wall thickness, even though it really is a wood-frame building.

The plan for the windows is to pop them in from the outside, and not to replace any of the internal woodwork. I have mixed feelings about this. I didn't want my gloriously deep sills screwed with, but boy, they could stand a sprucing up.

So, when I get home, my locks should work and I may have new windows!

If I manage to connect with the contractor again, I may ask their availability to handle the shelf project. They'll be as familiar as anybody with the goofiness of that wall, and I'd rather not DIY.

Next up: planning the move back in.
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1) After seeing Japanese prime minister Abe's appearance in the Olympics closing ceremony, I could see the 2020 games being the most fannish ever.

2) Thanks to [profile] hamsterlady I got an invite to Imzy and have been nosing around the platform. I opened two communities :


Merlin & More

If anyone's interested in hanging out there, I have bunches of invites if anyone would like one. Just let me know what email you want me to send it to. And if anyone who's reading is already on Imzy, do join!

BTW, Imzy is offering a t-shirt when 5 users accept someone's invitations so if you would like that t-shirt, tell me that too and I'll send it along if I pass that number.

3) Mike got the job! Despite the crunch time and working on his presentation during our vacation, things apparently went well. And today is our 24th anniversary so it's an extra reason to celebrate. Read more... )
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Posted by Dan Savage

Had to Get Away by Dan Savage

DEAR READERS: This is the final week of my summer vacation—but you've been getting a new column every week I've been gone, all of them written by Dan Savage, none of them written by me.

Our final guest Dan Savage is an independent designer, illustrator, and animation director based in Brooklyn, New York. He created Yule Log 2.0 (, a collaborative art project where animators around the world reimagine the famous Yule log fireplace. He has worked with the New York Times, Herman Miller, and Google, he's taught design and animation at NYU and SVA, and he's won a bunch of design industry awards you probably haven't heard of.

"I was excited to do this, even though I have no authority on the topic," said Daniel Savage, award-winning independent designer. "But I surprisingly felt pretty confident in my answers, as ridiculous as they may be."

I'm a 41-year-old straight woman who stayed a virgin way longer than I should have (thank you, church and cultural slut shaming). I wasn't 100 percent "good," i.e., I was one of those "not PIV = not really sex" girls, so I indulged in outercourse and other "cheats." When I finally realized that "not until marriage" wasn't working for me and did the real thing, I discovered I loved it. Go me, right? Unfortunately, I'm not good at dating, so I usually go a long time between relationships. The relationship I'm in now is the first one I've had in two years. "Guy" is nice to me—calls me beautiful, sticks up for me, comes to watch me play with a community orchestra (my own family and friends don't even come to my shows). But we don't have much in common (hobbies, political outlook, religious beliefs) and sometimes our conversations feel labored. But that's okay, right? At least I'm getting my sexual needs met, right? Well, no. Every single time we've tried to have sex, Guy either can't get hard or stays hard for only a few minutes. I've tried going down on him, using my hands, different positions—nothing works. He's never had an orgasm with me. We don't even kiss that much. I don't say anything because I don't want to hurt his feelings and because I'm really grateful to him for wanting to be with me and being nice to me. He says sorry and that he's asked the doctor about it, but we don't get anywhere. It feels lonelier than when I was single. To be blunt, I don't want to date him anymore. But I feel too guilty to break up with him. He really cares about me, and he didn't do anything wrong. We've dated for four months, and I don't know if I'm giving up too soon. Where would I be if previous boyfriends had ditched me for being inexperienced instead of showing me the ropes? Don't I owe Guy the same thing?

Too Down To Be Witty

First off, I think a long time between relationships is good. I also think not having things in common can be okay if you create new hobbies and experiences you can share. Having said that, TDTBW, four months is plenty of time to know if it's working. He sounds super boring. The sooner you break it off with him the better. You don't want to hurt him any more than you have to, especially if he's really into you, and the longer you draw it out, the more it's going to hurt. No amount of "training" is going to get this dude hard. The only rope being shown here is his flaccid ding-dong. It doesn't seem like you even want to be his friend if you broke up.

I wouldn't feel guilty at all about dumping him. Sometimes you gotta think about number one.

My girl and I are both 26, and we opened up our marriage. Now I've got a girlfriend with whom I am getting to have some of the kinky fun that was lacking at home. Here is my question: Things are really casual between me and this new girl. I want to do some pegging, but I don't know who should buy the strap-on? Me, because it's my ass and my idea? Or her, because she would wear it and would also think it was super hot? Should I buy the dildo and she buys the harness? Going halfsies on the whole rig? What is the equitable way of doing this?

Purchasing Erotic Gear Good Etiquette, Dan?

You're 26 years old, PEGGED, buy the damn thing. How much could it possibly cost? I know if I were in your situation, I would want full control over what goes up my ass. If she owns it, would she use it while you weren't around? With strangers? No thanks. Plus if you split the cost, who gets to keep it when you break up? Just buy it and enjoy. If you struggle with picking it out, might I suggest starting small?

I've always enjoyed reading your column—maybe I just get turned on by other people's sexual endeavors or maybe reading about other people's sexual frustrations makes my situation seem better in comparison. So what am I writing about? Well, I suppose the question is this: When does one just become blatantly ungrateful? I've been in a two-year mixed relationship (she's Native and 24, I'm white and 29), and we fight a lot. She cheated on me a couple times early in the relationship. She says I pressured her into getting into a relationship when she wasn't ready to "settle down," which I suppose I could see. My problem is I have a handjob fetish and my girlfriend has a disinterest in it, to the point where she just won't do it. But why am I bitching? I get laid every day for the most part, surprise blowjobs, 69ing, you name it. Should I accept this as fate? But just this morning, we went for round two, and I was having a hard time coming, and out of nowhere she pops up and jerks me off till climax. It really took me back. Would it be bad to fake having coming issues in hopes she does it again? Is that unfair?

Tugboat Captain

It's interesting that your problem isn't the fact that she cheated on you, TG, or the relationship problems, or the constant fighting. No, it's the lack of handjob enthusiasm. Honestly, man, it seems like you have much deeper issues here—but the handjob problem is the only concrete thing you point to?

The girlfriend you've got sounds super selfish, and finding a new girl—one who wouldn't cheat on you and would be excited to jump into a relationship AND be down with a little tug—isn't going to be that difficult of a task. I mean, your fetish seems like it's an easy one to explore.

But to answer your actual question: I would go ahead and fake it. Fuck it, lie to her. It seems like she has no issues lying to you!recommended

Follow Daniel Savage on Twitter at @somethingsavage and visit his website at

On the Lovecast, a special guest rant by writer Sherman Alexie:

@fakedansavage on Twitter

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Because even though I was getting the first train to Ancient Seat of Lerninz on which off-peak ticket was valid this involved me in getting up a good deal earlier than my wont.

And heading to that mainline station which is not easily reached from North London; I took the rather counter-intuitive route suggested by TFL,which worked rather well.

What I had not factored in was that because the train was the first on which off-peak tickets were valid, it was Absolutely Chokka.

(Also, I realised on collecting my tickets that somehow my Senior Railcard discount had not been applied, chiz.)

On my arrival, I got a taxi, which due to heavy traffic took an inordinate amount of time just getting clear of the station.

When I got to the library, there was 1 person doing admissions, and 2 people ahead of me.

While second person was finally being dealt with - and I think there were being some complications due to non-British origins - up came a Massively Entitled Middle-Aged White Guy, the problems with whose reader's card were clearly so pressing that he could not possibly wait his turn.

Readers, I fumed. I may have muttered. I certainly returned a very obviously false smile, or rictus, when he turned around and grinned at the queue, which had by that time grown.

And then another desk opened up and I was able to acquire my reader's card, which, however, doesn't get activated for security gates for 24 hours... So I kept having to be let in and out by the security staff.

However, did some useful research, and, in additional pluses, there is now a cafe on the premises. Phone reception in the reading room was however dire, not ideal when one needs to send a text.

And when I was done, I had a most agreeable meet up, with scones and cream, with [personal profile] cassandre.

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This Week in Fandom, we want to know who's reading The Fifth Season & when you first saw the word 'shipping'
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    He's finally in the sky, after getting to the airport 4 hours before the flight as They Say you should do.  The plane is filled with musicians, going to Cuba for gigs and to see family, or going back to Cuba after doing gigs and seeing family here.  They all, including Vaquero, know each other.

The last few days have been all about the Symphony Space performance of Slave Coast.  Got to work on the script a little more.But he'll probably re-write it 8 times while in Cuba, I'm sure, so there doesn't seem a lot of point to me doing anything more until I see what revisions he's made to what I did yesterday.

I'm now going to work hard on the two research fellowships for which I'm applying.  I do not expect to achieve either one, but I do feel there's enough of an potential there that it's worth the immense trouble and headache to apply, which includes, of course, the request  of tremendous favor from incredibly busy friends for the recommending letters of support, and then seeing that they actually write them in time.

But today is so perfectly gorgeous that I feel 15 again.  It was that kind of pristine blue sky, cool morning, with vibrant clarity, hinting behind the cool and clear the pleasant heat of the afternoon.  It's the kind of late summer day for the pool, the lake, riding bike to friend's farm up the road, to hang out under the trees, eating lunch, shooing away the dogs and cats.  The summer afternoon that goes on forever and without end, and life is centered in the here and now and will never be anything else but a mutual dream made up by these two girlfriends, who do not know they will after this summer, hardly ever see each other again.
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I'd like to report on a delightful graphic novel, Nimona by Noelle Stevenson. It was a National Book Award finalist, although I only found out about it because my sister sent us her copy and it was one of the books to survive the flood. It may now be my favorite standalone graphic novel.

Nimona takes place in a setting that is part medieval fantasy kingdom, complete with dragons and king, part modern-day with news channels and pizza. Lord Blackheart is the designated supervillain, despite his oddly honorable ways. He doesn't approve of killing, and his real goal is to revenge himself on his former friend, hero Ambrosius Goldenloin, who "accidentally" blew off Blackheart's arm with a gun after losing a jousting tournament to him. So far Blackheart is notorious, but his efforts have not been going so well.

Enter Nimona, a young girl. She wants to be Blackheart's sidekick. Blackheart isn't so sure about this, but allows himself to be talked into taking her on when he discovers that she can shapeshift into any existing animal--dragons, sharks, cats, you name it. Of course, it rapidly emerges that Blackheart will have his hands full keeping Nimona in check. Because Nimona has her own grudge against the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics for which Sir Goldenloin works, and she is bloodthirsty--very, very bloodthirsty.

Nimona is by turns funny, subversive, clever, tense, and heartbreaking. I loved the story and characters and, well, everything about it. It took me a few pages to get used to the art, which is expressive but very stylized, but once I acclimated I liked it.

The graphic novel is apparently based on Stevenson's webcomic if you want a taste (I am informed that she had to take most of it down as part of the publishing deal, but you can see the first bit and get an idea of the art style). I recommend it highly.

[cross-post: Patreon]

Meanwhile, thank you to everyone for your kindness. I am currently in the middle of reading three different Kindle books (Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies, Folk Tales from Korea, and Prince of the Godborn), and the dragon has been tearing through a bunch as well. :p

We have found a long-term rental and will be moving into it in a few weeks after it's been cleaned up. We're still not absolutely certain what the mail situation is (LIGO, which is our current mailing address???, has weird mail and the woman who deals with it was one of the ones flooded out).

More worryingly, the dragon's school was due to reopen tomorrow (Wednesday), but they've put it off until September 6 because the transportation and other logistics issues are so unsettled right now.
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Someone linked to the Boom De Yada video and I realized I literally could not recall the last time I watched Discovery.
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Several things I recommended during Worldcon just now:

I had a very good time at Worldcon and am recovering now.
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Sitting in my sister's garden in the sun, just lazing and catching up.

Life is hard ;)
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Doing a quick status post. I am more or less recovered from the fatigue of the con and travel and sleep loss and all that, but I am going to be spending at least one day as close to completely off my feet as possible.

Due to a footwear malfunction that left me wearing my dress shoes for more than 50% of the con and the entire trip home, I have not just blisters on both of my ankles but some stressed tendons and pain in my calves from standing/walking/limping weird to try to alleviate the initial pain. Adrenaline covers a multitude of sins, so it was only on my way home that I began to realize how badly messed up my feet were.

I thought yesterday that just walking around without shoes would be sufficient for recovery, but it seems like I could really do with putting my feet up for a bit.


Originally published at Blue Author Is About To Write.

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Posted by Mark Liberman

Shaun King, "North Carolina police kill unarmed deaf man using sign language", New York Daily News 8/22/2016:

This is as bad as it gets.

A North Carolina state trooper shot and killed 29-year-old Daniel Harris — who was not only unarmed, but deaf — just feet from his home, over a speeding violation. According to early reports from neighbors who witnessed the shooting this past Thursday night, Harris was shot and killed "almost immediately" after exiting his vehicle.

He appeared to be trying to communicate with the officer via sign language.


Local news coverage is here (warning: autoplay).

Update — after looking at more than 200 examples of the form VERB NOUNPHRASE1 using NOUNPHRASE2, I could find only a handful where the using-phrase is a modifier of NOUNPHRASE1, or part of an untensed clause [NOUNPHRASE1 using NOUNPHRASE2], rather than an instrumental adjunct modifying the VERB:

… turning his back to avoid a septuagenarian using an aluminum walker …
… you need a tablet using an x86-based processor …
… he overheard his father using those words once …

So the crash blossom misparsing is overwhelmingly the stochastic-parsing choice, never mind what makes sense.

Update #2 — The described event is horrific, and underlines what seems to be a serious problem with the training, attitudes and behavior of police forces in the U.S. I apologize for seemed to trivialize the incident by focusing on the parsing of a misleading headline.


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Heather over on LJ asked if there was any possibility of folding an origami cowbell, and while I was hoping for something a little more three-dimensional, I can’t deny this pretty much fits the bill…

from Tumblr

"Part of the brief that editorial gave me was to take John Constantine back to his roots, so I suddenly had the luxury of all that great continuity to play with. Which is pretty great. I’m able to reference pieces of his past, like the tree tattoo on his arse, and at the same time not ignore his recent adventures in NYC.
To me it’s all part of that tapestry that came before. I think I got lucky in the “Rebirth” event as I didn’t pick up a character who’d been broken and really needed that much “fixing.” He might have taken a wrong turn or two over twenty plus years, but all I had to do was dust him off, do right by his past, and double down on his Englishness."

- Simon Oliver

Back in London )
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