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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 11:58am on 2017-05-06

My mother, Joanna Arthur, died in her sleep last night after a very brief period of hospice care.

Unsurprisingly, I am still in the alternating-crying-and-numb phase, and will probably be thinking at 1/4 speed for a while & responding to a lot of perfectly reasonable questions with, "I don't know" because of that.

Today is looking like a time to build a blanket-fort and hide in it. Please keep me and my siblings in your thoughts. Foolishly, I did not make a list of who-should-be-told-first ahead of time, so I'm kinda winging it with half a brain.

Oh so eerily appropriately, the 'memory' Facebook suggested for me this morning was a photo from the trip I took with Mom to Cyprus, of the grave site of other relatives.

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mrs_sweetpeach: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] mrs_sweetpeach at 04:13pm on 2017-05-06
I am so sorry for your and your family's loss. May happy memories move in as the immediate sorrow fades. And remember to take care of yourself as that happens.
elynne: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] elynne at 05:14pm on 2017-05-06
So many condolences and warm thoughts to you and your family.
herveus: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] herveus at 06:15pm on 2017-05-06
Condolences and hugs.
siderea: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] siderea at 07:13pm on 2017-05-06
I am so very sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences.
corylea: A woman gazing at the sky (Default)
posted by [personal profile] corylea at 07:20pm on 2017-05-06
I'm sorry for your loss. Best wishes in getting through this difficult time.
redbird: closeup of me drinking tea (Default)
posted by [personal profile] redbird at 08:11pm on 2017-05-06
I'm sorry for your loss. May her memory be a blessing for you.
sabotabby: raccoon anarchy symbol (raccoons of the resistance)
posted by [personal profile] sabotabby at 08:33pm on 2017-05-06
My condolences. I'm thinking of you and your family.
jmthane: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] jmthane at 08:45pm on 2017-05-06
My deepest condolences to you and the siblings.

It's your mom - even though she was very briefly in hospice care, so you knew it was coming, it's *still* your mom. Thinking at 1/4 speed and all your other current symptoms are perfectly normal at this point.
volare: (car)
posted by [personal profile] volare at 09:03pm on 2017-05-06
aii, so sorry to hear. be kind to yourself...
posted by [personal profile] polydad at 09:39pm on 2017-05-06
Sorry I can't be present to be cried upon in person. Vent here if it's helpful.
ckd: two white candles on a dark background (candles)
posted by [personal profile] ckd at 11:27pm on 2017-05-06
My condolences to you and yours. As [personal profile] jmthane notes, your reactions are normal. Please take care of yourself and ask for help - people will understand.
firecat: woman holding cat (nurturing mitkatze)
posted by [personal profile] firecat at 01:05am on 2017-05-07
I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm thinking of you and your siblings.
austin_dern: Inspired by Krazy Kat, of kourse. (Default)
posted by [personal profile] austin_dern at 02:05am on 2017-05-07
I'm sorry.
julian: Picture of Julian Street. (Default)
posted by [personal profile] julian at 02:57am on 2017-05-07
May her memory be a blessing, and my sympathies.
cellio: (hobbes)
posted by [personal profile] cellio at 03:02am on 2017-05-07
I am so sorry for your loss. May her memory be for a blessing.
the_sheryl: (One for sorrow)
posted by [personal profile] the_sheryl at 01:52pm on 2017-05-07
My deepest sympathy on your loss.
blueeowyn: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] blueeowyn at 04:07pm on 2017-05-07
My condolences to you and your family. I'm glad it was a brief illness. Please take the help that Hospice can offer you, they can help you a lot and they consider the family as much a part of their job as your mother was.
rmd: (vague)
posted by [personal profile] rmd at 02:20am on 2017-05-08
I'm so very sorry for your loss.
jasra: (blue hills)
posted by [personal profile] jasra at 10:45pm on 2017-05-08
I'm so sorry for your loss.



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