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posted by [personal profile] herveus at 05:54pm on 2017-04-15

When you can print your own money, it's really hard to "go broke". Of course, the Republican gamesmanship with the debt ceiling was an attempt to do exactly that.

Ebert clearly failed to understand that salient point.

Now, his conclusion has merit, but the premises are dodgy.
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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 06:27pm on 2017-04-15

"Now, his conclusion has merit, but the premises are dodgy."

Oh, at the very least he has grossly oversimplified a complex system -- including glossing over (or maybe misunderstanding) key features. Like you, I think his conclusion has merit (even though it lacks the nuance reality has, like when it's safer to increase debt than impose austerity). I look at this as his getting part of the answer right -- don't pretend debt is meaningless, don't promise tax cuts that can't really be afforded yet -- but if anyone were to justify fiscal policy solely based on this one argument, I'd complain about black-and-white thinking.



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