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Tomorrow -- Friday, 7 April -- at 8pm! The Homespun Ceilidh Band at the Greenbelt Arts Center, in Greenbelt, MD! (Yes, I know this is late notice again. I'll post about relevant computer woes later.)

In addition to the lively Celtic music y'all already love us for, we'll be mixing in a few Civil War tunes from Our New CD (*cough* which I need to bug a bandmate about mentioning on our own web site real soon now *cough*).

Spread the word (especially if you can post in places where I can't) -- and come out to hear us play!

$22 ($20 seniors & students). Call the arts center at 301-441-8770 or use their web site to reserve tickets in advance, or buy at the door tomorrow night. And yes, we'll have copies of the new CD, Battle Cry of Freedom: Music from the time of the Civil War, to sell you. :-)


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