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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 05:24am on 2017-02-15

"The worst thing about getting older is watching knowledge die." -- Charlie Gibbs, alt.folklore.computers, 2017-01-13 (Message-ID: <o598ga12b98@news7.newsguy.com> Subject: Re: {wtf} Tymshare SuperBasic Source Code)

Context: a thread about finding source code for old operating systems, and what sort of things get preserved and what gets dumped or burned when old technology is replaced.


Which brings us to back to the question: What is the historical value of old software? Who would be interested in seeing it?

I suppose examples of application programs would be useful with an historical machine, such as a 1401 program with a 1401 computer. But beyond that, I'm not sure.

Charlie Gibbs:

It might be time for this bloatware-infested world to be reminded of simpler but still effective ways of doing things. In particular, techniques for sorting, matching, and merging data seem to be subject to an insidious form of entropy.

The worst thing about getting older is watching knowledge die.

[If your browser doesn't handle news: URLs or doesn't have a news server configured, but does play more nicely with Google Groups than mine does, the discussion should be available there.]

On a more cheerful note (if perhaps a somewhat stinging one, depending upon one's historical accuracy in celebrating): happy Lupercalia!

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