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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 05:24am on 2012-09-20

"However, Evangelicals like me who have migrated away from the Republican Party have done so not as part of a Trojan horse conspiracy, but because we embraced a broader range of moral issues than just the three anti-s imposed upon us by conservative Evangelical and Republican leaders. True, very few if any of us could be considered pro-abortion even if we are pro-choice. True, we differ on whether we think civil unions or marriage equality would be the better response to sexuality issues, but we want one or the other. And true, we don't have a plan (yet) to strengthen accountability for both big government and big corporations, especially when the former is in the pocket of the latter, but we want accountability for both. In these ways we are typical of big-tent Democratic diversity -- with a shared set of general values but differences on details; and as such, we can bring a great deal of vitality to the Democratic Party." -- Brian McLaren, 2009-11-12



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