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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 05:24am on 2012-03-12

"Dear GOP: A Romney/Santorum ticket would be like handing Barack Obama the largest, most delicious fruit basket ever created. Delivered by a pony. A sparkly pony. With ribbons in its mane. Named 'Buttercup.' Just so you know." -- John Scalzi, 2012-03-07 [Not that I really want anyone giving the GOP[*] useful advice, but the phrasing was just too entertaining to pass up. Thanks to [info] doubleplus for pointing it out to me.]

Also, from the comments to the post containing the quote above: "To me,a scarier thought than Vice President Santorum is Secretary of Health and Human Services Santorum." -- Cindy, also 2012-03-07

[*] Why do they call it the "Grand 'Old' Party" anyhow, when it's the younger of the two current major parties?



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