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"When I say 'That CD was hard to find,' I mean it took more than 5 minutes, was not available through amazon, and had to be shipped from overseas. I do not mean that I had to get out of my chair. Google has spoiled me rotten" -- [livejournal.com profile] miss_chance, 2006-04-03

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I pushed myself too hard over the weekend (which I'll write more about later). I didn't notice until Sunday, when I'd already done it. If I can just push on through the next two days, I can collapse on Thursday. I'm not catching up on rest today -- I had an appointment at the clinic earlier and have prescriptions to pick up in a little while and my house is terribly hot and I've got rehearsal tonight. So I'll try to borrow Thursday's spoons to get through today. I fear that by the time I can take a nap, the odds of my waking up again in time for 3LF tonight will be too low to chance it.

trivial weather chitchat )

I called to cancel my landline phone service. Talk America charges an extra $10 to cancel service, which seems like a rip off minor TalkAmerica sniping )

Over the weekend, I came home one night to find my kitchen table wet. Wiping up the liquid, I saw that it was brown (not immediately apparent on a brown table in dim light). Moving things out of the way, I found that the puddle was larger than it had first appeared ... It turned out that a can of cola in the middle of a cardboard 12-pack carton had burst. I haven't seen a column of ants yet, so I probably managed to find all the places it dripped and wipe them up. I'm blaming the weather.

I'm also blaming the weather (and/or pollen) for the pain-that-feels-different-from-migraine in my face. Cheeks, eyes, pressure: I'm thinking sinuses. Speaking of not-migraine, next clinic visit we start addressing the fibromyalgia.

With my new ISP, I was having a bunch of routing problems: networking strangeness and its mysterious solution )

So I guess the problem I was documenting to complain about was a) inside my house after all, and b) even more mysterious than it appeared. Anyhow, that was the final piece for getting rid of the landline. The financial savings that were the main reason for getting the wireless connection will finally be realized (once i dig out from the overdue phone bills that have piled up).

and one of those 'my computers are old' observations )

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A turn of phrase that made me wonder how my various dancing friends would react to it: "While his left foot is bent in a way only veteran polka dancers are allowed to perform, James takes a moment to add some style to this minor incident."

(Link is to a series of photos of a non-fatal motorcycle-racing crash. Larger image.)

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Drat. Hit a wall. Got all ready to go to rehearsal; showered, packed to visit [livejournal.com profile] anniemal, ... and ran out of steam and fell over. Feh.

Next week for sure, regardless of the weather. (The heat took a lot out of me today, but if I hadn't had to go hither and yon in it this afternoon I most likely could have dragged myself to rehearsal. Next week I won't be worn out from a convention weekend, nor will I have an appointment earlier in the day.)



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