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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 05:24am on 2012-10-31

[to the tune of "White Rabbit"]
"When parties all are over,
 You've bobbed for apples red,
 And your pumpkin-sitting brother's
 Molars chatter in his head,
 Remind him of what Lucy said,
 "Go to bed! Go to bed! [...]"

  -- from "Great Pumpkin" by Jeff Urs, posted in rec.music.filk 2012-10-23 (message-id: <k655nl$7qf$1@speranza.aioe.org>)

[I had trouble deciding which verse to quote.]

To everyone celebrating with secular revelry and spooky stuff tonight, a happy Hallowe'en to you! To everyone recognizing the ending of the year, the harvest, and the thinning of the veil tonight, I wish you a blessed Samhain! And for th many people fitting aspects of both into tonight's plans, BhLaEpSpSyED HsAaLmLhOaWiEnEN ... or something like that. Whatever/however you're celebrating tonight, I hope hurricane Sandy isn't screwing things up for you. (I'm writing this a few days ago, before landfall, with no idea whether I'll have Internet access by the time today rolls around.) [The power stayed on at Mom's house except for three brief outages between 21:00 and 22:00 that screwed up the video recorder schedule and confused the dishwasher. I haven't had a chance to check my house yet.]


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