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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 05:24am on 2012-07-04

[Reacting to a particular combination of right-wing bumper stickers on one vehicle, including "Proud to be an American" and a Confederate flag together:]

"What I really wanted to ask is this: Proud American? Really? What is it exactly that you're proud of? You say you love your country? You say you love the United States? Really? Which part? What is it that you love about it? Specifically, what exactly do you love about America?

"Because, see, so far as I can tell, people like you seem to hate just about everything that makes the United States what it is. [...]" [following paragraphs list examples illustrating what he means]

-- Jim Wright, 2011-03-17 (thanks to [info] - personal filkertom for linking to it)

(Author links to followup posts that I haven't read yet, at the end.)

To my fellow Americans, to Americans-someday-to-be, to non-Americans living here and glad of it (I'm mostly thinking of the ones with visas, but on further reflection, yeah this is for the ones here illegally too) -- to anybody who loves these United States or thinks they do, or is a part of the US even if only grudgingly -- whether you agree with me about what the US should be or not, whether you agree with me about what America is (what makes us US) or not: I wish you a magnificent and joyous Independence Day. I may have strong feelings about how misguided some of my countrymen are (though I'm seldom quite so blunt about it as Mr. Wright), but that's not going to keep me from sincerely wishing you a glorious holiday to celebrate the founding of this nation we all care about enough to get into arguments about. Happy Fourth!


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