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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 05:24am on 2012-06-23

From Wikiquote

His high-pitched voice already stood out above the general murmur of well-behaved junior executives grooming themselves for promotion within the Bell corporation. Then he was suddenly heard to say: "No, I'm not interested in developing a powerful brain. All I'm after is just a mediocre brain, something like the President of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company."

-- Andrew Hodges, Alan Turing: the Enigma of Intelligence (1983), p. 251; describing an incident which occurred in the New York AT & T lab cafeteria in 1943

Alan Turing would have been 100 years old today (b. 1912-06-23, d. 1954-06-07).

[When I queued this quote, I made a mental note to check the Google Doodle when today arrived. Sure enough, Google delivered, with something instantly recognizeable to thousands of computer nerds. If you don't know what it is, or if Turing's name is only fuzzily familiar in reference to the Turing Test, do at least skim the Wikipedia entry for an idea of how much we owe this man ... who was so very ill-treated by the government he had served once his sexual orientation became known. (He did get a posthumous apology -- important symbolism, though too late to do Turing himself any good.)]

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