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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 03:10pm on 2011-03-07

You know how, when you close your eyes, you still see stuff -- blobs and aurorae and other retinal noise, plus afterimages for a while and the insides od your eyelids out of focus if the room is bright?

Well, there's a mouse pointer superimposed. Wee black arrow with white drop-shadow. (And it's persisted way too long to be an afterimage[*], so it's in my brain, not in my retinas.)

The marathon "back up about a third of the photos I stashed on Mom's computer before I ran out of blank CDs" session yesterday may have been a bit much. (Oh yeah, and I need to get around to posting some of my recent photos, don't I?)

[*] And an afterimage would probably be inverted -- a white arrow with a black border, the negative of the Mac's mouse pointer.

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