posted by [identity profile] at 06:22am on 2007-07-26
Really, I've never quite understood why so relatively few cisgendered American guys (outside of the Pagan community, Celtic festivals, medieval reenactment contexts, and the contradance scene) choose to wear unbifurcated garments, given how positively -- and usually quite openly so -- many women respond when they see men wearing such things. (Admittedly, I first noticed the connection as a side effect of being transgendered, but I eventually would've caught on from being at medieval events and Scottish events, and would have realized as several of my friends and acquaintances appear to have, that kilts tend to please the ladies.)

Interestingly enough, my son frequently wears a kilt and always has a good reaction from most people... (It helps that he fences both mundanely and SCA rapier & thus has good good legs and bum...)

A couple of years ago, he decided to wear the appropriate formal attire for one of Scots heritage to his high school Sr. prom. His girlfriend went from "I don't know" to loving the idea. Now he's at a college where their nickname is the "The Fighting Scots" and every Wednesday is kilt day. :)

So now I'm shopping for either the utilikilt or the pracikilt for his birthday... Before long, he's going to have more kilts than I have skirts...


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