posted by [identity profile] at 04:13am on 2007-04-06
lol. I was just thinking today that what you needed was a good used station wagon, either a Volvo or a Toyota.

Finding a good Volvo can be tricky, everyone thinks their car is worth a lot of money. I passed on a decent used one last year on eBay for $1000 because I wasn't quite ready to switch from my little sedan to a mini van or station wagon. Why was it reasonably cheap? It had salvaged title. The engine had seized & the previous owner/insurance company choose to junk it rather than replace it. Someone bought it and put a used but good engine in it.

Also, you need to look at what it costs for various different repairs to the vehicle. (A $1000 car that just has a slight coolant leak isn't such a deal when it turns out to be the radiator & they start at $500... plus labor...)



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