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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 05:26am on 2006-12-28 under ,

"They thought the Hasselblad was some sort of trick camera because they couldn't find a display screen. They wouldn't believe it wasn't a digital camera." -- Rex Dupain (described in the article as "one of Australia's most celebrated photographers"), son of photographer Max Dupain, describing being hassled by authorities who confiscated his [film] camera and threatened him with arrest for currently-still-legal photography on a beach, quoted in an article in The Australian by D.D. McNicoll 2006-12-09.

Another, less amusing quote from Mr. Dupain, in the same article: "Lifeguards and the police are taking the law into their own hands and they regard anyone with a camera as a potential pervert. We sit at home and watch the close-up of people's lives on disturbing television reality shows but someone taking pictures at the beach is seen as a threat. Our days as a free society are completely over."

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