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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 02:33pm on 2006-09-30 under

Behind on reading, behind on answering email; spent a while offline -- not just in the "not getting on the net" sense, but in the "inactive, in standby mode, with a hungry cat trying to wake me up" sense -- which I probably needed after most of a week feeling crappy and not being able to get proper sleep. So if you're expecting to hear from me, or wondering how I could miss the Mediaeval Baebes at RenFest today, that's probably why (barring email delivery provblems) -- it's been that kind of week and even more than kind of last 30 hours. Will attempt to start catching up as I feel more alert, but the backlog is impressive and intimidating.

Waitaminute, my government did what while I was so out-of-it?! Whoa. And: woe.

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