posted by [identity profile] at 11:10pm on 2006-05-30
Believe Wireless, a commercial provider doing line-of-sight narrowcast connactions -- they mounted a flat square antenna on my roof.

I experimented a bit with the wireless bridge you gave me but never managed to pick up a free signal with it. (I'll try to remember to have it with me the next time I expect to see you in person.) Believe's antennas are a few blocks farther north and I have a clear line to them.

I'm supposed to have 768K down/256K up (and a static IP address). I had trouble getting PPPoE to work under Linux, so they took my router's MAC address and enabled a straight connection for it -- the speed doesn't seem to be consistent, but I've seen some pretty fast FTP transfers (how much overhead does FTP have?). They offer up to 8Mbps for a bit more money, but since the speed was a mere side effect and my main consideration was price, 768K/256K feels pretty nice.


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