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posted by [personal profile] dglenn at 04:35pm on 2006-05-30 under , , , ,

I pushed myself too hard over the weekend (which I'll write more about later). I didn't notice until Sunday, when I'd already done it. If I can just push on through the next two days, I can collapse on Thursday. I'm not catching up on rest today -- I had an appointment at the clinic earlier and have prescriptions to pick up in a little while and my house is terribly hot and I've got rehearsal tonight. So I'll try to borrow Thursday's spoons to get through today. I fear that by the time I can take a nap, the odds of my waking up again in time for 3LF tonight will be too low to chance it.

It's also hot outside my house. Schools here closed early due to excessive heat, adults' schedules are rearranged so they can take care of their kids coming home early, and in my section of town I saw a couple of fire hydrants opened with children playing in the spray from them. A day of much perspiration.

I called to cancel my landline phone service. Talk America charges an extra $10 to cancel service, which seems like a rip off (though I won't be surprised if I hear that other phone companies do it too. While I was on hold, I got a call-waiting tone. That line was never supposed to have call-waiting on it -- it had been unexpectedly added in the past and removed again at my request -- because it was only for the modem. No point in complaining about it now, but even if getting overcharged on taxes and surcharges weren't an issue, failure to stick to what I'd ordered would be a strike against them ifwhen I want a landline again. (I would have been switching providers if I were keeping a normal phone line, having eventually found out how much less some other providers charge under the "taxes and other stuff the government says we have to charge" heading.) Getting charged $10 to stop being their customer just seems wrong.

Over the weekend, I came home one night to find my kitchen table wet. Wiping up the liquid, I saw that it was brown (not immediately apparent on a brown table in dim light). Moving things out of the way, I found that the puddle was larger than it had first appeared ... It turned out that a can of cola in the middle of a cardboard 12-pack carton had burst. I haven't seen a column of ants yet, so I probably managed to find all the places it dripped and wipe them up. I'm blaming the weather.

I'm also blaming the weather (and/or pollen) for the pain-that-feels-different-from-migraine in my face. Cheeks, eyes, pressure: I'm thinking sinuses. Speaking of not-migraine, next clinic visit we start addressing the fibromyalgia.

With my new ISP, I was having a bunch of routing problems: there were sites I could reach via the dialup connection that I couldn't get to via the wireless. (I had a couple of machines still using the dialup gateway for a default route, for comparison.) Sometimes traceroute would show success on one interface and failure on another; other times traceroute would be blocked but a web browser on one machine could get there via dialup while a browser on a different machine couldn't reach via wireless. Most sites worked, but a few -- Home on the Strange and Zap2It's television listings among them. Then the power went out for a few minutes one day and I had to restart every machine in the house. All but one of those mysterious routing problems vanished (I can't telnet directly to my old ISP -- I get a connection then the connection drops right away -- but I can telnet there from a shell on Panix). So I guess the problem I was documenting to complain about was a) inside my house after all, and b) even more mysterious than it appeared. Anyhow, that was the final piece for getting rid of the landline. The financial savings that were the main reason for getting the wireless connection will finally be realized (once i dig out from the overdue phone bills that have piled up).

And on the wireless broadband front ... sometimes the speed feels really nice (it wasn't important enough to justify getting broadband before I found out I could save money with it, but yeah, I wanted it before) ... and sometimes, when Windows has too much stuff open and is thrashing the swapfile, things are every bit as slow as dialup was (except that I an have a screaming fast FTP transfer going on another machine at the same time). These days I have a couple of reasonably-powered machines (considering that they're old, free hand-me-downs), but I've still got slow and or small-memory machines in some rooms. I need to get in the habit of only opening that many windows on the machines that can cope. (I haven't found out how badly I have to torture a Linux machine to make it slow down that far. Then again, the Linux box I run X on is faster than any of my Windows boxes.

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posted by [identity profile] silmaril.livejournal.com at 09:04pm on 2006-05-30
Hope you feel well enough to make it to practice today.

Must. Clean. Harddisk. Of. Computer. To. Give. To. You. (That's me hitting myself on the head.) I need to move my machine again this weekend anyway, to get it closer to the new Ethernet outlet they put in my apartment, so I'll see if I can get to it then.

The weather seems to sure have changed quickly and completely enough to blame it for a lot of things.

posted by [identity profile] dglenn.livejournal.com at 11:12pm on 2006-05-30
I'm dragging, but haven't fallen over yet. Lemme get another shower to wash off the afternoon's sweat and heave the bass into the car.
posted by [identity profile] dglenn.livejournal.com at 01:07am on 2006-05-31
Drat. I got myself all ready to go -- even packed for visiting [livejournal.com profile] anniemal afterward -- and ran seriously out of steam. Hit a wall. :-( I'm pretty sure I could've done it if I hadn't had the clinic appointment earlier. Or if I hadn't had to deal with the pharmacy and the hot weather. (If I leave now, I can get there for the final fifteen minutes ... )

Next week fer shure. No appointments earlier in the day, no convention to wear myself out at over the weekend. Right now I think I'm going to fall over until Perrine demands her dinner around 23:00.

I'm sorry.
posted by [identity profile] lonebear.livejournal.com at 09:42pm on 2006-05-30
i'd email the BBB and ask if the charge to cancel is legal. I have never heard of such.

I am not looking forward to getting a landline when S. moves down for real this summer.
posted by [identity profile] dglenn.livejournal.com at 01:41am on 2006-05-31
I keep forgetting about things like the BBB.

Verizon seems a lot less evil than when they were Bell Atlantic[*], but they still kinda rub me the wrong way. They pissed me off enough to decide to switch, but if I had to do it again I would not go with Talk America. Close Call looks good on paper but I have no actual experience with them.

Having a landline, such a commonplace thing and nowadays with competition-of-sorts, really should not be the least bit annoying...

...but it is. :-( I'd dreamed of being rid of The Phone Company[**] a long time ago; now at long last, I am. Now if only I could go full solar and get away from BGE as well.

[*]When they came up with the name "Verizon", I saw it in print many times over the course of about two weeks before I ever heard it on the radio. I kept reading it as "vehr'-i-ZOHN" instead of "vər'-EYE-zən". I couldn't figure out why they'd picked a Spanish name.

[**]Even getting a different provider left me at the mercy of Verizon's repair crews and scheduling, of course, because it's their copper.
posted by [identity profile] whc.livejournal.com at 10:13pm on 2006-05-30
Are you tapping into the inner harbor wireless, or something else?
posted by [identity profile] dglenn.livejournal.com at 11:10pm on 2006-05-30
Believe Wireless, a commercial provider doing line-of-sight narrowcast connactions -- they mounted a flat square antenna on my roof.

I experimented a bit with the wireless bridge you gave me but never managed to pick up a free signal with it. (I'll try to remember to have it with me the next time I expect to see you in person.) Believe's antennas are a few blocks farther north and I have a clear line to them.

I'm supposed to have 768K down/256K up (and a static IP address). I had trouble getting PPPoE to work under Linux, so they took my router's MAC address and enabled a straight connection for it -- the speed doesn't seem to be consistent, but I've seen some pretty fast FTP transfers (how much overhead does FTP have?). They offer up to 8Mbps for a bit more money, but since the speed was a mere side effect and my main consideration was price, 768K/256K feels pretty nice.
posted by [identity profile] garnet-rattler.livejournal.com at 03:49am on 2006-06-05
We just transferred everything (all internal connections) over to a set of wireless and hard-wired routers and let the gateway do all of the external connection work. MUCH happier! I did have to go in and uninstall the various crap for previous methods on several machines, but it was worth it.

And as a side benefit, my internal network Should be simpler. The wide range of OS's, hardware, etc. make life ~interesting in any case. I also now have three subnets that can be isolated to help trace and/or defend as needed. If you need decent network cards, I still have a few 3Com TC503-TX 10/100 PCI cards lying about going to waste ... ;-)
Resetting things to their default configurations will help you a lot. If you don't want to go around to each box setting the best MTU for your new connection, set up your local router/gateway to re-frame all your packets for you. That should fix and speed up lots of things, probably including zap2it.

It also saves a lot of headaches not trying to configure to support multiple interfaces and routes. Except maybe for a test box during the transition, wipe out everything about your old connection on all your boxes so it's only the new one you have to configure.

Tech support at your new provider will give you a much easier time that way too.



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